Monday 31 October 2005


Live @ Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, USA - October 23, 2005

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01. audience
02. Run Baby Run
03. Hard To Stand
04. Maybe Angels
05. Good Is Good
06. Letter To God
07. Perfect Lie
08. Favorite Mistake
09. First Cut
10. I Know Why
11. Mississippi
12. Live It Up
13. Strong Enough
14. Wildflower


01. Happy
02. It Don't Hurt
03. band introductions
04. Always
05. Where Has All The Love Gone
06. All I Wanna Do
07. Change
08. audience
09. Soak Up The Sun
10. Everyday Is A Winding Road
11. Safe And Sound
12. Levon

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Disc 2

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Musician Sheryl Crow performs during her concert at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in New York, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2005. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)


NEW YORK, NY Monday Oct.31.2005 / -- Conan's got Sheryl Crow on his program tonight, October 31st.

Crow will be the musical guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" on Monday, which is also Halloween. Crow will perform a song from her new album "Wildflower." Other guests include Jessica Alba and Jeff Garlin.

"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" airs weeknights at 12:35 am ET/11:35pm CT on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

Saturday 29 October 2005





Philadelphia, Tower Theater, October 28, 2005


ALL I WANNA-no strings
SOAK-no strings
WINDING-no strings



Friday 28 October 2005


Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Kennett Kiwanis Club heard from two civic-minded residents at Wednesday's noon meeting at the Grecian Steak House.

Jill Mobley and Charolyn Hilburn addressed the group about Sunday's Delta Children's Home Auction. The auction doors open at noon at Kennett's American Legion Building, with a bake sale on tap for 12:30 p.m.

The auction action begins at 1 p.m., Mobley said.

Articles up for grabs this year include a guitar autographed by Kennett's Sheryl Crow, and other articles donated by the pop star. Also on the auction block is a jersey worn by Crow's future husband, U.S. cycling icon Lance Armstrong, during his fourth Tour de France victory, Hilburn said.

Other items slated for auction include autographed photos of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the cast of "Desperate Housewives," and Jim Carey; a football autographed by the University of Missouri's team and coaching staff, and much more, Mobley said. Items to be auctioned are on display at A Cut Above salon on the square in downtown Kennett, Hilburn said.

The Delta Chidren's Home provides temporary shelter for kids from birth to 18 years old, Mobley said. The facility's annual budget is approximately $100,000, and nearly one-third of that is hoped to be garnered from the auction. Hilburn noted.

"This is our primary fund raiser," she told Kiwanians. "It's quite a bit to expect from one afternoon.

"So, tell all your friends to come out and enjoy themselves Sunday," she added. "They might see something they like, buy it, and help out those kids who can't help themselves at a time in their lives when they really need the help."

For more information about the event, call Mobley at (573) 888-2934, or Hilburn at (573) 888-2730.

Source :

PIX - "I Walk the Line: A Night for Johnny Cash"


NEW YORK - OCTOBER 26 : Lance Armstrong and fiance Sheryl Crow exit Garden after viewing Cream in concert, Ocotber 26, 2006 in New York. (Photo by Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images)


    This Weeks Top 20 Countdown:
1. Kanye West "Gold Digger" 2. Mariah Carey "Shake It Off" 3. Green Day "Wake Me Up When September Ends" 4. Kelly Clarkson "Because of You" 5. Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" 6. Nickelback "Photograph" 7. Weezer "Beverly Hills" 8. Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc" 9. Sheryl Crow "Good is Good" 10. Coldplay "Fix You" 11. The Killers "All These Things That I've Done" 12. Santana featuring Michelle Branch & The Wreckers "I'm Feeling You" 13. Aqualung "Brighter Than Sunshine" 14. Ricky Martin featuring Fat Joe and Amerie "I Don't Care" 15. Leela James "Music" 16. Pussycat Dolls "Stickwitu" 17. Audioslave "Doesn't Remind Me" 18. Destiny's Child "Stand Up For Love" 19. Lifehouse "You and Me" 20. Bon Jovi "Have a Nice Day"




Thursday 27 October 2005


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Wednesday 26 October 2005


Take me to the Mardi Gras
(Paul Simon)

Avanti, portami al Mardi Gras
Dove la gente canta e suona
Dove ballare è bello
E c’è musica per le strade
La notte e il giorno

Su, portami al Mardi Gras
Nella città dei miei sogni
Puoi legalizzare le tue tristezze
Puoi indossare i vestiti estivi
A New Orleans

L'uragano Katrina ha provocato un'emergenza senza precedenti in una vasta area degli Stati Uniti. Centinaia di migliaia di persone sono rimaste senza casa, senza lavoro, con un futuro incerto. Di fronte a questa catastrofe, AVSI ha lanciato una raccolta fondi per offrire aiuto alle famiglie sfollate nell’area di Baton Rouge, capitale della Louisiana, e a famiglie e gruppi di persone che in Texas, nella zona di Houston, hanno accolto e dato e supporto agli sfollati.

Venerdì 4 novembre 2005 ore 21.00

SALA FONTANA Via Boltraffio 18 Milano

Dopo il successo del concerto di due anni fa, sempre presso il Teatro Sala Fontana di Milano, l’ASSOCIAZIONE COMUNITÀ FONTANA (in collaborazione con il Consiglio di Zona 9) propone il prossimo 4 novembre un nuovo concerto a scopo benefico. Come la volta precedente il ricavato delle offerte sarà devoluto all’AVSI (, in questa specifica occasione per le vittime dell’uragano Katrina che ha devastato la città della musica per eccellenza, New Orleans, “The music city”.

Il concerto si caratterizza inoltre come un tentativo di valorizzare artisti italiani emergenti e affermati ma autori di proprie canzoni, in un momento in cui a Milano si assiste sempre più al fenomeno dei mega concerti da stadio, nell'intento invece di recuperare un rapporto più vero e diretto con chi nella nostra città ha ancora il piacere di ascoltare e vivere la musica e non solo quello di perdersi in riti di collettiva acclamazione che con la musica hanno sempre meno a che fare.

In questo senso le esibizioni di FRANCESCO D’ACRI (cantautore milanese emergente già protagonista del precedente concerto in Sala Fontana), del gruppo QUATTROTTAVE (; ensemble interamente vocale dell’hinterland milanese autori di un cd omonimo da poco pubblicato) e del ‘veterano’ MASSIMO PRIVIERO (; il suo esordio risale al 1988, l’album ‘San Valentino’; nella sua discografia ricordiamo un album prodotto da Little Steven Van Zandt che ancora nel 2003 lo ha definito come uno dei migliori rocker europei; ha Recentemente realizzato nel 2003 l’interessante cd "Testimone" e farà per l'occasione l'ultimo live acustico prima dell'uscita del suo nuovo album prevista nel 2006), saranno l’occasione per misurare il polso al canzone d’autore italiana.

Venerdì 4 novembre 2005 ore 21.00
SALA FONTANA Via Boltraffio 18 Milano

Ingresso gratuito con invito da richiedere al numero telefonico: 02 /66823008, nelle giornate di lunedì, mercoledì, venerdì dalle ore 18 alle ore 19; e-mail:

La serata è a favore di AVSI; si raccoglieranno offerte da destinare alla popolazione di New Orleans.


Pics by Amanda Peacock

The Difficult Kind - Live @ California Mid-State Fair, Paso Robles, CA, USA - July 30th, 2002

Audience Recording (Mini DV) - DiVx 6 - 640x480 - Hi-Quality - Stereo 44.1 kHz

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Paso Robles, CA Official Site >>
Paso Robles, CA Google Map >>


Interieur, Paris, France - March 27th, 1994


On the Scene: Sheryl Crow at the Hollywood Bowl

It seemed like George Harrison tribute week in L.A., wrapping up with a Sheryl Crow show at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday that paid implicit tribute to the Quiet One. Crow’s new album, “Wildflower,” sounds deeply steeped in the Harrison of the early ‘70s, with its relaxed feel and generous dollops of melancholy slide guitar. So it was no huge surprise when her entrance music at the Bowl was Harrison’s recording of “What is Life.” But her album’s near-constant orchestration also recalls the early ‘70s work of Elton John, so—given that she’s bringing a hefty string section out on this mini-tour—it wasn’t much more of a shock when she closed out the encores with a nice cover of “Levon.”

Crow, for me, has been someone who’s a great record-maker but whose live shows tend toward the predictable, so I was happy to see her mixing it up with those string, arranged and conducted by David Campbell (Beck’s increasingly busy dad). The orchestra played on everything in her two-hour set except “My Favorite Mistake” and “All I Wanna Do,” and while strings are certainly integral to her almost entirely balladic new batch of material, the subtle shadings they bring to aging album-track rockers like “Maybe Angels” is the real reason to catch this limited run of shows.

That, and the chance to see how Crow’s musculature lends itself to a wedding dress.

It was midway through the show that the singer revealed that the billowy white gown she had on was, indeed, her matrimonial frock, which might explain why she didn’t ditch it for something less sheer on a southern California night that actually felt like fall. References to Lance and the recent nuptials weren’t in short supply: “I’ve been gone for a while, I can’t lie,” she said. “But while I was gone, I got in pretty good shape, you know what I’m saying? It’s hard to make records and tour AND train for the Tour de France.”

Three nights earlier, more overt tribute to George Harrison was paid at a launch party for the DVD release of “The Concert for Bangladesh” at the Warner Bros. studio lot. Following a star-studded screening of the DVD’s new documentary featurette (there seemed to be some confusion about whether they would screen the actual movie or not—to the surprise of many, they didn’t), attendees moved outside for a short concert by many of the surviving players from the original “Bangladesh” band. Billy Preston sang several Harrison songs, joined by musicians including Jim Keltner, Klaus Voorman, and -- on “Isn’t It a Pity” -- Ringo. George’s dead-ringer son Dhani Harrison played guitar and sang harmony, though he didn’t take any leads, denying us of the chance to find out if his resemblance to his dad extends to his voice too.

Posted by Chris Willman



Tuesday 25 October 2005


San Diego, Symphony Hall, Oct. 24

Dida x gli italiani : nella foto Sheryl sta imitando Giovanni, di Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo ahahhahah





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Dal ns. inviato DeLupardis


Monday 24 October 2005


Non avrei mai pensato di trovare una recensione italiana dedicata ad un disco di Todd Wolfe, il chitarrista che piu' di tutti ha saputo conferire carattere ai live durante la lunga militanza al 'servizio' di Sheryl. Invece, con mia sorpresa, poco fa mi sono imbattuto in una pagina critica del CD "Delaware Crossing".

Copio e incollo da :

Che Todd Wolfe sia stato per un lungo periodo il chitarrista della back-up band di Sheryl Crow e che abbia contribuito non poco a caratterizzarne quel sound che, di li a poco, avrebbe cominciato a mietere successi in tutto il mondo, ormai, lo sanno anche i sassi. Ma il signor Wolfe, già nel 1979 come Troy & the Tornados, era l’attrazione più richiesta di locali prestigiosi come il Lone Star Cafè, Ritz, My father’s place, Tramps ed anche l’opening act per celebrate stars come Johnny Winter, Outaws, Allman Brothers, Neville Brothers, per arrivare, addirittura, nel 1980, a farsi aprire un concerto da Albert Collins…mica uno qualunque! In attesa della chiamata di Sheryl Crow, Todd Wolfe, tra il 1990 ed il 1993 lavora per Carla Olson nell’area di Los Angeles ma, quando Tuesday Night Music Club comincia a dare i suoi frutti, per i tre anni successivi, girare insieme a Rolling Stones, Eagles, Dylan, Page & Plant diventerà, quasi, routine, permettendo alla Crow di ricavarsi un posto in mezzo a quelle stesse stelle ed a Wolfe di farsi conoscere come musicista e chitarrista talentuoso, di acquisire esperienze irripetibili, oltre a conoscenze che gli permetteranno di iniziare una carriera in prima persona. Wolfe riparte da New York City con una band di nome Mojoson, destinati a trasformarsi in Todd Wolfe Blues Project, con l’album “Live at Manny’s car wash” nel 1999 in portfolio, per diventare WOLFE ed incidere nel 2001 l’album “Wolfe”, nel 2003 l’unofficial bootleg “Why thank you very much” e, nel 2004 questo “Delaware crossing”. Questa, in poche righe, la carriera di uno dei più interessanti chitarristi apparsi sulla scena americana negli ultimi anni, un chitarrista vero, profondo conoscitore dello strumento e della tecnica, dotato di un feeling innato e di una versatilità che gli permettono di lanciarsi in interminabili a solo o di incorniciare buone melodie, con fraseggi di grandissimo pregio. “Delaware crossing” sottolinea, ancora più che in precedenza, l’intensità del legame tra le radici rock di Wolfe e l’amore per il blues derivato dai suoi miti Eric Clapton ed Otis Rush, ai quali il riferimento è vistoso in ogni brano del CD. Ma tanto varrebbe ripetere la stessa frase sostituendo ai nomi di Clapton e Rush quelli di Hendrix e di Duane Allman, per ribadire che, probabilmente, Todd non sembra avere ancora deciso se far diventare i Wolfe una jam band o un power trio, anche se per un talento del suo calibro non ci sarebbero problemi a fare di tutto un po’. Dal rock blues di “Stranger blues”, che la chitarra hendrixiana fino al midollo di Wolfe e l’armonica straripante del grande John Popper rendono torrido, alla stonesiana “Tumblin’ down”, ancora con Popper in grande spolvero, alla cover di “Thing get better”, scritta da uno Steve Cropper in stato di grazia, per finire con “Wolfe jam”, oltre 7 minuti d’improvvisazione live che non sfigurerebbero nella scaletta di un concerto degli Allman, dimostrano che quando si hanno coraggio e talento, ci si può occupare di qualsiasi cosa, senza paura di sfigurare. Credo che “Delaware crossing” possa garantire ottime sensazioni ad un pubblico vasto, amante del rock, del r&b, del blues, della jam music, con la certezza di ascoltare un chitarrista destinato, se non a sostituire nei nostri cuori i soliti indimenticabili, certo a ricavarsi un posto al loro fianco.

Claudio Garbari


October 24, 2005 09:50 AM

Just about everybody knows that Sheryl Crow (tickets | music) can handle herself with an electric guitar and a four-piece rock band. But who knew that she could do just as well with a 12-member classical string section? That was just one of many lessons to be learned Friday (10/21) during the ongoing course that can best be described as "The Redefinition of Sheryl Crow."

Crow, as the instructor for the evening, did a great job in educating her "students" at the UC Berkeley Greek Theatre in how to avoid being pigeonholed. In doing so, she helped make sense of her latest CD, "Wildflower," a work that perplexed a number of both fans and critics when it was released in September.

It wasn't that the CD was bad that had many folks scratching their noggins upon first listen--it was that it was different. Having made her fortune riding such rowdy singles as "Everyday is a Winding Road," "All I Wanna Do" and "Soak Up the Sun," Crow followed a completely different path with the softer-edged "Wildflower."

Yet, the things that made the new CD sound so curious—-the string section, the heavy reliance on singer/songwriter material and mid-tempo balladry, the absence of summery anthems--are exactly the same elements that made this Berkeley show work so well.

Whereas Crow initially seemed like an artist ignoring her strengths in the studio, she came across in concert like someone who is pushing her musical boundaries and expanding her appeal. In particular, her use of a string section on stage really seemed to add depth to both old and new material. Granted, however, it was still a bit weird to see the guitar-slinger and her regular rock band share the stage with 12 classically trained players and a conductor.

Although her musical direction is changing, the 43-year-old vocalist's reliance on her ample sex appeal remains as strong as ever. Even Crow had to laugh at her wardrobe--a mere wisp of a low-cut short dress that seemed better suited for a warm summer day in Minneapolis than a cool fall night in Berkeley.

"OK, I can't lie to you, wearing this dress in this weather is retarded," she said to a crowd bundled in heavy coats and blankets. "But, you see, if you hit a few bad notes, at least you still have the legs."

Yes, we saw and, surely, many appreciated those legs. Fortunately, they weren't needed to cover up any bad notes. Crow sounded great as she kicked off the show with the fan-favorite "Run, Baby, Run" and proceeded to grow stronger as she mixed old with new. After a solid version of "Maybe Angels," from her eponymous sophomore effort of 1996, the singer cracked the seal on the "Wildflower" material and performed a trio of new songs: "Good is Good," "Letter to God" and "Perfect Lie."

Both "Good is Good" and "Letter to God" were two of the best songs of the night and, as unlikely as it may sound, far superior to the concert versions of such hits as "All I Wanna Do" and "A Change."

Although only moderately appealing on record, "Good is Good" translated live as a solid piece of '70s-style, mid-tempo classic rock. In fact, the tune possessed a certain Marshall Tucker Band vibe as the vocalist rhymed "rolling thunder" with "rock to crawl right under" while wild geese were shown flying across a large video screen overhead.

"Letter to God," while it severely tested Crow's vocal range, also came across much better in concert than on disc. "Everybody should write a song about God," Crow told the crowd. "It just wreaks havoc."

Crow's performance improved as it got more intimate. She grabbed an acoustic guitar, took a seat on a stool and delivered a knockout version of "Strong Enough." She switched to piano and achieved similar results with the sweet "Wildflower" track "Always on Your Side."

Of course, not everybody was happy with Crow's softer focus.

"She's supposed to be rock 'n' roll," complained one man. "This isn't rock 'n' roll."

As if on cue, Crow cranked up the rock by ending the main set with "All I Wanna Do" and "A Change" and then continued to roll in the encore with "Soak Up the Sun" and "Everyday is a Winding Road."

Crow topped off that flurry of hits with a surprise cover of Elton John's "Levon" that truly brought the house down.

It would've been hard to have seen that one coming by looking solely through a pigeonhole. And that, more than anything, is the lasting lesson to take away from "The Redefinition of Sheryl Crow".

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BERKELEY, Greek Theater, Oct. 21

LOS ANGELES, Hollywood Bowl, Oct. 23

Sunday 23 October 2005


Sheryl with Bobby Muller (USMC Ret), President of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and AAM Board Chair Nancy Rubin. Gala honoree Bobby Muller, Los Angeles, CA.

Support V.V.A.F. :

"She's been generous in every single way"
"Out of all of the artists, Emmy's been our queen , but without a doubt Sheryl's done the biggest lifting"
"I love Sheryl Crow, and I feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to her" - Bobby Muller


Photo 1/2 - Nine-time Grammy-winner Sheryl Crow performs at Eddie Bauer's presentation of the 69th seasonal opening of the ice rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Photo 3 - Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow and Antigone Rising band member Kristen Henderson pose at Eddie Bauer's presentation of the 69th seasonal opening of the ice rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Images : © Zack Seckler/Corbis

Saturday 22 October 2005


BERKELEY, CA - OCTOBER 21 : Sheryl Crow and band perform with a 12 piece string section led by conductor David Campbell at the Greek Theater on October 21, 2005 in Berkely California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

W le ignude gambe senza collant :-)



Live from House of Blues, Los Angeles, California, USA - October 28th, 1994


- DOWNLOAD - same tracklist - MP3 128 kBit/s, 44.1 kHz, Stereo - 18 MB (no rapidshare)

"Say `Hallelujah' and pass the biscuits" ;-)


Il prossimo 16 novembre Sheryl partecipera' a "I Walk the Line : A Night for Johnny Cash", uno show tributo dedicato al compianto Man in Black, scomparso poco piu' di due anni fa. Lo speciale precedera' il rilascio della pellicola biografica "Walk the Line", che debuttera' negli States il 18 novembre (in Italia e' previsto per il 10 febbraio 2006, sic!). All'evento participeranno artisti del calibro degli U2, Allison Krauss, Norah Jones, Foo FIghters, Kris Kristofferson e Brad Paisley, oltre agli attori Joaquin Phoenix e Reese Witherspoon, che nel film vestono i panni di Cash e June Carter.

Per Sheryl si tratta del quarto tributo televisivo a Cash. Il primo e il secondo erano piu' che decenti, mentre il terzo (il memorial per intenderci) fu qualcosa di folgorante, uno dei piu' bei tribute show mai visti, e non solo per la scintillante lineup. Difficile che si ripetera' una simile atmosfera, ma chissenefrega in fondo, mi fa sempre piacere vedere il nome di Sheryl vicino a quello di Johnny Cash. Anzi, sto aspettando con impazienza di ascoltare la cover di 'Redemption Day', incisa poco prima della dipartita per il 'country heaven'. Sara' meglio dell'originale? A giudicare dalle rivistazioni*** presenti negli American Recordings (specie il IV), ci sono buone probabilita'. Ma in tal caso, sono sicuro che nessuno fra di voi si offendera' ;-)

Rest in peace, dear Johnny!

*** Provate ad ascoltare 'Desperado' (Eagles), 'Hurt' (NIN), 'I Won't Back Down' (Tom Petty), 'Personal Jesus' (Depeche Mode) e 'I Hung My Head' (Sting), esecuzioni superbamente reinterpretate in chiave acustica, sopratutto le ultime quattro, IMHO superiori alle originali.

LOS ANGELES ( Artists ranging from Dwight Yoakam to Norah Jones to the Foo Fighters have come aboard a CBS special paying tribute to Johnny Cash, which will air just before a movie about his life hits theaters.

U2, Brad Paisley, Sheryl Crow, Allison Krauss and Cash's former fellow Highwayman Kris Kristofferson are also among the performers set for "I Walk the Line: A Night for Johnny Cash." The one-hour special is set to air Wednesday, Nov. 16, the night after the CMA Awards on CBS and two days before the release of the Cash biopic "Walk the Line."

The movie's stars, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, will be on hand to introduce performances, as will Dennis Quaid, who played Cash contemporary Jerry Lee Lewis (who's also set to perform on the special) in the 1989 movie "Great Balls of Fire."

Friday 21 October 2005


NEW YORK - OCTOBER 20 : Musician Sheryl Crow performs onstage during an opening night party for the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink on October 20, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)



NEW YORK - OCTOBER 20 : Musician Sheryl Crow and fiance cyclist Lance Armstrong arrive at the opening night party for the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink on October 20, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty


Sheryl Crow to Entertain at Epicurean Club “Beach party Under the Stars”
Scholarship Fundraiser October 22, 2005

Singing sensation Sheryl Crow will entertain at the Epicurean Club of Las Vegas’ “Beach Party Under the Stars” annual scholarship fundraiser, set for Saturday, October 22, at the Wave Pool inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Sure to be an evening of extraordinary cuisine, fine wines, top entertainment and fabulous socializing, the elaborate pool party will feature delicacies prepared by world-class chefs from the finest Las Vegas restaurants. The non-profit Nevada Cancer Institute, and its co-founders Jim and Heather Murren, will be honored during the evening.

A silent auction, and a live auction of unique dining and travel opportunities, will be included in the evening’s activities. One highlight of the live auction will be a dream dinner at the MGM Grand Mansion, prepared by 2005 World Chef of the Year Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck Restaurant in Bray, England; renowned French chefs Joël Robuchon (named “Cook of the Century" by the Guide Gault Millau); and 2004 Best Chef in North America Thomas Keller of the French Laundry restaurant in Napa, California.

The Ferragamo family, an internationally renowned fashion dynasty, and Antinori family, an artistocracy of the wine world, have donated an eight-night stay in a family estate and personal tours of Florence, Italy, and the surrounding wine country, to be auctioned during the evening. Airfare for the trip has been donated by Alitalia Airlines. Tickets for the entire event are available at $500 per person or $5,000 for a table of 10. For further information or to make reservations, please call (702) 248-3312.

Net proceeds raised by this event will be used for college scholarships, internships and enrichment programs for deserving area high school senior students who wish to pursue a career as a hospitality industry professional. Scholarship applications may be obtained each year online at or Thanks to the generosity of many local businesses, 82 percent of gross receipts from previous dinners have been allocated to scholarships, with the remainder used to pay for service, taxes and some food costs. The Epicurean Club of Las Vegas is a nonprofit association of Nevada hospitality executives formed to share knowledge and fellowship, provide educational opportunities and support the local community.

Current club officers are Bart Mahoney, President; Joe Essa, Vice President; Scott Farber, secretary; and Brian Lerner, treasurer. Club founder Rino Armeni and Las Vegas socialite Sandy Colón-Peltyn are co-chairpersons of the annual dinner committee.



By Yoshi Kato

Special to the Mercury News
Perusing the newsstand recently, one could find Sheryl Crow on the cover of both Self and Entertainment Weekly.The fitness publication portrayed the well-known rocker as happy and in great shape; the pop-cultural periodical had her sharing the cover with Fiona Apple for its annual fall music issue. Between the two magazines, Crow's personas as familiar celebrity, seasoned entertainer and practicing musical artist were all, well, covered.

Tonight at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, however, the 43-year-old Missouri native will let the music be the focus of attention for one of only 13 special performances. With her quintet and a 12-piece string section, Crow will present the music from her fifth and latest studio album, ``Wildflower'' (released Sept. 27 on A&M), as well as many of her hits.Crow's 11-city tour started Saturday in Seattle and ends early next month in London. Before heading to England, a pair of dates at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in Manhattan will be filmed for DVD release ``mainly because of the fact that if we can't take the whole thing on the road, then that would at least give people an opportunity to see this incarnation of the tour,'' says Crow.

These shows mirror the sound and aesthetic of the string-laden ``Wildflower,'' which in turn speaks to the state of Crow's mind and life. The release of her ``The Very Best of Sheryl Crow'' collection in 2003 marked the conclusion of one part of her career. Both she and her listening public were able to look back on her bevy of hit singles, from 1993's ``Leaving Las Vegas'' and 1994's ``All I Wanna Do'' to 2002's ``Soak Up the Sun'' and a cover of Cat Stevens' ``The First Cut Is the Deepest,'' one of the compilation's two new tracks.

`I was so surprised that the greatest hits did so well, because I really assumed that with the advent of the iPod and iTunes, that people were already making their greatest hits,'' she says, by phone from her home in Los Angeles. `And that, for me, gave me an opportunity to take time off and really consider what direction to go in next.''

Crow had established herself professionally as a backing vocalist for Michael Jackson and Don Henley before breaking through with her debut album, 1993's `Tuesday Night Music Club.'' She then spread her reputation as a strong live performer by participating in the H.O.R.D.E. and Lilith Fair tours as well as both the 1994 and 1999 Woodstock anniversary concerts.At the front end of 2004, she moved to Spain with then-boyfriend (now fiance) Lance Armstrong to accompany him during his Tour de France training and competition. It would be her first extended break since moving from the Midwest to Southern California in 1986.

`I stepped away from the part of my life that I had measured my self-worth by, which for me has always been a struggle,'' she reflects.` My productivity is what has made me feel vital. And that's not always a healthy position to be in, because then your work becomes your life buoy.''

The move, which was repeated this year for Armstrong's seventh and last Tour de France, was a big life change for Crow. She was relocating short-term to a foreign country with someone she hadn't lived with before and was still getting to know.

" It was challenging and sometimes extremely panic-driven,''
she says. "And it was also just the most wonderful experience, because the thing that I had always missed in my life'' as a working and often touring musician" is what I'd love the most about my life, and that's family.''

Invariably, because she wasn't required to finish any new songs while in Spain, she ended up writing enough material for two albums.

"Also, it was just a fascinating time to be an artist, to be a writer,'' particularly living in Europe and getting an overseas perspective of the United States",
she says. Whereas one would instinctively listen for Crow's empire-conquering melodies or an individual track's clever instrumentation and smart arrangement on her previous albums, ``Wildflower'' works as a whole album in a short-attention-span world.

Her identifiable and comforting voice stands out foremost, followed by her straightforward lyrics as framed by warm orchestrations.``KFOG listeners are reacting very positively to the several songs KFOG is playing from the `Wildflower' CD, although many of us miss Sheryl's more gritty, `Stones' guitar grooves,'' writes KFOG program director Dave Benson, in an e-mail.Found in the middle third of ``Wildflower,'' the mellow classic-rock-funk of ``Lifetimes'' and the up-tempo, personally anthemic ``Live It Up'' are the two tracks that hark back to her previous hit singles.

The rest of ``Wildflower'' is lyrically and sonically more introspective, from the banjo-tinged opening-song exploration of love that is ``I Know Why'' to the quiet, percussionless title track to the view of world affairs in the closing number ``Where Has All the Love Gone?''``This record is obviously more intimate and probably more heartfelt,'' she says. She wanted it to feel like Neil Young's ``Harvest,'' ``in that you feel like it's a very intimate exchange between you and Neil -- it's just you and Neil, and it's all about his voice and the lyrics and very simple arrangements and simple production.

"It's the only record I've made where I felt like when I finished it, it was completely finished,'' she notes. "There was nothing else to be done after the fact. It was complete, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.''



Photos and report at :

[Ext. Link] Eddie Bauer's homepage


Thursday 20 October 2005


Aquatic center revenue better than anticipated

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Trina Bell

The Sheryl Crow Aquatic Center (SCAC) surpassed expectations this year with an ending profit of nearly $7,000.

Greg Harris, member of the Kennett Community Development Corporation (KCDC) said although the pool wasn't a huge money maker, it did bring in more revenue than the supporters of the project had expected for the first year of operation. "But despite the skepticism we had received early on, the pool went over better than we had anticipated, considering the fact that we were expecting to fund about $10,000 for the first year," Harris said.

"With that in mind, we came out about $15,000 above what we expected for the first year income," he said. "The center did really well, everyone was so pleased with the operation of the facility," he added.

Harris said the KCDC had expected to have problems here and there as far as equipment malfunctions, accidents, or misconduct was concerned. "There were only a few instances where Krissi Holmes, SCAC manager, had to ask someone to leave the premises," Harris said. "But we were accident free and had no other major problems to occur."

Being a farmer and messing with water equipment on a daily basis, Harris said that he had expected there would be a few problems with the center's equipment, but the equipment was tremendous," he said. "It was like clock work," he added, it was the same thing every day." Harris said that the KCDC was pleased with this years lifeguards. "We had a good group of kids," he said. "They worked really hard through training and didn't let anyone down, "They were great. He also praises Krissi Holmes, the SCAC's pool manager.

"She did a great job managing the pool this year," Harris said, "especially since there was nothing to go by."

"This was a huge thing and big responsibility since no one had managed a water park type center," he added.

Harris said although the center was a success, the KCDC has come up with other ways of improving the center's economic development and to make it more efficient for the people attending. "Next year we are hoping to add a snack bar," he said. "The machines did really well but we feel that it would be more accommodating to have a concession stand type snack bar," he added.

Harris said many out-of-town visitors stopped in to buy a Sheryl Crow souvenir to take back home. "People from all over came in to town just to buy a Sheryl Crow T-shirt," he said. "I'm pleased with the outcome and believe that although the opening year will be hard to beat, each year to come the center will improve."

Harris said the KCDC thanks all the supporters of the SCAC, and the people who made donations to help purchase some much needed equipment and supplies.

Source :


1. Unplugged, Alicia Keys
2. All The Right Reasons, Nickelback
3. Tough All Over, Gary Allan
4. Monkey Business, Black Eyed Peas
5. Late Registration, Kanye West
6. Life, Ricky Martin
7. Wildflower, Sheryl Crow
8. The Day After, Twista
9. All Jacked Up, Gretchen Wilson
10. Let's Get It, Young Jeezy


Wednesday 19 October 2005


SHERYL CROW - Wildflower

Settimo lavoro per la popstar americana, settimo album che segna una vera e propria svolta, un'inversione di tendenza.

C’è una dimensione cantautorale in questa nuova fatica, c’è la voglia di esplorare delle nuove vie, c’è la voglia di lasciare l’andamento classico del poprock a cui lei deve il grande successo, per abbracciare una fase intimista e personale.

La cura degli arrangiamenti orchestrali è affidata a David Campbell, (forse molti non lo sanno, ma è il papà di Beck), ed è la chiave di volta di tutto questo cambiamento.

Sheryl è autrice in proprio di metà delle 12 canzoni che compongono il lavoro, mentre le altre sono state scritte con altri autori, e fra tutte indubbiamente spicca la title track, splendido gioellino dai colori quasi sudamericani, in cui Sheryl Crow ci fa indubbiamente emozionare grazie ad una più che convincente interpretazione vocale. Belle anche "Sending a letter to god" e la dolcissima e delicata "Where has all the love gone".

Uno dei singoli scelti per il lancio del disco "Good is good", forse è l’unico episodio che rimanda alla dimensione solita, tra virgolette, di Sheryl.

Il greatest hits di due anni fa ha indubbiamente chiuso un ciclo, con la perla incastonata della riproposta di un vecchio hit di Stevens, ora questo nuovo Wildflower ne apre uno nuovo, con più che positivi auspici.

Per DiRadio : Maurizio Calzavara





© Elizabeth Kreutz/NewSport/Corbis



Sheryl Crow has been in the public eye a lot during the past couple of years, but not so much for the pop music career that made her famous. She's been showing up instead in sportscasts and gossip columns because she's been dating a guy who rides a bike.

That this fellow, Lance Armstrong, rides well enough to win the Tour de France a record seven times makes him an even bigger celebrity than his new fiancee. And the world -- or at least much of the United States -- loves little more than a celebrity relationship.

Crow, of course, understands this full well, and in her Monday night concert in the Rose Garden arena's Theater of the Clouds, she made teasing little allusions to this private matter of public interest.

"We haven't been around in a while," she said, a few songs into the two-hour show. "I've been going to bike races." Then she dedicated the song "Good Is Good" to her Blackberry, the modern communication marvel she said helped her get to know Armstrong in the first month after they met.

Later she introduced a song by saying that she used to dedicate it to all the single men in the audience or, really, all the single men she'd ever met. "But now . . .," she added, and let the inference hang for a moment before beginning "Strong Enough," a song whose hook, "Are you strong enough to be my man?," comes across as more plea than challenge.

Later still, Armstrong himself darted onstage to bring her a red Telecaster ("He's the most expensive guitar tech I've ever had," she joked), then again for a brief dance with the (other) star. By then the point was clear: Crow is happier these days.

Perhaps paradoxically, this love-inspired lightness of heart has freed her to be more serious in her music. And for Crow, that's a good thing. At times in recent years she has appeared unsure of her creative direction and uneasy about the demands of the competitive mainstream marketplace. But on her new album, "Wildflower," she's not worried about fitting into a radio format and instead delivers a steady dose of the thoughtful, richly textured ballads and midtempo pop that are her strongest suit.

That album's tone transferred nicely to Monday's show. Ruminative new songs such as "Wildflower," "Perfect Lie" and the George Harrison-like, subtly anti-war "Where Has All the Love Gone" ("Today I saw the flag roll by/on a wooden box") were gorgeous. An 11-piece string section, directed by David Campbell (dressed in tux tails and jeans), was brought for the new material but also added depth and color to such old favorites as "It Don't Hurt" and "If It Makes You Happy" and a striking, show-closing cover of Elton John's classic "Levon."

This was only the second show of Crow's first tour in a number of years, but she was as reliable a performer as ever, playing guitar, bass, piano, and singing with open-hearted assurance. She may have been away for a while, but for this star, getting back onstage is like riding a bike.

Marty Hughley: 503-221-8383;


Seattle, WA - Oct. 16, 2005
Portland, OR - Oct. 17, 2005
Nampa, ID - Oct. 18th, 2005



Tinker Hatfield had some comely duty earlier this month. The Nike Inc. exec flew to Austin, Texas, for the unveiling of the 10//2 Lance Armstrong Collection in the cycling great’s hometown. Hatfield was on hand for Sheryl Crow’s thank-you concert to the city where her fiancé grew up. Already close to Armstrong, Hatfield got to know Crow better during the visit.

“She’s a pro, and we had a ton of fun at the concert,” Hatfield says. “But she’s also a down-to-earth southern Missouri girl, just good people.”

Crow’s 6-carat diamond engagement ring caught Hatfield’s eye.

“If she fell off a boat wearing it, she’d sink,” he cracks. “When we took some pictures, I asked her to hide the ring. She flashed it out in front of me just as the picture was taken. Very funny.”

Source :


Run Baby Run
Hard To Make a Stand
Maybe Angels
Good Is Good
Letter To God
Perfect Lie
Favorite Mistake
First Cut is the Deepest
Live It Up
Strong Enough
If It Makes You happy
It Don't Hurt
Always On Your Side
Where Has All The Love
All I Wanna Do

Soak Up the Sun
Everyday is a Winding Road

Safe And Sound

Tuesday 18 October 2005



Seattle got the first look at a new Sheryl Crow Sunday night, when she opened a nine-date minitour at the Paramount Theatre.

WHERE: Paramount Theatre

WHEN: Sunday night

Backed by a four-piece band and 12-piece string section, Crow traded her leather jeans for a sheer, white evening gown. For two hours, she gave the sold-out house a taste of saloon-singing elegance that erred on the side of good taste.

Drenched in mood lighting, Crow opened her 22-song concert with "Run Baby Run," from her 1993 debut, "Tuesday Night Music Club." It was a shaky start, with the vocals sometimes overwhelmed by David Campbell's string section, but Crow found solid ground by the time the soulful coda came around.

After two songs from her self-titled sophomore album, she got down to the business at hand. Introducing "Good Is Good," the first single from her new album, "Wildflower," as a song about maintaining long-distance relationships through technology, Crow let the crowd know that she wasn't going to give them a recap of her greatest hits. The new album was a breakthrough for her, and she wasn't interested in looking back.

Although "Everyday Is a Winding Road" and "All I Wanna Do" were on the menu, the fans enjoyed hearing them more than she enjoyed singing them. Crow's new persona had little room for the casual vulgarity that had energized 1996 charts with hits such as "If It Makes You Happy."

The eight songs performed from "Wildflower" found Crow in the role of pop diva. For "Letter to God," she put down her guitar and stood against the lights while her hair was ruffled and her dress rippled by the blower at her feet. The song had such a great melody that the MTV posing was unnecessary.

Other new material included the Allman Brothers-flavored "I Know Why," "Perfect Lie," an anthemic pop tune that could well be the album's second single, and two songs on which Crow made her public debut on the piano. The main set ended as she capped the get-up-and-dance funk of "Change" with a banshee scream. Two sets of encores followed, and Crow finished the night with a cover of Elton John's "Levon."

Bill White /


It was evident from the moment she stepped onto the stage that Sheryl Crow was launching a new phase in her career.

Opening her first tour in years, the formerly scruffy but elegant rock star was transformed into a classy chanteuse, wearing a silky, form-fitting white dress and high heels, as she began with "Run, Baby, Run" in front of a lively string section and her four-piece band.

"I'm wearing my wedding dress tonight," she happily told the capacity crowd. Her enormous rock of an engagement ring, from Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong, sparkled in the light. Later she said it was the first time she had ever worn a dress onstage and it was also the first time she had played piano. "Mom would be so proud," she said.

The radiant Crow emphasized songs from her new "Wildflower" album, her most romantic yet most serious release, part of which deals with maturity, marriage and family (Armstrong has children). She also featured cuts from her previous CD, "The Very Best of Sheryl Crow," which gave the show a "greatest hits" feeling.

"I'm full of love these days," she gushed, between "My Favorite Mistake" and "I Know Why."

She strapped on a guitar for "How to Make A Stand" and other rock songs, including "If It Makes You Happy," "Strong Enough," "All I Wanna Do," "A Change Would Do You Good" and the rock centerpiece of the set, an extended "It Don't Hurt."

The 11-piece string section, jauntily directed by David Campbell (father of rock star Beck) in black tails over faded blue jeans, added drama and texture to songs such as her new hit single "Good Is Good"; the UFO-themed "Maybe Angels," during which she emphasized a reference to Kurt Cobain; the heartfelt "Letter to God"; and her hit cover of Cat Stevens' "The First Cut Is The Deepest," from the "Best Of" CD.

The set built in excitement. By the time she got to the encores (for which she changed into a black pantsuit) the whole house was on its feet. The first rocked with "Soak Up the Sun" and "Everyday Is a Winding Road." The second was mellower, with "Safe and Sound" and a cover of Elton John's "Levon."


Seriamente, mi da ai nervi. Ieri, per una fortuita congiunzione astrale, l'ho beccata TRE volte in TRE differenti radio, una americana, una tedesca ed una italiana. Non se ne puo' piu', bandiamola dalle scalette, dai concerti, porco demonio! Sheryl ha fatto uno sbaglio a coverizzare quella canzone, almeno dal lato artistico, perche' sul piano commerciale, beh, con FC si e' persino portata a casa un platinum disc!!!! Dico, un singolo di platino nel 2004, e' possibile? La cosa piu' triste e' il fatto che e' stato il primo e unico single a toccare il milione di copie. Il marketing colpisce ancora una volta.

Per questa ragione, quando leggo commenti come il seguente, non posso di certo biasimare i denigratori :

Sara' felice la A&M, e Sheryl, ovviamente!

(eloquente la vignetta, eh? :-)


Ieri sera Sheryl si e' esibita a Portland, OR, mentre oggi sara' nientepopodimenoche a Nampa, nel meraviglioso stato dell'Idaho. Ma quale NYC, LA, Chicago... sono questi i concerti che amo, nelle town nordamericane, tipo Sioux City, SD, Antioch, TN, Las Cruces, NM, o... Kennett, Missouri :-D


Ma il sito ufficiale non copre questi eventi?? Devo sempre ricorrere all'inviato De Lupardis? E che diamine...

Nampa (google map)
Idaho Center (official site)

Prossimamente Sheryl sara' attesa a Berkeley (21), Los Angeles (23), San Diego (24). Seguira' il solito trasfertone nella East Coast per prendere parte ad altri tre concerti, a Upper Darby, PA (28) e New York (30 e 31). A New York, ricordiamolo, sara' presente la troupe che si occupera' di registrare il concerto per il prossimo DVD, che forse vedremo a dicembre.

Nota a margine : speriamo canti 'Chances Are'...

Monday 17 October 2005


Da appassionato della Noble Art, ho trovato interessante la menzione di Clay, nell'articolo di Sport Week. E parlando appunto di pugilato, forse non tutti si ricordano che durante il tour promozionale europeo per il Greatest Hits, Sheryl si esibi' sul ring della Color Line Arena di Amburgo, in Germania, il 18 October del 2003, poco prima dell'incontro fra Dariusz Michalczewski e Julio Cesar Gonzalez (categoria WBO). Sul quadrato era accompagnata da Wolfgang Niedecken.

Ecco una piccola gallery :

Olli & Marcel WM-Kampf/




 Grazie a Guaro per avermi gentilmente digitalizzato l'articolo in oggetto



Thanks Bert!




Sheryl Crow performs on the opening night of her Wildflower Tour in Seattle October 16, 2005. The tour highlights her fifth studio album 'Wildflower.' REUTERS/Richard Clement

Setlist :

Run, Baby, Run
Hard To Make A Stand
Maybe Angels
Good Is Good
Letter To God
Perfect Lie
My Favorite Mistake
I Know Why
Live It Up (Yeah!)
Stong Enough
If It Makes You Happy
It Don't Hurt
Always On Your Side
Where Has All The Love Gone
The First Cut Is The Deepest
All I Wanna Do

1st Encore
Soak Up The Sun
Every Day Is A Winding Road

2nd Encore
Safe & Sound


Sunday 16 October 2005


Sheryl & Band - Frisco, oct. 1994

Sheryl Crow - Live @ Warfield Theater
San Francisco, California, USA - October 25th, 1994

Featuring :

* Sheryl Crow - Vocals and guitars
* Roy Scott Bryan - Guitars, keyboards
* Tad Wadhams - Bass
* Todd Wolfe - Lead guitar
* Wally Ingram - Drums
* John Popper (Blues Traveler) - Harmonica

Setlist :

01. Reach Around Jerk
02. Can't Cry Anymore
03. Love is a Good Thing (rock version)
04. Leaving Las Vegas
05. Run Baby Run
06. On The Outside
07. The Na-Na Song
08. Strong Enough
09. Rodeo
10. I Feel Happy
11. All I Wanna Do (ft. John Popper)
12. I Shall Believe

Extreeeeeeeeeeme close-uuuup! I LOVE this concert! Atypical setlist with a lot of juicy b-sides. Sheryl and the guys gave the *best* live rendition of 'All I Wanna Do'. Great audience, warm night music!

- DOWNLOAD PART 1 (tracks 1-6)

- DOWNLOAD PART 2 (tracks 7-12)


Sheryl Crow - Live @ Metropolis Music Hall
Munich, Germany - March 25th, 2002

Featuring :

* Sheryl Crow - Vocals and guitars
* Lorenza Ponce - Violin
* Matt Brubeck - Cello
* Peter Stroud - Guitars
* Mike Rowe - Keyboards
* Tim Smith - Bass and vocals
* Jim Bogios - Drums

Setlist :

01. Everyday Is A Winding Road
02. Steve McQueen
03. My Favorite Mistake
04. Soak Up The Sun
05. C'mon C'mon
06. Strong Enough
07. If It Makes You Happy
08. Lucky Kid
09. A Change Would Do You Good
10. The Difficult Kind
11. Midnight Rider (Allman Bros. cover)
12. You're An Original
13. All I Wanna Do
14. There Goes The Neighborhood
15. Run, Baby, Run
16. Good Times, Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)

MP3 - 128 Kbit/s

- DOWNLOAD PART 1 (tracks 1-8)

- DOWNLOAD PART 2 (tracks 9-16)





Cheeeeeeeeeese :-)


1 All The Right Reasons

2 The Day After

3 Real Fine Place
Sara Evans

4 All Jacked Up
Gretchen Wilson

5 Wildflower
Sheryl Crow

6 Late Registration
Kanye West

7 Extraordinary Machine
Fiona Apple

8 You Could Have It So Much Better
Franz Ferdinand

9 Monkey Business
The Black Eyed Peas

10 Fireflies
Faith Hill




Thursday 13 October 2005


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Copyright Christine Callahan - Ace Pictures






Wednesday 12 October 2005


The 2005 Wall Street Concert Series Benefiting Wall Street Rising Sponsored by de Grisogono and Performance By Sheryl Crow 4/26/2005


[STATS] Sheryl Crow's Albums sales and chart positions in Japan

1993/11/26 "Tuesday Night Music Club" #54 , 7 weeks - 49,050
1995/04/01 "Tuesday Night Music Club + Live [Japan Only]" #92 , 2 weeks - 8,120
1996/09/26 "Sheryl Crow" #24 , 8 weeks - 68,800
1997/05/08 "SC Tour Edition [Japan Only]" #90 , 2 weeks - 7,090
1998/09/18 "The Globe Sessions" #18 , 9 weeks - 83,080
2002/04/03 "C'mon C'mon" # 9 , 11 weeks - 121,600
2003/06/25 "Sheryl Crow: Live at Budokan" #90 , 4 weeks - 6,583
2003/10/10 "The Very Best of Sheryl Crow" #11 , 13 weeks - 87,896

Tuesday 11 October 2005



Segnalo la presenza di un servizio dedicato a Sheryl sul numero di October di Rock Star.

Un album e un matrimonio. E la bionda cantante americana vive il suo momento più felice



Ecco il ‘fiore selvatico' di Sheryl Crow che sboccia anche negli ambienti più ostili. “Wildflower” è il nuovo studio album della lady del folk rock americano, dieci inediti impreziositi dagli straordinari arrangiamenti di David Campbell. Ombre nella pioggia che svaniscono negli arpeggi di "I Know Why", un omaggio al compagno e marito Lance Armstrong (campione di ciclismo) nella title track. La sua voce viene coccolata dalle note della chitarra acustica che in qualche spunto sprizza toni elettrici ma mai aggressivi e esaltata dai deliziosi inserti della sezione archi. Un set che esalta le doti dell'artista US, trascinante dal punto di vista lirico e prezioso nelle tessiture sonore

Fonte :


Sunday 9 October 2005



Thanks to Linda (Crowlin) - who shared her extra pass with me....

Sheryl, Tim and Peter performed 4 songs

1)Where has all the love gone (SC on keyboards)
2) Good is Good
3) Perfect Lie

They sounded great - my favorite was Perfect Lie. Sheryl told us that she had a head cold - so to please excuse her voice. We said "but you never get sick!" to which she responded - "yeah, but now I'm around kids!!" - and smiled.

I was right in front - about 3 feet from Sheryl and Tim. Her ring is VERY impressive.

A couple of other things - she mentioned that Tim and Peter were on backing vocals - then Tim talked about his vocals while teasing Peter and I said "yeah, we heard Tim sing a line from GIG all by himslef on Letterman". Sheryl said "On Letterman, I forgot where I was in the song..."

At one point, she looked at at a huge poster and said "it's not easy to sing while looking ar Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb!"

Afterwards, we were able to get our CD's signed: I congratulated Sheryl on her engagement, said that I was a HUGE George Harrison fan & loved the George influence on some of the new tunes and mentioned that I would be at the Hollywood Bowl show. She could not have been lovelier.....

We also saw Chris Hudson. After the mini-show, but before the signing, we ran into Peter and Tim on the street and they spoke to us. They were great, as always....

Nice to see Gloria, Ana, Jen (and her 2 sisters), GREGGtheMod, Linda, Paul/CalifKid....have I forgotten anyone?

It was great to see Sheryl and the Boys play in such an intimate setting

Johnny Treplow/LA CA USASODE 5

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 8: Musician Sheryl Crow performs songs from her latest album, "Wildflower," at Tower Records October 8, 2005 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)




01 Shania Twain
02 Faith Hill
03 Sara Evans
04 Dolly Parton
05 Martina McBride
06 LeAnn Rimes
07 Sheryl Crow
08 Julie Roberts
09 Deana Carter
10 Gretchen Wilson
11 Dixie Chicks
12 Trick Pony
13 Chely Wright
14 Jennifer Hanson
15 Terri Clark
16 Carolyn Dawn Johnson
18 Jessica Andrews
19 Trisha Yearwood
20 Alison Krauss

MMmhh... secondo me Faith Hill e Sara Evans sono decisamente meglio di Shania Twain (scusate, ma a me sta sulle palle) e Sheryl andava davanti a LeAnn Rimes, anche in virtu' dell'eta'... ma Dolly Parton quarta?! Andiamo. Se volevano metterci una stagionatona country DOC, niente di meglio di Emmylou Harris, che nonostante l'eta' (classe 1947 baby) e l'ostentato capello grigio, e' ancora una bella paxxera! Gh (click HERE to see a full size image)

Cmq due del Missouri fra le prime dieci... non male (l'altra e' Sara Evans, di Boonville)

PS : ma perche' infilano Sheryl nelle classifiche country? Mah!

Saturday 8 October 2005


Sheryl Crow, Live @ KSCA Radio 101.9 - Los Angeles, California, USA
August 3rd, 1994


01. Interview
02. All I Wanna Do
03. Interview
04. Strong Enough
05. Interview
06. Heart of Gold / Interview
07. Can't Cry Anymore / Outro

Running Time 25:54 Mins

Lineage : Tape > Wav > MP3 128 kbits

[ DOWNLOAD ] - 24 MB

Thursday 6 October 2005



La singer americana, che tra qualche mese sposerà il plurivincitore del Tour de France, Armstrong, sta lanciando il nuovo album «Wildflower»

Sheryl Crow sulla rampa di Lance
La quinta raccolta nel segno di «All things must pass» di George Harrison

Milano. L'eterna fidanzata del rock americano ha messo la testa a posto. Alla bella età di 43 anni, magnificamente portati, Sheryl Crow è pronta a coronare la favola della fulminante love-story con il campione di ciclismo Lance Armstrong: i due convoleranno a nozze la prossima primavera, e la colonna sonora, c'è da giurarlo, non potranno essere che le canzoni di "Wildflower", quinto album in studio della decennale carriera della ragazza del Missouri, arrivato in questi giorni in tutti i negozi del mondo.

Un disco che la cantautrice ha concepito e scritto da sola in Spagna, e che ha dedicato in toto al suo futuro marito "con il più profondo amore", a dimostrazione di una passione davvero totalizzante che esce allo scoperto in molte di queste nuove canzoni, sintonizzate su un registro espressivo piuttosto intimista ed incline ad una scrittura melodica di marca molto "british".

Non per niente, nelle note di copertina, Sheryl si spinge fino a ringraziare Elton John per la grande ispirazione, mentre le chitarre del singolo "Good is good" sembrano quasi rubate al miglior George Harrison.

Le note sul suo sito confermano questa tendenza, affermando che negli ultimi mesi gli ascolti della Crow sono stati monopolizzati da tre album: "Harvest" di Neil Young, "Tumbleweed Connection" di Elton John e "All things must pass", il triplo capolavoro di George Harrison.

"Ho incontrato George solo una volta nella mia vita, ma la sua scomparsa mi ha colpito in profondità e mi ha lasciato una grande lezione - racconta lei-. Da tre anni pratico regolarmente la meditazione, come lui, che sapeva bene quanto la vita è volatile e di conseguenza ha vissuto la sua, orchestrando la sua scomparsa in un modo per il quale non posso che provare ammirazione".

Ma ovviamente, come detto, la vera grande influenza di "Wildflower" è stato Armstrong, il campione delle due ruote, notoriamente e coraggiosamente sopravvissuto al cancro. I due si sono incontrati ad una serata di beneficenza nel 2003, ed è stato subito colpo di fulmine. "Come artista non ho mai sperimentato nulla di simile in una relazione - dice lei, spiegando che la pubblicazione dell'album, pronto già a febbraio, è stata posticipata a settembre per consentirle di essere presente al Tour De France 2005, dove Armstrong ha trionfato per la settima volta consecutiva.

"Questo è sicuramente il disco nel quale ho rivelato più cose su me stessa, e la cosa non mi dà alcun rimpianto - dice -. A questo punto ciò che volevo fare non era un disco preoccupato di mandare qualche singolo in classifica, ma un lavoro maturo denso delle domande che una donna di 40 anni si pone quotidianamente, osservando se stessa ed il mondo".

Il risultato è in effetti un lavoro estremamente partecipato e motivato, ricco di osservazioni molto intime (come quelle piene di dubbi di una simbolica "Letter to God"), di canzoni dolcissime e dense di sentimenti agrodolci, che in qualche modo sembra ridare quota ad una carriera che qualche osservatore aveva definito al capolinea dopo la decisione, due anni fa, di pubblicare un greatest hits dopo soli quattro dischi in studio.

Il pubblico, al contrario, ha scelto ancora una volta di stare dalla parte di Sheryl, come del resto successo dall'inizio di una carriera che, dal 1993 ad oggi, ha totalizzato vendite per oltre 20 milioni di dischi, oltre a qualcosa come ben 9 Grammy Award. Una carriera alla quale "Wildflower" promette di portare nuovi, importanti risultati.

"Non è il mio disco più tipico - dice-. Ma è onesto. E' lo specchio di dove sono in questo momento, la continuazione di un viaggio nel quale i miei fan mi hanno sempre seguito".

Claudio Andrizzi


Photo : Chris Hudson


to Its Landmark Los Angeles Store on the Sunset Strip

Sheryl Crow to Perform and Autograph Her Latest CD 'Wildflower' at In-Store Appearance This Saturday, October 8th

LOS ANGELES, and SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Tower Records, America's leading independent music and movie retailer, today announced that it welcomes Grammy® winning recording artist Sheryl Crow to the World Famous Tower Records on the Sunset Strip on Saturday, October 8th, at 11am for an in-store appearance, performance and autograph session of her latest CD, Wildflower.

WHO : Sheryl Crow, nine-time Grammy award winner WHAT/HOW: Sheryl Crow will make a special appearance at Tower Records on Sunset, where she'll wow her fans by performing five of her latest songs. Purchase Sheryl's latest CD, Wildflower, at Tower Records on Sunset and receive a pass to attend this special performance and in-store signing! Pass distribution begins at Tower on Sunset at 9am on 10/6. Limited quantities available.

WHERE : The World Famous Tower Records on the Sunset Strip - 8801 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069

WHEN : Saturday, October 8th at 11am PT

"Tower Records is thrilled to welcome Sheryl Crow to the World Famous Tower Records on the Sunset Strip," stated Kevin Cassidy, EVP of Retail for Tower Records. "Tower is famous for the hundreds of in-store events we host every year at our stores throughout the world. The Sheryl Crow event this Saturday will definitely be a highlight of 2005 and an afternoon to remember."

Dopo l'apparizione al Virgin Megastore di new York, Sheryl il prossimo 8 October fara' visita al Tower Records Music Store di Los Angeles. I fans potranno cosi' incontrarla, assistere ad un miniconcerto organizzato per l'occasione e farsi autografare il il suo ultimo CD.

Wednesday 5 October 2005


From :

Sheryl Crow's new disc "Wildflower" was in full bloom on the Canadian album charts this week. The singer's fifth studio album checked in at No. 1 with sales of 15,000, knocking Bon Jovi's "Have a Nice Day" (14,000) out of the top spot and down to No. 2, according to figures compiled by Nielsen SoundScan. "Wildflower" marks the first No. 1 album for Sheryl Crow on the SoundScan charts.

Ecco, perenni insoddisfatti, siete contenti? Ahhhhh...


Sheryl Crow & Gretchen Wilson

Ebbene, a volte, anzi, diciamo pure spesso, mi fa girare le palle. Ultimamente ho notato molti fans preoccupati per l'esito delle vendite di 'Wildflower', senza nemmeno partire dall'assunto che l'album in questione non aveva nessuna pretesa di scalare la hit parade (almeno secondo le intenzioni iniziali) e, sopratutto, senza far presente che la validita' di un album non si misura di certo dalle copie vendute nei music store.

Io stesso pensavo che non avrebbe nemmeno fatto breccia nella top 10 USA, e invece ieri lo vediamo al 2° posto, subito dietro ad 'All Jacked Up' di Gretchen Wilson. Ma ancora qualcuno non sembra soddisfatto, forse perche' nella sua carriera Sheryl non e' mai riuscita a posizionarsi in cima al podio. E allora giu' con previsioni apocalittiche, pessimismi isterici, piagnistei... e che palle! Davvero e' cosi' importante? Non voglio passare per lo snob che si finge sempre e comunque disinteressato alle vendite. Voglio dire, se Sheryl vende bene e si piazza in ottime posizioni, ne sono piu' che felice, dispiacermene sarebbe un controsenso. Eppure, quando sento che e' grave un secondo posto mi vengono poco rassicuranti istinti omicidi, non a torto pero'. Parlando di numeri, visto che e' di questo che si discerne, e' grave vendere fino ad oggi decine di milioni di dischi? E' grave rimanere in sella per quasi 13 anni di fila, nell'epoca delle "under-20 sensations"? E' grave l'aver ricevuto, in questo lasso di tempo, nove Grammy Awards, senza contare le decine di altri riconoscimenti internazionali?

Riguardo a Gretchen Wilson, non posso fare altro che complimentarmi con lei. Amo questa formosa ragazzona del Midwest (che fra l'altro e' pure un'ammiratrice della Nostra), e preferisco *nettamente* lei al primo posto che una Duff, una Spears o una ValeriaH Carey. Cosi', congratulazioni alle due midwesterners, Sheryl e Gretchen, ovviamente!

Power to the women!

Aggiunta :

Dimenticavo un'altra cosa, il fattore rispetto. Sheryl in tutti questi anni, nonostante alcune decisioni professionali discutibili (sotto il profilo dell'integrita' artistica), si e' guadagnata il rispetto non solo degli ascoltatori, ma di tanti navigati artisti, da Bob Dylan a Johnny Cash. E a proposito del compianto Johnny, quando ci furono i funerali di lui e della sua adorabile June, fu la stessa famiglia Carter/Cash a richiedere la sua presenza, e in entrambe le cerimonie. Addirittura le venne chiesto di cantare in loro onore, e lo fece magnificamente, assieme ad Emmylou Harris. E' un privilegio non da poco, spcie per un'artista proveniente dal panorama pop/rock.


Photo : Christopher McColl




Monday 3 October 2005


NEW YORK (AP) -- As Lance Armstrong pedaled to another Tour de France victory, Sheryl Crow found herself in an unfamiliar position: on the sidelines.

For years, Crow's universe revolved around her -- her multiplatinum records, her sold-out shows, her celebrity. But about a year ago, after deciding to take a break from recording, Crow went to Europe to explore a new relationship with Armstrong and a life that didn't revolve around work.

"It was a challenge in more than one way," Crow says during an interview, munching on a late breakfast in her hotel room. "Not only was I not working, I was in a foreign country where I didn't speak the language, and I'm with somebody who's new to me, and I experienced a lot of vulnerability ... (it) was a challenge to my ego, and in the end, was kind of exciting."

And life-changing. Besides cementing a relationship with Armstrong, who is now her fiance, the experience changed the way she approaches her life and her music -- and it's reflected in "Wildflower," her latest CD, which was released September 27.

"I feel much less pressure," says Crow, 43, looking taut in a black tank top, stylishly tattered jeans and a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet. "I still have tinges of 'This has got to be really good, this has to have meaning,' but I allow myself to enjoy it."

She's had a lot to enjoy over her 12-year career. From her first album, the multiplatinum "Tuesday Night Music Club," the singer-songwriter has released a steady stream of best-selling albums and chart-topping hits.

But making those albums wasn't always enjoyable. She recalls the process as "one of gnashing of teeth and hair-pulling" as she tried to balance substantial, credible songs with radio-friendly hits.

"A lot of people get into (the record business) because they wanna be seen, but for me, I wanted to be so great, I wanted to matter, and that's an immense amount of pressure to put on yourself," she says.

'I'm just going to experience life'

In Crow's eyes, her work represented her self-worth. Even while promoting a completed album, she found herself worrying about the next record.

In many ways, "The Very Best of Sheryl Crow," her recent greatest hits collection that had a few new songs on it, was her mental breakthrough. It was a huge success, selling more than two million copies, a rarity for compilations. And it spawned more hits, including her pure, mellow cover of Cat Stevens' "The First Cut Is The Deepest," which became not only a pop hit, but a country one as well.

John Shanks, the Grammy-winning producer who worked on that record and Crow's new album, says that song made her realize she didn't have to worry about radio-friendly hooks. "I think it gave her more flexibility to tap into some of the songwriters and sensibilities that she loved," he said.

At the same time, Crow was beginning to date Armstrong, the bicycling champion, cancer survivor and international superstar. Crow was just ending her album promotion duties when Armstrong invited her to Spain to stay with him as he prepared to train for the Tour de France.

So she took time off -- and this time, she really stuck to it.

"I felt, 'Wow, 'I'm just going to investigate this and explore a little bit and see what happens without thinking about work ... I'm just going to experience life,"' she says. "I felt like I was just reinvesting myself in my art, and into my artistry.

Shanks says taking a break helped Crow realize she didn't have to always focus on work to have success.

"You can lose years of your life in order to promote your career and your name," he says. "You can take a minute off and know that the talent is there."

More importantly for Crow, it helped her complete a missing component of her already full life -- having a life partner.

"Just spending our days together was I think one of the only things that have been really missing from my life, the experience of serving somebody else and having them serve you, just being in a partnership, part of a team, as a unit," she says. "It was a very necessary experience for me."

While she calls Armstrong the inspiration of "Wildflower," the disc is not the sunny, dreamy album one might expect from someone reveling in a new love.

"Even though the record feels like a bunch of love songs, most of those records are based on the conversations that Lance and I would have about religion, and Terri Schiavo and about our government, and how we felt about what kind of world we felt we were leaving his children," she says of the divorced father of three.

Few of the songs on the album are radio friendly, and Crow is unsure if "Wildflower" will meet the success of her previous discs. But she says she's not panicked about whether it succeeds or fails. She's more anxious to enjoy the experience -- and enjoy what lies ahead.

"I know that nothing I do is ever going to be perfect but I still have the exciting feeling that my best work is ahead of me," she says, "and I feel that way about my life."

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press . All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


WMV/ZIP - Stereo - 4,5 MB - [ DOWNLOAD ]


- Lance & Sheryl Call pt. 1
- Lance & Sheryl Call pt. 2

Lance & Sheryl have a lot going on right now in Austin. They called in to talk about the 10/2 clothing line, the free concert to thank Austin and they also squashed a few rumors...






By Michael Corcoran


Monday, October 03, 2005

It's not often that you see more yellow T-shirts than black ones at a rock concert, but when seven-time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong is throwing the party, the color of butter rocks.

"This is such a special day for me," the Austin-based sports hero announced Sunday at Auditorium Shores, wearing the red flip-flops of retirement. "10/2 is the most important day of the year for me."

Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer on Oct. 2, 1996.

The event was tagged Lance Thanks Austin, and the overriding theme was there on a proclamation Armstrong gave Mayor Will Wynn, calling Austin "the greatest city on the planet."

Reaffirming that he'll not race in the Tour again, Armstrong pointed to the side of the stage, where his three children and fiancée Sheryl Crow stood, and said, "There are four reasons why I'm not going back."

About 8,000 fans, many of whom rode their bikes and brought their kids and dogs, turned out for Sunday evening's event, which was capped with a set by Crow and band, mixing old faves with songs from her new album, "Wildflower," written in Spain while Armstrong was training last year.

"I'm likin' Austin, Texas," Crow said after her new hometown crowd vibrantly sang along on the chorus to "If It Makes You Happy."

The singer, in black and gold, added, "I can't wait to (move) here."

The three-hour show, featuring a rollicking opening set by Bob Schneider, was a breezy, laid-back antidote to the previous weekend's hot and dusty Austin City Limits Music Festival. Admission was free, the lone concession gave out ice tea, and fans were urged to bring their own beer and food. Several wheeled in oversized coolers and carried picnic baskets. Mike Garza of Austin said that he had felt left out by missing the ACL Fest but that he'd gotten a little of the flavor Sunday.

"I'm here mainly for Lance," Garza said, "but the free music is nice, too."

The sound, however, kept cutting out on a 15-minute video that summed up Armstrong's life after cancer. The star wasn't fazed.

"We're just going to flip the format and have fun today," he said, amid shouts of "We love you, Lance!"

His twin daughters, dressed in pink and scarlet, were a constant presence at stage right, with one of them wanting to join Crow onstage.

"Lance may be a big star," Crow said, gesturing to Grace, "but this one is the real star of the family."

At one point, brother Luke had to carry his kid sister, kicking all the way, from center stage. Armstrong placed this celebration apart from previous post Tour de France sponsor-driven parades and concerts by saying, "This one is truly for you guys."

Armstrong footed the bill for the event, which was originally scheduled for Zilker Park but moved after the ACL Fest taxed the Zilker grounds.

"I did have to pay top dollar for the headliner," he quipped.

Then he turned serious, talking of how he's constantly been asked in the past few weeks how he, a legendarily intense competitor, will continue to challenge himself now that racing is over.

"How am I gonna fill that void?" he asked rhetorically. "Why don't we cure cancer? That's my fight. That's my race."


Sunday 2 October 2005


Good is Good - WMV/ZIP - Stereo - 11 MB - [ DOWNLOAD ]



Hurt - MPEG/ZIP - Stereo - 48 MB - [ DOWNLOAD ]

Johnny Cash Memorial Tribute - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - November 10th, 2003

"I feel music has lost one of its great heroes and the country has lost one
of its most authentic voices; I will miss knowing he is continuing to express what everyone feels through his music but I will mostly miss the man.
" - Sheryl Crow


Almeno a giudicare dal sito ufficiale del magazine in questione. Mi domando... e' possibile che in tutte le stracazzo di riviste italiane, in cui compaiono articoli su Sheryl, ci siano figoni o figone in topless, spalmati in copertina?

Lupardo andra' sicuramente a comprarlo... TRAK... TRAK... ehm... sento rumori sospetti..


Willie Nelson & Friends : Live and Kickin

Track Listing:
1. I Didn't Come Here (And I Ain't Leavin')
2. Night Life w/Eric Clapton
3. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain w/Shania Twain
4. Homeward Bound w/Paul Simon
5. Me And Bobby McGee - Sheryl Crow and Kris Kristofferson
6. Beer For My Horses w/Toby Keith
7. Crazy w/Diana Krall and Elvis Costello
8. To All The Girls I've Love Before w/Wyclef Jean
9. Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want To Get Over You) w/Norah Jones
10. San Antonio Girl w/Lyle Lovett and Ray Price
11. She Loves My Automobile w/ZZ Top
12. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground w/Shelby Lynne
13. A Song For You w/Leon Russell and Ray Charles
14. I Couldn't Believe It Was True w/John Mellencamp
15. Run That By Me One More Time w/Ray Price
16. I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again w/Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick
17. Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning w/Kenny Chesney
18. One Time Too Many w/Steven Tyler
19. Happy Birthday (All)
20. One The Road Again (All)

DVD Bonus Cuts
1. Whiskey River (Willie and Family)
2. Dreams Come True w/Norah Jones
3. Do Right Woman w/Sheryl Crow
4. Help Me Make It Through The Night w/Kris Kristofferson
5. Jumpin' Jack Flash w/Leon Russell

Questo titolo, nel caso v'interessasse, lo trovate anche in Italia on-Line, ad esempio su (viene sui 19 euro).

Sesame Street : All-Star Alphabet

Sesame Street : All Star-Alphabet teaches phonics to children with the help of Jim Henson's popular Muppets and such human guest stars as Stephen Colbert, Nicole Sullivan, and Larry King. Alphabet themed songs are performed by Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, and Norah Jones. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

Disc #1 -- Sesame Street: All-Star Alphabet
2. All Star Alphabet [3:59]
3. Letters ABCDEFG [6:57]
4. What's Your Favorite Letter? [1:43]
5. Letters HIJKLMNOP [7:17]
6. A Is Everywhere! [4:01]
7. Letters QRSTUV [6:46]
8. Zoo and Zebra [4:16]
9. Letters WXYZ [5:22]
10. The Great Closer [3:18]
11. Signing Off! [2:32]

Saturday 1 October 2005


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