JUNE 2012

VIDEO - Showing Photos From USO Tour in Bosnia (I-FOR / Joint Endevour)



PIX - Accordion Girl, by Miguel Cassain


PIX - Louisville, KY - June 23


SETLIST - Cherokee, NC - 24 June

Setlist signed by Sheryl. Pic by Mychelle Donna via FB

"Hey Sheryl Crow I loved the wonderful show you did in Cherokee N. C in the Harrah's Casino! Thanks for the autograph after the show! It means more then I'll ever be able to explained. I've been really sick and haven't been able to get out much, it was great to see you!! Thanks again!!!

Mychelle S.

NEWS- We Walk the Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash, coming soon on DVD/CD, Blu-Ray and TV

Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release We Walk The The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash in a deluxe CD/DVD set and Blu-ray disc on Tuesday, August 7.

We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash was lensed and recorded on Friday, April 20, 2012 at The Moody Theater in Austin, Texas when an all-star roster of legendary musicians paid tribute to Johnny Cash--his music, his roots, his influence, his heritage--in an unforgettable concert experience.

With Grammy-winning producer Don Was serving as musical director, We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash showcased a wide spectrum of sound including Outlaw country pioneers (Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson), contemporary icons (Ronnie Dunn, Evanescence's Amy Lee) and Grammy Award winners (Pat Monahan of Train and The Carolina Chocolate Drops).

Featuring an all-star band led by Was with Buddy Miller, Kenny Aronoff, Ian McLagen and Greg Leisz, We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash includes such remarkable pairings such as Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow performing "If I Were A Carpenter," one of several duets recorded by Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash; Train's Pat Monahan and Shelby Lynne trading verses on "It Ain't Me Babe"; Kris Kristofferson joining Jamey Johnson for "Sunday Morning Comin' Down," both returning with Willie Nelson and Shooter Jennings for "The Highwayman."

Solo highlights on We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash include "Folsom Prison Blues" by Brandi Carlile, Lucinda Williams' stunning reinterpretation of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" (performed by Johnny Cash on American IV: The Man Comes Around, the last album released during the artist's lifetime); and "Long Black Veil" by the acclaimed American singer-songwriter Iron & Wine.

We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash crescendos with more than two-dozen musicians on-stage capping a once-in-a-lifetime concert with an ecstatic rendition of "I Walk The Line."

The deluxe CD/DVD package includes live concert shots and portrait photography in addition to feature interviews with all the performers from the concert.

A broadcast television version of We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash premieres nationally on Friday, August 10 as part of PBS Pledge.


Folsom Prison Blues - performed by Brandi Carlile
Get Rhythm - performed by Andy Grammer
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - performed by Amy Lee
Hey Porter - performed by Buddy Miller
Why Me Lord - performed by Shelby Lynne
Help Me Make It Through the Night - performed by Pat Monahan
It Ain't Me Babe - performed by Shelby Lynne and Pat Monahan
Sunday Morning Coming Down - performed by Jamey Johnson and Kris Kristofferson
Jackson - performed by Carolina Chocolate Drops
Wreck Of The Old 97 - performed by Rhett Miller
Ring Of Fire - performed by Ronnie Dunn
Cocaine Blues - performed by Shooter Jennings
Hurt - performed by Lucinda Williams
The Long Black Veil - performed by Iron & Wine
Big River - performed by Kris Kristofferson
Cry, Cry, Cry - performed by Sheryl Crow
If I Were A Carpenter - performed by Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow
Highwayman - performed by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson
I Walk The Line - performed by Full Ensemble


I Still Miss Someone - rehearsal performance by Willie Nelson
The Man Comes Around - performed by Matthew McConaughey

Johnny Cash, His Life and Music – Artist interviews, Johnny Cash archival footage, more

Walking The Line: The Making of a Celebration - behind-the-scenes of the historic Johnny Cash 80th Birthday Concert Celebration

(same artists/performances as DVD, different order)
Folsom Prison Blues - performed by Brandi Carlile
Ring Of Fire - performed by Ronnie Dunn
Hey Porter - performed by Buddy Miller
Hurt - performed by Lucinda Williams
Wreck Of The Old 97 - performed by Rhett Miller
Jackson - performed by Carolina Chocolate Drops
The Long Black Veil - performed by Iron & Wine
Big River - performed by Kris Kristofferson
Why Me Lord - performed by Shelby Lynne
Help Me Make It Through the Night - performed by Pat Monahan
It Ain't Me Babe - performed by Shelby Lynne and Pat Monahan
Sunday Morning Coming Down - performed by Jamey Johnson and Kris Kristofferson
Get Rhythm - performed by Andy Grammer
Cocaine Blues - performed by Shooter Jennings
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - performed by Amy Lee
Cry, Cry, Cry - performed by Sheryl Crow
I Still Miss Someone - rehearsal performance by Willie Nelson
If I Were A Carpenter - performed by Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow
Highwayman - performed by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson
I Walk The Line - performed by Full Ensemble


Johnny Cash

NEW PIC! - Bloomingdale's Pink Campaign

Behind the scenes with Sheryl for the forthcoming Bloomingdale's Pink Campaign.


Biloxi, MS - 11 May
by blessedlady

Great small venue! Very up close and personal! Can't wait to go back! Sheryl was amazing! Great song list and the band was right on as well!

* * *

Laughlin, NV - 2 June
by Happytrails4

She and her band were fabulous. Best overall concert we have ever been too.
She only played an hour and a few minutes which was disappointing since we traveled 4 hours and got a room. But she is a top notch musician. We would pay to see her again. Her band was superb.

* * *

St. Petersburg - 5 May
by Grace35174

This was the best day I have had in almost 2 years. I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that restricts my activity level. Between the disease and the medications, I am rarely able to attend big events for long periods of time. When I heard about this event, I knew I HAD to attend. Sheryl Crowe is the most uplifting entertainer! She is the one I turn to when I need a boost of HAPPY. I checked the ticket prices - what an incredible deal, $20 to see Sheryl Crowe & Ziggy Marley AND sample the scrumptious offerings from the best restaurants in St. Pete WOW! - and could not pass it up. This was a sign that I was destined to go. My family was enthused when I announced that I had purchased tickets for all of us

Favorite moment: Dancing to Soak up the Sun with my 27 year old daughter, my 2 year old grandson, my 15 year old son, & the love of my life (my Man Candy Jimmy).

* * *

Laughlin, NV, 2 June

Really enjoyed the music but it was HOT and the seats were HARD.


* * *

Laughlin, NV - 2 June
by Chealsea06

Great show, all the favorites. Wish it could have been a little longer.
Favorite moment: It was all good.

* * *

Laughlin, NV - 2 June
by Jannerific

Any concert held outdoors in June ANYWHERE has the potential to be hot. But we in the Las Vegas area experienced an unexpected heat wave. Highs were in the 106 range, which is normally not seen until July. That said, I expected there to be misters. There was not. Since no ice chests or personal bottles of water were allowed in, one would think free water would be provided. But only 8 oz. bottles were for sale for $3 each! Of course, cocktails and beer were for sale at a premium price. I think Harrah's Hotel/Casino should have been more considerate, especially since the arena only seated 3000 people. When the Grateful Dead played Las Vegas in June several years ago, their crew actually used water hoses to give the crowd relief.. They would probably have been held liable if someone would have had heatstroke. Thankfully, I did not observe any emergency situations.

Sheryl Crow seemed to feel as miserable as her audience--and SHE had misters. She seemed off-put that she would be performing at such a venue. She played for about an hour and a half, going through all her well-known material, and returned for an encore. Surprisingly, no new songs were presented, even though she stated a new album was coming out in the fall. Sheryl fumbled through the lyrics of several songs. An article in the Las Vegas Review Journal discussed this problem, stating that the cause was being blamed on a benign brain tumor.

The band was good but rather automated. They seemed to easily assist Sheryl as she stumbled through lyrics. Sheryl's voice seemed to be unaffected by the heat or her brain tumor. She showed good range and stayed on key. Her guitar playing was especially enjoyable.

I have been a huge Sheryl Crow fan, and I will continue to enjoy her recorded material. However, I'm not sure I will pay to see her again!

Favorite Moment: Leaving

* * *

Biloxi, MS - 11 May
by kinkydoll

She smiled and sang great but could not get over a short show for the price we paid. We go to a ton of concerts and somehow this was disappointing.

I didn't feel her engaging us like Mellisa Etheridge did.

If you are reading this Sheryl, most of us don't have a ton of money but we want to love you, please let us feel your connection to us when you play for us! It is a lot of money for most people and even though we could afford it personally the show was too short.

She has a great voice and a winning smile! But we wouldn't go back. It was just enough to not feel cheated but not satisfying.

* * *

St. Petersburg - 5 May
by Alli71

The taste of Pinellas was a lot of fun. Sheryl Crow played for about an hour and a half. The songs were great to dance to. I haven't listened to her songs in a long time, but she put on a great show. If she plays at a venue around your area, I would highly recommend attending a show.

Favorite moment: Listening to classic songs, ("Soak up the Sun" and more).


* * *

St. Petersburg - 5 May
by Anonymous

More than my expectations. Sheryl rocked with a killer band. Real musicians! Get night, great venue! Well done all who pulled this together!

Favorite moment: I have her pick!
Opening act(s): Ziggy Marley

Source: Ticketmaster


LIVE REVIEW - Carterville, IL - 22 June (Fan's Review)

Walker’s Bluff Winery is fairly new and Sheryl’s concert was the first time they had a huge crowd. I’m guessing about 3,000 were there on the hillside sitting in the grass on blankets and lawn chairs. Plenty of wine, beer, and water was had by all. When the concert started fans came right up to the front of the stage and just stood, sang, and danced the whole concert. Security couldn’t do anything to stop it.

This was my first time at Legend’s Amphitheatre at Walker’s Bluff. Many people around me had never heard a live Sheryl concert. Most couldn’t believe she came to Southern Illinois to do a concert. Sheryl’s sister Karen from Cape Girardeau, MO was in attendance with some of her friends. There was a good showing from Kennett, MO too in the crowd. Sheryl came out wearing a black “Heart” t-shirt with colorful sequences on it. “Heart” is playing Walker’s Bluff on Sept. 16th. Not sure if that’s the connection with why she was wearing the t-shirt.

The setlist was about the same as BamaJama 2012 with the exception of one song, “No One Said it Would Be Easy.” She said she wrote it a long time ago (Tuesday Night Music Club) as a tribute to her parents wedding anniversary and how long they were together. She said they set the bar high and were married 50+ years now. She dedicated the song to them. First time I’ve heard her sing this song in concert. It was beautiful and very tender.

The band was great and I love that Peter Stroud is back!!!!! No back up girl singers and just old style rock and roll. Sheryl closed with You’re No Good with lots of guitar parts. Being a veteran of Sheryl concerts this one goes down as another great one. Loved the outdoor setting under the stars with a crescent moon and soft breeze. Lots of praise from the first time Sheryl concert goers. A great time had by all.



scroll down until you see "Kay's Set"


:: Soak Up The Sun ::
:: Winding Road ::
:: You're No Good ::


Many thanks to Kay!

LIVE REVIEW - Carterville, IL - 22 June

Crow rouses crowd at Walker’s Bluff

By Codell Rodriguez
The Southern

CARTERVILLE — The crowd at Walker’s Bluff was cheered loud enough when Sheryl Crow opened her show with “Steve McQueen,” but there were few who weren’t dancing when she followed with “All I Wanna Do.”

Crow played Friday at the winery’s Legend’s Amphitheatre as part of its Summer Concert Series, which previously featured Charlie Daniels. Crow’s opening act was country singer Brandy Clark.

Future acts this summer are country duo Montgomery Gentry on July 21 and rock band Heart on Sept. 16.

Several of the concertgoers, including Kathy Neely and Betsy Bishop, both of Carbondale, expressed their disbelief that an act as prominent as Crow would play in Southern Illinois. Neely said the concert was a great opportunity to see a major act without having to leave the area. She was of course also just eager to hear some music.

“I really like her hits, and I’m looking forward to hear some music of hers I’ve never heard,” Neely said.

Local fans were also impressed that Crow is continuing to tour after revealing she was suffering from a meningioma, a non-cancerous brain tumor that can cause symptoms such as memory loss. Theresa Fordes of Kansas City, Mo., and Catherine White of Carterville said they respect the singer’s resilience.

“I think it’s great,” White said.

“Go girl power,” Fordes said.

Kelly Headrick of Carrier Mills also said she had great respect for Crow.

“I think it’s awesome,” Headrick said. “I think it shows she’s a strong woman.”

Crow took time between and during songs to talk to the crowd and managed to rile them up fairly well, especially when dropping Carbondale into a lyric of “Leaving Las Vegas.”

The Missouri native talked about growing up fairly close to Southern Illinois and said she was enjoying the weather, joking that was going to move to Illinois. She also commented on the liveliness of the crowd during “All I Wanna Do.”

“I got a feeling there’s a party going on right here tonight in Illinois,” Crow said.

Source: thesouthern.com


LIVE IN CARTERVILLE, IL - 22 june - First Pix


LIVE REVIEW - BamaJam 2012, Enterprise, AL - 16 June

by Ellen Youngblood

As BamaJam’s only female headliner, Sheryl Crow took the stage Saturday night, riding the wave of energy from a performance by Enterprise native Jamey Johnson and the anticipation of southern rock king, Kid Rock. The festival atmosphere was completely professional Saturday, as parking, security, and entry were a breeze, ensuring the crowd ample time to pack the natural amphitheater before Sheryl took the stage.

The Saturday evening crowd was ready for a good time, and Sheryl certainly delivered. Beginning the set with the Grammy winning “Steve McQueen” from 2002′s C’mon, C’mon, she came to Alabama ready to rock. Not one to try too hard, she dressed in a simple black vest and blue jeans, oozing rock & roll. Moving into her breakthrough hit, “All I Want to Do,” her lips parted in a genuine grin, happy to be on stage doing what she loves.

Other Tuesday Night Music Club offerings included “Can’t Cry Anymore” and “Strong Enough.” Both songs were quite stripped down, showcasing Sheryl’s raw sound, something that doesn’t always come through on her studio albums. As with many other artists, so much of what makes her such a joy to listen to live gets lost in the production.

Ms. Crow is certainly making the most of 2012. Her new album, 100 Miles From Memphis, references the distance from the blues capital to her hometown of Kennett, MO. She’s raising her two young sons, gracing the best dressed list at the Tony Awards, and doing damage control for forgetting her lyrics at a recent show; it’s hard to believe this woman has already celebrated her 50th birthday. She successfully fought breast cancer in 2006, but her more recent brain tumor was found to be benign and fortunately not life threatening.

It wasn’t long before the young southern boys started in on what an idiot Lance Armstrong was for not holding onto this one, and “MILF” was a resounding adjective from the crowd of boys behind me. I can’t say I can blame them; she is a beautiful, talented woman and maybe it’s those 50 years under her belt that give her such credibility and such soul.

She played a few of her Top 40 hits including “My Favorite Mistake,” the Cat Stevens cover, “The First Cut is the Deepest”, and “Soak Up the Sun,” rocking out with her band, obviously in sync with the new lineup of musicians. “Real Good,” from the Cars soundtrack, was accompanied by Sheryl on harmonica, leaving the already captivated crowd wondering how she could possibly be any cooler.

“If It Makes You Happy” and “Everyday is a Winding Road” from her sophomore album Sheryl Crow, were two additional highlights, as both songs, nearly old enough to obtain drivers licenses, have stood the test of time. I won’t be surprised to hear these classics covered by young rock’n'rollers 16 years from now.

Speaking of classics, Sheryl Crow ended the show with “You’re No Good,” the Betty Everett song that Linda Ronstadt made famous in 1975. Crow added her own spin on the storied classic to make it sound fresh and new.

Sheryl Crow may not always remember her lyrics, but she hasn’t forgotten how to rock a crowd. She brought the hits, tossed in a few new songs to chew on and left a handful on the shelf for the next show. After 20 years in the spotlight, Crow has finely cultivated her stage presence and tames the guitar like one of the greats of her generation. She knows how to throw gasoline on her audience’s desire and deliver on the promise she’s created over her seven album career. Crow is slowly finding her way into the role of one of rock’s elder statesman and it seems to fit her just fine.

Source: concerttour.org


BamaJam review excerpt from stageshottz.com

"Next up on the main stage was the never aging Sheryl Crow. Crow has had many hits and she sang a lot of them with the help of the audience, including “If It Makes You Happy”, “My Favorite Mistake”, and “The First Cut Is The Deepest.” She brought a roar from the crowd when she ask for a beer, none showed up, then follow up the request with a question, “Who do you have to sleep with around here to get a beer.” She finished her set with the song Linda Ronstadt made famous, “Your No Good.”"


VIDEO - BamaJam featurette by Pepsi


VIDEOS - BamaJam 2012

Real Gone (great ending!)

Winding Road 


Live Pix - BamaJam 2012 (Concert)

Photos: GettyImages

BAMA JAM 2012 - First Pix


PIC - Diner Audition

Diner auditions in NYC this week with Kathleen Marshall and Barry Levinson. Via FB.

VIDEO - Tony Awards 2012


The beautiful Sheryl at the Tony Awards. She has had the best intro of the evening! Thanks Neil Patrick Harris!

PIX - Tony Awards - NYC - 10 June


LIVE PIX - HP Discover 2012 - Las Vegas, NV - 7 June

LIVE PIX - Salt Lake City, UT - 3 June

Photos: Chris Hudson  


2012 TOUR - New date added

Interlochen, Michigan
Venue: Kresge Auditorium
Date: Monday, August 13, 2012 @ 8:00pm
Ticket price: Platinum $60.50; Gold $55.50; Silver $47.50; Bronze $40.50

Tickets on sale Friday, June 15 at 9 a.m.


PIX - Laughlin, NV Backstage (2 June)

Pix by Chris Hudson

NEWS - Sheryl Crow's Brain Tumor: A Neurosurgeon Weighs In

Dr. Alessandro Olivi tells MTV News the diagnosis shouldn't change Crow's lifestyle: 'She can still sing!'

By Kara Warner

Despite the severity of the news that Sheryl Crow has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, the good news is that the type of tumor, a meningioma, is non-cancerous.

MTV News caught up with Dr. Alessandro Olivi, a professor of neurosurgery and director of the Meningioma Center at Johns Hopkins University, who spoke very positively about Crow's prognosis.

"If they elected to observe it [and not perform surgery], that means the tumor is an incidental finding and considered, like it is in the majority of these cases, biologically favorable," Olivi said. "It's benign and doesn't need to come out, because it's not causing any problems and can be monitored safely."

Olivi, who also serves as the vice chairman of the department of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, went on to say that doctors don't yet know what specifically causes the tumors, just that they tend to occur in women and that estrogen might play a role.

"We don't know what causes them. We know that there is preponderance in women over men. Some people have said it's related to estrogen. There might be some receptor, but not to the point where I would say to change hormone treatment," he said. "For example, with menopause, you produce less estrogen and people are on hormone replacement. I don't consider that a reason not to do it. In other words, the correlation [between estrogen and meningioma] is loose. We don't know in reality what the cause is. The good thing is that in the vast majority, they are self-limiting, and the biological behavior is not one of an aggressive cancer."

Speaking to how the tumor will affect Crow's day-to-day lifestyle moving forward, Olivi said she'll likely only need routine checkups.

"She just needs to do what she is told as far as monitoring and imaging, which will probably be once every six months if everything is OK and can be moved up to once a year," he said. "But no change in lifestyle; she can still sing!"

Source: MTV/Viacom

VIDEO - What's in Your Pocket?


Waiting to hit the stage in Laughlin - good time for an impromptu game of "What's In Your Pocket?" (Laughlin, NV - 2 June 2012) via FB


NEWS - CNN's AC360


Neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke with Sheryl about her health.

NEWS - Brain Tumor: a message from Sheryl from FB

Hey everyone - please don't worry about my "brain tumor", it's a non-cancerous growth. I know some folks can have problems with this kind of thing, but I want to assure everyone I'm OK. I'm feeling very healthy and happy, and having a great time on the road playing with my new band. I'm busy working on my next record too, which 'm very excited about...and I'll be on The Tony Awards this Sunday. Really appreciate everyone's love and concern, I feel so blessed to have the support of all my fans, but I'm good - really! Love, Sheryl


I feel a little relieved, but still worried about her health :-(
I seriously admire her strenght and spirit, though.
God bless her.

My best wishes xxx

NEWS - Sheryl Crow has reason to forget

By Doug Elfman
Las Vegas Journal

Sheryl Crow has a brain tumor, but she's not worried about it because it's benign. She gave me this startling news with a smile during an otherwise lovely interview.

"I worried about my memory so much that I went and got an MRI. And I found out I have a brain tumor," Crow said Friday in a suite at The Hotel in Mandalay Bay.

"And I was, like, 'See? I knew there was something wrong.'"

I didn't know whether Sheryl was joking or not because we had just been laughing about how she recently forgot some lyrics on stage. But she wasn't kidding.

"I haven't really talked about it," she said. "In November, I found out I have a brain tumor. But it's benign, so I don't have to worry about it. But it gives me a fit."

A month ago, Sheryl forgot part of "Soak Up the Sun" on stage in Florida. She told fans, "I'm 50, what can I say? My brain's gone to (expletive)."

"Oh gosh," she told me. "I will tell you a funny story. I have a history of forgetting my lyrics."

At the Hard Rock Hotel in the 1990s, she forgot the intro to "A Change Would Do You Good."

"Not only could I not remember the first line, I couldn't remember the first line to any of the verses," Sheryl said.

"I started laughing so hard! And I looked over at my guitar player, and he's bent over like he's gonna just start peeing."

Here's the kicker:

"I think that was the night a whole bunch of us wound up at a strip club. It was Brad Pitt, and Mick Jagger and Sting! It was just cuckoo crazy, and I was still just getting started, you know. I was, like, 'Wow, Vegas. This is more than I could even dream of.'"

Sheryl was here this weekend to perform for a Tag Heuer watch party in Mix restaurant-lounge.

She looked amazing, was warm and charming, and sounded as good as ever during a private show.

Her Tag Heuer endorsement isn't just a paycheck. She wears the watch to keep track of time (naturally), since she made a pact with herself to turn off her phone (and thus, its clock) around her kids.

Why did she make that pact?

"My 5-year-old - when he got old enough to say, 'Mommy, turn your phone off,' I realized: I'm with him and I'm somewhere else."

Sheryl is busy. She is working with film director Barry Levinson to stage a musical of his 1982 debut, "Diner."

It may preview in San Francisco, then in New York by winter.

Sheryl is living in Nashville, Tenn., near family. She recently ran a half-marathon. She's performing five or six times a month.

And she's working on a new album. It could come out by October. She doesn't have a record title yet.

"I don't even have a record deal," Sheryl said, surprising me again.

"I probably will sign a record deal, though. I like the opportunity to be on radio."

I told her I once lost 30 pounds to her voice. In 1996, I raced on a stationary bike every day while playing muted video games and listening to Sheryl for 45 minutes.

"I love that - music to lose weight to," she said.

So there's my suggestion for her next album title.

I don't know if it's a good title, but I owe her something for all her music has given me.



Photo: Amandabrage


PIX - Tag Heuer Party @ Swiss Watch (JCK Watch and Jewelry show)

Private Show
The Hotel at the Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada
1 June 2012


NEWS - Sheryl Crow and more to Present at the 2012 Tony Awards

A slew of celebrites will serve as presenters at the 66th Annual Tony Awards including Les Miserables film star Amanda Seyfried, Paul Rudd, Diner composer Sheryl Crow and Nick Jonas (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying). Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the 2012 Awards are set for June 10 at the Beacon Theatre.

Also included on the presenters roster are Tyler Perry, upcoming The Heiress star Jessica Chastain, Jim Parsons (Harvey), 2011 Tony winner Ellen Barkin, Angela Lansbury (The Best Man), Bernadette Peters (Follies), Candice Bergen (The Best Man), Christopher Plummer, Hairspray film star James Marsden, Mandy Patinkin and The Book of Mormon composers Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Additional presenters will be announced at a later date.

Source: Broadway.com

NEWS - Is a Band Perry, Sheryl Crow Collaboration Coming Soon?

By Alison Bonaguro

A debut album that has had five Top 20 singles? That's a tough act to follow. But the not-so-rookie-anymore Band Perry must be getting ready to out-do themselves. They are busy working on their follow-up album and recently brought in some big songwriting guns to help them out. The trio recently collaborated with Nashville's Sheryl Crow. Kimberly Perry told CMT Radio, "A huge influence of mine has always been Sheryl Crow. I just love how lyrically she is so creative and completely unique to herself. She's a strong lady, a fantastic performer, and she's got a little spitfire herself. I've always looked up to Sheryl." The band's current single, "Postcards From Paris," was co-written by another powerhouse songwriter, Kara DioGuardi, the former American Idol judge. As for Crow, she is also expected to release a countryish album of her own this year.

Source: CMT