Minami(DJ)>Welcome back to Japan, Sheryl.
Sheryl> Thank you. Doumo-arigatou.

DJ> And how did the concert go over the weekend?
Sheryl> It was great. We had a great time. Well I'm not used to playing so early. But nonetheless we did have a good time.

DJ> Was it a little different in the previous tour?
Sheryl> It's great because we have more songs to choose from, so we can give the audience the more familiar materials. And we get to play for more people everytime we come back. So that makes it even more enjoyable for us.

DJ> This is a listner, Kaede-san. He went to your concert over the weekend, and he was wondering, did you think the Japanese audience were a little too calm for you? or...
Sheryl> No! They're great! I was here, let's see, about twelve years ago with Michael Jackson and the audience seemed even more reserved then. And so we've really enjoyed great loudy crowds this time.

DJ> Now you picked up a few Japanese phrases as well. (Both laugh)
Sheryl> Well just a few. Sukoshi???

DJ> You always pick up a little when you come?
Sheryl> I actually asked my, well my band was very interested knowing from the promoter how to say how are you and hope you enjoyed the show. So he kind of rehearsed "Genki-desuka�H" Like what else? Konnichiwa.

DJ> Now you're living in New York.
Sheryl> Uh huh.

DJ> So you've moved.
Sheryl> Well I live in LA and New York. Kind of splitting my time.

DJ> All right. You had a charity concert. Or you hosted a charity concert in Central Park?
Sheryl> Yes. A free concert and a lot of special guests.

DJ> And you were as well joining Net Aid and got a few other benefit concert lined up. How do you...
Sheryl> Busy.

DJ> Yeah. How do you fit it all in?
Sheryl> (Laugh) Um well, I've been cloned now six of me flooding around the planet.

DJ> (Laugh)
Sheryl> We just fit it in.

DJ> Wow.
DJ> Have you always been very active in charity or benefit concerts? or...

Sheryl> I've been asked to do a lot. You'll be amazed how many concerts you get asked or how many benefits you get asked to be a part of. And I will try to choose things that are... important to me and I know ??? my time too.

DJ> Right.
DJ> And um, a lot of your songs as well have real positive, sort of inspirational message too all the time. Is that very important?
Sheryl> That's good.

DJ> Yeah.
Sheryl> Well I guess I don't think about very much, but I'm just conscious of the way I live and so I wouldn't want to lead anybody down to the wrong path and...

DJ> Right.
Sheryl> Think there's a lot of negative stuff right there and uh that's not my way.

DJ> And um, do you have a... oh I'm sorry. I'm talking about the new song, Guns 'N' Roses....
Sheryl> Oh, Sweet child of mine.

DJ> Yeah. That is just a great song. But why did you decide to cover that song?
Sheryl> Because I thought, no one would've believed it in a million years. And I think for that reason it was fun to do. And I got asked to do as a part of the soundtrack.

DJ> Right.
Sheryl> And it just seemed so shocking and I got to do it.

DJ> Oh really.
Sheryl> Yeah.

DJ> And did you really like it?
Sheryl> Yeah I did. It's fun to play. I think it's a good song and just so not usually hear me doin a Guns 'N Roses song. That's got to be good for a laugh. (Laugh)

(Plays Sweet Child of Mine)

DJ> We're gonna play sort of twenty questions, actually five.
Sheryl> Ok.

J? Is that all right?
Sheryl> Five is good.

DJ> Tell us something off the top of your head, ok?
Sheryl> OK.

DJ> When was the last time you got mad?
Sheryl> Uh um... four days ago.

DJ> Four days ago. And when was the last time you cried?
Sheryl> Uh... four days, no. (Both laugh) Wow, it's a probably, probably two weeks ago.

DJ> Two weeks ago.
Sheryl> Yes.

DJ> Ok, what do you not like about yourself most?
Sheryl> Um... my most recent haircut. (Both laugh)

DJ> And what do you like about yourself the most?
Sheryl> Um... let's see, um...my teeth.

DJ> All right. And if you could make one wish, what would it be?
Sheryl> One wish. I would wish for world peace.

DJ> Huh.
DJ> So why did you get so mad four days ago?
Sheryl> Um, well we had a breakup, sort of immediate little fight amongst a couple of crew members.

DJ> Oh.
DJ> So you've involved in the fight?
Sheryl> No I didn't know what was goin on. I'm sort of the mother in my organisation.

DJ> Oh.
Sheryl> (Laugh)

DJ> And you don't like your new haircut?
Sheryl> No! (Both Laugh) I'm trying to let it grow out. And it's so difficult when you're short hair, let hair grow out.

DJ> All right. And we're gonna get back to talking about your music.
Sheryl> OK.

DJ> Actually about the people you make music with.
Sheryl> Uh huh.

DJ> You've been involved with so many people like, Prince!
Sheryl> Right.

DJ> And you're playing hamonica in his new album?
Sheryl> Yes. Uh the artist formerly known as Prince.

DJ> How did that come about?
Sheryl> Came and saw me play in New York City. And I guess he's a fan of mine and I'm certainly a fan of his. And he called me and asked me about if I come to Minneapolis and play in his new album.

DJ> And off you went.
Sheryl> And off I went!

DJ> And how was working with the artist formerly known as Prince?
Sheryl> It was fun! I got to go to Paisley Park and uh everything in his life seems to be geared around making music. He has a great studio and in the studio complex, he has a stage where they play music and jam and invite kids from the community. And then actually we recorded, we went to a club and we jammed. It seems like everything in his life is about music.

DJ> Wow. He's so very private though.
Sheryl> Yeah, he is. Like I said I don't really know, well I didn't say, but I don't know anything about his personal life. Just seems everything that I saw was about music.

DJ> And do you have any Japanese artist that you'd like to work with?
Sheryl> (Smile)

DJ> (Laugh)
Sheryl> Uh oh. I don't really know any. I need to be educated.

DJ> OK. So I'm gonna educate you.
Sheryl> OK.

Sheryl> Does Cibo Matt count?
DJ> Oh yeah Cibo Matt.
Sheryl> I actually know them. And they're great.
DJ> They're really funky.
Sheryl> Yeah they are.

DJ> Now you've got one more date, Wednesday at Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan.
Sheryl> Uh huh.

DJ> A lot of people are looking forward to your concert. Then any messages to those ??? to your show?
Sheryl> Well, wear your dancing shoes. Don't bring any guns. (Laugh)

DJ> (Laugh) That's probably OK.
Sheryl> (Laugh)

DJ> Thank you so much for coming to the show.
Sheryl> Thank you for having me.

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