Chat with Tim Smith - Jan. 29, 2005

Tim Smith Chat
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
Transcribed by Laurence (rocksheryl) and Brett (Spikes1818) We'd love a massage therapist about now!

Q: Are you involved in producing the new album and if not have you had the chance to listen to a couple of songs?
A: I've heard some of it played on a bunch of new songs but I went away to do the Finn's so she's done quite a bit on her own with [Jeff] Trott and [John]Shanks.

Q: Do you have some umajets news?
A: Thanks for asking but I'm sorry to say no new news! My partner just auditioned for inxs tho- that should be funny.

Q: Any new solo songs or Finn Brothers music on the horizon?
A: Finns might put out a live DVD this year with us.

Q: Since the Finn Brothers play the guitar and sometimes bass what do you find your role to be with them?
A: I'd assume some bass guitar perhaps drums and singing.

Q: Will you be doing the record store appearance w/ the Finns when you're in St. Louis?
A: Don't know about in stores and frankly I'm not sure what I'll be playing as I've not heard from them lately.

Q: What was it like last year with no major tour being able to spend more time with your family, how old are your kids now
A: Actually I was pretty busy with the Finn tour and Sheryl ended up doing a lot of private shows and recording. The family came down to new Zealand to visit me while I was on tour. My son is 11, my daughter 17.

Q: (jerseybabe0389) Are there any new artists you've been listening to lately?
A: Arcade fire... ummm, more that I can remember - U2, Kings of Leon, Shane Nicholson.

Q: (mamablues) Could you please suggest a good starter guitar for my daughter and will you be coming to TX this year?
A: Hopefully coming to TX. One of my fave places. How old is your daughter? There are small scaled neck acoustic that can be manageable

A: She's 13 going on 17
A: Just get her prepared for lots of practice!

Q: (jwolpert) Of all the legends you've played with - which has been the most exciting for you?
A: You've named the biggies, but the Shine shows were the most spontaneous and fun for me.

Q: When are the new Sheryl albums expected to be released and when is the tour supposed to kick off?
A: I'd imagine new stuff by the summer although I don't thing she's finished yet. Lots of sessions still booked. We may do some touring in the fall I'd guess.

Q: You've worked with Stevie Nicks, what is she really like?
A: Stevie is very sweet, but a real Rock Star! I can't say more, she might pull a spell on me! Just kidding!

Q: (Spikes1818) Hey Tim, thanks for coming and chatting with us. It's very cool of you to do this. And thanks for a kick ass show back in October at the Vote for Change stop in Jacksonville... I was wondering what songs (cover or from Sheryl's albums) would you like to play during shows but down get the chance to do often?
A: Um I like some of the Sheryl Crow record songs, Love Is A Good Thing, Rosalyn.

Q: (ScoutTheDog) Hey Tim, we've all been hearing about TWO new albums for Sheryl. Do you anticipate some acoustic touring for the "artistic" album as well as full-band shows for the more commercial record? Also what do you think of Jason Mraz?
A: There's been a lot of talk about her putting out 2 records, and give me a moment to tell you what I know... I don't think there is a concerted effort to play the "artistic vs. commercial thing." I've heard mentioned, she's just writing a bunch of songs, in fact many more than needed for 1 record, so that's where the thought came from initially. How it plays out may change, or not happen at all.

Q: (crowmagnon) What is your biggest disappointment in music in 2004?
A: AMERICAN IDOL!!!! The worst thing to happen to music!

Q: (Bean) Hey Tim, if money was no object to you and you could buy any guitar on the planet... what would it be? P.S. Nice that you're listening to Shane Nicholson.... everyone's gonna think I'm a dink for pushing this is so much, but check out Ray Lamontagne, he's quite incredible. I'll keep telling everyone until he's known... I have no shame really.
A: Ummmm right now I'm looking for a really bitchin' clean 1964 Fender Jazzmaster - anybody wanna share?

Q: (Dana Scully) Ok, so first of all, thanks so much to coming chat with us!! It's so kind :) So is there a particular song (not from Sheryl) you love to sing and play on tour? P.S. Can you give me some guitar lessons, please? LOL!
A: What would you want me to play? I'll teach you!

A:(crowmagnon) The middle of Monday, I love it.
A: No problem, it's easy with a capo.

Q: (OldCrowUK) Thanks for coming to chat. I see than the Finn brothers are in London in May, will you be working with them again? And cream at Royal Albert Hall as well...
A: Yes, I'll be there at Albert Hall for 3 nights, I can't believe we sold out the first 2 shows really quick.

Bean signs out:
Tim: Was it something I said? Hope she's ok.

A: (OldCrowUK) I'd love to be at the Albert Hall - but damn, I'll be in New York.
A: I'm trying to go to that show. Sheryl's manager is working with them on it.

Q: (crowaddict) First of all hi Tim and thanks for doing this chat . How was it like playing with Ronnie Wood in London in 2003?
A: Ronnie was great. He was like our best friend for 3 days. Jeremy and I went back to his house and watched old Faces DVD's with him telling us all the inside info.. I'll never forget.

Q: Cool wasn't he completely drunk in the 1st show?
A: He was testing his sobriety.

Q: (stevemountain) Which song(s) do you like to play most with Sheryl? Any songs that are boring to play? (All I Wanna Do, maybe?)
A: All I Wanna - don't play anymore, but hey, that's what started this whole thing.

Q: (COsherylfan) What venues in the US do you like best?
A: I LOVE smaller theatres and clubs. Places with real character.

Q: (mark25s) What effect pedals are most commonly used while playing with Sheryl?
A: I've got several overdrives, compressions, and delays, pretty standard really .

Q: (mamablues) Have you read the parodies from FatherTim on the forum and what do you think of them?
A: I've not read them, where are they?
A: (Gregg) All over the forum!
A: I'll look for them.

Q: (Gregg) Tim. Your house is burning, all the family is outside, the pets are outside, You have time to grab one thing. What is it?
A: Ummm, my ass out of there too?

Q: (pope.joan) From what you've heard of the new album... how does it sound like to you or in which directions is it going? Producing/Music/Lyrics - wise?
A: Well a few things remind me of the darker Globe Sessions stuff - in fact we performed acoustically on Oprah to be aired Feb 11th I think. So you tell me what it sounds like!

Tim: I'm really ready for a German beer.

Q: (timfan) Tim, when do you start playing guitar and did you keep your Austin Powers card? LOL!
A: The card is in my pocket, my lucky charm. I started playing guitar at 10, learning KISS songs of course.

Q: (HskrShelby) Hey Tim, did you ever get yourself a nice Peace sign t-shirt. Haha. I know how you like them.
A: (HskrShelby) If not, what size do you wear. I'll hook you up next time I see you :)
A: I'm a medium, thanks!

Q: (staic) Tim, what's your best story from the road that you can share without getting into trouble?
A: I'd have to think about that story and maybe type it up to post. I'm not a very strong typist, but I'll work on it.

Q: (jerseybaby0389) Tim, what's the best concert you've ever been to?
A: Lately I'd say.... I'm blocked.

Q: (mamablues) Getting off music, seen any good movies lately?
A: Napoleon Dynamite!

Q: (crowlin) Hi Tim. Linda the Italian here, last I saw you in LA you said you wanted to travel to Europe... have you been anywhere since? ( I know you were n England and OZ for the Finn tour)... good restaurants to picks to share?
A: We'll I'll be in Europe with the Finns this spring, so hopefully I'll get some of my faves in Spain and Italy. Trott and I want to take our families over for a few weeks...

Q: (Fumbling) Hi Tim. Since you've traveled all over the world, touring and such, what is your favorite city (not in America ) and why?
A: LOVE Vancouver, Sydney, Amsterdam. Just like the layout of the cities, nice parks, culture.

Q: (jwolpert) Which artists are your faves/influences - and are you a George Harrison fan? I know Trott's a big George fan.
A: I love GH he's meant more to me than any other Beatle, in the way he lived thru all that time.

Q: (Spikes1818) Tim, are you a Liz Phair fan?
A: I think Liz is the best! I was so nervous singing with her on SUTS. She's a real cutie too!

Q: (ScoutTheDog) We hear that half of Kennett, MO reads the forum. Does your family read the forum, too? What does your wife think of the Peeps?
A: She's too busy sledding down the street right now! No she isn't real keen on the internet...

Q: (Bean) How was your birthday? Did you have fun?
A: I was sooo ill with the flu, I was in bed all day.

Q: (TAZMAN) Tim, when you taped Soundstage in Chicago a year and a half ago Sheryl made some remarks about Oprah, can you tell us anything about that? thanks.
A: I don't remember the Oprah remark, but let me say that woman know's what she's doing. This will be the first time LA and SC are interviewed together. It's gonna be great.

Q: (stevemountain) Yeah, tell Sheryl to Kick "AWD" off the setlists and songs like "Rosalyn" "Getting Through" and "Ordinary Morning" on! But here's my 2nd.. are there any differences between US and European audiences, how does th the whole band feel about it?
A: well its been a while since we were really touring Europe, but I think by being farther away, euro audiences tend to work a bit harder to get into it. I hope that makes sense?

Q: (Cosherylfan) What was your favorite birthday gift this year?
A: I got a cooking school class for my b-day Thai I think.

Q: Do you think you guys will be back in Ireland soon? The gig last summer was awesome!
A: I'm gonna be in Ireland w/ the Finns but I'm sure Sheryl will be too later in the year perhaps.

Q: (HskrShelby) Tim, what was your thought on the whole "Tim For Mayor" bit? haha Tired of it yet?
A: I'm more of the behind the scenes politician, really.

Q: (crowlin) Are we gonna see you around California anytime soon?
A: I'm in Cali more than you know!

Q: (Gregg) Who's the best cook in the Sheryl band or crew?
A: I make many things but I do great fish dishes and pork loin in whole grain mustard and ginger with wasabi mashed potatoes. Oh and garlic!

Q: (jwolpert) Any chance "Is It Like Today" will be back in the setlist?
A: Maybe, but I told Karl Wallinger we did it and I think he went to check his royalty statement to see if he got credit or something so we might have to do it under the radar.

Q: (videoguy) What is your favorite guitar, brand, year, or...
A: I love old Les Pauls

Q: Is the new record going to be a little more edgier than C'Mon, C'Mon, Tim?
A: Maybe edgier but I won't know until I hear it.

Tim has to go and we all say our goodbyes and thanks!









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