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Sheryl, Tim and Peter during the acoustic live
Here's where Sheryl chatted with her fans

(thanks to Austria3 of SC Official Forum)

Q = Question
SC = Sheryl Crow
T = Tim
P = Peter

Local Time 17:32

Q: Hi Everyone
Q: Can you ask Sheryl if she could have written any song ever written which would have been
A: Hi Jo I’d written Yesterday.

Q: Thanks for putting my shirt on in Toronto. LOL
SC: Thanks

Q: Dou you think MP3 downloading will kill the music business, Sheryl?
SC: Dom – No with I-Tunes there's a viable choice to MP3's.

Q: Hello Sheryl. On the ‘There Goes The Neigborhood’ Did you go into a bar to record that bar room effect of was it culled from a tv prog or film clip?
SC: Yes we went to a bar in Brighton Beach

Q: Have you and the band enjoyed our Tim For Mayor signs, or are they just a distraction?
SC: Tim says he’s up for mayor

Q: Hi Sheryl .. who do you think you’ll collaborate with next???
SC: I’m planning to collaborate with Scout.. my dog

Q: Hey Sheryl, What’s your favourite website?
SC: Hi my favourite website is the Radio 2 site ..obviously

Q: What are the chances of Jimmy returning?
SC: Jim has joined Counting Crows abd we wish him the best…the bad*****d :)

Q: Who’s You’re an Original about?
SC: You’re an Original is about the dumbing down of America

Q: I understand you did musical theatre in high school? (not sure if that is the right question to the answer)
SC: I treid out for ever play but never made it. I was always in the chorus

Q: Sheryl, can you videotape a clip of you baton twirling?
SC: I’m a little rusty at twirling nowadays….

SC: I’m a beer slob from way back :)

Q: When can we expect a new album?
SC: There’s a new album next fall I hope

SC: Hold on everyone – I’ve got to do some radio stuff for a minute
SC: I’ll be back in a minute
SC: I’ll be on the webcam in a minute

Sheryl – out - but then :

hi everyone, tim here!

Q: Tim it that you?
yes, it is me waiting to play on the radio
I’m typing to slow

Q: What does Umajet mean?
T: That’s my old band

T: Who is coming to the London show?

Q: Tim sounds better than KR on Picture, IMO
T: thanks

T: I miss little Bean. I hope to see her again in Toronto

Q: Hey Tim did you get out T for M tshirt or did your guitar tech keep it for himself?
T: I got the shirt, thanks

Q: Tim are you in the bbc radio 2 studio now???
T: yes we are at the bbc

Q: HOMEGROWN!! Tim smith for mayor
T: hi hippie

Q. good to meet you Tim. Is Levon Helm a big influence?
T: I love Levon

Q: where is Sheryl?
T: she’s doing an interview. Peter and I are waiting to go in a few minutes

Q: hey tim, are you and Sheryl doing a Cape G show this year?
T: no Cape show this year

Q: should be working but you know I must have priorities!
T: lol@jen

T: Jeremy Stacey will be on drums this tour

Q. Which team won the ping pong contest at Red Rocks?
T: tim won over the firstman boys

T: can you all see us on a web cam?
T. jim doesn’t know how to use a computer

peter says howdy
Hi this is Peter under the mighty Umajet title

Q: Ask peter if he got my massage that I posted on the forum to him
P: HI! No I didn’t get the massage on the forum.. Haven’t been on there recently.

Q: Can you tell Peter that a journalist confused him with another Peter Stroud from the Peter Green Splinter Group?
P: I’ve been confused with Peter Stroud PG Splinter Grp often. Almost met him one time!

P: I’m not down for politics, but if you trust me, I’ll give it a whack

P: my favourite

tim is back

SC: Hi everyone! I’m back

Q: Hallo Sheryl, Where was the live&Friends” Album recorded?
SC: HI postie it was recorded in Central Park

SC: I Haven’t got to work with Beck but my stay in the UK has been great so far!

Q: Sheryl, are you planning to do a live DVD? You are fantastic live.

Q: Sheryl, As you may already know, the next Rock in Rio will be in Portugal in June 2004. Do you have any plans to come??
SC: I don’t have any plans yet but I hope I get asked

Q: Sheryl what is your fav album of all time???
SC: My Favourite Beatles album has to be Let It Be

Q: Who is your support this weekend?
SC: This weekend Clarkville are supporting us. I really like them.

Q: Sheryl do you know the setlist for your new DVD coming out? C’mon America.
A: I don’t know the set list for the DVD but it’s released in the US on Dec 9th

Q: And do you like cycling, Sheryl?
SC: I love cycling Sandra
Q: So what about the rumours about about you and a certain “unknown” cyclist;-)

Q: hi sheryl, what is your favourite video clip?
SC: My favourite video clip is Home

Q: if elvis was still alive which one of your songs so you think he would cover?
SC: Elvis Cover..ohmygod
SC: Which one do you think he’d cover?

Q: Sheryl – I met you briefly in Las Vegas when we came to see Stevie Nicks. We gave her a picture at the limo window! Are you coming to see Fleetwood Mac while you are in town?
SC: Hi Pip I’m afraid I’m going to miss the Fleetwood Mac concert bit I hear it is great.

Q: Sheryl, did you go into the studio to record your new single with French singer Gerald De Palmas or was it done the way you had You’re An Original recorded with Lenny Kravitz (tapes sent to each other)? And how on earth did you get to hear about Gerald? How did you get to know him??
SC: Laurence: - we traded tapes and I’m a fan from way back

Q: Sheryl! Dropping salad on a Saturday night…discuss….
SC: Iconcrash – it’s acid not salad

Q: Hiya Sheryl. What do you think of the whole Michael Jackson thing as you used to sing for him?
SC: I think the whole thing is sad – I hope it’s not true.

Q. Sheryl you said that the American audience didn’t take kindly to you feeling on the Iraq war have they eased up on you since?
SC: Hi Woodridge, Americans in general have changed how they feel about this war.
SC: So is anyone coming to my gig on the 7th, 8th and 9th?

Q. ..your awesome, Sheryl..keep on rockin!
SC. Thanks

Q: Sheryl tell everyone you never dated Kid Rock, lol
SC: Hi Mystery I never dated Kid Rock – we went to a Nicks game and the press went wild

Q: Also do Wal Mart sell your albums after your self titled album?
SC: Woodbride – Walmart are selling all my records but the first one which they refuse to sell.

Q. Sheryl, is there going to be a Cape G show this year?
SC: Icon..we don’t have a concert planes right now at Cape G

Q: Do you signings after shows back stage?
SC: We do singings after the gig

Q. So have you been shopping with Stevie while in town Sheryl?
SC: I’ve never been shopping with Stevie Nicks :)

Q: Are you a big Cat Stevens fan?
SC: I love Cat Stevens

SC: Hey guys, I’m going on air now!

Q: Cat Stevens?? Or should I say…Yusuf Islam. LOL
SC: Your right Icon. See you all in a minute

SC: Hi Everyone, I’m back but only for a minute
Thanks for listening in everyone

Q: What are you doing for dinner tonight Sheryl?
SC: Tonight for dinner I’m going to have some curry cos that’s what you do when you come to London…and I’m going to do it now.
SC. Sorry everyone – I really do have to go now. The band is getting hungry :)
SC: Seriously guys, thanks for coming into the chat. It was great. xxx
SC: Bye everyone xxx

Sheryl with the DJ Stuart Maconie
Peter and Tim



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