Chat TOTP - March 21, 2002

Question from Jen Greenfield: How did you choose the collaborations for this album, and why?

Sheryl Crow: Hi Jen. I actually wound up having these people on my record because they're people that I've been working with. These people would turn up in the studio, except Lenny Kravitz who actually called. I just thought that he would be a great person to work with because of his rock vocal delivery.

Question from Joanne Sinclair: Hey Sheryl, any truth in the rumour that you'll be singing with Fleetwood Mac on their new album?

Sheryl Crow: Hey Joanne. That would be a RUMOUR as in Fleetwood Mac Rumours. There wouldn't be any replacing Christine McVie. I spend a lot of time with Stevie Nicks personally and professionally.

Question from Courtney Giusti: What is your songwriting process? Do you get sudden blasts of inspiration, or do you have to sit down and make yourself write to get the ideas going?

Sheryl Crow: I summon the spirit of all the great writers before me!!! Kidding. I get a spark of a lyric idea to start the process. They were a couple of songs on this record that I started the music for first. For the most part I start the lyric first.

Question from Brandi Carter: Where in Hawaii was the Soak Up the Sun video filmed?

Sheryl Crow: The video was shot on the North Shore of Wahoo which is where all the great waves are. That's where all the surfers used to go. Just a trivial point for you people that like facts - I learnt to surf just 3 days before my birthday. I'm not up there with the professionals yet - I don't have the toes on the nose!

Question from Paul Barns: You recently covered Don't Tell Me by Madonna during your gig at The Cutting Room. Any possibility of a collaboration between the two of you? It would be wicked!

Sheryl Crow: Well, I can't say that what we did was cover it. Basically we played Sweet Home Alabama over the top of it. I don't know about any future collaborations with Madonna.

Question from Ash Patel: What was it like to record a song for a James Bond film?

Sheryl Crow: At the moment I'm just trying to get through today! It was quite enjoyable! There's this great legacy about this particular movie theme. It's so kind of kitsche and dramatic that it let me get out of myself. I like the way it turned out. I thought it worked well for the movie.

Question from Suzanne: In your later years would ever considered teaching music again, maybe at a university?

Sheryl Crow: My later years? I want to be a fabulous heiress! No, I've been doing short teaching stints. I was just recently given an honourary doctorate. You can call me Dr Sheryl Crow!

Question from Jerseygirl: You've come around to mention Mr. Clapton's name when discussing My Favorite Mistake. Will we have to wait that long to find out what female singer drove you to pen You're An Original?

Sheryl Crow: Oh my! Well what really inspired it wasn't ONE female. Actually it's not about females. As a society, we're just force fed what we're going to like. Everything's marketed and we're like zombies. It's just a little ditty.

Question from Bella: What was the most embarrassing thing you had to do in order to promote you work?

Sheryl Crow:I've done a couple of photoshoots that were less than comfortable. A few years ago I did one for a well-know photographer - all the clothes were inappropriate and modelly! I've never had to ride on an elephant or anything like that.

Question from Louisa Fielden: When are you touring in the UK?

Sheryl Crow: It looks like we'll be back in June and tour in the US in August and we'll come back late September and tour Europe. There's a great appreciation for live performers here that you don't get in America. I feel that there's a lot of places to play here.

Question from Gurjeet Kalair: What's the best live show you ever saw?

Sheryl Crow: Oh my! I'd have to say ... Recently I saw Radiohead in a club and that was really inspiring. Also I saw U2 at Madison Square Gardens and that particular night it was like being at a spiritual thing. Radiohead was when OK, Computer came out and everyone already knew the lyrics which was weird!

Question from Kirsten: What's the most expensive dress you've ever worn and who was it made by?

Sheryl Crow: I wore one that was made entirely out of diamonds j/k! I've borrowed things before but they got returned. I became a pumpkin after!

Question from Christo: You're an awfully special person, the men must be beating down your door when you're home. Is there someone in your dreams? Your one true love? Are you a believer in that sort of thing?

Sheryl Crow: Sadly, Christo, they're banging on the wrong address! Perhaps I'm not at that address currently! I totally believe in true love. I've had great relationships. While all of them weren't Mr Right, I'm still a believer that there is one or a couple of true loves!

Question from Melana Jensson: Do you schedule enough time between concerts to rest and relax?

Sheryl Crow: Don't worry! I do, but I don't! I should take more time off work! That would make me more energized and creative, but I like being busy so I work more than I should. But I like my job!

Question from Rick Stewart: What was the best moment during the making of the new album?

Sheryl Crow: Well, the best moment was making the video! The second best was having Don Henley come in because he was one of the first people to have me on backup so we came around full circle and I got to boss him around. With Stevie, I'm such good friends that having here around is inspiring!

Question from Tsai Stuart: Is it true you have made a song with Gwyneth Paltrow for your new album?

Sheryl Crow: Gwyneth came in and sang a song that I recorded for Stevie but I made a deal with Gwyneth that she'd have to sing if I recorded it for my album! She is a great mimic! She sounded like me.

Question from Victoria B: Who is currently in your CD player?

Sheryl Crow: Gomez, the new Ryan Adams, Elton John, Van Morrison, the best of Hank Williams. And I have the I Am Sam soundtrack ... I did "Mother Nature" on that but I totally skip past myself on that!

Question from Ash: Any plans to venture into films and acting?

Sheryl Crow: I did a small film called The Minus Man in which I played a junkie and died in the first 5 minutes, so I got overlooked by the Oscar.

Question from Louisa Fielden: What is the last thing you saw at the cinema?

Sheryl Crow: The last movie I saw was Beautiful Mind and I loved it.

Question from Sam: Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Sheryl Crow: Gwyneth could do it but I'd like to see Johnny Depp! It would be a stretch for him!

Question from Marvin Doon: Do you like jungle?

Sheryl Crow: I'm so sorry because I have no idea what you're talking about. What is it? I like Craig David if that counts! I really like Gareth and Will Young and Darius! I watched a couple of videos and someone told me the story of the whole Pop Idol thing. I'll be really curious when I come back in June if they're still on TV!

Question from Peggy: Hi Sheryl. I was just wondering, have you met the Queen?

Sheryl Crow: No! I'm shocked that I've not had an invitation to have tea with her!

Question from Drew Mac: What was it like working with Kid Rock?

Sheryl Crow: It was really fun. I called him and asked if we could get together. I went to Detroit and really enjoyed the whole thing! It was kind of like being back in Kent!

Question from Gus: What did you think of playing at Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary concert? Why did you not have your guitar?

Sheryl Crow: That was in 1991 I think and I was just a backup singer in the House band and I was so excited to be there because I got to watch all the rehearsals with so many amazing talents so it was a dream come true for me!

Question from Kim Fry: What ring is on your mobile phone?

Sheryl Crow: I'm not that hip. Mine just has that kind of generic ring. I want one of my own songs on it!

Question from Tsai Stuart: Like "Riverwide" in the last album, did you have an inspirational flash when recording that you just had to include on the new album?

Sheryl Crow: There were couple of songs that wrote themselves. One of them was The Weather Channel which is a ditty about suicide. C'mon, C'mon was written really quickly in the studio.

Question from Sam: What are you doing tonight?

Sheryl Crow: Recorded in a couple of hours! That's a personal question! I'm going to go home after TOTP and scrape the makeup off my face, crawl into bed and go to sleep!

Question from Marc Solomon: What colour are your trousers? We can only see your head.

Sheryl Crow: I'm wearing a pair of jeans! [stands up] The point of interest are my American flag boots!

Question from Peggy Sikarin: Just wondering, have you EVER even peeked in at your Fan Forum to see what's up with the fans? If so, have you EVER posted? Just wondering?

Sheryl Crow: Actually I have and I've had someone post because I'm not that savvy, but my tour manager has posted for me. I don't post too much because it wigs me out about! I've had chats with people and I keep up with Craig who runs my fan club and stuff.

Question from Keith McDonald: How many of your Gibson Sheryl Crow signature guitars did you end up getting for yourself? I've noticed you have at least two now on stage.

Sheryl Crow: I actually use those guitars. It's a guitar that I love. It's basically a version of my 64 C&W. I have about four or five of them which we keep on stage. I think they sound great.

Question from Stuart Hutchinson: Where's the best place in Nashville for great gigs?

Sheryl Crow: I was playing the Ryamn Theatre and also the Ryman church because they both have historical value and the church has an awesome vibe. You know the legacy that's there and it's a great vibe.

Question from Jill Mackay: Are you related to Russell Crowe?

Sheryl Crow: I'm not! I'm thinking of marrying him because it will be great for all the monogram towels I own!

Question from Louisa Fielden: Who is the bitchiest celebrity you have ever met?

Sheryl Crow: Oh my lordy! I could never disclose such vile information and I think so highly of everyone I meet!

Question from David MacDougall: Have you ever had singing lessons? By the way you don't need them.

Sheryl Crow: That was a good save because you were almost walking down the wrong road! Yes, I did about 13 years ago. I began to get a nodule so I had to learn to itch my voice higher. It worked.

Question from Rox: Tell us about the time you drank a beer in the church?

Sheryl Crow: Do you know something that I don't know!? I don't think the lord would appreciate it. You're going straight to hell for that! j/k

Question from Rick Stewart: How do you feel now about explaining your lyrics?

Sheryl Crow: Well I would much rather play the songs than talk about them. I like to just let them be their own kind of entity. Someone was telling me one the other day but I can't remember it.

Question from Laura Willan: Who's yourfavouritee female artist?

Sheryl Crow: Of all time is probably Stevie and Linda Rondstadt. Today, I would say Amy Mann and Lucinda Williams.

Question from Bronwen Hawkins: If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

Sheryl Crow: I would like to be President Bush because I would just call the whole damn thing off.

Question from Vicky Rea: Did you cry when George Bush "won" the Presidential election?! How do you think he has done so far?

Sheryl Crow: I was concerned when he was elected. In fact that was the impetus for writing Safe and Sound. As for right now, I feel he has a beef to settle for his dad and that could lead us into trouble. The jury is still out for me.

Question from Peggy S: Have YOU ever considered running for, Way Off in the future?

Sheryl Crow: I can't think of anything I'd rather not do more!

Question from Gill Vt: Move here!

Sheryl Crow: Oh right! I'll do it!

TOTP Host: Here's a final word from Sheryl Crow...

Sheryl Crow: I really appreciate everybody writing in. I love getting this chance. I'm looking forward to this year - we're going to get and and see everyone. I hope it will be a fun record to listen to!