VIDEO - All I wanna do is... watching Family Guy :-)

There are an impressive variety of songs featured (and parodied!) on the animated sitcom 'Family Guy', but this is the first time that a Sheryl's song is played. In the latest episode, aired yesterday, Lois experiences a midlife crisis, and Peter tries to keep up with her new, wild lifestyle. During the hanging out part, we can hear the smash hit "All I Wanna Do" for about a minute. Check out the clip below! I was kinda in awe because i'm a huge fan of the series, lol :-)


NEWS - Another (old) note from the producer Richard Bennett

This is from June:

It's been my good fortune to have begun a brand new album with Sheryl Crow last month. We've recorded 8 or 9 songs so far with more sessions planned for July. Sheryl's been living in Nashville for the last seven years but this was the first time meeting her. She is certainly one of the most unaffected folks I've ever come across and incredibly talented and focused. Great songs and what a singer.

For those of you who don't know Mr. Bennett, he's a seasoned session musician, producer and touring sideman, as well as guitarist for Mark Knopfler and Neil Diamond. Since the 1980s, he has produced - among others - for Emmylou Harris, Marty Stuart and Steve Earle. In fact, Bennett was the co-producer of the debut album of Earle, "Guitar Town", that happened to be one of my favorite country record of all-time.

A cross-style between Sheryl and Steve would be great!

NEWS'N'SOUND - Listen: Oxes and Will Oldham Cover Sheryl Crow

By Laura Snapes/Pitchfork

On December 20, Friends Records will release a limited split 7″ with a pretty brilliant line-up: On side A, Nat Fowler, Chris Freeland, and Marc Miller of Oxes have collaborated with Will Oldham and Shellac‘s Bob Weston to cover– seriously– Sheryl Crow‘s “Strong Enough” from 1993′s Tuesday Night Music Club, on which they go deep and fuzzy. Weston recorded the track, which has apparently been languishing deep in the vaults for some time. Listen to the A-side below.

SOURCE: Pitchfork

PIC - With Scotlund Haisley of the Animal Rescue Corps


PIX - Concert for STARS (Students Taking A Right Stand) - 16 Nov

On Friday November 16 Sheryl, Vince Gill, Keb' Mo' and other prominent Nashvillian musicians performed at a fundraising concert for STARS (Students Taking A Right Stand) at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

STARS exists to serve schools and communities by providing prevention, intervention and treatment services addressing bullying, substance abuse, violence, and social and emotional barriers to success. More info @

- Here's some photos -

Photo: Nashville Lifestyle


Photo: STARS



Photo: Chad Warrix

Photo: Madonna Reisz Bush via Facebook




Photo: STARS


REVIEW - "Woman in the White House" (HiFi Magazine)

Black president, check – woman in the white house, next

Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow whips out some feisty cowgirl spunk on her tongue-in-cheek political ad, “Woman in the White House.” Whether she’s being serious or not, the uptempo country tune offers up a giddy-up of jolly chuckles. “It’s time to clean out Capitol Hill/with a shovel and a pair of high heels.” And she’s got plenty of reasons for a ‘Mother Knows Best’ takeover. Without reciting Aretha and Annie’s “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves,” Crow points out that “we balance our check books,” “a lot more loving/And listening and getting along.” Plus, there’ll be less fighting. We seriously doubt they’ll be less fighting. Catfights still reign notoriously on Jerry Springer.

Don’t expect this to be adopted as some official anthem for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, or for this to win a Grammy nod. But you can count on the Creedence Clearwater Revival soul and Crow’s penmanship to provide three minutes of good-humored entertainment.

SOURCE: HiFi Magazine

PIC - Sheryl with Princess Buttercup for the Animal Rescue Corps


PIC - Members of the Animal Rescue Team with Sheryl



NEWS - "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County" CD to release in March

Awesome!!! I thought this would never come out!!!

Almost three years ago, it was announced that John Mellencamp and Stephen King were writing a musical together and had enlisted help from a long list of artists to record the songs with production by T-Bone Burnett. Well, that album, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, will be released on CD and DVD via Hear Music/Concord on March 19.

Another good news is that Sheryl is featured in SEVEN songs (check the tracklisting below).

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County will be available in two flavours:

Enhanced CD

Standard Edition features the complete soundtrack, dialog excerpts and digital libretto.

Deluxe Edition

The (2CD/1DVD) Deluxe Edition contains the complete soundtrack (with and without dialog), deluxe art work, handwritten lyrics, specially printed libretto and the “Making of Ghost Brothers” mini-documentary DVD featuring in-depth interviews with King, Mellencamp and Burnett along with other bonus material. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County digital editions for tablets, smartphones and e-readers will allow users to interact in unprecedented ways with the complete soundtrack + digital libretto, as well as exclusive video and graphic materials.


1. That’s Me ‒ Elvis Costello
2. That’s Who I Am ‒ Neko Case
3. So Goddamn Smart ‒ Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, Sheryl Crow 4. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong About Me ‒ Elvis Costello
5. Brotherly Love – Ryan Bingham, Will Dailey
6. How Many Days ‒ Kris Kristofferson
7. You Are Blind ‒ Ryan Bingham
8. Home Again ‒ Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, Taj Mahal
9. What’s Going On Here – Rosanne Cash
10. My Name Is Joe ‒ Clyde Mulroney
11. Tear This Cabin Down ‒ Taj Mahal
12. And Your Days Are Gone ‒ Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin
13. Jukin’ – Sheryl Crow
14. What Kind Of Man Am I ‒ Kris Kristofferson, Phil Alvin, Sheryl Crow Dave Alvin, Taj Mahal
15. So Goddamn Good ‒ Phil Alvin, Dave Alvin, Sheryl Crow
16. Away From This World - Sheryl Crow
17. Truth – John Mellencamp

VIDEO - End Puppy Mills - Animal Rescue Corps PSA with Sheryl Crow & Buttercup

Join Sheryl Crow and Animal Rescue Corps ( in educating to end puppy mills. ARC, an international animal protection organization, is launching a puppy mill awareness initiative called "Educate To End Puppy Mills" which includes the release of this public service announcement (PSA) featuring Grammy Award winner and animal advocate Sheryl Crow. Three versions of the End Puppy Mills PSA have been distributed to 500 cable outlets and will begin airing November 2012. The other two versions of the PSA are available here: and

In the PSA Sheryl Crow explains, "Puppy mills are mass-production factories where mother dogs suffer their entire lives producing nearly 100 percent of the puppies sold in pet stores and on the Internet." Puppy mills often warehouse hundreds of dogs on a single property in small, overcrowded, unsanitary, wire-floored cages without sufficient food, water, grooming, socialization, or veterinary care. Therefore, puppy mill dogs suffer from a multitude of social, emotional, and physical conditions. With an estimated 15,000 puppy mills in the United States, Animal Rescue Corps is dedicated to educating the public in order to end the cruelty and suffering these puppy mills perpetuate.

ARC's Educate To End Puppy Mills initiative asks supporters and the public to become involved by educating others in order to end puppy mills, including sharing this PSA, to educate and advocate for spay and neuter initiatives, and to always make adoption your first choice when choosing an animal companion.

To learn more, please visit or

NEWS - Fender present Limited Edition Sheryl Crow 1959 Custom Telecaster


Fender released a new version of its already-successful Telecaster guitar in 1959. Called the Custom Telecaster, it featured top and back body binding, which, at the time, was a bold statement for Fender. It became a classic instrument.

Thirty-five years later, in 1993, singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow was just about to embark on her first tour as a “new” solo artist when most of her band’s equipment, including her own Custom Telecaster, was stolen. The band quickly acquired new gear, and Sheryl’s backup guitar became her main instrument.

When the band performed at the Backyard in Austin, Texas, a fan who had read about the band’s stolen gear approached Sheryl with a slightly used 1959 Fender Custom Telecaster, suggesting it as a suitable replacement for her stolen instrument.

The young man explained to Sheryl that the guitar had belonged to his mother, a fan who had lost her battle with breast cancer, and that he thought it should continue to be played. Touched, Sheryl accepted the instrument, and it remains one of her favorite guitars to this day.

The instrument was brought to the Fender Custom Shop in 2011 and recreated in meticulous detail. When the first replica was sent to Sheryl, in fact, she immediately mistook it for the original. The original 1959 Custom Telecaster went home, and Sheryl has used that first replica ever since.

Only 60 of these instruments have been made, with one signed by Sheryl and donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in October 2012 in observance of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Each guitar also ships with a limited edition case, strap, cable, polishing cloth, Custom Shop plectrums and a certificate of authenticity. Also included is a Sheryl Crow set list, plectrum, backstage pass and a certificate signed by Crow which tells the story of her association with the guitar.

:: VIDEO ::



:: SPECS ::

Model Name: Limited Edition Sheryl Crow 1959 Custom Telecaster®
Model Number: 9235000069
Series: Limited Edition

Body Material: Double-Bound Hand Select Lightweight Alder


Neck: Mid '60s Oval “C” Shape
No. of Frets: 21
Fret Size: Vintage-Style Frets
Position Inlays: White Dot
Fingerboard Radius: 7.25" (18.41 cm)
Neck Material: Maple
Neck Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Width at Nut: 1.650" (42 mm)
Scale Length: 25.5" (64.8 cm)

Fingerboard and Color Options
Part Number Color Fingerboard
9235000069 Faded Chocolate 3-Color Sunburst Rosewood

Pickup Configuration: S/S
Bridge Pickup: Vintage '63 Tele® Single-Coil Bridge Pickup
Neck Pickup: Vintage '63 Tele® Single-Coil Neck Pickup
Pickup Switching: 3-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck Pickup
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone


Hardware Finish: Vintage Nickel
Bridge: Vintage Style Tele Bridge with Three Compensated Brass Saddles
Tuning Machine: Vintage Chrome
Nut: Bone

Accessories: Limited Edition Case, Strap, Cable, Custom Shop Picks, Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity, Polishing Cloth
Unique Features: Sheryl Crow Set List, Pick, Backstage Pass and a Certificate telling the Story about the Guitar signed by Sheryl.
Notice Prices and Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

MSRP*: 7,500.00


NEWS - Sheryl Crow & Larry King Raise $430K in La Jolla

A Feeding America fundraiser at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club last month was emceed by Larry King and featured performances by Sheryl Crow.

By Michelle Mowad

Feeding America San Diego raised $430,000 in La Jolla last month. The nonprofit organization, which serves 73,000 San Diego families, children and seniors each week and distributes 21.5 million pounds of food each year, held its inaugural fundraising gala on Oct. 13 at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.

TV host Larry King served as the emcee and nine-time Grammy-winner Sheryl Crow entertained the crowd.

Guests included Blink 182 star Tom DeLonge and his wife Jennifer, Robin and Gerry Parsky, Hugh Bancroft, Terri Agahnia, and Gwendolyn Meyer and family, who served as the event underwriter.


VIDEO - Evacuation Complete


NEWS - The Return of the Living Feminists (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sheryl Crow)

The truth is that I love country music. Any kind of it (well, almost..). And "Woman in the White House" is undoubtedly more country than most stuff country radio plays. Catchy, fun and breezy. Kinda carefree but not careless at all. Sure, there's a message, but it's basically tongue-in-cheek and functional to the song and the lyrics.

As Meredith Lepore wisely pointed out on

"The lyrics are a bit more honky-tonk and fun then they are a deep, strategic plan for getting a woman into the White House but I don’t think Sheryl was looking for this to be covered on C-SPAN. She certainly wanted to make a statement but I don’t think she was looking to make a particularly profound one, considering all the generalizations she made. Not all women like to spend money and just because we can balance a check book doesn’t mean we can balance the fiscal budget. The only lyric that should really be taken seriously is the “We need a woman in the White House.”

Ahh, finally a bit of good sense!

So, dear feminaz... errr, feminists, please stop with this boring critical nonsense! You should take WITWH as what it is: a little and unpretentious tune with a honky tonk flavour.

More generally, people shouldn't take songs too seriously trying to over-analyze them. Yes, songs can have different meanings for different people, but there's a limit to everything.

If I were in Sheryl, i'd do a music video of WITWH with Sarah Palin as a special guest. You know, purposely pissing someone off just because you feel like it, lol :-)) Can you imagine the outrage? Haha.

Oh, speaking of feedback, check out the Forum of Mandolin Cafe:

See ya,

NEWS - Broadway Gossip: Sandy's Wrath and the Pending Demise of 'Diner'

By Laura Motta and Aileen McKenna

Not sure if you noticed, but there was a pretty big hurricane in New York last week. Thankfully, we were spared most of Sandy's wrath, but after a week of feeling storm-shocked and stir-crazy without power, we're ready to start obsessing about theater again. This week's theme: Disasters. Literal, metaphorical, and in some cases... theatrical.

First, a report from lower Manhattan, now that we have the means to actually send it to you.

Looking out into the dark, post-Sandy city last week, we couldn't help but wonder about our downtown neighbors -- the Off-Broadway theaters. Sure, the season is still a mess. And sure, Broadway took a major revenue hit due to the storm, but most of midtown kept their power, heat, and basic communication systems while Sandy blew. Broadway was back up and boring us again within days.

Downtown? Not so much.

Like the entire lower half of Manhattan, most Off- and Off-Off-Broadway theaters were fully without power, heat, and subway access, all conditions that can seriously impede the creation of theatrical magic. And in the financially fragile world of Off-Broadway, canceling shows and shuffling schedules has serious ramifications. Rattlestick Playwrights Theater had to cancel 13 performances between two shows -- Adam Rapp's "The Yellow Hour," and "A Summer Day." The theater's Managing Director, Brian Long, is estimating $20,000 to $30,000 in lost box office revenue and wasted marketing dollars alone. Ouch.

The Cherry Lane Theater was one block away from the flooded Hudson River -- and any potential damage -- but even after power was restored, they still didn't have heat or Internet access for days. Facilities Director Janio Marrero told us the storm's aftermath has been worse than the storm itself, largely due to the instant disappearance of the company's regular audience. "We aren't able to pounce on tourism to sustain our box office. We count on locals. We count on the neighborhood. We count on people knowing that we're open. When people don't know, they just won't show up," he said.

In times of crisis, Mayor Bloomberg likes to tell people to go see Broadway shows in his press conferences. Our advice? Go see an Off-Broadway show, too. (P.S. The tickets are cheaper.)

And now, back to a Broadway disaster. And no, we’re not going to force you to read some enormous chart of storm-battered theater grosses right now. We’re going to tell you a bit about a show that seems to be falling all apart, much to our chagrin. That show? "Diner." The Sheryl Crow musical that was slated to star a boatload of cute boys.

You guys. This thing is a mess, which is making our hearts hurt a lot a bit, because

a) we love us some Sheryl Crow, and
b) we really love us some cute boys.

"Diner’s" woes haven’t exactly been a total secret. They scrapped their out of town tryout this fall, after all, with the excuse that they were retooling the show for a smaller theater. And last week, there was a workshop in New York City, which seems consistent with that plan. But here's the thing. Our sources tell us that, as of this minute, "Diner" is still penciled in for the Stephen Sondheim Theater. With 1,055 seats, the Sondheim isn’t exactly a smaller theater. Last time we checked, that's a totally average-sized Broadway house. (And yes, this is where we’d make a joke about whether Stephen Sondheim himself is average-sized. You know, if our brains weren’t melted by the mere thought. Moving on! Quickly!)

Meanwhile, we’re hearing that actors are fleeing the musical in droves because the production team can't guarantee that there will even be a show come spring. Several of them are leaving for big-budget, long-running Broadway juggernauts. And really, is it any shock? For young actors – which this cast was chock-full of – having a steady paycheck is fairly critical to living in NYC.

So what the heck happens next? We'll tell you one thing. If "Diner" doesn't get its act together fast, it's sunk for the spring. Without holiday season ticket sales, the show won't be able to get off the ground in the New Year and time is tick, tick, ticking away toward Thanksgiving as we speak.

Blind Item:

"Glengarry Glen Ross" is a pretty serious play filled with a crew of pretty serious actors. So naturally, one of them spent Halloween standing on the sidewalk distributing hot dogs to trick-or-treaters in his storm-weary neighborhood. Favorite detail: He was dressed as a hot dog. Just for dramatic continuity.

Laura Motta and Aileen McKenna blog as Lucky and The Mick on their Broadway-themed blog of insanity, The Craptacular.



2013 Tour - Sheryl to headline Country USA music festival

More info @

NEWS - Sheryl Crow Wants A ‘Woman In The White House’

CBS New York

Never mind all the hullabaloo around this year’s election–Sheryl Crow is looking to the next round and beyond.

At least, that is, if the new song and video she just released this week is any indication.

With “Woman In The White House,” Ms. Crow states her case plain and simple that it’s about time the male monopoly on the top job was brought to an end.

“We’ve seen what the good ol’ boys can do,” she sings against a plucky, peppy, country-based arrangement. “Now it’s our turn to take a shot.”

For starters, Crow sings, “there’d be a lot less fussing and fighting and carrying on” and a good deal more “loving and listening and getting along.”

Slate’s Alyssa Rosenberg, however, took issue with some of the reasoning in Crow’s song, including the above line and others about knowing how to balance a checkbook–and being able to clean up messes “with a shovel and a pair of high heels.”

“It’s a call for a mom-in-chief,” Rosenberg writes, “with the promise that she won’t stop dressing sexy once she gets her hands on more power than is currently available to her at school-board meetings.”

Rosenberg may have a point. Though in reality, perhaps Crow’s song–in addition to being good-natured and well-intentioned–is also a nod to another country classic about a modern-dressing mom who’s shaking up the establishment: “Harper Valley P.T.A.”


“Woman In The White House” is available now on iTunes, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the American Red Cross.

- Kurt Wolff, CBS Local New York

NEWS - Sheryl Crow, 'Woman in the White House'

By Stephen L. Betts

Sheryl Crow channels the feisty, feminist side of country legend Loretta Lynn with her new traditional country-flavored track, "Woman in the White House." The tune is heartily endorsed by no less than Brad Paisley, who tweeted that the song, and its accompanying lyric video "is all in good fun and really cool. So well done."

Although the sentiment is sure to get people debating the issue from all sides, the tune definitely hints that a full-on country album from the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter could be on its way. (Watch the lyric video below.)

"Woman in the White House" is available on iTunes. Sheryl is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the single to the American Red Cross to aid in the recovery effort in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Earlier this year, Sheryl joined Willie Nelson for a duet of "If I Were a Carpenter," featured on a concert album/DVD celebrating the legacy of Johnny Cash. In 2010, Sheryl joined Loretta Lynn and Miranda Lambert for a version of "Coal Miner's Daughter," featured on an album by that name in tribute to Loretta.

"I already had a pretty strong country influence in my music," Sheryl said in 2011. "You listen to 'Strong Enough,' 'If It Makes You Happy' and 'Hard to Make a Stand,' there's a lot of country influence in there already, but there's just no pedal steel and no fiddle."

No release date or other details have been released about a Sheryl Crow country album but we cast our vote in favor of the idea! As for a woman in the White House? We love that idea, too. Who else would love to see Loretta, Dolly or Reba in charge?


TWEET - I'm Brad Paisley, and I approve this song :-)


NEWS - Sheryl Crow Wants a ‘Woman in the White House’

By: Sterling Whitaker

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow has been hard at work on her first country album, and to celebrate Election Day, she has released a teaser track that proposes a new political philosophy. Based on her history, we suspect Crow is going to vote for President Obama — but it seems if she had her preference she wouldn’t endorse any of the current candidates, as is proven by her latest release, ‘Woman in the White House.’

The uptempo acoustic track is breezy fun, and not really that different from much of Crow’s pop-rock output — much of which could have been marketed as contemporary country anyway. Crow says,“Don’t you think it’s time we put a woman in the White House / With a whole new attitude / We could use a little female common sense / Down on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

As Crow sees it, the world would be fundamentally changed with a female at the helm of the United States. “There’d be a lot less fussing and fighting and carrying on / There’d be a lot more loving and listening and getting along,” she sings. The entertainer even has a specific candidate in mind: “Just look at the mess we’re in / Heck I’d vote for Loretta Lynn / I guarantee that we’d all be singing a different song.”

Brad Paisley took to Twitter in support of the song, tweeting, “This track is all in good fun and really cool. So well done.” Crow drafted Paisley to take part in her album, which has no firm release date yet. ‘Woman in the White House’ is currently available to download, and Crow will give a portion of the proceeds from the song to the American Red Cross.

You know, maybe she’s right… if we had a female President, who would you want to see? Hillary Clinton? Maybe Condoleeza Rice? Or as Crow suggests, Loretta Lynn?


VIDEO - Rachael Ray Show - "Bowling for Bucks", with Sheryl Crow, Rick Springfield and GMA Hosts (5 Nov 12)


VIDEO - "Woman in the White House" - Official Lyric Video

Here's a fun video we did for "Woman in The White House". It's been a mad rush to get it together before Election Day...hope you enjoy it, please share with your friends and remember to get out and vote on Tuesday! Love, Sheryl

Produced by The Uprising Creative (
Directed by Laban Pheidias

NEWS - Sheryl guest on Rachael Ray Show 11/05


NEWS - A brief note from the musician and record producer Richard Bennett

I found it on Bennett's website. It's from July, but interesting nonetheless:

We finished recording with Sheryl Crow yesterday and I'm sorry it's over, we had a great time and made some memorable music that probably won't be out until next year some time. We did the first bunch of recordings in a big studio here in town, but for this second round of sessions we inaugurated Sheryl's studio at her home...actually, it is above her horse stables! It sounds fabulous and is a great environment to work in.

I didn't know Richard Bennett had worked with Ms. Crow! I'm really excited about it! He's a pro!

Apparently for her new record Sheryl teamed up with some great country musicians and songwriters. Here's a few names:

- Brad Paisley
- Big Al Anderson
- Kenny Greenberg
- J.T. Corenflos
- Richard DuBois
- David Lee Murphy


NEWS - Over-analyze an unpretentious song

Sheryl Crow: Female president should come with ‘a shovel and high heels’

By Samantha Kimmey

Sheryl Crow recorded a new song that is free to download — but you might want to preview the track before writing it onto your hard drive.

The song, “Woman in the White House,” is available for download, and you can also hear it on YouTube.

According to Crow, singing with her trademark country pop sensibility, “It’s time to clean out Capitol Hill/With a shovel and pair of high heels” because we need “a little female common sense” on Pennsylvania Avenue.

She also extols the virtues of women’s thriftiness and it’s applicability to the presidency: “Well we like to spend money/But not money we ain’t got/And we can balance a checkbook.”

Writer, comedian and communications professional Emily Zanotti told Raw Story that while the sentiment was laudable, “Sheryl is trying too hard to reach across the aisle with the honky-tonk-ness of it all.”

She agreed we need “more women in leadership positions, but I’m not sure this is the right marketing tool, unless the the right women have been hanging out in some pretty sketchy bars.”

Anna Holmes, writer, editor, and founder of Jezebel, said the website “looks like a bad ‘chick lit’ title.” The song itself, she continued, especially the reference to high heels and a shovel, sounded “Palinesque.”

Crow’s gendered arguments also rubbed many the wrong way, as she claims “There’ll be a lot less fussing and fighting and carrying on/There’ll be a lot more loving and listening and getting along” if a woman were president.

“She means well but this is actually sort of patronizing and gender essentialist and cutesy and dumb,” Holmes said.

Culture blogger for ThinkProgress Alyssa Rosenberg said that the song doesn’t quite hit the right notes for the qualities we need in a female commander-in-chief. She writes, “it sounds like Crow’s calling for a First Housewife, a Mom In Chief, rather than a president. Leave the high heels, take the campaign finance reform.”

Amanda Marcotte, writer and editor of Pandagon, agreed, telling Raw Story, “Women deserve to be in power alongside men not because we’re more empathetic or kinder or better listeners, but because we’re equal to men. If you’re looking for someone who plays nice and shares, you aren’t going to find it in a politician, male or female.”


NEWS - Sheryl Crow Contributes Original Song to Brooke Shields & Darly Hannah's The Hot Flashes

The song is titled "Leaning in a New Direction" and will be the closing track to the film. The comedy, written by Brad Hennig and directed by Oscar-nominated Susan Seidelman centers on five middle-aged Texas women who decide to start an unlikely basketball team and go to comic extremes to prove themselves on the court. The film will make its world premiere at the American Film Market in Santa Monica on November 3rd.


You can hear a snippet of the song in the trailer below (@ 1:52)


NEWS - Sheryl Crow has fun with politics in new song

By Micheal Class
The Tennessean

Four years after Hillary Clinton ran for president and four years before she might try again, Sheryl Crow has recorded a song called “Woman in the White House.”

But Crow, a pop star who performed at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, isn’t making a political statement, said Chris DuBois, whose Sea Gayle Records is working with Crow on her first country album.

“It’s just really a fun, kind of retro-country, Loretta Lynn-esque kind of song,” said DuBois, who co-wrote the tune with Crow and David Lee Murphy. “I think her audience will just love it for what it is. It’s totally a fun sentiment. If Loretta Lynn sang it, no one would even think for a second that it was political.”

The song is being sent to a few radio programmers today, said DuBois, a veteran songwriter who co-owns Sea Gayle with country star Brad Paisley and songwriter/producer Frank Rogers. And a new website offers it as a free download with a note from Crow, who asks fans to "make a good faith donation to the American Red Cross or your preferred charity."

"So many communities, and so many lives were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and they need our help," Crow writes.

DuBois said he also expects the song to be available for purchase on iTunes in a week or so, though it’s not being promoted as a single. Crow's album will probably come out next summer.

Crow, who lives in Middle Tennessee, is known for pop and rock hits including “All I Wanna Do,” “A Change Would Do You Good” and “Soak Up the Sun,” but DuBois said her new music will impress country fans.

“She’s one of the best country singers I’ve ever heard,” he said.

SOURCE: The Tennessean

NEWS/AUDIO - Sheryl Crow Wants a "Woman in the Whitehouse": Audio Exclusive

From the Mike Ragogna's page on Huffington Post:

Sheryl Crow - "Woman In The White House"

Here's a brand new song that Sheryl Crow just wrote in light of the current political atmosphere. This is the first time anyone has heard the new track, and she's also offering a free download at this URL:

"Well, we may not have a 'Woman In The White House' yet, but while we're waiting, I wrote a song about it, and here it is :-) Please share it with all your friends. But if you like this song, I would be so very grateful if you could make a good faith donation to the American Red Cross or your preferred charity. So many communities, and so many lives were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and they need our help." - Love, Sheryl Crow