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NEWS - Rolling Stones to Welcome Sheryl Crow to the Stage at Tonight's Show in Chicago

Sheryl Crow is the latest star tapped by The Rolling Stones to make a guest appearance on stage with them during their current 50 & Counting tour. The pop-rock singer/songwriter will be joining Mick Jagger and the boys tonight at the United Center in Chicago…and it won’t be the first time she’s done it either.

Announcing her appearance tonight, The Stones tweeted a link to footage of Crow performing “Honky Tonk Women” with them on stage in New York City back in 2003. The occasion was the band’s Licks tour, which celebrated their 40th anniversary. She also performed the song with them in 2002 in Oakland, California. One could assume she’ll sing that same number tonight, but you never know.

Acknowledging her past with the legendary group, Crow tweeted on Friday, “Can’t wait to play with @RollingStones tonight in #Chicago! Get ready!! Always a blast!! #Stones50.”

Some of the other guest artists The Stones have welcomed during this current tour include John Fogerty, Tom Waits, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Bonnie Raitt, bluesman Taj Mahal, No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, pop princess Katy Perry, and country stars Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

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NEW SONG! - "Away From This World" ( Ghost Brothers of Darkland County)


NEWS - The Usual Suspect Are Gonna Ride Again! :-)

The Usual Suspects (Jim Baker, Wendell Crow, Gary & Daryl Wilcoxson, Dunk Carter & Ken Williams) will appear at B. B. King’s Blues Club on Beale Street in Memphis. They’ll take the stage at 5:30 pm for a three hour show on August 24th, 2013.

NEW SONG! - "Jukin" (from Ghost Brothers of Darkland County)


VIDEO - "Redemption Day" - The Marty Stuart Show (HQ 480p)


VIDEO - The Marty Stuart Show - Full Episode (240p)


PIC - SC for OK!

Blake Shelton's Healing In The Heartland was really inspiring - please do what you can to support the communities affected by May 20th tornado - God Bless You, Oklahoma!

Sheryl via Facebook

NEWS - "Feels Like Home": Track Listing Released!

The track listing for Sheryl's upcoming country album, "Feels Like Home", has been released.

1. 'Shotgun'
2. 'Easy'
3. 'Give It To Me'
4. 'Drinking'
5. 'Callin' Me When I'm Lonely'
6. 'Waterproof Mascara'
7. 'Crazy Ain't Original'
8. 'Nobody's Business'
9. 'Homesick'
10. 'Homecoming Queen'
11. 'Best Of Times'
12. 'Stay At Home Mother'

NEWS - Wild about Mascara! :-)


VIDEO - "EASY" Live on The Voice - 28 May


MP3 - Daytrotter Acoustic Session - Nashville, TN


1. Easy
2. Call Me When I'm Lonely
3. Give It To Me
4. Homecoming Queen
5. Strong Enough

Mp3 - 320 kbit/s - 16bit / Stereo
41 Mb / Zip


NEWS - Sheryl Records With Jenny Gill

Singer/songwriter Jenny Gill is busily working on her debut album. Recently she took to Facebook to share a pretty exciting moment saying,

“Well I can officially die happy. Sheryl Crow sang on my record today. What is happening??!!”

Pictured in the photo: Gene Miller (a member of Amy Grant’s band with Jenny) who lends his voice on the album, Sheryl Crow, Jenny Gill and her dad Vince Gill.

NEWS - Sheryl Crow Undergoes A Country Conversion (AP)

By Chris Talbott
Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — For a couple of months now, Sheryl Crow has been loading her two young boys aboard a bus and taking off on a tour of country music radio stations around the country.

She's visiting with DJs and programming directors, playing a few songs live, then hopping back on the bus to do it again a few hours down the road. It reminds her, fittingly, of a scene from "Coal Miner's Daughter," the life story of Loretta Lynn.

"It really is like the scene where Doo zips up Loretta's dress and she runs in with her new acetate, her 45, and says, 'Here's my new record,' and she plays something on air, shakes a few hands and leaves," Crow said. "It really is a throwback to that and it's the most organic thing I've done in years."

The image is fitting. It was Lynn's handwritten note asking Crow to appear with the honky-tonk queen on the 2010 Country Music Association Awards that started this journey toward the genre for the 51-year-old singer-songwriter. She has a single, "Easy," at country radio and will release her first country-oriented album, "Feels Like Home," on Sept. 10.

Crow recently spoke with The Associated Press about her new album, life in Nashville and continued questions about her former relationship with Lance Armstrong.

When Crow finished that performance with Lynn and Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley met her backstage and beseeched her to come home to the format she really belonged in. She'd had some success at country in the past, teaming with Kid Rock on "Picture" in 2002. The song was a modest hit and even scored them a vocal event of the year nomination at the 2003 Country Music Association Awards.

Crow thought about it and Paisley's message took hold. But it meant she would have to change things up and embrace Nashville's country music culture. Eventually, he helped kick start the new record, suggested producer Justin Niebank and introduced her to songwriter Chris Dubois, who served as a co-writer and informal song editor. She changed her songwriting tack, looking to match the more visceral, story-telling style of the genre.

And no one succeeds in country music without courting radio — thus the bus. Most of country music's biggest stars started that way and Crow — 20 years after releasing her first album, the five times platinum "Tuesday Night Music Club" — didn't see herself as exempt, no matter how many millions of albums she's already sold.

The first day of radio tour she hit larger markets like Knoxville and Chattanooga in Tennessee, Atlanta, Orlando, Fla., and some privately owned stations in smaller towns, too. One day, three states. Welcome to country.

"I say that it's fun, but it's the hardest thing I've ever done," Crow said. "Because sitting on the bus and only getting the gratification of only playing like a couple of songs, and then driving for two more hours and then getting to play a couple more songs. It's really hard, but it's great, you know? ... I've felt really embraced."

The aptly titled "Feels Like Home" serves as a figurative mile marker in her personal life as well. The title could easily refer to her new life in Nashville, where she moved seven years ago after beating breast cancer. She's since adopted two young sons, Levi and Wyatt, and settled into the creative community. Her kids go to school with the kids of other artists — she recently held a fundraiser for a local school — and they all see each other at church.

"It's really idyllic," she said. "And the other great thing about it is I can get off the airplane and there's no paparazzi."

One fly in that ointment, however, has been persistent questions about her past relationship with ex-fiance Armstrong and what she may have known during her relationship with the disgraced cyclist who recently admitted to doping. She made brief remarks during an "Entertainment Tonight" interview at the time of the admission, but has not addressed it since — and says she won't.

"The only thing I would say about Lance is that his story is completely his own and has nothing to do with my life, and so I don't speak about it," Crow said. "I was asked a question on a TV show once, which caught me off-guard, and I feel like I kind of answered it, and that's all I can say about it. It really has zero relevance, and I'm sorry that people still want to attach me to that, but it holds no relevance to my life."

These days her life is more about blending in, something she can do in Nashville. Crow, who appears on "The Voice" on Tuesday night, embraced the Music City lifestyle in the studio, too. Each song of her eighth album's 12 tracks was co-written with another songwriter, a first. She brought in old songwriting friend Jeff Trott, but she also worked with Nashville songwriters and even enlisted Paisley to co-write a song, "Waterproof Mascara."

"I made Brad Paisley write a chick song about being a single mom," she said excitedly.

Niebank, a Grammy-winning producer and engineer, said Crow had the framework for the songs in place and despite the new direction displayed the self-assuredness that led her to pop stardom and beyond at the height of her career.

"I know it seems odd, but when I grew up the greatest musician in the room should be the person with their name on the album," Niebank said. "They should be the best person in the room by a mile. And nowadays on a lot of records they're not the best person in the room. They have to be technically manipulated and everything, but there's a lot more celebrity and PR manipulation to make them an artist. She's the exact opposite of that. She actually runs the session. That's how great musicians work."

T Bone Burnett, the "Nashville" musical director who recently worked with Crow on the Stephen King-John Mellencamp project "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County," thinks her shift of focus is a natural one.

"Well, she's from Missouri — that's just about as country as you can get," Burnett joked. "So, I think she fits great, especially with what's going on now in country music. At this point, she's kind of a traditionalist in the country world."

Back in Nashville, Crow talked about the new album as she drove to the gym for a gymnastics class with her 3-year-old. She wasn't worried about her makeup or prying eyes and can go to the grocery store any time she wants.

"It wasn't until I moved here that I realized what an amazing community it is," she said. "It's the thing I've been missing my whole career, the feeling of being able to sit around with a guitar and have people know each other's songs and know songs from people who've influenced all of us. When I moved here pretty early on Vince Gill started calling me to do guitar pulls, and I thought, gosh, this is just like heaven on earth down here."

GEAR PAGE UPDATED! - d'Aigle TLC Autoharp + Harmony Hollywood H39 guitar + 6 photos

D'Aigle TLC Autoharp

Harmony Hollywood H39

REVIEW - The Marty Stuart Show - RECAP!

Check out the great recap of the Marty Stuart Show episode aired Saturday 25!





NEWS - Pop stars go country: Sheryl Crow, Aaron Lewis, John Fogerty and more find refuge in Nashville

Hootie and the Blowfish singer Darius Rucker has long shifted to country; Lionel Richie's country collaboration 'Tuskegee' was a big hit in 2012


Nashville has become Cashville.

The country music capital of America has turned into the go-to spot for older pop stars whose careers have pooped out, or who could use another market to boost their bottom line.

Just take a look at all the long-in-the-tooth names seeking, or finding, second careers in this down-home genre.

There’s Darius Rucker, who went from the front man of the flagging uber-pop band Hootie and the Blowfish to score six No. 1 singles in Music City. His latest, pedal-steel-appointed disc, “True Believers,” arrives this week.

Aaron Lewis, who bellowed with the fading grunge-rock band Staind, found a new audience last year with an album that twangs like a young Hank Williams Jr.

Bon Jovi enjoyed a No. 1 country hit a few years back with “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” cut with Jennifer Nettles, singer of the beloved Nashville duo Sugarland.

Lionel Richie’s all-star country collaboration album from 2012, “Tuskegee,” went No. 1 on both the country and pop charts and sold over 1 million copies. “Tuskegee” was Richie’s biggest disc in more than 20 years.

Sheryl Crow’s upcoming album, arriving in September, represents her first official country disc. It features high-profile duets with Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and Zac Brown. The disc extends a dip in the pool Crow took into country a decade ago with the top 5 hit “Picture,” cut with fellow Nashville outsider Kid Rock.

John Fogerty, the classic-rock legend of Creedence Clearwater Revival, has a new CD out Tuesday, “Wrote a Song for Everyone,” that aims to revive his career by rerecording CCR’s old hits with established Nashville cats like Keith Urban, Alan Jackson and Miranda Lambert.

And John Mayer and Michael Bublé have both talked in recent weeks about pining to go country.

“Country has been viewed by pop and rock artists, whose careers are wavering, as an easy mark,” says Wade Jessup, Billboard’s Nashville-based chart editor.

Alan Jackson even sang a hit song about it in the ’90s called “Gone Country.” “The bills piling up/and the pop scene just ain’t on the rally,” he sang. “Lord it sounds so easy/it shouldn’t take long/Be back in the money at no time at all ...The whole world’s gone country.”

In fact, it began to do so nearly a century ago. One of the very first hit country recordings — 1924’s “The Wreck of the Old 97” — was warbled by a guy earlier known for singing light opera, Vernan Dalhart. In 1949, cabaret star Margaret Whiting had several big Nashville hits with Jimmy Wakely, while in 1962, Ray Charles recorded one of the most groundbreaking and admired albums of all time, under the self-explanatory title “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.”

According to John Foxx, program director of New York’s sole country radio station, NASH-FM, “Nashville is very welcoming of outsiders. And most of these artists already had a strong country influence in their work. They’re great, great storytellers and that’s a lot of what country is about.”

It helps, of course, if you toss in some pedal steels and fiddles. But then, much of what gets played on country radio lately sounds more like ’70s L.A. soft-rock than anything classically twangy. That may help smooth these crossover attempts, but the artists in question also have to play ball.

“The people who’ve made it have gone out of their way to court Nashville,” says Chet Flippo, editorial director of Country Music Television. “Sheryl Crow was front and center at Johnny Cash’s funeral in a gingham dress.”

Adds Jessup, “if you want to be successful you have to spend a lot of time kissing the a---s of 200 radio programmers.”

It’s worth it, considering several factors that make the country audience a more eager and sustaining one than pop’s. For one thing, they still buy physical CDs rather than opt for file-sharing. “People still like to hold that physical product,” Flippo says.

Also, they’re not as ageist as pop fans. “Some of the most popular country stars are in their [70s and] 80s, like Willie [Nelson], Ray Price and Kris Kristofferson,” says Flippo.

Still, Jessup cautions that those stars aren’t getting on the radio anymore. “Other than Kenny Chesney and George Strait, there’s no one over 40,” he says.

Already some stars who’ve tried to go country have crashed and burned. Jessica Simpson “was rejected totally,” Flippo says. “She forgot the words to songs and put on airs, which you can’t do with a country audience."

Bret Michaels, of Poison, also bombed, though his biggest hit with that band was a country song, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

Jessup thinks Crow may have some problems, if only because her material is “too country.” “If she fails, it will be because the music doesn’t sound like Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert. It’s too artful,” he says.

Regardless, Jessup believes the infusion of pop and rock stars is a good thing for all. “It adds spice to the country mix,” he says. “And lot of fans are thrilled to have it.”

SOURCE: New York Daily News

PIX - The Voice - Backstage

Sheryl with Blake Shelton and The Voice contestant Holly Tucker

Sheryl with Usher, Adam Levine and Mark Burnett!

Sheryl with Christina Milian

VIDEO - Sheryl Crow's Gone Country - The Voice (with Christina Milian)



MP3 - Darius Rucker and Sheryl Crow - "Love Without You" - NEW SONG!


VIDEO - Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow to Perform Live Next Week on NBC's "The Voice"


Shelton will perform "Boys 'Round Here" on the May 27 edition of the show, while Crow will sing "Easy" on May 28.

Shelton to Sing 'Boys 'Round Here' on May 27 While Crow to Offer 'Easy' on May 28 as Hit Series Continues to Narrow Artist Pool

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - May 21, 2013 - "The Voice" coach Blake Shelton, as well as advisor Sheryl Crow, are set to perform on the hit NBC musical competition series next week.

Shelton will perform "Boys 'Round Here" on the May 27 edition of the show, while Crow will sing "Easy" on May 28.

"Boys 'Round Here" is the second single released off Blake's new album, "Based on a True Story ...," which was released earlier this year and features the Pistol Annies.

Shelton is CMA Awards' reigning Entertainer of the Year and three-peat Male Vocalist of the Year. With eight consecutive No. 1 singles (13 overall), Shelton is one of the "most versatile of contemporary country singers" (The New York Times). His infectious multi-week No.1 hit "Honey Bee" still holds the record for the fastest-selling digital platinum single for a male country solo artist and his current smash hit, "Boys 'Round Here," is his fastest rising single to date.

"To a purist, Mr. Shelton is a savvy student of tradition. To a would-be outlaw, he's forever adding a wink. He's a star who is only as explicit as you want him to be," said Jon Caramanica, The New York Times. Shelton's passion for country music and his commitment to mentoring his teammates from "The Voice" make him an incredible ambassador for country music. Shelton kicks off his "Ten Times Crazier Tour" July 19 in Virginia Beach, Va. For additional dates, visit:

"Easy," which was released digitally on iTunes in March, combines both rock and country. The song is part of her upcoming eighth studio album, due out in September.

Since the release of her 1993 seven-time Platinum and Grammy Award-winning debut album "Tuesday Night Music Club," Crow has performed duets with musical luminaries such as Sting and Mick Jagger, released seven studio albums (each charting Top 10, four of them platinum-plus), a quadruple-platinum greatest hits collection and a Christmas album. She has also been nominated for an additional 27 Grammys, her most recent for 2008's critically acclaimed "Detours."

Crow launched her very own clothing line, Bootheel Trading Co., is a cancer survivor, has performed for President Obama and is a passionate supporter of a variety of environmental and health-related charities, including the NRDC, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the World Food Program. Crow has sold more than 35 million records worldwide.

"The Voice" is a presentation of Mark Burnett's One Three Inc., Talpa Media USA Inc. and Warner Horizon Television. The series was created by John de Mol, who executive-produces along with Burnett, Audrey Morrissey, Stijn Bakkers and Lee Metzger.

For embeddable clips and more, please visit's official show site:


VIDEO - The Voice - S04, Ep19 - 20 May 2013



PIX - Music City Center Grand Opening Concert - Nashville, TN - 20 May


38 Photos
Music City Center
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
20 May 2013


Music City Center Celebration Wraps Up With Concerts

by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Thousands of people filled 5th Avenue South, alongside Music City Center, for the culmination of a two-day celebration to mark the opening of the new convention center.

Every floor of the new building had visitors looking around, getting a sense for why there has been so much hype about the project over the last three years.

"It's a wonderful view, you get to see everything. It looks like everybody's having a great time and enjoying Nashville." said Terry Blackman Jr.

Outside the convention center, there was a party atmosphere as people listened to free concerts on 5th Avenue North.

More than 20 food trucks lined Demonbreun Street and several bars were set up around Music City Center, adding to that party vibe.

Everyone wanted to come out and mark this important day in the history of Nashville.

"I think it's a great time for what I think is going to be a really important to Nashville and that is bringing the type of convention business here that we haven't even begun to imagine." said Holly Walsh.

The music continued through the night with the Fisk Jubilee Singers, The Time Jumpers featuring Vince Gill, Mikky Ekko and headlining act Sheryl Crow.

The night ended with a fireworks display from behind the stage on Korean Veteran Boulevard. Crews also shot off fireworks from atop the Music City Center roof.


PIX - Who's the coolest mom in music?

Brian Mansfield,
Special for USA TODAY

Gwen Stefani tops the list in a new iHeartRadio survey.

Beyoncé might be looking to make Blue Ivy a big sister, but iHeartRadio listeners think Gwen Stefani is music's coolest mom.

In a recent survey, the 43-year-old No Doubt singer pulled 30.4% of the vote, followed by Sheryl Crow with 20.4%. Beyoncé ranked third.

Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale have two sons: Kingston, who turns 7 on Sunday, and Zuma, 4.

"It's superfun being a mom, but it's hard too," Stefani told Harper's Bazaar last year. "Finding that balance between work and family is the hardest thing I've ever done — by far."

Here were the top vote-getters in the iHeartRadio survey:

Gwen Stefani (30.4%)
Sheryl Crow (20.4%)
Beyoncé (17.4%)
Shakira (12.4%)
Christina Aguilera (8.8%)
Madonna (6.4%)
Britney Spears (4.1%)

Other recent iHeartRadio surveys named Will Ferrell the funniest person in the country right now and Lady Antebellum's Golden the May album release most anticipated by listeners.


PIX - NRA 2013 Private Show - HoB, Chicago, IL - 18 May

Photo: Daniel Barash

Photo: TAMAR Kaprelian

NRA 2013 Private Party
House of Blues
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
18 May 2013

NEWS - Drew Lewis, Inspiration for Sheryl Crow Concert, Dies at 45

By: KOLR10 Newsroom
Updated: May 18, 2013

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Drew Lewis, the man battling cancer who inspired a special concert from Sheryl Crow in Springfield, died Saturday.

Lewis' wife Amy Blansit said in press release that the best way to honor her late husband's memory is to take care of your health and get a colonoscopy.

Lewis is a 45-year-old Springfield real estate sales professional who has fought a long and courageous battle with colon cancer since being diagnosed in January of 2012. A father of two, Lewis' plight has received national attention from various websites and media outlets from coast to coast.

Sheryl Crow Performs Special Concert in Springfield

Sheryl Crow Concert for Drew Lewis Raises $200,000

Edited press release from family friend Stephanie Montgomery:

Springfield, MO - Andrew Benten Lewis, born July 26, 1967 died Satuday, at home, surrounded by dear friends and family. Drew's battle against colon cancer brought local attention to the importance of early detection.

"I am so grateful for the outpouring of concern and interest in Drew's journey" said Amy Blansit, Drew's wife. "The best way to honor his memory is to take care of yourself and your health. Get a colonoscopy."

Memorial services will be held on Thursday, May 23 at 4PM at the Kings Way United Methodist Church in Springfield, Missouri. Visitation will be on Wednesday May 22 with the time and location is still to be determined.

Additional details will be posted on Drew's Facebook page.

Kings Way United Methodist Church is located at 2401 S Lone Pine Ave Springfield, MO, 65804



NEWS - Sheryl featured on "American Heartland" compilation


American Heartland captures the spirit of America with 47 beautiful folk and country/pop songs, brought together on one stunning, contemporary album.

Many of these songs are familiar as the theme songs or featured tracks in American hit TV shows and films and often climb the iTunes charts as soon as they're heard on these shows.

The album includes the theme to True Blood, Gavin Degraw's 'I Don’t Wanna Be' from 'One Tree Hill' and the lead track from critically acclaimed film 'Country Strong' sung by Tim McGraw with none other than Hollywood A-Lister Gwyneth Paltrow. Train's 'Hey Soul Sister' was first brought to the masses through a performance on '90210' and is still climbing high in the airwaves. Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' recently had a resurgence after being heard on 'Dancing On Ice'.


Disc 1 1. Mr Know It All (country version) Kelly Clarkson
2. You're Still The One Shania Twain
3. Me & Tennessee Tim McGraw & Gwyneth Paltrow
4. Home Sheryl Crow
5. Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood
6. How Do I Live LeAnn Rimes
7. If I Die Young The Band Perry
8. Barton Hollow The Civil Wars
9. When I'm Alone Lissie
10. Angel Sarah McLachlan
11. Old Alabama Brad Paisley Feat. Alabama
12. Stuck Like Glue Sugarland
13. Concrete Angel Martina McBride
14. Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You Kellie Pickler
15. Wanted Hunter Hayes
16. Need You Now Wonderland
Disc 2 1. Hey, Soul Sister Train
2. I Don't Want To Be Gavin Degraw
3. Drunk On You Luke Bryan
4. Springsteen Eric Church
5. He Thinks He'll Keep Her Mary Chapin Carpenter
6. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett
7. Bad Things Jace Everetts
8. Runnin' Out Of Air Love and Theft
9. I Love You This Big Scotty McCreery
10. Holler If You're With Me Tate Stevens
11. Alone With You Jake Owen
12. Never Saw Blue Like That Shawn Colvin
13. Midnight in Harlem Tedeschi Trucks Band
14. It Won't Be Like This For Long Darius Rucker
15. Pontoon Little Big Town
Disc 3 1. Amazed (Captain's Mix) Lonestar
2. A Little Bit Stronger Sara Evans
3. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder The Secret Sisters
4. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Jessica Simpson
5. Like My Mother Does Lauren Alaina
6. The House That Built Me Miranda Lambert
7. Good Time Alan Jackson
8. Cowgirls Don't Cry Brooks & Dunn
9. Honey Bee Blake Shelton
10. Oh Romeo Mindy McCready
11. American Beautiful The Henningsens
12. Your Man Josh Turner
13. She's Acting Single (but I'm drinking doubles) Ronnie Dunn
14. Let's Don't Call It A Night Casey James
15. When You Say Nothing At All Keith Whitley
16. Love Don't Let Me Down Chris Young


PIX - BUZ'N 102.9 Radio Performance - Minneapolis, MN - 17 May


16 Photos
BUZ'N 102.9 Radio Performance
Cambia Quartz Studio
Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)
17 May 2013


PIX - K102 Roadhouse Radio Performance - Minneapolis, MN - 17 May


24 Photos
K102 Roadhouse Radio Performance + Meet and Greet
Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)
17 May 2013

NEWS - Sheryl Crow, Cee Lo Green & Pharrel Williams to Return on Next Week's THE VOICE

TVLine reports that Sheryl Crow, Hillary Scott, Cee Lo Green and Pharrell Williams will return to NBC's The Voice next week to serve as advisors to the 10 remaining contestants.

According to the report, the four Battle Round advisors will be paired up with series mentors as follows:

Sheryl Crow - Team Blake

Hillary Scott - Team Adam

Pharrell Williams - Team Usher

Cee Lo Green - Team Shakira

Footage of the star recording artists advising the contestants will be included in Monday night's performance episode airing May 20th at 8/7c on NBC.

NEWS - OFFSTAGE: Sheryl Crow Kisses Smith Jerrod

By Alison Bonaguro

CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that's happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

The kiss is maybe 10 seconds long. And it's at the very end of Sheryl Crow's new "Easy" video. But still. It is sexy, sexy, sexy. So I asked her co-star, Jason Lewis (who played the boy toy Smith Jerrod in the Sex and the City TV show and movies) what it was like.

"Ain't nothing wrong with kissing pretty girls and being paid for it," Lewis told me. "Sheryl's incredibly decent and personable and humble and fun to be with."

In the video, Lewis plays the same kind of charming boyfriend that he played on Sex in the City. And he says he doesn't mind it. "There's nothing wrong with it, per se. But there's certainly more I'd like to do than be a sex symbol," Lewis admitted.

Lewis and Crow shot the video in Nashville, and while he plays the ukulele in the video, he does not play one in real life. Only a little bit of guitar, he said. And he likes Crow's music, especially because he digs her back story. In the late 80s, Crow was a background vocalist for artists like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder before making a name for herself as a solo artist.

"I've been a fan since she broke out a long time ago. She's got a great story, having been a backup singer for so long and then coming to the forefront herself," he said.

PIX - Macy's launches "American Icons" - 14 May


New York City

2013 TOUR - Sheryl Crow Rocks the USS Midway - benefit concert

2013 TOUR - New Date Added: Canfield, Ohio

September 2
Canfield Fair
Mahoning Country Fairgrounds
Canfield, Ohio (USA)


PIX - 94.9 WQMX Radio Performance - Akron, OH - 10 May

Photo: WQMX


Photo: WQMX


Photo courtesy of Julian Curet


Photo: WQMX

PIX/VID - K99.5 WGAR Radio Performance - Cleveland, OH - 10 May

21 Photos
99.5 WGAR Radio Performance + M&G
iHeartRadio Performance Studio
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)


Waterproof Mascara

PIX/VID - K99.1 FM Radio Performance - Dayton, OH - 10 May

24 Photos
K99.1 FM Radio Performance + M&G
Cox Media Group Governor's Grill
Dayton, Ohio (USA)



Sheryl Crow performs private show at Cox Media Group Ohio headquarters

By Amelia Robinson
Dayton Daily News
Staff Writer

Rocker Sheryl Crow is now more than a little bit country; she’s completely crossed over.

The singer arrived at Cox Media Group Ohio’s headquarters in Dayton about 4:30 this afternoon and is performing for the company’s staffers and 10 K99.1FM listeners and their guests.

Prior to the show, K99.1FM host Nancy Wilson had a brief chat on stage with Crow about her upcoming country album and her past visits to the Dayton area. Crow said she still remembers her hang over from her unannounced performance with local musicians at the Dublin Pub in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District after one of her Fraze shows in 2003. She also talked about her kids and her work as an environmental activist.

Friday’s performance is apart of K99.1FM Unplugged series that sees up-and-coming country artist preform at the radio station, said Jennifer Perkins, a Cox Media Group Ohio radio promotions manager.

Like WHIO and the Dayton Daily News, K99.1FM is a Cox Media Group Ohio company.

This won’t be Crow’s only stop this year in the Dayton area.

Crow will preform a 7:30 p.m. concert June 15 at Fraze Pavilion, 695 Lincoln Park Blvd. in Kettering.

The concert marks the10th anniversary of the making of Sheryl Crow’s rockin’ “C’mon America 2003” DVD.

Contact this blogger at or

NEWS - Sheryl Crow, Cirque du Soleil at Glamorama 2013

Grammy-winner Sheryl Crow and Canadian circus troupe Cirque du Soleil will headline Macy's annual Glamorama, Aug. 2 at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis.

Tickets for the event, which benefits Children's Cancer Research Fund, are $1,000 to $75. American Express cardholders will have access to a weeklong presale starting May 30. Tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster starting June 6. Call 952-893-9355 for details.

Now in its 29th season, Glamorama pairs live runway shows with live music and a post-show party at the downtown Minneapolis Macy's store.


PIX/VID - 104.3 Froggy Radio Performance - Pittsburgh, PA - 9 May

photo: candypants87

photo: Kati Campbell

104.3 Froggy Radio Performance
104.3 Studios
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
9 May 2013

:: VIDEO ::



PIX/VID - Y108 WDSY FM Radio Performance - Pittsburgh, PA - 9 May

30 Photos
Y108 WDSY FM Radio Performance + Meet and Greet
Baierl Acura Theater
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
9 May 2013

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Introduction + "Easy"

NEWS - Sheryl to perform pre-race concert @ NASCAR Coke Zero 400


Nine-Time GRAMMY Winner Sheryl Crow to Perform Pre-Race Concert for the 55th Annual Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Nine-time GRAMMY winner  Sheryl Crow, whose long list of hits include “All I Wanna Do,” “Soak Up The Sun” and her latest single “Easy,” will perform a hour-long pre-race concert prior to the 55th annual Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Saturday, July 6 at Daytona International Speedway.

Through a special VIP Ticket Package, race fans can get unprecedented access to the 60-minute pre-race concert that will be staged on pit road in the tri-oval area of the “World Center of Racing.” With packages starting at $115, the VIP Ticket Package includes:

  • A reserved grandstand ticket for the Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola
  • Pre-Race/Sprint FANZONE access
  • Admission to the VIP viewing area in front of the stage for the pre-race concert by Crow.

VIP Ticket Packages can be purchased online at:

“Sheryl Crow is one of the biggest names in music industry and we’re excited to celebrate the Independence Day holiday weekend with her,” Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood III said. “Sheryl’s exhilarating performance will serve as a perfect prelude for the stars of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to battle side-by-side for the checkered flag in the Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola.”

In addition to her nine Grammys, Crow has sold 35 million albums worldwide and earned three American Music Awards. Since the release of her seven-times Platinum, GRAMMY award-winning debut Tuesday Night Music Club, Sheryl Crow has performed duets with musical luminaries such as Sting and Mick Jagger, released seven studio albums (each charting Top 10, four of them platinum-plus), a quadruple-platinum greatest hits collection and a Christmas album.

She has also been nominated for an additional 27 GRAMMYs, her most recent for 2008’s critically acclaimed Detours. Crow launched her very own clothing line, Bootheel Trading Co., is a cancer survivor, has performed for President Obama and is a passionate supporter of a variety of environmental and health-related charities, including the NRDC, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and The World Food Program.

The stars of NASCAR return to Daytona International Speedway on July 5-6. Tickets to the Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race and the Subway Firecracker 250 Powered By Coca-Cola NASCAR Nationwide Series race are available by calling 1-800-PITSHOP or online at

You can also catch the Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola live from Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, July 6 at 6:30 p.m. ET on TNT.

Fans can follow NASCAR on Twitter (@NASCAR) and stay up to speed on the latest news by using hashtags #NASCAR and #COKEZERO400. Fans can also stay connected with Daytona International Speedway on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and Pinterest for the latest news all season long.

PIX - BOB 94.9 FM New Country - Harrysburg, PA - 9 May

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BOB 94.9 FM
Radio Performance
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA) - 9 May


PIX - 107.7 WGTY Radio Performance - Gettysburg, PA - 9 May

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107.7 WGTY
Radio Performance
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (USA) - 9 May

VIDEO - Sheryl Crow on the Better Show (7 May)


PIX/AUD - 98.7 WMZQ Radio Performance + M&G - Rockville, MD - 8 May

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98.7 WMZQ
Radio Performance + Meet&Greet + The Micheal J Show
Rockville, Maryland (USA) - 8 May

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PIX - Global Down Syndrome Foundation Gala - Washington D.C. - 8 May

Sheryl, Peter Stroud and Robert Kearns performed a 8-song set at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Gala. Here are some photos:


Global Down Syndrome Foundation Gala & Fashion Show
Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Washington D.C.
8 May 2013

Fashion and Sheryl Crow raise money for Down Syndrome awareness in D.C.

By Michelle Basch

WASHINGTON - There was lots of vamping on the catwalk at the Ritz Carlton in D.C. Wednesday night.

A fashion show featuring more than two dozen models with Down Syndrome, many of them children, took center stage.

The show was part of a benefit for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, which is working to raise awareness about the disorder and gather more funding for research.

"We don't get our fair share of funding in terms of the National Institutes of Health research dollars," said the Foundation's Executive Director Michelle Sie Whitten.

She said there appears to be a link between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's disease.

"I believe that if we study people with Down Syndrome, that we will have a better, faster path toward treatments or even a cure to Alzheimer's," said Whitten.

Once the fashion show was over, singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow took the stage and performed several of her hits, including "All I Wanna Do."

"Everybody looks so pretty tonight," she told the crowd.

"Loved the fashion show. Loved it."

A performance by Sheryl Crow capped off a fun evening and got many people dancing.

It's not known yet what causes Down Syndrome, which the Centers for Disease Control estimated in 2011 affects one in 691 babies born in the U.S.


MP3 - "Home Again" feat. Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin and Taj Mahal

Exclusive preview from the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County soundtrack, where Sheryl is featured on seven tracks:

06. So Goddamn Smart ‒ performed by Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, Sheryl Crow
14. Home Again ‒ performed by Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, Taj Mahal
22. Away From This World ‒ performed by Sheryl Crow
26. And Your Days Are Gone ‒ performed by Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin
28. Jukin’ ‒ performed by Sheryl Crow
30. So Goddamn Good ‒ performed by Phil Alvin, Dave Alvin, Sheryl Crow
32. What Kind Of Man Am I ‒ performed by Kris Kristofferson, Phil Alvin, Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Taj Mahal

The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County soundtrack CD will hit stores on June 4th

RADIO INTERVIEW - 99.5 WYCD Radio Interview (April 2013)


VIDEO - Interview at the TJ Martell Best Cellars Dinner (30 April 2013)

Nashville, Tennnessee

PIC - with the great Trombone Shorty :-)

Xmas Jam - Asheville, North Carolina - 16 December 2013


"Can't Find My Way Home" - Hi-Definition Video 720p

VIDEO - "Easy" Official Music Video


PIX - Suwannee River Jam 2013 - Live Oak, Florida - 4 May 2013


MAGAZINE - Springfield Lifestyle - May 2013



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PIX/VID - Beale St. Music Festival - Memphis, Tennessee - May 3

Beale Street Music Festival - Orion Stage - Memphis, Tennessee (USA) - 3 May 2013



"The party is going on... even if now is 40F degrees!" :-)
(nice pedal steel work, by the way...)

MFM & Picture/IIMYH


Side effects of too much Beer and Memphis BBQ

Sheryl ran back onstage to give 'we're not worthy' bows to Hall & Oates and groping Daryl Hall. LOL! The song is 'She's Gone'. Video courtesy of jasonatq1520radiocom.

Haha. God bless her!


Beale St. Music Festival Backstage - 3 May 2013

From left: Jennifer Gunderman, Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers keyboardist), Sheryl, Audley Freed (Sheryl's guitarist), Fred Eltringham (Sheryl's drummer).

Ms. Gunderman is the new member of the band I was talking about the past month. As reported by

"Though Gunderman is a classically trained pianist, she’s set to assume many more roles on Crow’s upcoming tour, playing the organ, piano, electric piano, strings, accordion and percussion as well as singing."

Photo: Sheryl via Twitter


VIDEO - Sheryl on New York Live (1 May)

Sheryl stops by to talk about her new single "Easy," mentoring on "The Voice," and her partnership with Feeding America & One A Day for their "Nutrition Mission" campaign.

CANDIDS - Sheryl in New York City - 1 May


NEWS - The "Easy" Music Video premiering this weekend on CMT & VH1!

...meanwhile, enjoy these shots!









INTERVIEW - Sheryl Crow: 'I Am the Quintessential Single Working Mom' (Parade)

By Erin Hill
Parade Magazine
2 May 2013

Sheryl Crow is going country. The Nashville-based singer has always had a home on country radio, but she’s making it official with her first country record, which is set for release in September.

“At the end of the day, the people who decide these things are the fans,” Crow tells PARADE. “And they’re going to decide whether I belong there or not. Its fun. It’s like starting over.”

The singer has also once again teamed up with One A Day Women’s and Feeding America on the “Nutrition Mission” to help feed the close to 50 million Americans at risk of going hungry.

“I’m so fortunate not to have to worry about feeding my kids,” Crow says. “As a mom, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have that as a concern, but it is. I have a little boy who goes to pre-kindergarten, and I’ve noticed that if he goes to school without breakfast, he’s not able to concentrate, so you can imagine how big of a problem it is to have kids across America going to school without having breakfast. That is something we take for granted.”

Crow, 54, talked to PARADE about the causes that matter to her most, her new single, “Easy,” taking her two sons on the road, her gig alongside Blake Shelton on The Voice, and more.

On giving back.

“I support the causes I feel like I can have an impact on and causes I am directly affected by — I had cancer and my passion in trying to raise research dollars is heavily attached to my cancer experience. The environment has been a really big concern to me for years. I feel like that’s the mothership. All things are underneath the umbrella of our planet staying healthy.”

On passing the spirit of charity down to her children.
“I try to take my kids down to the food bank during Thanksgiving and Christmas so that they understand the impact of what it means to be part of a community and that you need to take care of each other.

On balancing career and motherhood.

“I am the quintessential single working mom. All of my decisions are based around what’s best for my kids. I’m lucky that right now they’re little and pretty malleable when it comes to travel. I get to take them on the tour bus, and I get to tuck them in at night even though I’m tucking them into a bunk. We read stories, and I try to keep things as normal as possible. We take the things on the road that matter to them, and we try to keep things schedule-wise as normal as possible: naps, meals, and that sort of thing. But I’m just like every other working mom — I go to sleep at night with them on my mind, and I wake up with them on my mind, and all my decisions are informed by their presence in my life. I think that’s what all moms do.”

On her summer plans.

“I have a new record coming out in September, and I have a single out on the radio right now called ‘Easy’ that’s about staycations, saving money, and creating a holiday at your house. If we are not on the road, we are definitely staycationing! We are home, playing in the backyard, and doing normal kid things. We are attempting to take the training wheels off the bicycle right now. I’m hoping that’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks, and we’re just keeping it simple. This summer I’m going to be on the road predominantly during the weekend, so our weekdays will be filled with normal summer stuff —seeing friends and we’re going to make our first camping trip in the backyard this summer. My kids are about to be three and six, so we’re going to attempt to spend the night in a tent in the backyard before we actually go off-site. Those are our big plans!”

On her upcoming album.

“It is the first record that is actually going predominantly to country radio, and so far it’s been a really wonderful experience. I live in Nashville. I’ve been here for seven years, and I’ve been surrounded by the most wonderful country artists and songwriters, and I’ve experienced a great sense of community down here. Our kids all go to school together and we got to church together. I feel like [my music] has always been more at home in the country format more than anything else, but to actually release it to country and be surrounded by peers, it’s been really fun.”

On the difference between country and pop music.

“I’ve always written songs that were very story-oriented and very much about the structure of conventional songwriting: a beginning, middle, and end. Generally, it’s been a story about somebody or an experience, and there’s usually a guitar solo and that’s what traditional country has become. But the major difference has been just making the stories very concise and making sure the vocal is loud.”

On teaming up with Blake Shelton as a mentor on The Voice.

“I’ve had the most fun doing that. Blake Shelton is the most talented host I have ever been around. He should have his own show —like a throwback to an old variety show like Sonny and Cher or Carol Burnett. He’s so comfortable in that role, and he really cares about his team. He loves these kids. He is authentically offstage who he is on that show, and he’s so fun to be around.”

On the reality TV competition experience.

“The thing that’s the most amazing to me is that these kids are almost groomed for this. When I think about me when I was 18 or 19, there’s no way I could have stood in front of an audience of millions of people and had that kind of composure. It’s so different than how I came up, and it’s kind of amazing. I’m amazed at the professionalism of these kids. It’s a completely different ballgame. When I first started, there weren’t big media vehicles to put you in front of millions of people. You had Saturday Night Live and you hoped to goodness you got on that, but really, you went out and toured and created a fan base that was mostly word of mouth. There was no Twitter, no social media, and you kind of got your chops together and figured out who you were. I can’t say its better or worse, its just different.”

For more information about the Nutrition Mission, visit:



NEWS - Sheryl Crow Receives Daytime Emmy Nomination

While Sheryl Crow has done a bit of acting here and there, she's just received a Daytime Emmy Award for, of all things, her music.

Sheryl is nominated in the category of Outstanding Original Song for "This Day," the theme song she wrote for Katie Couric's talk show, Katie. There's only one other nominee in the category -- country group Little Big Town, for the theme song they co-wrote for ABC's Good Afternoon America -- so Sheryl's got a good chance of winning.

The show Katie itself was also nominated, and Sheryl tweeted to her friend, "Yay Katie!! I am so happy for you and so proud to be a part of your show. You are undeniably the best! #emmynomination."

The 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air live on HLN Sunday, June 16 at 8 p.m. ET.

Copyright 2013 ABC News Radio

NEWS - Sheryl Crow Headlines Global Down Syndrome Foundation Gala & Fashion Show

PRESS RELEASE / May 8: Sheryl Crow Headlines Global Down Syndrome Foundation Gala & Fashion Show, Featuring Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award Recipients Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Chris Van Hollen and 25 Models with Down Syndrome

Global Down Syndrome Foundation:


More than 25 models with Down syndrome--many from the DC region--will be putting on the Ritz at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation (Global) Be Beautiful Be Yourself Gala, a high-style fashion show and fundraiser taking place at the Ritz Carlton in DC The event features a performance by nine-time Grammy-winner Sheryl Crow, celebrities including CNN's Kyra Phillips and Fox News' John Roberts, and members of Congress. The gala is designed to raise awareness about Down syndrome and will honor Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Rep. Chris Van Hollen with the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award for their support of those with disabilities.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013; 6:00 p.m. -- Reception; 7:15 p.m. -- Dinner, fashion show, live auction and Sheryl Crow performance


-- Sheryl Crow, Grammy-award winning singer, songwriter, producer and

-- 25 models with Down syndrome, escorted by celebrities

-- Members of Congress including Reps. Mike Coffman, Ed Perlmutter, Dennis
Ross, Brad Schneider, Pete Sessions, Greg Walden, Rob Wittman, and
Charlie Dent, and dignitaries, including Madeleine Albright, former
Secretary of State

-- Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and her son Cole Rodgers, Event

-- Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)

-- Kyra Phillips, CNN, and Gala Emcee

-- John Roberts, Fox News

-- DeOndra Dixon, Global Ambassador (and Jamie Foxx's sister)

-- Beverly Johnson, Supermodel

-- Michelle Sie Whitten, Executive Director, Global Down Syndrome Foundation

-- Dr. Huntington Potter, leading researcher on connection between
Alzheimer's and Down syndrome

-- Dr. Tom Blumenthal, Executive Director, Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome



1150 22nd Street N.W., DC


Down syndrome is the most frequent chromosomal condition affecting an estimated 400,000 Americans, but is the least funded genetic condition by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), securing only 0.0007 percent of NIH's 2012 $31 billion budget. Global is focused on working with NIH, raising funds, and educating the public and leaders about the discrepancy in research funding for the condition, as well as the abilities and achievements of those with Down syndrome.


To cover the event, please contact Shawn Flaherty at 703-544-3609. To purchase tickets, visit or call 703-683-7500.

CONTACT: Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Shawn Flaherty, 703-554-3609

SOURCE: Global Down Syndrome Foundation

VID - Sheryl on The Wendy Williams Show - May 1st


VID - Sheryl on Food Insecurity and Nutrition Mission (Feeding America)

PIC/VID - Sheryl @ CNN's Turning Point - May 1st

With John Berman and Zoralda Sambolin (hosts).




PIC - Taping The Better Show - May 1st



Sheryl stopped by The Better Show today to tape a segment that will air next Tuesday 5/7.


REVIEW - "Easy" (

By: Bobby Peacock

I'll admit it: for the longest time, I was completely sheltered from any music that wasn't country — both out of retaliation to peers who claimed to hate country (although I bet they owned every Alan Jackson album), and out of a reluctance to seek anything outside my microscopic comfort zone. (I'm getting better at that.) As a result, I could tell you virtually nothing about Sheryl Crow. Nothing about "All I Wanna Do", "Strong Enough", not even "Soak Up the Sun." But I can tell you that, from the few cuts she's sent to country radio, I can totally buy her as a country singer. (Especially when she helped out Kid Rock on "Picture.") And "Easy" is yet another argument in her favor.

Nothing is especially interesting about the production, particularly not the heavy-handed guitar solo which makes me think that Dann Huff momentarily commandeered the producer's chair. But at the same time, Crow's clear-voiced delivery finds her quite comfortable in a modern country setting. Lyrics like "We'll play Jack Johnson, he's the new Don Ho / And we'll go surfing, surfing, we'll surf the radio" are surprisingly clever, yet identifiable odes to the song's overall theme of a staycation with the one you love. The song is a smooth listen, but executed strongly enough to be more than just ear candy.

Crow's previous forays into country have been fairly modest. Of her six country chart entries, only one (a #35 cover of Cat Stevens' oft-recorded "The First Cut is the Deepest") was not a duet or backing vocal for another artist. Furthermore, she's 51 as I write this, and radio is generally not forgiving to quote-unquote "older" artists. "Easy" may or may not be the beginning of a new chapter in the career of a seasoned veteran. But at the very least, I bet that it'll be the song that finally shows that Sheryl is every bit a country artist herself as she is when helping someone else.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars