[LIVE PIX] Sheryl Makes Surprise Appearance at Doyle Bramhall II concert

It happened yesterday in Nashville at the local City Winery. Here's a couple of (bad) pix and a little vid:


Photo: Phillip Ruiz

Photo: Steve Parris


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Video: ChristineParri


Sheryl with Thea Grace & Gabe Burdulis AKA the Future Stuff (the opening band). I think they are in heaven now! :-)



[VIDEO] Sheryl on The Kelly File (26 Oct 2016)



[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow On Morning Joe (26 Oct 2016)

Sheryl On Why She Wants Shorter Elections Last Presidential Debate


[VIDEO] Sheryl Interviewed on "With All Due Respect" (25 Oct 2016)

On “With All Due Respect,” Sheryl discusses the hate rhetoric in the 2016 campaign and her petition to shorten the election cycle. Bloomberg Politics, 25 October 2016.


[VIDEO] Sheryl on Facebook Live @ Bloomberg Politics (25 Oct 2016)

About her petition to shorten presidential election cycle. With Alexander H. Trowbridge e Matt Negrin. Sign the petition at



[NEWS] Sheryl on CNN Newsroom - FULL - (25 Oct 2016)


[NEWS] All I Wanna do... is have some Latte!

"Early morning flight calls for a triple venti latte. ☕️✈️ Heading to NYC to talk about the #MakeItShort petition!"(Photo and caption by Sheryl)

[NEWS] Our Democracy Can Do Better. Shorten The Election Cycle

By Sheryl Crow
From her personal blog hosted on the Huffington Post

My mother was 16 years old when she was crowned Queen of the Caruthersville, Missouri American Legion Fair. The prize: escorting President Truman to the county fair. I grew up with a picture of my mother shaking President Truman’s hand hanging in the hallway. With pride and awe, I paraded anyone who came to the house past that picture. My mom met the president of the United States!

When I was 18 years old, Ronald Reagan was running against incumbent president Jimmy Carter. My mother, a Democrat, and my father, a staunch Republican, each secretly tried to convince me and each of my siblings to support their candidate, knowing that they’d cancel out each other’s vote at the ballot box. We have laughed many times through the years remembering the stories of “backroom deals” made in our household around election time.

Participating in democracy was in many ways simpler, and more civil, then. We conducted our lives and our politics without social media, the 24-hour news cycle, and the ceaseless yammer of pundits yelling past each other. We depended on the evening news, the newspaper, debates, and discussion with our family, friends, and community. And we emerged from the election cycle with our trust in our democracy and our government intact, even if we disagreed with the outcome.

This election cycle has been different than the ones of my younger years. It has been nasty, brutal, and seemingly never-ending. Over the past two years my kids have come home from school with questions about who would be our next president. They haven’t had questions about big or small issues of the day, but about whether we were going to have the liar or the crazy person in office. My kids are six- and nine-years-old.

I am sickened by the hate talk and how, through two years of this campaign season, it has become the norm. I am saddened that the friction between people is palpable and the mistrust in our politics and our politicians is vividly apparent. I can’t wait for this election to end; I know I am not alone in this.

I don’t think our country can or should tolerate another two years of this kind of disgraceful and vicious discourse. Although we will all be leaving this election behind us in November (hallelujah), we can count on being hijacked again in two years when the next presidential campaign cycle begins in earnest. I don’t want that for my kids, my community, or my country. So I’ve started a petition to limit the campaign season. I am hoping everyone who is sick of what we have all just been subjected to will join me and sign the petition.

Many modern democracies have a limit to the length of political campaigns, as well as restrictions on campaign spending. In the UK in 2015, political parties and candidates had 38 days to make their appeal to voters. In Canada, the last election lasted 11 weeks, which was the longest modern campaign in that country. In France, the election campaign process is generally 2 weeks and in Mexico, it is 90 days with a 60-day “pre-campaign” where candidates vie for the nomination.

The Supreme Court’s interpretation of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech limits the ability for our representatives in Washington, DC, to legislate a more reasonable and healthy campaign cycle. But the Democratic and Republican National Committees can and do set the rules and timelines for the presidential nominating process, which in part drives the extended timeframe for our presidential elections. I hope this petition can deliver a roundly non-partisan message to both the DNC and the RNC: as voters, parents, and citizens of this great nation we demand better from the two dominant political parties.

This petition will not change the quality of the candidates we nominate. It will not fundamentally change the challenges of money in politics or transparency in decision-making. But it’s a place to start the conversation about breaking free from the never-ending campaign and the nastiness it brings.

Join me. Sign the petition at


[LIVE PIX] Hologic International Sales & Service Meeting 2016



Hologic International Sales & Service Meeting 2016
Private Party @ Hyatt Regency
Chicago, IL - 19 October 2016


[INTERVIEW] Sheryl discusses her two new upcoming albums

Sheryl discusses her two new albums that are in the works. Billboard Pop Shop podcast


[NEWS] Barns and Guitars section Updated


[VIDEO + PIX] Sheryl Interviewed by CNN at her home studio in Nashville

Today Sheryl was interviewed at her home studio in Nashville. Here's the video. Enjoy!

Sheryl will give ‘CNN Style’ a look inside her home’s decor and design on Saturday 5 November at 1230 GMT / 1330 CET. Don't miss it!




Photo 1: The Barn and Sheryl's pickup truck: 1951 Chevy 3100
Photo 2: Shery and her pickup



Photo 3: Thanks to CNNAir for joining CNN Style shoot. The drone aerials are epic!
Photo 4: CNN Style Team

Photo: Eliza Berkowitz


[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow - "Members Only" LIVE (Lyrics On Screen)

NEW VIDEO UPLOADED - "Members Only" LIVE in Austin, TX with lyrics on screen.



John Mayer dressed up in a bear suit to prank Sheryl on the second to last night of their co-headlining tour on October 11, 2006 in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was her first tour after the cancer treatment and she was more radiant than ever. Ah, memories..


[INTERVIEW] Sheryl Crow: 'Make Decisions Based On Joy As Opposed To Fear'

Article by Jeryl Brunner
7 October 2016

Sheryl Crow thought that she would be the last person to be diagnosed with breast cancer. But in 2006, a routine mammogram revealed otherwise. “Anyone who has ever faced down a life-threatening illness will tell you that your life didn’t look or feel the same after that,” says Crow who was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. “Even though I knew I was going to live, it stopped me in my tracks.”

The diagnosis inspired her to rethink her life on many levels. “The cancer dictated that I look at my life and redefine how I was living, the way I was putting everyone before me, constantly trying to make people happy,” she shares. “There was a really big lesson in that.”

Crow’s breast cancer also made her a fierce advocate for early detection, encouraging women to have mammograms at 40. She partnered with Hologic which created the Genius 3D Mammography exam which can detect cancer 15 months earlier. “There are so many good advancements going to be made in the world of breast cancer,” explains Crow.

This October, to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month and Crow’s10th anniversary being cancer free, the nine-time Grammy winner is teaming up with eBay For Charity to auction off more than 100 fashionable items from her closet. 100% of the proceeds go towards Stand Up To Cancer. “It’s a fantastic organization which raises a lot of money for research and pools a lot of information through different doctors all over the world,” she shares. “It’s something I believe in and a great way to clean out my closet and get rid of stuff.”

The eBay for Charity Sheryl Crow Fashion auction launched on October 3, 2016 and closes Thursday, October 13th. The items are from Crow’s personal treasure trove which includes her beloved dresses, skirts, blouses, pants and hats. Says Crow, “I picked some really good stage stuff and a few vintage pieces as well.”

Crow shared more about her life and passions.

Jeryl Brunner: Why do you love to sing?

Sheryl Crow: We come into the world with an urgency to be heard, to be seen and to express emotion. I’m one of the lucky ones where my job is to express the human condition. I have grown up loving and admiring people like Bob Dylan — people who used their voice to what all of us were experiencing in a poetic way. I consider myself really blessed that’s my line of work and people have related to my words and voice. I always say I don’t have the greatest singing voice but that isn’t always what this is about. It’s about the authenticity and expressing something that resonates, just being authentic. I love singing.

Brunner: Why did you pick eBay to auction off your clothing for Stand Up to Cancer?

Crow: Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge eBay fan. I do a lot of eBay shopping. I bought a lot of whacky antiques and few cowboy boots on eBay. A couple of years ago, I joined forces with eBay purging my closet and worked at a charity level with them with Feeding America and also for Syrian refugees.

Brunner: How did you decide what to auction off?

Crow: I’ve always had a rule that if you haven’t worn something in a year you should toss it. There are some things in my closet I’ve had for 16 years. Every year I do a big purge. I have quite a lot of stuff in archives that I’ve worn to the Grammys or on special occasions and have been photographed in.This lot has jackets, coats, good trousers, great RRL jeans, which are my favorite jeans.

Brunner: You have been so open about your diagnosis.

Crow: One in eight women are diagnosed. I always believed that if you had it in your family you were much more susceptible to having cancer. But many patients who are diagnosed do not have any family history. So I feel that if anyone is inspired by my story to start having mammograms, it has all been worth it. Even if one or two people are diagnosed at an early stage because of that. I was diagnosed at stage one which meant I had minimal surgery and treatment. Had I waited it would have meant having chemotherapy.

Brunner: What advice do you wish someone had given you when you were younger?

Crow: A number of things. One would be to not attach my self-worth to being productive. A lot of young people feel their worth is attached to that. But I always tell everyone, you matter because you are a living, breathing entity who has a soul. It doesn’t matter what you become. It matters who you become.

I also would have told myself to make decisions based on my amount of joy as opposed to my amount of fear. For example, I love song writing. But there was a time when it felt like it was work. The second record was fun to make. The third record was fun. But then it became less fun. It became more about how to stay relevant. And that’s a hard place to be when your field of peers becomes younger every year and you can’t figure out how to stay relevant. I created a big sense of dread going back to the writing board.

Brunner: So how did you solve that?

Crow: Now I approach it differently, particularly since I’ve had breast cancer. My attachment to my music is really about feeling inspired. I have just completed two records. I made a record with people who I love, really for the joy of it. I worked with people like Stevie Nicks and Keith Richards who I’ve known for years and also Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Kris Kristofferson. I’ve called up people who I adore like Joe Walsh and Vince Gill and asked them to collaborate with me. It has been so fun and so rewarding. I also made a record which I just completed with my old writing buddy, Jeff Trott. I made my second and third records with him. We have a long history and known each other for 20 years. We just had a ball.

So now I’m more apt to stay out of the outcome. I’ve made these records which I love. So I’m not really not biting my fingernails waiting to see what happens like I would have been when I was younger.

SOURCE: Forbes



[NEWS] New details about the forthcoming albums

Excerpts from
4 October 2016
By Katie Atkinson


You have to see this list of collaborators on her next album...

"I've just been calling friends that I’ve known forever -- people I’ve loved and admired and have been an inspiration to me since I was young -- and asked them if they would collaborate with me on this record. I co-wrote a song with Joe Walsh, I sang with Stevie Nicks, I recorded one of my favorite Keith Richards songs with Keith. I recorded with Neil Young. I even recorded a song with Johnny Cash that he’d recorded of mine before he passed away ['Redemption Day']. I recorded the song I wrote for Willie Nelson, recorded it with him. So there’s just many things on this record that I am excited about, and the whole record started with my recording with Kris Kristofferson, who is someone I love and admire. It’s been a real project of love. ... When I read off those names I can’t believe those people even know who I am. I’m such a small-town girl from Missouri still, but what a treat, you know? What a treat."

But wait -- she has another album in the works too!

"I don’t know when either one of them is going to come out. I don’t know which one is going to come out first; I imagine probably the collaborative one. ... For the other record, I got together with my old writing buddy Jeff Trott and we made a record over the course of three or four weeks and it’s just totally kick-ass. I’m totally proud of it. ... Yesterday, [Jeff and I] were celebrating 20 years to the day that 'If It Makes You Happy' came out. Jeff is like my -- and I know his wife would not mind my saying this -- he’s like my musical husband. It’s like he answers all of my sentences like an old married couple. He plays the things that I want to hear. We have a great collaborative relationship. It’s very free-flowing, and we just really enjoy working together. We had a few years in there that were pretty dry, we weren’t completing anything, and we got together this time -- Jeff just moved here; he lives three minutes from my house and he had a family -- we just, we couldn’t write fast enough. We’re back on a roll."


SOURCE: Billboard



[MEME] Ahhh, the Apocalypse!

Yeah, I know, it's a typical tempest in a teapot, but I had to do this :-)


[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow on the Hoda Show (Sirius XM) 3 October 2016


[NEWS] Sheryl Crow is auctioning off items from her closet to help raise funds for a leading cancer charity

- Auction Page -

Sheryl Crow is marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct16) with a massive clean out.

Sheryl has teamed up with eBay For Charity to auction off more than 100 fashion items from her closet, with 100 per cent of the proceeds benefiting Stand Up To Cancer.

The eBay for Charity Sheryl Crow Fashion Auction launched on Monday (03Oct16), and features the singer's stylish dresses, skirts, blouses, pants and hats.

The items are up for grabs until 13 October (16), when each one will go to the highest bidder.

Founded in 2008, Stand Up To Cancer has pledged more than $370 million (GBP288 million) to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking cancer research.

Crow had a similar clear out two years ago (14), when she donated designer shoes, handbags and hats to a charity auction to benefit the Feeding America organisation.

She linked up with eBay bosses for that auction too.

At the time, she explained, "After having volunteered in Nashville, you see the kind of people who come into the food bank. It's not just homeless people, it's moms who are struggling to feed their kids; it's people who are out of work. It's a really necessary entity for a lot of people who are just trying to make ends meet."

Among the items she sold off were a pair of black leather Prada boots, an alligator-embossed leather Coach bag, a pair of Ralph Lauren gardening boots, and a black and white Fendi bag.

"It makes you feel so grateful to have what you have and to be able to help someone else," she added. "The feeling that I get from that is much bigger than anything else that I could experience."

© WENN Newsdesk 2016


[VIDEO] Live Chat with Katie Couric - 3 October


[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow on "The View" - 3 October



[NEWS] Hologic along with Sheryl rings the Nasdaq Opening Bell, kicks off Breast cancer Awareness Month!

NASDAQ Stock Market
Times Square
New York City, 3 October
Photos: Nasdaq

Sheryl attends "Sheryl Crow and Hologic, Inc. Ring The NASDAQ Opening Bell" at NASDAQ MarketSite


Hologic Chairman, President & CEO Steve MacMillan and Sheryl at the Nasdaq.



* * *






[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow, Jeff Trott & Tchad Blake thanks fans (2016)

"It took us a few tries, 😊 but we wanted to say thanks for sharing your memories of "If It Makes You Happy"! Can't wait for you to hear our new project!"

-Sheryl, Jeff & Tchad.

The Barn, Nashville, TN, 30 September 2016