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LIVE REVIEW - Country USA Festival - Oshkosh, WI - 26 June

Review: Sheryl Crow gives Country USA laid-back set of hits

Written by
Mike Thiel
Gannett Wisconsin Media

It was a calm night with Sheryl Crow at Country USA in Oshkosh Wednesday; much calmer than Tuesday’s opening night with Eric Church.

The muddy, sloppy terrain at Ford Festival Park fans dealt with Tuesday had dried significantly, the overall age of the crowd had raised about 20 years and it’s evident that Sheryl Crow’s music attracts a more laid-back audience than the redneck rocker Church. It’s also worth noting that old school country star Kix Brooks opened in direct support for Crow, which most likely added a few years to the audience demographic.

Nonetheless, Crow stepped onstage looking country fabulous in a green fringe coat, ripped jeans and cowboy boots (of course). Her band also looked the part of Nashville, but they were actually wearing duds from a northeast Wisconsin store (more on this later).

By song two, Crow was playing the recognizable “All I Wanna Do” from 1993’s six-times platinum “Tuesday Night Music Club.” Much like ex-Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker did in his Country USA appearance in 2010, Crow played her ’90s hits early and often. She followed with her latest country single “Easy” before ditching her guitar for the cordless mic on “My Favorite Mistake.”

She introduced her band and told the audience they were donning clothes from Atomic Katz in Oshkosh; a subtle plug for a local business. Crow then drifted into a song off her new album, “Feels Like Home,” which drops in September.

“This is a song about booty calls,” Crow said. “I don’t even know what that means, but that’s what they tell me.”

Though the title was uncertain, the main lyrical hook was “Why’s he always gotta be callin’ me when I’m lonely?” and had a more driving, aggressive country sound than fans are used to from Crow. However, it was also the fullest, most modern sounding country song Crow had played thus far. Perhaps “Feels Like Home” executive producer Brad Paisley had a little something to do with that.

About mid set, Crow took off her coat, played a mean harmonica on a few songs and talked about her kids as a segue to her song “Real Gone” from the “Cars” soundtrack.

Though she was performing in front of thousands, Crow handled the show like she was performing at a small club or coffee shop. The band set up close to each other with the drum kit about 25 feet from the stage front (with about another 25 feet behind it). The keyboard and pedal steel players were also tight to the drummer with Crow and her guitarists also moving around in this compacted area. It worked, but it was unusual to see this setup on such a large stage.

Also, there was dead time between songs where Crow would say a few words or give background on the tune her band was about to play. It definitely had the singer-songwriter vibe and touched on the atmosphere of an open mic night. No attitude. No ego. Just a few people onstage playing their songs.

Near the end of the set, Crow rolled into another new song from her forthcoming album called “Shotgun,” but informed the crowd “It’s got nothin’ to do with guns.” Instead, the shotgun was referring to the passenger seat in a vehicle.

A verse and chorus of “Picture” sans Kid Rock followed by “If It Makes You Happy” and “Soak Up the Sun” brought the first set to a close and after a few minutes, Crow came out with a two-song encore. A cover of Linda Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good” and “Everyday is a Winding Road” put the final stamp on Crow’s show.

All in all, Crow played what the crowd wanted to hear: her ’90s hits. She didn’t force anything unknown on the crowd except her two forthcoming songs, which both sounded promising. The two new songs also got high praise from the audience in terms of cheers, claps and catcalls, so perhaps “Feels Like Home” could finally be Crow’s breakout country album. We’ll just have to see.



Photos: Mike Thiel/Gannett Wisconsin Media


HD VIDEO - Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow - "Far Away Places"

CMT Crossroads: Willie Nelson & Friends From Third Man Records
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)


PRESS RELEASE - Sheryl Crow and Gary Allan confirmed this morning the two have plans to co-headline the Free And Easy tour this fall. Shows at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara Bowl and the Rabobank Theatre in Bakersfield were announced today. Tickets for the shows will go on sale this Saturday, June 29.

Sheryl Crow and Gary Allan are a can’t-miss touring combo and a perfect pairing. Crow is a nine-time GRAMMY award-winning artist with over 35 million records sold. Her debut country single “Easy” is off her forth-coming Warner Bros. Records release, Feels Like Home, due out September 10. This marks the first country album of Crow’s celebrated career. Allan is a maverick in the mainstream country world. A surfer whose upbringing in Southern California taught him the art of blending rock and country seamlessly in his live shows. With five platinum albums under his belt, Allan topped the Billboard Country Album chart as well as the Billboard 200 Pop Album Chart in February with his new album Set You Free.

“Sheryl and I met while doing some guitar pulls earlier this year and started talking about doing something together. The timing seemed right and ‘Free and Easy’ just came natural to us both,” said Allan. “If we’re near you, come on out. It’s going to be a good time.”

“I love Gary’s music,” said Crow. “He puts on the kind of show that I like to go see so I am thrilled to be out with him on tour, and really look forward to be able to perform my new music to the country fans this fall.”

Dates announced this morning:

Sept 13- Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA

Sept 14- The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Sept 15- Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield, CA

Additional dates are scheduled to be announced soon

LIVE REVIEW - Live in Thackerville, Oklahoma/Texas - 22 June

Sheryl Crow rocked as mom-on-the-road
Review by Brenna Rushing

The veteran rockstsar was warm, sharing cute stories about being a mom while she sang through her laid-back songs.

THACKERVILLE, OKLA. — Sheryl Crow's rockstar lifestyle has taken a back burner since her two sons joined her on her summer tour. A candid Crow joked about this new chapter in her life during Saturday's show at WinStar World Casino. She's also taken a headfirst dive into the country genre — a world Crow has had one foot in her whole career. Her upcoming album, due out in September, will be released in the country market. Her first single off the record, "Easy," is currently No. 32 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

The multi-Grammy winner acted like she was with old friends Saturday at the Oklahoma casino, sharing stories about her new life and about how few of her lyrics have real-world application anymore. Favorites like "All I Wanna Do" and "If It Makes You Happy" sent the crowd on a nostalgic road trip to the '90s. Her newest material fits like a glove, reinvigorating Crow's laid-back, carefree style. She set aside her trusty acoustic guitar for a harmonica in a few numbers, spicing up the usual backing band mix with Southern flair.

With a steady build comprised of warm, onstage banter and consistent instrumentation, the set didn't peak until the latter half of the show, with the sleepy track "Home." Scaling chords and a salty, electric punch helped ignite the quiet number, making it more about the musicality than the lyrics. A soft, twinkling lap steel strolled next to Crow's sweet falsetto in the vulnerable, tear-drenched song "Strong Enough," which offered one of the few serious moments of the evening.

Age has played fair with the still-stunning singer, and she took no fleeting detours while singing. Crow is still the "bare all" singer/songwriter we fell in love with in 1993; she's just traded in the late-night bar scenes for a night with her kids.





LIVE PIX - 98.5 KVOO Radio Performance + M&G - 21 June


34 Photos
98.5 KVOO Radio Performance + Meet & Greet
VooDoo Lounge
Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)
21 June


LIVE PIX - Live @ the Joint in Tulsa, Oklahoma - 21 June

The Joint @ the Hard Rock & Casino



"Just had a really great show in Tulsa. Celebrating by watching You've Got Mail on the bus... #chickflick #lovemyband" - Sheryl via Twitter


by Peter Stroud via Twitter

PIX - K95.5 Radio Performance - Tulsa, OK - 21 June


K95.5 Radio Performance
K95.5 Cox Studios
Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)
21 June

Sheryl Crow once hid from a tornado
Rode twister out under her kitchen table

By Bert Williams

Sheryl Crow was in town last night for a sold out concert. Yesterday afternoon Crow stopped by Cox radio and said she understood how people in Oklahoma felt who had been hit by recent tornados because she had lived through one herself.

"We watched this tornado take out all of our windows and just missed our house. It's such a strange phenomenon that a tornado will come through and leave certain things and just blow other things out."

Crow was under the kitchen table with her mother when the twister skipped her house and destroyed houses across the street. Now, years later, the picture is still vivid.

"Oh, I still talk about it, you know, and definitely people who've lived through tornadoes can definitely empathize.

Crow is releasing her first country album this September.

VIDEO - "Homecoming Queen" Acoustic Live @ US 99.5 (17 June)


NEWS - Willie Nelson & Friends at Third Man Records this Sunday on CMT Crossroads


The All-Star Birthday Bash for Nelson Features Performances by Sheryl Crow,
Jamey Johnson, Norah Jones, Ashley Monroe, Leon Russell and Neil Young

PRESS RELEASE – CMT celebrated Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday in Nashville recently with an all-star cast of friends for a special episode of CMT CROSSROADS: WILLIE NELSON & FRIENDS FROM THIRD MAN RECORDS, set to premiere Sunday, June 23 at 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT.  The unforgettable episode will honor the superstar’s milestone birthday as he swaps lyrics on some of his most-loved songs with Sheryl Crow, Jamey Johnson, Norah Jones, Ashley Monroe, Leon Russell and Neil Young.  A long-time admirer of Nelson, Jack White kicked off the special from his Nashville studio, Third Man Records.  Country music icon Nelson turned 80 on April 29, and released his latest Legacy Recordings album Let’s Face The Music And Dance on Tuesday, April 16.

The one-hour special includes some of Nelson’s biggest hits including “Crazy,” “Angels Flying Too Close to the Ground” and “Shotgun Willie;” and the entire cast joined the stage for Nelson’s widely-recognized honky-tonk hit, “Whiskey River.”  During an interview session guided by Jack White, Nelson and White joined voices for an impromptu sing-a-long of “Red Headed Stranger,” which Nelson often sang to his children as a nighttime lullaby.  The paired touched on subjects ranging from perhaps the most well-known guitar in country music, Trigger; to Texas dancehalls, Elvis and more.

With a six-decade career, Nelson has a catalog of more than 200 albums to his credit and is a seven-time Grammy winner.  The Texas singer-songwriter earned a permanent position in pop music’s pantheon with songs that combine the sophistication of Tin Pan Alley with the rough-and-tumble grit and emotional honesty of country music.  He brought pop and country together on the radio in the early 1960s with unforgettable songs like “Crazy” (Patsy Cline), “Hello Walls” (Faron Young) and others, and by the mid-1970s had become a superstar in his own right as a prime mover of a revolutionary and thriving Outlaw country music scene.  Nelson’s first album for Columbia Records in 1975, The Red Headed Stranger, catapulted him to stardom around the world.  2013 is shaping up as a banner year for Nelson as his memoir “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die – Musings From the Road,” published last year, recently made the New York Times’ best-seller list.

CMT CROSSROADS is produced by Tom Forrest and Kathryn Russ.  John Hamlin, Margaret Comeaux and Bill Flanagan serve as executive producers for CMT.  British director Sophie Muller – whose resume includes work with The Killers, Annie Lennox, No Doubt and the Eurhythmics to name a few – served as director of the special CMT CROSSROADS: WILLIE NELSON & FRIENDS FROM THIRD MAN RECORD



PIX - US 99.5 Radio Performances - Chicago, IL - 17 June


17 Photos
US 99.5 Radio Performances
US 99.5 Studios
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
17 June 2013

PIX - FM 106.1 Radio Performance - Milwuakee, WI - 17 June


32 Photos
FM 106.1 Radio Performance
FM 106.1 Studios
Milwuakee, Wisconsin (USA)
17 June 2013

VIDEO - Sheryl and her son Levi in "Real Gone" (16 June, Grand Rapids, MI)


PIX - Live at Fraze Pavilion - Kettering, OH - 15 June


22 Photos

PIC - with Peter "Fucking" Frampton :-)

"Saw Sheryl Crow last night Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids. Great show Donnie Lewis & I got to hang some after show." - Peter Frampton via Twitter


LIVE REVIEW - Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI - 16 June

Sheryl Crow soaks up the sun during sold-out Meijer Gardens performance

By Tricia Woolfenden
Photo by Lauren Petracca


Sheryl Crow at Frederik Meijer Gardens

When: Sunday, June 16, 2013

Highlight: "Real Gone" when Crow welcomed her young pajama-clad sons to join her on-stage for some family-friendly rockstar behavior.

Set length: 90 minutes

Attendance: 1,900 (sold out)

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — It's entirely fitting that Sheryl Crow's sold-out Meijer Gardens performance fell on a family holiday. The show capped off an atmospherically ideal Father's Day, with a slowly setting sun and light breeze as the perfect backdrop for a woman who has made a career of advocating for living life in the moment.

After rocking through the first half of her set, Crow — who was traveling with sons, Levi, 3, and Wyatt, 6, in tow — paused to dish on the downside of being a working parent: time apart from the young'uns. Multi-million-album-selling rockstars aren't immune from missing their kids and Crow bemoaned the "big fat bummer" of having to spend the next few days away from her boys.

Instead of dwelling on the short-term separation, Crow invited a pajama-clad Levi to join her on-stage for a lively rendition of "Real Gone," best known from the "Cars" soundtrack, which Crow joked helped to pay for all of the kids' toys. Wearing protective headphones that covered the better part of his skull, Levi bobbed and clapped with his mom, as his brother, Wyatt, hid behind the monitors. The song wrapped and the boys were whisked off stage and away to bed, but not before Crow could get in a "nighty-night."

It was an utterly charming move that speaks to one of Crow's greatest strengths as an artist and live performer: She doesn't put up any walls. During Sunday evening's performance, she was lively and engaging, chatting up the audience and singing the praises of West Michigan's beguiling little "beach community" (meaning Grand Haven).


Introductions of her six-piece band included friendly riffs on their sartorial choices, and a run-down of "fun facts" they'd learned about our region during their brief stay. Audience banter is requisite in a venue like Meijer Gardens, but some artists are particularly skilled in the art. Crow seems like the kind of woman you'd want to sit down and have a beer with. (Or a shot of wheatgrass, or a glass of organic homegrown tomato juice, or whatever incredibly healthy choice she's making these days.)

It was easy to see when her musical moves hit close to home for the fans. As the opening chords of "My Favorite Mistake" drifted out, women across the lawn sprang to their feet, as if compelled to participate in the "why-can't-I-kick-this-jerk-to-the-curb-for-good" anthem. A three-pack of sad-'n'-slow numbers — including "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Strong Enough" — later in the set also seemed to do the trick, with a heartfelt "First Cut is the Deepest" leading the charge.

Crow, whose career has hung strong for nearly 20 years, busted out most every top radio hit one would expect from her catalog ("All I Wanna Do," "Soak Up the Sun," "If It Makes You Happy"). Because she's a consummate professional and a gracious performer, these well-worn hits are fun and they get the audience moving. But Crow seemed most energized and on fire when tearing into the new tracks from her forthcoming country album "Feels Like Home."

Modern country, with its overt pop and rock references, is a good fit for Crow. While she's dabbled in country in the past, songs like "Call Me When I'm Lonely" speak to a promising future in the genre.

Crow has been busy hitting the road, paying her dues and debuting her new tunes to country radio stations nationwide. Her West Michigan performance signals a start to a brief summer concert run and an opportunity to demonstrate her new sound in person.

Opening act Clayton Anderson, a rising country singer from a small town, is a good match for this laid-back road show. If Sunday was any indication, this change has done her good.

Email Tricia Woolfenden: grentertainment@mlive.com



Steve McQueen
All I Wanna Do
My Favorite Mistake
Call Me When I'm Lonely
Can't Cry Anymore
Real Gone
Best of Times
First Cut is the Deepest
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough
Soak Up the Sun
Nobody's Business
Winding Road


PHOTOS - @ the Dublin Pub in Dayton, Ohio (15 June)



GEAR - Section updated: Telecaster Buck Owens



PIX - Taste of Country Music Festival - Buffalo, NY - 14 June


16 Photos

Taste of Country Music Festival
Coca Cola Field
Buffalo, New York (USA)
14 June 2013

PIX - 92.5 WBEE Radio Performance & M&G - Rochester, NY - 14 June


Photo: WBEE

92.5 WBEE Radio Performance + Meet and Greet
WBEE Studios
Rochester, New York (USA)
14 June 2013


Photo: WBEE


Photo: WBEE

Photo: krystlelizabeth


Photo: Peter Stroud



[NEWS] Visiting House of Guitars in Rochester, NY


Photos: House of Guitars

VIDEO - Sheryl Crow and Her Gear

Sheryl knows her gear. Here she talks about her favorite audio equipment and how she uses it to shape her sound. The Blackbird Academy, Nashville, TN.

PIX/VID - 92.5 XTU Radio Performance + M&G - Philadelphia, PA - 13 June


18 Photos + 2 Video Clip

92.5 XTU Radio Performance + Meet&Greet
XTU Studios
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
13 June 2013

PIX/VID - 97.5 WAMZ Radio Performance - Louisville, Kentucky - 12 June


97.5 WAMZ Radio Performance
WAMZ Studios
Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
12 June 2013




PIX+VID - Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill- Cincinnati, OH - 12 June

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill
Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)
12 June 2013
4-song set for B105 Radio

* * *

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There were lines of people outside Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill on Wednesday for a very special performance. Nine time Grammy award winner Sheryl Crow performed. The best part was, it was a free concert.

Entry was first-come, first-serve. You could call it an 'impromptu concert'. Sheryl Crow is in the middle of her summer tour, and she played five songs Wednesday evening for about 30 minutes, which included one of her newest singles 'Easy'.

Toby Keith's General Manager Will Whitworth says they didn't have much time to prepare for the concert. Their radio partner B105 notified the bar she was coming less than one week ago. "It was a quick turnaround for us. They contacted her and she agreed to come down and do a free show," said Whitworth. Tickets for Sheryl Crow's upcoming concert range from $30 to $100+, but that wasn't the case at The Banks.

"Why not, it's free, might as well be here," said attendee Ben Gifford. "I wish more things around here were free. It seems like they're charging for everything (nowadays)," added Jenna Webster. "I can only imagine that Sheryl Crow coming out for free to anybody would be kind of surprising. It was to me," said Whitworth. Many concert goers say they hope this is a sign of things to come for areas like the Banks.

"Anything to help out Cincinnati and to plug some more money into it to our economy I think it's great. It's definitely improved a lot and I do feel safer down here too," said Webster.


* * *

Photo: Lavoet2

Photo: Jasper674

Photo: Sheryl Crow

- -

NEWS - Weather postpones Sheryl Crow at Innsbrook

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -  The Sheryl Crow concert scheduled this Thursday at Innsbrook After Hours has been postponed due to the threat of severe weather.

According to a message posted on the Innsbrook After Hours, the concert will be rescheduled for Thursday, July 11.

Fans can use tickets to Thursday’s show for the rescheduled July performance.

NEWS - Free concert in Cincinnati tonight!

... at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill!

FREE live show at 6 pm!! According to the restaurant's Facebook page, all ages are welcome, but reservations are not accepted and it is a first come, first serve event. Toby Keith's I Love this Bar and Grill is located at 145 2nd St East at The Banks in downtown Cincinnati.

INTERVIEW - Radio interview at WCCO in Minneapolis, MN

10 Minutes, with David Lee

NEWS - Gary Allan Leaks Details of Fall Tour with Sheryl Crow

From thecountryvibe.com

Gary Allan let the cat out of the bag a little prematurely during the CMA Music Festival that he and Sheryl Crow will be teaming up for a tour this fall.  While the details are still being worked out and an official announcement will be forthcoming, Gary thinks the name of the tour will be the Free and Easy Tour, after his album, Set You Free, and her debut country single, “Easy.”


NEWS - CMA Fest, Night 2: Crow Joins Little Big Town; Hayes Hunts Jason Mraz

By Chris Willman | Our Country

The second night of stadium shows at the 2013 CMA Music Festival was a surprise party. Sheryl Crow put in an unbilled appearance, as Little Big Town graciously ceded some time in their set to back the veteran-rocker-turned-country newcomer on two numbers. Meanwhile, Hunter Hayes brought out his version of a pop elder statesman, Jason Mraz, for his closing number, "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me."

Perhaps the other headliners, Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum, were feeling like everybody had a guest star but them. Shelton's better half, Miranda Lambert, had performed at LP Field the night before but didn't stick around for any marital duets. The closest thing to a star cameo for Lady A, meanwhile, was Hillary Scott's unborn daughter, who's suddenly taking up a lot more real estate on stage. Just a few weeks ago, Scott wasn't showing all that dramatically, but now this baby is going to get some serious camera time when a highlights show is broadcast on ABC.

The humidity in Nashville this week hasn't let up, but the temperatures have, which Scott — whose first child is due in late July — found to be a literal godsend. "When I looked at the forecast tonight, I was like, this is a direct gift from God to me!" Scott said backstage. "It’s gonna be 68 degrees." By CMA Festival standards, that's a frosty low.


Crow was pumped just prior to her on-stage partnering with LBT. "Oh my God. They are just insane," she told reporters. "They’re the greatest vocalists and sweetest people I’ve ever met. I actually know Karen (Fairchild) from my gym, which is a little kids’ place like Gymboree; we take our 3-year-olds there, and that’s how I met her. I was a little bit starstruck!... I love the fact that they toured forever and ever before they finally broke... To me it’s a throwback to all the music I really loved, which were groups that sang really close-knit harmonies, like Fleetwood Mac. And they seriously rock. I love them and value their friendship. They’re good ones."

After the show segued from LBT's "Boondocks" right into Crow's "Soak Up the Sun," the interloper finished off their half-hour with "Easy," the single that marks her first official entree into the country radio format, after years of threatening to make the leap. She's ready to do the hard work of being a New Artist, she swore.

"I signed with Warner Nashville and they said this is what new artists at country do: they do radio tours. I said I’m on board; I’ll do whatever it takes," Crow said. "My feeling is, I’ve been around for a long time, but the country fan base" is a new hurdle. "That’s one of the reasons I haven’t made a country record before. I was at Interscope and they didn’t have a country division. I’ve always typically written songs that were structurally like country songs, most of them story-oriented songs. And Brad Paisley came up to me after the CMAs when I sang with Loretta (Lynn) and Miranda and said, 'Now will you consider coming home to the format that you belong in?' I said 'I’ll do that — but to me the country format/fan base is sacred territory. I didn’t want to have people perceive that I was kind of jumping on the cool bandwagon.

"I have a huge NASCAR fan base," she continued. "We were the NASCAR house band for a long time" — which, in country, of course, counts as a heck of a head start. "And I know the loyalty that exists in country music, and I know the work ethic, and their strong faith. I just wanted people to feel like I authentically belonged. It has been always my feeling that the country fan base will decide if I belong at their format. And I am a new artist here, even though I’m a little bit like Tom Petty, in that" the format has drifted toward rock as much as they've drifted toward country.

"Maybe the country format is like the nucleus of Nashville, (where) it’s starting to absorb all the little townships outside of Nashville, where it ultimately (will be) a huge, huge format with Southern rock and traditional country and pop-country like Taylor and Hunter. But I still contend it’s the only place you can hear real songs about real people, guitar solos, people who can really play, and people who write about what it’s like to be a middle American working. So I feel like it’s where I belong, and hopefully people will feel that way when they hear the record."

Hunter Hayes discussed how it came about that he released an Encore edition of his self-titled album with Jason Mraz now joining him on a re-do of "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me."

"We actually met at the Grammys, and I introduced myself. Hopefully I didn’t stutter too, too much because I am a huge fan," Hayes recounted. While suggesting that maybe the two of them could write together in the future, "I also brought up this song and kind of snuck it in… I was always curious to see what Jason would do to something like this… I don’t know how the whole thing happened, but the next thing I knew I had tracks in my inbox, and it was vocal tracks from the one-and-only. It was cool to get that totally new life for the song and totally new perspective. The song has a whole new meaning in my opinion now, and it's perfect for the encore."

Mraz said he didn't think much about the "crossover" aspect of the collaboration. "Musicality draws me to the artists first and foremost. And what I find in this genre is an intense musicality, especially from the songwriters who can dig into their instruments and dig into melody and dig into story and dig into spirit. I dig on that," Mraz said.

"And then second is the community that they surround themselves with. It’s really inspiring. A lot of us in the pop scene live in our own bubbles and we don’t get to interact with each other too much. And it seems like on the west coast (that we're) just too far away from this community out here. So it’s a real honor, whether it’s Zac (Brown) or Hunter, to be considered and to lend my voice to what they’re doing."

Lady Antebellum are looking at their last three gigs before Scott takes maternity leave. When the boys were asked what they'd be doing during the time off, Scott blurted, "Helping me!"

But seriously, non-babysitting folks... "We’re gonna write some," said Charles Kelley. "We’ve already been talking a lot with our buddies — Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Miranda — about getting out on their tours and writing some with them. But on the flip side, we’re gonna be honestly preparing for some of the future shows. We’ve got some things in the works. And once my girl here" gets back on her feet, "we’re gonna try to obviously get back out on the road and promote (the just-released new album). And then, when her little girl is old enough, I’m gonna sign her to a record store and make her a big old star, and I’ve got exclusive rights."

Scott said the fans they've run into during the week have "been so kind, honestly, giving gifts, whether it’s little cute stuffed animals for a daughter or onesies or little socks or little keepsakes. It’s really sweet."

"You’ve gotten way more gifts than Dave and I," said Kelley. "One of us is getting pregnant, Dave."

But when she was first asked what she'd gotten from fans this week, Scott responded, "This, a lot of this" — rubbing her protruding baby like a genie's lamp.

"She loves this," said Kelley, sarcastically, doing his own demonstration of invading Scott's personal space. "'I just met you! I’m rubbing your belly!'"

The second night of shows at LP Field ended up running on the late side, with Shelton taking the stage more than an hour past schedule and finishing up his set at about 12:15. Given the number of acts squeezed onto the bill, there were few fan complaints, much less early exits. "I wasn't sure you were going to hang out for me," Shelton told the still-boisterous crowd as the clock approached midnight. "What the hell was I thinking?"

SOURCE: Our Country/Yahoo Music


VIDEO - Press Conference @ CMA Music Festival

From CMT Music Festival (Concert + PC)


PIX - Sheryl surprise guest @ CMA Fest in Nashville (7 June)


CMT Music Festival
LP Field
Nahsville, Tennessee (USA)
7 June 2013


VID - Sheryl Crow on The Blackbird Academy

Here she talks about why The Blackbird Academy is your best choice for professional audio education. The Blackbird Academy is housed in Nashville’s famed Blackbird Studio, where Sheryl recorded part of her upcoming country album.

VID - Sheryl Crow & Kenny Rogers @ CMT Music Awards - 5 June


PIX - CMT Music Awards 2013 - Nashville, TN - 5 June (24 photos)



Photos: Wireimage

PIX - Rolling Stones Concert - Chicago, Illinois - 31 May



United Center
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
31 May 2013