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[21:57] [sheryl_crow] Hi it's great to be here, let's begin.
[21:58] [chris__msnbc] Question from Scotty: I love your music. In my opinion you are and will be a powerful force in the world of Rock and Roll. No, I am not going to ask you if you were influenced by the Beatles, since I know that you have been asked that question about one million times. However, I will ask you how your mid-west background influenced your music?
[21:58] [sheryl_crow] I think the way you grow up and the things you're exposed to lend heavily to what you have to say about things that you siee in your life. I was exposed to hard working people, raised by middle class religious people, so my music was based on Americana.

[21:59] [sheryl_crow] I was originally contacted by Rick Rubin, the wonderful producer of the Soundtrack for "Big Daddy", and knowing I only had 2 days in my touring schedule, that I wouldn't be able to write something for the movie, he suggested "Sweet Child of Mine" and I thought that was a wonderful idea.
[22:00] [sheryl_crow] And no, I haven't gotten to meet anyone in Guns N Roses, well actually, I met Slash but not since I recorded that song.

[22:00] [chris__msnbc] Question from Colleen: I saw you at Woodstock, you were basiclly the entire reason I went. I just wanted to say the the way the crowd was during your set was terrible, I felt horrible, but you put on an amzing show in spite of a few of  the few testoserone driven males in the crowd
[22:01] [chris__msnbc] Question from brokensticks: I am a female musician from DC. I was outraged by the news of what happened at woodstock. I would like to know your view on the horrible events that occurred. by the way, you kick ass. and you've got lots of heart.
[22:01] [sheryl_crow] Well, I was stunned by the reaction at Woodstock, that not only I recieved. I wasn't prepared for that rage, violence and self loathing that these kids had.
[22:01] [sheryl_crow] The constant reminder for me at Woodstock were the cameras bringing me to people at home and thats what propelled me to continue on, otherwise I would have thrown in the towel. [22:02] [sheryl_crow] You have to remember that not everybody at Woodstock was in that mindset. There were people who enjoyed the music and a few bad apples who propelled a lot of negativity.

[22:02] [chris__msnbc] Question from Colleen: If you could perform with any musician, past of present, who would it be?
[22:02] [sheryl_crow] I would love to perform with John Lennon, not only for his songwriting and legacy, but because he had such an original spirit and it's great to be around people like that, it's encouraging and inspiring.

[22:03] [chris__msnbc] Your rock!! I was just wondering what its like to play with Bob Dylan?? God bless!
[22:03] [sheryl_crow] All your writers are so nice and encouraging!
[22:03] [sheryl_crow] For me playing with Bob Dylan, was and is every time, an inexplicibly incredible experience. Mainly because I grew up aspiring to be him and not to mention you never know what will go down when you're playing with him.
[22:04] [sheryl_crow] The first time I played with him I felt like I was fulfilled.

[22:04] [chris__msnbc] Question from Jessie Burrola: Are you going to be signing autographs friday at the today show??? If so Look for the girl from Roswell with some Frito's and Powdered sugar doughnuts.
[22:04] [sheryl_crow] Oh my. You have a crack research team, and yes, I eat powdered sugar donuts and fritos after almost every gig.

[22:05] [chris__msnbc] Question from Phyllis: Sometimes the media focuses more on your looks and hair then they do the music..As an artist does that tick you off?
[22:05] [sheryl_crow] Well, I always find it to be curious that not only male writers but female fixate on my hairstyles and if that's what is implicating my future career decisions and avenues then it is sort of a bizarre way to look at it.
[22:05] [sheryl_crow] At this point in my career I'm oblivious to what people write.

[22:05] [chris__msnbc] Question from Alison: Are there any non-album tracks (B-Sides) that you wish you had put on an album?
[22:06] [sheryl_crow] Actually no, I spent a lot of time formulating what will make the best album. "All I Want to Do" was determined to be a B side but went on at the last minute. And B sides often turn up in movie soundtracks so it's good to have B sides around.

[22:07] [chris__msnbc] Question from Ustinov: Dear Sheryl I'm the manager (with linda) of the italian fan club, i like SWEET CHILD too much!!! I want to ask you if you enjoyed when you stayed in Italy in November to promote GLOBE at Roxy bar tv show especially when that girl sang RUN BABY RUN in front of you.
[22:07] [sheryl_crow] I loved that! I loved the woman who sang Run Baby Run.. she had so much guts. Thats what Ilove about going to Italy, the people are fearless and exciting, and I love playing for Italian audiences. Not to mention -- I love the food!

[22:07] [chris__msnbc] Question from Stevi: What is the best concert you have ever attended?
[22:08] [sheryl_crow] I think the most moving concert was a RadioHead concert at Irving Plaza about 2 yrs ago. Iriving Plaza isn't so large you can't enjoy it. The audience was on the edge the whole time and the band was so into it.

[22:08] [chris__msnbc] Question from Coyote: Your in terrific shape.. you are looking better then ever.. besides the energy it takes to do a concert, what do you do to maintain your stamina?
[22:09] [sheryl_crow] I brought a yoga instructor on the road with me for the Lilith Tour for more than the physical aspects of yoga. Other than that, I don't do much. I feel the two hours I perform a night are a pretty good workout.

[22:09] [chris__msnbc] Question from Cami Jack: Do you find that making music satisfies you more now, when you're an undeniable success with millions of fans, than it did when you were unknown? Is the personal reward greater?
[22:10] [sheryl_crow] There's somethings so much easier about where I'm at in that I'm not the new kid on the block and the phenomena has worn off and settled into something more comfortable. I loved those days of being in a van and setting up my own gear, and watching the audience size grow.

[22:11] [chris__msnbc] Question from Maria keefe: HI sheryl!! i am a massive fan from the UK and was wondering if you will be in the future doing anymore UK dates?
[22:11] [sheryl_crow] I feel like we slighted the UK quite a bit on this tour. We have spent a lot of time there in the past, but instead it seemed like we did a lot of Press in the beginning. On the next album we'll definitely be spending more time there!

[22:12] [chris__msnbc] Question from Shelley: How do you feel about this being the last Lilith Fair?
[22:12] [sheryl_crow] I think Sarah and her partners were brilliant in every aspect of setting up the Lilith Tour. One of the most foresightful decisions they made was that a tour like this can only be special for so long. They determined 3 yrs was a good length and Sarah feels like leaving the tour on top is the best way to leave it with people.

[22:13] [chris__msnbc] Question from Teresa: You've been cooperated with so many people, which experience you enjoy the most?
[22:13] [sheryl_crow] I've enjoyed working most consistently with Jeff Trott because we have a comfortable dialogue between us and a familiarity.
[22:13] [sheryl_crow] As far as collaborating with people on stage I love playing with Dylan and Clapton, and Stevie Nicks.

[22:14] [chris__msnbc] Question from SPAZ: WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?
[22:14] [sheryl_crow] I grew up in Kennett, Missouri.. .in the boothills, and there is only one high school and that's the one I attended.. Kennett High School.

[22:15] [chris__msnbc] Question from David Ribeiro: Did you enjoy your stay in Lisbon Portugal ? I've seen you live 6 times and that was the time you looked the happiest, you even did the moonwalk like Michael...
[22:15] [sheryl_crow] Oh my, I must have been happy!
[22:15] [sheryl_crow] I loved visiting Portugal.. it seems we don't get there very often. That gig was special not only because it was outdoors and a beautiful night, but we had a great day wondering around Lisbon and getting to meet some of the people.

[22:16] [chris__msnbc] Question from Greg: Does the illegal trading of MP3's upset you? (do you enjoy the Internet) added by editor
[22:16] [sheryl_crow] I have come to love the Internet. I was slow to the change it was bringing because of the intimidation factor but now I'm finding its a lot of fun and it's extremely handy, and we have a great time on a daily basis updating our website and staying in touch with our fans.
[22:17] [sheryl_crow] The MP3 subject is very heated as it is for most artists. Its a very unknown area in which there can be a lot of piracy in which artists are not paid for their goods rendered. At this point, I believe not only artists but managers and record labels are trying to find a way to work with MP3 and make it fair to artists who are on the creative path and don't feel like giving their art away.

[22:17] [chris__msnbc] Question from bigfanofyours: In what kind of venue do you most like to perform? outside, inside, large crowds, or small intimate settings, and where?
[22:18] [sheryl_crow] Never playing the same kind of venue too much keeps all of it interesting. Probably consistently I enjoy the theatre atmosphere of 4-5000 because of the intimacy to connect with the audience.
[22:18] [sheryl_crow] But I'll never complain about opening for the Rolling Stones and their 65,000 fans.

[22:19] [chris__msnbc] Question from Jackie Rada: Is there anything you do before each performance for "good luck"?
[22:21] [sheryl_crow] The only ritual I have is to have at least a bit of time with the band. Hanging out listening to music, maybe have a glass of wine. I don't like to be distracted before I go onstage.

[22:21] [chris__msnbc] Question from Sean: What are your favorite CDs to listen to when you are on the road and why are they significant?
[22:21] [sheryl_crow] I listen to all different things. There's no reason or rhyme .. usually I listen to anything from late 60's music to Beck and Radiohead.. it just depends on my mood.

[22:22] [chris__msnbc] Question from Sheryl Crew: Sheryl, on behalf of the Sheryl Crew (unofficial mailing list), I would just like to say thank you for all your great music. Did you enjoy the book that we put together for you for your birthday earlier this year?
[22:22] [chris__msnbc] Question from Colleen: Do you feel that with all the recent record label mergers that with the corperate feeling in the air, that the true menaing of music, to entertain, is being lost?
[22:22] [sheryl_crow] I loved the book and I keep it in my wardrobe case and the band has spent a lot of time looking at it also, ocassionally ribbing me for a picture or two. I really appreciate the amount of work that went into it!

[22:22] [chris__msnbc] Question from Colleen: Do you feel that with all the recent record label mergers that with the corperate feeling in the air, that the true menaing of music, to entertain, is being lost?
[22:23] [sheryl_crow] I think that whats happening in the industry is emulating whats happening everywhere in every facet of life, in that there is so much information that is so rapidly being communicated we were headed to this point anyway. Now its a matter of trying to pull back and trying to tap into something thats real.
[22:23] [sheryl_crow] As long as there are people out playing live music, there will still be that kind of contact.

[22:23] [chris__msnbc] Question from Mary: Biological clock, they exsist, but do you have one? Or just plan to be rockin' full-time/forever?
[22:24] [sheryl_crow] Well, I would love to have babies and I don't think its out of the question. I also feel like there has been a sort of path my life has led me down and if its meant to be I'll be a Mom someday. And I might even be a rocking Mom!

[22:25] [chris__msnbc] Question from Keith Matzkanin: Hi Sheryl! Just wondering..How long have you had Scout? How old is he?
[22:25] [sheryl_crow] Scouts age is to be undeteremined because I adopted him and he was already grown. I'm going to guess he is 9 or 10. He is a part gold lab and the rest mutt.

[22:25] [chris__msnbc] Question from svk1069: Love your new look. What prompted it?
[22:25] [sheryl_crow] Tired of my same old long hair.

[22:26] [chris__msnbc] Question from Paul Tiazkun: Who do you think is or was the greatest WOMAN ROCKER of all time?
[22:26] [sheryl_crow] I would probably have to say Janice Joplan because she seemed to not only emulate but encapsulate a fiery rebellion.
[22:27] [sheryl_crow] Scouts stage appearances are behind him now because too many people became too familiar with him and it kind of feaked me out.

[22:27] [chris__msnbc] Question from Pas: I heard that Scout came out for one of your Lilith shows. Do you think you'll bring him out Sunday
[22:27] [chris__msnbc] Question from Keri Colwell: Did you enjoy filming The Minus Man? are you looking into doing more filmwork?
[22:28] [sheryl_crow] I enjoyed working on the Minus Man because it was only a few days of shooting and the part was interesting. I played a junkie and I loved the cast and director so I felt it was a safe environment to get my feet wet as an actress. And no, I don't think I'll be acting again.

[22:28] [chris__msnbc] Question from somefools: If I happened to manage an, as yet, unknown male artist sure to be major star, how would I go about getting his music in your hands? (He would be perfect openig for you)
[22:29] [sheryl_crow] I don't take tapes or Cds because of the lawsuit factor. You never know if someone will accuse you of plagurizing. I encourage anyone starting to investigate opportunities on the Internet, ie: Sarah is in the process of creating a talent search where people will have the opportunity to have their music heard online.

[22:30] [chris__msnbc] Question from David Ribeiro: Sheryl, Why do you keep changing your band's line-up, is it for new experiences, or don't you like the previous band members? Nonetheless, you always put on the best shows!
[22:30] [sheryl_crow] I've only changed my band lineup between tours for instance. The band that went out on the first album toured the entire time for 2.5 years.
[22:31] [sheryl_crow] After the 2nd album I changed the lineup because the 2nd album was different... and the same holds true for the 3rd album..

[22:31] [chris__msnbc] Question from Peggy: If you ever did stop touring, where would you "settle"?
[22:31] [sheryl_crow] I am as of now settled in New York and Los Angeles. My studio and apartment is in New York, however I have a house iin L.A. I'm in Hartford, CT right now.

[22:31] [chris__msnbc] Question from Happy: Are You involved in a romantic relationship now?
[22:32] [sheryl_crow] Oh Happy, thanks for your concern, yes I've been involved with a very nice gentleman for a year now.

[22:32] [chris__msnbc] Question from JC: Hi Sheryl I'm JC from France I was said you were preparing an acoustic tour, just you and Tim
[22:32] [sheryl_crow] Yes, I'm hoping to tour acoustically in hopefully February or March.

[22:32] [chris__msnbc] Question from kellyokelly: I saw you on "Hard Rock Live" on VH-1. Is that a real tattoo on your arm?
[22:33] [sheryl_crow] No, in fact thats the rubber jewelry that looks like a tattoo that every kid in America is now wearing. So I'm not the origianl for that I just didn't realize how big they were until after I did the show.

[22:33] [chris__msnbc] Question from Melody: How do you select your clothes for concerts? Where do you shop? We are HUGE fans and wish you the best of luck with everything.
[22:34] [sheryl_crow] I wind up wearing Earl leather jeans a lot, it seems I'll spend time and money shopping, but what I'm most comfortable in are the Earl jeans and leathers.

[22:34] [chris__msnbc] Question from Shawn: Where can i get the song Volvo Cowgirl 99? i have heard a clip of it from the internet and i love it i would love to have the whole thing. and which version do you like better The Na-Na song or Volvo Cowgirl 99?
[22:35] [sheryl_crow] I had completely forgotten about that song. I believe it's a b-side to something and that's all I can tell you on that.

[22:35] [chris__msnbc] Will you perform it in France or Europe? Come back soon Love
[22:36] [sheryl_crow] France holds a very special spot for me because it was the first country to play my music. Hopefully, we'll be back early in the next album promotion which I imagine will be next Fall.

[22:36] [chris__msnbc] Question from cowboy: I spend more time on a horse than anything, whats your recreational pastime. ps your truly beutifull( w/ all do respect)
[22:36] [sheryl_crow] Gee, thank you. I spend a lot of time playing music and when I'm not -- doing very normal things like hanging out with friends, going out to dinner, and going to movies.

[22:36] [chris__msnbc] Favorite movie out right now?
[22:37] [sheryl_crow] Must admit the last movie I saw was "Eyes Wide Shut" and I would give it mixed reviews. But I haven't seen a movie in a long time other than that one.

[22:37] [chris__msnbc] Question from kerry: who was the hot guitar player at the Eric Clapton and Friends show in July?
[22:38] [sheryl_crow] Well, other than Eric who is a hot guitar player, Tim Smith was on my left, and Andy Fairweather-Lowe was on my right. I'll give both of them your comment.

[22:38] [chris__msnbc] Question from Shawn: is there any plans to release your unreleased album?
[22:38] [sheryl_crow] No plans as of yet. And I probably won't.

[22:38] [chris__msnbc] Question from wheelie: How or Who taught you the guitar?
[22:39] [sheryl_crow] I taught myself to play guitar when I decided I wanted to write rock songs.
[22:39] [sheryl_crow] And I began by teaching myself some of Dylans easier stuff and worked my way through.

[22:39] [chris__msnbc] Question from Courtney: Who is your role model?
[22:39] [sheryl_crow] My strongest role models were my Mom and Dad. As a young child I aspired to be like my older sister Kathy who was writing songs and playing in a piano bar.
[22:39] [sheryl_crow] From there I wanted to be Mick Jagger.

[22:40] [chris__msnbc] Question from jessica a.: why do you never play in florida? people like you in fla to!
[22:40] [sheryl_crow] We play Florida a lot. We just played Miami two months ago.
[22:40] [sheryl_crow] Not to mention, we rehearsed our tour in Lakeland.

[22:41] [chris__msnbc] Question from Patricia Cottrell: Hi Sheryl. I met you before the show in Madison, WI. Thank you for the highlight of my life! What is it like constantly being on the road and touring?
[22:41] [sheryl_crow] There are great things about it and there are tough things about it. I find after I've been on the road for a couple of months one day runs into the next day and is only divided by two hours of music. I'm grateful that I'm making my living and spending my life doing something I love.

[22:42] [chris__msnbc] Final Question: Question from i_luv_sherylcrow: which is your favorite/least favorite song on Globe Sessions?
[22:42] [sheryl_crow] My favorite song is probably "Riverwide". And my least favorite song -- it depends on which song I'm tired of playing and I'm a little tired of playing "Members Only" but I don't mind listening to it.

[22:43] [chris__msnbc] Final Comments: [22:43] visit
[22:43] [sheryl_crow] I've had a great time chatting with everyone. You couldn't have been nicer. Thanks for checking in!
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