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Against the wind...

Black Betty / Slow Ride

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Buffalo Chip Campground (aerial view)
Sturgis, South Dakota (USA)
August 8, 2001

Sheryl Crow
Tim Smith
Peter Stroud
Jeremy Stacey
Lorenza Ponce
Matthew Brubeck

Sturgis Rally Music Hall of Fame


[CHART] WORLD SOUNDTRACK - TOP 20 - dec. 30, 2006

World Airplay Hits/Singles (most played) from the latest Soundtracks / O.S.T. - Full chart




Since Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong split, Sheryl is back in Kennett for Christmas. She helped anchor the soprano section with her sister and her mother. Despite being a glamorous rock star, she pulled out the reading glasses to see the music. One of the middle-aged (my age) ladies in the choir commented that it showed Sheryl was just like the rest of us. What she was really thinking (as she looked out over her own bifocals) was, "I look like a rock-star." Maybe she does. I look more like Barney Fife, myself.


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Johba Life Magazine
Johba Life is Japan's only equestrian magazine. Sorry, no hablo ;-)
official site:
Equine Lifestyle
Canadian horse magazine.
official site:


Preview: International singing sensation Sheryl Crow has loved horses since early childhood. A couple of years ago, when she felt that she could take a bit of a breather from her hectic celebrity schedule, she fulfilled her young girl's dream. One of her exceptional acquisitions is Lady C, a young Tennessee Walking Horse who was a star student in Trick Horse School at Red Horse Ranch. The pair was recently invited by the ATA (Animal Trustees of Austin’s Picasso Pets) to paint an original painting that will be auctioned as a fund raiser at an annual gala in Feb 2007. Lady took the invitation seriously, putting both front feet into it-literally. The result was a beautiful textured (with sand) painting that Sheryl graciously signed.

Sheryl readily admits that the peace she finds while enjoying her horses inspires her songwriting. They also afford her an opportunity to let go of the celebrity hype and relax. She loves to ride and just hang out with the horses at her farm. Sheryl has yet another Tennessee Walker, (a three year old gelding named Mystic) in training at Red Horse Ranch. Lady C and Mystic will make a dynamic pair of exhibition horses. The pair will perform especially to inspire and motivate children. Sheryl's herd includes Tennessee Walkers and a growing number of of Arabians.

With a busy schedule of endless possibilities and her desire to give back to a community that has enriched her life so greatly, Sheryl Crow is one celebrity you will want to keep track of.

For the entire story and pictures please see Volume 2 Issue 3



Lady "C", Sheryl Crow's Tennessee Walking Horse mare received a special invitation to create a signature painting to be auctioned at the event. Lady "C" had a great time showing off her artistic abilities and we had some good laughs also. (Red Horse Ranch news).

Lady guest at the Dripping Springs 4-H Club; Sheryl takes a minute before her concert to sign Lady's painting

Animal Trustees of Austin-Picasso Pets

Animal Trustees of Austin is a wonderful organization that offers low cost spay and neutering services for pet owners. ATA also has a full medical facility for pets whose owners do not have a regular veterinary. To date ATA has neutered almost 62,000 animals.

Picasso Pets is a fundraising event planned for February 18, 2007 at the Barr Mansion, in Austin, TX. Picasso Pets will feature for auction the "artistic works" of pets belonging to celebrities. Most notable will be Sheryl’s beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse, Lady “C”, Ray Benson’s two dogs, Teeny and Skippy, Liz Lambert’s dogs, Mick and Steven, ATA’s own Jessie Rose, and many others.

For more information visit Animal Trustees of Austin:


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Video - WMV - 640 x 480 - 24 mb - Stereo


Yep, it's been 10 years since Sherylove has been online. I have managed this site for about one-third of my lifetime.

I almost can't believe it.

Thanks to all who have supported the site: I look forward to continue the journey with you into the next decade.

Merry Xmas and happy holidays!

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Live at Jones Beach
August 30, 2006



Informo i visitatori italiani che la notte dei Golden Globes verra' trasmessa anche in Italia su E! Network (Sky).

Stando alle dichiarazioni della americana NBC, sara' una vera' e propria maratona live di ben OTTO ore che nel nostro paese avra' inizio a partire dalle 18.00 di martedi' 16 Gennaio e che terminera' solo il mattino successivo. I diritti di trasmissione comprendono il consueto red carpet, le premiazioni e il post-show.

Garantita, naturalmente, la presenza di Sheryl (e non solo lei, mi dicono ;-))))

Aggiungo inoltre che venerdi' 20 Gennaio alle 21.00 andra' in onda, sempre su E!, una puntata speciale di Fashion Police, dedicata alla moda dei Golden Globes. Anche in questo caso, aspettatevi di vedere la Nostra.



"Try Not to Remember" has just been nominated for Best Original Song in the Golden Globe Awards!


Music & Lyrics by: Sheryl Crow

Music by: Seal and Christopher - Bruce Lyrics by: Seal


Music & Lyrics by: Henry Krieger, Anne Preven, Scott Cutler and Beyoncé Knowles

Music & Lyrics by: Bryan Adams, Eliot Kennedy and Andrea Remanda


Music & Lyrics by: Prince Rogers Nelson

The awards will be presented on January 15th, 2007 on NBC.

Further information and news on the Golden Globe Awards can be found here:




18th Pollstar Concert Industry Award
Each year, the concert Industry Awards honor those whose contributions most enhance and enrich the live music experience. The nominees are chosen by their concert business peers and winners are determined by ballots cast by Pollstar subscribers.

The annual Pollstar Concert Industry Awards took place February 8th, 2007 at at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.


* Sheryl Crow / John Mayer
* Aerosmith / Mötley Crüe
* Bon Jovi / Nickelback
* Def Leppard / Journey
* Fall Out Boy / All American Rejects
* Tim McGraw / Faith Hill

More info at:



Crow's cover of oldie is pleasant, but what is point in nominating it for best performance?

The holidays are here and I'll admit my brain is already halfway to California, but let's talk a little about the 49th annual Grammy Award nominations, shall we?

The nominations were announced last week.

Look, I have nothing personal against Sheryl Crow.

I admit my wife's anti-Crow bias may be creeping into my conscious-ness a little bit, but really, my beef is not so much with Ms. Crow (good luck beating cancer) or even her music, which is pleasant enough. Nay, my beef is with the voting members of the Grammy organization, who apparently feel compelled to nominate her every year for anything that she does.

This year Crow is up for best female pop vocal performance for a cover of James Taylor's You Can Close Your Eyes from Sheryl Crow Artist's Choice Deluxe Edition

In case you don't frequent one of the many Starbucks that likely dot your neighborhood (unless you live in ``the hood''), they have a series of CDs where artists such as the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles and Elvis Costello gather songs that mean something to them with brief explanations. Crow did one and Starbucks decided to re-release it and asked her to record a few of her favorites (hence the ``deluxe'' designation), including a very straight cover of Taylor's tune.

Just as with much of her music it's very pleasant, but a Grammy? No.

She's also nominated for a duet with Sting from her 2005 album Wildflower, which according to was released on Sept 27, 2005 -- four days before the Oct. 1 eligibility date given by the Grammy folks for this year's awards.

I'm sure there's some technical loophole allowing this apparent shirking of the rules. James Blunt's Back to Bedlam, featuring the inescapable You're Beautiful, was released in January 2005 and also received a few big nominations, so perhaps at this point, it's just the ``Sheryl Crow rule.''

I believe that she could blink rhythmically into a microphone, throw a few bars of acoustic guitar under it, release it as an MP3 sold only at the makeup counter at the Wal-Mart at the base of the Himalayas (you know, the one between the Starbucks and the Modern Sherpa Outlet store across the snow-covered path from the Subway) and she would get a Grammy nomination. I think she probably knows it by now, too.

One of the bigger stories from this year's batch of nominations is the mainstreaming of Mary J. Blige, who received eight for her presciently named album, The Breakthrough.

Pop culture and pop music writers are beside themselves dubbing 2006 as the year that the Queen of Hip Hop Soul finally poked her $3,000 weave up out of the R&B ghetto that has already made her a multiplatinum-selling star working toward icon status and into the CD players of suburban soccer moms and mall stores.

She will probably take home several awards for the album, which is yet another strong example of her willingness to share her personal pain and newfound pleasure with her listeners, as she's been doing for the past decade.

There are probably several lessons in Blige's decade-plus career and personal path for many young R&B artists, such as ``don't just settle for the hot producer with the hot sound of now and the latest club rockin' hook.'' Also, ``being able to shake your booty rapidly on cue will only make your videos, not your music, more popular.''

Janet Jackson, who like Blige, went through a career and personal transformation 20 years ago (and learned how to shake her booty), now can't sell a record, in part because we've heard it all before and now we have Beyonce's much younger booty to watch wiggle.

It also doesn't hurt that both Blige and Beyonce have actual singing voices, but if Jackson wants her record-buying public back, she'll have to transform again.

While we are on the subject of Grammy-nominated R&B, British R&B singers tend to come and go quickly in this country. However, a surprise amongst the multiple Grammy nominees is singer Corinne Bailey Rae's nominations for best new artist and record and song of the year.

Rae is yet another R&B-based British artist trying to make inroads in the States, but she's no dummy. She's seen her countrymen such as Craig David and Ms. Dynamite come to the States and try to muscle their way into the ``urban'' market by trying to sound like ``blazing hip-hop & R&B'' with little to no success.

Rae has a dreamy, syrupy delivery that forgoes melismatic acrobatics for melody. She isn't afraid of the acoustic guitar and she purposely didn't try to sound like the WENZ (107.9-FM) playlist. Instead, she shrewdly went for a more old-school R&B-based, but AAA radio-ready sound typified by the Grammy-nominated Put Your Records On.

She'll probably lose all three nominations as she's up against Blige and Blunt in the song categories and Blunt and recent American Idol country star Carrie Underwood in the best new artist category. But the raised profile and her low-key record with its soulful vibe and no songs about humping or clubbing could garner an invite from Oprah, and we all know the power and wealth that follow the Golden Stamp of Approval from the Big O.

With award shows beginning to downplay the handing out of actual awards in favor of more live performances, the Grammy telecast (Feb. 11 on CBS) ought to be an interesting one.

I wonder whether anyone will be watching.

Malcolm X Abram can be reached at 330-996-3758 or


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Live at Jones Beach
August 30, 2006

Sheryl Crow and John Mayer


Friday December 15

[NEWS] Dec 15, 2006 - TOP 20 CONCERT TOURS

The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week’s ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

1. (1) Elton John; $1,863,561; $111.15.

2. (2) Cirque Du Soleil - “Delirium”; $1,295,028; $83.58.
3. (3) Eric Clapton; $1,135,060; $86.04.
4. (5) Red Hot Chili Peppers; $1,001,233; $58.04.
5. (6) Aerosmith / Motley Crue; $950,972; $63.59.
6. (7) Mariah Carey; $896,982; $77.61.
7. (8) Dixie Chicks; $824,014; $65.77.
8. (9) Tool; $686,402; $50.60.
9. (10) Rascal Flatts; $681,413; $50.45.
10. (12) Guns N’ Roses; $500,380; $59.42.
11. (11) American Idols Live; $497,944; $56.98.
12. (13) Sheryl Crow / John Mayer; $494,264; $43.28.
13. (16) Juan Gabriel; $453,085; $82.48.
14. (15) Def Leppard / Journey; $450,230; $51.48.
15. (17) Bob Dylan; $435,687; $57.15.
16. (New) Blue Man Group; $304,930; $51.36.
17. (New) Trans-Siberian Orchestra; $302,828; $38.28
18. (18) The Cheetah Girls; $301,674; $35.64.
19. (19) Paul Simon; $295,938; $73.78.
20. (New) Brad Paisley; $294,738; $44.00.


Tuesday December 12


Nashville, Tennessee - Jack Ingram will appear on a live duet version of "If It Makes You Happy", to be released on-line at iTunes store December 19. The tune was recorded during a show over the summer in Huntsville, Alabama.




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The Quote: "Life's great! It is. I'm healthy. Had my six months check up about a month ago, and so far so good. And I just finished a tour a little over a month ago and I'm really happy. Things are good."



Sheryl Crow woke up Thursday morning to news that she got a nod for a Golden Globe, and TMZ has video of her in studio recording the nominated song.

Crow received a Best Original Song nomination for her performance of Try Not to Remember from the film "Home of the Brave." Crow says she was moved after seeing a rough cut of the movie, saying "It was really inspiring, I really felt compelled to write about it."

The movie tells the story of returning Iraqi war veterans who have to adjust to life again. "It strikes a cord, a familiarity with the Vietnam War, where you come home from a war and you can not figure out how to fit back into society," says Crow, "you've seen too many images that are too disturbing." Suffice to say, it's definitely a heavy song.

"Home of the Brave" opens this weekend. Golden Globes will be handed out January 15.


Sunday December 10


Inland Empire Premier held at the LACMA Museum in Los Angeles on December 9, 2006.

Rosanna Arquette and Sheryl.
Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images & Rafael Lanus / Fame

Sheryl poses for photographers at the premiere.
Photos by: Danny Moloshok/ AP & Rafael Lanus / Fame

Rossana Arquette, David Lynch and Sheryl.
Photos by: Danny Moloshok/ AP & Rafael Lanus / Fame

Friday December 8


Photo 1: Sheryl and activist/author Laurie David attend Self Magazine's "It's Not Easy Being Green" honoring global-warming activist and author Laurie David and benefitting The National Resources Defense Council held at Me&Ro on Thursday, December 7, 2006 in West Hollywood, California.

Photo 2: Self Magazine's editor-in-chief Lucy S. Danziger and Sheryl

Photo 3: Writer Larry David, Sheryl and Laurie David

Photo 5: Self Magazine's entertainment director Michele Shapiro and Sheryl

Photos: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images




OT but freakin' hilarious! :-D

<EspritLibre> facciamo progressi -.- -.- -.-



Mini-Ad of the new multi-celebrities campaign for the Motorola (Red) MOTORZR V3M, especially designed to raise awareness and money for The Global Fund thanks to the (RED) initiative. A contribution from each purchase goes to help eliminate AIDS (and other diseases) in Africa.

(RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver (Chairman of DATA Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa). Both also founded DATA in 2002, an organisation created to put political pressure on world governments to tackle the key issues surrounding debt, AIDS and trade in Africa. (RED) is not a charity or "campaign". It is an economic initiative that aims to deliver a sustainable flow of private sector money to The Global Fund.

> Read the FAQ

Video - WMV - 13 sec - 700 kb - 16:9

This video is also available on Youtube

More info at:




4 9 t h ....A n n u a l ....G r a m m y ....A w a r d s
The ceremony will held on February 11st, 2007 at 8pm et/pt at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Category: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
.................. (For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only)

You Can Close Your Eyes
Sheryl Crow
(Sheryl Crow Artist's Choice Deluxe Edition)

Ain't No Other Man
Christina Aguilera
(Back To Basics)

Natasha Bedingfield

Stupid Girls
(I'm Not Dead)

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
kT Tunstall

Category: Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
.................. (For a collaborative performance, with vocals, by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or ...................Tracks only)

Always On Your Side
Sheryl Crow & Sting
(Sheryl Crow Artist's Choice Deluxe Edition)

Mary J. Blige & U2
( The Breakthrough)

For Once In My Life
Tony Bennett & Stevie Wonder
(Duets: An American Classic)

Nelly Furtado & Timbaland

Hips Don't Lie
Shakira & Wyclef Jean
(Oral Fixation Vol. 2)


Official On Line Coverage:


New York - Sheryl Crow may have chosen the wrong hair color when she agreed to be feature in a national advertising campaign for Colorist, Revlon's new line of premium hair color products which is expected to launch in January 2007.

Revlon has been bleeding $100 of millions of dollars annually and has had numerous retail doors slammed shut in its face in recent months. The brand even failed to cut it with low end retailers and got booted from Wal-Mart.

It's new product launches and attempts to revive the company have all been spectacular failures. Its stock only has value because Rvelon Chairman Ron Perelman keeps buying it back himself.




[...] The opening track is an original composition called "Try Not To Remember" performed by Sheryl Crow and very nicely arranged by Endelman. The lyrics, as well as the singing are quite poignant and thought provoking and this reviewer is not a Sheryl Crow fan at all. The last minute or so of the track Stephen takes over with his orchestration and arranging and gives us a small part of a chamber symphony. Both parts are very well done! Perhaps there is an Oscar nomination for best song. [...]

Complete review at :

Sheryl Crow, Try Not to Remember (Home of the Brave): Remember is keening, heartfelt, and deeply melodic. Crow weaves the conflicting emotions of the films' veterans into an impassioned ballad. Based on musicality alone, a worthy contender. (Out now.)


Wednesday December 6


Home Of The Brave Premiere, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills, California . December 5, 2006 - Pics: Juan Rico/Fame

Cast member Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson poses with Sheryl. Picts: . Reuters/Mario Anzuoni - Getty/Stephen Endemal

Sunday December 3



"Everyday is a Winding Road"
"The Difficult Kind"
"If It Makes You Happy"

Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, NY
August 6, 1999



Sheryl seems very involved in political activism, at every level. During the recent campaign for the new Howard County executive, she has recorded a robocall message for Ken Ulman, a member of the local County Council.

In the message she praised "Ken's fight to make Howard County smoke free" and saying she is "glad he stood up to developers to save Merriweather Post Pavilion, one of my favorite places to play."

Also Lance Armstrong has recorded a similar message.

Interesting fact : Ken Ulman's brother - the three-time cancer survivor Doug - is the Chief Mission Officer for LA Foundation.

Ehhh these connections...

By the way, check out this blog-post :

LOL :-)



Most played cover song in Canada...





Shame on Canada :-))))



Pic 1: Sheryl; Pic 1: Jennifer Van Bergh from Citigroup, Sheryl and Tom Box

"We're happy to break in this place, and it's a beautiful place!" nine-time Grammy Award-winner Sheryl Crow told the hundreds of music fans gathered for her Oct. 14 performance at the gala opening of the Orange County Performing Arts Center’s new Samueli Theater.

Resplendent in torn jeans with diamonds ringing her neck, wrist and fingers, the sultry-voiced rock 'n roller fit right into the ‘Denim and Diamonds’ theme chosen by theater namesakes Susan and Henry Samueli, hosts and sponsors of the historic evening. "I wore my best," she said.

"What can we say? Our dream came true - we brought jeans to the Performing Arts Center!" Susan Samueli joked as she stood before the dressed-down crowd in the intimate, 500-seat theater with its limestone facade and wood-accented interior. Appropriately, in a touch of irony, Crow began her set with the upbeat, "A Change Will Do You Good," a number that could have been written for many in the audience, who, only a month before, had stepped into formal gala gowns and tuxes to christen The Center's 2,000-seat Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall.

Center President Terry Dwyer welcomed the happy throng with the observation that, in recent weeks, with its concert hall opening performances and subsequent Mariinsky Festival - and now, the opening of the Samueli Theater -The Center had experienced "one artistic triumph after another." "We offer our heartfelt thanks to Susan and Henry for their generosity," Dwyer continued. "The Orange County Performing Arts Center is so proud that this wonderful new theater bears your name."

During the pre-concert reception on the theater terrace, where guests sipped champagne and fine wines at cocktail tables sprinkled with 'diamond dust', the Samuelis said it was thrilling to see their names on a venue designed to showcase everything from a rock band to a string quartet. "Seeing 'Samueli Theater' up there in lights -that was sort of a kick!" said Susan, whose faded denims were trimmed with sparkling stones. Added Henry: "It's a wonderful looking theater - warm and fantastic!"

Another plus for the Samuelis, they said, was the association their name would have with that of arts philanthropist Henry Segerstrom, founding chairman of The Center. "We give so much credit to Henry Segerstrom for this whole arts complex and what he has done for this community over the years," Henry said. "It's an honor for us to be associated with him with this theater."

Weaving personal stories through introductions of her rock numbers - which included "You're My Favorite Mistake," "Are You Strong Enough to be My Man?," "Wildflower," and "All I Wanna Do," the throaty-voiced Crow wowed the crowd with her vulnerable and easy-going style.

"That was great fun!" said Roger Kirwan, a member of The Center’s Steering Committee, as he headed for Mastro's Steakhouse across the street for the lively post-performance party, with its open bars, passed appetizers and generous buffets piled with seafood, beef tenderloin and salmon. Observed Ambassador George Argyros, taking a seat with wife, Julia, and friends: "I thought it was a terrific show. She's a natural who sings straight from the heart." Center Executive Vice President Judy Morr called Crow "the best!" "I loved the fact that she introduced the house to denim and diamonds," Morr added." What a way to launch a hall!"




Cycle shop caters to big wheels

November 28, 2006

What do the country music group Rascal Flatts and NASCAR racer Tony Stewart have in common?

The musicians and the champion driver got motorcycles from Celebrity Choppers, a firm based in Blaine, Tenn. that sells specialty bikes costing up to €112,000 ($150,000).

Joining them soon could be English guitarist and singer Eric Clapton, Texas blues-rock band ZZ Top and rhythm and blues star Brian McKnight. Plus the motorcycles, the stars and the company could be headed to network television.

The company is in negotiations with a couple of networks to run prime-time, one-hour shows featuring the lifestyles of the stars and their motorcycles being made.

Celebrity Choppers was the brainchild of James Copeland, the company's president. Copeland co-owns the firm along with Del Morgan and his son, Justin Morgan, who is the company's vice president.

Noted craftsman Arlen Ness, who has operated Arlen Ness Motorcycles since 1967, builds some of the bikes. With him is his son, Cory Ness. Other builders include Dave Perewitz and Donnie Smith.

"We have been working on this for nearly two years and it has taken a life of its own," Del Morgan said.

Copeland got the idea for the company while watching a motorcycle program out of California. So far they've sold three motorcycles and they have several other leads including Clapton, ZZ Top and McKnight, Copeland said.

The bike that Rascal Flatts purchased will go on a year-long tour with the award-winning group. Copeland said that Rascal Flatts has agreed to show the bike and sign autographs at several motorcycle shows, including one at Daytona, Fla.

After touring with the bike for a year, the band has agreed to auction off the bike with the proceeds going to Children's Hospital in Nashville.

Earlier this month, Celebrity Choppers staff attended the CMA Awards in Nashville and after the show they went to a Warner Brothers party, where Sheryl Crow became interested in buying one of the bikes, Copeland said.


Saturday December 2


New York, 1 dicembre 2006 - A meno di una anno dalla loro separazione, la cantante Sheryl Crow ha ammesso di amare ancora Lance Armstrong . "L'amore non e' finito" - ha detto l'artista 44enne, ospite all'Oprah Winfrey show.

I due si sono lasciati nel mese di febbraio scorso, dopo una relazione durata più di due anni, ma a quanto pare, la cantante country sembra non essersi ancora messa alle spalle il vecchio amore.

Oltre alla separazione dal ciclista, la cantante ha dovuto affrontare la battaglia contro il cancro al seno e questo le ha consentito di fare chiarezza nella sua vita




Sheryl Crow is turning to her country roots to record an album detailing her personal battles over the past few years. The breast cancer survivor, who now lives close to Nashville, Tennessee - the world's country music capital - admits the traditional tunes of The Carter Family have inspired her to turn her back on rock and pop on her next album. She explains, "I'm going to produce myself again and I'm working on an old-school country record in the style of The Carter family. "A lot of the stuff I've written, like If It Makes You Happy , are just country songs, so I'm in that world of trying to strip it down and make something that feels honest and steeped in American influence. "I had a lot of things happen to me in the last five years that I feel compelled to write about." As well as her cancer battle, Crow also romanced Tour De France cycling champion Lance Armstrong. The couple broke off their engagement at the beginning of this year (06).


Friday December 1


Friday December 1, 10:30 am ET
National Ad Campaign for New Line of Premium Haircolor Products to Feature Songstress

NEW YORK, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Revlon announces today Sheryl Crow, one of the music industry's biggest stars, will be featured in a national advertising campaign for Revlon Colorist -- a new line of premium haircolor products launching in January 2007. As the face of Revlon Colorist, Crow will appear in a multi-media campaign that will include television, print, in-store and internet placements. Revlon will also work with Sheryl on various breast cancer initiatives.

"We are thrilled to have Sheryl represent Revlon Colorist," says Debra Dowd, Vice President of marketing for Revlon's hair business. "Sheryl is an empowering woman who brings a sense of real glamour that is relatable. She has an ability to inspire people through her music, and her commitment to women's needs makes this a great partnership."

About Sheryl Crow

Since exploding onto the global stage in 1993 with the multi-platinum Tuesday Night Music Club album, Sheryl Crow has forged a legendary career, becoming the finest female singer/songwriter of her generation. Crow followed the success of her first album with six critically acclaimed albums and best-selling tours. Over the course of her career, Sheryl has collaborated with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Kid Rock to Willie Nelson. She has won countless awards (including 9 Grammy Awards) and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. In early 2006, Sheryl was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. The event changed her life, and her recovery has reinforced her zest for a full, joyful life. Sheryl continues writing new music and through her strength and perseverance, she continues to be an inspiration to cancer survivors everywhere.

About Revlon

Revlon® is a worldwide cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care products company. The company's vision is to become the world's most dynamic leader in global beauty and skin care. A web site featuring current product and promotional information can be reached at Revlon brands include Revlon®, Almay®, Ultima II®, Mitchum®, Charlie® and Flex®, which are sold worldwide.

Source: Revlon



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Outrageous stuff today, huh?





December 1, 2006 -- THAT Sheryl Crow, the new face of Revlon, has been in Memphis shooting its ad campaign with edgy photographer Ellen Von Unworth. Crow, a breast cancer survivor, is also going to work with Revlon Chairman Ronald Perelman on charity events . . . THAT Mary McFadden, the much-married fashion designer, made her cabaret debut the other night at Mr. Chow, singing "As Time Goes By" to Sondra Whitney, Ambassador John Loeb, Paul Soros and Peter Price.

Source: New York Post



Ellen von Unwerth is a BIG name in photography! I used to love her stuff when I was in high school. Also, she has already worked with Sheryl during two photo shoots in 2001 and 2002.

Excellent choice!





Sheryl Crow checked into an ashram and took a vow a silence in an effort to return to a positive mental attitude after her breast cancer scare and becoming single. The rocker was at her lowest earlier this year (06) when she was diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks after ending her engagement to cyclist Lance Armstrong. And as she was recovering Crow opted to seek spiritual help in a religious retreat. She says, "I've always been on a spiritual quest - I meditate, I went away to an ashram and took a vow of silence for six days and that was really one of those refining moments... It definitely helped me through this process."





From afar, 2006 seemed to be Sheryl Crow's year. Successful, healthy and engaged to be married to cyclist Lance Armstrong—the man she called her soul mate—this nine-time Grammy winner hoped for a year of firsts. She says she wanted to travel to Africa, get married and think about having kids.

In early February, Sheryl's life took an unexpected turn. She and Lance announced to the world that they were breaking off their engagement and ending their two-year relationship.

Then, just two and a half weeks later, Sheryl made another shocking announcement. She revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, doctors caught the cancer early. Sheryl had a lumpectomy and endured six and a half weeks of radiation treatment.

Sheryl says the events of the past year have been life altering, and for her, things will never be the same. "I've had so many people [say to] me, 'Gosh, you know, everything's really gone wrong for you this year,' and it took me going through that to realize that everything really went right for me," she says. "It brought me to this point where I am now, and I really feel like I have a lot of clarity."

While on the road to becoming more herself, Sheryl endured physical and emotional anguish…often, in the public spotlight.

When news of Sheryl and Lance's breakup began making headlines, she says it was particularly hard because she's a very private person.

"My relationships in the past are not dissimilar than the relationships that [most people] have," she says. "They're great, and then when they fall apart, you're hurt and you get through it. Unfortunately for me, we know who the other person is oftentimes."

Sheryl dealt with the end of her relationship and learned an important lesson along the way. "Love doesn't stop," she says. "That's one of the things that I have learned…even though it's not perhaps a functional relationship, the love doesn't stop."

Less than three weeks after Sheryl and Lance called off their engagement, Sheryl went to the doctor for a routine mammogram and left with a frightening diagnosis. "I have what they call really dense breasts, and so for me to do a self-examination, it's kind of futile," she says. "I went in and [the doctors] found calcifications. I got a lumpectomy, and it was cancer."

Sheryl says Lance was one of the first people she called when she found out she had cancer. In 1996, Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He went on to beat the disease and raise millions for cancer research though his LIVESTRONG™ campaign.

After breaking the news to her friends and family, Sheryl realized she had to fight the disease on her own terms. "Life is messy," she says. "There's no way to make everybody okay with everything and that was a big lesson for me. I couldn't make everybody feel okay about it. I couldn't let everybody be there for me. I had to own it. … When you get a diagnosis like that, you realize it's all about you. Nobody can do it for you. Nobody can go in and have the radiation for you."

Sheryl says when she first found out she had cancer she cried, and she still tries to have a good cry once a day. "It's in really experiencing your emotion, holding the emotion, really working through it … those are the conditions for your awakening. That's how you really find out who you are," she says.

While striving for self-discovery, Sheryl also learned who she needed to help her along the way. "It's about surrounding yourself with people who really edify you and lift you up," she says. "I still am very conscious about having people around me who are positive and who are on the right course."

After her diagnosis, Sheryl says she bought a home in Nashville, Tennessee, to be near her family. "At the end of the day, you really go to where the people are that are constantly helping you to remember who you are, who you were born to be," she says. "Your family, your friends, those are the people that really are here in your life for a reason to sort of help you find your way."

Thanks to early detection and treatment, Sheryl has been cancer-free for six months. "I am likely benign, [doctors] say…which means so far so good," she says.

Every day, Sheryl carries four small reminders of her battle with cancer. She calls them her "radiation tattoos," but they're actually scars caused by the radiation machine. "I will eventually have them removed but it's a nice reminder," she says. "I want to remember every moment of what was going on at that time because we talk about defining moments, but I think nothing can define you. They're all refining moments. You're constantly refining yourself and refining your life."

Oprah: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Sheryl: Loving yourself—I think that's so key and that's really what love is. It begins inside. Also to be gentle on yourself. I think we have so many expectations put on us and so many projections. It's important to be really gentle and forgiving.



Wildflower' Concert Features 16-Piece Orchestra

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- When Sheryl Crow decided to tour in support of her poignant album Wildflower, she wanted the live experience to reflect the orchestral lushness she had crafted on the album ... so she hauled along 16-piece orchestra with her. With the added string section, songs such as "If It Makes You Happy" and "Strong Enough" take on a new life. This concert was filmed on October 31, 2005 in New York City at Lincoln Center, and it includes many of Sheryl's hit singles as well as new tracks from the platinum-certified Wildflower. The DVD will be released on December 5, 2006.

Sheryl Crow is the premier female rock singer/songwriter of her generation. She has won countless awards, including nine Grammy Awards and her albums have sold over 25 million copies worldwide.




A proposito della news riportata sopra: informo tutti i fans italiani che il DVD di Wildflower, Live from New York sara' distribuito nei negozi italiani a partire da oggi. Se percaso qualcuno dovesse acquistarlo, ci faccia sapere nel forum!




By Stephen M. Silverman

Taking stock of this year – which began with her engagement to Lance Armstrong until they broke it off, just weeks before she ended up being diagnosed with breast cancer – Sheryl Crow says she's grateful for much of what happened to her.

"I've had so many people (say to) me, 'Gosh, you know, everything's really gone wrong for you this year,' and it took me going through that to realize that everything really went right for me," the singer, 44, told the TV host on Thursday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"It brought me to this point where I am now, and I really feel like I have a lot of clarity."

Part of the pain of the breakup with Armstrong, whom she'd been dating for two years, was the very public nature of the split. But what she also took from the experience, she says, is that "even though it's not, perhaps, a functional relationship, the love doesn't stop."

As for the lesson from her medical diagnosis and treatment – doctors caught the cancer early, resulting in her undergoing a lumpectomy and six and a half weeks of radiation – Crow discovered that it feels good to cry, something she now tries to do every day.

"It's in really experiencing your emotion, holding the emotion, really working through the emotion," she said. "Those are the conditions for your awakening. That's how you really find out who you are."

She also came to appreciate her family, and bought a home in Nashville, Tenn. to be near them. "At the end of the day, you really go to where the people are that are constantly helping you to remember who you are, who you were born to be," she said. "Your family, your friends, those are the people that really are here in your life for a reason to sort of help you find your way."

Now cancer-free for six months, Crow carries something else besides the lessons of her dramatic year: four small "radiation tattoos," scars caused by the radiation machine.

"I will eventually have them removed but it's a nice reminder," she said. "I want to remember every moment of what was going on at that time because we talk about defining moments, but I think nothing can define you. They're all refining moments. You're constantly refining yourself and refining your life."

Source: People magazine



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