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[PIC] Frozen Yogurt Anyone?

On wednesday Sheryl made a surprise stop at FroYo 573, a new frozen yogurt joint in her hometown of Kennett, Missouri. Photo taken by the staff.





[VIDEO] "Street Fighting Man" commented by Keith Richards & Sheryl Crow.

From Attn, Dec 2017.

"America wouldn't be here if it wasn't for people going to the streets."

-- Keith Richards




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[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow on Christmas at Belmont 2017 (3 Songs)

"Christmas Song"
"There Is A Star That Shines Tonight" (with her nephew Bradley Crow)
"Run Rudolph Run"




[NEWS] "Heartbeat Away" included on Classic Rock's "Ultimate Playlist of 2017"

[ Classic Rock magazine, January 2018 issue, page 59 ]






[NEWS] Sheryl Crow's sons are starting to ask a very awkward Christmas question

Sheryl Crow is preparing to celebrate Christmas with her two young sons, Wyatt, 10, and Levi, 7. She says the two are now old enough to start asking the awkward holiday question that no parent wants to hear.

"They're starting to say, 'Mom, you're really Santa, right?'" she tells ABC Radio. "And if I even allude to the fact that maybe I'm not, they're like, 'Oh, maybe she's not! We don't wanna screw it up, we wanna make sure Santa comes!'"

But no matter who brings the gifts, Sheryl says, both boys "have a lengthy list this year." But for Sheryl, it's not the presents that make the holiday. She says there's a special moment each year when she truly knows that Christmas has arrived.

"We always go to Christmas Eve service," she tells ABC Radio. "I sing in the choir, my mom sings in the choir, been doing it for my whole life. And now [the boys] do it, and that's really when Christmas feels like Christmas."

As you prepare to celebrate at home, you can watch Sheryl sing for your holiday music pleasure. On Friday, PBS stations nationwide will air Christmas at Belmont, an annual holiday concert taped at Nashville's Belmont University. It features performances from Belmont's School of Music students, and Sheryl, of course. It's also a family affair.

Earlier this month, Sheryl released a charity single called "The Dreaming Kind" to raise money for Sandy Hook Promise, which works to educate people about the warning signs of gun violence. Her niece duetted with her on the record, and both her nephews sang backup. And on Christmas at Belmont, her nephew Bradley, a freshman at the school, joins her for a duet.






[VID] Sheryl Crow - Thanks to everyone for supporting Sandy Hook Promise (and happy holidays!)





[PIC] Love Is The Answer


"Sometimes we could all use a little reminder" -Sheryl Crow
(via Twitter)



[VID] Remembrance for the Victims of Sandy Hook & Gun Violence





[2018 TOUR] Sheryl will be touring Australia & New Zealand with Melissa Etheridge!

Sheryl and Melissa are both set to perform their own solo spots at Bluesfest next April before teaming up to hit seven more Australian and Newzealand Cities.

Here's the double headlining tour dates:

3 April Perth, Australia Riverside Theatre
4 April Adelaide, Australia Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre
6 April Melburne, Australia Court Arena
7 April Sidney, Australia ICC Theatre
9 April Auckland, New Zealand The Trusts Arena
10 April Hamilton, New Zealand Claudelands Arena
12 April Wellington, New Zealand TSB Bank Arena


On sale to public Mon 18 December





[LIVE PIX+REVIEW] Sandy Hook Promise Gala - 12 December


Photo credit: Richard Buery

* * *

Sandy Hook Promise Gala
The Plaza Hotel
New York City, New York (USA)
Tuesday 12 December 2017

* * *



Photo credit: johnny44011


Photo credit: egtea420



1. Sheryl with Joe Biden;
2. with Mark Barden, Robert Kearns, Peter Stroud and Joe Biden.

Photo credit: Sheryl Crow


Photo credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images


Photo credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

* * *


By Dan Haar

It was a night of celebration and a night of sadness, a festival of lights and a recollection of darkness, a star-studded room filled with music, touched by silence.

The benefit, which raised well over $1.5 million for Sandy Hook Promise on Tuesday night at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, was not the group’s first high-key event but it might have been the most poignant for its timing.

There was Sheryl Crow, long a supporter, offering a debut-week performance of “The Dreaming Kind,” her haunting tribute to love and childhood exuberance, in honor of the 20 murdered children at Sandy Hook.

There was the former vice president, a national leader of gun control who is not, contrary to the wishes of so many in this ballroom, President Joe Biden. He and the parents who co-founded Sandy Hook Promise brought together National Football League royalty, Hollywood and business notables and friends to raise money, look forward in the never-ending fight for common-sense practices to end violence against children and, of course, to remember.

“It’s a huge mix of very intense emotions,” said Mark Barden, a co-founder of Sandy Hook Promise whose son, Daniel, was killed five years ago Thursday. “I found myself in the days leading up to the five-year mark remembering so clearly all the things I was doing with Daniel.”

That will never go away, of course, but in the noisy atrium of the Plaza Hotel ballroom, surrounded by so much support, Barden and the other family members found strength.

The Sandy Hook Promise movement, co-founded by the Barden and Hockley families, “is absolutely making progress,” Barden said, despite a lack of national gun-control legislation.

Previous fundraisers have been in Washington, D.C., in June — not at the anniversary of the horrible day at the emotional heart of New York’s Christmas season and on the first night of Hanukkah’s celebration of light and miracle.

There was an understated feel to the way people looked and dressed in the crowd of several hundred, and more than the typical sense of purpose.

“A lot of our employees live in Newtown,” said Indra K. Nooyi, CEO of Purchase-based PepsiCo and an honoree Tuesday night. “All of them were deeply impacted by the events in Sandy Hook.”

“It’s sad because we have to be here,” said Justin Tuck, a former New York Giants defensive lineman who retired two years ago to pursue an MBA at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. But, he added, “It’s a celebration because so many strong people have come together.”

He turned and greeted his old boss, the Giants’ third-generation owner, John K. Mara. Mara said he has not had any backlash in his pro-gun-control stance in National Football League circles, where many players are known to favor strong Second Amendment rights.

“I think it’s getting out of hand,” Mara said, referring to gun violence — not the rift in the NFL. “I don’t know how many more mass shootings we have to have.”

Nearby, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, wearing a suit and athletic shoes, declined to comment, saying only he was there to celebrate.

It was a celebration to be sure, alongside remembrance and the ongoing crisis of mass shootings. Two months ago, the nation’s worst mass killing in modern times at the hands of a shooter unfolded in Las Vegas. Just last Wednesday, the U.S. House passed a measure that would make it easier for gun owners to carry concealed weapons from state to state without regard to local permit requirements.

Fighting that vote might have been on a lot of minds Tuesday night, but for Sandy Hook Promise, the goal is a broader, less confrontational look at violence prevention — through education and encouraging people to talk and speak up before tragedies happen.

The group just unveiled a new, 90-second public service video: A chilling satire of a news report the day before — not after — a shooting at a school. The “reporter” asks a young mother with a small child what she will tell him and she says tearfully, she won’t be able to do that. “He’s not going to make it.”

“I’m very uplifted,” Mark Barden said. “We have saved lives. We’ve stopped school shootings.”

Fittingly, the new song by Crow only skirts the political debate, instead invoking a paean to innocence.

“I turned off the news again tonight/It’s getting hard to watch everyone fight,” the song opens. “So I’m giving it all I’ve got/There’ll be no more wasting precious time/Nothing’s ever going to change my mind that we’re beautiful inside/Maybe I’m just the dreaming kind."







[PIX] Good Morning America - 11 December

- -


New York City, NY (USA) - Sheryl and her niece Ava performs live on 'Good Morning America,' Monday, December 11, 2017, airing on the ABC Television Network. (Photos: ABC/Paula Lobo)


Sheryl Crow, Ava Crow, Joshua Grange and Peter Stroud

(Photo : ABC/Paula Lobo)


Sheryl Crow, Ava Crow, Joshua Grange

(Photo : ABC/Paula Lobo)


(Photo : ABC/Paula Lobo)


Sheryl Crow, Ava Crow and the host Robin Roberts

(Photo : ABC/Paula Lobo)






[NEWS] Sheryl Crow criticizes country stars for not 'taking a stand' on gun control (The Guardian)

By Lois Beckett
The Guardian
12 December 2017

Crow, who is releasing a song dedicated to Newtown victims, says country musicians are afraid of speaking about gun laws and losing their audience

Money and fear have kept country music artists from speaking out about gun laws, the nine-time Grammy Award-winner Sheryl Crow said, even after thousands of country fans were targeted in October in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

“You would think after Vegas we would see some leadership from our country community,” Crow told the Guardian. “But all I can say about that is if there’s money involved, and fear, these conversations come to a screeching halt.

“There’s no one that I know of in the popular country world that is willing to step out and really to take a stand on this, and that’s really unfortunate.

“I hope there will be people who find a way out of their fear, who stick up for humanity as opposed to sticking with their fanbase or the money that can come along with having those large crowds.”

Crow’s new song, The Dreaming Kind, released on Monday, is a tribute to the 20 young children and six adults who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut five years ago.

Proceeds from downloads of the song will benefit Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit founded by several family members of the shooting victims that has trained more than 2.5 million students and adults to identify signs of at-risk behavior before it leads to violence.

The song was inspired by Crow’s “real sense of helplessness” after the Las Vegas shooting, her frustration with America’s toxic gun debate and her struggle with how to tell her two sons, aged 10 and seven, about mass shootings that targeted kids like them as well as music lovers like their mother and her fans.

“It’s a horrible feeling for my kids to not even be able to know what happened at Sandy Hook,” Crow said, “for fear they’ll walk into school and think they’re not in a safe place, or that mom will go to work and there’s a chance she may not come home if there’s somebody in the audience with a gun.”

She tried to protect her two sons as much as possible from seeing news about the Las Vegas shooting on 1 October, she said, an effort made easier by the fact that her two boys are young enough not to have their own phones.

Three days before her Sandy Hook tribute song was slated to debut on ABC’s Good Morning America, she told the Guardian, she still had not sat down with her children to explain what had happened at the elementary school in Newtown. Even contemplating that conversation left her shaken.

“I think they won’t understand,” she said. “I’m not even able to fathom that.”

After the Las Vegas shooting, Caleb Keeter, a guitarist who played at the Route 91 concert which was targeted, shared a viral post explaining how the experience had profoundly changed his opinion on gun rights.

“We need gun control,” he wrote, “RIGHT. NOW.”

Roseanne Cash wrote an op-ed challenging country artists to speak out against the National Rifle Association and to break the cozy relationship between country artists and the gun rights group.

“There is no other way to say this,” Cash wrote. “The NRA funds domestic terrorism.”

But mainstream stars have not come forward to start a conversation on how to strike a better balance between gun rights and the right to go to a concert or a movie theater without the fear of being targeted, Crow said.

“I think it’s fear-based, this fear of losing your audience, this fear of pissing off your audience,” she said.

Crow said she knows that speaking out about gun violence and gun laws will spark a new round of online harassment and vitriol.

“My stance on it is very unpopular,” she said. “I’m a person just like everyone else is, and I’m not above being really hurt.” But, she said, “I want to see us do better, I want to see us as the country we were meant to be.

“The emotional terrorism that is being wielded from the White House down has everyone so on edge that it’s robbed us of our ability to have reasonable conversations, where we sit in a room and we’re able to discuss these very important topics with people we don’t necessarily agree with.

“As artists, I feel like we really have to show up in this, in all the areas that are hard for us. We need to write songs that talk about these issues. We need to write songs about what’s happening in our communities – the injustices, the people who feel left out.

“Outside of Bruce Springsteen, who writes for these people?”

Too many artists are putting out “the same song over and over, because it’s paying for the big houses”, Crow said. “Our fans need to know that we care about them.”

Crow’s new song is more grieving than confrontational. She said she saw writing a benefit song for a Sandy Hook nonprofit as “an opportunity to be proactive in a way that’s completely non-political, that’s completely compassion based”.

For the Sandy Hook parents and family members who listen to the song she said, she hopes that “perhaps there’s a little bit of comfort in it. Perhaps there’s just a moment of being transported away from the experience, and feeling there is something larger at play.”

Nicole Hockley, a co-founder of Sandy Hook Promise, lost her six-year-old son Dylan at Sandy Hook. She has become a full-time advocate for violence prevention. She said she cried the first time she listened to Crow’s song, and that “it is constantly, constantly in my head now”.

“When I wake up in the morning it’s the first thing I listen to,” she said.

SOURCE: The Guardian



[LIVE VIDEO] "The Dreaming Kind" - LIVE @ GMA - 11 December

Here's the live performance of "The Dreaming Kind" @ Good Morning America. Wow! Everyone was fabulous!







[NEWS] New song & Video: "The Dreaming Kind"

Sheryl has written and recorded "The Dreaming Kind", a special song to benefit Sandy Hook Promise and their initiative to protect children from gun violence, honoring those lost in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting.

"The Dreaming Kind" is available for name-your-price download now on Bandcamp. Download proceeds benefit Sandy Hook Promise:


"The tragedy in Newtown 5 years ago and the countless lives lost in mass shootings since have weighed heavily on my heart. I felt compelled to write “The Dreaming Kind” for the incredible people at Sandy Hook Promise who work so hard every day to combat gun violence. The extraordinary work this organization does to educate and protect our nation from further bloodshed gives me hope for a better tomorrow. I hope this song will inspire the same feeling in those who hear it." -Sheryl Crow

* * *

Here's the official video:

Sandy Hook Promise is a national nonprofit organization founded and led by several families whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. In just 3 years, Sandy Hook Promise has trained over 2.5 million youth and adults across all 50 states with its evidenced-based Know The Signs gun violence prevention programs.

The four programs – which include Start With Hello, Say Something, Signs of Suicide and Safety Assessment & Intervention - are offered free to schools and youth organizations across the country. These programs have helped stop multiple school shootings, suicides and other acts of violence, as well as reduced incidences of bullying and helped many young people get the mental health services they need.

Every $1 you donate helps Sandy Hook Promise train one student or adult how to Know The Signs of individuals at-risk of hurting themselves or others and take action to get help. By training two-generations of Americans, we are creating a culture engaged in preventing gun violence, resulting in saving more lives and keeping our schools and communities safe, nationwide.

Thank you so much for your support, Sheryl 




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[BOOKS] The Writer's Loft by Kim Leggett

"Creating a sanctuary, no matter how tiny, to retreat from the hustle and bustle of life offers a perfect opportunity to express your own personal style, showcase collections, and encourage creative juices to flow. Such was the goal of singer-songwriter and nine-time Grammy Award–winner Sheryl Crow, when she decided to transform her garage attic into a writer’s loft and a welcoming hangout and guest retreat for her fellow musician friends"


From the book: City Farmhouse Style: Designs for a Modern Country Life








2018 Tour - First date announced: Bluesfest 2018

Info & Tickets:




[NEW DATE] Sandy Hook Benefit Evening

Next week Sheryl will perform at the Sandy Hook Promise 5-Year Remembrance & Benefit Evening in NYC. Info and tickets @




[VIDS&PIX] Christmas at Belmont Taping - 4 December



* * *

"Christmas at Belmont" Taping Day

Sheryl Crow performed with the Nashville Symphony for the taping of a PBS Christmas special.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
Monday, 4 December 2017

* * *



Sheryl & her nephew Bradley
"There Is a Star That Shines Tonight"

Christmas Song 







[PIX] Photo preview: Port Chester, NY Concert DVD & Blu-Ray




Photos and Caption by Barry Summers (Rock Fuel Media)

"I’m previewing Sheryl Crow Line Cut.. Incredible show. I’m looking forward to releasing this Film and Live Album. Nashville next w Sheryl for Doc story segments. Great job by my awesome crew"

(Sunday 3 December 2017)


Note: This concert will be televised, as well as released on DVD, Blu-Ray, CD and Vinyl package at some point in 2018.





[MAGAZINE] Interview on Bass Player Magazine - Holiday 2017 issue

A nice in-depth interview with our lovely Ms. Crow about basses, bass playing, bass players, songs and stuff. Check it out!

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