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In E-Mail, mi chiedono cosa esattamente sono i corporate gigs. I CG sono concerti privati organizzati da grosse societa', in genere a scopo promozionale e riservati ad un pubblico essenzialmente costituito dagli stessi dipendenti. Moltissimi artisti famosi sono coinvolti in questi eventi, che, inutile dirlo, consentono di guadagnare ingenti somme di danaro con il minimo sforzo. Tuttavia nessuno sembra volerne parlare pubblicamente, quasi fosse una vergogna.


Johnny Cash Memorial Tribute - Jimmy Tittle feat. Sheryl Crow - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - November 10th, 2003


NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28: Musician Sheryl Crow performs at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square September 28, 2005 in New York. Crow made the appearance to promote her new album "Wildflower." (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)


Singer Sheryl Crow is photographed at The Dream Hotel in New York on Aug. 15, 2005. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper)

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Polydor 9884801, £12.99

Sheryl arrived on the scene at the same time as Alanis Morissette a decade ago, her Tuesday Night Music Club like an elder, more sensible sister to Jagged Little Pill's precocious sulk. That promise was never really creatively fulfilled. The baggage of success was too much of a distraction, and decent tunes were too thinly spread over an inconsistent output. Wildflower is the follow-up Music Club deserved, even if it is 10 years after the event. She sings with greater conviction, all the better on material as strong as 'I Know Why' and 'Perfect Lie'.


- Good is Good - DIVX/ZIP - Stereo - 16,4 MB - [ DOWNLOAD ]


Musician ponders how image affects creativity Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow credits Canadian Neil Young as influencing her new disc, Wildflower.  "I have to ask these young girls, who are doing practically porn videos, if their moms don't care!" wonders Sheryl Crow, who never had to live through the Curse of the Female Artist's Image. "I guess their moms are making a bunch of money off it. But it's definitely not empowering, and that began with Madonna." The singer-songwriter is surprised at how fast the music world has changed since her career beginnings in the early '90s. The nine-time Grammy Award winner from Kennett, Mo., started out as a backing vocalist for Michael Jackson before going solo and gaining more credibility than him. After releasing a best-of disc in 2003 and appearing in the Cole Porter biopic De-Lovely

("It's over!" she says of her acting career), Crow is back with a collection of melodies on her newest album Wildflower, released yesterday, influenced by her newfound maturity and Neil Young's album, Harvest.

"I know when it came out that it signalled the end of the first half of my creative life," the 43-year-old says of her greatest hits album, "and I just thought that because it was successful, it gave me the opportunity to take a little time and write new songs that were slightly in a different direction, as opposed to just rewriting the same Soak Up The Sun. There was no pressure to get on the radio."

With 11 acoustic-drenched and piano-laden tracks, Wildflower is also the prospect of what maturity may bring as youth is shed. Not that Crow looks her fortysomething self or anything. In fact, Crow looks a lot better than her younger peers like "Britney Spears and these very young girls with big boobs!"

Maybe it's because when Crow was starting out, "image was a curse," she says. "It was the one thing you didn't want to be concentrating on cause it made you look like you weren't credible."

That gave her the "freedom to just write artistically," she adds, but at one point, she didn't know what to write about anymore.

Enter some advice from Chrissie Hynde while Crow was recording her C'mon C'mon album in 2002.

"I guess I couldn't figure out anymore how to finish a song, and I think part of it was that I was really exhausted and trying hard to make some sort of artistic statement," Crow says. "I needed to take a break, and she said, 'You can stop, you can quit and come back to it, because music is not your life. It's something that you do in your life.' "

Enter the Big Four-O and U.S. President George W. Bush.

"Now that I've taken time away and I'm older and the world is in such a chaotic state," Crow says, "I feel really lucky that I get the opportunity to give voice to some of the confusion."

Talia Soghomonian /Metro World News



Sheryl Crow
*** ½ (out of five)

Happiness is something Sheryl Crow may have sardonically embraced on her 1996 hit If It Makes You Happy and again on 2002's somewhat forced Soak Up The Sun. But true happiness in Crow's life? That's only coming into play now, thanks to her engagement to cycling great Lance Armstrong.

On her fifth studio album, Crow uses a little lyric creativity in her approach: "Take off your halo/take off your golden crown/the spotlight's off/the shades are down," she coos on Lifetime; "My yesterdays are all boxed up/and neatly put away," starts off Always On Your Side, making it clear to all that she's ready to embrace domestic bliss. Granted, the album's a bit heavyhanded on the orchestration, production and balladry — only the pop-rockin' Live It Up refreshingly breaks that mould — but can you blame Crow for wanting everyone to know how lovestruck she feels? As the old saying goes, if it makes her happy, it can't be that bad.

Ian Nathanson /Metro Toront



Finalmente, dopo aver atteso mesi e mesi, nell'apparente menefreghismo della Interscope, il nuovo sito ufficiale di Sheryl e' on-line. Francamente, dopo un periodo cosi' lungo, mi aspettavo un intervento piu' radicale. Certo, il risultato e' comunque piacevole, gli accostamenti cromatici li ho graditi, come ho gradito la semplice e delicata animazione in flash; pero' nel complesso mi sembra un lavoro abbastanza carente, specie sotto il profilo contenutistico (i maligni faranno parallelismi col nuovo disco, e io un po' maligno lo sono, ma W. mi e' ). In sostanza gli elementi innovatori sembrano latitare. Cosa non va : mancanza di materiale extra; la galleria fotografica contiene appena quattro immagini in piu', rispetto alla precedente; buona parte dei links ai video promozionali in streaming non ne vuole sapere di funzionare, mentre i caratteri hanno dimensioni lillipuziane che rendono difficoltosa la lettura. E il tour journal? che fine ha fatto? Come avrete capito, non sono completamente soddisfatto, potevano impegnarsi di piu', e invece l'innovazione ha toccato esclusivamente l'aspetto estetico. No, non basta e Sheryl, dopo aver portato fior di quattrini alla casa discografica a cui e' legata da ormai 15 anni, si merita certamente di meglio, non credete?

Ahhh... se potessi mettere le mani su quel sito... certo, si trasformerebbe in una sorta di balera/bordello texano, ma forse diventerebbe anche piu' interessante :-D


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September 25, 2005 -- SHERYL CROW




ON her fifth studio album, 42-year-old Crow gets all grown up with a collection of introspective ballads that skirt rock riffs in favors of Elton John-esque, strings-and-things arrangements. With nine Grammys to her name, and a fan base so large she's virtually guaranteed platinum success no matter what she releases, this disc is a personal vision that makes no concessions to the pop hooks that put songs like "All I Wanna Do" into steady radio rotation.

Instead, Crow's in a melancholy mood, as evidenced by the title track - supposedly inspired by her relationship to Lance Armstrong. But the layered instrumental production is seamless, and her distinctive vocals don't fail. The album has strength as a whole. None of the songs individually blow you away, but played together the record conjures a warm, contemplative mood like Joni Mitchell's jazz-laced collections.



Originally, Sheryl Crow planned to have her follow-up to 2002's Top Ten hit C'mon, C'mon be two simultaneously released albums, announcing their autumn release at the beginning of 2005, but by the time the fall rolled around, the project had been scaled back to a single album: Wildflower. If C'mon, C'mon was a cheerful, bright record ideal for sunny summer days, Wildflower is its opposite, a warm, introspective record that's tailored for the fall. It's not dissimilar to 1998's The Globe Sessions, which felt like a somber hangover to the wonderfully weird party of her eponymous 1996 second album, but where The Globe Sessions had a weary, heartbroken feel, there's a comfortable, lived-in atmosphere and sense of genuine affection on Wildflower. Celebrity press and pre-release hype attributed this love-mad vibe to Crow's romance with cyclist Lance Armstrong -- the couple announced its engagement the same month Wildflower was released -- and there surely must be some sort of correlation between Crow's personal life and work, but anybody looking for an album explicitly about her relationship with Lance (the way that, say, Eric Benet's Hurricane is all about his divorce from Halle Berry) will be disappointed. There are certainly plenty of songs about love here, but Crow's songs are not about specific events (unless they're neo-protest songs like the lively "Live It Up"). They're open-ended, so it's easy to hear the record and never think about Armstrong. As a matter of fact, the subjects of the songs matter less than the feel of the album. It's easy to spin Wildflower a couple of times before the songs start to sink in -- unlike her other records, there's nothing here that immediately grabs your attention, they're all growers -- but the mood of the record is immediately appealing. That sustained warm, burnished, relaxed feel -- at once rootsy and upscale, modest and classy -- is reason enough to return to Wildflower to give the songs a chance to take root, and once they do, the album seems to be one of her most consistent records and one of her best. [Wildflower was also released in a deluxe edition containing a bonus DVD.]

~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide



Sheryl Crow's first album in three years is a muted, introspective affair. Where C'mon C'mon was filled with sunny FM rock'n'roll, Wildflower is packed with autumnal uncertainty, conveyed in the title track's sense of impermanence (“And everything I know just fades away”) and on Always on Your Side , which muses on love and “how to make it stay”.

The songs, penned with Crow's regular co-writer Jeff Trott, lean heavily towards slick acoustic arrangements augmented by tasteful strings from David Campbell. But even the handful of tracks that gather themselves still suggest personal doubts — Lifetimes conveys a desperation to grasp fleeting opportunities, while Perfect Lie frets over emotional honesty. Crow, now 41 and beset by the doubts of a woman in her middle years, has never sounded better — bruised, reflective and nakedly honest. Clearly the prospect of her fiancé, Lance Armstrong, getting on his bike drew the best from her.

Mike Pattenden

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Sheryl Crow - Good Is Good

** of *****

Good is Good , and unfortunately distinctly average is distinctly average. Now this isn't some attempt by me to shun the mainstream acts and to try and appear cool (anyone who knows me knows that I aren't capable of cool), no far from it, if anything i've been a fan of Sheryl Crows through her career (see told you I couldn't be cool).

So this is a bit of a disappointment, it's VERY M.O.R., it lacks any hook to drag you into it, basically it's easy on the ear but completely unremarkable.

The single (which was out on the 19th September) is taken from her 5th studio album Wildflower , I have to say on one listen it does sound a damn sight better than the single, a full review will follow though before it's release on the 26th September.

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Review: Jack Foley

SHERYL Crow's sixth studio album, Wildflower , probably rates among the most pensive of her career but remains a thoroughly enjoyable listen to boot.

There is something effortlessly calming about her glistening vocals that bring with them a welcome and knowing sense of familiarity.

Take her most recent single, Good Is Good , for instance, which features some fine Dylan-esque slide guitar before easing into Crow's sultry vocals.

It's classic Crow in style and washes over you with all the polished production values fans have come to expect.

The same high values are embodied in the rest of the long-player, even though, as stated, things tend to be a little more pensive than usual.

Only a handful of tracks recall the breezy abandon of earlier work such as Every Day Is A Winding Road but fans probably won't mind.

Tracks like Chances Are feel far more reflective, especially when enshrined in lyrics such as 'I was lost inside a daydream, swimming through the saline'.

Once again, however, Crow's sweet vocals are augmented by a beguiling guitar riff that hovers over the daydream like a humming bird.

Title track, Wildflower , is another tender ballad, more akin to the soft, whispery style of Katie Melua than Crow's breezier country moments - but it is evidence of an artist who continues to mature, complete with a cinematic strings section.

For this reviewer, however, the highlights come in the form of the livelier tracks, such as the joyously upbeat Lifetimes , with its hammond organ and clap-happy beat.

Lyrically, it's also quite enchanting, featuring a catchy chorus that boasts 'we could live lifetimes in a single day, no matter what you do I love you anyway'.

Likewise, Live It Up which opens in similarly lively fashion and boasts some cheeky, ironic lyrics that give way into a genuinely rousing chorus.

Elsewhere, there is a gentle melancholy surrounding the piano-driven Always on Your Side that is mirrored in the forthcoming single, Where Has All The Love Gone , a musically more upbeat effort that still casts a disenchanted eye over the state of the world as it stands today.

Its wimsical lyrics underline the pensive tone of the album, opening with the telling line 'today, I saw the strangest thing on the evening news, a man who isn't sad at all by what's going on'.

What's more, it comes with a vocally assured, multi-layered chorus and another enchanting string arrangement that serves to emphasise the overall quality of Crow's songwriting.

Another future single, I Know Why , opens the album in similarly impressive fashion, this time incorporating some banjo.

It serves to ensure that the intelligent, provocative and enchanting Wildflower blossoms into one of Crow's finest albums to date.






Robert Deutsch

By Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY NEW YORK — Shortly before announcing her engagement to champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow is sitting in a production studio talking about her new CD, Wildflower , and the relationship between life and art.

"Everything that happens to you influences your writing," Crow says. "And if you're really true and open, a lot of what you're going through gets exposed. "Then you have to go out and talk about it. It does make for a tenuous situation."

Two weeks later, the singer/songwriter seems less pensive as she calls to relay details of how Armstrong proposed. The couple were wrapping up a vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho. "We drove up to this little town called Stanley and went out on a fishing boat. There we were in the middle of this unbelievably clear lake, and we promptly ran out of gas. Then Lance became really romantic, and he said, 'I have something to ask you, and I'm really nervous.' "

Moments later, the serial Tour de France winner popped the question, and the multiple Grammy Award winner said yes. "Then we both got really emotional. And then we picked up the oars and rowed back to shore, which is kind of a metaphor for what being a couple is like, I think. It's about teamwork, you know?"

Those who have followed Crow's career may be surprised to hear the singer, 43, who will be a first-time bride — Armstrong, 34, has three children from a previous marriage — discuss private matters with such giddy candor.

"I've always been reticent to advertise my personal life for the sake of celebrity," she says. "But there was no hiding my relationship with Lance because he's extremely high-profile. In the last couple of years, he's been more high-profile than I have."

For Crow, one of the most distinctive and prolific artists of the past decade, being a celebrity girlfriend for the better part of two years has proven something of a double-edged sword. "I've received a lot of criticism from women who have asked why I would give everything up to follow a man," she says.

"But it was a great gift to give myself, to invest in my life, in all the things I wanted to do outside music. I learned how to ride a bike, got to see all of Europe."

She also kept working. Crow had planned to take a breather after releasing a greatest-hits collection in late 2003.

"I saw that as an opportunity to say, 'OK, now I'm closing a chapter.' I can step back from my career a little bit and begin to figure out how to begin the second phase. I was in a new place and a new relationship, which creates vulnerability and requires you to face who you are. And I had a lot of alone time where I could just sit with myself and write about what someone my age is thinking about."

Crow eventually wound up with 36 new songs and a plan to record a double CD.

"My intention was to have one record that was all art songs without any conscious aim to have a hit single. The other would be made up of 10 or 11 3½-minute pop songs in the flavor of The Beatles. But somewhere in the process, I realized that the pop record would likely overshadow the other one. "So I decided that instead of just giving people what they want, maybe I would try to give them something they could use."

Thus the seeds were planted for Wildflower , which arrives in stores today. It's a collection of intimate, lyrical songs dressed in lean, rootsy arrangements. "Neil Young's 1972 release Harvest and George Harrison's 1970 album All Things Must Pass "were my parameters," Crow says.

"I've found George Harrison creeping up in my psyche a lot since he died. To me he was a really pure example of someone who tried to live with wide-open eyes and a wide-open heart. I wanted to make a quiet record, something that really spoke to my spirit, because there is so much chaos out there right now."

Crow, who was principal producer on her previous efforts, also opted to work with an outside boards-man, pop veteran John Shanks.

"In the past, I would get so wrapped up in making the production interesting and keeping the listener involved that the vocal would be the last thing I would think about. This time we started with the vocal and built around that."

On Wildflower , Crow's dusky-sweet singing often is set in slightly higher keys, further enhancing the tender, keening qualities of her songs. She points to the gently glowing title track as "dealing most strongly with the recurring theme of the album, which is that the more chaotic times are, the more we have to reach within to find the more innocent part of ourselves."

That theme was greatly affected, Crow says, by the time she has spent with Armstrong's son, Luke, who will be 6 in October, and his twin daughters, Isabelle and Grace, who turn 4 in November. "Being around children that small, you see how naturally they gravitate to the light. They're not cynical yet. It takes many years to unlearn that kind of innocence."

The singer says she has enjoyed being able to nurture her more maternal and domestic leanings through her beau and his brood. "I was in Europe a little while ago, and USA TODAY ran this item about how I was washing bike shorts and doing dishes. People asked if I was insulted by that, but Lance and I thought it was so cool."

Crow met Armstrong when she was performing at an annual fundraiser thrown by tennis champion Andre Agassi.

"While I was on stage, I made some comment about wanting to go ride bikes with Lance Armstrong," she recalls. "He came up to me later in the hallway and said, 'OK, I'll take you for a bike ride if you teach me how to play guitar.' "

For the next month, the two communicated via Blackberry, "which is really a sort of lame throwback to letter-writing. In this weird way, we got to know each other before we ever went out."

He has proven no slouch as a guitar student. "He can remember anything; he learned five or six languages without taking a class and is extremely good at math. So you can show him a chord and how to strum, and he'll remember everything the next time he picks the guitar up. Now that he's not riding, I'm going to crack the whip and make him practice more."

Of speculation that Armstrong might return to the professional sport he has dominated since the late '90s, Crow quips, "Nothing would surprise me — as long as it doesn't interfere with the wedding." (Armstrong said in a media conference call last week that "I'm not going back.")

Regarding allegations in the French media that her fiancé used performance-enhancing drugs early in his career, she says: "I don't think the French people are on a mission to strip him of his integrity. It's just a handful of people pursuing that theory, and it's tiresome and a nuisance, and it will eventually end, I hope."

Crow is more vexed by other, larger developments in recent years, since the launch of the war in Iraq and last year's re-election of President Bush. Having performed in the past for American troops in Kosovo, she has worn slogans promoting peace and supported John Kerry's presidential candidacy, even planning to perform at a celebratory concert had he won.

"Having spent so much time in Europe, I've seen how the news there portrays what's happening in the world so differently than we do in the United States. I typically have always thought of Americans as a warm and embracing people, but the attitude toward us outside our country is definitely different. I think people are surprised that we re-elected a government that many of us don't trust. I was shocked myself, because I really felt that the voice of America was saying we don't believe in this war.

"I try to look at it from a spiritual standpoint, that we tried to define ourselves morally and chose to allow ourselves to be reflected this way. It's fascinating to watch how it's tapping into people. That's something you have to explore, and it makes it a compelling time to be an artist." (Tracks on Wildflower such as the plaintive Where Has All the Love Gone? seem informed by such reflections.)

At this stage in her life and career, though, Crow plans to do her exploring at a more relaxed pace. "For the better part of 10 years, I've been on this course of making records, touring and then going back into the studio the second the tour's over. I'm 43 now, and I don't want to be gone all the time. Large chunks of your life just disappear. I have missed playing, I've missed that connection with the audience, and I'm ready to go out again.

"But now I want to figure out a way I can be home as much as possible. Maybe we'll do something like two weeks on, then four or five days off."

There may be a few extra days off in the spring, when Crow and Armstrong are planning to get hitched. "In a perfect world, we would let (Armstrong's) kids plan the whole thing. Doing whatever's fun for them is going to be the biggest thing motivating me."

Crow is drawing inspiration from older family members as well: Her parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. "They're sort of the example for me. I'm really old-fashioned, and I believe in marriage."

Crow recalls being in the kitchen when her old friend Don Henley, for whom she once sang backup, called. "He asked me what I was doing, and I said, 'You're not going to believe this, but I'm cooking, I'm doing laundry, and it's been really fun.' And he said, 'You know, it's in the small things, in the domestic exercises of life, that you can find your deepest, most meaningful inspiration.' My record does feel like a home record in that way, in being kind of about the thoughts in your head. It was an exercise in getting out of my way and enjoying writing songs.

"It's the only record I could make at this point, and hopefully, it will resonate with other people, too."



MUSIC REVIEW; Mixfest 2005, Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, Saturday night.

Sarah Rodman

If volume can be used as a gauge of success then Saturday's Mixfest at the Bank of America Pavilion was a smash hit because it was the loudest show in recent memory at the harborside venue.

Luckily, most of the performers at the multi-artist show, featuring Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper, Howie Day, Gavin DeGraw and the Pat McGee Band, measured up to - but never justified - the sound person's clear desire for a big show, sponsored by WBMX-FM (Mix 98.5).

Headliner Crow - looking loose, laid back and like she hadn't been out of bed for long - played a mixed set that featured some of her biggest hits and gave the capacity crowd a sneak peek at her stirring new album, "Wildflower," due out tomorrow.

Of the five new tracks several stood out as possible future favorites. "I Know Why" had a great folk rock to plugged in Les Paul- Neil Young vibe and featured a stinging guitar solo. The stately yet beautiful ballad "Where Has All the Love Gone" - which Crow said was instigated by the Iraq war - had a dreamy melancholy that resonated with each sparkling arpeggio.

The crowd responded with polite curiosity to the new stuff, but enthusiastically cheered familiar radio hits such as "Soak Up the Sun," the Cat Steven's roots-rock classic "The First Cut is the Deepest" and the delicate, organ-stoked acoustic ballad "Strong Enough."

If Crow showed solid chops it was '80s survivor Lauper - barefoot in black leather and a short platinum blond 'do - who practically blew the tent away with her big voice and personality. Her set began on a comic note: As she belted out "Shine," she hollered to one of her stage hands in that unmistakable accent, "Can somebody help me 'cause my pants are falling down." She recovered, easily jumping into the crowd and whipping up a frenzy with hits such as "Time After Time," "I Drove All Night," a stripped down acoustic version of "She-Bop" - which she jokingly described as a plaintive folk song somewhere between Jewel and Dylan - and a souped-up ska take of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." New piano ballad "Above the Clouds," co- written with Jeff Beck, bodes well for her upcoming album, and a showstopping "Money Changes Everything" proved that the 52-year-old still has power to spare.

Squeezed in between Crow and Lauper, Maine pop troubadour Day's 10-minute set was a blur, but his earnest partial cover of U2's "One" and his own "Collide" prompted the night's loudest sing- alongs.

DeGraw drew a hearty response for his piano and guitar driven pop rock, including "I Don't Want to Be" and "Chariot."

Virginia sextet the Pat McGee Band opened with a set of innocuous folk rock including a faithful cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain

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"Now that I'm in my 40s, it's much easier to be an artist," Sheryl Crow says. "It's good knowing that I'm not in the game to be competing with really young groups of kids on the radio. Or to, you know, make 'beat' music."

With youthful, sunny singles like "Soak Up the Sun" and mature, wistful melodies in such hits as "If It Makes You Happy," 43-year-old Crow has already proved she can successfully compete with artists from across the popular music spectrum. Filling the three-year gap since her last studio effort, she took time off and headed to Spain, to write and to determine her next move.

The result: the introspective "Wildflower" (due Sept. 27) and leadoff single "Good Is Good," which is No. 11 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 airplay chart.

Crow originally intended to release what she called an "art" record and a "pop" record this year. After putting down the initial tracks, she decided to combine elements of both, recruiting the talents of hot producer John Shanks, as well as longtime collaborator Jeff Trott, to keep her gentle songs grounded with string-filled orchestrations and upbeat production. Trott also co-wrote a number of tracks, including "Good Is Good."

"I had good intentions to do both [albums], and I started feeling like 'Wildflower' was that art album. But then I thought that any pop songs I did after that would make it overlooked," Crow says.

Audiences first heard "Good Is Good" earlier this summer when Crow was tapped by computer maker Dell to appear in its TV commercials.

Between her last studio effort, "C'mon C'mon," and this year's output, Interscope released "The Very Best of Sheryl Crow" in 2003. That title, bolstered by her smash cover of "The First Cut Is the Deepest," has sold more than 3.4 million units, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"I didn't let the fact that I was putting out a greatest-hits record mid-career bog me down," Crow says, "but I didn't think it would do so well. In a weird way, it gave me the freedom to do this record, a real opportunity to make a record that I really felt. Basically, your life informs your art, and I'm at a different part of my life. I'm not interested in making a bunch of 'Soak Up the Suns.'"

A public romance and recent engagement to superstar athlete Lance Armstrong has increased her visibility and, according to Crow, has also provided fodder for her songwriting. Much of "Wildflower" addresses their romance with happy tones and cautious detail, without flaunting publicly what they wish to keep private.

"I try not to edit myself too much, but I don't want to worry about what people will think of me if I leave everything in," she says. "Some people rely on selling everything based on celebrity. He and I are really careful about how we conduct our lives and what we let people be privy to."

Intimacy and meditative lyricism dominate "Wildflower," which Crow considered releasing as a quiet, raw affair, with only her and her guitar.

"I just feared a little on how people would receive it," she says. "When I write a record, I'm thinking in an arc. Right now, this is where I am. I'd like to take the listener on some kind of travel with me, and to me, I wasn't making a hit record."

As previously reported , Crow hopes to continue the tender nuance through a string of unique concert events in October. Heading out with her band and a 12-piece string section conducted by David Campbell, she will perform new material as well as older songs on an eight-date trek.

She will continue to tour next spring with a smaller string section for more extensive dates. This fall, she has scheduled appearances on "Good Morning America," "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," "The View," "Late Show With David Letterman" and "The Early Show."


- Good is Good - DIVX/ZIP - Stereo - 17 MB - [ DOWNLOAD ]
- All I Wanna Do -
DIVX/ZIP - Stereo - 17 MB - [ DOWNLOAD ]


Sheryl Crow took some time out from the music business to follow her new fiance, cycling champion Lance Armstrong, on his European training tour, and just be 'normal'.

We're not sure what 'normal' means when you've bagged nine Grammies, sold 25m records worldwide and your buff boyf is god of the mountains, but hey, she's back!

On Wildflower, we get a sense as to what Crow was listening to while she washed Armstrong's sweaty shorts.

Neil Young, George Harrison and Elton John shine through, but Crow never wonders too far from her familiar sound. She may play it safe, but her singer-songwriter talents can't be overlooked.

Her time out from the music scene has allowed Crow to reflect on the bigger issues; I Know Why is a ballad about loneliness, while first single Good Is Good, gives us her usual pleasant chorus and harmonious hook.

But other than Live It Up, there's no country rock on offer, just Crow reflecting on love and life and drawing us into her own world.

Next time, she should just take a two week holiday like the rest of us.

Daisy Kay -

Domenica 25 Settembre 2005


Does the blurb accompanying this CD reveal more than intended, cataloguing, as it does, Crow's sales, awards, charitable concerns and the "corporate campaigns" her music has been used in? This last nails what has, for some, always been a misgiving about the Missourian: that she wants to have it both ways, playing country blues with the barroom boys while blunting a once-sharp lyrical edge to appeal to Hollywood and Madison Avenue. Wildflower is a bit of both, too. Beck's dad, David Campbell, orchestrates heartbreakers such as I Know Why and Chances Are to lovely effect, but the album is so inoffensive, it might have been designed with those corporate campaigns in mind.

Mia opinione

Cari italici lettori, in 11 anni che seguo Sheryl, raramente ho letto una recensione (ahhahahaha) di un disco di Sheryl peggiore di questa. Non tanto per l'ingiustificata assenza di un giudizio critico di alcun tipo, ma per la concentrazione di cazzate, sapientemente infilate una dietro l'altra.

Mi spiegate dov'e' che si parla del disco? Ah, si, le ultime due righe... un analisi davvero accurata, sono sbalordito.

Mi dite dov'e' straminchia e' il sanguigno country-blues di cui ciancia il recensore?

Si, abbiamo capito che c'e' la Sheryl rock-chick, quella impegnata socialmente e politicamente, e quella a cui piace far soldi, apparire in importanti campagne pubblicitarie, blablabla, e dunque?

Non voglio difendere Sheryl a spada tratta, il nuovo album del resto non mi ha convinto del tutto, ma questa... questa... uhm, non so nemmeno come definirla... e' merda (ecco il termine!) allo stato puro. E sul forum ufficiale una nota frequentatrice parlava di "a very respectable newspaper", certo, forse nella politica interna o nella cucina indo-pakistana, ma non certo nella musica.

Rispetto chi stronca argomentando, seriamente, tuttavia recensori simili dovrebbero essere cacciati a pedate nel culo. Il fatto che questo mio commento sia piu' lungo della recensione stessa, poi, la dice lunga sulla profondita' della medesima...

PS1 : Father Tim e' un grande :-D

PS2 : la rece 'casareccia' di riverwide e' superiore, e di molto, a questa menata da tabloid

PS3 : continuero' a leggere NY Times, Washington Post, LeMonde e Asia Times, al solito...

E come diceva il vangoghiano X-John : "MA QUALE FIAT, PORCO DEMONIO!"


[ DOWNLOAD ] - ASF/ZIP - Stereo - 112 mins - 25 MB



September 25, 2005 -- SHERYL Crow spent much of the last year and a half supporting her blazingly successful fianc‚, bicyclist Lance Armstrong, as he won his sixth and seventh Tours de France. Next month, Armstrong will take a turn on the sidelines, cheering Crow on as she performs across the U.S. next month. Call it the Tour de Sheryl.

Crow will be supporting her new CD, "Wildflower," out Tuesday, and she'll be ending her roster of shows with two dates at New York's Avery Fisher Hall on Oct. 30 and 31.

As most of America knows (they've quite publicly for the paparazzi and declared their love on "Oprah") Crow, 43, and Armstrong, 34, plan to marry next spring. The blissful pair began dating in 2003, after they met at a charity event in Vegas.

Crow believes in karma - right down to punishment for illegal downloaders - and for the last four years she has been meditating twice a day, having taken lessons from many teachers, including Sharon Salzberg, who's written about Buddhist techniques as well as "a wonderful guy in the Catskills."

The Post caught up with Crow after a sound check for her appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman." ("It's so freezing over there!" she says.) Her new CD takes its title from her close relationship with Armstrong's three small children from his previous marriage - she sees their innocence as flower-like. The Armstrong kids live in Austin, where Lance shares joint custody with ex-wife Kristin.

Though her fianc‚, famously, went biking with President Bush at his Crawford, Texas, ranch last month, Crow is strongly antiwar. Her new album, though more about feelings than politics, concludes with the lines, "Today, I saw the flag roll by/ On a wooden box/If it's true, we've lost our way ... Today, I saw the strangest thing/Then, what have we got."

The politically polarized pair will appear together on "Saturday Night Live" on Oct. 29 - he's hosting, she's the musical guest.

Q:Has your romance with Lance influenced your work?

A : Being in a new partnership definitely informed the tone of my new record. I think when you're in a new relationship you sort of meet yourself and you see the best of yourself and sometimes the worst of yourself. There are definitely songs - especially "I Know Why," "Wildflowers" and "Always on Your Side" - that are steeped in vulnerability. He and I are very proud of our relationship.

Q:You're very close to Lance's kids, right?

A : Yes. In fact, the title track, "Wildflower," is a metaphor for his children. When you're around kids you're reminded of the goodness that is in you that you learn how to create a shell around. I guess it's metaphorical. Having a flower grow up in the middle of a construction site - it's a reminder that in all of us there is that innocence and that beauty and we sort of unlearn it along the way.

Q : Tell us about your meditation practice.

A : It definitely changed my life. I'm a person that spins a thousand plates at a time. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus and Buddha and Mohammed and all those that were enlightened. I wouldn't say necessarily that I'm a strict Christian. I'm not sure I believe in heaven.

Q:Though you've gone on record as saying the "religious right" endangers the country, right?

A : I don't believe that religion should ever dictate policy in our country. Just the idea of who are the infidels, you know, this war sort of seems to be about that. I do believe that God is a benevolent being, whether it's Allah or the Christian god. On "Wildflower," there are a couple of songs that were extremely inspired by the religious movement to the right in America and just the idea of what is God and what are we really fighting over and whose god is the right god. That inspired the song "Letter to God." We seem to have lost the plot. A lot of people think the war is just based on greed.

Q:Has all the time you've spent overseas for the Tour de France influenced your views?

A : We're perceived in Europe pretty heavily as being arrogant and imperialist and I don't think Americans are innately that way. I think it's the circumstances.

Q:What about the allegations in the French press about Lance's use of performance-enhancing drugs?

A : It's egregious. It was a slow news month, and the "L'Equipe" newspaper [that made the doping claims] is owned by the same people that own Tour de France.

Q:So what's this we hear about Lance getting back in the saddle?

A : He's really retired!

Q:Lance is nine years younger than you. Do friends kid you about robbing the cradle?

A:They wouldn't be friends of mine if they joked about it.

Q:Tell us about your wedding plans.

A:For me, it's most important that his kids be there. It's their wedding, too; we'd like to do it outside.

Q:You've been quoted as saying you're content to follow Lance around and "wash his bike shorts." Really, how can two such powerful personalities - each in a different spotlight - successfully negotiate a relationship?

A:In Europe, it really is like being with a rock star: He's so important to so many people. He's actually bigger than any rock star I've ever known. And I know a lot of rock stars.

he score

Birthdate: Feb. 11, 1962, in Kennett, Missouri

First group: Cashmere, a cover band - Crow sang with them while she was in college.

Big break: She scored a spot as backup singer for Michael Jackson on his "Bad" tour. Reportedly, she was asked to only make eye contact with Jacko on stage.

Engagement: Her fianc‚ Lance Armstrong popped the question while they were in an out-of-gas boat on a lake in Sun Valley, Idaho. "Far from feeling stranded, Lance seized the 'too-perfect' moment to propose."

Outspoken: In 2003, Crow wore an anti-Iraq-war T-shirt on "Good Morning America."



"A Real Fair Pair"

Eight years after touring together on Lilith Fair, Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple reconnect...

At EW's cover photo shoot, we sat down with Fiona Apple and Sheryl Crow to talk bout nasty rumors, sexy videos, and (why not?) Prince...

EW: So I brought the 1997 EW cover that you guys were on together.

FA:[To Crow] Do you remember how after we did that, somebody from, like, New York magazine made up some story where I locked myself in the bathroom? And the bathroom didn't atually have a lock. It was a swinging door. You wrote [an unpublished letter] to the magazine in my defense.

SC: Well, the whole thing was so ridiculous. To pit women against other women, it's such a cliche.

FA: When the thing came out, it said "Fiona Apple: Rotten to the Corps," and my grandmother was in town, and she was like, "Did you really do that?" And then we found out about you writing the letter and everybody in my house was like,"Yay, Sheryl Crow!" [Laughs]

SC: I'm the queen of letter writing. It's just something I can't help. My parents raised me that you always wrote letters.

EW: You guys actually both had pretty musical moms. Fiona, your mom was in musical theater, and Sheryl, your mom was a big-band singer?

SC: Yeah, my family was really musical. But the only reason I taught myself to play guitar was because I wanted to be a rocker. [To Fiona] You're great at it, but [when I was younger] I never felt I could lead the band sitting at the piano. And now of course I'd much rather be playing the piano.

FA: Well, I'm jealous of anybody who plays guitar, because then you can be mobile with it, you can play it while you're walking around the house or on the phone. And with the piano, you have to go to the same little wall, and I think that it gets me so that I don't practice a lot, because I don't want to go to the same corner all the time.

SC: Well, there was a moment in the 80's when you're could strap on your keyboard.

EW: The Keytar!!

SC: Yes, that was a noble point for musicians across the world. [Laughs]

EW: I'm guessing you guys are getting ready to make videos for your first singles. On MTV, the standard is usually just a lot of very young girls in, like, booty shorts. Is it hard to make a video and be sexy, but not too sexy?

FA: There's nothing really wrong with being dressed in skimpy clothing. But I just wouldn't want to do it. Well, I did it once [In the "Criminal" video]. [Laughs] But I wouldn't be able to concentrate on what I was doing. I'd be too worried about what I looked like and what angle everybody was getting.

SC: Fiona and I are lucky. We fall into the singer-songwriter category, so we can play around with the image thing and enter into that world that's sort of make-believe. But thank God we don't have to rely on it. [Laughs]

EW: You've both done some really good covers [Crow's "First Cut is the Deepest" Apple's "Across the Universe," among others]. Have you ever heard yourself being covered?

SC: I heard somebody do "All I Wanna Do" when I was walking New Orleans' French Quarter, probably 10 years ago. She was like this powerhouse black singer. She sounded a lot better that I did. [Everybody laughs.] [To Fiona] I'll tell you, if I was ever going to cover a song, I would love to cover "Sullen Girl." It is one of my favorite songs.

FA: Oh! Be my guest! I would love it if you would do that.

SC: Prince actually did a cover of "Everyday is a Winding Road," sitting in with us at the Lilith Fair in Toronto. We did it togeter like total dance-funk, then I got his record [a few] months later and he had recorded it that way. It was really cool. He's just a badass.

EW: Speaking of New Orleans, you've both appeared in Katrina-related benefit converts. Are you involved in other charity work?

FA: Hmmmm, not really.

[EW, leaning in to microphone] Fiona Apple is a bad, selfish person.

SC [Laughs] Rotten to the corps!

FA: [Joking] Rotten to the kids! Yes, I hate kids!

EW: The shoot's almost over, I wonder if you guys will go a long time again without seeing each other...

FA: Now that we're both leaving our homes to do work, we'll be seeing each other.

SC: Leaving our caves - oh GOD! And boy, my cave was getting so warm and comfy [laughs]...But there is a pull, there is a high you get hwne you get up on stage.

FA: Yeah, after about two weeks you pass a little hump, and then you can't imagine getting off the road. It's so fun! It's a big slumber party! And all you gotta do is sound check and a show, sound check and a show!

SC: Wake up in a new town! Sound check! Tuna-salad sandwich! Play music! Yeah! [Both laugh]


Sabato 24 Settembre 2005


[ DOWNLOAD ] - WMV/ZIP - 16:9 - Stereo - 13 MB

Alternative Download

SUN INTERVIEW WITH SHERYL,,5-2005440448,00.html


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I Know Why
Perfect Lie
Good Is Good
Chances Are
Letter To God
Live It Up
I Don't Wanna Know
Always On Your Side
Where Has All The Love Gone

[ DOWNLOAD ] - MP3 (streaming capture) - 70 mins - 47 MB


Album Title: Wildflower
Producer(s): Jeff Trott, Sheryl Crow, John Shanks
Genre: ROCK
Label/Catalog Number: A&M
Release Date: Sept. 27
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: October 01, 2005

Her music career has lately taken a back seat to her personal life, but "Wildflower" returns Sheryl Crow to the front of the pop music pack. Such highlights as "I Know Why," a ballad broaching loneliness, point to heavier fare than her 2002 hit "Soak Up the Sun." Crow turns introspective on songs like "Perfect Lie" and gives Alison Krauss-type vocal intimacy to the title track. First single "Good Is Good" boasts a typically big melodic hook and inventive vocal phrasing, and shows the influence of George Harrison in slide guitar and strings. But "Live It Up" is the only outright rocker in a provocative, richly rewarding set reflecting love and life changes, and a philosophical world view encapsulated by closer "Where Has All the Love Gone." —Jim Bessman


Venerdi' 23 Settembre 2005


Set List

Songs Sheryl Crow plays for 'World Cafe'

  • "Good Is Good"
  • "I Know Why"
  • "Wildflower"
  • "Where Has All the Love Gone"
  • "If It Makes You Happy"

[ DOWNLOAD ] - WMA (direct streaming) - 44.1 KHZ - 32 mins - 11 MB


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Denghiu a MarcoBS x gli SS :-)


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[ DOWNLOAD ] - 25 MB - WMV

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY INTERVIEW,6115,1107878_4_0_,00.html


Sheryl Crow has sold 25 million albums and is set to release a new album, "Wildflower," on Tuesday. But music isn't the only thing on Crow's mind -- she's planning a wedding.

Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has won the Tour de France seven times, popped the question Aug. 31 when the two were vacationing in Sun Valley, Idaho. The couple met in 2003 at a charity event hosted by tennis star Andre Agassi.

Crow showed off her new engagement ring on "GMA."

"I use it sometimes as a flashlight," she joked. "Isn't it lovely? He did very well. He picked it out himself."

Fans packed New York City's Bryant Park this morning to hear the nine-time Grammy winner perform as "GMA" kicked off its "Women Rule" concert series. First, she sang "Good Is Good," the first single from "Wildflower." Next, she dedicated her performance of "Where Has All the Love Gone," also from "Wildflower," to the people of Texas and Louisiana. Her third and final song was her popular hit "All I Wanna Do."

Crow donated an autographed guitar to "GMA," which will be auctioned off so the proceeds can go to Robin Roberts' hometown of Pass Christian, Miss., which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Source: ABC



Oggi faremo una vera e propria overdose di Sheryl, fra l'uscita di Wildflower, World Cafe, Sirius, Letterman e l'esibizione al Good Morning America, nonostante quest'ultima sara' preclusa a noi europei.

Per le esibizioni radiofoniche, ecco gli orari per il pubblico italiano :

- Sirius - Canale 18, The Spectrum - inizio trasmissioni 1.00 AM -

- World Cafe - inizio trasmissioni ore 18.00 -

Nel caso di World cafe, la performance sara' anche disponibile dopo la messa in onda al seguente indirizzo :


In tutti i negozi d'Europa! Accorrete numerosi! :-D


Channel 18, The Spectrum. 9/23 @ 7 pm ET.

Sheryl returns to SIRIUS for "Inside Wildflower with Sheryl Crow." In an exclusive interview, Sheryl sits down with Spectrum host Harris Allen and provides unique insight into her feelings and inspirations about her new album, as she takes her fans track by track through every song on Wildflower.

Rebroadcast: Saturday, 9/24 @ Noon ET; Sunday, 9/25 @ 6 pm ET; Tuesday, 9/27 @ 10 pm ET.

You can hear the interview by signing up for a free 3-day listening pass at

WXPK, 107.1 in suburban New York (White Plains, Greenwich, Larchmont etc) will run their special at 1:45pm on 9/26.


The World Cafe will be broadcasting the session on Friday, September 23, 2005.

The World Cafe with David Dye can be heard on more than 180 stations nationwide. Find your local station by going to our website:


listen online Monday to Friday at 2pm EST or 1pm EST by going to

Late in the day of broadcast, the audio will be available on the National Public Radio, NPR, at this link:


She ditched the rock-chick image and good-time attitude for undemanding pop a while ago, but Sheryl Crow still clings to the MOR Americana that soundtracked the 1970s. Often prone to a bout of introspection, she is now keen to reinvent herself as one of the most enduring symbols of that era: the singer-songwriter. Wildflower is Crow's attempt to make her very own Tapestry, the album that was to a generation of women who had burnt their bras what Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill was to their daughters - a safe spoonful of empowerment. But Crow is too much of a cut-price Carly Simon to compete. Her spirit evaporating with every high note, Crow is disenchanted in Perfect Lie, devoted in Lifetimes and in despair at the state of the world in Where Has All the Love Gone. But it's all too dull to make anyone care but Crow.

Betty Clarke
Friday September 23, 2005

Insomma, non esattamente una recensione positiva. Poco confortante leggerla proprio il giorno d'uscita del disco.

Giovedi' 22 Settembre 2005


Questa sera Sheryl sara' l'ospite musicale del Late Show con Dave Letterman. Come di consueto, domani registrero' la performance su RaiSat Extra, in onda alle 23.00 e in replica il giorno successivo (sabato) alle 10.00 e alle 15.00.


Free Image Hosting at

 Aug 05 - Rest and recreation at the zoo :-)


The future Mrs. Lance Armstrong wants Stevie Nicks to sing at her wedding

Slowly but surely, Sheryl Crow is easing her way out of "the athlete's lifestyle" -- up at seven and in bed by ten -- that she adopted while her fiance, Lance Armstrong, was kicking ass at the Tour de France. Now she's rediscovering the rock-star life-style. "I slept until eleven today for the first time in two years," she says. "I was like, 'Yes! I can still do it!' " Crow is gearing up for the release of her first studio album in three years, Wildflower , and a West Coast tour in October. (Both will feature string sections courtesy of arranger, and father of Beck, David Campbell.) Crow sees 2005 as the beginning of a new chapter, and she has lofty ambitions: "I wanted this record to feel like a combination of Harvest and All Things Must Pass ."

Do you remember the first time you heard yourself on the radio?

I do! I was in a rental car driving down Little Santa Monica, which is kind of funny. It was "Leaving Las Vegas." I remember rolling my windows down and playing it really loud, looking around to see if anybody was paying attention.

You were Jacko's background singer on his Bad tour. What's the freakiest thing you saw backstage?

The opening show in Europe was a complete and total circus, verging on freak show. You had Sophia Loren and her camp on one side and Liz Taylor's camp on the other, and it was a real battle for Michael's attention. For someone who'd just left Missouri and moved to California, to be suddenly rubbing elbows with Sophia Loren and Quincy Jones and Bubbles the traveling chimp was pretty surreal.

Did you ever bounce Bubbles on your knee?

Bubbles could have hurled me across the room with his pinkie. At that point he was verging on dangerous. Mike used to pop him on the chest with a ballpoint pen to get his attention, which I'm sure didn't feel good. So I wasn't doing any bouncing.

You recorded your second album in New Orleans. What are your fondest memories of the Big Easy?

That album was heavily influenced by New Orleans. In fact, there's many lyrical refences to haunts down there, like the Maiden Voyage strip club. My most wonderful memories come out of a studio that Daniel Lanois used to own, called Kingsway. It was basically in a mansion in the French Quarter. I remember having to fight through parades -- voodoo parades, gay and lesbian parades -- to get to the studio every day.

What session musician would you love to play with?

Well, my favorite session musician of all time is still alive, and that's [drummer] Jim Keltner. Almost every time I pick up a record that I love, he's played on it. He's not necessarily a session musician, but I would've loved to play with Duane Allman. I love the Allman Brothers, and the stuff he did on "Layla" is the most soulful playing I've ever heard.

What's the last great show you saw?

I saw Cream in London. I love Eric [Clapton], but Jack Bruce totally blew me away -- I couldn't believe what I was watching. Emotionally, the last concert that really moved me was Radiohead at Irving Plaza [in New York]. It was right before OK Computer came out, but it had been leaked on the Internet, and everybody was singing every word. It was like being in a church service. Unbelievable.

Have you ever been drunk during a gig?

I can safely say that I've never been tanked onstage. I have a really bad memory, so to remember my lyrics I need to not have my brain obstructed.


The whole band and I did that years ago. It was the eight-hour gig from hell. It seemed to go on and on, to the point where even I was falling asleep.

What records have gotten you through hard times?

I've definitely relied on Joni Mitchell, and Elton John's early works, like Tumbleweed Connection , and Van Morrison's Astral Weeks and T.B. Sheets -- two of my favorite records of all time.

What new albums do you dig?

Over the summer, when Lance was training, I was doing mondo shopping on iTunes. I bought everything from the Kills to the Killers to the Arcade Fire. I like the new Ryan Adams record [ Cold Roses ]. Some things on the new Beck record are getting a lot of replay. I like a lot of the new Coldplay, and I really like the Kings of Leon.

Is it true that you call Dylan for advice?

Yeah. He's been really generous, kind of mentoring me.

How did you first meet, and how did you get his number?

I sang backup at his thirtieth-anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden in 1992. He was in his hooded-sweat-shirt period where you could barely see his face. I was like, "Whoa! This guy is completely unavailable." Cut to two or three years later, and I'm opening for him at Roseland [Ballroom, New York]. He watched me play, and the next night his manager says, "Bob would like to talk to you." We talked at length, and he said, "If you ever need an unbiased ear, I'm totally available."

That's amazing.

The fact that Bob Dylan even knows who I am is shocking to me. I sound calm talking about it, but in the quiet hours it makes me feel totally overwhelmed and giddy.

If you had to choose now, what would be your wedding song?

I should just sing "strong enough to be my man" to Lance. But I really want Stevie [Nicks] to sing "Landslide," even though I know if she sings that, I'll be in the fetal position bawling my eyeballs out.

(Posted Sep 22, 2005)


A big thanks to Bert from Scotland!

Mercoledi' 21 Settembre 2005


Mi e' appena giunta una segnalazione da Altervista :

Come molti certamente sapranno gran parte delle macchine facenti parte del network di AlterVista sono fisicamente localizzate nei pressi di Houston, città prossima alla costa meridionale degli USA, zona attualmente colpita da gravi disastri ambientali. Il datacenter in cui sono ospitate le macchine è stato concepito per far fronte a questo genere di problemi, sono stati inoltre allestiti generatori di emergenza con congrue scorte di carburante, nonostante questo è possibile che in caso di disastro ambientale in quella zona si verifichino dei problemi di connettività internet, che potrebbero manifestarsi in rallentamenti della rete o temporanea impossibilità a connettersi, chiediamo a tutti di pazientare ed eventualmente segnalarci il persistere di eventuali difficoltà.

Speriamo che la furia di Rita limiti al massimo i danni. Buena Suerte a tutti gli abitanti del Texas.


She's won a Brit award, nine Grammies and notched up 25 million album sales.

But Sheryl Crow isn't about to sit back and rest on her laurels. She's got a new album - Wildflower - coming out at the end of this month, and she's due to play the Hammersmith Apollo in November.

The 43 year old singer has also just announced her engagement - to the American Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong. On Breakfast, Sheryl said that the new album was inspired by her relationship with Lance.

"We are both really grateful that we met each other when we's really enhanced my life being with him and I hope in a lot of ways it's enhanced his life too".

The title of her new album refers to the ability to find peace in the midst of chaos. It was written while she spent time with Lance as he trained in Spain and France. Sheryl said that she has enjoyed the creative process:

Sheryl Crow on Breakfast talking about her new album," Wildflower"

"I enjoyed making the record I really loved how it turned out, much more than the other albums".

And although she's proud of her new songs, audiences will be able to enjoy classics such as "All I wanna do is have some fun" on her forthcoming tour:

"We really want to give to the audience a bit of what they want".

Streaming Video

Source :


Pawnee National Grasslands, Weld County, Colorado

The king of the road bike may roll into northern Colorado.

Lance Armstrong and singer Sheryl Crow, his fiancee, are interested in a Weld County home owned by developer Seth Ward and his wife, Kay.

"Do they have an interest in northern Colorado? I think they do. Will they land? Nobody knows," Ward said.

He has lived in the home between Windsor and Severance for three years.

Armstrong and Crow have not toured the house, but Matt Haskell, a broker/partner with The Group Inc. in Fort Collins, said he has talked to Armstrong's manager about the cyclist's interest in the area.

"We've put together marketing material and sent it off to help them," he said. "We'd love to see them in northern Colorado."

A message left for Armstrong spokesman Mark Higgins was not returned Tuesday.

Source :

Weld County Official Site :


Lance & Rex :-),1299,DRMN_15_4097099,00.html

Buone notizie per Lance. Il suo fedele Rex, un cuccioloso labrador di circa nove mesi, e' ritornato a casa dopo aver subito una delicatissima (e costosa) operazione a cuore aperto, il 31 agosto scorso. Bentornato Rex!

Martedi' 20 Settembre 2005


Now that Sheryl Crow is forty-three and cheerfully domestic with Lance Armstrong, she says she's tired of striving for hit singles -- but there's one buried on Wildflower anyway. "Live It Up" is classic up-tempo Crow: There's a catchy melody, an appealingly husky vocal, a chorus built around a cliche ("like there's no tomorrow") and other lyrics that show she can be more clever than the chorus (rhyming "inherently self-conscious" with "resting on your haunches"). Most of Crow's fifth studio album, however, is about balladry: slow, lovelorn and, on every track but one, accompanied by a string section. Unfortunately, Crow isn't doing herself any favors with this approach. It's not just that the album would be more fun if it rocked harder; all too often on these songs she's straining for high notes or stranded in an arrangement that leaves her voice sounding breathy and reedy. The track "Chances Are" is gorgeous, though: In a delicate swirl of acoustic guitar, tabla percussion and strings, Crow sings hypnotically about Terence McKenna, "hybrid lives" and the overwhelming world all around us. It's reminiscent of early Van Morrison and suggests new possibilities for Crow -- if it makes her happy.


Mah, molto poco approfondita questa recensione. RS ha fatto di meglio, esempio con The Globe Session.

OT : ma poi come minchia fanno ad affibbiare 4 stelle e mezzo all'ultimo lavoro degli Stones? Non fraintendetemi, adoro le pietre rotolanti, ma una votazione simile per un album come 'A Bigger Bang' la trovo poco realistica, va bene gusti e considerazioni personali, ma...


L'avro' letta in almeno la meta' dei recenti articoli e recensioni in lingua inglese, basta, cazzo, che s'inventino qualcos'altro.


Lance recently popped the question to rock star girlfriend Sheryl Crow while vacationing in Sun Valley, Idaho. While enjoying a romantic ride on the middle of a picturesque mountain lake, their small fishing boat ran out of gas. Far from feeling stranded, Lance seized the "too perfect" moment to propose.

We caught up with Sheryl to see what she had to say about the engagement—and to sneak a peek at her stunning six carat, cushion-cut diamond ring. "He definitely pulled out all the stops," she says, "He was being really romantic."

Why does Sheryl think Lance is the greatest?

"There are too many things to name that I love about him. He's gorgeous, he's funny, and he's smart, and he's a fantastic dad…gosh, I just love him."

Source :




Ultimamente circolano strane e-mail, apparentemente a firma Universal Music UK, in cui si invita la gente ad iscriversi ad una sorta di servizio newsletter su Sheryl. Non cliccate sul link per nessuna ragione, si tratta di una societa' che si occupa di spam, e che non ha niente a che vedere con la Universal Music. Su usenet e' stata piu' volte segnalata all'abuse.

Questo e' un esempio di cosa potrebbe arrivarvi (ho omesso la parte finale dell'url per ovvie ragioni) :

You recently registered to receive more information about Sheryl Crow.

To confirm your registration, we need you to click on the link below:

So, simply click the link above to confirm that you want to subscribe.

If you have already confirmed your registration, or did not intend to register for Sheryl Crow, simply ignore this email and you should not receive any future messages.

Many Thanks !
The Universal Music Team on behalf of Sheryl Crow


Martedi' 20 Settembre 2005


MP3 - 128 kbits - 3,2 Mb [ DOWNLOAD ]

ReAct Now - Live in NYC (Sept. 10th, 2005)




Come gia' annunciato ieri, Sheryl il prossimo 2 ottobre terra', ad Austin, Texas, un concerto gratuito per ricordare il giorno in cui venne diagnosticato il cancro a Lance, nove anni orsono. L'avvenimento musicale fara' parte del programma di celebrazioni, che avra' inizio a partire dalle 02.00 del pomeriggio allo Zilker Park, gia' famoso per ospitare ogni anno l'Austin City Limits Music Festival. Il concerto, dalla durata di 90 minuti circa, prendera' il via alle 17.30.

One might have thought that he would celebrate the day he was announced all clear of the cancer rather than the day he was diagnosed. But sometimes to see how far you've come it's pays to look back to see where the journey started. For example, rumor has it that Lance Armstrong keeps his old driving licence featuring a pic of him, his head bald from chemo, in his wallet. Perhaps it's a constant reminder of how far he's come.

Now, 11 years later on October 2nd in Zilker Park Austin we are all invited to catch a glimpse of Lance when Sheryl and her band perform a free concert in part to thank the City of Austin for the incredible support that her future husband has received over the years. He has been proud to call Austin his home and Sheryl is proud to be part of the celebration.

2:00pm Doors
4:00pm Lance speaks
5:30 - 7:00pm Sheryl Crow

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A quanto mi ha riferito la UMG, da me interpellata, il disco sara' commercializzato in Italia a partire dal 23 settembre, come per tutta l'Europa, ad eccezione dell'Inghilterra, la cui uscita e' prevista tre giorni piu' tardi.

La nostra edizione 'spartana' conterra' 12 traccie : la tracklist base piu' 'Wildflower' in versione acustica.

Ah, nel Sol Levante esce domani!


Da - La cantautrice statunitense Sheryl Crow, in occasione dell'uscita del suo ultimo disco "Wildflower", E' stata ospite di Silvia Boschero a Village il 12 settembre. Sheryl, vocalist di lungo corso per grandi artisti pop come Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder e Sting, ha debuttato ed e' emersa come cantuatrice negli anni '90, rivelando le sue doti di rocker attraverso classici come "Run baby run" e "All I wanna do" e aggiudicandosi piu' Grammy Awards.

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"I wanted to reveal more of myself on this record," says Sheryl Crow, "and I didn’t have any trepidation about doing that. At this point in my life, I really wanted to make a record that wasn’t concerned with having singles, that felt mature and asked the questions that a 40 year old would ask."

From the opening notes of the yearning "I Know Why," it’s immediately evident that Wildflower—Crow’s first new full-length release in three years—is a dramatic new direction for the nine-time Grammy winner. The Missouri-born singer-songwriter is celebrated as one of our last true rock stars, and there was every reason to believe that her blossoming relationship with one of the world’s greatest athletes would result in more light-hearted, uptempo hits like "Soak Up the Sun" and "All I Wanna Do." Instead, though, the new album is a collection of intimate,introspective compositions, heavy on string arrangements rather than guitar solos.Crow says that the success of her 2003 Very Best of Sheryl Crow album (which included her smash version of Cat Stevens’s "The First Cut is the Deepest") paved the way for Wildflower. "That gave me a great opportunity to step back say, OK, what do I want to do next? The Best Of was really the end of a chapter in my artistic life, and this is like my first record."

Since exploding onto the global pop stage in 1993 with the multi-platinum Tuesday Night Music Club album, the one-time music teacher and studio vocalist has continued working at a breakneck pace. The release of each new album led immediately to the road, and rare time off was filled with collaborations with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Kid Rock to Willie Nelson. After an extensive tour that followed the Best Of album, Crow made the decision to pull herself out of the fast lane and regroup. "I gave myself the gift of time off to reflect," she says, "to observe life for a little bit, and to get recommitted to the idea of collecting stories and living life before I sat down to write." She packed her bags—and some guitars and a tape recorder—and went to Spain.

"Leaving home, being in a place that was unfamiliar, a country where I don’t speak the language, being alone a lot and observing the chaos of the world—all that stuff informed what the record became," she says.

"There’s a song about what’s happening in the religious movements in the world, asking questions about who God is. Or I’d watch the news in Europe and I’d see the way Americans are portrayed. All that began to seep into the flavor of the record, and it became sort of a little book of questions and observations."

From the confessional "Lifetimes" to the challenging "Letter to God," Crow’s writing explores brave new territory. Her last album, C’Mon C’Mon, was a deliberate evocation of classic ‘60s and ‘70s rock; Wildflower pursues a very different sound, but returns to some of the values that the best music of that era expressed. "The title song and ‘Where Has All the Love Gone’ are, for me, the cornerstones of this record," says Crow. "They both speak to the idea that we have power, and we have to find the innocence in ourselves, and the strength to be awake. I think in many ways, there’s been an incredible movement in everything from music to politics toward going to sleep."

The album was produced by Crow’s frequent associates Jeff Shanks and John Trott ("I didn’t want to produce myself—it’s too much work!"), and she reports that it was by far the most pleasant recording experience of her career. "C’Mon C’Mon was a difficult record for me to make," she says. "I was turning 40, music was changing, it was all Britney and Christina and lots of beats, and I was really struggling with how to stay relevant. So I knew I didn’t want to have that experience again."

Working closely with her producers and string arranger David Campbell, Crow brought a new approach to the Wildflower sessions. Instead of her usual method of writing in the studio, she arrived with songs more or less complete and ready to go. "I went in and recorded three or four songs, and then took a month and didn’t think about it," she says. "And then I’d have some more songs and go in and record those. And the nextthing I knew, the album was done. Most of my records, it’s been hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth and tears and midnight phone calls to the therapist. This wasn’t even remotely like that—the whole record went smoothly and without conflict."

Whenever Crow begins a new album, she says, she uses a handful of albums as a "template" to help define the project. Her choices this time around are telling. She looked to Neil Young’s Harvest for its sense of intimacy, and to Elton John’s Tumbleweed Connection, for its "down-homeness." The other classic she referenced was All Things Must Pass by George Harrison—to whom Crow also paid tribute on her "Light In Your Eyes" single. "His passing affected me deeply, and really seemed to inform my art," she says. "I only met him once, but in the last three years, I’ve really intensely embraced meditating. I have a real admiration for the way he lived his life, and also for the way he kind of orchestrated his passing. He was so conscious of how fleeting life is, and he lived his life that way." Echoes of Harrison’s signature slide guitar and beloved Indian instrumentation can be heard on Wildflower tracks like "Chances Are" and the first single, "Good is Good."

Of course, there’s another shadow presence on this album, and that’s the very famous man in Crow’s life, Lance Armstrong. "Lance was kind of my sounding board," she says, "and it’s the first time I’ve experienced that in a relationship. It really made it fun to be home just writing songs, it felt extremely organic." Wildflower is being released just a few months after Armstrong’s historic seventh consecutive victory in the Tour de France—and the timing is no accident.

"The record’s been done since February," says Crow, "but we sat down and made the decision to put it out in September so that I could be there for the race—because I really wanted to be there, it’s the end of a big career for him. I embraced not just a person, but a whole life that for two years was about accomplishing this mission. So I didn’t want to be wishing I was in two places at once while this record was out, because this record means a lot to me."

The release of Wildflower will be followed by a tour that’s reflective of the album’s mood. "We’re going to do a handful of dates with the band and a string section," says Crow. "We’ll do the album in its entirety, and then we’ll come back and do the familiar, bigger songs with strings. It’s gonna be an evening of music, not a big rock show— more intimate, more theatrical, and for me, a nice departure from going out in a pair of leather jeans to rock the house."

The tone of Wildflower may be bittersweet, but Sheryl Crow’s feelings about her new album are pure bliss. "It’s the only record I’ve ever made where when the album was finished, I didn’t go back and say "we need this" or "we need that,’" she says. "I stand behind all my work, but my other records I love as redheaded stepchildren—because by the time you’ve finished them, you have so many different relationships to the experience of recording them. But this one, I can just listen to it and feel proud of the leap that I’ve made as a songwriter."

Lunedi' 19 Settembre 2005


If it makes her happy...

Sheryl Crow is the world's biggest female rock star. Why would she want to give it all up for a man - even if that man is her new fiancé, Lance Armstrong? By Susan Dominus

'You haven't made it till you've gotten an expensive handbag for free,' declares Sheryl Crow, sipping a skimmed-milk latte while summing up the state of the music industry. 'It seems like in all the magazines now it's all about what handbags the girls are wearing, and then they list the prices and they're, like, $1,500. Is that what it's come to? I hate to sound like an old fogey, but…'

Not to say that Crow, an actual songwriter who values fogeyish things such as lyrics, melodies and real instruments, is necessarily an enemy of this new generation of handbag-toting female pop stars, who are often required to pole-dance at least as well as they sing. Quite the opposite. According to Crow's glass-half-full analysis, 'Right now is a really great time to be an artist. Now that anyone who wants to write something credible has pretty much been told, "You won't get played because we only play beats now," it's kind of great,' she says. 'You can just go back and be an obscure artist. There's creative freedom in that.'

If achieving obscurity is Crow's dream, then it won't be happening any time soon. The word on her latest album, Wildflower - a moody, tuneful collection of lushly orchestrated songs - is that critics are swooning. And if she really wants the world to lose interest, she'd have to re-evaluate her recent engagement to the cancer survivor Lance Armstrong - seven times the winner of the Tour de France, and the man who launched a million charity bracelets - with whom she lives in Hollywood.

Armstrong's last Tour de France, on which Crow was his constant companion, proved that if photographers love one chisel-featured, blue-eyed, photogenic, athletic beauty, they love two of them even more. Crow, now 43, and tiny at 5ft 4in, looks every bit as gleaming and toned in person as she did in those pictures.

Like Madonna, she has over the years yielded some edge in favour of a little more glamour, and she wears it well. Today Crow has on a short blue dress so tight that any real walking is out of the question (the ridiculously high wedge sandals on her feet pretty much preclude that possibility anyway).

Crow's songs - 'All I Wanna Do', 'Every Day Is a Winding Road', 'If it Makes You Happy' - are so much a part of the soundtrack of the 1990s that it's easy to forget just how unusual she is. Try, if you can, to name one other female rock (not pop) star, whose music is as current and widely embraced, or even comes close. In an era when downloads of singles are cheaper than chips, Crow's last album, a greatest-hits collection, still sold through the roof. Its success, says Crow, was a defining moment for her.

'It gave me a freedom to step back and decide how I wanted to follow it up,' she says. 'It was like, "OK, that's the end of the first half of my career; now I can change direction a little bit."'

It's taken Crow 20 years of performing for her to feel as comfortable with her talent as she does now. The child of big-band musicians, Crow, along with her siblings, came home every day after school and practised the piano (all four children did, simultaneously, it should be noted, on four separate pianos, as their mother instructed from the kitchen). After a stint teaching music to autistic children, Crow eventually left Missouri, where she'd been raised, and headed to Los Angeles, where she fortuitously landed a job as a backing singer for Michael Jackson (remember the girl with the towering hair who got jiggy with Jackson for the duet 'The Way You Make Me Feel'? That was Crow).

Unhappy with her initial attempt at recording an album, Crow started jamming with a group of musicians in Los Angeles, and this collaboration resulted in her first blockbuster hit record, Tuesday Night Music Club, in 1993. The album's success came with recriminations and accusations from her former collaborators, culminating in the suicide of a friend whose ideas, some of the musicians asserted, Crow had tried to claim as her own.

'She's f-ing hopeless,' the producer Bill Bottrell, at whose home the group had met, told Rolling Stone magazine in an article that appeared shortly after the album's release. Crow responded by blaming their anger on their own flagging careers. 'I don't really care what he says,' she told one interviewer. 'It's how he feels about himself and his own happiness - that he's unfulfilled as an artist.'

A year later, just as Crow was starting to leave that story behind, the boyfriend (by then ex) who'd introduced Crow to the group was found dead, apparently from auto-erotic asphyxiation. It was an oddly dark narrative to carry around for a new, young star who claimed - to a catchy, poppy tune - that all she wanted to do was have some fun.

But Crow was hardly an uncomplicated sunny soul when she made Tuesday Night Music Club. She had suffered a serious bout of depression following her Michael Jackson gig, and has only recently, she says, started letting go of a lot of the anger she's long considered a part of her personality.

Recalling a week of silent meditation she embarked on after turning 40, she says, 'All these painful things came up. And I'm sure that they had been fuelling the crazy pace I'd been on - just an avoidance of looking at the anger.' Anger at what, exactly? 'I think you just come into the world with a certain amount of it already,' she says. 'And you come up in your family hierarchy, and you're trying to figure out who you are. I was the middle kid - I probably thought I got less…' she trails off, as if she's caught herself on the brink of sharing too much.

'Actually, I had a great upbringing,' she finishes. 'It's just how you relate to the universe - whether you feel like the universe is a gift or something you're constantly at odds with.'

In the years following Tuesday Night Music Club, Crow recorded albums on her own that established her as a bona fide rocker, with The Globe Sessions selling almost as successfully as her first album. When she wasn't touring she was churning out another album, working herself to the bone to build the lasting career it's hard to imagine some of her younger counterparts enjoying, given ever-shorter attention spans.

'I look at this younger generation of performers and think they are really enjoying their success,' she says. 'It's like they know that their moment is here right now and probably isn't going to be here in a few years. When I got my record deal, the only females on the radio were video stars like Madonna and Paula Abdul. If you were a musician or songwriter, you had to do it like everybody else: go out and tour and build a following. There wasn't any of this going on TV and the next day being famous.'

By contrast, says Crow, her own albums were the result of much 'teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling pressure to come up with what's good'. Indeed, early critics admonished Crow for sounding, if not exactly packaged, then at least carefully wrapped.

'Millions of listeners seem willing to believe Crow's current incarnation,' wrote the New York Times rock critic Jon Pareles in 1995. 'But none of them, this one included, know who she is.' Crow might even agree: not until her latest album did she actually enjoy the process. 'It's the first one I've done where I like every song on the album, top to bottom,' she says.

Crow says her relationship with Armstrong - who was going through a divorce when she met him two years ago at a charity event ('both of us had had quite a bit of wine') - prepared her for Wildflower.

'Whenever you're in a new relationship your heart is open, and your vulnerabilities are right there on the surface,' she says. Until she met Armstrong, who is nearly ten years her junior, her love life seemed to provide more creative fodder than it did any real stability. The list of men whose names have been linked romantically to hers looks like a solid chunk of the Vanity Fair Oscar party invitation list: Owen Wilson, Kid Rock and Eric Clapton are among them, the last of whom, it is rumoured, was the inspiration for 'My Favorite Mistake'.

Each of the songs on Wildflower very much reflects the way in which the album was made.

'I made a conscious decision to make the year not about writing, and I only wrote when I wanted to,' she says, managing to look, in fact, fairly relaxed despite the barely-there dress and the uncomfortably chilly, minimalist New York hotel room we're sitting in.

'I just couldn't face going back into the studio. So I only wrote when I wanted to, and I just played the piano and the guitar into a cassette recorder.' She played them for herself, or occasionally, for Armstrong, whose opinion she registered - up to a point.

'It's difficult,' she says, to play something uncooked for an untrained ear. 'You know what you can make of something, but they don't always have the musical background… But he loved this one song I'd written, and I hadn't even written the verses yet. He'd play it over and over for people, so I finally wrote the lyrics for it, which kind of helped the song, I would say.'

She sits back and laughs. Even in neutral, Crow is an unusually attractive woman with the tiny frame that practically announces celebrity; but it's only when she laughs out loud at herself, revealing a flawless, mischievous smile, that the core of her charisma is suddenly apparent.

Now that she's given herself over to this relationship with such abandon - at one point fans checking out her website might have thought they'd accidentally clicked on a Tour de France pop-up - Crow says she's received a lot of flack.

'There have been women in my life who, as soon as they get involved with someone, just drop off the face of the earth: you can't get a dinner with them,' she says. 'And that's kind of what it's been like for me. I'm not proud of that, but in order to be in my relationship I had to split my time between my own life and his.'

As for curtailing her own ambition, she thinks that may not be a bad thing. 'I used to hang on to my career like a lifeboat, like I'm nobody without it. But I have got to a place where I cannot have my career as the be-all and end-all. I need to find out if I have something to give besides my work.' And being on that quest, a happy and healthy one, she says, 'actually makes me feel motivated to work'.

And does Armstrong worry he might be slowing her down?

'Do men ever worry about their wives' careers? Their girlfriends' careers?' she asks drily, one finely shaped eyebrow raised.

Armstrong may go dirt-bike racing with President Bush in Texas, but Crow, who's been openly opposed to the war in Iraq from the beginning, says she won't be playing the White House any time soon ('they're not gonna invite me even to wipe my feet on their doormat,' she adds with a strong midwestern twang). But she might use how she feels in her work - it's all part of why now is such a great time to be a musician.

The world is such a mess, she says, 'but that just means that there are so many things to write about, it's incredible.' So much for slowing down.

'Wildflower' is released on 26 September

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Following a music break Lance and Higgs broke out some major news: on Lance's upcoming cancer diagnosis date, Sunday Oct 2, a major "Thank You Austin" event. "We're having a free Sheryl Crow concert down in Zilker Park, we're going to leave up one of the stages from ACLFest - it's going to be rocking!" Lance said. "No corporate sponsors, I just want to thank the city and the people of Texas, Sheryl and I are footing the bill together." More details soon, but to say this is going to be HUGE will certainly be an understatement…

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#1 - Rocker SHERYL CROW devotes so much time to her relationship with fiance LANCE ARMSTRONG, she neglects her friends.

Crow, 43, admits she is so involved with the cycling legend's life that she rarely sees her own friends, and even started to dedicate her own music website to Armstrong's achievements.

The loved-up couple met at a charity gig two years ago (03), and recently announced their engagement to the world.

Crow says, "There have been women in my life who, as soon as they get involved with someone, drop of the face of the earth: you can't get a dinner with them.

"And it's kind of been like that for me. I'm not proud of that, but in order to be in my relationship I had to split my time between my own life and his."

19/09/2005 09:43

#2 - Rocker SHERYL CROW credits her cyclist fiance LANCE ARMSTRONG with helping her take perspective of her career.

The EVERYDAY IS A WINDING ROAD star welcomes Armstrong's calming influence, and hopes he can help her find a better balance between her life and her work.

She says, "I used to hang on to my career like a lifeboat, like I'm nobody without it.

"But I've got to a place where I cannot have my career as the be-all and end-all. I need to find out if I have something to give besides my work."

19/09/2005 14:04

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Royal Albert Hall, London - Sunday, September 18th, 2005 - Photo Credits : David Westing/Stringer (Gettyimages - 3-8), Ian West (Abaca Press - 1,2).


Domenica 18 Settembre 2005

Tickled Pink at the Royal Albert - Tonight - ITV - 10:30pm

Sheryl Crow, Mariah Carey, The Sugarbabies, Westlife, Denise Van Outen. The event takes place at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on Sunday 18th September 2005, with a line-up of guests including Heart FM's Jamie Theakston and Harriet Scott. London radio station Heart 106.2 is supporting the event by broadcasting from the Albert Hall and promoting ticket sales for the cause. The show will be aired on ITV1 in September, as part of ASDA's National Tickled Pink charity campaign.

Phil McIntyre, best known for producing shows such as Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, Dinnerladies and the west end smash hit We Will Rock You, is managing a line-up of the UK's best comedians. The acts will be announced over the next couple of weeks.

The hugely successful debut event, which took place in autumn 2004, featured Geri Halliwell, a crowd-shaking show from the legendary Tom Jones, and outstanding performances from Ronan Keating and two of the hottest new stars, Lemar and Natasha Bedingfield.

ASDA supports this live event as a fundraising initiative and to raise awareness of breast cancer as part of a wider national campaign. All proceeds from the live event will be invested in the nominated charities.

Sabato 17 Settembre 2005


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TdF - July 21st, 2004

Venerdi' 16 Settembre 2005


Friday 16 September

Hear the whole show again via the BBC Radio Player or come back on Monday when you'll also be able to hear the individual songs plus an exclusive website track.


Sept. 16, 2005 —  Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong are an uncanny match. Each seems to have done the impossible professionally. Armstrong beat cancer to become the best cyclist in the world, with an unprecedented seven victories in the Tour de France, and Crow is among the few elite women to have maintained a solo music career past the age of 40.

The couple, who have been an item for about two years, just this month announced their plans to marry in the spring. But their journey to this point has been a long one.

While Crow says she had a typical childhood growing up in a close-knit family in Kennett, Mo., her music reflects a feeling for the darkness and drama lurking beneath everyday life.

She described that melancholic sensitivity in her music to "20/20's" Elizabeth Vargas. "Each household has its certain amount of chaos — just trying to keep all the plates spinning. But even deeper than that, there's just so much chaos in the world, and it does affect each of us spiritually," she said.

"She goes really beneath the surface of things," said Tamara Conniff, executive editor of Billboard magazine. "She filters the pain that she sees in the world and the pain that she's seen in her own life," Conniff added.

And while her breakthrough 1993 hit "All I Wanna Do," had a lighthearted hook to it, there was still that tinge of world-weariness that's a signature of Crow's work. The single brought her the first of her nine Grammys.

When Vargas spoke to Crow in 2003, she said her life was, in fact, an isolated one. "The work has made me lonely because writing is lonely," she said.

Finding the Right Kind of Love

But a lot has changed in the two years since "20/20" last visited with Crow. "I've always wanted to be in a relationship that felt supportive and elevating. And I've also always wanted to be that for someone else," she said.

And Crow seems to have found that sort of relationship with Armstrong, who she met by chance at a charity event hosted by tennis great Andre Agassi in the autumn of 2003.

She's not one to open up about her romantic relationships, but she's described Armstrong as her soul mate. "I've been so private about my private life and so protective. And for me to actually do an interview with a person I'm involved with is like a huge stretch for me," she said.

She made that stretch when we sat down with Sheryl and Lance together.

Armstrong — who has a son, Luke, and twin daughters, Grace and Isabelle, from his first marriage — knows the pain of being in a relationship that's falling apart. "Relationships are tough. They're a heck of a lot tougher than the Tour de France," he told Vargas.

Many of Crow's fans questioned her decision to put her own career on hold to support Armstrong during a difficult two years that included his divorce and his successful bid to win his seventh Tour de France title.

"She's come along and supported me as a man, as a person. The last couple of years of my life haven't been stress-free. There's been bumps along the way on the road — going through a divorce, having three small children that are in Texas and my sport is based in Europe. So having Sheryl there to help me was huge," he said.

Crow said some of her fans thought she was making a mistake by setting aside her own career for a man.

"There are people who still think I'm nuts. I mean I have a massive feminist following. And a lot of those people are mad. They're like, 'Why would you quit everything for a man?'" she said.

But Crow said she has no regrets. "It was a choice. And I really gave myself the gift of just saying, 'I can do whatever I want. I can follow this person around and just wash his bike shorts if I want.'"

She's also quick to point out that her past year hasn't been all Lance, all the time.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Crow was on her own emotional journey. Her hometown of Kennett, Mo., was dedicating the Sheryl Crow Aquatic Center, a town swimming pool she'd been instrumental in funding.

The weekend festivities included a Sheryl Crow concert … complete with her father in the backup band. On the program was a song called "My Favorite Mistake." It's a song rumored to have been about Crow's relationship with Eric Clapton. She's called it one of her personal favorites.

"That song was just one of those songs that came together really easily," she said. "The best you can hope for is to feel like you got out of your own way and wrote something that was pure," she added.

'We're Simple, Local People'

So, who was the mistake? She wouldn't offer more than, "It doesn't matter."

Armstrong's favorite song from his fiancee's musical catalog, "Home," springs from a much less ambiguous source of inspiration.

Lance says the video's nostalgic hometown images really resonate for them. "At the core, we're both very simple, local people. We're not people that enjoy the high life. We would much rather be at the house in shorts and a T-shirt. So, ultimately, your home is your home, and it's the safe haven and to escape," he said.

Escaping attention hasn't been easy for the couple, especially when Lance won his seventh Tour De France in July with his children and Sheryl Crow at his side.

And that's difficult for Crow. "It's just, for me, a terrifying place to be and it really does take its toll on your relationship, no matter how much you can joke about it. What gets written about you can be very destructive," Crow said.

It must have felt particularly trying at the end of August when a French magazine rekindled old — vehemently denied — accusations that Lance was using steroids during the 1999 Tour De France.

In response, Armstrong said he might leave retirement and compete for his eighth victory, just to get even.

That competitive drive is the battling instinct he used to fight cancer. He says it comes from his mother. "She grew up a fighter. And since she was 17 when she had me, we grew up fighters. It's a fighting mentality which especially served me well when I was sick and I suppose still serves me well to this day," he said.

A New — Happier — Influence on Her Music

As Crow has become part of Armstrong's life, she's developed a relationship not only with him, but with his three children. Her closeness with the kids was evident in photos of her holding them as Armstrong celebrated his victory in Paris.

"They're small and they're precious and I strongly attribute it to both their father and their mother," she said.

Being a mother herself was a strong desire Crow had when she last visited with "20/20." And it still is. "I would love to have my own kids, and I think that I will," she said.

She said she loves Armstrong's children like they were her own. "It's been fun for me, and a new thing, to not be in my little selfish me world."

Crow's new world is reflected in the album she's releasing later this month, "Wildflowers."

Critics who've heard it say they can spot the changes and the influences.

"I think the Lance influence on Sheryl is happiness. She's really gone through a lot when it comes to love, and he's really centered her and allowed her to focus on what's important to her as an artist," said Conniff.

Crow certainly spots the influence herself. "I've never had anybody be so completely positive that I'm the person that they want to be with. That's helped me express who I really am and who I can be."

Source : ABC

Sheryl & Good Morning America in Bryant Park, NY Friday Sep 23rd

Yes- this will be an outside broadcast of ABC's Good Morning America and everyone is welcome....Friday 23rd Sept

Performance at Bryant Park (42nd between 5 and 6).

Free show for public!

On Stage between 8:30am and 9:00am

We are passing on the advice to be there by 6:30am to ensure a good spot to view!
(Might even catch a bit of soundcheck)

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di Lucia Tironi

Ha iniziato la sua carriera quasi 20 anni fa come corista di Michael Jackson. Bob Dylan è stato il suo pigmalione e, per lei, ha scritto persino una canzone, “Mississippi”. E' la futura sposa del ciclista più famoso del mondo, Lance Armstrong. Ma a 43 anni Sheryl Crow è soprattutto una delle cantautrici rock americane più affermate. Il 23 settembre esce il suo nuovo album Wildflower, letteralmente “fiore selvaggio”.

Le abbiamo chiesto perché ritiene che questo disco apra un nuovo capitolo nella sua carriera.

"Penso sia un lavoro più maturo - ci ha detto - in parte dipende dalla mia età. E' l'età che rende interessante e necessario quel che scrivo. Nel disco metto le cose che vedo succedere intorno a me, il mondo attraversa un momento caotico. E' davvero interessante essere un'artista in questo periodo.

Nel corso degli anni ha collezionato ben 9 Grammy, gli Oscar della musica e molti suoi singoli come ‘Run Baby Run' e ‘All I wanna do', sono stati dei successi clamorosi. Il nuovo singolo si chiama ‘Good is Good'. Le abbiamo chiesto di cosa parla.

“Good is good” è un modo per ricordare a me stessa che non devo permettere alle distrazioni quotidiane di distogliermi dal vivere la vita fino in fondo. La nostra società, con i cellulari e le e-mail, ormai ha stabilito un modo di comunicare in cui non sono più necessari i contatti reali. E, a fine giornata, ti sembra di non aver toccato niente veramente. Il messaggio del brano e che bisogna vivere ogni attimo.

La vita privata di Sheryl Crow è sulla bocca di tutti per le prossime nozze con Lance Armstrong, sette volte vincitore del Tour de France. Sheryl dice che non hanno ancora fissato la data ma sarà sicuramente la prossima primavera. Si amano follemente e per stargli vicino lei ha persino rimandato l'uscita del disco.

Abbiamo deciso insieme di goderci la sua ultima gara. Non me la volevo perdere perché è la fine della sua carriera, la conclusione di una parte della sua vita. Perciò volevo esserci assolutamente, stargli vicino come lui ha voluto fare con me durante il lancio del disco. Cosa penso delle accuse – di doping - contro Lance? Penso sia la solita storia. Per questo giornale francese, l'Equipe, è stato un modo di vendere più copie. Evidentemente dopo il tour erano a corto di notizie. Questo è un giornalismo debole.

Ha lavorato con i grandi della musica degli ultimi anni, da Bob Dylan, a Joe Cocker, a Eric Clapton, con cui è stata anche fidanzata. Ma non mancano i nomi italiani. Con Zucchero ha cantato una splendida versione di Blu. Le abbiamo chiesto che ne pensa di lui.

Ho incontrato Zucchero anni fa, grazie al manager di Eric Clapton. E' un artista eccezionale, mi piace anche come persona. Non lo vedo da anni, ma credo che ci incontreremo prima o poi. Anche Eros Ramazzotti non lo vedo da tanto, facemmo una cosa insieme tanto anni fa.

Che rapporto ha con il nostro paese?

Amo l'Italia, per questo ho sempre detto a Lance che doveva partecipare al giro d'Italia, perché mi piace venire qui. Amo la gente italiana, così piena di sentimenti.

Ascolta l'intervista - 700 kb - Wma/Zip [ download ]

Giovedi' 15 Settembre 2005

2005 - U.S. TOUR - UPDATE
Date Venue City State Country
10/16/2005 Paramount Theater Seattle  WA   United States 
10/17/2005 Rose Garden Arena Portland  OR   United States 
10/18/2005 Idaho Center Nampa  ID   United States 
10/20/2005 Reno Hilton Reno  NV   United States 
10/21/2005 Greek Theater Berkeley  CA   United States 
10/22/2005 The Joint Las Vegas  NV   United States 
10/24/2005 Copley Symphony Hall San Diego  CA   United States 
10/28/2005 Tower Theater Upper Darby  PA   United States 
10/30/2005 Avery Fisher Hall New York  NY   United States 
10/31/2005 Avery Fisher Hall New York  NY   United States 


Free Image Hosting at 


Prima o poi doveva accadere, ed eccomi qui alle prese con i dannatissimi problemi di saturazione di banda. Ieri notte mi e' arrivato il messaggio di avvertimento, che mi avvisava del fatto che avevo superato la quota mensile massima messami a disposizione dal provider. In effetti, ultimamente sto ricevendo una quantita' di visite davvero impressionante, anche 2000 contatti giornalieri (senza calcolare le pagine visitate) ! La cosa mi fa molto piacere, ma mi costringe ad alzare continuamente la soglia della banda massima. In nemmeno 15 giorni il sito ha totalizzato oltre 20 gb di traffico! Spero di rimanere al passo.


LIVE in Cologne, Germany - Sept. 14th, 2005 - SETLIST



Sul forum una poster ha fatto sapere che il concerto tenuto ieri in quel di Colonia, sara' prossimamente trasmesso in TV, oltre che in radio. Ulteriori dettagli sopraggiungeranno presto.


Uno degli aspetti piu' discussi della carriera di Sheryl e' legato alla sua capacita' di comporre canzoni.

Parte di cio' va fatto in qualche modo risalire al periodo del Tuesday Night Music Club, quando Sheryl venne lanciata dalla A&M Records quale 'solo songwriter', quando era palese che dietro a quel bel disco si celavano anche gli sforzi di altre persone, benche' solo 'Strong Enough' e 'Leaving Las Vegas' scaturirono da quelle estemporanee Jam Sessions di gruppo. Le polemiche sulla famigerata puntata del Letterman, unita alla scomparsa di O'Brien prima, e di Gilbert poi, non hanno fatto altro che alimentare questa leggenda.

Terminata, non proprio nel migliore dei modi, la parentesi TNMC, Sheryl inizia ad autoprodursi facendo coppia fissa con Jeff Trott, musicista e autore nordamericano che all'epoca militava nei 'Wire Train'.

Insieme a Trott, Sheryl compone molti successi che hanno de facto contribuito a renderla celebre in tutto il mondo : da 'If It Makes You Happy', a 'Everyday is Winding Road', fino a 'There Goes The Neightborhood'. Dal 1995 ad oggi i due hanno scritto poco piu' di una ventina di brani, ripartiti in ciascuno degli albujm studio a partire dal '96. Sheryl collabora inoltre con John Shanks nella composizione della hit 'Steve McQueen'.

Ma Sheryl, in veste di solitaria songwriter, cosa ha composto? Quali sono i brani accreditati unicamente a lei?

Iniziamo a parlarne tralasciando ogni discorso di natura commerciale, limitandoci unicamente al contenuto, come del resto si dovrebbe fare ogni qualvolta si discute di musica.

La prima canzone ufficialmente depositata da Sheryl (presso la BMI) e' stata la ballata mid-tempo 'Borrowed Time'. Correva l'anno 1991, ed il brano doveva far parte della tracklist del mai pubblicato 'Sheryl Crow', altresì conosciuto come 'Unreleased'. Da quel pezzo, al momento in cui scrivo, Sheryl ha scritto di suo pugno, ovvero senza collaboratori esterni, poco piu' di cinquanta canzoni.

Intanto vediamo di organizzarle in base al periodo in cui sono state composte e depositate (ufficialmente), tenendo conto che una parte e' inedita oppure inserita nella categoria delle b-sides :

Pre-TMC Era 1991-1992

- Borrowed Time
- Don't Go
- Last Time
- What Does It Matter
- When Love Is Lover
- You Can Keep Your Shoes On
- I Will Walk With You

TNMC Era 1992-1994

- Rodeo
- Coffee Shop

Self Titled Era 1994-1996

- Home
- We Will Burn
- Draggin Inn
- Redemption Day
- Ordinary Morning
- In Need
- Free Man

Unreleased Album #2 Era 1996-1997 (?)

- Lullaby
- Dill Scallion End Credit
- Tina's Theme
- Dry Scalp - inedita
- This Is Making Me Crazy
- Interview
- Summertime Blues
- Milk and Country
- Allman Bros
- Rockabilly
- It's Right With Me
- Still

The Globe Session Era 1996-1998

- Carolina
- Resuscitation
- Anything But Down
- Members Only
- Difficult Kind
- Am I Getting Trought Part I
- Riverwide
- You Always Get Your Way
- Subway Ride

C'mon, C'mon Era 2000-2002

- It's Only Love
- Kiss That Girl
- Safe and Sound
- Weather Channel
- Over You
- Missing
- I Want You
- C'Mon, C'Mon

Wildflower Era 2003-2005

- Always On Your Side
- Black Hearted Angel
- I Know Why
- Perfect Lie
- Wildflower
- Letter to God
- Live It Up

Qualcuno si domandera' come mai non c'e' traccia dei brani contenuti in Tuesday Night Music Club. La risposta e' semplice, essendo un lavoro di gruppo, ogni autore e musicista coinvolto ha contribuito alla stesura delle liriche, anche in minima parte, di conseguenza non esiste un solo brano attribuibile ad una singola persona.

:: Breve analisi dei contributi in base all'album (escluvisamente in solitaria)

Sheryl Crow (aka Unreleased) 1992

Sheryl compone oltre la meta' dei testi. Nessuno di questi viene pubblicato dalla medesima. Alcuni vengono interpretati da artisti stranieri di varie nazionalita'.

Sheryl Crow - 1996

Per SC scrive tre pezzi : la canzone folk di protesta 'Redemption Day' e le piu' intimiste e personali 'Home' e 'Ordinary Morning', un terzetto di brani forti e poco commerciali. Sempre in quel periodo compone anche le b-sides 'In Need' (a mio parere molto valida) e 'Free Man', piu' un altro paio di brani fino ad oggi mai pubblicati.

Unreleased Album #2 - inedito

Di questo album non si conosce nient'altro che i titoli dei brani. Si suppone dovesse uscire fra il 1997 e il 1998. Sheryl Crow e' la sola autrice.

The Globe Session - 1998

Per il terzo album studio origina un pugno di brani di buona fattura. Fra questi menzioniamo 'Riverwide', 'The Difficult Kind', 'Am I Getting Trought Part I', 'Anything But Down' e la suburbana e sottovalutata hidden track 'Subway Ride', in cui Sheryl esprime il suo disappunto per la campagna mediatica nata a seguito dell'impeachment del presidente Bill Clinton. Ai brani appena menzionati vanno ad aggiungersi la ben piu' leggera e scanzonata 'Members Only', 'Resuscitation' (inclusa nella colonna sonora del film 'The Faculty') e una coppia di interessanti b-sides : la countreggiante 'You Always Get Your Way' e la struggente 'Carolina', uno dei brani piu' intensi composti da Sheryl.

C'mon, C'mon - 2002

Dopo quattro anni dall'ultimo studio album e un lungo periodo scandito da squilibri depressivi, Sheryl esordisce nell'aprile del 2002 con C'mon, C'mon. Circa la meta' dei tredici brani inclusi nel cd e' stata scritta unicamente da lei, a partire dalla title track 'C'mon, C'mon', senza contare i due pezzi piu' pregiati : 'Weather Channel' e 'Safe and Sound'. Le restanti tracce sono state composte sopratutto in congiunzione con Jeff Trott e John Shanks, e , benche' piacevoli, nessuna di esse raggiunge l'intensita' dei due pezzi prima citati, specie durante le esibizioni dal vivo.

Wildflower - 2005

Wildflower rappresenta forse il disco piu' personale mai composto dalla cantautrice statunitense, vuoi per le tematiche affrontate (in primis la relazione sentimentale con Lance Armstrong e il rapporto con i figli), vuoi per come e' stato concepito (componendo qua e la, spesso durante le trasferte di Lance in Europa e USA). Degli undici brani, sei sono stati originati in solitaria. La sublime 'Wildflower' era destinata a diventare il singolo apripista, ma pressioni di natura commerciale provenienti dalla casa discografica, hanno fatto prevalere la blanda 'Good is Good', una canzone pop dal sapore radio-oriented, che non ha nulla a che spartire con la superba title track.


Da questa disamina molto sintetica, appare evidente che Sheryl, a dispetto di certe critiche, talvolta superficiali, ha dimostrato nel corso della sua carriera di saper creare e comporre brani originali di buona fattura, non importa se essi abbiano raggiunto o meno una vasta popolarita'. Alcune ignote b-sides, ad esempio, avrebbero meritato di finire negli studio album, anziche' relegate quali riempitivi di singles. Ma c'e' di piu', nella discografia e' presente un LP inedito completamente scritto dalla sola Sheryl. Per onesta' va pero' fatto notare che buona parte del suo successo lo deve a quelle canzoni composte in collaborazione con altri autori (sopratutto Baerwald, Bottrell e Jeff Trott). Una cosa comunque e' certa, col passare del tempo sembra che Sheryl sia diventata sempre piu' indipendente nel songwriting rispetto agli inizi carriera, almeno a giudicare dal numero dei brani da lei scritti e presenti negli ultimi album.

Ah, visto che mi e' stato chiesto piu' volte in e-mail, riporto la tabella dei crediti di Wildflower (cmq ragazzi, la stessa era da tempo presente nella sezioni brani depositati, occhio al menu'!) :

01- I Know Why (Sheryl Crow)

02- Perfect Lie (Sheryl Crow)

03- Good is Good (Sheryl Crow/Jeff Trott)

04- Chances Are (Sheryl Crow/Jeff Trott)

05- Wildflower (Sheryl Crow)

06- Lifetimes (Sheryl Crow/Jeff Trott)

07- Letter to God (Sheryl Crow)

08- Live It Up (Sheryl Crow)

09- I Don't Wanna Know (Sheryl Crow/Jeff Trott)

10- Always On Your Side (Sheryl Crow)

11- Where Has All the Love Gone (Sheryl Crow/Jeff Trott)

Mercoledi' 14 Settembre 2005



Good is Good [broadband - 600 kbits]

Interview [broadband - 600 kbits]


  • Good is Good : continua a convincermi poco, tuttavia la versione acustica resta a mio parere una spanna sopra (vedi ReAct Now e AOL Session). A me la canzone ha gia' stufato, e pensare che siamo appena all'inizio dell'attivita' promozionale @_@ Good lord... sicuramente sara' l'unica traccia che skippero', non appena avro' fra le mani il nuovo album
  • Shelter from the Storm : The Water is Wide e' stata una piacevole sorpresa e Sheryl esegue il brano indubbiamente molto bene e sopratutto con grande convinzione. In assoluto la migliore performance, assieme a quelle delle Dixie Chicks
  • Quelli che il calcio : alla RAI sono dei cazzoni fatti e finiti. Complimenti alla Ventura per la perfetta padronanza della lingua inglese, complimenti ai tecnici audio per la stupefacente perizia nel gestire auricolari e microfoni. Momento topico, quando scandisce le parole in inglese alla conduttrice in panne. Assente ingiustificato : l'interprete, ovviamente
  • Il sorriso di Sheryl : ha una radiosita' che non sono riuscito a quantificare, ne attraverso gli ANSI lumen, ne con le candele
  • Festivalbar : performance so-so, niente di esaltante. Momento topico, quando, alla fine di 'Good is Good', mostra a telecamere e pubblico la mano con l'anello di fidanzamento di Lance, felice come una Pasqua, come una ventenne che ha appena ricevuto il primo anello della sua vita. La felicita' e la serenita' di una donna incampsulate in pochi secondi

Martedi' 13 Settembre 2005


Qualcuno per cortesia mi spieghi cosa cazzo significa "sorriso alla Zio Sam" (vedi intervista da Il Giornale). Cosa c'entra l'immagine di un manifesto di reclutamento della I Guerra Mondiale con le labbra di Sheryl... "I Want You For Crow" ? Ok, lei e' tipicamente americana, di quelle cresciute (bene) fra Midwest e South, ma un paragone migliore non potevano trovarlo? Baahh...


Verona, 13 settembre 2005 - «Run baby run» cantava Sheryl Crow dodici anni fa sfilandosi di dosso i panni di corista per vestire quelli di rockstar. Uno strip a cui sono seguiti nove Grammy Awards e una carriera dalle alterne fortune che l'ha portata ieri sera al Festivalbar. Ora che il «ragazzo che corre» (e come corre...) l'ha trovato, e se lo sposa, la rockheuse del Missouri torna sulle scene con un nuovo album, «Wildflower», e un singolo, «Good is good» presentato ai quindicimila dell'Arena di Verona mentre Laura Pausini incamerava il premio per il miglior tour dell'anno e il canadese Daniel Powter (supporter oggi a Milano di Bryan Adams) quello per il miglior artista internazionale. Stasera la proclamazione del vincitore assoluto di questa edizione 2005. In lizza sembrano essere rimasti solo Jovanotti, Nek e Cesare Cremonini.

Sheryl, «Wildflower» suona un po' diverso dai suoi album precedenti.

«Questo disco ha cambiato il mio modo di lavorare. Prima andavo in studio senza canzoni e le costruivo idea su idea durante le registrazioni. Ma dopo il greatest hits ho capito che era arrivato il momento di cambiare strada. Così stavolta ho fatto il grosso del lavoro prima di entrare in sala e l'incisione è stata velocissima. Mi sono fatta suggestionare da "Harvest" di Neil Young, dalla chitarra slide di George Harrison, dalle canzoni dei Beatles; una full immersion nelle canzoni che amo molto produttiva».

Ma qual è la musica che ama?

«Quella in cui mi hanno cresciuta i miei genitori: Stan Getz, Cole Porter, Roger & Harts, Burt Bacharach, Mahalia Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald e su su fino a James Taylor. Purtroppo la radio oggi passa cose molto lontane da certe grandi melodie».

E al suo fidanzato Lance Armstrong?

«A lui piacciono cose un po' più pesanti, tipo gli Ac/Dc. Ma anche il primo Miles Davis e John Coltrane».

Lei si è fatta conoscere in Europa come vocalist di Michael Jackson ai tempi del «Bad Tour». Cosa pensa delle disavventure giudiziarie attraversate dal re del pop?

«Come tutti, ho seguito la cosa in tv. Trovo Jackson una figura tragica molto lontana da mio mondo. Praticamente non lo conosco: io e gli altri musicisti, infatti, lo vedevamo solo in scena e alla fine del tour non era riuscito nemmeno ad imparare i nostri nomi».

E' stata una musa di Eric Clapton , ha cantato con Willie Nelson, Kid Rock e tanti altri ancora. Fra le tante, quali sono le collaborazioni che l'hanno fatta crescere?

«Innanzitutto quelle con Mick Jagger e Keith Richards. I "Glimmer Twins" mi hanno fatto capire cos'è il rock, cambiando il mio profilo d'artista. Poi c'è sicuramente quella con Bob Dylan, il più grande di tutti».

Cosa farà ora?

«Ho in progetto alcune esibizioni molto speciali, con un'orchestra di 25 elementi, al Lincoln Center di New York, all'Hollywood Bowl di Los Angeles e all'Apollo Theater di Londra. Dagli spettacoli verrà tratto un dvd col meglio del mio repertorio riarrangiato per orchestra da David Campbell. A febbraio partirò poi in tour dagli Stati Uniti, con l'intenzione di sbarcare in Europa ad inizio estate accompagnata dalla mia band e da una sezione d'archi di sei elementi».

In un pezzo di questo nuovo cd parla della necessità di trovare la verità dentro di noi. Un po' come ha fatto Armstrong nella sua lotta contro la malattia.

«Io e Lance ci assomigliamo molto. La sua esperienza mi ha insegnato a guardare al futuro con ottimismo e a vivere ogni giorno come il migliore della vita. La cosa più importante che si può insegnare ad un figlio è proprio quella di trovare dentro di sé la forza per affrontare le cose».

Cosa pensa delle accuse di doping rovesciate da L'Equipe sul suo fidanzato in merito al Tour del ‘99?

«Il ciclismo è uno sport critico, ma Lance, come ha dimostrato pure nella sua lotta contro il cancro, è una persona integra. Diciamo che la settima vittoria consecutiva di un americano al Tour può aver dato fastidio a qualcuno. L'Equipe ha pubblicato la notizia, ma in Francia nessuno gli ha creduto».

Quando vi siete fidanzati ufficialmente ?

«E' accaduto appena un paio di settimane fa, nel bel mezzo di un lagetto della Sun Valley. Stavamo su questa barca da pesca quando ha tirato fuori l'anello e mi ha chiesto se volevo sposarlo. Gli ho detto di sì e lui mi ha subito risposto: e allora comincia a remare».

Quando vi sposerete ?

«A fine primavera , prima del mio tour europeo. Forse in Texas, forse sulla West Coast. Lui ha tre figli, quindi oltre che delle nostre, dobbiamo tenere conto anche delle varie esigenze familiari».

Avete già pensato alla luna di miele ?

«Forse la trascorreremo in Italia, magari proprio qui a Verona. E' la città degli innamorati, no?».

Sorride la splendida Sheryl, e accarezza il braccialetto giallo ideato dal fidanzato Lance. Una braccialetto che è un simbolo d'amore. Che va in aiuto di tanti malati.


Sheryl Crow, Lance & George : 'Con la musica, oggi, cerco la purezza'

A 43 anni, complice la molto pubblica love story con il sette volte vincitore del Tour de France, Sheryl Crow sembra più interessata ad arrampicarsi a colpi di pedale sulle vette dell'Alpe d'Huez e del Grand Ballon (e ci riesce anche: congratulazioni!) che a scalare le chart discografiche, più stimolata dalle sfide con se stessa che dalla competizione con Britney e Christina. E al diavolo la ricerca del successo e dell'hit single a tutti i costi: ci sono cose più importanti nella vita e il nuovo Cd in uscita il 23 settembre, “Wildflower”, riflette questo suo nuovo stato di donna matura, saggia, riflessiva (e innamorata del suo campione). Le dieci canzoni che contiene puntano sulla melodia molto più che sul ritmo, su archi chitarre acustiche e pianoforti assai più che sull'elettricità del rock. Dove sono finite le atmosfere estive e scanzonate del neanche così lontano “C'mon, c'mon”?

Col precedente ‘Greatest hits' ” - spiega Sheryl, sbarcata in Italia per un paio di apparizioni televisive (domenica a Quelli che il calcio, ieri sera al Festivalbar) – sentivo di aver chiuso un capitolo. Non volevo continuare a fare le stesse cose, scrivere altre repliche di ‘Soak up the sun', di “Everyday is a winding road' o di ‘All I wanna do is have some fun'. Alla mia età, e con quello che sta succedendo nel mondo, ho percepito come artista la necessità urgente di esprimere qualcosa di diverso, di scrivere cose che mi riguardano più da vicino”.

C'entrano, e molto, le sue vicende personal-sentimentali e i luoghi in cui le nuove canzoni sono nate: a Gerona, in Spagna (ma anche in Grecia, in Portogallo e alle Canarie), dove la Crow ha seguito Lance Armstrong durante la sua preparazione per la Grande Boucle:

Non conoscevo nessun altro a parte lui, e non parlando lo spagnolo all'inizio mi sentivo un po' come un'aliena. Ne ho approfittato per staccare la spina. Ho pensato a raccogliere storie e pensieri, invece che a far musica: quando sono tornata a casa, in America, tutto questo ha preso la forma di un disco nuovo. In passato ero solita entrare in sala di incisione senza avere ancora niente in mano. Chiudevo la porta dello studio e cominciavo a scrivere appena prima di iniziare a registrare, imbracciavo la chitarra elettrica e mi mettevo a cantare. Stavolta invece mi ero munita di un registratore a cassette e ho cominciato per conto mio a scrivere pezzi molto semplici accompagnandomi al piano o alla chitarra. Le canzoni, per la prima volta, hanno preceduto la produzione del disco, e questo perché volevo fare un album che assomigliasse più ad una conversazione intima, a due. Un po' come ‘Harvest' di Neil Young…Per questo ci sono tanti archi, servono a dare più atmosfera alle storie che volevo raccontare”.

Altre influenze esplicitamente dichiarate: l'Elton John di ‘Tumbleweed connection” e di “Honky chateau”, il George Harrison di “All things must pass” (evocato soprattutto nell'uso caratteristico della chitarra slide; e in un pezzo, “Chances are”, compaiono anche le tablas indiane). Tutta musica che arriva dagli anni '70, a ben guardare:

E' un periodo musicale intorno a cui continuo a gravitare…Sento la mancanza dell'approccio fisico agli strumenti e delle grandi melodie, faccio fatica a confrontarmi con la musica di oggi, tutta ritmo e tecnologia. E' da lì che provengo, dopo tutto, ed è quella la musica che serbo nel cuore. Ma c'è dell'altro. La morte di George Harrison mi ha colpito nel profondo: lo sento ancora molto presente, per me lui rappresenta alla perfezione un'idea di purezza e di consapevolezza spirituale che volevo trasmettere con questo disco”.

A cominciare dal pezzo che lo intitola, spiega Sheryl:

Ho scelto ‘Wildflower' come title track perché in quella canzone si intrecciano temi che ricorrono anche nelle altre: uno di questi ha a che fare con l'idea che pur nel caos che ci circonda dentro di noi resiste uno spirito infantile che crede nella bontà e la ricerca costantemente. Abbiamo dentro questa purezza innata, ma crescendo diventiamo cinici e impariamo a costruirci un guscio protettivo che la nasconde. Riscoprirla è come vedere un fiore crescere in mezzo al cemento: è un'immagine che mi ha ispirato Harrison quanto l'osservazione quotidiana dei figli di Lance, i suoi due bambini che hanno tre anni e mezzo e cinque anni e mezzo rispettivamente”.

Lui, Armstrong, ha fatto da primo giudice e test di qualità delle canzoni della futura sposa: e le sue preferenze vanno a “Letter to God”.

E' curioso, perché all'inizio non gli piaceva! Poi, a forza di sentirla, è diventata la sua favorita: è una gran cosa, per chi scrive canzoni, quando chi ti ascolta ci entra dentro un poco alla volta. Avere una persona in casa a cui far sentire volta per volta quello che stavo scrivendo è stata un'esperienza completamente nuova, per me. Lance non è solo l'uomo di cui sono innamorata, è anche il mio migliore amico. Ed è sempre stato molto incoraggiante, ma anche onesto nelle reazioni. Non ha un approccio analitico nei confronti della musica come può capitare ad un professionista, ma è un appassionato”.

Facile immaginare che sia anche il protagonista o ispiratore più o meno esplicito di molti brani…

Quello che vivi in un determinato momento finisce per forza, in un modo o nell'altro, in ciò che crei. Lance ha molto a che fare con quello che scrivo oggi, così come col desiderio che provo di dare una svolta alla mia esistenza, di mettere la mia vita privata al di sopra delle esigenze di carriera (per seguire Armstrong al Tour, la Crow ha posticipato l'uscita del disco, pronto da febbraio). Io sono cresciuta in una famiglia molto solida, i miei genitori sono stati insieme per cinquant'anni. Ma per la musica ho fatto dei sacrifici: mi mancavano un marito, dei figli, una dimensione più domestica. Quando ho incontrato Lance ero pronta per tutto questo, e avevo anche bisogno di aggiustare il mio rapporto con il mondo circostante. Sta funzionando benissimo”.

Nessuna divergenza, neanche in politica? La citata “Letter to God” condanna anche il fondamentalismo cristiano che tanta parte gioca nello schieramento politico che sostiene George W. Bush, texano come Armstrong e suo amico personale.

Ma no, stiamo dalla stessa parte. Lance sostiene il partito democratico, è un ambientalista ed è contrario alla guerra in Iraq. Ma conosce Bush da tanti anni, presso di lui si è adoperato per raccogliere fondi per la ricerca sul cancro così come aveva fatto prima con Clinton: la malattia non è schierata politicamente, non fa distinzioni tra vittime di destra e di sinistra. Se una passeggiata in bicicletta con il presidente serve anche a questo ben venga, io non ho niente in contrario. Stare a fianco di una persona che ha dovuto combattere il cancro ha cambiato il mio atteggiamento nei confronti della vita. Sono sempre stata una che cerca di vivere il momento presente, so che il passato non si può replicare e che non torna più. Ma Lance mi ha insegnato ad affrontare ogni giorno che arriva come se fosse una nuova nascita. E' una cosa che dà molta energia: vivendo così non sprechi mai il tuo tempo”.

Un antidoto, sostiene Sheryl, contro i tempi abulici e sonnolenti che stiamo vivendo.

Quando sei circondato da troppe notizie, troppe informazioni da afferrare e da capire, la natura umana ti spinge ad evadere dalla realtà, verso una sorta di sonnolenza passiva. In America, per esempio, molta gente ha reagito alla paura, alle campagne ansiogene alimentate dai media e dal governo, mettendo a dormire la coscienza. Contribuiscono anche certa musica pop, i reality show e tutto il resto. La merci culturali usa e getta, il modo in cui viene venduta l'idea del sesso facile…sono tutte cose che ci autorizzano a non fare uso del nostro cervello. Ma allo stesso tempo per fortuna ci sono persone che restano sveglie, motivate e con le antenne dritte. Auspicabilmente ci sarà un cambiamento, prima o poi”.

Il pop, appunto : è cambiato eccome dai tempi del suo esordio, una decina di anni fa…

Mi sento molto fortunata, ad essermi fatta le ossa suonando dal vivo invece di essere scaraventata subito in televisione come Ashlee Simpson. Io sono cresciuta col desiderio di diventare come Joni Mitchell e come Stevie Nicks, come Bob Dylan e Mick Jagger…non una star della tv. Gente che suonava per un pubblico, tutte le sere, come gli antichi trovatori. Quelli erano i miei punti di riferimento, non ho mai avuto bisogno di vendere un'immagine sexy”.

Tanto più oggi, che progetta uno show in abito da sera per portare in tour il nuovo disco:

Quest'autunno faremo due show a Londra, due a New York e uno a Los Angeles invitando sul palco una grande sezione d'archi. Saranno esibizioni piuttosto intime, in sale adatte, che il pubblico sarà invitato a seguire da seduto. Niente a che fare con un concerto rock, anche se avrò con me la mia band e riarrangeremo in questa veste anche le vecchie canzoni. Poi, in estate, saremo in giro per il mondo, Europa, Asia e Sud America: ma stavolta con una sezione d'archi più piccola, sei strumentisti o qualcosa del genere”.

Prima ci sarà il matrimonio con Armstrong, comunque. Davvero, come ha detto a Simona Ventura, pensano di sposarsi in Italia?

“L'ho detto per scherzo. Ma chissà, inviteremo Cipollini…”


PS Ho dovuto riformattare l'articolo di Rockol, in quanto l'originale era illeggibile!


Sheryl Crow: ecco il rock per il mio asso

Dal nostro inviato a Verona - Paolo Giordano

Scusi Sheryl Crow, lei è qui a presentare il nuovo cd o il faraonico diamante che scintilla al suo dito?

«Bello vero?».

Lance Armstrong ha stile.

«Me lo ha dato due settimane fa. Eravamo nella Sun Valley, a pesca su di una barchetta. Mi ha chiesto: "Vuoi sposarmi?". Gli ho risposto di sì e lui mi ha intimato: "E allora rema". Quando ho alzato le mani per iniziare a farlo, ha tirato fuori l'anello e me lo ha infilato al dito. Wow!».

Il suo nuovo cd si intitola Wildflowers, «fiori selvaggi».

«È dedicato a lui e ai suoi tre figli. Per la prima volta ho registrato canzoni che respirano amore».

Dunque, ci sono le Desperate housewives, le casalinghe disperate della serie tv che piace a tutte quelle che non lo sono. Ma ci sono anche le Sheryl Crow, anni quaranta e qualcosa, belle e ricche e felici, sulle quali non si potrebbe girare nessun telefilm perché, più che lo share, la trama alzerebbe l'invidia. Bella è bella, e di bellezza americana : bionda, occhi celesti, sorriso stile Zio Sam. E la sua musica sa di Missouri e vacanze sulle spiagge dove la sabbia è così morbida che ci affondi dentro. Ha suonato con i Rolling Stones («Mick Jagger mi ha fatto capire che cos'è lo stile di vita rock»), Bob Dylan è il suo idolo («penso sia il più grande di tutti») e, per non farsi mancare nulla, ha venduto venti milioni di dischi in dieci anni, roba da farla incoronare come una delle ultime rockettare ancora presentabili senza giri di parole.

Così com'è. Difficile lamentarsi.

«Infatti questo è il disco che mi ha fatto divertire di più. Dopo che ho conosciuto Lance ho deciso di prendermi una pausa di riflessione. Grazie a lui ho sentito il bisogno di scrivere canzoni melodiche, con quella melodia stile Lennon-McCartney, con la chitarra slide e la malinconia romantica di Neil Young. Poi sono entrata in studio con le idee chiare. Con il mondo così caotico, bisogna trovare la tranquillità dentro di sé».

Il resto viene dopo.

«La vicenda di Lance, a sua lotta contro il cancro e l'impegno della sua associazione benefica Live Strong mi ha insegnato a vivere alla giornata. Come svegliarsi al mattino e dire: magari non potrei più vivere questo giorno un'altra volta».

E lei che cosa gli ha insegnato?

«Al massimo qualche accordo di chitarra. In realtà ci compensiamo come non mi era mai capitato prima. Lui è molto fisico, tira fuori le emozioni. Io le trattengo dentro di me».

Come avete reagito dopo che un quotidiano francese ha scritto : Armstrong era dopato al Tour de France del '99.

«Non ci sono prove. Certo, il ciclismo è uno sport con molti problemi. A noi è venuto da pensare che gli americani continuano a non essere simpatici ai francesi».

Allora Armstrong tornerà a correre in bici? Oppure accompagnerà lei in tournée?

«Io terrò qualche concerto con un'orchestra di venticinque elementi a New York, Los Angeles e Londra, tra la fine di ottobre e l'inizio di novembre. Poi sarò in Europa nella prossima primavera.

«Lance con me? Per lui sarebbe noioso, gli consiglierei di portarsi dietro una bicicletta così si sgranchisce le gambe».

Marito e moglie in tour. Addio stile di vita rock.

«E ci saremo appena sposati. Lo faremo nella prossima primavera, probabilmente in Texas. Lui ha tre meravigliosi bambini, mica si può allontanare troppo per obbligarli a uscire dal loro mondo».


Live @ Festivalbar 2005 - Sept. 12, 2005 - Verona, Italy

Download Video - WMV/ZIP - 320X240 - 12 MB


Download Video - WMV/ZIP - 320X240 - 9,5 MB



In email mi domandano che metodo uso per essere cosi' veloce a mettere on-line i video. Semplice, ho i ricevitori satellitare e DTT direttamente collegati al computer. Acquisisco in DV-AVI, poi importo il filmato ottenuto in Vidomi, in caso di DiVx, oppure in Windows Movie Maker, in caso di WMV. Un paio di minuti di elaborazione, et voila', ho il filmato compresso pronto per l'upload!


A big thanks to Miss Hawkeye :-)

Lunedi' 12 Settembre 2005


Live @ 'Quelli Che Il Calcio' - September 11th, 2005 - Milan, Italy



America's favorite cycling-and-singing couple, Lance Armstrong and fiancée Sheryl Crow, have been booked to appear on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

NBC is trying to keep the plans under wraps. But we know the episode featuring Austin's seven-time Tour de France champ is scheduled to air Oct. 29.

"Is there no mystery in Austin?" a network publicist said when asked for details, which were not immediately forthcoming. Would Lance host and Sheryl sing? Maybe the happy couple will co-host? Maybe he, gulp, will sing? Heck, would they get married on the show?

The NBC publicist finally caved and confirmed: Lance will host. Sheryl will sing.

-- Diane Holloway

Source :

SNL Official Site :



Sheryl Crow
Wildflower (A&M)

Fine artist in uneasy period of transition.
Starting out with Tuesday Night Music Club, Sheryl Crow was 31 and loaded with life which cascaded through her first three albums. But C'mon, C'mon three years ago, and now Wildflower, stopped telling covertly angry, existential stories like Leaving Las Vegas and All I Wanna Do and got stuck in routine love-and-philosophising ballads. Her tunesmithery is still right there, sneaking in alluring dissonances - abetted by melancholy string twists from Beck's dad, arranger David Campbell - so almost every track plays nice sweet-and-sour tricks on the ears. But maximum, piercingly intelligent, heartfelt Crow comes through only in Sending A Letter To God - wondering about the eternal dark while queuing at a supermarket checkout. That's the artist who might become, say, a weird cocktail of Bobbie Gentry and Love and Theft Dylan to approach her fifties on an artistic par with Lucinda Williams.

Phil Sutcliffe


Un THREAD da It.Media.Tv


Ultima giornata in terra italica per Sheryl. Oggi apparira' quale ospite della manifestazione canora Festivalbar, in onda dalle 21.00 alle 23.30 su Italia 1. Domani si rechera' in Germania per un altro paio di giorni.

Dal sito ufficiale :

Win Tickets to See Sheryl in Cologne. Wed 14th Sept

We have a few pairs of tickets we managed to snag for a special Sheryl Crow live performance taking place in Cologne, Germany at 8pm on Wed 14th Sept

The one hour show is a full band performance special to be broadcast on WDR 2 Radio.

To enter just answer this question.

Sheryl’s New Album is due out:

1) August 11 2005
2) Sep 27 2005
3) Apr 1 2008

Send your answer in to to get your free tickets.

Contest closes 12pm on Tuesday 13th Sept.


Estratto da un articolo su : Appuntamento alla prossima puntata, lunedì prossimo Lance Armstrong sarà invece in Italia. A Verona, per incitare dal backstage l'amata Sheryl Crow, ospite alle finali del Festivalbar, nella cornice maestosa della scaligera Arena.


  • Fri 16th Sept : Live Session on Radio 2. 5 songs from 9:45am
  • Sun 18th Sept : Tickled Pink at the Royal Albert. ITV. 10:30pm Performance.
  • Mon 19th Sept : Virgin Radio Acoustic Session
  • Tue 20th Sept : The Paul O’Grady Show . ITV 1 Performance.
  • Fri 23rd Sept : Steve Wright Show Radi 2 Interview.
  • Sat 24th Sept : Magic 105.4 takeover show. take over show. 7-9pm
  • Sun 25th Sept : Top of the Pops. BBC 2 Performance.
  • Mon 26th Sept : Simon Mayo interview Radio 2’s Album Chart Show
  • Wed 28th & Thu 29th Sept : Virgin Radio Acoustic Session

Source :

Domenica 11 Settembre 2005


Che figure demmerda. La RAI riesce ogni volta a distinguersi in negativo... vabbe', se non altro Sheryl, benche' fosse visibilmente stanca, era di ottimo umore e si e' ben prestata all'atmosfera goliardica dello studio, non mancando pero' di esibire espressioni alquanto stupite durante gli improbabili tentativi di traduzione della Ventura, in evidente difficolta'. Fra gaffes e cazzate di tecnici e conduttori, ha confermato la sua presenza in Italia a primavera! E questa si che e' un'ottima notizia!

Ma bando alle ciance, ecco Good is Good + la pseudo-intervista :

Download - WMV/ZIP - 320X240 - 15,5 MB


Download - MP3 - 128 Kbits - 3,94 MB

The video... tonight! (:^)


Come da oggetto. Oggi e' previsto l'arrivo a Milano. La data di Verona dara' inizio' al tour promozionale europeo, dalla durata di dieci giorni circa.

Black Crow 1-9
Black Crow 1-9
Bravo 6-1-9, over
All Right Bravo 6-1-9!

Welcome to Italy!

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly awayyyyyyyy


Ogni tanto navigando in rete alla ricerca d'informazioni, m'imbatto casualmente in commenti che riguardano la coppia Lance/Sheryl. La maggiorparte naturalmente sono cagate gossipare, che pero' non mancano di stuzzicare la mia ilarita'. Li leggo piu' che altro per capire quali meccanismi inducano bipedi, in apparenza dotati d'intelletto, a tempestare il web da mane a sera, sparando pettegolezzi e/o esibendosi in funambolici copy&paste.

Poco fa ad esempio ho letto su una sorta di blog :

"La domanda è come fa una donna bellissima, intelligentissima e di sinistra come Sheryl Crow a stare con un fascista idiota dopato e stronzo come Armstrong, uno che spero sempre gli si impigli il pisello nel carter?"

Aahahahahaha, non e' divertente? NOTARE IL *SINISTRA* e il *FASCISTA*, messi alla stregua di fattori discriminanti.

Questo e' un classico intramontabile, che fa il paio con

"Come fa quel bel fustacchione a stare con quella vecchia strega liberal, anoressica e pompinara ecc ecc".

Ora, una parte di summenzionati individui, deve soffrire di seri problemi, e mi riferisco a quel genere di bashing morboso e sistematico che arriva a durare anche mesi, se non anni (per la cronaca, conosco un tizio che da circa 8 anni cerca di gettare discredito su Sheryl). In genere non si limitano a saltuari commenti velenosi (vedi sopra), ma vivono - perdonate l'iperbole - per gettare fango e merda sulla vita privata di persone che nemmeno conoscono.

Capisco che la celebrita' ha un suo prezzo, ma qui davvero si esagera e non mi riferisco solo al caso specifico, visto che questi individui prendono di mira schiere di personaggi d'ogni risma. Ad ogni modo anche in E-Mail la situazione e' la medesima, ma con un'intensita', grazie al cielo, molto inferiore.

Sempre in tema di malati, ieri sul forum ufficiale un poster si e' messo addirittura ad attaccare i figli di Lance, arrivando a dubitare, non senza convinzione, della loro intelligenza. ROTFL, dico, ma vi rendete conto? Questo e' vile.

Ritornando al 'yellow duo', se Sheryl sta assieme a Lance, se ama condividere con lui emozioni ed esperienze, se ha deciso di sposarlo, qualche motivo ci sara' non vi pare? Qualcosa LUI dovra' pur darle (questa ve l'ho servita su un vassoio d'argento). Ahhh questi misteriosi arcani...

Naturalmente il discorso vale anche all'inverso.

Questi concetti all'apparenza semplici, alcuni sembrano non capirli, proprio non ci arrivano. In ogni caso e' divertente vedere in azione questi calepini semoventi, quando schiumano e abbaiano... e io sapete, amo giocare con i cani, non necessariamente a quattro zampe (...)

E quando leggo "Sheryl rovinafamiglie", "e' stata Sheryl la causa della rottura fra Lance e l'ex moglie"? Basta, non se ne puo' piu'. Vai a spiegare a questa gente che i due si sono incontrati in epoca successiva al divorzio. Parole gettate al vento, fidatevi. Sto seriamente meditando di inserire questa voce nelle F.A.Q.

Un altro argomento piuttosto ricorrente sia in posta che su internet e' lo scandalo anagrafico, l'eta'. Ommioddio, l'eta'. Il discorso e' semplice e vecchio come il mondo, se una ventenne ha una relazione con un sessantenne, ben pochi ci fanno caso, anzi, in genere si plaude al masculo conquistatore. Au contraire, se invece la donna e' piu' anziana, anche solo di qualche anno, si levano non di rado, cori di disappunto. Se poi c'e' in ballo un uomo famoso e di successo, i pettegolezzi e le dicerie assumono livelli cospirativi degni di Majestic 12. Yeah, gossip again...

In poche parole, secondo il volgo, l'uomo, ehm, lo sportivo di successo, deve attorniarsi di default di accondiscendenti-pseudo-troiette-18enni-siliconate, da esibire come se fossero trofei atti a testimoniare il raggiungimento di un certo status economico e sociale, nonche' prestigio. Oh, sia chiaro, non c'e' niente di male, massima liberta', il segreto, o meglio l'equilibrio sta nel non rompere i cocones a quelle persone che non la pensano in quel modo ma che non hanno nessun tipo di pregiudizio in merito.

Patrick mi scrive in email asserendo che Sheryl, arrivata ad una certa eta', ha sentito la necessita' di avere accanto un uomo piu' giovane. Beh, a onor del vero lei in passato, quando viaggiava sui trenta e non nutriva dunque un gran desiderio di accasarsi, ebbe relazioni con partner piu' giovani, vedi Kevin Gilbert e Owen Wilson. Poi cos'e' questa storia, solo l'uomo ha l'esclusiva di cercarsi la meta' piu' giovane? Non ho capito...

Sheryl infine mi sembra una persona con la testa sulle spalle (altro assist...), indipendente e piena di carattere, tutto il contrario di certe veline e velone che nella nostra penisola si aggrappano come parassiti al calciatore di turno. IMHO, il rapporto fra Sheryl e Lance e' paritario, in tutto e per tutto, diversamente da quanto blaterano le femministe della domenica sul forum ufficiale, ridicolmente allarmate da certe fotografie (vedi quella di Outside Magazine).

Ok, fine dell'arringa, pace e pene.


Sul forum ufficiale si discute di concerti, improvvisazioni e jam. Sono pienamente concorde sul fatto che Sheryl renda specialmente nelle piccole e medie venues e che dovrebbe prendersi la briga di jammare piu' spesso. L'ultimo tour, quello del 2002-2003, soffriva di eccessiva linearita' dovuta al religioso rispetto della scaletta ufficiale. Al contrario, ho invece trovato ottime alcune esibizioni, come quelle al Shine Club (2001) e al Bowery Ballroom (2003) di NYC, entrambe cariche di energia e molto spontanee. Chi possiede i bootlegs sa a cosa mi riferisco!



Sempre nel mese settembre, ma di un anno fa, si consumava la tragedia in una scuola di Beslam, nell'Ossezia. Un pensiero e un ricordo verso tutte quelle piccole creature che in quei tristi frangenti persero la vita.

Sabato 10 Settembre 2005



Ringrazio sentitamente Paolo Vites (autore dell'articolo e dell'intervista) per aver citato questo sito.


Jim Baker, uno dei coordinatori piu' preziosi del Birthday Drive nonche' membro degli Usual Suspects, ieri sera e' stato colpito da un improvviso attacco di cuore, e per questo trasportato d'urgenza all'ospedale di Jonesboro, Arkansas. Sperando che non sia niente di grave, auguriamo al buon Jim una pronta guarigione!


Sheryl Crow - Good Is Good (Polydor)
UK release date: 19 September 2005

Co-written by Jeff Trott (like most of her better songs), this is a strummy, stringy ballad that's like a less drippy and irritating alternative to Shania Twain's You're Still The One, and nods a little bit in the direction of The Beatles with some echoes of Hey Jude.

It's well-written, well-constructed, nicely recorded and well-produced and does pretty much exactly what it says on the box - it's pretty standard Sheryl Crow, and by Sheryl Crow's standards, it's pretty good: not mind-blowing, but definitely a little higher than average.

It's not likely to give Crow a smash hit, but airplay is likely to help shift the album when that's released, and with most of her acoustic guitar playing mainstream singer songwriter peers seeming to be in hibernation at the moment, this definitely plugs a gap in the current musical spectrum. It's nice and it's classy, and it deserves to be on the shopping list of any VH1 regular.

- Fiona McKinlay


MTV Italia mandera' trasmettera' il concerto "React Now : Music and Relief" a partire da mezzanotte. Lo show, i cui proventi andranno alle vittime dell'uragano Katrina, si protrarra' per ben cinque ore. Maggiori informazioni su :


The Water is Wide

Video - DiVx/Zip - 14 Mb - download
Audio - MP3/Zip - 3,15 Mb - download

Thank you Sheryl for another wonderful, heartfelt rendition of a great trad song

Venerdi' 9 Settembre 2005


- Wildflower - 12 mb - Real Video/Zip - download
- I Know Why - 13 mb - Real Video/Zip - download
- Strong Enough - 11 mb - Real Video/Zip - download
- Good is Good - 14 mb - Real Video/Zip - download
- Where Has All The Love Gone - 13 mb - Real Video/Zip - download


Il concerto a favore dei rifugiati colpiti dall'uragano Katrina andra' in onda anche in Italia questa notte alle 02.00AM in contemporanea con la diretta USA, su Sky, canale 109.

Vado a scaldare il DVD Recorder :-)


La sessione di AOL (a dispetto di quanto annunciato sul sito ufficiale) e' *interamente* disponibile alla pagina dedicata a Sheryl. Cinque i brani :

- Strong Enough
- Wildflower
- I Know Why
- Good is Good
- Where Has All The Love Gone

Giudizio nel complesso positivo : 'Wildflower' e' veramente splendida, forte sia musicalmente che liricamente, peccato non averla potuta scegliere come single. 'I Know Why' e 'Good is Good' sono eseguite meglio delle versioni televisive e radiofoniche (ma con qualche riserva), mentre 'Where Has All The Love Gone' e' un pezzo nella media, buona la performance in ogni caso. 'Strong Enough' sempre magnifica. Sheryl... un angelo, as usual.

La session e' completata da un'intervista di circa 5 minuti.


Il numero di settembre di Jam e' in edicola. All'interno trovate un'interessante intervista a Sheryl a cura del buon Paolo Vites. Piccola anticipazione : il futuro della nostra sembra guardare all'old country. Cambio netto di rotta amici miei, come peraltro avevo anticipato settimane fa. Questo, in parte, spiegherebbe l'apertura dello studio di registrazione in quel di Nashville, capitale mondiale della country music. Personalmente sono molto felice di questa svolta :-)

Presto inseriro' le scansioni. Intanto correte a comprare la rivista!

La recensione di Wildflower nel prossimo numero (ottobre off course)

Giovedi' 8 Settembre 2005


SHERYL CROW Wildflower (2005 UK Limited Edition 2-disc CD/DVD album set the first studio release since her 2003 double platinum selling 'Very Best Of' comprising of 13-track CD album including the single 'Good Is Good' and 2 Acoustic Bonus Tracks 'Wildflower' & 'Where Has All The Love Gone' plus BONUS DVD [remastered in 5.1 surround sound] featuring 7 beautifully shot acoustic performances, presented in digipak picture sleeve).

1. I Know Why
2. Perfect Lie
3. Good Is Good
4. Chances Are
5. Wildflower
6. Lifetimes
7. Letter To God
8. Live It Up
9. I Don't Wanna Know
10. Always On Your Side
11. Where Has All The Love Gone
12. Wildflower - Acoustic Version
13. Where Has All The Love Gone - Acoustic Version

DVD - Live Acoustic at Topanga Canyon:
1. Where Has All The Love Gone
2. Letter To God
3. I Know Why
4. Perfect Lie
5. Lifetimes
6. Good Is Good
7. Always On Your Side

Mercoledi' 7 Settembre 2005



All photos : Copyright Mark Rankin



Clockwise from left: Army Pfc. Katrina Taylor, 2nd Battalion, 265th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, skims through CD titles during the Army and Air Force Exchange Service Rodeo at Forward Operating Base Asadabad, Afghanistan, in mid-July. Photo by Staff Sgt. Monica R. Garreau, USA



1. Early In The Morning - with Van Morrison
2. Tired Of Your Jive – with Billy Gibbons
3. The Thrill Is Gone – with Eric Clapton
4. Need Your Love So Bad – with Sheryl Crow
5. Ain't Nobody Home – with Darryl Hall & John Oates
6. Hummingbird – with John Mayer
7. All Over Again – with Mark Knopfler
8. Drivin' Wheel – with Glenn Frey
9. There Must Be A Better World Somewhere – with Gloria Estefan
10. Never Make Your Move Too Soon – with Roger Daltrey
11. Funny How Time Slips Away – with Bobby Bland
12. Rock This House – with Elton John

Martedi' 6 Settembre 2005


News calda, calda! Sheryl si esibira' il prossimo Lunedi' 12 settembre al Festivalbar, durante la finale all'Arena di Verona. Ve la dico tutta, odio il Festivalshit, proprio non lo reggo, ma godo comunque come un opossum perche' finalmente, dopo piu' di tre anni, Sheryl ritorna a suonare nel nostro paese. Yuppieeeeeeee

La news di ADNkronos :

Roma, 6 set. - (Adnkronos) - Anche Sheryl Crow, star della musica country-rock e vincitrice di 9 Grammy Awards, fara' parte del cast di artisti che si esibiranno all'Arena di Verona alle finali del Festivalbar in programma il prossimo 12 e 13 settembre e in onda su Italia 1. Otto album all'attivo e milioni di dischi venduti per la rockstar americana, che salira' sul palco dell'Arena lunedi' 12.

Vai al sito ufficiale del Festivalbar :


TEC Award (2003)




News strepitosa ragazzi! Ne aveva gia' parlato (il blog di un ex kennetiano) sabato scorso, ma non potendo garantire sulla veridicita', mi sono astenuto dal pubblicare la notizia. Bene ladies&gentlemen, a quanto pare Lance ha chiesto ufficialmente la mano di Sheryl! La proposta sarebbe avvenuta mercoledi' scorso, mentre la coppia era in vacanza, nell'incantevole Sun Valley, Idaho. Non sono stati resi noti ulteriori dettagli, ad eccezione che la cerimonia probabilmente sara' organizzata per la primavera dell'anno prossimo! Nessun problema per l'approvazione da parte dei genitori : "Mia mamma Linda e Sheryl hanno legato tantissimo, sono inseparabili. Lei parla più con Sheryl che con me".

CONGRATULAZIONI! Ahahaha non vi rendete conto quanto questa notizia mi riempia di felicita' :-)

Go Sheryl and Lance! Yeah yeah yeah (il mio nuovo grido di battaglia!)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :-D

Vado subito ad aggiornare il mio calepino.

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Lance and Sheryl Engaged! Monday, September 05, 2005

As reported first today in the Austin American-Statesman, we can confirm that Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow are indeed engaged to be married. The 7-time Tour de France champion proposed to Sheryl on Wednesday, Aug 31 while the couple was vacationing in Sun Valley, Idaho last week on a Mountain Biking holiday. No date has been set and Lance is now back in the Austin, TX area.


Sheryl Scare-Crow?


Muah, e' giunta notizia che il prossimo 14 settembre Sheryl terra' un miniconcerto (si presume acustico) in Germania, presso la radio WDR2 di Colonia. C'erano anche in palio alcune decine di biglietti, ma che pare siano andati via come il pane. Sempre nella stessa settimana Sheryl sara' ospite di Ken Bruce, a BBC Radio 2. Buono a sapersi!

Ulteriori dettagli sopraggiungeranno nei prossimi giorni.

Il THREAD sul forum ufficiale.


1. Ramblin' Man by the Allman Brothers Band:
"I can drive anywhere in America and feel I'm at home in southern Missouri."

2. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac:

"I look at the world differently when I hear Stevie Nicks sing. The colors change."

3. Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones:

"The made country music cool They're English, but sound like every dirt road in the U.S."

4. Easy Plateau by Ryan Adams:

"He's a real throwback to the old outlaws like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash."

5. Highway 61 by Bob Dylan
"Self Explanatory"

Source : People Mag

Domenica 4 Settembre 2005


Sheryl Crow and her Band
with the David Campbell String Section

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Come da oggetto, il sito ha reso pubbliche le caratteristiche dell'edizione deluxe di 'Wildflower', eccovele :

*** CD
*** 16 Page Booklet
*** DVD with the following extra content :

- Where Has All The Love Gone
- Letter To God
- I Know Why
- Perfect Lie
- Lifetimes
- Good is Good
- Always on Your Side
- Good is Good Promo Video

Ma quando si decideranno a mettere online la nuova versione del sito ufficiale? Perche' questi ritardi? Eccheccazzo, siamo gia' al 4 di settembre...

[KATRINA] Lance donates to help cancer patients get treatment

La Lance Armstrong Foundation ha donato mezzo milione di dollari da destinare alle vittime dell'Uragano Katrina affette da cancro.

9/3/2005 7:37 PM
By: Associated Press

AUSTIN -- Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and his namesake cancer survivorship foundation will donate $500,000 to help cancer victims displaced by Hurricane Katrina get treatment. Armstrong said he expects the money will be used to help transport cancer patients to hospitals and cancer centers where they can continue to get treatment.

He said more money could be donated in the future. Armstrong survived a bout with testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain before he won the first of his record seven straight Tours titles.

He retired from competitive racing in July after his final Tour victory. Armstrong said the money would be sent to the hospitals and cancer centers, which would then arrange for transportation for patients.

Armstrong said he's been following the hurricane crisis on television and in newspapers.

[KATRINA] Hurricane Katrina refugees arrive in Kennett

Sunday, September 4, 2005
Trina Bell

Nearly 100 Hurricane Katrina refugees arrived in Kennett on Saturday.

The Dunklin County Sheriff's Department along with the Kennett Police Department are asking areas residents for assistance in providing for the needs of the refugees, who are being housed at Camp McClanahan, a church camp northeast of Kennett.

"They are going to need twin bed sheets, towels and wash cloths, new pillows, blankets, and waste baskets with liners," a member of the Kennett police department indicated.

Only new pillows can be accepted under rules of the American Red Cross.

All donations can be dropped off at the Sheriff's office on Slicer Street or the Kennett police department on Second Street.

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Sabato 3 Settembre 2005


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Sheryl Crow returns with her first new material since 2002's C'mon C'mon . Lead single, Good Is Good , is typical Crow - a mid-tempo country-tinged ballad that benefits from the presence of long-time collaborator, Jeff Trott (who co-penned Everyday Is A Winding Road and If It Makes You Happy ). Indeed, Trott also contributes some Dylan-esque slide guitar that lends the track a distinctly 70s feel. As an indicator of what to expect from the new album, Wildflower , it's impressive stuff.

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Sheryl e' stata aggiunta alla gia' nutrita lineup di "ReAct Now : Music & Relief", maratona televisiva di solidarieta' e raccolta fondi a favore delle vittime colpite dall'uragano Katrina, nel Sud degli Stati Uniti. L'evento' andra' in onda in diretta - dalle citta' di Los Angeles, New York, Nashville e Atlanta - la sera del 10 settembre sulle seguenti reti : MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2, VH1 Classic e mtvU, nonche' in streaming on-line su Overdrive e VSpot. Per ulteriori informazioni :

Airing September 10 from 8 to 11 p.m. ET/PT, "ReAct Now: Music & Relief" will feature a mix of live and taped performances and messages from more than 30 artists.

Other participating artists include Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, Audioslave, Simple Plan, Common, John Mayer, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Dashboard Confessional, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Brian Wilson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Melissa Etheridge, Mötley Crüe, Goo Goo Dolls, Staind and Alan Jackson.

Several artists with ties to the Louisiana and Mississippi area, including Trent Reznor, 3 Doors Down, Cash Money's Baby and Lil' Wayne, the Neville Brothers, Marc Broussard and the Radiators, will also partake, along with previously announced artists Green Day, Usher, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Dave Matthews Band, Rob Thomas, David Banner, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and John Mellencamp (see "Usher, Green Day, Alicia Keys Sign On For Hurricane Relief Concert September 10").

"Since we announced this campaign, there has been an incredible outpouring of support from the music and entertainment community, who want to lend their voices, performances or messages of hope to those in need," Van Toffler, president of MTV Networks Music Group, said in a statement. "The affected area hit hard by Hurricane Katrina shares a rich musical and cultural heritage, so it's all the more meaningful that we try to support these massive relief efforts through music and encouraging our audiences to help any way they can."

"It's going to be a great thing," said 3 Doors Down singer Brad Arnold, whose bandmembers had homes severely damaged in Mississippi. "It's going to raise a lot of money. It's going to raise a lot of awareness about how badly help is needed. And all in all it's gonna be a great show."

"ReAct Now: Music & Relief" will be broadcast commercial-free from New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and Atlanta and will air simultaneously on MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2, VH1 Classic and mtvU, as well as on the broadband online channels MTV Overdrive and VSpot.

The special will raise funds for the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, America's Second Harvest and similar organizations. Additional details will be announced in the coming days.

MTV News will air a special directly preceding "ReAct Now" on MTV.


Il prossimo 28 settembre Sheryl presenziera' alla riapertura del Virgin Megastore di Time Square, a New York City. I fans potranno approfittarne per farsi autografare le copie del nuovo album, nonche' assistere ad un breve concerto acustico. Ahhhhhhhh, che fortunati questi newyorkesi!

Wednesday Sep 28th 6:30pm

To add to the excitement of the Times Square, Manhattan Virgin Megastore re-opening, Sheryl will play a short acoustic set and be on hand for a limited time to autograph copies of her new record.

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Venerdi' 2 Settembre 2005



All she wants to do is have a cry.

Throughout her career, Sheryl Crow has managed a deft balancing act, with every radio-friendly sing-along matched with enough thoughtful introspection to reaffirm her place on the coffee table. So it follows that Wildflower is the tear-stained counterweight to 2002's unrelentingly sunny C'mon C'mon. With legendary arranger (and Beck's dad) David Campbell orchestrating swathes of melancholy for Perfect Lie's bitter country chug and adding Eleanor Rigby sadness to the title track, there are moments of genuine heartbreak amid the musty gloom.

Dan Gennoe

Apocalypse Jukebox
Final 10 songs she'd want to hear

10. "So What" by Miles Davis
9. "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by Willie Nelson
8. "Hejira" by Joni Mitchell
7. "Polonaises" by Chopin
6. "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

5. "Every Grain of Sand" by Bob Dylan
4. "Amazing Grace" by Aretha Franklin
3. "Hurt" by Johnny Cash
2. "Angel Band" by Ralph Stanley
1. "Yesterday" by The Beatles


File audio registrato da Sirius Radio il 7 luglio scorso, durante la copertura del Tour de France. Sheryl ci parla delle tecniche di limonamento di Lance :-)

Jul. 7th, 2005 - Higgins checks in with Lance Armstrong after he takes the yellow jersey, Sheryl Crow talks about Lance's kissing technique (oh yes, vive l'amour!), and more.

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