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Grammy Winner Sheryl Crow Enters Partnership With Leading Celebrity Brand
Extension Firm

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow has engaged LA based Brand Sense Partners to help her identify and execute new business ventures that are complementary to her artistry, lifestyle and commitment to social responsibility. "Sheryl has spent over twenty-five years building a phenomenally strong image and loyal fan base through unprecedented talent, intelligence and conviction. Our team is working to develop a lifestyle brand for her through disciplined strategic planning, coupled with world class execution," said Brand Sense President Robert Hollander.

"We are honored Sheryl has selected Brand Sense to help her launch and manage this important business initiative." "Brand Sense Partners is a leader in the field and I am thrilled about our collaboration," said Crow. "I am excited at the prospect of working with them to fulfill my vision of creating a line of high quality products that reflect my values." Since the release of her multi-platinum Tuesday Night Music Club album in 1993, Sheryl Crow has become the most successful female singer/songwriter of her generation having sold over 25 million albums worldwide. In addition to her music, Sheryl is a devoted advocate for many humanitarian causes including building awareness for breast cancer, of which she is a survivor. Crow and Brand Sense have begun discussions with potential manufacturing and distribution partners with plans to have products on shelf by Holiday 2008. Interested companies should contact Theresa Brown,

Director of Business Development at Brand Sense Partners, at 310-867-7218. About Brand Sense Partners, LLC Brand Sense Partners, LLC accelerates the growth of new categories of business for their clients by leveraging their brand equity and other strategic assets. The firm's visionary team of diverse industry experts develop, analyze and then execute new business initiatives -- while reducing capital costs, risk, and time to market. The result: new highly profitable revenue and accelerated strategic business growth. Brand Sense's broad range of clients include consumer brands in the sports, entertainment, automotive, retail, fashion, cosmetics and technology industries. Brand Sense Partners is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information on Brand Sense Partners, please visit .

Source: Brand Sense Partners, LLC


NEW YORK, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- Former U.S. President Bill Clinton's months-long birthday celebration raked in more well wishes and cash for his foundation in New York City.

Clinton, who turned 60 in August, used a gala at New York's American Museum of Natural History Saturday to raise money for his Clinton Foundation, which spotlights diverse worldwide crises such as AIDS, childhood obesity and global warming, the New York Daily News said.

Clinton's birthday celebrations in Toronto raised about $21 million.

Among the attendees at the Saturday New York bash were R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe.

Guests were entertained by singers Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan while Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards offered a signed guitar for auction.

The celebration moved to a golf tournament Sunday in New Jersey and a scheduled performance by the Rolling Stones.

Clinton gets satisfaction for birthday
New York Daily News

NEW YORK - Rolling Stones fans who bought scalped tickets for Bill Clinton's birthday show Sunday night quickly discovered you can't always get what you want -- especially when the Secret Service is involved.

Stones fans snapped up tickets for the Beacon Theater show only to find out they needed to be on a special security list.

"This is the show to hit," said Dzula, 52, of Williamsburg, Va., who has seen 61 Stones shows but had his heart set on seeing Mick and the boys in the cozy confines of the 2,900-seat Beacon.

Dzula scored a precious ducat for the show but was turned away by agents.

Inside, there was no doubt who the real rock star was.

Clinton stole the show from the Stones, getting a huge ovation from the star-studded crowd that included singer-songwriters Sheryl Crow and Elvis Costello.

He ribbed the wrinkly rockers for saying that he had inspired them to get serious about helping to fight for issues like climate change.

"You know you have one foot in the grave when I'm the serious one," said the ex-president, who was accompanied by his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton's actual 60th birthday was in August, but he scheduled a slew of events this weekend to raise money for his foundation.


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With Courtney Cox and Gabrielle Reece


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Thank You for the Summer

Hi folks!

Well, this summer has been the best ever. It really has been. I can’t remember having as much fun on any tour as this one. I can’t express to my band and crew how much they mean to me but also how much I enjoy working with them. Great people! The best!

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the pics of the last night’s antics. Needless to say, we cracked ourselves up…. not so sure about John! Hopefully, he saw the humor in a bunch of lanky rock musicians wearing diapers and giant animal heads. And, of course, let’s not forget my bikini-clad twirling routine behind John while he played “Daughters.”

We had a great time with John and his band. We didn’t get into the ping pong wars that I thought we might but truth be told, my band is much too serious to be able to enjoy a casual game of ping pong… it’s every man for himself in that field of competition.

On a more serious note, I can safely say I have never felt so much love as I did this summer. The fans came out in full force with abundant heart and soul. It is the first time in my career as a touring artist that I wanted the lights up enough that I could see the faces in the crowd.

I can’t tell you how deeply grateful I am to you for your support. I will be starting a new record soon and I am hoping the process will be speedy. I think it will because I have a lot to sing about!

See you soon..


Hopefully pics to be added over the next week or so

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The Story of Rex and His (Cow)Heart



A Change Would Do Us Good

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know how many of you are from Missouri but I am writing this letter to those of you who are from Missouri and who will be voting in the November 7th election.

I have always considered Missouri to be my home. I keep up with what goes on there and I am very involved in my own community of Kennett. As an American, I have taken sharp notice of the political campaign between Senator Jim Talent and State Auditor Claire McCaskill. As we all know, this is an extremely important election, one that will very possibly be part of the deciding factor in where we are going as a country. I have been watching the debates between the two candidates and have been trying to educate myself as to where each of these candidates stand on the issues.

It is my belief that not only do we need a change of direction in this country, that it is imperative. I fear what will happen if we do not incite some kind of shift toward peace and away from a corrupt, greed-based administration. In six and a half years, this administration has been incredibly effective at dissolving any good will we had in the world. It has managed to show us, as a people, as arrogant and imperialistic. And, we are making it clear on a daily basis that we have no intention of doing the right thing. I don’t believe this government is representing us to the world as to who we are. That is why I feel it is crucial that we step up and vote for a change.

I realize you may not agree with my assessment of the situation at hand and that is fine but I encourage you to research as best you can as to what is really going on. There are so many informative sites that are easy to navigate through that may help in the self-educating process.

I have noticed that throughout the Missouri Senatorial race that Senator Talent and the National Republican Committee have been running a campaign of insinuation against Ms. McCaskill and that that is precisely how we have managed to be where we are today in politics. The game of insinuation, perfected by Karl Rove, is not based in truth but instead is a tactic used to incite fear in people. We saw it in full force in the last general election with the “Swift boat” campaign. It was used against us as a nation as a tool to sell us on a war based on WMDs, which were clearly never found. It is deceptive and weak, in my opinion. And, it is false and manipulative. I would propose to Mr. Talent that rather than attacking his opponent over and over with lame insinuation, as he has in his advertising and debates with her, that perhaps he answer the questions he’s being asked. Why has he voted on the side of the president on every issue? And, as Missourians, do we not deserve better than candidates running smear campaigns.

Why does he write off the Stem Cell Issue as a cloning issue when anyone who has read the actual wording of the amendment knows that reproductive cloning is clearly stated as illegal?

We are so fortunate, in the state of Missouri, that we have the opportunity to vote on the Stem Cell issue, which will ensure that Missouri patients have access to stem cell therapies and cures. And, that our state can participate in this important research, which is already underway in many other countries. The Stowers Institute of Medical Research has valuable information on the issues pertaining to this initiative. And, if reproductive cloning is the concern, it is clearly safeguarded against in the written description of the amendment.

Please do your own research and educate yourself on these issues and on the candidates. Do not let someone else make this decision for you. Arm yourself with as much information as you can and make your own decision.

As a nation, we are at war, our national debt is the largest in our history, a large percentage of our rapidly growing population has no health care, and because our immigration problem has accelerated, our hospitals and schools are suffering. Our minimum wage is so low that our middle class is beginning to disappear. Without a doubt, this has been the least effective Congress we have ever had.

I believe as a country we cannot go in the same direction we are going. Our economy cannot handle it. The environment cannot endure such disregard. And our security is more at risk than ever in our history because we have adopted a policy of pre-emptive strike, which goes against everything this country has strived for as far as our foreign relations. Now, we are watching our administration show the same kind of arrogance in the way they are handling North Korea. It is time for us, as a nation, to elect conscious people to lead us out of the mess we are in.

In the face of the road that we have gone down with the present administration, we are so lucky to have a smart, well-qualified candidate to vote for in the state of Missouri. Our vote is the only way we can voice our opinion and our will about the policy of this country and our future as a nation. Please be an informed voter, not only on the Senatorial race but also on the stem cell initiative.


Check out more on the Claire McCaskill Website

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Rocker SHERYL CROW's next album will be all about breasts, following her recent battle with cancer. The ALL I WANNA DO star now counts herself as the most important person in her life, and believes being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year (06) has forever changed her approach to writing lyrics. She says, "I was diagnosed on 22 February, and for me, it was a showstopper. "I think that almost everyone I've talked to who has had a breast cancer experience would talk about the metaphysical aspects - the breasts are emotionally connected to nourishment. "For me, it began to represent how I was taking care of myself - really counting myself as the most important person in my life. And that really informed how I'll approach the rest of my life. "Every experience in your life begins to inform your art. I'm getting ready to make a new record, so, it's going to be all about breasts. "I'm at a point now in my life where I'm not going to force myself to do anything. I'm just going to enjoy my life as it comes."



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Date: October 9, 2006
Place: Veirzon Wireless Amphitheater, Pelham, Alabama, USA

Source: SoundPro SP-CMC4c > Soundpro Battery Box > Sony MZ-M100 > WAV > Sony Sound Forge 8 > TLH > FLAC
Location: First Level; Section/Aisle 102, Row Q, Seat 10, DFC ~7ft
Recorded by: JHatcher (jhatcher at chartercom dot com)
Size: 377 MB
Time : 67:02


01. A Change > Satisfaction > A Change -- DOWNLOAD
02. Hard to Make a Stand DOWNLOAD
03. My Favorite Mistake --- DOWNLOAD
04. The First Cut is the Deepest DOWNLOAD
05. Good is Good - DOWNLOAD
06. Redemption Day DOWNLOAD
07. I Know Why DOWNLOAD
08. Strong Enough DOWNLOAD
09. If It Makes You Happy DOWNLOAD
10. Real Gone DOWNLOAD
11. Steve McQueen DOWNLOAD
12. Soak Up the Sun DOWNLOAD
13. Everyday Is A Winding Road DOWNLOAD

Nice concert. She starts slow (lazy is the correct term) but end up flying, like a crow!

Ratings (vocals/ band /crowd)

A Change: 5 out of 10
Hard to make a stand: 7
Mistake: 7 / 7 1/2
First Cut: 8
Good is Good: 5 1/2
Redemption Day: 7+
I Know Why: 6 1/2
Strong Enuff: 8
Happy: 7/7+
Real Gone: 6 1/2 / 7-
Steve McQueen: 5 1/2 / 6-
Soak Up The Sun: 8
Winding Road: 7+

That's all folks, happy listening!


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All tracks use lossless FLAC, linear PCM at the standard 1411 kbps (CD Audio)


FLAC tutorial for dummies:


Just added:

* Steelcaster Electric Guitar
* Stingray Custom Bass Guitar


Ancora elogi nei confronti delle estremita' inferiori della Nostra. Dopo le canzoni, e' ora di votare i piedini!

Date un'occhiata alla seguente pagina:

Hey! Quella foto l'hanno pescata dalla mia gallery :-) Cmq, troppo hippie? A noi il piedino ci piace in quanto tale! Tsk, ah gia' e' un sito glamourioso!

Un saluto ai gestori del (delizioso) sito in oggetto!


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(CBS) In February, rock star Sheryl Crow had breast cancer surgery.

On Tuesday, she told Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler she is now considered "likely benign."

The two spoke at the annual Breast Cancer Research Foundation Symposium and Awards Luncheon.

Syler was a facilitator of the luncheon, and Crow presented an award.

The foundation handed out $24 million in research grants at the event.

Crow told Syler, "I feel great. I feel lucky. I feel empowered. About two weeks ago, I had (what's considered) my six-month (checkup), and I am likely benign, which is what they say. I guess they can't say 'you're cured' until they can be definitive about it. But I am celebrating 'likely benign.'

In a light moment at the podium, Crow remarked that, in a show business world that puts so much emphasis on cleavage, she was never known for her breasts until she got breast cancer.

Both of Syler's parents had breast cancer. She says her mother is doing well, eight years into her battle, and her father has passed away, though not from the disease.

To see part of the conversation between Crow and Syler, click here.

The breast cancer research foundation awarded over $24 million to scientists and researchers for their work in the field of breast cancer research.

©MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.




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Photo 1,2: NEW YORK - OCTOBER 17: Sheryl Crow attends a preview of Tod's Fall/ Winter 2007 Collection hosted by Lucy Liu and Derek Lam on October 17, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Photo 3,4,5 NEW YORK - OCTOBER 17: (L-R) Actress Lucy Liu and Sheryl Crow attend a preview of Tod's Fall/ Winter 2007 Collection hosted by Lucy Liu and Derek Lam on October 17, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Photo 6 NEW YORK - OCTOBER 17: (L-R) Actress Lucy Liu, designer Derek Lam and Sheryl Crow attend a preview of Tod's Fall/ Winter 2007 Collection hosted by Lucy Liu and Derek Lam on October 17, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images.

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Photo 1,2,3: NEW YORK - OCTOBER 16: Sheryl Crow attends the 27th Annual Salute To Women In Sports Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel October 16, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Photo 4: Sheryl Crow (C) poses with volleyball players Misty May-Treanor (L) and Kerri Walsh at the 27th Annual Salute To Women In Sports Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel October 16, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Photo 5: L to R) Former tennis player Billie Jean King, Sheryl Crow and race car driver Melanie Troxel attend the 27th Annual Salute To Women In Sports Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel October 16, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Photo 6: Soccer player Abby Wambach and Sheryl Crow attend the 27th Annual Salute To Women In Sports Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel October 16, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Photo 7: Former tennis player Billie Jean King, Sheryl Crow and former tennis player Martina Navratilova attend the 27th Annual Salute To Women In Sports Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel October 16, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

[NEWS] CMA 2006

Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow added to CMA show

NASHVILLE, Oct. 16 (UPI) -- The lineup for next month's Country Music Association Awards program in Nashville has been bolstered with the addition of Vince Gill and Sheryl Crow.

The CMA said Monday that Crow and Gill would join hosts Brooks & Dunn in a performance of "Building Bridges" on the Nov. 6 live telecast.

John Rich of Big & Rich has been added to Gretchen Wilson's number "Come to Bed," a song he co-wrote.

The highlight of the gala will be the induction of the 2006 class of the Country Music Hall of Fame. The new members include George Strait, Sonny James and producer Harold Bradley. Kris Kristofferson will introduce the honorees.


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Sheryl Crow seems to have hired a new band member...


Credit: Kelly A. Swift for the OC Register

Untold promise, but will it be fulfilled?
Review: Sheryl Crow’s stripped-down set suggests the direction the new Samueli Theater should take.
The Orange County Register

It’s doubtful Sheryl Crow intended the selection to have such resonance. Surely to her it was just a trusty opening, the same song she had used throughout summer to kick start shows at venues 20 times as large, only scaled down to suit the unplugged atmosphere of the small, wood-and-brick-paneled room she was christening.

Yet she couldn’t have picked a more fitting way to begin the premiere performance at the new Samueli Theater Saturday night than the phony-jabbing, Stones-riffing ditty whose chorus makes a not-so-subtle suggestion: “I think a change would do you good.”

Of course, there already have been a multitude of changes unveiled this year in the glossy, glassy expanse girded by the I-405 as it curves toward South Costa Plaza. Compared to the fireworks, world debuts and grandiose spectacles that have trumpeted the arrival of the lavish Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall in the past month, the launch of the humbler 500-seat Samueli seems about as monumental as the opening of a new bathroom amid the $200 million-plus expansion.

Yet in time, if this modest but well-designed space is booked with a modicum of aesthetic daring and plenty of financial support, it could become the most important little corner of this fine-arts empire.

The venue itself certainly holds considerable promise, for there isn’t a room quite as inviting and multifunctional in Orange County.

Unlike the drab black box that is Founders Hall – a rehearsal space at the neighboring Orange County Performing Arts Center that also serves as a dimly lit cabaret club – the Samueli exudes warmth and intimacy immediately. It’s a simple yet sophisticated setup, for sure; with its upper-level cocktail tables ringing the theater, reaching to the very side of the stage, its layout has a touch of Disney Hall in miniature, sans the giant pipe organ.

But there’s nothing stodgy or strikingly plain about the place; whereas a rock performer like Crow might have seemed overwhelmed or dwarfed on one of the two Centers’ larger stages, here, poised on a stool and flanked by her guitarists, she was as comfortable and laid-back as if she were taping an acoustic special on a soundstage in Burbank.

And unlike downtown Santa Ana’s relatively new OC Pavilion, already too locked into its plush, upscale appeal, the Samueli has adaptability on its side.

It can be too formal, something Crow noticed right away: “This is very reminiscent of my first piano recital. We’ll have cake and cookies in the Fellowship Hall immediately after,” she joked. It remains to be seen how a heavier sound than Crow’s approach would work here; it easily could prove overpowering, though there’s room for the right kind of drums and the only slightly echoing acoustics will definitely allow for greater amplification of electric instruments than, say, Disney Hall can stand.

But while something like the ad-hoc supergroup Camp Freddy (once rumored to be a possible booking) would probably be an out-of-place, rumbling mess better suited for the House of Blues, there are still myriad ways to adjust the Samueli to suit all manner of pop, rock, soul and world-beat stars.

Clear out the makeshift rows of wedding-reception seats, let the “Alien”-esque pods of light become the dominant visual attraction, and suddenly you’d have a terrific spot for an evening of salsa music, or Los Lobos in progressive conjunto mode, or an even more interactive experience with L.A.’s infectious Ozomatli.

And Crow’s playful and humanizing but somewhat skimpy performance – just 11 songs in an hour – was not only vastly superior to her by-the-numbers turn last month at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (she really should do an acoustic tour), it also underscored the glaring lack of a first-rate room for such stripped-down sets.

Rufus Wainwright, Shawn Colvin, Neil Finn, Joe Jackson, Natalie Merchant, Lucinda Williams, Aimee Mann, Ben Folds, even Joni Mitchell or a solo Elvis Costello – this theater is perfect for such lyrical artists, providing them a loftier (but not too hoity-toity) setting than they’d get at the Mouse House or the Coach House. Securing, say, Sting on a lute-playing outing would probably prove prohibitively expensive – but it would work perfectly, as would a tour warm-up from Fiona Apple, maybe, or even Crow again.

That’s at least partly what the programmers behind the Samueli should be aiming for, and achieving such advances does seem to be mixed into the MO of attracting younger audiences. “Our dream came true,” Susan Samueli announced at the evening’s outset. “We brought jeans to the Performing Arts Center.”

That’s a good start, despite how much this denim-and-diamonds, cheese-and-champagne private party had an air of pretentiousness – of socialites slumming it in absurd designer jeans and gem-encrusted bustiers sporting the Harley-Davidson logo.

I doubt such people will comprise the Samueli’s primary audience. The big question, however, is who will? How will a not necessarily younger but hipper crowd be enticed toward frequenting such an inviting venue in an otherwise forbidding cloister when coming attractions are already veering toward the tame – arias from the Young Kirov Singers, jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis, standards singer John Pizzarelli, several nights with the Salzburg Marionettes?

All worthwhile acts, sure, but such fare screams trepidation and complacency. Now is the time for the Samueli to take bold steps to set itself apart from the rest of the Segerstrom enclave. The right shows could turn it into a hidden gem the likes of which we’ve never had. But the same ol’ shows will quickly turn it into Founders Hall II.

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A US Soldier based in Fort Bragg, NC*** seems in love with Sheryl. Why? Check out the following link:

*** Home of the 82nd Airborne Division, Army Special Forces and 1st SFOD-D (aka Delta Force)


... no pictures from Mr. Hudson? Chriiiiiissss


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Ann... the knot...



The Sheryl Crow/John Mayer Concert Experience
What an amazing night I got to spend yesterday, I am still reeling and it will probably take a little while for me to wind down.

I have been a Sheryl Crow fan since she released the "Tuesday Night Music Club" album in 1994, she was thirty two and I was nineteen (yikes!), and even though her lyrics were much more mature than I was, the music really touched me. She kept on releasing albums and I grew to really admire her, since I was too, growing up and beginning to learn the life lessons of falling in love, making true friends, enduring hard times, going into the real world and leaving college years behind. I simply had to buy all of her records and listen to all songs from start to finish. So, of course when I had the chance to buy the tickets to her concert I didn't even think twice and Ricardo, knowing just how much I like her, couldn't say no. We'd figure out the baby sitter later.

The concert was going to be with John Mayer, and I'm going to say that I liked John Mayer just okay, I liked "Daughters" and "Why Georgia" by listening to them over and over on the radio in the adult contemporary stations. His new album, "Continuum" debuted and still is on the "Top 10 Albums" list. I bought the album and played it just a little before the concert, after all there is a lot of good music around and iTunes is my universe.

So, after leaving the kids safely with Ricky's teacher from Day Care, Ricardo and I looked forward to three hours of good music. The night was warm and humid, as most nights in Florida are, but the sky was clear and the venue was really nice, it reminded me a lot to "Parque Fundidora", only much bigger.

Sheryl Crow took the stage a little after 7:30 hitting the first notes of "A Change Will Do You Good". She looked amazing, and I mean, really, really amazing, and she sounded just as good as I expected her to sound. It promised to be such a great performance, being the last night of her tour with John Mayer. I was eager for "My Favorite Mistake" because it's my favorite Sheryl Crow song and I was so happy when John Mayer appeared on stage and performed with her. It was just a glimpse of him, because after all, it was all about her at that moment.

Sheryl changed guitars every song, and then she went into a very powerful performance of "Redemption Day" where up the screens were quotes about peace by Lincoln, MLK Jr, Woodward Wilson, Roosevelt and even Joan Baez. The last quote was Lennon's "All we are saying is give peace a chance" and at the end of the song a huge white peace sign over blue lighted up the stage. And then a very acoustic version of "Strong Enough", just her and the guitar, unplugged, her vocals perfect.

Then she turned into rock and roll by singing "Walk Away" with Marjorie Fair. The sound was powerful and she got really good into singing "If It Makes You Happy" which is Ricardo's favorite Sheryl Crow song. We were having a blast and by the time she sang "Soak Up The Sun", so perfect for Florida, all people around us were having a great time. She closed with Winding Road and said goodbye, but came back for an encore with a fabulous cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll", it was strong and really honest, you could tell just how much she really enjoys and lives for music, for rock. She really is the real deal, along with Melissa Etheridge of great female rockers of our time.

My face hurt because I had been smiling for almost two hours straight and it was just the middle of the concert.

I thought the best part for me was over and sat back waiting for John Mayer.

What a huge surprise it turned out to be for me. Girls in their twenties went crazy when he came out on stage in casual pants and a dark blue t-shirt, his curly hair messy and all over his face, as always. But really, his record albums don't do him any justice at all. He is a true, talented, no, really, gifted musician. His voice is sweet and it filled the air with the best song in his Continuum album, "Belief", and on he kept on with his well-crafted, smart lyrics, classy songs, every single one he performed sounded a million times better live than in his albums, his band had a piano, a trumpet, saxophone, two guitars and drums and it really was all about his amazing virtuosity playing the guitar. I really couldn't believe my ears and after every song I was more and more amazed by him.

There was a beautiful intro to "Daughters" played by one of his guitar players and then he went right into the song that earned him the "Song of the Year" Grammy in 2004. But a weird thing happened, on stage appeared who seemed to be Sheryl Crow's band members in huge white diapers and penguin and chick heads. And then a woman in a blue bikini twirling a baton. The woman was Sheryl Crow (again, looking impossibly amazing in a bikini). It completely changed the ambiance and purpose of the song, which turned into what appeared to be a self-mocking version of itself, and you really had to laugh. John Mayer kept his pose, and Sheryl pretended to whip him while singing, the song still sounded impeccable, in spite of the prank. "Just so you know" he said after they left the stage and he finished the song "this doesn't happen every night. It should, but it doesn't. It really should".

For me the best performance was "Gravity" which is a really slow, bluesy song. He made it last a lot longer than it is and he made it sound like heaven, I just couldn't help myself from thinking he really could be the next Eric Clapton, that song could easily be his "Wonderful Tonight".

"He stole the night" I told Ricardo, and now I can really become one more of them screaming girls.

I had to give him the only standing ovation of the evening after that song, which was good because he played "Why Georgia" and people finally stood up. He said goodbye but the cheering and the stomping was loud and clear, we demanded an encore. He came back, just him and his guitar, no band and strummed the notes into a cover of The Police's "Message in a Bottle", he owned the song, he made it his and it sounded just perfect. Then he really made a short and sweet performance, with his band back, of "I'm Going to Find Another You" and really left a great taste in all of our mouths, like a really satisfying treat.

Yes, I know, I really wanted to keep this short but I tell you, I'm still reeling and will probably will for a long time. All I can say at the end of it is that I converted to John Mayer, I really did. Of course Sheryl will always have my admiration, but after that concert I fell in love with Mayer. You have to see him live, but once you do, you really can't help yourself, so if you ever have the chance, please go to his show, feel his music, listen to his voice, pay attention to his lyrics and subdue to his talents playing the guitar, he is big and he deserves to be big, big as legendary big.

There are pictures!!!


Sheryl Crow
A Change is Gonna Do You Good
It's Hard to Make a Stand
My Favorite Mistake (with John Mayer)
First Cut is The Deepest
Good is Good
Redemption Day
Strong Enough
Walk Away (with Marjorie Fair)
If It Makes You Happy
Real Gone
Steve McQueen
Soak Up The Sun
Everyday Is a Winding Road
encore : Rock and Roll

John Mayer
Good Love Is On The Way
Slow Dancing In a Burning Room
No Such Thing
I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Waiting for The World To Change
Why Georgia
encore : Message in a Bottle
I'm Gonna Find Another You



On Monday afternoon David and myself made a little trip to B'ham. We stopped at California Pizza Kitchen and had ourselves a delicious pizza. Love that place. Then headed to the Oakmountain, opps I mean Verizon Ampitheatre. Then around 7:00 Sheryl Crow comes out and the crowd goes wild :) The section we were at, most of the people were screaming, singing along, and dancing. Everyone is having a really good time. She plays a couple of songs that I haven't heard of, but a lot of the popular songs. At one point the lights dim and they bring out a stool and a acoustic guitar and I get a chill, "Is she going to play it?" And then she starts playing the intro the strong enough. That has got to be my FAVORITE Sheryl Crow song. I had mentioned earlier that morning that I would love to hear it, but it was probably too old. So I was loving it :) So Sheryl finishes up her set in a little over an hour and the crowd is screaming so loud.

During the break you can send text and picture messages and they might get put up on the two monitors up front. I send a picture of Hera and it gets put up! So Hera's had her 15 seconds of fame :)

In about 40 minutes or so the lights go dark and the crowd goes nuts, including myself. I have been waiting for this for years :) John then proceeds to sing to me for the next hour and a half or so. He plays a lot of his new songs, which I am diggin. He played a couple of older songs like Daughters and No Such Thing. But thank God he did not play Body is a Wonderland, not that I hate, just way overplayed. He did play I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You) (track 2 Mandy) But didn't play the Jimmy Hendricks song. He also played Belief, Gravity, Vultures, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, but didn't play Stop This Train, which is one of my favorites. He played one song I had no clue, if it was his song, then its never been on an albumn, it was the one song I didn't know every word for :) John then wraps up, thanks everyone and exits. The crowd goes absolutly nuts. Screaming and hollaring, I never heard such a crowd. Then you hear a thundering, everyone is banging of the chairs, its just crazy! Of course, John comes out again and plays I'm Going to Find Another You, which I also LOVE. I makes me think of all my friends sitting down in the Tavern with a pitcher of beer, listining to John play that song :)

Over all I had a blast, a memory I will not soon forget. I can't wait for him to come back. Maybe next time I will wake up on time and get some better tickets :)

Source: Myspace


October 13, 2006 by Jill Marie Elliott

Breast cancer survivor Sheryl Crow has a movie date with you! The songstress recorded a series of Public Service Announcements for City of Hope, bringing attention to their lifesaving research and treatment programs. Over 16,000 theaters will air the PSAs that will run from September 29th till October 25th.

The announcements were made possible in part through a partnership with Movie Tunes LLC, Forman Bros. Strategic Marketing and City of Hope’s Music & Entertainment Industry campaign – and of course, Sheryl. “We are extremely fortunate to have Sheryl Crow donate her time and talent to this project. Her experience as a cancer survivor is inspiring and illustrates so clearly the importance of research at places like City of Hope,” said Holdings founder David Forman.

City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.



Official News

Sheryl Crow records City of Hope public service message to air in 16,500 movie theatres

Contact: Jennifer Healy
800-779-5893, ext. 20

LOS ANGELES, October 2, 2006 – Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow will help raise awareness of cancer and the lifesaving research and treatment programs of City of Hope through a series of public service announcements (PSAs). The announcements will be aired in part through a partnership with Movie Tunes LLC, Forman Bros. Strategic Marketing and City of Hope’s Music & Entertainment Industry campaign. The PSAs will air in 16,500 theaters from September 29 through October 26 of this year.

“We are so very proud to participate in this partnership and to bring an important message to the public about cancer research and treatment,” said Forman Bros. Holdings founder David Forman. “We are extremely fortunate to have Sheryl Crow donated her time and talent to this project. Her experience as a cancer survivor is inspiring and illustrates so clearly the importance of research at places like City of Hope. We are also grateful to our partners at Movie Tunes, especially Joel Newman, for their support, and to the staff at City of Hope and the Music & Entertainment Committee.” Forman added that, in addition to airing the PSAs, the company will also urge record industry members placing music in their program to join them in their support by adding an additional tagline mentioning City of Hope.

Motivated by its commitment to innovative medical research and quality patient care, and inspired by the guiding humanitarian principles of City of Hope, a group of key industry executives founded the Music & Entertainment Industry chapter. In its 30 years of dedicated efforts, the chapter has grown to include all the major music labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony and Warner Bros. The industry has raised well over $50 million though benefits, promotions and partnerships to support important research, treatment and education programs at City of Hope.

About City of Hope
City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, the highest honor bestowed by the National Cancer Institute, and a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, City of Hope’s research and treatment protocols impact care throughout the nation. Founded in 1913, City of Hope is a pioneer in the fields of bone marrow transplantation and genetics and shares its scientific knowledge with medical centers locally and globally, helping patients battling serious diseases. For more information, visit

About Forman Bros. Holdings Inc.
Forman Bros. Strategic Marketing is a division of Forman Bros. Holdings Inc. Company Principal David Forman serves as a senior vice president and executive advisor at Movie Tunes, providing strategic marketing and sales efforts on all theatre programs and product placement of music, film and gaming titles at Shell Oil convenience stores. In addition to masterminding its partnership with City of Hope, Forman Bros. was the architect behind the GRAMMY® Awards program, benefiting the GRAMMY Foundation® and MusiCares®. Forman Bros. Holdings Inc. also consists of Forman Bros. Recordings, an International A&R company, and Premier Muzik International (royalty recovery, neighboring rights and forensic accounting on copyright issues). With more than three decades of history of working for the majors since immigrating from Canada, company founder David Forman is best known to his international colleagues and film/TV music supervisors for his involvement with Eva Cassidy, Al Jarreau, Mamontovas, Dreamhouse, London Bus Stop, Mudmen and The Elefantz. David Forman is a key member of the executive team that organizes the MUSEXPO International A&R Conference each May in Los Angeles.

About Movie Tunes LLC
In business for more than 14 years, Movie Tunes is the world’s largest in-theater music marketing and promotions company, dominating theatres in the Top 200 DMAs. Audio and on-screen (big screen) programming reach over a billion moviegoers each year, guaranteeing music exposure nationwide in markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit and Cleveland. In addition, our Broadcast Impressions Group (B.I.G.) creates music programming on over 175 U.S. college campuses reaching well over 15 million students monthly (Varsity College Network). This October marks the launch of B.I.G.’s new retail distribution program with the Shell Oil Company.



I feel like Bart Simpson *___*



Time for awards. Sheryl has been nominated for AC Female Artist of the Year along with KT Tunstall, Natasha Bedingfield, Anna Nalick and Rhianna. The ceremony will be held on November 18th at the Avalon theater in Hollywood, California.

:: General info :.

November 18th, 2006
Pre-Awards Meet & Greet 4:30pm
NMW Awards 6:00pm
NMW Post-Awards Celebration 8:30pm

Avalon Hollywood
1735 Vine Street Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323 462.8900

Further info at:
Phone: 310-325-9997


Tag team of Mayer, Crow wow end of tour
Published October 13, 2006

TAMPA-It's not always easy to make out vocals at the Ford Amphitheatre, even when the performer is chatting up the crowd between songs.

But when the crowd is hanging on every word - and for John Mayer on Thursday night, most of the approximately 11,500 attendees were hanging on every syllable - the job's a little easier.

"I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, and I'm like, this is what I have to work with?" Mayer joked with the crowd during his set on this co-headlining tour with Sheryl Crow.

With a lot of other hella-cute performers, it would have come off as overly self-deprecating, a sly wink at how ridiculously adorable they are.

But not you, Johnny Mayer, with your sick, unexpectedly engaging blues-guitar chops, your crafty balance of sharp, understated folk-rock and bruising blue-eyed soul. No, you charming devil, you can pull off a line like that.

We're men enough to face facts: You can't take on John Mayer. It's like Adrian told Rocky: You can't win.

Mayer blew up with the ladies back in the day, capturing their hearts with No Such Thing and Your Body is a Wonderland. But that wasn't enough for him. He had to grow his wavy hair into bangs, hanging down into his eyes, and erupt with some of the best blue-eyed soul in a decade or more on his new album, Continuum.

And he put on one of the best shows I've seen in a long time, alternating between the huge-leap forward action of Continuum on Waiting on the World to Change and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room to the sweet singalong lullaby of Daughters.

Another new track, the bluesy I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You), sounded a lot like Sting done, well, five times better. No wonder Mayer pulled a cover of Message in a Bottle late in his set.

Mayer is coming into his own in a huge way, which takes nothing away from Crow, who performed first this night. You would never know she recently fought through breast cancer with her energetic, fun set, punctuated by hits such as Steve McQueen and Soak Up the Sun.

Crow's show was like a breath of warm, salty air at the beach, light and brilliant with a little bit of grit. After tearing through her repertoire with aplomb, she pulled out a pumped-up cover of Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll. While it didn't exactly put the original to shame, it was fun, solid, and not at all hampered by the still way-sexy Crow swinging around and shaking her assets midway through the tune.

Like Mayer, she knows putting your sex appeal out front doesn't have to undermine your talents in any way, shape or form, and this veteran was giving nothing up to the kid.



Marching, dancing and twirling in bikini :-D

...and let the good time roll
Let the good time roll
I don't care if you young or old,
Get together and let the good times roll!

John Mayer: Ipse Dixit

Mission and Philosophy - Berklee College of Music
An Inspirational Tale For Students By John Mayer, '98 Alumni

The mission of Berklee College of Music is to educate, train, and develop students to excel in music as a career.

Developing the musicianship of all our students is the foundation of our curriculum. We believe that the lessons and qualities derived from that work-the self-discipline needed for excellence, the empathy required of music making and the openness and inquisitiveness essential to creativity-are critical to achievement in any pursuit, musical or otherwise; and that music is a powerful catalyst for personal growth, which is central to any collegiate experience.

Our comprehensive curriculum is distinctly contemporary in its content and approach, and covers the principal musical movements of our time. Through a course of scholarly and practical learning experiences integrating performance and writing, our curriculum covers the variety of influential styles, relevant technologies, and career opportunities open to today's music professional.










And now the set list:

WALK AWAY with Marjorie Fair
bonus track!


This picture made me laugh out loud, and it made me want to post something I should have posted a long time ago. It's amazing when an experience (or should I say an encounter?) sticks with you for days, even weeks. I went to see Sheryl Crow and John Mayer with the amazing Hanson's (endless gratitude and love fills my heart when I think of their kindness to me), and I still haven't quite recovered. I had such a marvelous, delightful time. I admit, I fell in love with John Mayer all over again. And Sheryl, my dear Sheryl- where do I even begin???

It's a love-hate relationship these past five years, but something about that night really renewed my love for her in a powerful way. She seemed real again. And broken- and healing- and open- You can totally tell when someone is trying to fight their brokenness and put up a neat and happy front. I hate that. I want to see someone wrestle- real creativity comes out of that. Sheryl said after playing her hit "My Favorite Mistake"- "We all have them right? I seem to be collecting them lately." And I just loved her. And then you should have seen how she rocked out and danced around and just let herself go. You could tell that the tour and her music was healing her. It was just awesome. And I left with that sad ache in my chest that said, I'll never know her as a friend. But I'm pretty sure we'll have heaven.

I've really been enjoying John Mayer's blog because it is so dang funny to me, but this last post he made about Sheryl was just so cool, and it made me love them both even more- and I was so thankful that I got to take part in witnessing them on tour together. Read it here.
p.s. since I wrote that, more has been added to JM's blog, and it kind of changes the tone of what I've said, but it doesn't matter, it's good for a laugh.



Sheryl Crow Extra
By Leslie Gray Streeter

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Friday, October 13, 2006

"You're wonderful! You're delicious! You're oh so yummy! Quit your jobs and come on the road with us!"

And thus Sheryl Crow, celebrated singer of songs, survivor of cancer and owner of ridiculous good looks, buttered up a smitten Sound Advice Amphitheatre crowd Wednesday night that was already, by this time, virtually buttered, seasoned, fried and served with a side of hush puppies and cole slaw.

Part of the fun of the show was that Crow had such a rapport with the audience, which had already been hooked by John Mayer and his combination of good looks, funky-bluesy guitar godliness and slyness. (Not to mention that big ol' silly bear suit he wore on stage to duet with Crow on My Favorite Mistake. "The only bear I ever loved," Crow joked.)

Crow seemed even more at home on stage, winning the crowd with a bag of tricks that went a little something like this. Dig:

• Crow did a heck of a lot of sing-alongs, one of the must-haves when establishing crowd rapport. The best were her cover of Led Zepplin's Rock And Roll and the moment where the audience enthusiastically shouted up the line "I still get stoned" in If It Makes You Happy. Crow grinned, supplying the kicker "I'm not the kind of girl you take home." Apparently, it's not the kind of audience you take home, either. Cheeky audience!

• Only a confident performer can do the Funky Chicken, as Crow did during Every Day Is A Winding Road, and look elegantly goofy rather than just... goofy.

• She dedicated the melancholic and sweet Home to West Palm Beach. I'm sure she does that with all the cities. But we in the audience were such smitten love puppies that we didn't care whether she was lying or not.

• When Crow was at SunFest a few years back, Soak Up The Sun was her big recent hit. She did it last night, saying she doesn't do it much. That's a pity, because it was spirited and fun.

• Ever notice that the "Ooh ooh ooh" 's in the chorus of Steve McQueen sound like Steve Miller's Take The Money And Run? You probably did. I'm just slow that way.

• The First Cut Is The Deepest is lovely, but even more lovely live and spare. Sigh. Serve me up with some hush puppies.


Giovedi' 12 Ottobre 2006 / Thursday October 12, 2006



My favorite big beeaaaar...


On the eve of the last tour date between Sheryl Crow and myself, I thought it would be a fine time to do a couple of things... First, to pull the inevitable end-of-tour prank a night early (respectfully allowing Ms. Crow the opportunity to spike my serve) and second, write a quick note to tell you what an amazing time it's been.

The Prank:
The nearly done-to-death bear suit gag had at least one more go-round left in it, so when Ms. Crow called me up to play on "My Favorite Mistake" as she had done so many times before, she was forced to sing while taking it all in; that not only was she about to forget the words to half of the second verse, but the gaggle of press photographers allowed to shoot the first three songs of her set were snapping away at our every move.

So, after all the great nights of music, after opening our hearts up on stage, making the leap of faith that is closing our eyes and hoping we're affecting the scores of people who have waited all afternoon to temporarily quell whatever is weighing on them, this incredible six-week experience will be summed up with just a photograph: Sheryl Crow leaning against a douchebag in a bear suit.

And that, my friends, is how you pull an end-of-tour prank.

So what's Sheryl going to do to get me back? Only time will tell. Here are some possibilities:

*Sheryl on a horse
*Sheryl dressed up in a blonde wig and roller skates licking an ice cream cone
*Sheryl and a band saw
*Sheryl and a wind machine
*Sheryl and the cast of Diff'rent Strokes

Stay tuned...

The Thanks:

Sheryl - I hope you realize, even if for a fleeting moment just once a day, that everything you've ever hoped you would be, you are.

I've never heard you sing a sour note, your record collection could freeze a Lower East Side hipster dead in his tracks and you have one of the hardest to find traits in a musician; you believe that nice isn't the opposite of bad-ass. Add to that the great people you surround yourself with, and it's no wonder I walk away from every conversation with you feeling like I expend twice the energy but say half as much as you do.

I'm so glad to have had this time with you and your guys. And if it's not too much to ask, please go with the horse idea.

- John




...when the music's over, turn out the lights...

Thanks John!

Oh, John, the image "loveyousheryl.jpg" is missing! Fix it ;-)

- Aleks


Ahahaha, outrageous!





Crow-Mayer duo proves no mistake

Photo by Cydney Scott

By Leslie Gray Streeter
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 12, 2006

It was the moment the fans had been waiting for: headliners John Mayer and Sheryl Crow briefly sharing the Sound Advice Amphitheatre stage together near the beginning of Crow's set. The two jammed out to Crow's My Favorite Mistake, standing back-to-back as Mayer wailed out a funk riff. It was hot.

Of course, Mayer was wearing a bear costume, complete with a big goofy amusement park bear head. But it was still hot, and that's saying something.

"The only bear I ever loved," Crow deadpanned as Mayer the Bear dropped to his knees in adoration and then exited. "I don't know how to follow that."

Actually, the gorgeously tanned Crow didn't seem to have a problem filling the rest of the already enormously well-received show Wednesday night.

Likewise, Mayer more than competently handled his earlier set with a collection of radio hits and nasty, nasty funkjazz/blues concoctions. The shaggy-haired and lanky heartthrob started with Belief, a thoughtful song about the price of defending one's beliefs that was punctuated by Mayer's geeked-out ecstacy and the "We love you John!" screams from the crowd.

When Mayer played SunFest a few years ago, he seemed to space out completely, so taken in by the music as he was, that he sometimes didn't seem to remember the audience was there. That was still enjoyable, but by now his stage patter has become comfortable and flirty. He smiled during the raspy pleadings of Why Georgia, grooved out to the blistering Gravity and wrecked everyone emotionally with Dreaming With a Broken Heart.

The set included huge hits Georgia, Daughters and No Such Thing but avoided the sincere but cutesy Your Body is a Wonderland. It was a noticeable omission, but one that didn't at all affect the giddy power of Mayer's set.

More pics HERE



Sheryl Crow extra: You'll Be Wrapped Around Your Finger

"You're wonderful! You're delicious! You're oh so yummy! Quit your jobs and come on the road with us!"

And thus Sheryl Crow, celebrated singer of songs, survivor of cancer and owner of ridiculous good looks, buttered up a smitten Sound Advice Amphitheatre crowd that was already, by this time, virtually buttered, seasoned, fried and served with a side of hush puppies and cole slaw.

Part of the fun of the show was that Crow had such a rapport with the audience, which had already been hooked by John Mayer and his combination of good looks, great musicianship and slyness. (See the fabulous review here.) Crow seemed even more at home on stage, winning the room with a bag of tricks that went a little something like this. Dig:

- Crow did a heck of a lot of sing-alongs, one of the must-haves when establishing crowd rapport. The best were her cover of Led Zepplin's "Rock And Roll" and the moment where the audience enthusiastically shouted up the line in "If It Makes You Happy" that goes "I still get stoned." Crow grinned, supplying the kicker "I'm not the kind of girl you take home." Apparently, it's not the kind of audience you take home, either. Cheeky audience!

- Only a confident performer can do the Funky Chicken, as Crow did during "Every Day Is A Winding Road," and look elegantly goofy rather than just...goofy.

- She dedicated the melancholic and sweet "Home" to West Palm Beach. I'm sure she does that with all the cities. But we in the audience were such smitten love puppies that we didn't care whether she was lying or not.

- When Crow was at Sunfest a few years back, "Soak Up The Sun" was her big recent hit. She did it last night, saying she doesn't do it much. That's a pity, because it was spirited and fun.

- Ever notice that the "Ooh ooh ooh"'s in the chorus of "Steve McQueen" sound like Steve Miller's "Take The Money And Run"? You probably did. I'm just slow that way. Never mind me.

- "The First Cut Is The Deepest" is lovely, but even more lovely live and spare. Sigh. Serve me up with some hush puppies.



Sheryl Crow: ‘I’m really careful’
Musician talks about art of music, politics; says music is ‘a failing business’

Updated: 12:10 p.m. ET Oct. 11, 2006

Sheryl Crow was in New York City this week presenting the T.J. Martell Foundation humanitarian award to former President Bill Clinton. The foundation raises money for AIDS and cancer research. Bill Clinton has done an amazing amount of fundraising for AIDS. Sheryl Crow is a breast cancer survivor and is also very involved in politics.

I asked her how her life changed since her cancer diagnosis on "Scarborough Country."

This is a transcript of our conversation:

SHERYL CROW, MUSICIAN: Any time you’re given a diagnosis or your life is changed by an epiphanal moment, that really sort of redefines how you approach the rest of your life.

Obviously, we’ve seen a lot of catastrophes go on in our country this year, with people losing their homes in Katrina, and those are the moments where you really redefine what your life is going to look like.

And it seems as though everything stands still and life doesn’t look or feel the same again. And, obviously, my cancer was caught so early that my message, really, to women of all ages, even young women, is self-examinations, knowing your family history, and making sure you’re diligent about getting your mammograms, because that’s really why I escaped having to have chemo or further treatment so far. I’m six months clear.

SCARBOROUGH: Let’s talk about politics. You and Bill Clinton also have something some common. You’ve been campaigning in your home state of Missouri. Tell me about it.

CROW: Yes. Well, there's a big race in Missouri. I’m from southern Missouri. I grew up in Kennett. And a senatorial race right now between Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill is very heated up, and I think it’s really one of the Senate elections to watch throughout the country.

SCARBOROUGH: Do you feel a responsibility as a musician, as a public figure, to be involved in politics, or would you be doing the same thing were you still a school teacher in Missouri?

CROW: Absolutely. I was involved in politics when I was a school teacher and John Ashcroft was in office. There was a lot of legislation passed in Missouri that cut funding for teachers and for classrooms. And so I’ve always been extremely involved in it. And when I turned 18, I was thrilled to be able to vote.

SCARBOROUGH: Do you get a lot of brush-back from fans for being involved in politics?

CROW: I do. But, for the most part, I guess around President Bush’s election against Gore, I had quite a lot of information on my Web site that was heavily backed up. In fact, I remember you talking about me on your show about what the difference was between what happened with the Dixie Chicks and what happened with me.

And I’m really careful about the way I present my opinion, because I think for me it’s just more important that people really get the information and that they educate themselves and not just buy into what it is that’s constantly being battered around on TV.

SCARBOROUGH: Do you ever foresee doing a purely political CD?

CROW: I’ve written political songs in the past. For instance, I wrote a song called “Redemption Day” that came out on my second or third record. And it’s interesting, because people will hear it. It's not like the old days where people felt like anthems were being written for them.

I am more interested in doing it now, because I’m much more less consumed with what’s going on in pop radio. I think what’s happening in our business—although I feel like it’s slightly karmic, it is what it is. It’s a failing business. And we have to figure out new ways to get what I feel like should be messages with integrity out to the American people, or to people in general, because the people are starving for it. I think they really are ready for that.

SCARBOROUGH: And let me ask you about the industry you’re in. How have you been able to succeed in this type of environment when others haven’t?

CROW: Well, I think what’s going on in the music business is really reflective of the times. There’s so much money in business that music now has become part of commerce. The record labels now depend on advertising dollars coming through commercials and through TV programs. And what we felt like in the old days was something you would never do, like selling out to a commercial, now has become the norm for getting your music heard, because radio will only play six or eight songs in an hour. And then the next hour, they play six or eight songs, and it’s the same six or eight songs.

SCARBOROUGH: Where do you want to be in the future? Do you want to stay in the music industry? Do you think you may ever get involved in politics?

CROW: I’m going to run for president, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH: You want to run for president?

CROW: I can say it right now. I’m going to run for president.


SCARBOROUGH: That is awesome. What year?

CROW: Oh, jeez. By the time I run, the planet will have blown up.

SCARBOROUGH: No. Well, Florida may be underwater...

CROW: Florida might be underwater.

SCARBOROUGH: Yes, but what are you going to do?

CROW: I just am going to write about it; that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to do what I know how to do, and that’s try to make some sense of it and try to give some sort of commentary to it. And hopefully that will resonate with people, because I think we all experience the same emotions, and we are all experiencing what’s happening right now in the world as a collective.

And I’m going to write about it, and I’m just going to try to maintain a modicum of peace in my personal life and integrity in my very public life, and go from there.

SCARBOROUGH: All right, Sheryl. Well, good luck. Thanks so much.

CROW: Thank you.



Mercoledi' 11 Ottobre 2006 / Wednesday October 11, 2006



Photo 1,2,3: Sheryl Crow attends the T.J. Martell Foundation 31st Annual Gala held at The Marriott Marquis on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 in New York City, New York.

Photo 4: (L-R) Berry Gordy, Sheryl Crow, and Clarence Avant attend the T.J. Martell Foundation 31st Annual Gala held at The Marriott Marquis on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 in New York City, New York.

Photo 5-6: Former US President Bill Clinton, second left, receives the Humanitarian of the Year Award from Francis Preston, Sheryl Crow and Tony Martell at the T.J. Martell Foundation 31st Annual Gala held at The Marriott Marquis on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 in New York City, New York. (Pictured: Francis Preston, President Bill Clinton, Sheryl Crow, Tony Martell)

Photo 7,8,9; Sheryl Crow performs at the T.J. Martell Foundation 31st Annual Gala held at The Marriott Marquis on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 in New York City, New York.

Photos by Gregorio Binuya/ABACAUSA - Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment


Sheryl Crow lacked charisma Monday night at Verizon Center

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
News staff writer

Pleasant just isn't good enough when a star is on stage.

This became painfully obvious Monday night when Sheryl Crow and John Mayer performed at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Pelham.

The outdoor amphitheater was nearly packed for these two famous names, with only a few rows of empty seats in the faraway third tier. Fair weather and a bright moon created a near-perfect scenario for the evening.

As the dual headliners had arranged it, Crow performed her breezy folk-pop set at 7:30 p.m., followed by singer-songwriter rock - sometimes creamy and mellow, sometimes funky and bluesy - from Mayer at 9:15.

Their shows were a study in contrasts, and not just because their music styles were different.

Crow, the buff California girl, lacked oomph and charisma. Although polished and professional, her 75 minutes of mostly mid-tempo tunes did little more than waft into the air and disappear.

Sure, it was nice to hear Crow's clear, ringing voice push out the lyrics to "Strong Enough," "If It Makes You Happy," "Steve McQueen" and "Everyday is a Winding Road," but some important spark - an artistic strength or fire in the belly - was missing.

Perhaps Crow, 44, simply is too wholesome to burn down the house with personal passion as she fronts an eight-member band. She certainly can play and sing, but where's the abandon when she attempts to connect with the crowd or shake her groove thing?

While here, Crow didn't unbutton her emotions, unbridle her feelings or shimmy like she meant it. As a result, her performance was blandly disappointing. Audiences should expect much more from a radio hitmaker with such a high public profile.

Mayer, on the other hand, upped the ante from the second he appeared on stage. The mood changed dramatically, partly because he's such a dynamic guitarist. His playing is precise, fluid and compelling - entirely worthy of the close-ups it received on the Verizon Center's big screens.

Say what you will about Mayer's unfortunate visibility in the gossip mags or his tendency to flood the airwaves with some of the less challenging material in his catalog. (The top-charting "Daughters," for example, finds him indulging in saccharine sentiments.)

Mayer makes up for it and more during his live appearances, which are more about instrumental prowess and the way his excellent guitar work alternates with lazy, sexy-slurry singing.

Also, at age 28, he emits a potent aura of coolness and originality that's grounded in an "It Factor" talent. You can't fake that or manufacture it.

During his 75-minute set with a five-man band, Mayer made several forays into blues, jazz and even arena rock territory. This happened most often on his newer songs, such as "Gravity," "I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)," "Waiting on the World to Change" and "Good Love Is on the Way.

Of course, he also ladled on the dreamy-guy ballads and bouncy radio smashes, including "Why Georgia," "No Such Thing" and "Bigger Than My Body."

Mayer might not have intended to outdo his touring partner so completely, but that's exactly what happened on Monday. His half of the concert: Four stars out of five. Hers: Maybe two.




[Nashville, TN] Sunday night was the highly anticipated John Mayer/Sheryl Crow concert. I have never laughed so hard in all my life for an extended amount of time, and it's a good thing Tadd was with us to keep me chuckling b/c it helped to keep me warm in the chilly October night air. JM opened and it was by far the worst performance of his I've seen. His energy was down, and as a result, so was the crowd's. His vocals were flat, and there weren't many memorable moments from his abbreviated set with the exception of annoucing to the audience that he was playing us a "blues prayer." Wow John. Deep. Sheryl Crow had a ton more energy and even though a third of the crowd left after JM's set, she gave a great performance.


[Mansfield, MA] So I went to see John Mayer on 8/29/06 and he was playing with Sheryl Crow. Sheryl has a beautiful voice and to hear some of her songs live was different now because I saw her at Woodstock '99 and paid attention but not to the extent that I did this time around. I like a lot of her songs and in all it was a great set list she put together for the audience.


[Pelham, AL] Sheryl Crow came out at 7:30 and played a great show. She played only hits which was good, all classics except for a song she had written about Bosnia, which was still a neat song. She finished with "Everyday is a winding road" and no encore.


[Pelham, AL] I am still wore out from the John Mayer/Sheryl Crow show. I don't think it was the show, more like the drive back from Nashville @ 1 a.m. I have to say the show was amazing. Just seeing John the man that I put up on a golden pedestal just a few feet away is (to use the same adj. again) amazing. He started out with Belief, which is my favorite song on Continuum and to quote the girls behind, "OH MY GOD! This is track 3 ya'll. Track 3!" His extreme solo in Gravity and his duet with Sheryl on Favorite Mistake was great. It was funny because when Crow brought him out they started to play Favorite Mistake. I then looked at Jarrod and he goes, "All I know is she better let him rip it up." And OOHH she did. I can't say that I'm a huge Sheryl fan, but man does she put on a good show. She is a real entertainer. About half way through her show she brought out a special guest Keith Urban. Now, I know like one of Urban's song, but man is he GOOD LOOKING!

We did have entertainment though with the pot smokers right in front of us. I love the people at concerts that are like 35-45 that smoke pot and then dance. It reminded me of the Dave Chappelle episode where they play the guitar riffs to see white people dance. Very Axel Rose. The best was when the Pirate lit up (by the way he had a gold skull/crossbones necklace on, so we referred to him as the Pirate) and then said, "Watch out the Republicans and Democrats are gonna come shut us down." We all looked at each other like WTF! It was an all around good time. I definately like Nashville's amphitheater. It has a wider pavilion, so it makes for closer seats.

All I know if I am definately going to one of Mayer's intimate show, since I'm in the super secret club. haha


[Pelham, AL] Sheryl Crow played second for a little over an hour. She has a lot of hits so she couldn't play them all. She was very entertaining and sounded great. Her voice is amazing. Her newest cd is good too. I've had it for about a year and play it a lot.


[Nahsville, TN] Sunday night was awesome though. Me and two of my wonderful friends went to the John Mayer/Sheryl Crow concert out at Starwood. Both of them were incredible. Halfway through Sheryl Crow's performance, she starts talking about she invited a friend to come sing with her and what a wonderful singer he was. My first thought was Kid Rock since she did that song with him. No, it was freakin Keith Urban!!! The whole crowd just went insane screaming. Yet another great reason to live in Nashville.


[Nashville, TN] Sheryl Crow was less impressive, in her song selections and attitude. Regular readers know my political leanings, but Sheryl was very much pushing an agenda that, though I may agree with her positions, came off as extremely preachy. It wasn’t, “Here’s what I believe”. It was, “Here’s what you should believe”.


[Nashville, TN] When Sheryl Crow took the stage the performance began. She was having a blast. Her voice was unwaivering and fantastic. They occasionally added little fun snipits in songs (can't get no satisfaction-rolling stones, was worked into one song) and other fun things like that. The big surprise of the night was Keith Urban showing up to sing. She talked to the crowd quite a bit and seemed to just be on top of the world. I guess after an all clear on her Oct. 8 breast cancer test she has a right too. Anyway, just a really classy fun show. Only remotely not-so-good moment came when she got a little political concerning why she wrote one of her songs. Her perogative, but not why I went to see the show. Moving on . . . She danced a little. ha. Claiming "I'm not Britney Spears." To that I say "Thank God . . . Thank God."


[Woodlands, TX] This weekend was chock full 'o stuff. Friday night, my parents, sister and I drove forever to The Woodlands to see the John Mayer/Sheryl Crow concert. It was my first time to see Sheryl Crow and she is gorgeous. Her arms are built -- I want them. I was disappointed she didn't sing "Leaving Las Vegas" but all in all it was good. My one complaint -- when did singers/bands start singing cover songs to end their shows? This has happened two years in a row with Maroon 5 at the rodeo and now Sheryl Crow. I just don't get it. You have numerous hits and you end on a cover????


[Nashville, TN] Sheryl came on next and did a great job except when she tried to get all political which never really goes over well when you voice your opinion...look what happened to the Dixie Chicks! ha. Anyway so she was good but the GREAT part was towards the end of the show when she said she'd like to welcome a friend of hers and a very talented musician..KEITH URBAN!!! I started screaming! I couldn't believe Keith Urban just walked out on stage! He is SO hot and one of my FAVORITE singers EVER!! It was awesome!!


[Nashville, TN] So, I went to the John Mayer, Sheryl Crow concert and it was amazing. I thought John Mayer could have done better, he did good but it wasn't out of this world. Sheryl Crow sounded exactly like you put her cd in and just listened to it. Her voice quality is out of this world. The combination of both turned out to be a good show.


[Nashville, TN] Ms. Sheryl Crow was in town with John Mayer tonight and I do believe they rocked the place....and Yet another reason to love being in this city.....she announced (after all those rumors came and went & the deal with Lance fell thru) she has officially moved to Music City alone...this was right after she played "home"....which I found to be eerily poetic for alot of reasons. then....THEN....she takes advatage of the talent in this town calls out a close friend of hers; Keith Urban to help her with "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty. Between his ass shaking in blue jeans and her hips moving in those tight leather pants I could hardly concentrate on the real question on my mind...."wonder what Nicole's doing backstage?"


[Woodlands, TX] But Sheryl Crow was incredible. I have never been a really big fan of hers but she puts on an awesome show. I could do without all the policital stuff but she really puts on one hell of show. I did not realize just how talented she is. The woodlands was an adventure. The bad thing is they took our cameras so... no pictures. I got some at the sound check and will be posting them as soon as I get them developed!!!!


[Woodlands, TX] seriously. idk what people's problem is with sheryl crow. haha. I LIKE HER. breast cancer survivor, she doesnt sing like crap, she plays the guitar, good lyrics that actually have meaning... yeah. my point exactly. i have to admit, some people WERE bored with the slower songs (home, strong enough to be my man).. but that one song she sang about the war or whatever. IT WAS GOOD. with all the quotes. ahhhhh!


[Sacramento, CA] For someone who had breast cancer just a year ago, Sheryl Crow sure has a lot of energy. Last Saturday night, I went to the Sheryl Crow and John Mayer concert at the Sleep Train Amphitheater in Marysville with my parents, their friends, and my roommate. The concert was one of the best concerts I've been to, and I really enjoyed it.

It started at 6:30 PM and we got there early for the opening show, done by Marjorie Fair, who for being an opening show, was really good. They played about 5 songs while people filtered in for John Mayer and Sheryl Crow. I felt really bad for them because they were just opening and did not get the respect I felt they deserved. People were not really paying attention to them and they definitely didn't get the audience they should have gotten, but I guess that is what happens when you are just the opening band.

After Marjorie Fair finished, it took about a half an hour for the crews to set up for John Mayer. He played first and was amazing. When the first song started, the lights on the stage were shut off and as he was walking out a spotlight was put on his drummer who was playing and smoking a cigarette at the same time. John Mayer did a really good job and he sounds really good live. I've noticed that some people don't sound as good live as they do on the CD, but I felt that good ol' Johnny sounded amazing. He is absolutely phenomenal on the guitar and had many many guitar solos. The only thing I wish he would have done more of is connecting with the audience. He seemed much more interested in playing music than talking and connecting with everyone who was there.

When John Mayer finished, about an hour later, there was another intermission that lasted about another half hour to set up for Sheryl Crow. I'd have to say that even though I went mostly for John Mayer, I ended up enjoying Sheryl Crow the best. I never realized how TINY she is. She has got to be about five feet even and she was wearing two or three inch heels. She totally took over the stage and was dancing and laughing. I was amazed at how energetic she was because she just had breast cancer a year ago and you could still see the bald spots from chemotherapy when the wind blew.

Overall I loved the show. I think the thing I enjoyed the most was the fact that we were in the eleventh row and we could see the strings on the guitars we were so close. I've never sat that close in a concert and I absolutely loved it. My roommate and I were totally loving everything about it and I had a fabulous time watching John Mayer and Sheryl Crow perform. The crowd was completely crazy and everyone was singing along and dancing the whole time (probably working off all the alcohol they were drinking).



640x480 - DiVx - 700 kbits - Stereo - 12 mins





Thanks Kay!


LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Jessica Simpson says Sheryl Crow helped get her through her divorce from Nick Lachey.

Jessica and Sheryl became friends after discovering they both had the same taste in break-up music.

The 'Dukes of Hazzard' actress revealed: "I talked to Sheryl and I told her that her song, 'Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man?', was my song!'

"And she goes, 'Honey, that's mine too. Next time I sing it, we'll do it together and I'll have you come up on stage with me!'"

She added: "As a woman who has some sort of power, you have to have a man that can take that. It's hard to find those men."

JessicView the profile for Jessica Simpson on Celebrity Spotlight has also revealed she wept all the way through her sister Ashlee's debut performance in the musical 'Chicago' in London.

She told the USA Today newspaper: "I cried and cried, because I had so much pride in that moment,

watching my sister persevere and prove to everyone that they were so wrong.

"After everything she's gone through, with everyone thinking she's some phoney, for her to get up there and sing and dance - to watch that talent and listen to her voice. It was great!"



Lunedi' 9 Ottobre 2006 / Monday October 9, 2006


Singer Sheryl Crow played at the Starwood Amphitheatre Sunday night in a sort-of hometown show. Crow told the crowd that she had tried to move to Middle Tennessee several times and indeed does own a farm in Williamson County. In the middle of her set, Crow introduced surprise guest Keith Urban who played two song with Crow, including, “If It Makes You Happy”. When Urban hit the stage, the amphitheatre filled with shrieks when he hit the stage. Urban’s lady, Nicole Kidman, kept a lower profiled back-stage. Vince Gill, Amy Grant and Harold Ford Jr. were also backstage.

In other entertainment news, the Hawkins family of Hendersonville watched their episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” along with millions of others Sunday night. Jerrod and Amy Hawkins and their kids lost their house during the tornadoes that ripped across Middle Tennessee in April.

Also, country singer Dierks Bently drew more than 2,000 riders to his first fund-raiser bike ride and concert event Sunday. The event raised money for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

In other news, Wynonna Judd told Ladies Home Journal she almost did the stomach weight-loss surgery and said she was going to do it anonymously and pay cash forit but checked into a food-addiction center instead.

The CMA Awards are quickly approaching. The awards show will take place on November 6. Visit and vote on who you think should win. The results will be announced in our big pre-CMA extravaganza that will air next month.




With Urban's help, Crow fires up crowd in her new Nashville home

By Nicole Keiper Staff Writer What could Sheryl Crow do to fire up her drowsy, Sunday night Starwood lawn crowd, stretched out all the way from the borders of the good seats, snuggling and dozing under blankets in the cool Autumn air while she strummed intently way down yonder on stage?

Well, she sure did find a way – one that the stream of defectors that started a few songs into her headlining set are surely kicking themselves for missing now – when she brought out country lady-killer Keith Urban. He joined her for a show-stopping take on the Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty duet "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," followed by a fully fiery stab at Crow's own "If it Makes You Happy." The two top-notch singers crowded around a single mike, Urban issuing blasts of the kind of explosive guitar leads that have made him one of country's reigning heroes, and the formerly heavy-lidded lawn populous flung to its feet and erupted in squeals. "I just wanna scream!" Crow howled in response, letting loose a world-class schoolgirl squeal (she's a professional, after all). The Petty/Nicks hit wasn't the night's only cover: Crow and band topped off their set with a springloaded, energetic version of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll," after swaying through Crow's hit cover of Cat Stevens' "The First Cut is the Deepest" (the set's standout) and threading some well-picked snippets (The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown") into a tidy selection of her own anthemic pop hits. And Urban's appearance wasn't the only surprise, either. Crow dedicated "Home" to Nashville, after letting the crowd in on the fact that she's joined her friend Urban and taken residence here. "There've been rumors about me moving here,"

Crow said to the crew of cheering neighbors. "God knows I've tried to move here. But I'm here now." Urban, too, certainly wasn't the night's only guitar hero. Gauzy voiced heartthrob John Mayer held the crowd in advance of Crow, and surely held up his reputation as modern pop's six-stringer to beat, decorating his own selection of hits ("No Such Thing," "Bigger Than My Body" and Daughters" among them) and album cuts with wailing-but-tidy blues solos. If you can offer a gripe about Mayer's well-coiffed blues-rock (and there are certainly plenty of hipsters who do), it's that, while it's unfailingly well-crafted and impeccably performed, all the things that make the blues bluesy and rock suitably rocked (ache, strain, sex, sweat) are shaved in favor of a clean, Sunday-best pop version of both. If his family-friendliness bothered anyone down in the front at Starwood, though, it certainly wasn't apparent, what with all the Urban-rivaling squeals.

Crow gave him high praise, too, before inviting him out to play guitar on "My Favorite Mistake," cheering that, "He's a badass and the girls kind of like him." Maybe it was Mayer's smooth hush of a voice that mellowed the folks in the cheap seats for most of the night, maybe it was the crisp, breezy air. Either way, it'd be hard to pin on Crow – her voice was alternately silky and sonorous, her band taut but with a tasteful hint at rock 'n' roll abandon, and her crowd interaction fun and friendly. Galloping through pre-encore closer "Every Day is a Winding Road," Crow shook and shimmied with some goofed-out dance moves (who thought you'd ever see someone do the cabbage patch on Starwood's stage?), laughing and mock-apologetically admitting, "Britney Spears I'm not." Good thing, too – because what Crow proves herself to be time and again is a masterful songwriter, singer, guitarist, bassist and performer. And now, another source of pride for Nashville. 



HAPPY with Keith Urban


Domenica 8 Ottobre 2006 / Sunday October 8, 2006


Credits: James Nielsen

More pictures at:


Sabato 7 Ottobre 2006 / Saturday October 7, 2006


She makes a detour to M.D. Anderson on her way to concert in The Woodlands

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

On her way to Friday night's concert in The Woodlands, Sheryl Crow made a detour for a smaller, kindred audience: women with breast cancer.

Six months after her own breast cancer made headlines, the Grammy-winning rocker stopped by the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to mingle with and play for patients and survivors of the disease.

"After I was diagnosed Feb. 22, everything screeched to a halt," Crow told about 200 women who gathered at the hospital's Nellie B. Connally Breast Center for the intimate mini-concert. "I'm on a new path now: I don't want to spend any time doing anything I don't want to do."

Crow, 44, who had surgery and then reconstruction, joked that "breasts are everything" in her business. She said she's been given a clean bill of health, and called her bout with cancer as "life-changing" for her mostly male crew as for her.

Introduced as a "self-described schoolteacher from Missouri who's built a second career as a singer-songwriter," Crow didn't grant media interviews.

An M.D. Anderson spokesperson said her staff had contacted the center to say that Crow wanted to visit and play a few songs for patients.

Wearing jeans, a white vest and heels, Crow sang Soak Up the Sun and Every Day Is A Winding Road to an appreciative audience that packed the center's lobby even though M.D. Anderson gave no official notice of the event. Cell phone cameras clicked away as she played.

"It was a neat surprise," said Laura McCarthy, a Florida woman who regularly makes "nerve-wracking" trips to M.D. Anderson to check whether the drugs are still working on her Stage 4 cancer. "It means the world to see a survivor in my age range. She's a great spokesperson for breast cancer — an inspiration to women and a great rock 'n' roller."

Adds a pink bracelet

After the two songs, Crow visited with audience members, exchanging stories and hugs, posing for photos and signing autographs.

Already wearing the yellow LiveStrong bracelet made by her former boyfriend, Lance Armstrong, she was given a pink bracelet symbolizing breast cancer awareness.

Ermelinda Serda, a Rio Grande Valley woman who only knew Crow from her recent appearance on Larry King Live, happened upon the mini-concert when she heard someone singing down the hall.

"When I told her today was to be my first day of chemotherapy, she told me to hang in there," said Serda, 57, who was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in July. "That really encouraged me — she looks so well, so beautiful."

Crow probably is the best-known celebrity to entertain M.D. Anderson patients.

Others include country singer Kevin Sharp and the late Latin singer Soraya, both of whom played for patients.

Former major league baseball players Eric Davis and Dave Dravecky and Olympic skater Scott Hamilton also have visited the cancer center.

For all their inspiration, celebrity cancer patients don't translate to additional donations, according to the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Officials with both agencies said the biggest effect of famous people being diagnosed with cancer was an increase in calls from people seeking more information about the disease.

Brightened spirits

Crow made the M.D. Anderson appearance as she winds down a national tour with John Mayer.

The tour had been postponed after surgery she's described as "minimally invasive" and follow-up radiation treatment. Neither were at M.D. Anderson.

She made no in-depth references to the ordeal Friday, sticking to music and intimate conversations with patients.

"This brightened everyone's spirits," said Cory Hanson, a Richmond woman with Stage 3 breast cancer. "I'd been a little upset because I'd wanted to get tickets to The Woodlands show, but decided not to because I wouldn't have the energy after today's treatment. But this was a pretty good substitute. At The Woodlands, I wouldn't have sat up front or gotten a hug."

Source: Houston Chronicle


Venerdi' 6 Ottobre 2006 / Friday October 6, 2006


Almost six months after being cancer-free, Sheryl Crow is "the happiest I've been in years." The singer, who's touring the U.S. with John Mayer, says that having breast cancer redefined her life. "I think it was a great release for me, just going through the experience. It’s what you do with the experience that really defines who you become."

So, how is she different now? "I let go of a lot of the pressure I used to put on myself. I was very self-critical and I also was a person who would never say no to anything," she told us a recent Estée Lauder breast-cancer benefit in Beverly Hills. "I was conscious at all times of making sure everybody was happy before myself, and now I’ve just made it a practice to say 'no' once a day, just for the exercise of it!”

Though Crow – who wears a custom-made gold bracelet with the words "Breathe" and "That which does not kill me makes me stronger" as well as her diagnosis date inscribed on it as a spiritual reminder – is already looking forward to celebrating her one-year anniversary. "It depends where I'm at in my life," she says. "I might take a trip."



Ahhh, memories. I was there that night. I was there and I screamed till I couldn't scream no more LOL!!! "I LOVE YOUUU" "GOD BLESS THE STATE OF MISSOURI" and stuff like that :-D

It was a short but nice show, except for the humidity (levels similar to those of New Orleans) and the mosquitos who were constantly swarming and biting. At the end of the concert, I was completely wet.

Anyway, she was in great shape and seemed very happy too. Winding Road was one of the highlights of the concert. Super performance!

Festa della Musica
Arco della Pace
Milano, Italy
June 22, 2002

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Ellen's Intro

" Monday, Sheryl Crow was on the show. She helped us kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And she said that she was gonna’ go in on Wednesday to find out her 6 month check-up to see how she’s doing, if she’s cancer free or not. And so, on the phone right now, Sheryl’s on the phone to let us know. She’s just come back from the doctor, she’s gonna’ give us the news right now."

Phone Conversation

Ellen: Hey, Sheryl?
Sheryl: Hi.
Ellen: Hi, Sheryl say hi to everybody
Sheryl: How are you? …(audience claps and cheer)
Ah, that’s so nice. Ellen, you have the sweetest fans. My, Lord how sweet are they.
Ellen: I know. They’re very, very sweet.
Sheryl: Gosh
Ellen: Well, they are sweet.
Ellen: So, tell us what happened. Did you go to the doctor?
Sheryl: I went to the doctor and I had my mammogram and oh, my gosh. I can’t lie to you, it hurt (Sheryl in a giddy mood- audience laugh)
Ellen: Yes, it does hurt.
Sheryl: Yes, it does and anyway, they did a whole bunch of different shots on both breasts (Ellen listening attentively) and I’m free and clear as far as I know.
Ellen: (smiles) Fantastic. (audience cheer and applauds). That’s fantastic.
Well, that’s a relief for you and do you have to go now every 6 months to check it out or does it then go to a year…
Sheryl: I go every 6 months for 3 years but I can deal with that.
Ellen: Well, that’s fantastic news I’m really excited and as a treat I’m gonna’ get you something special, I’ll buy you something really nice from QVC (Ellen smiles at an audience who works at QVC ---audience and Sheryl laugh). Something really expensive, something really, really nice.
Sheryl: Oh, I’m touched (audience laugh)
Ellen: Well, anything for you Sheryl, it doesn’t matter the cause, anything at all. (SC and audience laugh)
Sheryl: Bless your heart.
Ellen: Yeah, those mammograms are painful but very, very important. Until we figure something else out, that’s important to do.
Sheryl: Absolutely, and listen. Self-examination can be made fun (audience laugh). Just teach your husband, and your boyfriend or your girlfriend, whatever and get into the self-examination (audience laugh).
Ellen: Yeah, as a matter of fact we’re gonna’ do that right after we come back from commercials. (Sheryl and audience laughs)
Sheryl: I’m sorry I couldn’t be there today (Ellen smiles)
Ellen: Oh, I’ sorry you missed today too.
Sheryl: Sounds like fun (Ellen and audience laughs). Ok, we’re getting into some strange territory here. Aren’t we? (audience and Ellen laughs)
Ellen: Yeah, we really are. (Sheryl laughing) But, I’m so glad you’re okay, we’re happy for you and we will talk to you soon, Sheryl.
Sheryl: Yes, you will. Alright, you guys take care. (crowd cheers and applauds).
Ellen: Bye.


Thanks Ronnie!



Finally I got the scans of The Gaited Horse magazine! A BIG thank you to Amy!

Really interesting stuff. The cover is great and she's just yummy, mmh :-)

hop! hop! Tonight... Texas! Heee hawww


Giovedi' 5 Ottobre 2006 / Thursday October 5, 2006


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[ Concorde, CA ] [...] Then came my reason for going, Sheryl Crow - she rocked the house!! I've seen her before, and I hope to see her again. She reaches that rock n roll baby that lives in me!! Loved her!!


[ Irvine, CA ] [...] Starting things off, Sheryl surprised me. She loves to perforn and it definitely shows. To be honest, I'm not a big fan, but feeling her vibe was right on. I was happily impressed!


[ Irvine, CA ] Sheryl Crow was really really great. Now I've never been a huge fan of hers. Not saying I don't like her, I've just never followed her music that closely. I could probably tell you it was her if one of her songs came on the radio... but that's as far as my knowledge goes. She put on a great set as well. And she closed the show with a freaking awesome Led Zepplin cover! Had everyone up on their feet dancing, it was awesome. :)


[ Mountain View, CA ] [...] Sheryl rocked. I’m not a super fan, but I have her greatest hits album and know the words to a lot of her songs. I also consider “Strong Enough” to be one of the best songs ever written, and if men would just pay more attention to the lyrics, they would be a little bit closer to figuring women out. She is an outstanding performer and a great engager of the audience. She is quite petite and is just as fit in real life as she looks in the magazines. I must say, I don’t think anyone could rock a leather vest better than her. Throughout her performance she danced around the stage and did the Beyonce booty shake several times, which all of the middle-aged people loved. A lot. John came out to play and sing during “My Favorite Mistake,” which I believe she wrote about Eric Clapton. I should mention that the smell of weed was strong and whatever they grow out here must be better than what we have back home. At least judging by the smell. Also, a third of the way into Sheryl’s set, a woman three rows behind us cleared her section by puking three times in a row and then passing out. Who, exactly, goes and gets hammered at a Sheryl Crow concert? Seriously? I looked out just in time to see her dead weight being hauled into a wheelchair by five gloved workers. The vomit crew was quickly on the scene and there were no more incidents after that.






Crow brings new sound to Concord Pavilion
Concert Review
By Elysha Omoomy

Good is good, and bad is bad …," sang American rock blues legend Sheryl Crow on Friday at the Concord Pavilion, and this is a perfect example of how the concert progressed. There was a diverse age group anxious to see John Mayer and Sheryl Crow.

As the time approached, fans started to chant and cheer to see these two guitar-playing vocalists.

John Mayer opened for Sheryl Crow with several shrieking teenage girls cheering him on. He opened with his new song, "Belief," off the album "Continuum," which set the atmosphere for his set.

His mellow performances focused less on song vocals and more on the instruments.

All attention on the center stage, this multi-talented singer, songwriter and guitarist played more songs from his newest album in hopes of promoting his fresh sound.

The 28-year-old sang his award-winning song, "Daughters," which had the whole crowd singing along. Slowly, by the end of his set, most of the fans started to leave.

With a wave goodbye, Mayer left the stage having completed a boring set. After waiting a half hour for the set to change, Sheryl Crow finally entered the stage wearing a black leather vest and black pants.

Although the lights were dimmed, screaming fans of all ages were excited to see the inspirational breast-cancer survivor open with "Change."

The energy was completely opposite to Mayer's, with tears and laughter among the several devoted fans, some of whom had followed her for more than 10 years.

Her newest album, "Wildflower" reveals a new unfamiliar sound that discusses worldly issues that matter to her. This bittersweet album features more of the band and a string section that is revealed live.

Her songwriting skills are strong, especially in her song "Redemption Day," from her self-titled album.

When she sang this song, it brought a strong message about war and peace.

This political number featured graphics and quotes from Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Teddy Roosevelt and many others who have offered strong messages of nonviolence.

Several fans cheered and rooted her on for her political statement while the hairs on my arm stood up from her ability to promote peace and understanding.

Crow sang several other songs from her previous albums that had the whole crowd singing along.

The charismatic guitar-playing singer also cracked a few jokes with her band members about their favorite alcoholic drinks.

She even brought a little girl named Lucy from backstage to dance with her in front of the audience. Lucy had a pink cast that matched her adorable pink cowgirl boots.

Lucy was shy, but a smile crept along her face when she heard the crowd "aww" at her appearance.

Crow left the stage after "Winding Road," but she quickly came back for her encore of "Happy" and "Rock 'n' Roll."

Thanking her fans, she left the stage for the night to travel to her next tour destination in Sacramento.

As she left, I was very content with the show she provided to her devoted fans. As people left the Pavilion, some talked about how amazing she was and that they waited a long time to see her sing.

Other people talked about how strong she was to have fought breast cancer this past year and to have put on a fantastic show.



Blues legend? From an extreme to another :-)

Nice review, though.


Mercoledi' 4 Ottobre 2006 / Wednesday October 4, 2006



BTW, speaking of Liz Phair, Exile in guyville (1993, Capitol) is still a great indie-rock record! Shatter is awesome!


Nice legs, huh?

Tonight Show w Jay Leno
NBC Studios, Burbank, CA (USA)
April 25, 2002

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Un secondo album con le canzoni registrare durante le ultime session di Johnny Cash sarà pubblicato nel 2007: “American VI”. Cash ha registrato molte canzoni , alcune della quali sono state inserite in “American V” (2006), il quinto disco della serie prodotta da Rick Rubin.

Tra le tracce che figureranno nel set dovrebbe esserci anche “Redemption Day” cover di un brano di Sheryl Crow, registrata qualche settimana prima della scomparsa di Cash. (c.c.)



A simple one-word message from the official site:


Sent: Oct 3, 2006 11:27am

From: Sheryl


----End of Message----



I love the upper pic. That shot for me represents the strength and the courage of a woman who fought and won against one of the most insidious disease today. (taken in Fenway Park, Boston on july 7, 2006. Credit: R. Klein).

My Best wishes to you, Sheryl xxx


Martedi' 3 Ottobre 2006 / Tuesday October 3, 2006




Lessons learned from Crow and Mayer

Aidin Vaziri, Chronicle Pop Music Critic

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Between them, they've supposedly bedded Jessica Simpson, Eric Clapton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong. It's a miracle that the John Mayer and Sheryl Crow co-headlining tour, which on Sunday reached the Shoreline Amphitheatre, wasn't sponsored by The Enquirer.

The far-off chance that the couple would actually end up in bed together by the end of the evening was far more exciting than the show itself. Here are four things we actually learned at the show:

1) John Mayer loves Eric Clapton. Well, not exactly in the same smoochy way Crow did when she and the Cream legend were getting it on way back when. But just like last year when Mayer played the Fillmore with his short-lived blues combo, the 29-year-old Berklee dropout seemed eager to shed his reputation as a sensitive sorority house balladeer and re-invent himself as a furrow-browed guitar hero.

The trouble is, he seems to favor Clapton's '80s blues-pop beer jingles over the classic stuff, making Mayer come off more like Sting (when he was going through his gospel/rain forest/Amnesty International phase) on new material such as "Heart of Life" and the flaccid anti-war song, "Waiting for the World To Change." And what's with the Barry Gibb falsetto? Is it supposed to be funny?

2) Sheryl Crow has humongous hits! Unlike Mayer, who was intent on pimping new material from his self-produced third solo album, "Continuum," released just a few days ago, Crow stuck with what everyone knew best, slow-drip MOR staples such as "Good Is Good," "My Favorite Mistake" (with a chemistry-free cameo from Mayer) and her 33-rpm version of the 45-speed, "The First Cut Is the Deepest." Love her, hate her, or just want to hit yourself over the head with a pillowcase full of pennies when you see her, she's got a couple of tunes.

3) Wonderland, schmunderland. Mayer, meanwhile, seemed determined to disown his biggest hits, such as "Your Body Is a Wonderland," which was either the best or worst thing about the show, depending on how you feel about bubblegum ballads that play in the background of the crying scenes on "The O.C."

During his jam-laden 80-minute set, in which he constantly switched off between acoustic and electric guitars, it was hard to deny that the audience reserved most of its enthusiasm for the songs that it actually, like, knew, such as "Daughters" and "No Such Thing." If the bursts of wild applause didn't give Mayer the hint, then the stream of people walking out in the middle of his performance should have sent the message across loud and clear.

Crow had her own trouble keeping seats filled. Backed by an eight-piece band that included a string quartet, she obviously had the better material but seemed happy to lurk in the shadow of Mayer, the doe-eyed singer-songwriter 15 years her junior who attracted the huge contingent of star-struck teenagers on the lawn.

The two performers have been switching off the headlining spot and on Sunday, Mayer won the coin toss. You get the feeling that happens a lot.

Throughout her sleepy, 75-minute set, Crow only managed to get people moving with a last-ditch charge through rockier material like "If It Makes You Happy," "Soak Up the Sun" and a thoroughly unexpected cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll." But by that point most people were already at the condiment counter trying to find that perfect balance of relish and mustard.

4) Boring shows can still have happy endings. And the biggest lesson of the night: If you go to a massage parlor with a neon sign after 11 p.m., chances are they're totally going to touch you in inappropriate places. And it's going to feel good. Then you can be all, "Now whose body is a wonderland, John Mayer?"



Rick Rubin Works On A Sixth Johnny Cash Album

by Paul Cashmere

October 3 2006

A second album of songs from the final Johnny Cash sessions will be released as ‘American VI’ in 2007.

Cash recorded excess songs in his final sessions, the first half of which were released earlier this year as ‘American V’, the fifth album in a series of Rick Rubin produced albums dating back to 1994.

Tracks expected to surface on ‘American VI’ include a cover of Sheryl Crow’s ‘Redemption Day’, recorded just weeks before Cash’s death.

Cash also recorded Doug Kershaw’s ‘Louisiana Man’. That song is also expected to be included on the album.

‘American VI’ may also include the already available ‘A Satisfied Mind’. The Rubin produced track surfaced on the soundtrack to ‘Kill Bill Vol. 2’.



Great news! What a honor!

I'm already in "countdown mode" :-)


Post Scriptum: CASH UBER ALLES! ;-)))


Lunedi' 2 Ottobre 2006 / Monday October 2, 2006



Sheryl has recently added a new guitar to her collection, a custom built Trussart Deluxe Steelcaster cream on red roses.


Guys, i love that guitar! The body is hollow steel, with a wooden block under the bridge and a steel neck block. Pickups and bridge are Duncan Antiquities. The neck is made of koa, with a satin finish, and a rosewood fingerboard. Whoa!

O-R-G-A-S-M-I-C (not as much as the owner, obviously! ;-) 

More info at

SILVIA, orsu' palesati! Voglio un giudizio su quest'ascia. Ah sei bassista? Beh fa lo stesso :-)


[Concord, CA] Then the sun came out…Sheryl Crow is the Light! Oh my god! She is soooooo beautiful! I always thought they touched up her photos or something but NO! She is even more beautiful in person, and radiates happiness! It really gives me hope that aging can go well! She is over 40, and unbelievably hot! The best part was when she got to "Soak up the Sun" (my song, well "Good is Good" is my song in the moment but "Soak up the Sun" is over all my favorite) and SHE LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED!!!! AT ME! I guess Mike told her when he was telling her in the sidelines who I was or something. By the way, Mike, turned out to be her keyboardist in the band. YEAH! "I don't even like her" My A#S! During the whole concert we were seated a little to her left right in front of Peter, her bass guitarist, who looked at us, screaming of course, and nodded and laughed a few times! He was really cute and I swear he wanted Luis!

At the end of the set, to the end of the last song, Luis and I totally screwed staying the "5 feet from the stage" like we were supposed to, and I reached out my hands to her, and she reached back, and grabbed both Luis and I by the hands!!!! WOW! They went off stage and everyone got to get up to the stage, Luis and I ran to middle stage! They came out for an encore, "Happy", (just for Luis!), and "Rock and Roll". Ok so to sum things up:

- I had a conversation with Mike, Sheryl's keyboardist before the show.

- Both he and Sheryl waved at me from the sidelines.

- The guitarist, nodded at us and laughed various times through out the show.

- Sheryl came to Luis and I and grabbed our hands during one of the last songs.

- After the encore when we could go right up to the stage, I touched the guitarists KEDS, jeans, (could have touched something else but didn't), and guitar for a split second – while he was playing.

- Also after the concert, I touched Sheryl's boots and leather pants when she came close, and touched her hands at least three more times as she went down the line shaking hands!!!!

So, in short it was the most amazing concert I've ever been to in my life, and one of the happiest moments of my life. Luis and I have decided our song is now "Good is Good", and he swore never to make fun of me again, I will remind him of this! Lesson that I learned: Destiny is what we make it, I will never again doubt myself or my will power, and at every concert I go to from now on, I will seek out people with headsets who look like potential front row ticket holders!




Review: Sheryl Crow and John Mayer in Irvine, Calif., Sept. 27, 2006
By Devlin Smith, Contributing Editor

I'll freely admit it; I mainly went to see John Mayer on Wednesday night. I've fallen for the kid hard. He's a great singer, terrific lyricist, totally easy on the eyes, awesome in interviews and mesmerizing on the guitar. There was no question I had to see him as he promotes his latest album "Continuum," so when I read that he was coming to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine with Sheryl Crow, I felt like he was the cake and she was the icing. Boy was I wrong.

Even though she played the first, shorter set of the two, Crow is second to no one. In a word, the woman rocks. In a set filled mainly with fan favorites, Crow had the crowd at her command as she unleashed her powerful voice and switched smoothly between bass, acoustic and electric guitars.

The set began with "A Change Would Do You Good," a song that had the lollygaggers (myself included) rushing from dinner and drinks straight to our seats. Mayer joined Crow's impressive band for "My Favorite Mistake." "He can play," she told the crowd after her co-headliner meekly left the stage.

"It's been a crazy year and we're just so glad people showed up," Crow told the crowd. None of that well-publicized craziness had any impact on Crow's performance, though, and through the strong set that included "If It Makes You Happy," sing-along "The First Cut Is the Deepest" and "Steve McQueen," she proved herself to be one of the top women in rock, standing comfortably alongside legendary forebears like Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin.

Crow put her guitar down for the final song of her set, "Every Day Is a Winding Road" and sassily strutted across the stage, looking much like Tina Turner as she did so. And in her leather pants and vest, matched with her voice, smile and general presence, Crow showed that the girls in rock can definitely give the boys a run for their money.

Mayer, the boy of the evening, staked his own claim, preferring to go down his own blues path instead of trying to beat Crow at her game (and, truth be told, it wouldn't have been much of a fight). He took a pretty big risk in dedicating most of his set to the weeks-old "Continuum," but it paid off as the faithful got to sing along with new favorites for the first time and casual fans, or those there for Crow alone, learned that this album is definitely worth picking up.

"Vultures," "Gravity" and first single "Waiting on the World to Change" were among the highlights from "Continuum." Grammy-winning "Daughters" got the whole crowd singing and swooning and "Why Georgia" from Mayer's debut "Room for Squares" felt "brand new" for its singer that night in Irvine.

With Mayer, though, the guitar playing is the main attraction and several times during the evening, he brought the somewhat mellow crowd to its feet. As Crow said, he really can play. Watching Mayer play is nearly as enjoyable as hearing him. With him, it seems that he truly needs to play—his facial and body expressions giving the impression that he's desperately trying to get something out of him when he plays. I don't know if he's fully satisfied with his efforts, but the Irvine crowd was definitely bowled over by his output.

Mayer also had his share of mooning to do over Crow. "She's like filet mignon and I'm like cube steak," he told the crowd. Though he sees himself as scraps, Mayer had the benefit of being the night's true headliner and got an three-song encore that started out with an acoustic rendition of "3X5" from "Room for Squares" and was rounded out by two more "Continuum" tracks, "I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You" and "In Repair."

The show went on longer than I thought it would but both Crow and Mayer gave the impression that they could have gone on all night if given the opportunity. If only they'd been given the opportunity.

I guess I can't be too greedy. There are more dates for these two to play and it wouldn't be fair for them to give all the good stuff away so soon even if the crowd in Irvine would have loved it if they had.



Crow’s solid, but Mayer’s the star
By Tony Hicks

John Mayer and Sheryl Crow are alternating headlining slots each night on what has to be this year’s adult soft-rock dream tour. They shouldn’t be.

And that isn’t just because Mayer can walk up to the mic and, without warning, pull off a dead-on Christopher Walken imitation.

Playing the Sleep

Train Pavilion at Concord on Friday night, Mayer was clearly the more dynamic performer. Despite his pop culture prominence – dating Jessica Simpson, doing TV skits with Dave Chappelle, and so forth -- he’s still an up-and-comer, while Crow is still … Sheryl Crow. People have had more than a decade to make up their mind about her.

The good news, for those who love her, is that Crow hasn’t changed much. She’s still a safe bet to sing well, play songs with effective hooks, and pace herself through a show that won’t be bad. Nor will it prompt anyone to climb onto their seat to yell for more.

But this tour is not a competition. For Mayer and Crow fans, who added up to a near-capacity crowd Friday, the combo was a nice bonus.

But Mayer, who happened to go on first Friday, is climbing onto a different level before our eyes. No longer content to just be the guy with the pleasant Dave Matthews-sounding songs, Mayer is embracing more of an organic rock-blues sound, which opens new territory for him on stage. It was a nice balance, with the shaggy-haired singer/guitarist balancing safe pop standards like “Why Georgia” with plenty of songs that afforded him room to stretch his considerable guitar skills on stage.

That’s the difference between Mayer live and the Mr. Nice Guy you get on John Mayer records. He’s a fantastic blues guitarist, wielding his Stratocaster somewhere between the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughn and late-career Eric Clapton. Yet his adult-contemporary rock persona demands a certain amount of restraint — it’s the only reason one can see why he doesn’t turn his guitar loose more often. Either way, his playing is extremely tasteful, with hardly a bended note out of place.

Mayer’s song “Gravity,” was a great blues exercise, with a long patient solo in the middle, which the whole band subtly built up well. His backing players included former Pretender and Paul McCartney guitarist Robbie McIntosh, who suddenly looks like Neil Diamond. They gave Mayer the room at song’s end to tear off the night’s best solo, launching controlled bursts up and down the neck of his guitar.

Yet, of course, there was plenty of the old Mayer to keep the crowd happy. He also managed to pepper his 75-minute set with plenty of songs like the radio hit “Daughters” and his set-ender, “Invincible,” which sounds a lot better when it’s surrounded by songs with big blues solos.

Thankfully the set was too short to include “Your Body is a Wonderland,” an obvious addition by subtraction.

Crow was typical Sheryl Crow. Either you love her or you’d rather be in line for nachos. Crow’s biggest failure as a performer is that, if you’re on the fence about whether to like her music or not, her stage show will never push you off. It’s hard to imagine anyone walking out of a Crow concert saying, “I thought her records were OK, but, WOW, has her live show made me a fan.”

(Mayer seems to be a fan, telling his crowd at the end of his set that he thinks he’s in love, but manages to stay on his tour bus. He didn’t get to show his love on-stage, however, as the two did not perform together.)

Crow’s voice does seem to be getting stronger over the years, though she’ll never sound strong enough to properly tackle Rod Stewart’s “The First Cut is the Deepest.” Her songs are polished and certainly done well-enough live, but she doesn’t seem capable of elevating things above that.

Like Mayer, Crow has seen her share of the celebrity spotlight, with her much-publicized romance and break-up with Lance Armstrong and her battle with cancer. But Crow doesn’t have a new record out, or new songs to weigh in on her turbulent recent past. Instead, she relied on old hits like “A Change Would Do You Good,” “Steve McQueen” (as usual, the night’s best song), “Every Day is a Winding Road,” and “If It Makes You Happy.”

Despite her reputation as a middle-of-the-road performer, Crow does best with songs that are a bit faster and more dependent on a guitar riff. In other words, when she cuts loose a bit.

Maybe she should watch a little more of her tour counterpart.

Tony Hicks is the Times’ pop music critic. Reach him at



Steve McQueen? The night's best song? As usual? Fuck, that's insane! And Redempion Day, Anything But Down, Home, Hard to Make a Stand, It Don't Hurt...?

Yes, i said It don't hurt

Shame on you Mr Hicks!

Dear Miss Crow, it's time to get into country music

- Aleks, now known as The bastard son of Johnny Cash