[NEWS] Odessa concert - Tickets still available

By Ruth Campbell
Odessa OnLine

Tickets are still available for Sheryl Crow’s Sept. 27 concert benefiting the Odessa Education Foundation.

The performance is set for 8:30 p.m. at the Ector County Coliseum. Proceeds will go to Education Foundation, which provides items like classroom teacher grants, scholarships, Bookworms, a literacy program, and Battle of the Bluebonnets, a competition that pits students against each other while testing their knowledge of books they’ve read.

Director Celeste Potter said this is the foundation’s 15th annual event — starting with Willie Nelson — and it is their primary fundraiser for the year. The foundation hopes to net $350,000 after all expenses, including the artist’s fee, she said.

Bringing Crow and her entourage to Odessa will cost around $200,000, which includes airfare, Potter said. They will stay in Odessa for two nights, which gives the economy a boost, as well, shes said.

Potter said she thinks about 16 hotel rooms were blocked for Crow, if needed.

Crow’s contract says she will play for an hour, plus an encore. Depending on how into it the crowd is, Potter said she may play longer. “We’ve had bands play for 90 minutes. I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve never seen a disappointing show,” she said.

The Education Foundation usually likes to have its concert in the spring because the Midland Education Foundation has theirs in the fall. But this is when Crow was available and the coliseum was open.

Potter said people have been “real excited” about this concert and the events attract people from all over the region. “It’s neat to see the draw,” she said.

There are some tickets left through Box Office Solutions, and Potter said table sponsorships are still available. The tables can seat eight people and cost $2,500. The table sponsorship includes a pre-party with dinner and drinks. Food is available in Barn G and those attending usually get their treats and take them to their table in the coliseum, where desserts are in place.

“We’ve got some really good food lined up this year — Barn Door, La Margarita and Texas Soul Café. A board member is in charge of making sure the food complements each other,” Potter said.

Jay Arrick, a financial advisor, is the co-chairman of the event. Potter said this is his first year.

“Usually whoever is the concert chair, it’s their role to find the band and the date and then I have board members in charge of every other aspect of the concert from the food that we serve at the pre-party, decorations, volunteers, backstage catering. All of it’s taken care of by a different board member, so my job is … to make sure they’ve got everything they need,” Potter said.

Craig Van Amburgh, past foundation board president and past co-chair of the concert, said the foundation had tried for many years to get Crow to perform at the Education Foundation concert, but the timing never worked. He credited Arrick for finally achieving the goal.

Van Amburgh added that the foundation has a master list of performers to try and get and Crow had been on that list for about 10 years.

“We’ve always wanted to bring her,” Van Amburgh said.

The foundation has had a few months to organize this concert, but in the past, they’ve pulled it together in six weeks, Potter said.

Potter said she has about 15 active board members and about 50 volunteers. The foundation works with Young Professionals of Odessa and Potter said is hoping to work with the University of Texas of the Permian Basin football players this year this year. “Then we have volunteers who have been working with us for 15 years who always step up to help the night of,” she said.

Along with the pre-party for table sponsors, Potter said there also is a live auction that benefits programs such as Battle of the Bluebonnets and robotics.

Tickets are also available online at and by phone at 800-514-3849.

Since its inception in May 2000, the Education Foundation has awarded more than $2 million to ECISD teachers through the Teacher Grants Program. This program allows teachers in ECISD to apply for funding each year for innovative instructional approaches that may not otherwise be possible due to district budgetary constraints.

The nonprofit foundation’s mission is to create opportunities for education in Ector County ISD. Its vision is that every student in ECISD will be school-ready, college-ready, work-ready and world-ready.

SOURCE: Odessa OnLine


[VIDEO] Match Game Season 1, Episode 09

... and remember: the answer is ALWAYS Penis :-)


[STUDIO PIX] Writing...


Wed 24 Aug 16
Credit: Sheryl Crow


[NEWS] An Evening with Scott Hamilton and Friends"

Tickets are on sale now for the inaugural benefit "An Evening with Scott Hamilton and Friends" on November 20th, 2016, at 5:00pm at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. SHERYL CROW WILL HOSTING AND DIRECTING THE MUSIC FOR THE LIVE ICE SKATING SHOW. Proceeds will benefit the Scott Hamilton C.A.R.E.S. (Cancer Alliance for Research, Education and Survivorship) TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED HERE:


[NEWS] Why Sheryl Crow didn't succeed in the Country Music market?

Patrick Monahan (Train) interviewed by Brian Ives (
A perspective from Patrick Monahan three years after "Feels Like Home".


"I’m a big fan of authenticity. If it was an authentic move for me, and I was writing a record that sounded like a country record, I would maybe approach people in Nashville that I know and ask if they thought that it was a good idea for me, and “Would you help me do it?” But Nashville is a family. And some of the family is very weird. And some of the family is really incredible. But they all smell bulls—. And that’s what you’ve got to be careful with. If you’re going to go to Nashville, you’d better do it because you’re being authentic, not because you’re struggling or dried up."


"Darius Rucker authentically made a country record. He’s a country singer. He always has been. He happened to have an enormous amount of success on pop radio. He made an R&B record years ago [in 2001] that didn’t do well, but he’s not an R&B singer. You listen to those Hootie and the Blowfish songs, they’re country songs, they’re not R&B. I don’t think [doing a country album] worked for Sheryl Crow. But to me, Sheryl Crow writes country songs, too, so that was interesting to me, that that didn’t work for her. I don’t know why it didn’t."

I was surprised about Sheryl Crow, too. It seemed like she had had more forays into Nashville before actually doing a country album than Darius Rucker did.

"Maybe she was not really serious about it. I don't know. You gotta be real careful. Nashville…it’s not just Nashville, it’s people who listen to country radio. Like, if we did a country thing, people would be like, “Wait a minute, aren’t they the ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ band? I’m not buying this!” You have to be careful with that. I do write in a country-esque style, but I don’t know about writing an entire album like that, I don’t know that that’s me. And if it is me, I’d be careful about how I approach it. I’d probably move to Nashville to show them that I mean it."


[NEWS] Great news from Jeff Trott


[PIX] In the studio


Sheryl at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN. Love the NEVE 8078 Console. Great piece of equipment.


[NEWS] Top Country Songs of the Century - "Picture" ranked 11th by Taste of Country

More info at:


[LIVE PIX/VID] Sheryl & The Usual Suspects @ B.B. King's in Memphis

As every year, Kennett, MO based band The Usual Suspects performed an intimate concert at BB King’s club on Beale Street at Memphis, Tennessee. Of course Sheryl was there to sing a few songs with her dad Wendell & his gang!

The band consisting of:

- Jim Baker, vocals and lead guitar
- Ken Williams, vocals, harmonica and drums;
- Daryl Wilcoxson, vocals and keyboards;
- Gary Wilcoxson, bass guitar;
- Dunk Carter, vocals and lead guitar;
-,and Wendell Crow, vocals, trumpet, and rhythm guitar.



B.B. King's Blues Club
Memphis, Tennessee (USA)
Sat 20 August 2016


My Favorite Mistake


Rock and Roll


[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow New Album - Recording strings @ Blackbird Studios with Steve Jordan

Blackbird Studios, Nashville, Tennessee (USA) - 19 August 2016


[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow & Kelsea Ballerini - "All I Wanna Do" @ Greatest Hits

Here's the "Greatest Hits" performance video (Yes, it's also work for those who live outside of the United States)


[VIDEO] "The Na-Na Song" (LIVE, bootleg, 1997) with Lyrics

Another song from the show at the Tokyo Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan. In this video i've also added the lyrics on screen. The band consisting of: Sheryl Crow (vocals, guitars, keyboards, harp, accordion, maracas, headless tambourine); Todd Wolfe (Lead Guitar); Jeff Trott (Guitar, Vocals); Tim Smith (Bass, Vocals) and Jim Bogios (Drums). Enjoy!


[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow - "Ordinary Morning" (LIVE Bootleg, Japan 1997)

From my archives |||| - This video was recorded by a fan in the audience during the second show at the Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan in Tokyo (Japan) on Friday, 16 May 1997. It's low-quality VHS stuff, but bootlegs are better than nothing, right? :-) Not to mention this great song is very rare on video. You can also hear the nice guitar work by Mr Todd Wolfe, although you can't actually see him 'cause he's out of the screen. I have the whole concert so i think I'll post more vids soon. Note: for those of you who don't know, the Tokyo Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan was a quite famous concert hall. Most of the biggest names in the rock world walked onto that stage at some point. This venue stood for nearly 50 years, before closing in 2010


[NEWS] Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks to Guest Star on Sheryl Crow's Next Album

Crow Is Cancer-Free And Very Busy

By Selma Fonseca

Sheryl Crow’s next album will have some heavy hitters on it. The rocker, 54, appeared in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 5 at the BlogHer16 conference, where she told the crowd that after being treated for breast cancer in 2006, she has been free of the disease for 10 years. Crow, who last released an album in 2013, also told Overheard that she is in the process of recording a new album at her home studio in Nashville that is “inspired by the people who have inspired me since I was a kid.” Among the guest stars: “Stevie Nicks, who is a dear friend,” and “Keith Richards, who is an inspired and amazing human being.” Crow expects the record to be out next spring. She also is about to begin work on another album with songwriter-producer Jeff Trott, who co-wrote some of her biggest hits, including “My Favorite Mistake.” "If It Makes You Happy," "Soak Up The Sun" and "Every Day Is A Winding Road."


[NEWS] Sheryl Crow Opens Up About Being 10 Years Cancer-Free, Praises Shannen Doherty: 'Knowledge is Power'

by Desiree Murphy
Entertainment Tonight

Sheryl Crow is living every day with a positive mindset.

It's been over 10 years since she beat breast cancer, and while speaking with reporters at the #BlogHer16 exposition in Los Angeles on Friday, the "All I Wanna Do" singer revealed that her outlook on life has completely changed for the better.

"My diagnosis was a real game changer," Crow explained. "At that point, I was 44, and I was the picture of great health."

"I've had a lot of people say, 'Yeah, these things help you redefine your life,' but for me, I really refined my life," she continued. "I began to really hack away at the things that were not important anymore and the things that were energy sucking. I learned how to say no."

The 54-year-old rocker admitted that part of that happiness comes from finally learning to "quit taking care of everyone," something she says comes naturally as a woman. She also learned to stop putting so much pressure on herself and her achievements, whether they're measurements of her career or relationship status.

"I was at the bottom of my totem pole, and it caught up to me," Crow confessed. "And I believe that was really my relationship to the physical aspect of cancer. It [also] redirected the story I was telling myself. That story, that when you're raised by two parents in a loving home, that that's what life is going to look like."

Crow, who is now raising two boys -- Wyatt, 9, and Levi, 6 -- in Nashville, revealed that during the time of her breast cancer treatment, she felt a void in her life.

"I was about a year out [of treatment], and I [asked myself], 'What's missing?' And maybe there's another way there," she explained. "So I started the adoption process."

"You can't just write your story and live by it. If there are things you want that are outside that story, because it can be so confined," she continued. "So I just said, 'Hey, I'm going to start the process and we'll see what happens.' And now I have these great two boys and they roll with it. It's just been an amazing journey."

In addition to taking care of her kids, Crow is also a big advocate of raising awareness for the disease that redirected her life. During the interview, she praised Shannen Doherty for her strength and courage to publicly share her own battle with breast cancer. While chatting with ET's Jen Peros earlier this month, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star revealed her cancer had spread.

"I think that [talking about cancer] takes the fear out of it," Crow explained. "I mean, it is a scary thing, but one of the problems we have with breast cancer in general is getting women to go and get a mammography. A lot of us who are moms are too busy, or we don't really want to know. I think a lot of women really kind of don't want to know. In some instances, we're poorly insured or uninsured. And until we find a cure, early detection is our cure. The statistic of the cure rate at five years is 100 percent if it's detected early."

"So I love women who are coming out and saying, 'This is what I've done. I've been proactive and I'm celebrating my life,'" she added. "It's just really hard to imagine that 30 years ago, no one had spoken about having breast cancer until Betty Ford. When she came out and announced [she had it], it was very taboo and shocking. And now we can talk about it and it's a part of our everyday life. Knowledge is power."

Crow said she is beyond ecstatic that we're "closer and closer to a cure." She encourages women 40 years of age and older to never skip their annual mammography exam, and to take advantage of the new Genius 3D technology, which is now available in all 50 states. (You can find the facility closest to you HERE.)

"[I'm cancer free] all because of a mammography. I had a little calcification that showed up, or maybe a couple on my mammography, and they said come back in six months," Crow explained. "That was even before the 3D. Now we have the Genius 3D machine, which can detect things 15 months earlier. When you consider by the time your cancer shows up, you probably had it five years. This is cutting off 25 percent of that time already, which means that the treatment you're going to have is so much less taxing than what you would have if you were stage three or stage four."

"I'm not going to get sick again," she confirmed, knocking on the arm rests of the white chair she was seated in. "I'm not a superstitious person -- I wouldn't have said I was going to be a good candidate for cancer to begin with. [But] I do believe that a healthier life comes from a life that is less stressful, and there's a lot of stress in our lives in general."

"When it comes to the events that are natural to our lives -- divorces, deaths in the family, paying our rents, not having jobs -- but to bring in other added stresses, to invite those things in, is just needless and ridiculous," she added.

in conclusion, Crow shared her top three tips for living a less stressful life:

1. Find time to unplug.

"I find that having the TV on all the time, having a phone attached to me with emails and texts and social media and all of that stuff is a distraction that creates a kind of stress that we're completely oblivious to. I mean, we get in elevators and we don't even acknowledge mankind anymore."

"[Being on the phone] you miss out -- you make yourself unavailable and you miss out on the little moments in your kids' lives. So that's one thing I would tell parents - to put your phones away, even when you're out with friends, but definitely around your kids."

2. Meditate.

"Meditating is a big one. Not necessarily getting into TM [transcendental meditation], but just sitting quietly and trying to quiet your brain, even for 10 minutes a day, is valuable for people in our generation, and definitely for younger people to sit and be able to quiet their minds and take away some of the messaging that is just constant."

3. Make time for YOU.

"What I would tell my younger self is, just to be selfish about my life, and to not be so hard on myself. The other thing I would say is, love is not attached to achievement. Love isn't something you earn, that you come in being worthy of love, no matter who you are. That's a lesson that you have to learn over and over."



[INTERVIEW] Sheryl talks about her new album, musical heroes & cancer prevention

Sheryl, who is 10 years cancer-free, sits with Access Hollywood Live's Kit Hoover and guest co-host Jack Osbourne (of "Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour") to discuss about her new album, musical heroes and how far technology has come in the fight against breast cancer.


[PIX/VIDS] Sheryl Crow @ #Blogher 2016 conference - 5 August


22 Photos

#BlogHer Conference
Friday Lunch | Q&A With Sheryl Crow
JW Marriot - Main Stage
Los Angeles, California (USA)
5 August 2016




Sheryl Crow at ‪#‎blogher16‬ on the importance of early breast
cancer detection & Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exams


[VIDEO] There Goes the Neighborhood - Live in Montreal

Great rendition!


[PIC] Sheryl coming up on MichaeLA on HLN Channel

Sheryl will talk about the importance of early breast cancer detection



[PIX] Greatest Hits - Microsoft Theater - 4 August

"All I Wanna Do" performed by Sheryl Crow and Kelsea Ballerini



Performance Snippet

With the host Arsenio Hall

Backstage with the make-up artist Kristofer Buckle

They say the neon lights are bright on brooooadwayyy :-)


[VIDEO] Sheryl Crow - Support my friend Chris Hudson in his Pelotonia Ride to fund cancer research

Website to donate:


[LIVE PIC] Greatest Hits - Rehearsal


Getting ready to hit the stage for tonight's Greatest Hits finale!
With Sheryl, Kelsea Ballerini, Audley Freed and Peter Stroud
Don't forget to tune in on ABC @ 9PM ET!
(Photo by David Wild)


(Photo by Kelsea Ballerini)



[NEWS] 20 years ago. Tales from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Op. Joint Endeavour



[NEWS] ABC Reveals Song Choices For “Greatest Hits” Finale!

Sheryl will perform “All I Wanna Do” with Kelsea Ballerini.

The song list follows:

Adam Lambert – “Faith” (George Michael)
Ariana Grande “How Will I Know”/ “Queen of the Night” (Whitney Houston)
Celine Dion – “My Heart Will Go On” (Performing from Montreal)
Colin Hay – “Down Under”
En Vogue – “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”
Flo Rida – (Performing a Hip-Hop tribute)
John Legend – “Ex Factor / Doo Wop (That Thing)” (Lauryn Hill)
Nelly – “Ride Wit Me” / “Hot In Herre”
New Edition – “If It Isn’t Love” / “Sensitivity” / “Rub You The Right Way” / “Poison”
Richard Marx – Don’t Mean Nothing
Sheryl Crow & Kelsea Ballerini – “All I Wanna Do”
Smash Mouth & Hunter Hayes – “All Star”


[INSTAPIC] Snakes!


[LIVE PIX] 3rd Annual Showcase - Benefit concert - 30 July 2016


3rd Annual Showcase
Benefit concert for the Community Cancer Fund
Coeur d’Alene Resort
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (USA)
30 July 2016



Photo: Myk Crawford


Photo: Patchin Lukens Osso


Photo: Patchin Lukens Osso

Photo: aasher42

Photo: Arienne Luckoski

* * *


"When a rock star sings to your sister-in-law Karen Rancic Soenen on facetime. This moment is everything. Sheryl Crow is the coolest ever!!!" (Video and caption by Giuliana Rancic).

* * *

Celebrities help raise big bucks for Community Cancer Fund

Jim Meehan

There were no professional golfers at The Showcase but 15 former pro athletes had moments where they looked the part.

Former NHL player Brenden Morrow crushed his drive on the first hole Saturday at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. As the ball rolled to a stop playing partner Mark Rypien cracked, “I don’t take vacations that far.”

Ex-Spokane Chief and NHL standout Ray Whitney birdied No. 17. Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky nearly did the same after a nice chip but his 6-foot putt slid by the right edge.

Fred McGriff celebrated with raised arms when he knocked it close from a green-side bunker. His golf swing isn’t as smooth as his baseball swing that led to nearly two decades in the big leagues, but numbers on a scorecard weren’t as important as The Showcase’s purpose.

“Cancer affects everybody,” McGriff said. “My father had pancreatic cancer. It’s a great cause (to raise money for Community Cancer Fund), so it’s great to be here.”

The 9-hole celebrity exhibition was one of several events in the third annual Showcase, which included a celebrity-amateur golf outing Friday and a concert featuring Sheryl Crow and John Fogerty later Saturday. The Showcase raised well over $1 million to fight cancer in the Inland Northwest.

“Like Ryan (Gee, co-founder of the CCF) said, why not us?’ ” said Rypien, the former Washington State Cougar and Super Bowl MVP. “We have maybe the greatest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world. We have Don Kardong and what he’s done with Bloomsday. We have the Ironman.

“And we have a lake here to showcase all this. The Showcase is not only golf but to showcase our area in the northwest. It’s making a huge difference in the lives of people that are going through cancer.”

A sizable portion of The Showcase dollars go to an endowment for Camp Goodtimes, a week-long camp for youngsters battling cancer.

“To me, children’s charities are the most important,” said former NHL star Brett Hull, a two-time Stanley Cup champion who lives at nearby Gozzer Ranch. “They’re our future.”

Morrow shot 3-under par, the day’s lowest score. He had a two-putt birdie on the par-5 first hole. His drive was just short of the green on his eighth hole, the par-4 13th. He drained the 40-footer for eagle after his caddy talked him into putting instead of chipping.

“I’m a scratch-ish player,” said Morrow, who spends summer months at Gozzer Ranch. “I’ve done this before for nine holes, but if we played another nine I’d probably give them all back.”

Hull shot 2-under to finish in second place. He birdied No. 8 from 8 feet and added another birdie on the par-5 11th. His birdie putt on his second hole circled the cup and somehow refused to fall, prompting him to wonder out loud if his ball “was afraid of the dark.”