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.Wednesday June 30, 2010




October 20
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Venue: Heineken Music Hall (HMH)
Website: www.heineken-music-hall.nl


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Photos: rockininwi (Robin)


Live Review by rockininwi (SC Official Forum)

Great show! Well worth the wait to secure front row seats. Beth and I enjoyed our time listening to the five opening musical acts (I especially enjoyed Tyrone Wells), eating and people watching. By the time Sheryl came on the overflowing crowd was more than ready. Everyone was standing the whole concert and very much into it. Sheryl and the band looked to be having a great time and put on an excellent show. I especially enjoyed getting to hear Sheryl and Tim doing Picture and some of the other songs I haven't seen live before like Steve McQueen, Home and Rock and Roll. I enjoyed the new songs, especially Summer Day which is becoming one of my new favs. It was so cool for Peter, Tim and Mike to acknowledge us and point us out to Sheryl at the end. They will be missed. One funny thing I remember is Sheryl was playing the keyboards for Sign Your Name right in the front of the stage. When the song was over she backed away and two guys came out and wheeled it away while another brought her a guitar. With the guitar Sheryl turned to see her microphone rolling away still attached to the keyboard stand! lol She whistled at the guys but failed to get their attention, although within a few seconds one of the guys ran back to hand her the microphone. Sheryl didn't seem to do as much talking between songs as I've seen in the past. And one of the times she did say something she referred to Summerfest as MusicFest! I think they were trying to keep along to get everything in during their time frame. They played from 10:00 - 11:45.

Live Review by Vail22 (SC Official Forum)

Well Summerfest is always a blast!. Having several days of all kinds of music along Lake Michigan is nothing but fun. The first day of the Fest with SC could not have been better. Robin and I got their at noon to capture front seats. Ken Paul joined us later followed by my friend Chris. There were SC fans all around us doing the same thing by early evening. Neighborhood Ken called me from Georgia stuck at an airpoint and Heidi couldn't make down from the Northwoods. Ken and Robin wore the forum shirts so when Peter came out, he gave us a wave. SC looked great in her slim jeans fabluous sparkle beaded belt and pink top. The fireworks had just ended and SC carried that theme until the end of the show. She opened up with "Our Love is Fading" at the keyboards. The band had a great time and Peter was given alot of solo play time. I liked the new songs. The crowd was into the party mode since we were at the Miller Oasis soundstage and SC shared the microphone with them many times. During the middle, a beach ball made to the stage and SC hit the ball back to the crowd two times. The set list is listed below so no need to speak further about that. At the end, Mike, Peter and Tim acknowledged the forum members and we gave thumbs up back. SC was having a great time and so were we. I am going to miss the guys... but hope they will meet up again with SC. Really glad I made to the show and looking forward to the new album. Ken got a guitar pick and I reached over the wall and with my tall body and long arms picked up Jeremy's drum stick. The others thought I was going to fall over so I guess I didn't realize the stretch. Robin asked for the set list but with no avail. I took photos but those bright lights are positioned right in your face at those side stages. Some SC fans behind us had the nicer cameras so we hope to post some soon.


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Do you know the artists on your Lilith Fair roster yet?

"I don’t know yet. I know I’m going to cross paths with Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan. Those guys were such a big part of the original Lilith. That was where I saw Sheryl Crow for the first time. I mean, Globe Sessions had just come out and I remember seeing Sheryl walking out with her band. I just thought that she was totally incredible and bad-ass. I remember thinking, “I need to get myself a band”. I remember being influenced by that and wanting to have a band because of Sheryl Crow at Lilith Fair."

From SheWired.com, June 29, 2010



With Derek Trucks, Doyle Bramhall II and Susan Tedeschi

.Tuesday June 29, 2010



[...] By 7:30 p.m., the seating-area bald spots had filled in for Lilith veteran Sheryl Crow. She’s as hot as ever at 48 with her crackly voice, skin-tight black leather pants and one-of-the-boys guitar-playing. Crow started her set with Lifetimes then quickly got the crowd on its feet with the opening chords of Everyday is a Winding Road, the first of numerous Crow classics from her heyday in the mid-90s. The rock singer invited Caillat on stage to jam on Strong Enough; Crow, who dated cyclist Lance Armstrong in recent years, joked that these days she’s just looking for “a halfway decent man. I’ve gotten over the high standards.” [...]

Excerpt from the article "Concert Review: Lilith Fair", EdmontonJournal.com, June 28, 2010

[...] Sheryl Crow got the place rocking. Backed by a four-piece band, two back-up singers and additional sounds not produced by live musicians. Her tunes are the epitome of breezy, feel-good summer fun. The song titles alone reveal where her head is at: All I Wanna Do (Is Have Some Fun), If It Makes You Happy, Soak Up the Sun. Fans can look forward to some artistic growth on her upcoming album, from which she played the first single: Summer Day. Again, this would’ve been just swell outdoors. [...]

Excerpt from the article "Lilith Fair lacking", EdmontonSun.com, June 28, 2010


jvpurcell: Sheryl Crow is pretty amazing! Danced and sang with everyone here! #Lilith

GillianFoote: I have a maj girl crush on sheryl crow. I'm sexually confused. I'm not even angry, I'm impressed. #lilith #anchorman #yeg

IvyEyezPK: M-m-milf RT @GillianFoote Sheryl Crow is hot as balls #lilith #yegmusic

GillianFoote: Sheryl Crow is hot as balls #lilith #yegmusic

GayEdmonton: sheryl Crow is Soft Rocking the stage at lilith right now!

Maybelline74: Listening to Sheryl Crow and Sugarland after hearing them at Lilith-seeing performers live gives me a greater appreciation for their songs!


Sheryl kisses her son Wyatt as she performs at the 2010 Lilith Fair at McMahon Stadium on June 27, 2010 in Calgary, Canada. (Photo by David Bergman/Getty Images)

.Monday June 28, 2010


Photos: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jeff McIntosh - Better World Books - Mikesbloggity



[...] Sheryl Crow had no trouble getting the sedentary crowd on its feet with a rocking version of Every Day Is a Winding Road, drawing wild applause when her adorable, ear-protection-wearing 3-year-old son, Wyatt, made a surprise cameo appearance on stage. She followed with a tender version of Are You Strong Enough to be My Man, during which she veered into an endearing ramble about how she's looking for a few good men, but would be happy just to find "one half-ass nice guy," who can accept that she and her kids are a package deal. Crow stepped away from her hit song catalogue to serve up a bluesy treatment of Terrence Trent D'Arby's Sign Your Name before signing off with crowd favorite Soak Up the Sun.

Excerpt from the article " Canadian Sun Shines on Lilith Fair", USA Today, June 28, 2010

"But if Badu was an acquired taste for some, Sheryl Crow had the crowd on their feet from her first song. Her soaring run through Our Love is Fading, from upcoming album 100 Miles from Memphis, established a R&B revue-type groove right from the start.

It was followed up by a soulful take on Every Day is a Winding Road, in which she played up the festival's maternal feel by having her funky toddler dance along with some shakers. She was already having the crowd sing along by song three, a powerful charge through Can't Cry Anymore that morphed into a cover of Johnny Nash's I Can See Clearly Now."

Source: Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

gabriellaaaa: otherwise it was AMAZING. sarah mclachlan, sheryl crow and sugarland totally blew my mind. not to mention colbie caillait..

MarleneHielema: Just home from Lilith! Sheryl Crow rocked! Sugarland too! Sarah was cut short due to noise bylaws :( Great acts on the small stages too.

jillianwalker: Great photo! RT @BWBAbbey Yeah Sheryl Crow! Great kickoff to Lilith Fair 2010 in Calgary!

lilithfair: Sheryl Crow is killing it. Everyone on their feet, swaying, dancing...:) - Juliet [SMA]

mikesbloggity: Sheryl Crow has successfully livened up this crowd, as she often does

soundloft: WTF! lined up for 30 min only to find out there are no more hotdogs or burgers or fries or nachos. I missed half of Sheryl Crow's performance

A_blonde_runner: Home from summerfest! Sheryl Crow rocked, waiting six hours to get a good spot was definetely worth it. Highlight of my summer for sure :)

Stelnicki: Sheryl crow is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen... @lilithfair


For years, Grammy Award-winning musician Sheryl Crow has been spreading the word about environmental awareness through activism and song. Now she will be joined by a team of green minded public and private sector partners as she makes her way to the Granite State as part of her 2010 tour.

Crow, joined by 2009 BMI Pop Award Songwriter of the year Colbie Caillat, will headline this year’s Greenerpalooza III concert on August 12th at 8 p.m. at the Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion.

Co-sponsored by Public Service of New Hampshire and Citizens Bank in coordination with the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development and media sponsor New Hampshire Business Review, Greenerpalooza III is a celebration of New Hampshire’s energy efficiency efforts. Over 5,000 concert goers will not only get to enjoy a concert from a multi-platinum artist, they will also be able to visit a special eco village on the Meadowbrook midway where vendors will be extolling the virtues of wind and solar power as well as other alternative energy sources.

“Greenerpalooza has been great at opening people’s eyes to the potential of a greener, more sustainable future,” said New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Communications & Legislative Director Steve Boucher. “By using the unifying force of music, we are able to help citizens to become more energy efficient, learn about new technologies and share a positive environmental message with their neighbors.”

Show headliner Sheryl Crow is no stranger to promoting and endorsing a green lifestyle. She is a founding member and one of the driving forces behind the Green Music Group, a coalition of musicians, industry leaders, and fans working to inspire widespread environmental action. Crow recently encouraged her fans to accept the Green Music Group Challenge, an earth friendly call-to-action that asks music fans to send an email to legislators expressing support for effective, fair environmental legislation.

“Sheryl is an excellent choice for this year’s Greenerpalooza event based on her strong record of supporting environmentally friendly initiatives,” said Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion Marketing Director Chris Lockwood. “She is an artist who isn’t afraid to take a stand and to live the message that she sends through her music. She’s truly dedicated to spreading the word that taking care of the planet is everyone’s responsibility.”

Greenerpalooza III has brought new partners into the fold for this year’s offering. Citizens Bank, a lending institution that has demonstrated a commitment to the community through its Champions in Action initiative as well as other charitable endeavors, has signed on as a co-sponsor, believing that encouraging sustainability fits in well with their corporate mission.

“We believe that a bank should contribute to the growth and vibrancy of its communities, said Cathleen A. Schmidt, president of Citizens Bank. “We are excited to partner with the NH Division of Economic Development, Public Service of New Hampshire and other like-minded companies, to showcase eco-friendly initiatives at Greenerpalooza. Attendees will have the chance to learn about our Green$ense incentive program, and how small everyday activities such as reducing paper-based transactions can have a tremendous impact on the environment and the world we live in.”

Also new to the event this year is the addition of the “Granite Green Team,” a virtual “green army” of volunteers who will collect recyclables at Meadowbrook concerts and distribute seed cards that contain earth friendly messages and can be planted after being read. A team of 4-6 representatives from Public Service of New Hampshire, the Division of Economic Development, Citizens Bank and social media partner Epiphanies, Inc. will each attend a show during the 2010 season and encourage concert goers to dispose of recyclables responsibly and to observe eco awareness in their daily living.

“This is a great new twist to Greenerpalooza,” said Pat McDermott, Public Service of New Hampshire’s Economic & Community Development Manager. “Recycling and making energy-efficiency improvements are simple, cost-effective ways to make a big difference in protecting the environment. Since 2003, our customers have reduced air emissions by more than 3.1 million tons by participating in PSNH’s portfolio of energy-efficiency programs. That’s equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 579,000 cars.”

Volunteers will all be clad in special t-shirts designed by Michael McGloin of Keene-based The Mountain, creators of the multi-million selling “Three Wolf Moon” shirt. The shirts feature a lushly growing tree with a guitar for a base and limbs extending from a recycling sign as birds fly off in the distance.

“The design is a depiction of things that we typically associate with green living and shows the beauty of what can happen when work towards a better, more Earth-friendly future,” McGloin said. “We at The Mountain incorporate environmental friendliness into our business practices and are excited to be part of this team of people trying to make a positive difference.”

Tickets to the Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat concert, which include entry into the eco-village, are available online at www.meadowbrook.net. To learn more about the latest happenings with Greenerpalooza, visit the newly created Greenerpalooza III Facebook page at www.facebook.com/greennh.

Source: NH Business Resource Center


Juggling single parenthood, a deep commitment to environmental causes and a prolific career as a rockin’ songstress hasn’t slowed Sheryl Crow down…in fact it only seems to have inspired her to keep reaching for the stars. Mother to adoptive sons Wyatt Steven and Levi James, the 48 year old is releasing her seventh soulfully-tinged studio album on July 20th, entitled 100 Miles From Memphis.

In honor of the multi-Grammy Award winner’s latest musical effort, we thought we’d highlight the many ways in which Crow’s concert tours are green with a serious side of Momma Nature:

* Sheryl is a founding member of the Green Music Group, which rallies the music community to take action on behalf of the environment.
* The overall carbon footprint of her tour — from air flights and local transportation to concert energy consumption – is calculated and neutralized by supporting renewable energy sources.
* The carbon footprint of Crow’s touring vehicles is kept in check by fueling them with B20 biodiesel
* A comprehensive recycling/waste reduction system has been implemented backstage and on her touring vehicles.
* The catered food provided backstage is organic, locally sourced and packaged in biodegradable/compostable containers rather than disposable petroleum-based plastics or paper products.
* Water stations with reusable water bottles have replaced one-time-use PET plastic bottles for the crew members and band.
* Crow’s tour buses are cleaned with non-toxic supplies and bathrooms are furnished with post-consumer recycled bathroom tissue.
* Concert programs printed on eco-friendly, Forest Stewardship Council paper using soy ink.
* All of Sheryl’s concerts feature a Reverb Eco-Village offering attendees the opportunity to meet with local non-profit groups and access an on-line carpooling service.

Phew — she’s not messing around! Check out her recent Green Music Group ad below and hopefully you’ll be inspired to continue supporting artists that turn their time in front of the spotlight into something that truly benefits far more than just their bottom line.

Source: Ecorazzi.com

.Sunday June 27, 2010


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Jun 20-26
Summer Day
Jun 14-20
Summer Day
Jun 7-13
Summer Day


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.Saturday June 26, 2010


Sheryl Crow new single “Summer Day” is a Motown-esque throwback

Sheryl Crow’s new single “Summer Day” just officially arrived here at Beatweek’s offices and – surprise – it’s a mid tempo throwback song with the signature lyric “I just want to let it shine” which sou nds like it could have out of the Motown era. The breezy, upbeat song is in line with what the song’s title suggests: it’s a fun number that’s effortlessly catchy. Even with the obvious influence from the past, the vocals are unmistakably Sheryl – and the song has us jonesing to hear what the rest of her new album 100 Miles From Memphis is going to sound like in its entirety. Unfortunately, the world will have to wait until July 20th to hear it. If we’re given advance access to the full record, we’ll be sure to let you know what you’re in for.

Source: Beatweek Magazine


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Bridgeview, Illinois


Photo: Gesika22

Our Love is Fading
Everyday is a Winding Road
Can't Cry Anymore
100 Miles from memphis
My Favorite Mistake
First Cut is the Deepest
Summer Day
Strong Enough
Sign Your Name
All I Wanna Do (short)
If It Makes You Happy
Soak Up The Sun
Steve McCqueen
A Change
Rock and Roll


Sheryl Crow's latest offering harks back to a time when love songs ruled the airwaves and R&B and Southern soul defined a generation. The breezy tune opens with Crow on her Wurlitzer, singing "nah nahs" as the instrumentation kicks in. Funky clavinet thumps, electric guitar and bass, gentle high-hat and a tambourine add depth and texture; horns heat up the arrangement; and a full string section led by David Campbell both intensifies and brings nuance to the vocals. The singer describes an idyllic moment of love at first sight on an impossibly perfect day. "That summer day that changed it all/You came into my life, and you let me fall in love/My baby I just want to be with you." "Summer Day" kicks off Crow's new album "100 Miles From Memphis," due July 20.—Michael Menachem

Source: Billboard Magazine


Note from Sheryl: My friend Keith Megna made an amazing "Summer Day" video for us - inspired by a great day in Central Park and our actual studio recording of the song.

Official video coming soon but hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Source: sherylcrow.com

.Friday June 25, 2010


June 24, 2010

Summerfest in Mlwaukee is mostly a fun festval because it is in Wisconsin and because everyone has probably gotten to their point of a few too many by five o'clock. Last night's Sheryl Crow concert was so much fun because of the amount of energy amounting from the crowd. Sheryl even recognized this enthusiasm when asking after her second number in the lineup, "Everyday Is A Winding Road." Crow said, "How you doin'?" in her southern Missouri twang. The crowd responded with a plethora of positive comebacks. Miss Crow responded, "Wow! You are so drunk!" She was right. The mixture of thirty year olds and up and me were all pretty tipsy, but we all managed to have a great time.

Crow opened with a rockin' new number, "Our Love Is Fading" and once the bongo drums of the beginning of "Everyday Is A Winding Road" went off, the crowd was wild. Everyone knew the words to pretty much every song Crow sang and everyone was up and dancing. Miss Crow gave new flare to her previous hits including "Can't Cry Anymore," "Home," "All I Wanna Do," "Steve McQueen," "If It Makes You Happy," and "My Favorite Mistake," among others. Crow rocked out the house and showed how much of a great time she was having. She even hit one of the beach balls back that were going around the crowd in the middle of talking to the crowd with a guitar at her side.

The thing that has always amazed me about Sheryl Crow is her great out-going nature. She talked to the crowd as if she knew us. She spoke of the recent weather that Wisconsin had had and seemed to be having a great time. Something that I also admire much about Miss Crow is her musical diversity. Every song she sang had a different flare to it and I have always looked up to her, as probably one of her youngest fans, mostly for that reason. She jelled and the audience had a great time.

Crow did some new numbers from her upcoming album "100 Miles from Memphis," including "Summer Day," the title track, a jamming cover of TTD's "Sign You Name," and the aforementioned, "Our Love Is Fading." After hearing these songs, I can say one thing, I cannot wait for the new album one more minute. It's going to be awesome. Crow never lets down in a live or studio setting and that performance last night proved that she always will have her fans and she will always supply great material for us, also.

At the middle of Crow's number, "Strong Enough," she sang, "I'm looking for a few good men. You don;t have to make more money than me. You just have to be able to spend more than me." This is classic Sheryl wit. And I'll tell you right now, I'm strong enough to be your man, Sheryl Crow!

--Alan Semrow

(Thank you for the review, Alan!)


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.Thursday June 24, 2010


11:50A – 12:15P Sonny Landreth
12:20P – 12:55P Robert Randolph joined by Joe Bonamassa, & Pino Daniele
1P – 1:40P Robert Cray with Jimmie Vaughan, & Hubert Sumlin
1:45P – 2P Bert Jansch
2:05P – 2:20P Stefan Grossman
2:25P – 2:50P ZZ Top
3P – 3:40P Doyle Bramhall joined by Gary Clark, Sheryl Crow
3:50P – 4:35P Vince Gill joined by Albert Lee, James Burton, Keb Mo
4:45P – 5P Citizen Cope
5:05P – 5:20P Earl Klugh
5:25P – 5:50P John Mayer
6P – 6:35P Buddy Guy with Jonny Lang
6:45P – 7:35P Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band joined by Warren Haynes, Sheryl Crow, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rojas, & Johnny Winter
7:45P – 8:20P Jeff Beck
8:35P – 10:05P Eric Clapton with Steve Winwood
10:10P – 10:30P BB King with Robert Cray Band
10:30P – 10:50P FINALE

Source: www.whereseric.com


Our Love is Fading
Everyday is a Winding Road
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough
Picture (with Kid Rock)
100 Miles from memphis
My Favorite Mistake
First Cut is the Deepest
Summer Day
Sign Your Name
All I Wanna Do (short)
If It Makes You Happy
Steve McCqueen
Soak Up The Sun
A Change
Rock and Roll


Photos: sherylcrow.com


.Wednesday June 23, 2010


Photo: sherylcrow.com



.Tuesday June 22, 2010


October 16
Where: München, Germany
Venue: TohnHalle
Website: www.tonhalle-muenchen.de

October 18
Where: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Astra Kulturhaus
Website: www.astra-berlin.de
Opening Act: Kassidy

October 22
Where: Hamburg, Germany
Venue: Grosse Freiheit 36
Website: www.grossefreiheit36.de

October 24
Where: Köln, Germany
Venue: Live Music Hall
Website: www.livemusichall.de


The Charlottesville Free Clinic will receive approximately $181,000 from Tuesday night's benefit concert headlined by Grammy Award-winning artist Sheryl Crow.

Crow and artist Colbie Caillet performed for a sold out crowd Tuesday at the Charlottesville Pavilion. More than 4,000 people attended.

Proceeds from the concert benefited the Charlottesville Free Clinic, which provides free primary medical care, prescription medications and acute dental care for working uninsured adults and their families in the Charlottesville area.

In past years, the clinic has depended on this benefit to raise a large portion of their operating budget.

“This concert is the cornerstone to our yearly fundraising efforts," said Ericka Viccellio, the clinic's executive director. "Without this, we would not be able to provide all of our services and help the people in need.”

Kirby Hutto, general manager for the Charlottesville Pavilion, said he has witnessed the success of these benefit concerts over the years.

“This is one of my favorite events to do every year. The citizens of Charlottesville are very supportive of not only music, but also the local nonprofit organizations," Hutto said. "It is incredible to see the support for this benefit year after year.”

Source: Newsplex.com


October 11
Where: Glasgow, Scotland
Venue: Clyde Auditorium @ SECC
Website: www.secc.co.uk
Tickets onsale from Friday 25 June

October 12
Where: Manchester, UK
Venue: Apollo Manchester
Website: www.livenation.co.uk/manchester
Tickets onsale from Friday 25 June

October 13
Where: London, UK
Venue: HMV Apollo Hammersmith
Website: http://venues.meanfiddler.com/apollo/home
Tickets onsale from Friday 25 June

October 19
Where: Bruxelles, Belgium
Venue: Vorst Nationaal
Website: www.vorstnationaal.be
Tickets onsale from Friday 25 June

October 23
Where: Randers, Denmark
Venue: Værket
Website: www.vaerket.dk
Tickets onsale from Friday 25 June


Jun 14-20
Summer Day
Jun 7-13
Summer Day


Concert Review: Sheryl Crow at Wolf Trap

Review by Jacquie Kubin - The Washington Times

VIENNA, VA — With six top ten albums released between 1993 and 2008, and hundreds of touring performances since she won her first Grammy (Best New Artist) in 1995, Sheryl Crow has gone from one of the hardest working women in rock and roll to a seasoned veteran of the stage.

Appearing on Thursday, June 17th at the Filene Center at Wolf Trap, Crow sang, danced, twirled, smiled and laughed through a set that mixed folk rock with her powerful vocals.

Ms. Crow jauntily sauntering out on skyscraper-heeled sandals took her position not behind the guitar but the keyboards as she opened the set, taking command of the stage and the venue with a genuine heart – you could not help but have fun knowing she was happy to be there.

Her 90-minute plus concert began with the soulful rocker “Our Love is Fading” from her soon to be released (7/20/2010) album “100 Miles from Memphis” that the artist introduced as an homage to her home town, Kennett, Missouri.

Which led to some playful banter regarding the proper pronunciation or her home state (Missouri, as spoken by a front row audience member or as "missourih"as those from the Show-Me state know it is pronounced.)

Following "Leaving Las Vegas," Ms. Crow brought out opening artist Colby Caillat (“Bubbly”) to sing “Strong Enough (to be my man)” once again pleasing the crowd with one of the radio popular songs from her library.

Dressed in a long fringed vest over sheer top and very cool red embroidered jeans, Ms. Crow took us through a litany of her greatest hits, with tunes like “Soak up the Sun,” “Everyday is a Winding Road” and “My Favorite Mistake” bringing the expected response from the audience that knew all the words to her top 10 hits.

Moments of connection with the intimate Filene Center audience were many. Ms. Crow spontaneously declared “I love this place” before sharing an anecdote about the previous nights dinner in Georgetown where the action at the bar and the people on the street left her wondering if people actually worked here.

Her declaration that she “lived in the wrong place” was met with hearty approval by the Washington area fans in attendance.

With the heat index on the warm side for mid-June, Ms. Crow stepped into the diva role she wears so well with the breezy, easy tune “Summer Day” which will be the first single of the new album. The artist channels a late 60s’/70s era Aretha Franklin-esque rhythm and blues sound as she sings of falling in love with her backup singers offering a perfect play to her sultry vocals.

A singularly fun bit of rock was Crow’s Steve McQueen in which she longs for the open road and fast machines and lets a bit of the rockin’ rebel inside out.

One could not help but smile with the artist as she broke in to Cat Steven’s “The First Cut is the Deepest” wherein she sings “cause when it comes to being lucky she’s cursed; when it comes to lovin’ me she worse. But when she come to being loved she’s first.”

A sentiment well born out by the fans lucky enough to catch the show.

The artists encore was a broad smile inducing cover of Led Zepplin's “Rock and Roll.” It's enthusiastic presentation left this fan excited over the new music Ms. Crow will be creating in the future. July 20th can’t get here soon enough (listen to her new single "Summer Day.").

Source: The Washington Times 

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.Monday June 21, 2010



... or on Amazon.com at $0.99:



16 minutes - stereo - Mp3

Source: CBC Radio Q



Live Review: Sheryl Crow Soaks Up DC

June 17, 2010 - Ask several Sheryl Crow fans to describe the singer-songwriter’s genre, and you’ll probably end up with more than one response. Is she a wannabe rocker? A pop star? Or maybe a folk singer? Crow’s musical direction has never been clear cut or exclusionary, but that seems to be a trait that fans are drawn to. Now nearing 20 years of success as a solo artist, there’s a little bit of everything in her catalog – and in her live shows. Taking the opportunity to showcase her folk roots alongside that inner-rocker, the sold out show on a mild summer evening proved to be Sheryl’s kind of party.

There must be a sense of completeness that’s felt when the singer who performs your opening set lists one of their major musical influences as…you. Colbie Caillat looks a lot like Sheryl Crow, and even sounds a bit like Crow, but at the same time she’s an artist of her own. Matching the mood of her music, Caillat breezed through her bright, but mellow set of songs with an enthusiasm for telling a story with her lyrics. Being on tour with one of her own idols still doesn’t seem to have set in for the singer. “I got to meet Sheryl Crow, and she is just one of the nicest people I’ve ever met,” Caillat recalled.

Starting off her set at the keyboard certainly wasn’t the most obvious route Sheryl Crow could have gone. But traditional fans fear not, it wasn’t long after that the crowd was treated to the familiar sounds of Crow and her guitar. Much of the set focused around the kind of folk-oriented rock that has shied somewhat away from radio, but has always been a major part of her writing style. The breezy, easy-going folk songs tend to bear much more sincerity in the live show than the mainstream material.

But the white lights flashed and screams erupted for familiar pop specialties like “Soak up the Sun” and “All I Wanna Do“. Crow was on top of her game vocally for the entire set, but shined through especially on these more challenging and upbeat numbers. With fans dancing and singing everywhere in sight, it was easy to see the reasons behind the singer’s appeal and longevity.

There were even some spontaneous surprises and special guests during the set. “Right now I’d really like to welcome out Kid Rock!” she exclaimed. Then came the punchline – “I really, really would.” But Colbie Caillat did join Crow on stage for “Strong Enough“, and as the two harmonized it was easy to note striking similarities in musicianship despite the generational gap.

The show’s closer was far from a predictable hit, instead a classic rock cover in the form of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock N’ Roll” was chosen. The song seemed to bring the singer out of her more reserved shell into a style that was better suited for a straight-up dose of rock, Zeppelin style. Her voice may not fit the song quite as well as Heart’s Ann Wilson (who frequently performs it), but Crow’s lighter version still had the crowd more than fired up.

100 Miles from Memphis is the title of Sheryl Crow’s forthcoming album, due in July. “Summer Day“, its first single, is now available for listening at www.SherylCrow.com.

Source: Melodicrockconcerts.com

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Review by WildBillHitcoch (SC Official Forum)

Well, I gave away my free Marathon Gas  lawn seat tickets to some young kids in the parking lot and made my way to our left of center 8th row seats.   I found out that you get much better seats and at a better price purchasing from the box office rather than Ticketmaster.   And I bought these tickets the day before the concert!

I was living in the moment folks, so I can't give you a valid set list. A high-light of the show was "Picture" and guess who came out...yep, KID  ROCK!   The Michigan crowd went nuts!   Apparently Sheryl and the band hung-out at his house during the day and Jeremy Stacey got a bit sunburned.   I don't know if it was because he was wearing black, but Jeremy was looking quite svelt and did have a glow about him.   Sheryl mentioned about the last time she was in town being at Bullfrogs way out in Ortonville (singing karioke with Kid).   Before leaving Kid gave Sheryl a kiss...I mean a BIG KISS...like they were making out...I think I saw tongue (no just kidding, it was a respectful friendly kiss) and shook hands with Peter.

During "Strong Enough" she again mentioned she was like the Marines, looking for a few good men and wanted a real man with a real job and that having two young boys interferred with a person's sex life. She did ask for a beer at one point (long-neck Bud, what else) and it lasted her most of the show, with a big sip, here and there.   She was in excellent voice, truly remarkable, and belted out all the tunes.

She sang "Summer Days" and "Our Love is Fading" and a song I have never heard and have no idea what it was...she also sang "Sign your Name Across My Heart"...and I  have to tell you, the band and Sheryl absolutely ROCKED  OUT those tunes...I mean kicked the proverbial ass of rock and roll, jazz blues, rythum etc.!   It's not that Peter, Tim, Mike and Jeremy can't or aren't up to playing that music...they f''ing rocked those tunes!

Of course she played the crowd favorites like "A Change" and "If it Makes You Happy" and Peter would come to the front and rip off some amazing riffs at key points of all the songs.

First time I ever saw Sheryl get PISSED-OFF...her monitor or ear plug hear yourself sing thingys were not working and after the intro of a song (My favorite mistake?) she threw off her little plug in box on her backside and said something like..."ok stop, this is bull sh_t...all I'm hearing is the organ..we want to put on a good show for you, but this isn't right..we don't use auto tunes, etc. so sometime things don't go just right"...and they restarted the song...she even threw-in an F bomb.

Ok JR, Evita, Crownista and Girls...she wore what looked to be the same or very similar outfit she wore for Interlochen...the short, short skirt , shiney black top and the big heeled shoes.   I love that outfit, as I commented earlier with the "backside" photo from Interlochen...she mentioned she was wearing a short skirt for Michigan.   It was a particularly nice choice of wardrobe when for their last song of the night, "Rock and Roll" she struted around and did the Tina Turner backside shimmy...quite delightful.

Colbie and her band were great and not saying anything new here, but she's a looker with some very tight pants.   All her songs were very, very good and when she played the Fleetwood Mac tune "Go Your Own Way"...her Daddy would be proud and the crowd absolutely loved it.

Peter was outstanding...Mike Rowe switched to bass for "Steve McQueen" and with a wall of telies...Sheryl and the boys blew the roof off the place!   Rowe was outstanding on keyboards..a pure wildman on certain tunes (apparently being done with breast-feeding has given him a boost of energy and he can have a drink or two).   The girls in back were superb and beautiful as usual and Tim was his outstanding self, but I couldn't see much of him from my view-point...I do think he acknowledge my wave at the end of the show...but who knows ha ha ha! Great, great concert, one of the best Sheryl concerts I've ever seen...makes me want to go to mud Island ...bad!   I  think this motherhood thing has been great for Sheryl and she seems very happy and at ease!  I'm telling you Sheryl and the band only get BETTER!

Review by Angelsindeed (SC Official Forum)

Hey, Bill We were there too. There was definitely some problem with the equipment. We were sitting in the 4th row on the right side. I was watching the tech guys pulling their hair out trying to fix it while the show was going on. Poor Sheryl. I figured when she took off the belt pack the second time and threw it towards the techies that she was about to blow her top. Finally she did, and apologized to the audience, saying "I'm gettin' killed up here! I really want to put on a good show for you guys but we're really sucking it up up here." She looked at the techies and said "This is bullshit. Let's try again." She did the rest of the show unable to hear herself sing and working through it. The band really did a great job. Must be frustrating when things don't go right.

I loved the new songs. That "Summer Day" song should be a big hit. I waved goodbye to Tim and Mike when they were going off stage at the end. It is sad to see them go, but on the other hand I'm looking forward to hearing the new sound. Sheryl can sing the blues to me any time!

It was a good and interesting show. She played 5 new songs and they did really rock it out. The crowd was great as always. And it was nice that Kid Rock came on for Picture. Can't wait for the next show!

Review: mitchellsinmichigan.blogspot.com

[...] There was 1/2 hour intermission and then it was time for Sheryl to come on. As usual, she didn't disappoint. We had a great time.

She sang all her hits (and our favorites) and there was even a "surprise" appearance by Kid Rock. Sheryl and her crew had spent the afternoon hanging out at his pool as he just lives up the road from us. I guess he didn't hang around, or at least we didn't see him, as he was gone when we went back stage after the show.

The one thing I really don't get about concerts is how some people get so smashed. There were several couples in front of us and they were so drunk I don't know how they would even remember the show today. There was another woman just down the row from us that was so drunk she fell out of her seat into the aisle and a security person had to help her out. As one point I thought she had passed out but she got a second wind and resumed her "dancing". Crazy!

We ended up back on the bus for another visit with Liz and then when Sheryl came back we had to go as the bus was leaving! It was a wonderful night and we had a great time. Sheryl is so gracious and welcoming. We always enjoy seeing her and spending time with all the Porters. The Porter's friends headed on to their hotel and the Porters came back to our place to spend the night. They were on the road early this morning though as they needed to get home.

.Saturday June 19, 2010


Our Love Is Fading
Everyday Is a Winding Road
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough
100 Miles from Memphis
My Favorite Mistake
The First Cut Is the Deepest
Summer Day
Sign Your Name
All I Wanna Do
If It Makes You Happy
Steve McQueen
Soak Up the Sun
A Change Would Do You Good
Rock and Roll


Review by John Soeder, The Plain Dealer

If you want to be Sheryl Crow’s man, there are certain prerequisites.

For one thing, you have to be man enough to drive a hybrid car, the Grammy-winning single mother of two declared in the middle of “Strong Enough,” a twangy concert highlight.

“I might date a Republican, but only if I’m desperate,” Crow quipped.

“I’m kidding!” she hastened to add.

Crow, 48, was in a playful mood Friday night at PlayhouseSquare’s State Theatre, cracking jokes and curtsying between numbers. She combined a crowd-pleasing parade of her pop-rock hits with a well-received sampling of material from her upcoming album, “100 Miles from Memphis,” out Tuesday, July 20.

A retro-flavored new tune, “Our Love Is Fading,” got the show off to a soulful start, with Crow accompanying herself capably on electric piano. The multitalented singer-songwriter switched to guitars (acoustic and electric) and bass for other songs.

“100 Miles from Memphis” is “a record to drink wine and make out to,” Crow said.

The title track coasted along on a greasy, Stax-style groove, while “Summer Day” radiated classic R&B vibes.

Another selection from the new album, a cover of Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Sign Your Name,” was punctuated with rapturous whoa-oh-oh-oh’s courtesy of Crow, although she and her six-piece band struggled with the arrangement. During a shaky jam at the end, confusion ensued when Crow tried to cue her sidekicks with flicks of her long hair.

They probably could have played other songs in their sleep, yet Crow and friends delivered “Everyday Is a Winding Road,” “My Favorite Mistake,” “All I Wanna Do” and other time-tested favorites with a reasonable degree of enthusiasm. And when Crow made the jump to vocal hyperspace for the soaring refrain of “If It Makes You Happy,” goose bumps ensued.

She worked a few bars of the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” into “Gasoline,” a sociopolitical tune prefaced with remarks about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and clean energy.

For the most part, though, Crow kept things light. Toward the end of the 100-minute performance, as she struck a feel-good chord with “Soak Up the Sun,” fans were on their feet and dancing in the aisles.

They stayed there for the finale, a full-on version of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” that found guitarist Peter Stroud riffing feverishly over drummer Jeremy Stacey’s explosive backbeat.

Opening act Colbie Caillat was a breath of fresh air with a strong voice and a winning pop-rock sound. Alongside her own hits (“Bubbly”) and new songs (“What If”), she took a spirited crack at “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac, a band with close ties to her father, record producer Ken Caillat.

Colbie Caillat also held her own when she reappeared during Crow’s set to harmonize on “Strong Enough.”

Source: cleveland.com


Waiting for Sheryl - Photo credits: ClevelandChick


The State Theater - SOURCE

.Friday June 18, 2010


Our Love Is Fading
Everyday Is A Winding Road
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough (duet with Colbie Caillat)
Love Is Free
100 Miles From Memphis
My Favorite Mistake
The First Cut Is The Deepest
Summer Day
Weather Channel
All I Wanna Do
If It Makes You Happy
Steve McQueen
Soak Up The Sun
A Change Would Do You Good
Rock And Roll


Review by Rachel (Crowinista)

We had a great time at the show last night. My husband got great seats for my birthday. We were 3rd row just slightly to the Peter side of Sheryl. He moved close to the audience so I could watch him play all night long. He was awesome as always. The amps for the guitars drowned out Sheryl enormously, so that is one thing I would change. She told a story about eating dinner in Georgetown Wed. night and it felt like a Sat. When Colby came out to sing Strong Enough it was really sweet.

I really felt like she was VERY psyched to share the stage with Sheryl and they seem fond of each other. I liked all of the new songs that were played. She had changed the Weather Channel by having an arrangement with multiple guitars and drums so it was a dark, groovy version. I'm used to a more stripped down version so it surprised me. I got to see her do Picture with Tim. I love them performing this song live even though it was just ok for me on the radio. I swear Tim did some little goofy dance thing just as that song was starting while he was standing in the dark. They sing so well together!!!!Jeremy played his heart out and got soaking wet as always. Sheryl introduced Mike who is drinking again now that "George is here and he's stopped breastfeeding."

Sheryl was her same charming, funny self. She looks amazing. She had on the coolest jeans ever. Red geometric shapes running up the legs and a wide band at the bottom with fabric. She had on a sheer white tank with a vest that had long fringe over it. She was wearing those white sandals I've seen in other pictures. She danced with the girls during R and R and cracked herself up. She got into a how to pronounce MO with a guy in my row and concluded that since she's in the light and he was in the dark, she gets to correct him! My husband took a few pics with his phone. I tried to include everything I could think of. I have enjoyed reading all of your reviews for so many years--so this is a big Thank you to all of you guys.


August 30
Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
Venue: Sandia Amphitheater
Website: www.sandiacasino.com
Note: Colbie Caillat as opening act

Tickets On Sale Jun 25, 2010 @ 10:00 AM


Fresh Fm is blogging ”live” from Wolf Trap as their Summer season just gets underway.  Well sorta. They’ve already about twenty shows at here, but for me, it’s the opener as  tonight the lights are focused on Colbie and Crow.

Sheryl Crow is on stage right now. She just finished a song with Colbie Caillat. OK a thought. They look like sisters even though Sheryl said she’s ‘old enough  to be Colbie’s Mom.   So, ok maybe Mother and daughter.  Can I spell M-I-L (CBS will edit the last letter ... lol)

The music:  Sheryl’s  Show is energetic  Maybe too much (kidding). The band is great. Back-up vocals well-mixed, And again,  like Colbie, she sounds like her records.  To me that’s a real plus.  When we started to perform ‘Picture’ a song made famous with co-singer Kid Rock, she said how great would it be to bring Kid Rock on stage.  Everyone started cherring…then she followed up with ‘yeah that would be great, but he’s not here.” The crowd laughed and Sheryl, aside from singing well, shows a great sense of humor.  I don’t know about you, but that really helps make the show enjoyable and fun. But I am worried about her.  I think she’s lonely.  She even told everyone she had dinner in Georgetown last night and everyone who worked in the bar was hot.

Then, during the musical interlude of  ‘Strong Enough,” joked she needed a man..a real man…with a job….a real job.   She’s even willing to take a guy that doesn’t make much money just..well, back to points A and B.   A)Man B) Job.

The evening has been great and if you haven’t…make plans to see  a show here!

Source: http://947freshfm.radio.com



Review by WillieMcGee

Its never been disappointing to see the Crow fly, however there were a few things that could have gone better. Contrary to discussion I found that there were those less amicable to allowing some members to meet and greet. Good seat availability also seemed somewhat restrained although we inquired with the likes of Scooter. That being said this particular member had a fine time, but it would be so nice if we received the a small reward for attending an event that was great but left us a little unfulfilled.

Review by Scooter611

Well, it was really hot!! The venue is one of the nicest places you can go, first class! The opening act was great, Colby was super! Sheryl only got to play for about 45 min, it started to get real windy and there was a bad storm coming in, so, she told us how bummed she was to not be able to finish the evening, but promised she would come back! They we're worried about the whole crowd getting out safely and getting home safe because of the weather. There was a group of people at the stage complaining when they went off, i think they should of herded that group into an outside pen and let them stand out there in the lightening and rain and give them some metal poles to hold onto ! We all understand you can't control the weather, and we need to keep eveybody safe. It wasn't more then 5 min after exiting, then KA-BOOM ! It rained and thundered so bad, we barely made it back to our cars! I want to personally thank Sheryl and her crew, the fraze staff, for getting us out in time and keeping everybody calm! Great job!! Ok Gregg-make SURE this gets to the "right people" ! My wife and I we're very happy with the evening and i hope we get to see her again!! Scooter & his wife Sandy luv ya all!!

Review by Gusagus

I also was at the show on Tuesday night. However, unlike many of the posts here, I am far from grateful for having the screws put to me by both the Fraze and (I assume) Sheryl's management. There has been much left out of the other posts I've seen.

First of all, after 5 songs, Sheryl said that she had the time to play 2 more songs and went on to ask the crowd what they wanted to hear and she listed a few of her biggest hits. However, rather than play something the crowd might enjoy, she chose to sing a song from her new album that I would guess 99% of the audience didn't care about. If you only have the time to play 2 songs, don't be so arrogant and play something that someone has, at the very least, heard before.

Secondly, the reason she played 2 more songs was because those 2 songs put her over the 45 minute mark. This is the amount of time it takes for the Fraze to consider the performance a show, not to mention the point at which the poor $200 a pair paying folks like myself no longer get a refund. This is not some crap an angry fan is spewing. The 45 minute thing is what was told to the purchaser of our tickets (the Boy) when he went to the Fraze the next morning.

From what I gather, there were 4 options that could have been chosen by the Fraze and Sheryl's management:

1. Cancel the show and give us our money back. The lightning storm had been forecasted hours prior to showtime. Whatever the Fraze and Sheryl's management knew when they informed us of the 2 final songs, they knew when she took the stage.

2. Bump the opening act. Don't get me wrong, Colbie Caillat was really good, but I would venture to say that the vast majority of the people in the crowd were not there to see Colbie. Sheryl could have come out to play her set and let Colbie come out if the weather cooperated.

3. Sheryl could have gone backstage and temporarily postponed the show. There is no reason that she could not have told the crowd that if they were concerned about safety to head home, but that she would hang backstage with the hope of the weather passing.

4. Take our money, give us a short show, then have her play for 45 minutes and intentionally screw us by ensuring we can't get our money back.

And the lucky winner is......number 4. Anyone who is pleased with the show or the way they were treated is a buffoon. The songs and setlist were good (excluding the stupid decision to play the new one), but there are far more fun ways to blow 2 hours and a couple hundred bucks.

Review by Leeann05

For​ those​ of​ you​ who​ are​ unfamiliar​ with​ The​ Fraze​ Pavillion​ in​ Kettering,​ a​ suburb​ of​ Dayton​ Ohio,​ that​ is​ where​ Sheryl​ shot​ 2003's​ C'Mon​ America​ DVD.​ The​ area​ in​ general​ is​ like​ a​ minature​ Central​ park​ with​ footpaths​ that​ wind​ their​ way​ through​ small​ tree​ lined​ streets,​ grassy​ areas,​ and​ a​ large​ pond.​ So​ it's​ no​ wonder​ this​ was​ the​ Band's​ second​ stop​ there​ since​ 2003.​ Not​ only​ is​ the​ Fraze​ a​ great​ place​ to​ play​ but​ also​ to​ relax.​ For​ those​ who​ didn't​ have​ tickets​ to​ the​ sold​ out​ show,​ a​ blanket​ or​ lawn​ chair​ outside​ the​ venue​ was​ good​ enough​ to​ hear​ Sheryl​ and​ opener​ Colbie​ Calliat.

Colbie's​ set​ was​ good​ and​ had​ all​ of​ her​ well​ known​ songs​ like​ Bubbly,​ Lucky,​ I​ Never​ Told​ You​ and​ Falling​ For​ You​ as​ well​ as​ a​ cover​ of​ Fleetwood​ Mac's​ Go​ Your​ Own​ Way.​ She​ ended​ the​ set​ by​ expressing​ her​ admiration​ and​ gratitude​ for​ Sheryl,​ saying​ that​ she​ would​ again​ be​ watching​ one​ of​ the​ greatest​ musicians​ ever​ from​ backstage.

In​ front​ of​ the​ stage,​ the​ venue​ was​ packed​ with​ fans​ hoping​ the​ rain​ would​ hold​ out​ long​ enough​ to​ see​ Sheryl​ and​ Company​ play​ a​ full​ set...and​ it​ almost​ happened.

A​ new​ song,​ Our​ Love​ is​ Fading,​ was​ the​ opener​ with​ Sheryl​ on​ keys​ instead​ of​ a​ guitar​ and​ the​ crowd​ was​ on​ it's​ feet​ right​ into​ Winding​ Road.​ The​ sound​ was​ great!​ Despite​ having​ been​ to​ a​ show​ or​ two,​ I​ never​ know​ what​ to​ expect​ as​ far​ as​ what​ Sheryl​ will​ be​ wearing​ for​ the​ evening.​ The​ weather​ last​ night​ was​ very​ hot​ and​ humid​ and​ I​ think​ everyone​ was​ pleasantly​ surprised​ to​ see​ the​ return​ of​ the​ black​ leather​ pants,​ along​ with​ stillettos​ and​ a​ black​ sequined​ tank​ top.

I​ was​ wondering​ if​ the​ concert​ would​ be​ the​ band​ going​ through​ the​ motions​ of​ playing​ the​ old​ songs​ just​ to​ finish​ out​ the​ tour​ before​ the​ "new​ guys"​ take​ over​ in​ July.​ Fortunately​ for​ everyone,​ the​ show​ didn't​ feel​ that​ way​ at​ all.​ Everyone​ seemed​ to​ be​ having​ a​ great​ time​ onstage​ and​ the​ crowd​ was​ into​ it​ as​ well.​ Sheryl​ did​ an​ extended​ version​ of​ Strong​ Enough​ where​ she​ humorously​ detailed​ her​ prefrences​ in​ marriage​ material.​ He​ can​ make​ more​ than​ her​ but​ not​ spend​ more,​ must​ be​ a​ Democrat​ before​ he​ even​ speaks​ to​ her..or​ an​ independent...or​ "a​ republican​ with​ an​ open​ mind..or​ anyone​ will​ do​ at​ this​ point"​ The​ heavy​ political​ undertones​ were​ gone​ and​ it​ seemed​ more​ about​ having​ fun​ this​ time​ around.

Then​ word​ came​ that​ a​ severe​ storm​ was​ rolling​ in​ and​ there​ was​ only​ time​ for​ two​ more​ songs.​ After​ briefly​ polling​ the​ crowd​ she​ played​ 100​ Miles​ from​ Memphis​ followed​ by​ If​ It​ Makes​ You​ Happy.​ She​ was​ very​ apologetic​ for​ having​ to​ cut​ the​ show​ short​ but​ sited​ concerns​ for​ fan​ safety​ and​ promised​ they​ would​ come​ back.​ No​ one​ boo-ed​ when​ Sheryl​ hurried​ off​ stage​ because​ the​ wind​ had​ kicked​ up​ quite​ a​ bit​ by​ then​ and​ fans​ were​ hurrying​ for​ the​ gates​ themselves.

So,​ it​ was​ a​ short​ but​ great​ show.​ The​ new​ songs​ seem​ very​ good​ and​ the​ album​ looks​ promising.​ The​ sound​ was​ on​ and​ the​ perfomance​ was​ awesome!

I​ did​ get​ a​ chance​ to​ meet​ with​ Peter​ before​ the​ show.​ He​ was​ very​ nice​ as​ usual​ and​ didn't​ mind​ posing​ for​ a​ photograph​ and​ telling​ us​ that​ the​ Fraze​ was​ a​ special​ place​ to​ him​ and​ the​ group​ because​ of​ the​ C'Mon​ America​ video.​ My​ son​ loved​ meeting​ him​ and​ was​ smiling​ from​ ear​ to​ ear​ when​ Pete​ gave​ us​ 'the​ nod'​ and​ smile​ from​ on​ stage.​ Sheryl​ was​ also​ kind​ enough​ to​ walk​ over​ and​ give​ us​ a​ big​ smile​ and​ point​ from​ the​ stage.​ I​ managed​ to​ take​ a​ couple​ of​ photographs​ from​ the​ hip...one​ of​ the​ downfalls​ about​ sitting​ up​ front​ is​ the​ camera​ police​ but​ rest​ assured​ there​ will​ be​ other​ opportunites.

.Thursday June 17, 2010


From goldminemag.com:

I was out on Sunset (Strip) a while ago with Sharon, where there’s a bookshelf, where I always get the British newspapers. And I said, ‘Let’s go to Tower Records and see if they’ve got the new Sheryl Crow record.’ So I go in, and it’s empty at, like, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I said, ‘Do you have the Sheryl Crow?’ And he said, ‘Yeah I’ve got lots of them; how many do you want?’ I didn’t understand what he was trying to get at. Then the following week, it was gone. That’s what’s happening. Everyone’s gone from reality to unreality in the respect that they all want to sit in their fucking houses now on their computers. So everybody has gone inward into their cave, if you like. We have to go to the fuckin’ JC Penney and all that shit and to coffee shops now to buy music, which is kind of sad. It’s probably a similar thing when silent movies went over to talkie movies. All of the sudden, it kind of disappeared.”


Pssss... Ozzy, the new Sheryl Crow record will be out on july 20!


By Amelia Robinson

No refunds will be given for Colbie Caillat and Sheryl Crow’s weather shortened show at the Fraze Pavilion Tuesday night, June 15.

Do you think refunds should be granted for shortened Sheryl Crow show?




All She Wants to Do...
Chart-topper Sheryl Crow shows us her cozy New York loft

By April Long

Sheryl Crow’s three-year-old son, Wyatt—adorableness incarnate in Toy Story pajamas and rumpled bed head—is perched at the foot of his mother’s blue-velvet-upholstered Victorian-looking bed, pointing at a collection of Hugo Guinness drawings hanging on her wall. “Dog!” he declares, beaming with self-satisfaction. “Butterfly!” As his accurate identifications gleefully continue—“ Ladybug! Chair!”—Crow pops into the room and hands him a bells-and-whistles-equipped toy fire truck. “Want to play with this?” she asks, but he’s already bounding off down the long, gallery-like hallway of their New York City loft. From the classroom horse model in the front window and the plaster replica of the RCA dog that greets guests in the entryway to the timeworn Fruit of the Loom factory sign hanging nearby on the living room wall, Crow’s compact urban nest contains a well-curated, charmingly eccentric collection of curiosities the singer-songwriter has plucked from yard sales and junk shops across the country. There’s more than enough within these walls to keep a child—or an adult still in possession of her sense of wonder—occupied for hours, no Fisher-Price required.

“I grew up going junking, as we’d call it, with my family, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since,” Crow says, lean and tawnily aglow at 48. “It’s a totally therapeutic pastime for me. I can spend hours going through flea markets.” She gestures in the direction of a nineteenth-century prosthetic leg leaning against a wall. “I’ve got some real weird stuff.”

It was a specific piece of much-loved vintage Americana—an enormous HOTEL sign purchased from Sonrisa Furniture, an architectural salvage store in Los Angeles— that inspired the design of this NoHo loft, which Crow purchased in 1998 from “a well-known French painter” and his family. “I wanted to make sure that we created a place for that sign,” she says, explaining the process of working with New York–based architect Elizabeth Roberts, who is known for her minimalist approach. “It became a reference point for the materials and palette we used, such as the industrial-looking light fixtures and the concrete floor in the bathroom.”

Crow’s other main objective was to maintain a sense of openness “so that [the space] felt like a loft and not a bunch of rooms”—something they achieved by installing frosted, barn-style sliding glass doors on the two bedrooms—while also imbuing it with an atmosphere of homey simplicity. So while there’s no shortage of rarefied details (the photographs hanging in the brick-walled hall include images by Diane Arbus and David Bailey, as well as a childhood photo of Crow’s onetime boyfriend Owen Wilson taken by his mother, Richard Avedon protégé Laura Wilson), the balance is firmly tipped toward cozy domesticity. The club chairs in the living room are upholstered with tea-stained antique flour sacks that Crow collected herself; her dishware is a hodgepodge of mismatched plates and Starbucks coffee mugs; and she still uses a circa-1950s O’Keefe & Merritt stove that she bought for her first apartment in St. Louis, back when she was a schoolteacher. “It goes wherever I go,” she says, patting it fondly. “It’s built like a Buick.”

The star’s steadfast reverence for her roots is also the guiding force behind her new album, 100 Miles From Memphis (the location of Kennett, Missouri, where she was born and raised), which pays deft homage to the ’60s soul and R&B classics she heard on the radio as a child. “I grew up with Stax and Motown records, listening to Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder and Al Green,” she says. “I tend to sing like that whenever I’m given the opportunity, and people have been asking me over the past few years when I was going to make a record from those influences.” While her last album, 2008’s Detours, was full of politically and emotionally charged songs inspired by her battle with breast cancer and breakup with cycling legend Lance Armstrong just months before their planned 2006 wedding, the new record, she says, still addresses “intimate issues like love and desire, but it’s lighter and sexier.” There are even a couple of playful covers—the one of Terence Trent D’Arby’s 1988 hit “Sign Your Name” is a real standout—and a collaboration with her “soul brother” Keith Richards, which she describes as “a reggae song in the style of Toots and the Maytals.” Crow’s sound may have changed, but the important stuff, she says, remains the same: “There’s something liberating about having an experience dictate that you live in the moment. That’s what my diagnosis and treatment did, and that’s also what I’ve learned from the last couple of relationships that I’ve had. It made me feel really wide open, and I try to make sure I stay connected to that at all times. It’s really about reminding yourself every day who you are.”

And, of course, when every day is a winding road, the chart-topper’s decision to adopt Wyatt in 2007 was another milestone. “He changed my life completely,” she says, tenderly ruffling his hair as he scoots past, carrying a saucepan he’s liberated from the kitchen. “I’ve really put roots down with him. His happiness is my priority.” Having a rambunctious three-year-old around has also resulted in a change or two in her home environment. “One thing I’ve learned about children and antiques,” she muses, inspecting a finger-size puncture wound in the RCA dog’s nose, “is that you just have to let go.” The staunch environmentalist is quick to add, though, that often an object’s imperfections give it resonance: “I try to re-create and reuse everything, no matter how tattered,” she says. “I think that’s definitely part of my love for acquiring and appreciating other people’s cast-off stuff. If I can reuse something or give it a new life, that’s definitely better than throwing it out.”

When the door buzzer rings and in strides Crow’s good friend (and star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) Mariska Hargitay with her young son, August, there’s an effusion of hugs and laughter and introductions before Crow ushers them down to the long farmhouse table in the kitchen, which has been laid out with an impromptu lunch. “I’m not much of a cook,” Crow admits, “but I love to entertain. If I’m in town with my band and we’re doing gigs, I’ll always have people over to my house afterward. If I’m here on my own, I’ll have girlfriends come over and we’ll walk to one of the restaurants in the neighborhood.” A glimpse inside her fridge reveals a plentiful supply of champagne as well as a profusion of Gatorade and fresh fruit.

Though Crow’s primary residence is now her Nashville farm (pointing at Wyatt, she says, “Look at him, he’s like a Labrador— he needs to be outside, running around”), this loft is still terra firma for her. “This was the first place I ever bought,” she says, “and it has always been special for me. I loved the years when I lived here fulltime. Everybody in this building either grew up here or raised their kids here, and you can just tell that this is a place that has held a lot of life and a lot of good memories.” She pauses to call Wyatt into the kitchen as she distributes bowls of pasta and salad to her guests. “I love being on the road. But having a home, both as a place and a state of being, is paramount.”

Source: Elle Magazine


........................................................................................ [ click to enlarge ]


Susan Whitall / Detroit News Music Writer

The Memphis sound -- lazy, slightly behind the beat -- is all over Sheryl Crow's forthcoming album "100 Miles from Memphis." And yet one of the more remarkable songs on the album is a cover of a Motown Records hit.

Crow, who performs at the DTE Energy Theatre on Saturday, was in the recording studio singing an obscure Marvin Gaye song, "It's a Desperate Situation," when she was reminded of another Motown number.

"It wasn't intentional," Crow explains. "I just started singing 'I Want You Back.' "

Hearing her sing the Jackson 5 song, their first hit, is eerie, because not only does the band nail the stop-start rhythm, with the jangling guitars and bassline driving the melody, but Crow soars in with the high-pitched, begging vocal so memorably sung by Michael Jackson.

She isn't mimicking him, but singing in her natural range. It turns out, Crow has a strong emotional connection to "I Want You Back."

"A couple of things make that special for me, one of them is, he was my first employer," Crow says. Jackson hired Crow to sing backup on his "Bad" tour in 1987, when she was trying to break into the music business in L.A.

"The other thing is ('I Want You Back') was the first record I bought!" she says. "When I finished, everybody said, 'Oh my gosh, you've got to put that on the album; you sound just like him.' He'd just passed away, and so in a way it's my homage to him."

The album's title came about because Crow grew up in Kennett, Mo., just 100 miles from Memphis and immersed in the soulful music coming out of that city. As a young musician in her teens, Crow played in St. Louis party bands and had to learn a boatload of Motown, Stax and Muscle Shoals songs. So the new album is a chance to revisit her soul roots.

In fact, the singer's manager, Scooter Weintraub, signed her up originally because she reminded him of the funky Southern chanteuse Bonnie Bramlett of Delaney and Bramlett.

"I was on the Jackson tour and he said, 'Man, you have such a Bonnie Bramlett thing ...' But I tried to get signed doing that thing and everybody turned me down. At that time, what was on the radio was Madonna and dance artists...nobody wanted to sign a blue-eyed soul singer."

Several albums later, Weintraub convinced Crow that now was the time to do the soul album he'd always hoped she would do. "100 Miles from Memphis," produced by Doyle Bramhall II (Eric Clapton's producer) and Justin Stanley (Amy Winehouse's engineer), will be released on July 20.

Several guests joined Crow in the studio. Keith Richards cut a guitar part for the reggae-ish "Eye to Eye," and Citizen Cope duets with her on his song "Sideways."

A fortuitous meeting with Justin Timberlake in the hallway of Henson Studios in Los Angeles led to him adding backup vocals to one of the songs on "100 Miles." Crowe played Timberlake one of the tracks, Terence Trent D'Arby's "Sign Your Name," done up Al Green style, complete with churchy Hi Records-style organ.

"Justin said, 'You know I'm from Memphis, right?' " Crow says. "I said, yeeees.He said, 'Who's doing the vocals?' I said I hadn't gotten that far. He said, 'Oh, I've got this one.' So it was really organic, and such a treat."

The sensual, soul vibe of the album suits Crow's life now. As the mother of two adopted children (Wyatt is 3 and Levi is an infant, "just out of the package" as Crow notes), happily ensconced on a farm outside Nashville and doing the occasional acting job ("Cougar Town"), her more settled life has influenced her lyric-writing.

"I'm older now, I have kids, I'm more interested in writing 'at this moment' songs that are more about vulnerability and emotion than intellectual, socio-political stuff," the singer explained.

When she arrives to play DTE in Clarkston, kids in tow, there's no telling if Crow will see her old friend Kid Rock, who lives nearby. With a new album in the works, it's anyone's guess where KR is in space and time. But we had to ask ...

"Well the last time I was there I went to the Bullfrog (in Ortonville) with him and sang karaoke," Crow says, laughing. "If that tells you anything."

Source: Detroit News

Mark your calendars, Sheryl will be on TV playing songs & talking about her new album 100 MILES FROM MEMPHIS this July!

July 20 - The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS
July 22 - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC
July 26 - Chelsea Lately on E!
July 27 - The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS

Check local listings for details.

Source: sherylcrow.com

.Wednesday June 16, 2010


Photo credit: Lightright 2010

More pix HERE


Sheryl Crow taps into musical sounds of her youth for '100 Miles from Memphis'

Sheryl Crow sounds as if she couldn't be happier, even though she has her hands full. The Grammy-winning pop-rocker recently adopted her second son, Levi (now 7 weeks old), and her new album, "100 Miles from Memphis," comes out Tuesday, July 20. Crow, 48, spoke to us by phone last week from her home in Nashville.



Photos: sherylcrow.com



The presale password for this event is: HESHERYL or WPLJ

Start: Wednesday, September 16 @ 09:00 AM EDT
End: Thursday, September 17 @ 09:00 PM EDT


By Katie Wedell, Staff Writer

Winds reached more than 60 mph in some areas of the Miami Valley on Tuesday night, June 15, as a second line of strong storms moved through the area in as many days.

Initial damage reports from the National Weather Service in Wilmington included downed trees from Enon to Miamisburg. A roof was torn off a garden structure in Beavercreek and Dayton police reported trees down on phone lines, which sent the lines onto a parked car on Amberwood Drive. No injuries or accidents had been reported as of 10:30 p.m.

Dayton Power & Light said 16,000 customers, primarily in Greene and Montgomery counties, were without power at 10:30 p.m. and straight-line winds were to blame, said Kelly Millhouse, director of substation operations for the utility.

“We have crews out and will be working around the clock to restore power,” Millhouse said. DP&L hoped to have all customers back on line by 10 a.m. today, June 16.

The Sheryl Crow concert at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, which was sold out, was cut short by the weather as patrons were asked to clear the venue after about an hour into her set. A spokesperson for the venue said lightning had been spotted.

Weather service Meteorologist Andrew Snyder said winds were measured at 61 mph in Fort McKinley and at more than 50 mph at Dayton International Airport and in Centerville.

Jamie Simpson, WHIO-TV chief meteorologist, said Monday and Tuesday night’s storms were similar in structure, with high humidity producing lots of rain that cooled the air on the back end of the storms, accelerating them eastward.

“We were just in the right place both times for the accelerated line of storms to move through,” he said.

Simpson said Tuesday’s storms produced less precipitation than Monday’s batch, an inch or less in most places. There were no reports of flooding Tuesday night, although a flash flood warning for the region remained in effect through 2:15 a.m.

According to the weather service, there is still a chance of showers this morning, with clearing in the afternoon as highs should reach the mid 80s. The extended forecast calls for dry weather through at least Friday.

Source: Dayton Daily News

.Tuesday June 15, 2010






Sheryl and the Thieves will make a live appearance at the Late Show with Dave Letterman on Tuesday July 20. They will perform "Summer Day".

Link: http://www.cbs.com/late_night/late_show/


Source: Austrian Independent


photo: sherylcrow.com


Concert & Backstage

Photos: sherylcrow.com


.Monday June 14, 2010



Sheryl Crow brightens Riverbend 2010 opening night

All I wanna do is have some fun.
And opening night at Riverbend was just that - fun.

Sheryl Crow opened Riverbend 2010 with a terrific show, which lasted well beyond most main stage Riverbend performances. She held "All I wanna do" for her encore and ... showing herself to be quite the Rocker ended with a Led Zeplin cover that would make Robert Plant proud.

Source: activerain.com


Original Captions:

pic 1: ?
pic 2: Tim uses this shaker for "Gasoline"
pic 3: Pedalboard
pic 4: on stage
pic 5: set list
pic 6: Andy catches a bass

Source: sherylcrow.com


Review by NeighborhoodKen (SC Fan Forum)

Well, as usual I'll try to give you a little taste of the concert last night...

Yes, same laid back crowd as Sheryl's debut 2008 Ravinia concert. Many folks are well-off large Ravinia donors who got first choice on good seats, and many of whom didn't belong at this concert. I can't tell you how many fuddies bolted for the parking lot during "Steve McQueen"...and missed an amazing ending. The good news...it allowed me to move up to Row 3.

However, Brett is 100% correct. When "All I Wanna Do" hit, the whole place was up and dancing for the remainder of the concert. From that point on, Sheryl definitely rocked out the place...and I think the crowd got into it. Several friends who sat on the sardine-packed lawn said that the place was rocking out, with folks dancing on their blankets. (Sheryl referred to it several times as "out there in the yard with your wine and candle operas.")

I missed you Brett, but did spot Winding Road in Row 1 right. Way to go Katie, who was one of the few persons dancing from the beginning.

Sheryl looked as phenomenal and energetic as ever, and seemed to be having a great time with the band. In fact, the entire band seemed to be enjoying themselves and feeding off the crowd near the end. Peter was absolutely sensational throughout, mezmorizing the audience during "Rock and Roll". He is unbelievable. This band definitely belongs together, and put on a clinic in how to throw a sensational concert.

Sheryl gently mentioned political stuff three times. Before "Love Is Free", she mentioned that the people of the gulf area and New Orleans had another "full plate" on their hands, and the US should stop ocean drilling for oil. Later, at the beginning of "Strong Enough", she jokingly said she was still looking for a good man and went through her list of preferences, including being a Democrat. During the encore, she asked us to start using less energy and to drive hybrid cars so we don't need to drill for oil in the oceans.

While introducing Cat Steven's "First Cut", she must have been a little annoyed with the crowd for using their Blackberries and iPhones, but she handled it brilliantly and I think the message got through to anyone listening. She started by commenting that she noticed this...and that there were no such things as Blackberries, iPhones, and other gadgets when she went to her first concert at age 13 (Peter Frampton). She added that technology has really changed things, and that she also really wanted to check messages on her Blackberry (pointing to it on a speaker behind her) to see if everything was OK in the bus with her two children. She ended with, "But I won't because I am here for YOU."

Anyway, I had a great time...and I only saw one person wearing a forum t-shirt. Uh...that would be me. Several folks wanted to buy it off my back. No way. Priceless. Next stop...Milwaukee Summerfest.


Team Sandtastic's tribute to the festival lineup at Riverbend Beach. Photo by Wendy King

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - In its 29 years in Chattanooga, Riverbend has only had three nights larger than Friday. Channel 3 has learned that opening night on Friday brought the fourth largest crowd in history with Sheryl Crow as the headliner. The estimate is based on concession sales.

Other artists performing on various stages Friday night: Milele Roots, Too Far Gone South, Elija James, Gabriel Newell, Jimmy Tawater, Spatial Effects, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Hillman Pederson, Taj Weekes & Adowa, and Crazy Face.

Hank Williams Jr. brought the largest crowd in Riverbend history in 2006. That ranking is followed by Lynyrd Skynyrd at number two and the Allman Brothers as third.

Source: WRCB TV, Chattanooga, TN


Photo: Sherylcrow.com

Our Love is Fading
Everyday is a Winding Road
Love is Free
Can't Cry Anymore
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough
My Favorite Mistake
First Cut is the Deepest
Summer Day
All I Wanna Do
If It Makes You Happy
Steve McQueen
There Goes the Neighborhood
Soak Up The Sun
A Change
Rock and Roll

.Sunday June 13, 2010


Beautiful! Beautiful! I absolutely love her vocals :-)




Photo: Sherylcrow.com


photo: sherylcrow.com

Our Love is Fading
Everyday is a Winding Road
Love is Free
Can't Cry Anymore
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough
My Favorite Mistake
First Cut is the Deepest
Summer Day
If It Makes You Happy
Soak Up the Sun
Steve McQueen
There Goes the Neighborhood
A Change
Rock and Roll

photo: sherylcrow.com


Soak Up The Sun
Love is Free
Can't Cry Anymore
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough
Summer Day
A Change
My Favorite Mistake
First Cut is the Deepest
Steve McQueen
If It Makes You Happy
Out of Our Heads
Our Love is Fading
Winding Road
All I Wanna Do
Rock and Roll


Photo credit: Sherylcrow.com


.Saturday June 12, 2010


Crow one of Riverbend's most interesting openers

By: Casey Phillips

If you thought the three sentences about Sheryl Crow that were put up at 11 p.m. last night were all I had to say about the opening headliner, you were sadly mistaken. After all what would life be like if I couldn’t share my cutting, occasionally insightful observations?

Unfortunately, on this go around at least, I have a serious dearth of cutting remarks to make about Crow, who frankly, was the most interesting opening act I’ve seen since I started covering the festival in 2007. Looking back, Chris Daughtry was an arrogant jerk, as were the Black Crowes, and Willie Nelson would have put a nursing home to sleep. I’m not a huge Crow fan, but she was none of those things.

She remained mostly immobile during her 16-song set, but if you were expecting something closer to the vivacious antics of a funk ensemble like Earth, Wind & Fire or The Ohio Players, you were wrong from the get go. Crow’s strong suit was far and away her ability (not to mention willingness) to interact with the audience.

She started off with one of her big guns, “Gonna Soak Up the Sun,” wearing a loose red top, some wickedly embroidered jeans and ear rings that looked like she’d strung together the contents of an Incan treasure chest.

Then, she joked with us, telling us that the Coke Stage barge was, “the weirdest thing I’ve ever been on – I like it,” while suggesting she might not try stage diving 30 feet into the crowd. Then, she struck a chord with me (and most of you, apparently) when she remarked on the swamp-like heat and humidity, saying, “Is anybody else hot besides me?” I’ve never heard so many people sound so exuberant in their collective perspiration.

I liked her ability for inserting improvisational asides as well. During the middle of “Strong Enough,” she took one of many mid-song asides to tell us, “I’m not looking for anybody who’s married … and preferably not gay.” There’s nothing like hearing 60,000 people laughing at the same joke to remind you why festivals are fun.

Her set was a fan service spectacular of hit after hit, but she still threw in some interesting covers (Cat Stevens’ “The First Cut”) and even two new songs off her upcoming album, “100 Miles from Memphis,” including one that had never been played live before. The album releases July 20.

In general, she seemed like she was having a blast, which is a rare thing indeed for an established artist who sometimes, in my experience at least, fall prey to the temptation to phone in a performance. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as camping out for hours on end in the heat to protect prime viewing real estate only to have the artist walk out with a limp wrist and a bored expression.

From the opening chords through two encores (first of “All I Wanna Do” and then, bizarrely, of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll”), she was a blast to watch. I can’t say I’m now a die-hard fan of her music, but I certainly respect her commitment to putting on a great show.

There’s a fine line that needs to be balanced when booking the first Coke Stage artist. This being the opening of the festival, there’s obviously the need for a degree of name recognition, but celebrity and entertainment factor don’t always go hand in hand. In Crow’s case, however, they did, and the festival was better off for it.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press


Original Caption: With Mike and Nayanna, waving to fans from the boat that took us to the stage in Chattanooga last night

Photo source: sherylcrow.com




Staff photo by Matt Fields-Johnson/Chattanooga Times Free Press

Flying with Crow

Festivalgoers crowd Riverbend on opening nite
By: Yolanda Putman

Sheryl Crow can draw a crowd.

Ten minutes before showtime Friday, a throng jammed the Second and Chestnut streets entrance to the Riverbend Festival.

Local musician David Mason was among hundreds of people jostling to get through the gate.

"I love her songs, she's an excellent performer," he said.

He said his classic rock band, South Wind, played some of her music.

Soon the stage went dark, drums played, lights flashed and nine-time Grammy Award winner Ms. Crow appeared and the crowd screamed.

"Is anybody hot besides me?" she said after singing "I Want to Soak Up the Sun" and "Love is Free."

Then she wen into "I Can't Cry Anymore," and the crowd screamed again.

Ryan Ledford held his 3-year-old on his shoulders.

"Just the ambiance. The people. I love being here," he said.

Earlier in the evening, Christie Ables, of Prospect, Tenn., stood on a boat ramp chanting "Where's Sheryl Crow" until Riverbend staff asked her to move. Her family won tickets to Riverbend off the radio.

Carolyn Toussaint waited in front of the stage for at least four hours.

"Love Sheryl Crow, have always loved Sheryl Crow," Mrs. Toussaint said. "I like the song she does with Kid Rock. Wouldn't it be fun if he shows up tonight."

"Picture" is the song, but the pop-rock performer is best known for songs like "All I Wanna Do," "Soak up the Sun" and "My Favorite Mistake."

"If It Makes You Happy" and "Everyday is a Winding Road" are also among her top sellers.

Kelly Pitzer and Jenny Yafanero moved beyond the chair seating area and sat on a grassy hillside near the stage. They arrived two hours early for a good seat.

"She's had such an interesting history," said Ms. Yafanero, 53, of Chattanooga. "A rock star, survived breast cancer. She has a beautiful voice, a beautiful soul."

Ms. Pitzer, 28 of Chattanooga, said she admires Ms. Crow's strength and character.

"It's good to see strong women like her who have overcome so much," Ms. Pitzer said.

Born in 1962 to a musical family in Kennett, Mo., the singer-songwriter has sold 35 million albums and her newest album, "100 Miles From Memphis," is slated for release in July, according to news reports.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press

Comments from Twitter

richardbsmith: Just home from Riverbend. Great time. Large crowd. Sheryl Crow was terrific, played over hour and half. Closed out rocking with Zeplin.

DrEricDHunter: #BonnarooLive Just down the Road here in Chattanooga For the RIverbend Kickoff with Sheryl Crow was a Great performance

esslovefaith7: Had fun at riverbend, Sheryl crow was great

TokyoTowerWAWL: Leaving from Riverbend after watching a really fun Sheryl Crow performance. Now looking forward to bed.

HeatherNelson: Sheryl Crow was so great. She's one of my favorites. Looking forward to Alison Krauss tomorrow night.

matthamil: Sheryl Crow is doing a Led Zep song for a second encore, Rock N' Roll. Her lead guitar player looks like Robert Plant from this far back.

registerbrown: Sheryl Crow sings Zeppelin! Awesome! #CHA #riverbend

westonwamp: Nobody rocks out at 48 like Sheryl Crow. Riverbend 2010 may be the hottest ever, but not much beats these 10 days in Chattanooga.

Flee2: Just spent the last couple hours at the Riverbend Festival rockin out Sheryl Crow in advance of her new tour. It's humid as HELL!

bchatty: Watching a great show @ rverbend. Sheryl crow is doing it! Her drummer looks like he is ab to have a heart attack! http://yfrog.com/mtx5cj

Jay00789: HELL YES. RT @sweettater8: RT @Jay00789: Sheryl Crow looks fucking amazing with a sweaty sheen. / Jay wants a cougar?

tonyburgess1969: Sheryl Crow is putting on a splendid show. She aint washed up in the least. http://mltp.ly/64lgxQY

ArtFRONT: Wow, for a big commercial star Sheryl Crow is actually pleasant, complex, impressive live. @ Riverbend #cha #Chattanooga

jasperwxguy: I really figured Sheryl Crow would edit Steve McQueen at Riverbend. #riverbend #sword

Jay00789: Sheryl Crow looks fucking amazing with a sweaty sheen.

YodaJediGeneral: Sheryl crow sounds great on the TN river tonight!!! Great live music on the river tonight in chattanooga

matthamil: Sheryl Crow is doing a great job! She's playing a brand new song now. #RiverbendFestival

LaLaLaLaurren: I can hear Sheryl Crow from my house. Many neighborhood dogs are barking.

SusanCody: listening to Sheryl Crow performing at Riverbend half block from my hotel room. Are you strong enough to be my man?

JakeW1991: Sheryl Crow is doing an amazing job, but the redneck women infront of me are keeping my attention haha.

chilli09: Fave Sheryl Crow song, Strong enough to be my man. She sounds awesome.

SpoonSaga: Loving Sheryl Crow in Chatt!!! Can't wait for Allyson Kraus tomorrow!

egisterbrown: #Riverbend is HOT, but Sheryl Crow sure is cool! #CHA

WRCBriverbend: Sheryl Crow puts on a great show http://tweetphoto.com/26763139

PeterBMurphy: Sheryl Crow's boat didn't sink - but she's made a joke about taking a back pike off the back of the barge.

TokyoTowerWAWL: Speaking of many instruments Sheryl Crow's sung 3 songs thus far and had a different type of guitar for each song.

egosalonstudio: Awesome rb w/o leaving couch!RT @HeatherNelson 'This is the weirdest thing I've ever been on!'-Sheryl Crow haha http://tinyurl.com/2f65mwz

TokyoTowerWAWL: Watching Sheryl Crow at Riverbend. Refreshing to see a singer with a naturally good voice and the skill to play multiple instruments.

ketartstudio: On my front porch listening to Sheryl Crow playing Riverbend...Alison Krauss and Charlie Daniels Band later in the festival!

swadera: Watching Sheryl crow she is amazing

schweppe427: Sheryl Crow at #riverbend. Its hot and sticky. http://twitpic.com/1vz84d

jdaneyoung: Just walked out of the Theatre Centre. Sheryl Crow sounds great.

tonyburgess1969: Sheryl Crow is on stage at Riverbend 2010. Soak Up The Sun is first song. http://mltp.ly/2vVsrCU

PrincessMandyA: Sheryl Crow just took the stage. Super excited. Wooooo!

RobinDaniels923: #riverbend. Large crowd for sheryl crow. Weather turning out to be nice.

.Friday June 11, 2010




.Thursday June 10, 2010


Source: sherylcrow.com

Feet! Oh yeah :-)

I'm looking for the scans. Does anyone have this issue of Elle?

TIA :-)



Carrie Underwood and Sheryl onstage during the 2010 CMT Music Awards (Photo by Frederick Breedon/WireImage)

Kelly Picker kisses Sheryl (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Kellie Pickler, David Spade, Kid Rock and Sheryl



..........................................................Sheryl with Kix Brooks (Kevin Mazur photo)

...............................Sheryl with Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood (Kevin Mazur photo)

..........................................................with Miranda Lambert (Kevin Mazur photo)




Sheryl attends the 2010 CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 9, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America)

.Wednesday June 9, 2010



Tuesday June 8, 2010
Bicentennial Park
Nashville, Tennessee
Director: Wayne Isham

Photo credit: sherylcrow.com

Photo credit: sherylcrow.com

Photo credit: Elizabethkirk

Comunque Lupardo SEI UN P I R L A !



.Tuesday June 8, 2010


Sheryl Crow shows some more soul on her new album -- the soul she grew up with literally "100 Miles From Memphis" in Kennett, Mo.

"The timing of it was perfect," Crow tells Billboard.com about the 12-song set, which comes out July 20. "I've always had a lot of people around me...encouraging me to really get back to my roots. I was a kid that grew up listening to the radio; we'd tune the transistors to pick up the Memphis stations, and that kind of music was just a part of our consciousness. It just was a perfect time to go full-throttle with it."

Working with co-producers Doyle Bramhall II and Justin Stanley, Crow recorded "100 Miles..." at Henson Studio in Los Angeles and Electric Lady in New York. The team wrote the music first and left Crow to pen the lyrics afterwards, which she says "was like having homework." The songs, including the first single "Summer Day," are largely "about intimacy and desire and...vulnerability, and about love lost and love found." But "100 Miles..." also includes a few "political jabs" such as "Say What You Want," "Peaceful Feeling" and "Eye to Eye," a reggae-flavored track that features the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards on guitar.

Other guests include Citizen Cope on his "Sideways," while Justin Timberlake, a Memphis native, makes a surprise appearance on an Al Green-styled rendition of Terence Trent D'Arby's "Sign Your Name," one of several covers Crow recorded during the sessions. "He happened to be at (Henson) producing Jamie Foxx, and he was in the hallway," Crow recalls. "I've always liked him. I played (the song) for him, and when it got to the chorus he's like, 'Who's doing the backgrounds?' I said 'We haven't done them yet,' and he said, 'I got it.' It was all very organic and, man, perfect. People have no idea how talented this guy is."

Another surprise on "100 Miles..." is its closing cover of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," with Crow, who was a backing singer on Michael Jackson's 1988 world tour, sounding remarkably like the late icon. "We were recording an unreleased track by Marvin Gaye called 'Desperate Situation,' " Crow remembers, "and it was in that range so I just busted into ('I Want You Back') and the band followed, and when it was done everyone was like, 'What in the world?! We've got to put that on the album!' It's definitely an homage; the (Jackson 5) was the first album I ever owned, and the guy gave me my first job in the business and was incredibly generous with his talent with me."

Crow -- who also recorded a duet with Kid Rock called "Collide" for his upcoming album "Born Free" -- hits the road for the summer on June 11 at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, Tenn. She'll also perform at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival on June 26 outside Chicago and will play five Lilith Fair dates in July. Besides "100 Miles...," Crow has also welcomed another new arrival -- second adopted son Levi James, who joins three-year-old Wyatt Steven.

"He's perfect in every way," Crow gushes. "At this stage, he's the perfect little blob who eats, sleeps and poops -- just precious, hardly ever cries. Wyatt actually loves him and loves being a big brother, so so far, so great."

Source: Billboard Magazine



The 2010 CMT Music Awards have announced additional country stars and celebrities to serve as presenters at the ninth annual awards show on Wednesday (June 9) in Nashville. Taylor Swift has been added as a presenter, along with Laura Bell Bundy, Gloriana, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Kellie Pickler and Blake Shelton. Other new presenters include Dancing With the Stars partners Erin Andrews and Maks Chmerkovskiy, Sheryl Crow, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, comedian David Spade and Snooki and The Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore. As previously announced, the 2010 CMT Music Awards will feature performances from Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and the Zac Brown Band. Kid Rock will host the ceremony airing live at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CMT.

Source: CMT.com


Sheryl will appear on a multi-artists benefit album for "Raise Hope For Congo", the leg of Enough Project that focuses on Congo and designed to bring awareness to the plight of women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Considered one of the most dangerous places in the world for women, the African state has seen a staggering uptick in sexual violence as a weapon of war, a byproduct of a fight for power due to the worldwide demand for the country's national resources.

The album will be released digitally Tuesday 8 and will arrive in the stores on June 22.

Here's the track listing

1. "Lonely Soldier" -- Damien Rice
2. "Not Immune" -- Imaad Wasif
3. "Angel Mom" -- Jesca Hoop
4. "40" -- Meshell Ndegeocello
5. "Je t’aime" --  Staff Benda Bilili
6. "Leila" -- Angélique Kidjo
7. "Na Miso" -- Chantal Kreviazuk
8. "World of Trouble" -- Norah Jones
9. "My Name Is Mwamaroyi" --  Sheryl Crow
10. "Don’t Let Me" -- Amel Larrieux
11. "Raise Hope" -- Omékongo Dibinga & Shahin Shahida
12. "Never Again" – Ozomatli & the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village
13. "Sleep Alone" -- Bat for Lashes
14. "Before You Were Young (Live at Joe’s Pub)" -- Travis
15. "Hora Zero (Live at Wecheter)" -- Rodrigo y Gabriela
16. "Tambara" -- Amadou & Mariam
17. "Nsimba & Nzuzi" -- Konono No 1
18. "Priority (A Cappella)" -- Mos Def

External Links:

- www.raisehopeforcongo.org
- www.enoughproject.org

.Sunday June 6, 2010


Original caption: iPhone pic of me and Doyle jamming through "Summer Day" on acoustic and piano somewhere on the road...

Photo source: www.facebook.com/sherylcrow


LOL! Best comment ever!

.Saturday June 5, 2010


August 20
Where: Memphis, Tennessee (USA)
Venue: Mud Island Amphitheater
Website: www.mudisland.com
Ticket: $71
Note: Colbie Caillat as opening act

On Sale Jun 5, 2010


For Sheryl Crow, the title of her seventh album isn’t just a location; it’s a state of mind. “I grew up in a small town 100 miles from Memphis, and that informed not only my musical taste, but how I look at life,” she says. “The drive to Memphis is all farmland, and everyone is community-oriented, God-fearing people, connected to the earth. The music that came out of that part of the world is a part of who I am, and it’s the biggest inspiration for what I do and why I do it.”

So for the Kennett, Missouri native, calling the disc 100 Miles From Memphis is a statement of purpose, both musical and emotional. It also marks a long-awaited return by the nine-time Grammy winner to the sounds that first drew her to making music.

“This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time,” says Crow. “When (manager Scooter Weintraub) first started working with me twenty years ago, what he heard in me was that I had heavy influences from the South—Delaney and Bonnie, all the Stax records. So for years he’s been asking me, ‘When are you going to make that record?’”

The results evoke a time when soul and passion filled the radio waves, when the sweat and joy of a recording session could be captured forever on wax. Sometimes the musical references—Al Green, Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder—are made apparent, but the album’s eleven songs are characterized more by capturing a classic spirit than by imitating any specific style.

Crow explains that the way 100 Miles From Memphis was recorded is crucial to its slinky grooves and rolling rhythms. Produced by Doyle Bramhall II and Justin Stanley (“I knew they could get that old soul feeling with authenticity,” she says), and cut mostly live with a regular crew of musicians, the album presented a new set of challenges for her as a singer and a songwriter.

“This wasn’t like any other record I’ve made,” she says. “We cut two, three, sometimes four tracks a day, for ten or twelve days. We wrote a lot of music, and then I had to write lyrics later, to catch up. That was definitely a new experience, feeling like I had to do homework. It was super-daunting.”

With the musical direction already established, the album’s messages crystallized in one night at Crow’s farm, outside of Nashville. “Having a three year old, you don’t get too much quiet time,” she says, “but I sat up one night, and I worked all night long and came up with the better part of five lyrics.”

What emerged was a set of songs that are unusually open and direct for someone often celebrated for the care and craft of her writing. “This music called for emotion, a place of sensuality and sexuality, and that’s a little challenging for me,” she says. “Sometimes it’s easier for me to hide behind more intellectual lyrics. So it was a great stretching experience to show more vulnerability in my writing.”

The songs on 100 Miles From Memphis display impressive range, in feeling and performance. First single “Summer Day” is a delightfully breezy slice of glory-days AM radio pop. “I wanted to experiment with writing something simple and positive,” says Crow. “The feeling of a great, solid love—not just a new love, but something everlasting.”

The spare, dramatic ballad “Stop” (the one song on the album for which Crow has sole writing credit) is a powerful vocal showcase that struggles with some hard truths. “That one is really a plea to make everything quit going so fast,” she says. “Life has reached this epic point of being out of control. There’s so much chaos everywhere you look. And especially when you have a little kid, you just want to protect the people you love from all that pain.”

Though the album features a tighter focus on Crow’s voice than ever before, a few high-profile guest stars did stop by the sessions. When she cut “Eye to Eye,” with its loping reggae groove, there was only one guitarist she could imagine adding his signature slashing riffs to the mix—her old friend Keith Richards. “He has been such a champion for me, and the Stones gave me so many breaks along the way, from very early on,” she says. (When Richards recorded his part at Electric Lady studios, the New York City facility built for Jimi Hendrix, he started reminiscing about the incomparable guitar wizard; “we were all like little kids at story hour,” says Crow.) Citizen Cope appears on a hazy, impassioned duet of his “Sideways,” a song Crow says she has long wanted to record and one of several string-heavy arrangements on 100 Miles From Memphis.

Another guest demonstrates her appeal across generations. A Memphis native named Justin Timberlake dropped by one of Crow’s sessions at Henson Studios in Los Angeles (the former A&M studio), and offered to contribute background vocals to a version of Terence Trent D’Arby’s 1987 smash “Sign Your Name” that was being recast in the style of Al Green, right down to the distinctive thud of the Hi Records drums. “He’s hysterical and super-smart, and he knows a lot about a lot of different kinds of music,” Crow says. “I’m totally impressed in every way.”

The final surprise, for both the singer and the listener, came out of a run through of an obscure Marvin Gaye song called “It’s a Desperate Situation.” The melody reminded Crow of “I Want You Back,” the Jackson 5’s breakthrough 1970 hit, and she started singing those words. Her natural vocal range sounds uncannily like Michael Jackson’s, and when Bramhall and Stanley heard it, they insisted on recording the song then and there. The album’s “bonus track” was done in one take; they even had to add the song’s introduction afterwards because they had gone straight into the lyric.

Crow, of course, first reached the spotlight as a back-up singer with Michael Jackson, and adds that “I Want You Back” was the first single she ever bought. “It wasn’t a conscious choice to do an homage, but it wound up being a very bittersweet thing,” she says. “Michael’s death brought a lot of stuff back for me, so it was nice that we could include this.”

For Sheryl Crow, 100 Miles From Memphis is the right album at the right moment. “My last record (2008’s Detours) was pretty political, extremely personal, and more lyric-driven,” she says, “so it seemed like a great time to do something soulful and sexy and more driven by the music.” It took a lot of years, but with this set of songs, she finally made it back home.

.Friday June 4, 2010


Sheryl announced on her website that she has adopted another boy:

Hey Everybody!

I have some exciting news to share with you guys-Wyatt has a new little brother! Levi James was born April 30th.

Just wanted you all to be the first to hear the good news!




Congrats, Sheryl!

.Thursday June 3, 2010


................................................................................click to enlarge
............................................................................. ..(1500 x 1500 px)


01. Our Love is Fading (original song)
02. Eye to Eye (original song)
03. Sign Your Name (cover - Terence Trent D'Arby)
04. Summer Day (original song)
05. Long Road Home (original song)
06. Say What You Want (original song)
07. Peaceful Feelings (original song)
08. Stop (original song)
09. Sideways (cover - Citizen Cope)
10. 100 Miles From Memphis (original song)
11. Roses and Moonlight (original song)

Bonus Track

12. I Want You Back (cover - Jackson 5)

Track listing based on the info found on the official artwork

The following is a list of all possible outtakes known so far

- For the Sake of Love (original song)
- Desperate Situations (cover - Marvin Gaye)
- Come and Get Your Love (cover - Redbone)

.Wednesday June 2, 2010


Sheryl Crow Tells Katie Couric, “This is My Year of Getting Out of My Comfort Zone”

Eco activist, breast cancer survivor and, oh yeah, music industry pioneer, the amazing Sheryl Crow opens up to Glamour columnist Katie Couric about the special man in her life (her son) and how she’s “getting her rocks off ” with her sexy new album.


Source: Glamour Magazine


First single off 100 Miles from Memphis





September 25
Where: Mashantucket, Connecticut (USA)
Venue: MGM Grand Theater @ Foxwoods Resort Casino
Website: www.foxwoods.com
Ticket: $55 - $75
Note: with Special Guest: Brandi Carlile

On Sale Jun 4, 2010 @ 9:00 AM


September 23
Where: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
Venue: The Wang Theater (Citi Performing Arts Center)
Website: www.citicenter.org
Ticket: $70.50
Note: with Special Guest: Brandi Carlile

Club pre-sale is Thursday, June 3rd from 10am to 10pm.

Public On-Sale: Friday, June 4th at 10am. Please note the box office will open at 12pm – telephone and internet sales available at 10am.

Packages Available Starting June 3rd 10am
Meet & Greet Package Each package is $370.00 with no additional service fees or handling charges.
Each Package Includes :
- One (1) Front Row Seat ($70.50 cost)
- Meet & Greet with Sheryl Crow
- Photo with Sheryl Crow
- Food and Beverage Gift Card
- Exclusive Merchandise Item
- Collectible Laminate
- On Site Event Management

Hot Seat Package Each package is $150.00 with no additional service fees or handling charges.
Each Package Includes :
- One (1) Premium Seat ($70.50 cost)
- Exclusive Merchandise Item
- Collectible Laminate