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A.J. Jacobs Entertainment Weekly Apr 28, 1995

As many hotel owners can attest, rock & rollers embrace the idea of a disposable culture. Their music videos are no exception. In past years, several bands have scrapped videos they thought missed the mark: Neither Pearl Jam's first version of "Jeremy" nor Nirvana's original "Heart-Shaped Box" saw the light of MTV. Here are three recent clips that won't make the Buzz Bin either.

* SHERYL CROW, "All I Wanna Do"
The Video: In this never-aired video, the pop balladeer lounges in bed wearing a skimpy nightie, painting her toenails red. Later, she is strapped to a chair and taken on a lightning-paced tour of L.A.
The Problem: Although the 1994 video had names behind it (Francis Ford Coppola's son, Roman, directed and Chicago Hope hunk Peter Berg made a cameo), the singer and her label, A&M, shelved it. "They thought [Crow] looked too sexy," says Susan Agostinelli, who represents Coppola at Original Film. "They wanted the girl next door." The video that made it to MTV and VH1 was directed by David Hogan.

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