# Blu-Ray + 2 CD Digipak | DVD + 2 CD Digipak | Vinyl
# Original Release Date : 9 November 2018 (Digipak)
# Number of Discs: 3
# Label: Cleopatra Entertainment
# Duration: 121 minutes


1. Everyday Is A Winding Road
2. A Change Would Do You Good
3. All I Wanna Do
4. My Favorite Mistake
5. Be Myself
6. Long Way Back Home
7. Run Baby Run
8. Can’t Cry Anymore
9. The First Cut Is The Deepest
10. Atom Bomb
11. Halfway There

12. There Goes The Neighborhood
13. Leaving Las Vegas
14. Strong Enough
15. Heartbeat Away
16. Roller Skate
17. Best Of Times
18. If It Makes You Happy
19. Soak Up The Sun
20. Midnight Rider
21. I Shall Believe

Rating Summary

DoBlu.com (USA): 5/5
(USA): raccomended: 4/5
The Nerds Templar
(USA): highly raccomended
TMR - TheMortonReport.com
(USA): positive
Loudd - Songstories (ITA): positive
The Union Leader (USA): positive
Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser (UK): positive
Music Street Journal (USA): positive
Papermoon (ITA): positive
Graham Media Group (USA): positive
Reviews by Amos Lassen (USA): positive
Uncut magazine (UK): 7/10
The Christian Science Monitor (USA): đź‘Ť
Rockblog.Bluesspot (GER): đź‘Ť
Uncut magazine (UK): 7/10
JP's Music & Blog (USA): đź‘Ť
The Times Union (USA): đź‘Ť

DoBlu.com (USA)
By Christopher Zabel


[...] This is a fun, energetic concert with a good sampling of classic Sheryl Crow hits and new songs. The version here of “Run Baby Run” is great stuff, an engaging live performance that draws in the crowd. As a tribute to the recently departed Gregg Allman, she covers his classic Midnight Rider. I’ve always enjoyed her cover of Cat Steven’s “The First Cut Is The Deepest” and it remains a crowd-pleaser. Her backing band plays tightly behind her. It is is a band that has obviously worked out all the kinks by the end of this long tour and enthusiastically responds to the raucous audience.

Sheryl Crow may be closer to Sixty than Fifty these days, but you would never know it by her performance in this concert. She still has that great female rock voice and continues to carry herself with a timeless grace that eludes father time. This is her best concert release and is a welcome addition for her fans. The performances are polished and she shines like a real rock star on stage. [...]

5 out of 5 stars

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By Randy Miller III


[...] The offering of Live at the Capitol Theatre (2017) offers a firm reminder that she's still alive and kicking: it's peppered with songs from that year's album Be Myself but features more than a few chart-topping hits that even the most casual fan would recognize. Her backing band for this show includes long-time associate Peter Stroud (guitars and backing vocals), Audley Freed (guitars), Fred Eltringham (drums), Josh Grange (pedal steel, guitars and backing vocals), Jennifer Gunderman (keyboards and backing vocals), and Robert Kearns (bass, acoustic and electric guitars, bongos and backing vocals), with direction by Mark Ritchie.Running approximately two hours with 21 total songs (including, of course, a few conversations with the crowd), this live performance is captured on two CDs or a separate vinyl release.

The first option also includes the full concert on Blu-ray or DVD, which adds in a short introduction about the venue's history plus a few behind-the-scenes interviews with Crow at her home in Nashville. While these extras segments aren't long enough to feel out-of-place or distracting, it would've been nice to play the concert without them. After all, most folks are just here for the music...and for the most part, it delivers. Casual fans, or those like myself who aren't up to speed on her newer material, will appreciate cuts like "Every Day Is A Winding Road", "A Change Would Do You Good", "All I Wanna Do", "My Favorite Mistake", "Leaving Las Vegas", "If It Makes You Happy", "Soak Up The Sun", and more. Covers of The Allman Brothers' "Midnight Rider" and Cat Stevens' "The First Cut is the Deepest" -- perhaps more her song than his at this point -- are great, too. All things considered, Live at the Capitol Theatre is a really solid show played with an infectious energy; the crowd, many well into their 40s and 50s, look just as excited to be there as the band does. As a bonus, the venue itself has a great atmosphere and this only enhances the show's overall warmth and effectiveness. Though I doubt it'll make me run out and buy any of Crow's more recent albums in the near future, concerts like this only cement Crow's legacy as a durable, talented singer-songwriter that's obviously in it for the long haul. So unless you're a close friend or relative of the late, great Kevin Gilbert, you'll probably enjoy this full-length concert from start to finish. [...]

[...] Live at the Capitol Theatre captures a solid night for Sheryl Crow and her band, who blaze through a collection of very good to excellent tracks from her long and successful career thus far. It's a decent cross-section of material and even the most casual fans will definitely recognize half of these songs by title alone. Crow and her band sound great and seem to be in good spirits, while the Capitol Theatre's warm and inviting atmosphere doesn't hurt either. Cleopatra's Blu-ray/CD option is appreciated but could've used some fine tuning: the audio isn't lossless, the menu is authored like a DVD, and the bonus features are a little lacking. Still, it's a decent package for casual and die-hard fans alike, especially since her target market (myself included) likely still favors physical media over digital albums. [...]

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The Nerds Templar (USA)
By Ken Murray

Sheryl Crow – Live At The Capitol Theater is a 3-disc collection featuring a Blu-ray of the performance and 2 CDs of music. I’m not the biggest fan of hers but when you watch something like this, you realize just how many hits she actually had.

I thought I might only know 3 or 4 songs but I actually knew a lot more. What I liked most about the performance is that even though she’s been performing for decades at this point, she still sounds very good. She’s always played her own instruments and still sounds as good as she did in the 1990s. Sure there’s new music I wasn’t familiar with but her fans will surely enjoy it.

I also like that she respects music history. She talks about The Capitol Theater and those who played there before her and you can tell it meant something to her. Musicians like her truly get my respect because of their respect for artists who paved the way. And she clearly knows that history.

Sheryl Crow – Live At The Capitol Theater is a great collection for her fans. The sound quality is great and it seems like a great environment to see a show. You get new songs with her biggest hits (see full list below) and you watch a performer who loves performing playing a historical venue. For her fans this is highly raccomended.


TMR - The Morton Report
By Chaz Lipp

Sheryl Crow was among music's most reliable unit shifters throughout the mid-'90s to the early 2000s. From her 1994 breakout smash "All I Wanna Do" to her first-decade capper The Very Best of Sheryl Crow (2003), Crow could be counted on to deliver hit singles and platinum-certified albums regularly. Then a number of factors—the primary one boiling down to the fact that her fan base, by and large, aged out of the album-buying demographic—combine to absolutely decimate her sales (along with so many other hit-makers of her era).

But Sheryl Crow is indeed still touring and releasing great music. Her latest is a combination live video/album called Live at the Capitol Theatre. Taped November 10, 2017, this Blu-ray-plus-double-CD set contains several tracks from Crow's most-recent album, Be Myself. Naturally, it is also well-stocked with hits and popular album cuts that span her career. The venue is the intimate (and historic) Capitol Theatre, in Port Chester, New York. The 1,800-capacity hall opened in the 1920s as a cinema, but since converting to live-music events has hosted countless legends (Janis Joplin, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, to name a few) over many decades.

Via between-song interview clips during the Blu-ray presentation, Crow talks about the sense of occasion as she and her band played the Capitol Theatre for the first time. From the opener "Every Day is a Winding Road," the band hits the ground running. I've personally had the pleasure of seeing Sheryl Crow in-concert three times over the years and it's clear when watching the new video—this presentation effectively captures the energy and joy Crow brings to her performances.

Those seeking the big hits will enjoy "All I Wanna Do" (placed quite early in the set list), "My Favorite Mistake," her cover of "The First Cut is the Deepest," "Leaving Las Vegas," "If It Makes You Happy," "Soak Up the Sun." What's great about the Cleopatra Entertainment release is the accompanying two-CD set that contains the full lineup of tunes. For those who primarily listen to music on-the-go, and not as often while sitting in front of a TV, the audio-only option is perfect.

The Blu-ray contains a 20-minute interview featurette with Crow that allows viewers to get to know her a bit better, adding to the already generous value provided by the two-hour concert and CDs. Sheryl Crow: Live at the Capitol Theatre is also available as a standard DVD/CD set as well for those fans who are not Blu-ray compatible.


Loudd - Songstories (ITA)
By Nicola Chinellato

Tra le icone del rock a stelle e strisce in quota rosa, Sheryl Crow è una delle artiste americane più amate e seguite di sempre. Un capolavoro alle spalle, Tuesday Night Music Club del 1993, che fu un successo epocale, e poi una serie di album, mai più a quel livello creativo, ma che hanno comunque permesso alla Crow di consolidare la propria fama attraverso vendite dai numeri importantissimi.

E questo, tutto sommato, può essere considerato il sunto della carriera della ragazza originaria del Missouri, una che ha fatto della professionalità e di un linguaggio nazional popolare i suoi punti di forza, mantenendo un’indiscutibile onestà di fondo e tenendo dritta la barra nonostante numerosi blocchi creativi e qualche incidente di percorso (la storia con Lance Armstrong, la malattia e la depressione che hanno funestato la seconda parte degli anni ’00).

Be Myself, pubblicato lo scorso anno, era un buon disco, che pur non riuscendo a superare i consueti cliché di genere e una certa prevedibilità espositiva, aveva comunque il merito di presentare almeno un pugno canzoni davvero brillanti e, soprattutto, testimoniava di un’artista in netta ripresa sotto il profilo dell’ispirazione e della voglia di far bene.

Live At The Capitol Theatre è la registrazione dell’ultima data del tour di promozione di quell’album, tenutasi la notte del 10 novembre dello scorso anno nel noto auditorium newyorkese. Uscita in versione due cd + dvd (o blu ray), questa performance fotografa la Crow alle prese con il suo importante, anche da un punto di vista numerico, repertorio, che viene sviscerato in ben ventun canzoni per oltre due ore di show.

Ci sono, ovviamente, i nuovi brani tratti da Be Myself (lo swamp rock di Roller Skate su tutte), un pezzo inedito (Atom Bomb, in cui la Crow mostra il suo lato più muscolare), e tutti, o quasi (manca Love Is a Good Thing), i suoi più grandi successi, tra cui Run Baby Run, All I Wanna Do, If It Makes You Happy, Strong Enough, Leaving Las Vegas (questa, a dire il vero, un po' sottotono) e una emozionate The First Cut Is The Deepest, presa dal repertorio di Cat Stevens e proposta da Sheryl nel 2003, in una versione che le valse la nomination ai Grammy Awards dell’anno successivo.

La registrazione, essendo in presa diretta per il film che accompagna i due cd, presenta qualche difettuccio tecnico, ma possiede il merito di condurre l’ascoltatore nel cuore dello show, di cui si percepisce non solo il contributo del pubblico, ma anche quei piccoli particolari che rendono il tutto più vero: i dialoghi sul palco, Sheryl che si dimentica quanti anni sono passati dalla pubblicazione di una canzone, che scherza con l’audience o che fa il verso al rumore del jack infilato in una chitarra.

La voce, nonostante la Crow abbia ormai cinquantasei anni, non ha perso un briciolo dell’estensione di un tempo (tre ottave da mezzosoprano), e nonostante ci sia molto mestiere in questa esibizione, dalle ventuno canzoni proposte trapela anche un’immutata (e direi rinnovata) passione. Ciò che basta a rendere Live At The Capitol Theatre un acquisto imperdibile per tutti i fan, e non solo.


The Union Leader (USA)
By Mike Cote

Sheryl Crow has scored enough hits over the past 25 years that she can afford to kick off a show with four of her biggest hits in a row.

On “Live at the Capitol Theatre,” a two-hour concert newly released on DVD/CD and Blueray/CD combos, Crow and her band grab the audience from the start, running through uptempo rockers “Every Day is a Winding Road,” “A Change Will Do You Good,” “All I Wanna Do” and “My Favorite Mistake” — and buying some goodwill before digging into a couple of her songs from her latest album, 2017’s “Be Myself.”

While Crow’s new material, like the title track and “Long Way Back Home,” stand up well, the singer, guitarist and keyboard player packs half the set list with the hits that earned her a reputation for being the queen of rock-edged pop, tucking crowd-pleasers “If It Makes You Happy” and “Soak up the Sun” near the end of the show and paying tribute to the late Greg Allman via a cover of “Midnight Rider.”

Celebrating the first time she played New York’s iconic theater, Crow alludes to the famous acts that have graced the venue over the years, which include Jerry Garcia, the Allman Brothers and Eric Clapton, telling the crowd she hoped she and her band could conjure some of their “juju.” On this particular night, she and her band clearly did, jamming hard as Crow bounced around the stage with ageless grace.

The concert, the final show of Crow’s 2017 tour, was filmed using 16 cameras placed throughout the venue and mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

[ LINK ]

Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser (UK)
By Kevin Bryan

This impressive audio-visual package focusses attention on Sheryl Crow’s show at New York’s Capitol Theatre in November 2017. The two-CD/DVD set finds the former elementary school teacher tripping merrily down memory lane as she revisits perennial crowd-pleasers such as If It Makes You Happy, All I Wanna Do and Leaving Las Vegas alongside some choice extracts from her most recent studio album, Be Myself, which found Sheryl returning to the pop-rock roots of her nineties output after a brief flirtation with the delights of country music.


Music Street Journal (USA)
By Gary Hill

This new live set from Sheryl Crow captures a very special concert from 2017. This is a double CD release with a Blu-Ray disc to round it out. The show was at the historic Capitol Theater in New York. The performance is strong, but the mix seems a bit off on the first couple songs in that the lead vocals seem too far down. That said, it is quickly corrected. The video and audio quality are both exceptional. Fans of Crow should really love this release.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2019  Volume 1 at lulu.com/strangesound.

Track by Track Review

Every Day Is A Winding Road

Percussion brings this into being and holds it for a time. This hit comes in with style and rocking sound. The only complaint is that the lead vocals seem a bit lower in the mix than they should be. There is a cool almost funky break later in the track. The slide guitar work on this is classy.

A Change Would Do You Good
This rocker is another catchy and solid one. It's delivered with style, but again the lead vocals feel a bit lower in the mix than they should be to me. Bluesy rock with some down-home country leanings is the musical concept here.

All I Wanna Do
There is a lot of jazz and funk in the arrangement here. It also has some hints of that country music element, too. This hit from Crow is a strong tune, and this live performance is great. I'd consider this to be one of the highlights of the disc. It drops back for an audience participation section. We get some more killer slide guitar on the outro to the tune.

My Favorite Mistake
This has a lot of the same leanings as the previous cuts did, but it is more just mainstream pop rocker in a lot of ways. It is effective and entertaining, but I don't like it as much I do some of the others here. There is some killer guitar work and a good driving energy, though. There are also some solid hooks.

Be Myself
They seem to channel the Rolling Stones on the opening of this just a bit. The cut has some classy rocking textures and really works well. It's energetic and fun. I really dig the guitar soloing on this tune.

Long Way Back Home
I like this song alright, but it's a bit too samey and just doesn't really stand out much at all. That said, it has some solid hooks and a good groove.

Run Baby Run
A bluesy number, somehow there are hints of The Beatles in the arrangement here. At least that's true to my ears. This is a slow moving, but dramatic and powerful tune.

Can't Cry Anymore
They seriously channel the Stones on parts of this number. It has an old school rock and roll vibe to it. There is some country and more in the mix here. I like this one alright, but it's not at the same level as some of the rest. That said, the killer guitar soloing later in the piece manages to elevate it.

The First Cut Is The Deepest
Another of Crow's hits, this bluesy rocker is catchy and strong.

Atom Bomb
This has a tasty hard rocking edge. It is driving and potent. There is a definite 1960s garage rock vibe to it. While it's not my favorite thing here, I like the raw energy of it. I like the synthesizer break on the tune quite a bit. I'm reminded of Girlschool in some ways on this number.

Halfway There
Here we get a topical tune. It's has a cool retro rock groove with some funk and jazz in the mix. The instrumental section later in the track is on fire and has a cool rocking sound to it. This is one of my favorites of the set, really.

There Goes The Neighborhood
This song feels like it has a lot of the Stones built into it, too. This works out to quite a powerhouse tune, and the horns add a lot to the arrangement.

Leaving Las Vegas
This was Crow's first single. I vaguely remember hearing it way back when. It has a classic sound to it and some cool slide guitar.

Strong Enough
Intricate acoustic guitar brings this into being. This is more of a ballad than it is anything else. There is plenty of country music in the mix. While this brings some variety, it's not one of my favorites.

Heartbeat Away
Another topical cut, this is much more of a rocker. There is a bluesy element to this, and I really dig the guitar sound on the tune. I'm reminded a bit of the hard rocking side of The Beatles at times on this number.

Roller Skate
A retro tinged rocker, this has a real classic sound to it. It reminds me quite a bit of the glam rock of acts like T-Rex.

Best of Times
This is a country rocker that has a good energy and groove. There is a bluesy instrumental break later with harmonica and some choogling guitar. While this isn't one of my favorites here, it does bring some definite variety.

If It Makes You Happy
Down-home country textures open this and bring it into being. By the time it gets to the chorus this rises up more toward rocking sounds. This was a big hit, and it has some solid hooks.

Soak Up The Sun
Another hit, this has more of a mainstream pop rock sound. While it's not as meaty as the last number, it is catchy. There is an extended section of applause between this (the main show closer) and the next song (the first encore).

Midnight Rider
Covering Gregg Allman, Crow and company put in a competent rendition of this classic. The organ solo is pure class. The same can be said for the guitar soloing.

I Shall Believe
While this isn't acapella, the instrumental portion is quite dropped back. It rises up more as it continues. The cut has a bit of a soulful, gospel meets country and rock texture to it. It does represent a bit of an emotional peak, so perhaps that makes it a good choice for closer. For me, it's not one of the best tunes here, making it leave a bit to be desired for the final shot of the concert.


Papermoon (ITA)

Disponibile anche in versione 2CD+Blu-ray, questo doppio CD+DVD registrato e filmato il 10 novembre del 2017 presso lo storico Capitol Theatre di Port Chester, nello stato di New York, testimonia l'ultima data del 'Be Myself Tour' dello scorso anno: in quella tornata di concerti, e in questo show, Sheryl Crow proponeva canzoni del nuovo disco come la title track, 'Halfway There' e 'Roller Skate', accanto ai suoi grandi successi come 'All I Wanna Do', 'Leaving Las Vegas', 'If It Makes You Happy', 'First Cut Is The Deepest' e 'Soak Up The Sun' e a un brano finora inedito intitolato 'Atom Bomb'. Accompagnata dalla sua nuova band, la cinquantaseienne musicista del Missouri si conferma una delle regine del roots rock venato di pop e dalle spiccate caratteristiche radiofoniche, capace sul palco di sfoderare una grinta e una convinzione che mancavano ad alcune delle sue ultime prove di studio. Per questo 'Live At The Capitol Theater' e' un concerto godibile dalla prima nota all'ultima, arricchito nella sua componente video da un 'Flashback' in bianco e nero che ricorda i tanti artisti leggendari esibitisi nel locale nel corso degli anni, intervallato da stralci di un'intervista esclusiva concessa di recente dalla Crow presso la sua 'Farm' a Nashville

Graham Media Group
By Jack Roskopp

After listening to Sheryl Crow's live album from her 2017 tour at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York, I have decided that every artist needs to release a live album at some point in their career. It's such a treat to hear the songs that shaped and defined Crow's career, like album opener "Everyday Is a Winding Road" to "All I Wanna Do," which came out 25 years ago. 

Reviews by Amos Lassen
By Amos Lassen

It is good to see Peter Stroud playing with Sheryl again and Audley Freed too. The musicianship wis excellent and Sheryl puts on a great show. Sheryl really blows the audience away, performing her biggest hits along with her newest songs from her “Be Myself” Album, which are all great including “Be Myself’ which is vintage Sheryl. The film production and editing is fantastic and the sound quality of the stereo and 5.1 mixes are superb.


Uncut magazine (UK)
By Nigel Williamson

Recorded on the final night of 2017's Be Myself Tour, it's indicative of Crow's career trajectory that tracks from the new album she was promoting are outnumbered by those from 1993's career-defining debut Tuesday Night Music Club. Of Course, she's far from alone among "heritage" acts in her best material being long behind her and this is a rocking, crowd-pleasing show, backed by a hot six-piece band, shot in a gimmick-free style and interspersed with revealing interview segments.


(January 2019 issue)

The Christian Science Monitor (USA)
By Staff

All she wants to do

During her new concert movie, Live at the Capitol Theatre, Sheryl Crow has a startling realization: Her hit “All I Wanna Do” was released 24 years ago. “Wow, that’s scary!” she says. Yet the song pops as if it’s only just been uncorked. Crow, too, has an unbottled energy, pogoing across the stage as if her sneakers have springs in the heels. Sixteen cameras cover all the angles as Crow’s six-piece band jams out on old hits and new classics such as “Long Way Back Home.”


By Heinz W. Arndt

(hwa) Früher registrierte ich Sheryl Crow (zwar mit viel Respekt) eher nebenher. Das hat sich seit obigem Mitschnitt fundamental geändert. Diese Frau hat eine Power, die ihresgleichen sucht. Und die Band sowieso. Ein unvergesslicher Abend. Ich komme aus dem Staunen nicht heraus …

Dieses Konzert ist mir spontan unter die Haut gekrochen wie kaum ein anderes von ihr zuvor. Nur zu vergleichen mit Tom Pettys Heimspiel „Live in Gainesville, Florida“.

Sheryl Crow kommt aus einem musikaffinen Elternhaus. Als Backgroundsängerin tourte sie zu Anfang ihrer Karriere bei Michael Jackson. Später dann auch bei Don Henley oder Bob Dylans 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Das war vermutlich die entscheidende Erfahrung, es in Eigenregie zu probieren. Heraus kam „Leaving Las Vegas“, ihre erste Single und danach „ All I Wanna Do“ – ihr erster Welthit. Insgesamt sind schon 25 Jahre ins Land gegangen, seit Sheryl Crow ihr Debütalbum „Tuesday Night Music Club“ präsentierte. Seither hat sie insgesamt neun Studioalben veröffentlicht und dem Vernehmen nach nahezu 20 Millionen Alben verkauft.

Insbesondere verfügt Sheryl Crow über eine Backingband der absoluten Sonderklasse. Diese Sidekicks sind Könner vor dem Herrn und bilden das atemberaubende Fundament für solch einen Abend. Mehrheitlich multifunktional aufgestellt, um ihre Instrumente je nach Song und Bedarf zu tauschen. Egal ob Pedal Steel, Slide-, Rhythymus- oder Sologitarre. Es passt!

Ganz abgesehen von Sheryl Crow selbst, die sich als Leadsängerin im Laufe des Abends neben ihrer Acoustic- selbstredend auch gerne ihre Electricguitars oder den Bass über die Schulter hängt. Souverän bedient sie auch das Keyboard oder die Bluesharp („Best Of Times“). Und sie trägt ein T-Shirt mit der Aufschrift „Grateful“. Vermutlich im Hinblick auf ihre überstandene Brustkrebserkrankung. Sie ist eine Powerfrau, ganz ohne Zweifel.

Es schwebte ein Zauber über jenem Abend im Apollo Theatre. Die Sheryl Crow-Fans werden das ausverkaufte Haus mit einem nachhaltigen Lächeln im Herzen verlassen haben. Mehr geht nicht.

Die Band steht mit ihrer slideunterfĂĽtterten Rockperformance wie ein Fels in der Brandung. Tom Petty war einer ihrer Idole. Die LĂĽcke, die Petty hinterlassen hat, wird kongenial ausgefĂĽllt.

(English translated version HERE)

JP's Music and Blog

American recording artist, Sheryl Crow has had a successful solo career that is entering its third decade. She is a hit-making machine, with five platinum selling albums and three top ten singles. Her latest release is her only her third full-length live album, but it is also her most personable. It was recorded during her 2017 "Be Myself Tour" and is presented "Live At The Capitol Theatre." It was released on November 9th, as a 2-CD set, along with a DVD or Blu-ray.

The 21-song set is a run through of many of her greatest hits, along with a couple of cover tracks and some new, politically-charged anthems. Throughout the show, Crow is sporting a tank top with the word "Grateful" spelled out in gold and that is exactly how I think she feels about this new live release. Not many artist release their best live album 25 years after their debut album, but Sheryl Crow is that timeless artist that crossed many genres and age groups.

She come dancing out on to the stage with the beat of "Everyday Is A Winding Road" and "A Change Would Do You Good." She immediately warms up to the audience with a couple of her earliest hits, "All I Wanna Do" and "My Favorite Mistake." This is Sheryl Crow's first visit to the Capitol Theatre venue and she certainly makes the most of it, provoking the ghosts of past performers to come out and dance to her cover of Cat Stevens' "The First Cut Is The Deepest" and the Rolling Stones' inspired "There Goes The Neighborhood."

Sheryl Crow is on cruise control with "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Strong Enough," as she now has the audience eating out of her hand. The film does intersperse some interview segments as Crow talks about her first album and the loss of music icons, David Bowie, Prince and Tom Petty. She finishes her show as strong as she started it, with the fun romp of "Soak Up The Sun," her cover of the Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider" and the quiet inspirational blues of "I Shall Believe." To find out more about Sheryl Crow "Live At The Capitol Theatre," please visit sherylcrow.com.


The Times Union
By Mike Spring

This terrific three-disc set includes 2 CDs of music and one Blu-ray featuring a video of the same live performance as the CDs. Often time, MVD puts out fantastic releases for artists I’m just not into, so it was nice to get a collection like this of someone who I actually enjoy. The show includes pretty much all of Crow’s biggest hits as well as deep cuts and fan favorites. The Blu-ray adds a nice dimension to the performance and reveals what a great live show Crow puts on. This one is a winner.