NEWS - Feels Like Home 'ZinePak (Walmart Exclusive)

The Sheryl Crow "Feels Like Home 'ZinePak" features an exclusive 64-page magazine, custom wildflower seed packet, and Sheryl's debut country album featuring 12 new songs including "Easy," "Shotgun," and "Give It To Me." The 'ZinePak includes an exclusive interview, lyrics, Sheryl's stories behind the songs, and behind-the-scenes details about her collaborations, inspirations, and creative process behind "Feels Like Home."


MAGAZINE - Billboard, 31 August issue - Crow's Migration



REVIEW - "We Oughta Be Drinking" -

Drinking-Shery Crow (CD Cut)
Postedn by SteveO

Damn, these wimmin keep on making me feel good’n amazed. There’s probably four hit songs on here new album. I was all prepared not to like it, had strains of Alan Jackson’s “Gone Country” floatin’ in the head when I read that’s what she was gonna do. Should’a realized right off that if any Pop star could do the big cross-over, she’d be in the pole position. Drinking is the very mostest Country-Country song amidst a good bunch of ‘em Anybody that’s ever turned up a beer has thought this exact thing at one time or another. Gotta work tomorrow, I know it. But screw it, we oughta be drinking. Be aware, she uses the descriptive “shit-faced” one time toward the end there. Considering what’s going on in the Pop world it’s mild. And, it perfectly fits the narrative. The other three I like the most are: Calling Me Lonely, Homesick , and Homecoming Queen.

NEWS - Sheryl guests on new album by country keyboards man Gordon Mote

One of the the surprise guests on the latest album by country and Southern gospel pianist Gordon Mote is rock icon Sheryl Crow. Mote's 'All Things New' album, released by New Haven Records, also features guests Trace Adkins, Jason Crabb, the Gaither Vocal Band and Darius Rucker. The project was largely produced by acclaimed country music producer Frank Rogers. In the past Mote has played on many Rogers sessions. Said the pianist, "The fact that Frank is now shaping my music is both humbling and exhilarating."


VIDEO - "Give It To Me" captured in the Live Room - Nashville

Sheryl performs her new song, "Give It To Me'" in an exclusive live recording session at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, TN for The Live Room.

NEWS - Sheryl Crow finds new 'home' in country music's Nashville

By Tim Ghianni
NASHVILLE, Tennessee

(Reuters) - Sheryl Crow has spent the past seven years living the country life in country music's capital with her country music friends, but the Grammy-winning rocker has only now come around to recording a country music album.

"Feels Like Home," which will be released on September 10, is the culmination of the 51-year-old mother of two's latest musical conversion, this time into a country singer.

"This album feels very natural," Crow said in an interview at her 50-acre (20-hectare) estate on the outskirts of Nashville, where she keeps 11 horses, two head of longhorn cattle and dogs.

"It's an extension of who I am, where I live. It doesn't seem like too big of a departure. I've been absorbed into the city limits of Nashville."

But it was just 20 years ago when Crow catapulted to pop-rock radio sensation with "All I Wanna Do," proclaiming that "all I want to do is have some fun until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard," the street that traverses Los Angeles.

Crow has sold upward of 20 million albums and has managed to make the transition from 1990s' barroom rocker to polished pop singer in the first decade of the 2000s and now to a new residence in country.

In that time, she credits Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, both of whom she has worked with, for helping her find her country voice, namely the Stones' 1969 song "Country Honk" and Petty's Southern-bred storytelling.

"After 25 years of songwriting, some of my best is on this record," she said. "Nashville's breathed new life into my songwriting career."

Crow has already scored a top 30 single on Billboard's county music chart with "Easy," an up-tempo love song about domestic happiness.

Crow did get some help from her country music friends during her transition to Nashville, crediting her country conversion to critical favorite Emmylou Harris and country mega-star Brad Paisley, who had long told Crow to take a leap of faith.


"He'd say, 'If your records were to come out now, they would be on country radio,'" Crow said.

She finally succumbed, thanks to a performance she did with Loretta Lynn and Miranda Lambert of Lynn's autobiographical "Coal Miner's Daughter" at the 2010 Country Music Association Awards show.

"After that, he (Paisley) came to me and said, 'Now, will you come home to the format you belong to?'" she recalled.

Paisley reminded Crow that she had long used country music's twangy trademark pedal steel guitar in her songs, even back when she was having fun at dawn on Santa Monica Boulevard in 1993.

Her songs, like country music in general, were three-minute stories, he also told her. Crow said she followed his advice of "turning your vocals up and getting songs more first-person ... He dug in his heels and said, 'You are doing this.'"

Paisley even helped, co-writing the song "Waterproof Mascara" on the album. "Feels Like Home" in fact is Crow's first album collaborating with another songwriter on each track.

His songwriting advice was pretty simple: "Leave out the fat and get to the imagery," Crow said with a flash of a smile.

The end result had her immerse herself in the Nashville-style of songwriting, teaming up with writers of like spirit, and creating - usually from scraps of ideas brought to the sessions by Crow - a dozen songs.

But in her musical transition, Crow also found that country music had shifted its sounds as well.

"The country format is more pop than pop was when I came up" two decades ago, Crow said about her rock 'n' roll days.

"Waterproof Mascara," Crow's favorite track from her new album, may never get played on mainstream country radio, she admits, because it is "too country."

"I love the country format," Crow said, adding that now that she had done her work, "country fans will decide" if it is indeed her home.

(Editing by Eric Kelsey, Mary Milliken and Peter Cooney)

SOURCE: Reuters


LIVE PIX - KMLE 8 Man Jam - concert, backstage + M&G (28 August)


64 Photos
KMLE 8 Man Jam Acoustic Concert
Talking Stick Resort & Casino
Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)
28 August 2013

NEWS - Ask Anything with Sheryl Crow (CMT Radio Live)


PIX - Portrait Studio Session @ Spotlight Studios in NYC (23 August)



VIDEO INTERVIEW - Sheryl Talks Country Music, Recording In Nashville & Hearing Herself On The Radio


2013 TOUR - New Date Added!

Free and Easy Tour with Gary Allan

Delkab, Illinois (USA)
Convocation Center, Northern Illinois University
Tickets: $35-55 On Sale 29 August 2013 -

Doors for the show will open at 6:30pm and the show will start at 7:30pm. Special guest Maggie Rose will open the show.

PIX - Promo interviews in New York (23 August)

Sheryl getting her make-up did before an interview with the Associated Press' reporter Mesfin Fekadu (Photo: MusicMesfin)

Sheryl with Alicia Quarles of E! Entertainment (Photo: Alicia Quarles)

PIX/LIVE REVIEW - Minnesota State Fair - 25 August

Grandstand review: Sheryl Crow wants to be country; Dwight Yoakam is the real thing

By Ross Raihala
Photos: Jefferson Wheeler/

Once the hits dry up, some artists decide it's time to make a Christmas album. Or a record for kids. Or, in the case of Sheryl Crow, they give country music a shot.

It can be a tricky business. Just ask Crow's contemporary, Jewel, who has tried (and mostly failed) all three genres. Country fans, in particular, are wary of carpetbaggers. Darius "Don't Call Me Hootie" Rucker managed to make the transition, but he's the exception to the rule.

That hasn't stopped Crow, 51, from trying. Sunday night, she headlined the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair with support from an actual country artist, Dwight Yoakam. Given that Crow has long since perfected that southern California, mid-'70s country rock sound that Nashville adores, it wasn't that much of a leap for her to go full-on twang.

And twang is what she brought Sunday night, in front of 5,361 fans. Backed by a six-piece band, including a pedal steel guitarist, Crow added a touch of country to her old hits like "All I Wanna Do," "The First Cut Is the Deepest" and "Soak Up the Sun."

She also worked in a handful of tracks from her upcoming "Feels Like Home" album, which is due out next month. Some of the new songs, like her current single "Easy," got a bit repetitious, but they mostly fit in just fine with the rest of Crow's material. It remains to be seen whether the country crowd accepts Crow's new direction, but at least none of the fresh songs came across as too pandering. And she's certainly working hard to get it out there, as she already had played two Minnesota casino gigs and Glamorama this summer before hitting the Grandstand.

Throughout the show, Crow smiled and swayed and made the most of her sometimes thin voice, which often got overshadowed by up to four guitars that were cranked far too high. She talked about how she once almost married a guy from Minneapolis (she dated filmmaker Joe Blake early in her career) and how she loves horses, funnel cakes and cold beer. (It should be noted that Crow wrote a cookbook named, no lie, "If It Makes You Healthy." Available used on Amazon for 59 cents, it probably does not include a recipe for funnel cake.)

As for Yoakam, his opening set was nearly as long as Crow's, and he delivered hit after hit after hit, from "A Thousand Miles from Nowhere" to "Little Ways" to "Fast as You."

The 56-year-old Kentucky native still rocked his trademark vacuum-sealed blue jeans but didn't move quite as much as he did back in the day. That may have had something to do with the stifling heat. His terrific guitarist, Eugene Edwards, often looked as if he was about to pass out. Indeed, it was too steamy for the crowd to do much dancing for Yoakam, but he easily could have headlined the evening on his own.

Photo: Jefferson Wheeler/

Photo: upperjraymond

Photo: upperjraymond

Photo: joshbell007

Photo: joshbell007

Photo: hollywooodhippie

Photo: rossraihala

:: REVIEW #2 ::

CONCERT REVIEW: Sheryl Crow's country voice was overwhelmed at Minnesota State Fair show

review: Crow’s twangy voice was overwhelmed in State Fair grandstand show.

By John Bream

Sheryl Crow is trying to pull a Hootie. Oops, sorry, make that a Darius Rucker.

Like the lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish, Crow is trying to make the transition from a big 1990s pop star to a new-millennium country star.

She has the requisite Nashville address, pedal steel guitar and “y’alls” in her conversation. But she doesn’t wear rhinestones, fuss with her long hair or subscribe to conservative politics (in fact, she’s a liberal Democratic activist). Still, she’s already had sizable country hit, the Kid Rock duet “Picture,” and she’s releasing her first album for Warner Music Nashville on Sept. 10.

At the State Fair grandstand on Sunday, Crow previewed five songs from her new album. She definitely knows how to write a country tune that has the right hook and emotional impact.

And it was clear that at least a couple of her old hits, namely “Strong Enough” and “If It Makes You Happy,” could easily be country hits.

But there was something that could hold her back in country. And, no, it isn’t necessarily her age (at 51, while she doesn’t look it, she might be a bit advanced for country’s core crowd). It was her inability to consistently sell a song in concert, which is essential for country.

It’s not that she doesn’t have the voice or the ability to deliver her emotion-packed lyrics. The issue was that the guitars in her band were almost always too loud, drowning out her voice. In country concerts, voice is the most important instrument.

Curiously, the electric guitars were dialed down on Crow’s new, rock-flavored selections, including the strutting “Best of Times” featuring Crow’s smokin’ harmonica, and “Shotgun,” which is about riding in the front seat, not shooting guns. Remember, she’s a liberal from Missouri.

The other new numbers were the single “Easy,” which sounds like bland laid-back Crow pop, and the more country-sounding and emotion-packed “Call Me When I’m Lonely” and the impassioned ballad “Give It To Me,” both of which have hit potential.

Several of her pop hits connected with maximum effect. “Can’t Cry Anymore” found her wailing and testifying at the end, and “Soak Up the Sun,” a slice of makes-you-happy pop fluff, had the 5,361 fans singing along. And she surprised them with a killer rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” to end her 90-minute show.

Crow demonstrated the smiley, chatty persona that goes with being in country music. She mentioned her kids, State Fair stuff and her opening act, Dwight Yoakam. She talked about her love of the Midwest and how she almost married a Minneapolis man (she did an impression of filmmaker Joe Blake’s mom with a Minnesota accent: “Joe, you betcha”).

Crow clearly has the ingredients and potential for country stardom. Now if she can just get her sound engineer and band ready to go country.

In his opening 70-minute set, Yoakam, 57, showed why he has reigned as an exciting country maverick for more than 25 years. He has smartly crafted songs; a stellar California honky-tonk sound with a little British Invasion rock seasoning; a crackerjack, rhinestone-enwrapped band featuring Gene Edwards’ versatile twangy guitar; an effective voice and undiminished sex appeal thanks to his tighty Dwighty jeans and that little boot scootin’ shuffle he does. Even Crow said she wished she could do that move, but she admitted not with her high heels on.



PIX - Sheryl with The Usual Suspects @ B.B. King's in Memphis - 24 Aug


Wendell Crow, Sheryl Crow, Jim Baker and Daryl Wilcoxson LIVE in Memphis! :-)
Photo Lucia Kay

The Band in action!
Photo: Jenn Mellon

The band in action! - take II
Photo: toulousethewonderweenie

Photo: yingface

View from the console

Photo: thefilmjerkk

With a fan
(photo: sexikilla)

With fans
(photo: @Gray_Hill_)



PIC - Promo shoot photo by Kristofer Buckle (New York) - 23 August


NEWS - Sheryl Crow Is Ready to Hear More Female Voices on Country

Sheryl Crow has made it to the top 20 on the country airplay charts with her single "Easy," and that's quite a feat for a female newcomer to the format. Despite Sheryl's household-name status and impressive string of pop and rock hits, she's had to put in a lot of work to break onto the male-dominated country radio playlists.

Says Sheryl, "It is frustrating to me that on any given day of listening to country all day sitting by the pool, I'll only hear three females and they're the same three."

The reason behind the lack of female acts on country radio isn't entirely clear to Sheryl, though she respects that the companies behind the stations have to turn a profit.

"For better or for worse, it is a business," Sheryl explains, "and it's based on commerce. And where commerce is concerned, you get a lot of stuff that sounds the same because it's familiar."

Overall, Sheryl believes the country format would be better served by having more diverse, female perspectives on the airwaves. One newcomer in particular stands out to Sheryl on that front.

She says, "I look at Kacey Musgraves, and I think, 'That's very promising.' You know, she seems to have a point of view and sounds a little different at country. So, we'll see."

Sheryl Crow will release her first full-length country project, Feels Like Home, on September 10.


NEWS - ‘Southern Living’ To Co-Host Sheryl Crow Album Launch Party

Jessica Nicholson

Time Inc.’s Southern Living and Warner Music Nashville have partnered to celebrate the launch of Sheryl Crow’s debut country project Feels Like Home, available Sept. 10 on Warner Bros. Records.

Southern Living will co-host the album release party at Sheryl’s farm in Nashville on Thursday, Sept. 5. Though the event is closed to the public, fans can view it via live stream on

The synergy between media outlet and artist continues in Southern Living’s October issue (on stands Sept. 20), where Crow will be featured in its popular “Paper Napkin Interview,” a monthly Q&A with a well-known Southerner.

Southern Living recently opened the Idea House for public tours on the Property of Fontanel (Barbara Mandrell’s former estate) in Nashville. Sheryl has created a virtual tour of the Idea House as a backdrop for the stories behind her own songs, allowing fans to stream tracks from the album Feels Like Home before the release date.



MAGAZINE - Rolling Stone - 19 August issue


PIC/REVIEW - Lulu’s Barkin’ BBQ charity event - Sat 17 August

Sheryl headlined Lulu’s Barkin’ BBQ, the chuckwagon supper and auction hosted by Fred and Jana Bartlit as a benefit for the Dumb Friends League, the largest independent, nonprofit community-based animal shelter/humane society .The event was held at their home in Castle Pines Village in Denver, with food by Texas barbecue chef Tom Perini. Read more about Lulu’s Barkin’ BBQ in Joanne Davidson’s RSVP and the Mile High Style blog.

Sheryl with hosts Jana, Lulu and Fred Bartlit. (Steve Peterson for The Denver Post)

* * * *

Sheryl Crow sings for homeless pets; Lulu’s Barkin’ BBQ raises $850,000 for Dumb Friends League

By Joanne Davidson
Denver Post

Sometimes, recording artists get it in their heads that audiences want to hear new music, obscure music … anything but their greatest hits.

And while we’ll give ‘em this — that singing the same songs concert after concert can be tedious for the vocalist and his or her band — fans are indeed disappointed when the set list doesn’t include at least some of the tunes that made the artist famous.

Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow gave the crowd more than its money’s worth when she headlined Lulu’s Barkin’ BBQ, the annual hoedown that Fred and Jana Bartlit host as a fundraiser for the Dumb Friends League.

Her hour-long show included nearly all of her hits, including “Soak Up the Sun,” “The First Cut Is The Deepest,” “All I Wanna Do” and “If It Makes You Happy.”

She further endeared herself by pointing out that a couple of the boys in her band were wearing shirts they’d purchased at the Larimer Square boutique, Cry Baby Ranch.

This was the 12th year that the Bartlits have hosted Lulu’s Barkin’ BBQ. In addition to bringing in name entertainment, they also bring barbecue king Tom Perini in from Buffalo Gap, Texas, to do the cooking.

Jana Bartlit is a lifetime member of the DFL board; her husband is a prominent attorney, the ‘Bartlit’ in Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP. Lulu Bartlit, their dog, is a Brussels Griffon.

The evening begins with cocktails and a silent auction in and around a giant tent — one large enough to hold 500-plus guests and a stage that will accommodate the entertainers.

It takes 12 days to get everything set up, Jana Bartlit said, and three days to tear down.

Perini and his crew serve barbecued ribs, deep-fried shrimp and bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers while guests enjoy margaritas and other adult beverages. Dinner is a chuckwagon buffet that includes beef tenderloin, fried catfish, green chili hominy and assorted salads.

A live auction preceded Crow’s show, and two of the most popular items were the chance to have a photo of one’s pet appear on either the cover or centerfold of the DFL’s 2014 calendar.

The cover shot was secured by Lynn and Rick Hendricks while a four-legged member of Thomas and Joey Puschak’s family will appear as the centerfold. The calendar goes on sale Oct. 15 at the DFL gift shop.

Those bids helped push the total amount raised to $850,000 — a nice jump over last year’s $679,000.

And, since a top priority for the Dumb Friends League is to find forever homes for homeless pets, it was heartening to know that 13 of the 16 pets brought to the event were adopted. Nine dogs and four cats.

Bob Rohde, who has been president and CEO of the DFL since 1977, helped the hosts greet such supporters as board chair Scott Stevens; former chair Craig Mills and Nancy Willerton; J Madden and his wife, Linda Poletti; Kathi Brock; Dr. Pete Sendroy; Howard and Susan Noble; Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld; Judy Fahrenkrog and Larry King; Karen Woods; Eli and Ashley Wald; Lanny and Sharon Martin; Sandy and Melissa Rufenacht; Gregory Sissel and Theresa Ivanovich; Edie Busam and hubby Mike McArdle; Dick and Cathey Finlon; and Dave McKleveen with Pat “Gabby Gourmet” Miller.

Joanne Davidson: 303-809-1314, and @GetItWrite on Twitter

SOURCE: Denver Post



LIVE PIX - Antelope Vallery Fair - Lancaster, California - 19 August


Photo: cshinko

Photo: notsousual

Photo: princess_cottoncandy


All I Wanna Do 


Rock and Roll



LIVE VID - "We Oughta Be Drinkin'" captured in Live Room

Notes from

While Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” and Willie Nelson’s “Whiskey River” are classics, we’re in desperate need of a new drinking song. And no, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” doesn’t count.

Fortunately, Sheryl Crow has stepped up with her latest album, Feels Like Home, and included the aptly titled track “We Oughta Be Drinkin’.” (Hear it here first by watching the video below.) It’s a catchy anthem that has a country-western twang but will be played in all kinds of joints. Even though it’s new, you might think you’ve already heard it dozens of times. She says it was, of course, inspired by drinking. And Crow does have some serious liquor street cred, having partied with Kid Rock (AKA Robert James Richie). “Hanging out with Bobby is so fun,” she told us. “You just want to drink when you’re with him!”

Crow admits that she doesn’t make cocktails much at home, but she does always have  Don Julio Tequila and Tito’s Vodka in her personal liquor cabinet, and she enjoys Pomegranate Martinis and the frozen Watermelon Margaritas featured in her cookbook, If It Makes You Healthy.

And she loves a good watering hole, including the renowned craft-cocktail bar Patterson House in Nashville and historic live music venue The Continental Club in Austin. And when she’s in LA, she says, “I like the Tower Bar and the Chateau Marmont for meeting friends.


NEWS - The Live Ride Announces Summer Tour Wrap-Up With Sheryl Crow


Contact: Melissa Bachtel

Phone: 216-831-3761

Fax: 216-514-4699


(AUGUST 2013) – This Labor Day weekend, music superstar Sheryl Crow will stop by Envision Radio Networks®’ The Live Ride with Marty McFly for a FREE two hour summer tour special that will recap the hottest Country tours of the summer!

Sheryl will join host Marty Mcfly in-studio to talk about her new album “Feels Like Home” and what it was like becoming a country music artist. She will also discuss her past work with Don Henley and Michael Jackson, how her life has changed, and what it’s like to have cameras around every corner taking her picture.

This Labor Day special is your listener’s backstage pass inside the summer’s most explosive tours. Find out which tour is ranked the best of the summer, who sold the most tickets, and which of your country music favorites did something on stage they have never done before! Plus Marty and Sheryl will wrap up the summer with live performances from top country artists including Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry, Jason Aldean, and more!

The Live Ride’s Summer Tour Wrap-Up with Sheryl Crow will be available for broadcast August 28th. Visit for more details or contact Melissa Bachtel at 216-831-3761 or for information on how you can get The Live Ride’s Summer Tour Wrap-Up for your radio station.

The Live Ride with Marty McFly, the two hour radio show hosted by 25 year country radio veteran Marty McFly, brings a weekly “concert” to country radio featuring live performances of current and recent chart hits by today’s biggest acts. As a Nashville insider, McFly provides the most up-to-date country news, concert information and artist interviews along with the perfect soundtrack for country radio listeners to relive their favorite country concert experiences! McFly is joined on the show by his partner of 11 years, Big Stew.

McFly got his start in radio in 1985, when a close friend told him of an easy way to make money…radio! At the same time, Michael J. Fox was playing a character with a similar name in the major motion picture called “Back to the Future.” Coincidence? The four-time “CMA Air Personality of the Year” nominee and three-time “ACM Air Personality of the Year” nominee has helped his stations win a combined nine CMA/ACM “Station of the Year” awards! He has also been nominated for Billboard Magazine’s “Air Personality of the Year” in 1996 and Bobby Poe Magazine’s “Large Market Air Personality of the Year” in 1993. Based in Nashville, McFly wakes up the city each day as the morning personality for WKDF-FM while continuing his search for an affordable method of time travel.

Envision Radio Networks® provides content and services to more than 1,400 radio stations and reaches millions of listeners each week. Envision Radio Networks, Inc. is the largest independently owned affiliate relations company in the country and supplies all types of programming and services to radio including morning show content, short-form vignettes, virtual news-weather-sports broadcasts, live syndicated morning shows, long-form weekend programming, 24/7 formats, comedy services, event programming, off-air tools, web content, album releases and artist specials. Envision Radio Networks® is based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in New York City and Nashville.


NEWS - Sheryl Crow & Florida Georgia Line To Announce CMA Nods

Days after hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood confirmed their return to the CMA Awards helm, news now comes that superstars Sheryl Crow and Florida Georgia Line will announce the final nominees on Sept. 10 live on Good Morning America.

“I have been honored to have three CMA Award nominations in my career and I can tell you firsthand, the day the nominations come out is something every Country artist looks forward to,” Sheryl says.

Adds Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, “Last year we attended the Awards for the first time and now to be able to make this announcement with Sheryl Crow is beyond anything we could have ever imagined!”

Sheryl and FGL will reveal five of the nominees during the half-hour segment beginning at 8:30 a.m. ET on Good Morning America.

They will reveal the seven remaining nominees at 9:45 a.m. ET at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

CMA’s official website will live stream both announcements.

The 47th Annual CMA Awards airs Nov. 6 on ABC.


NEW SONG - "We Oughta Be Drinkin'"


NEWS - Sheryl Crow Remembers Her First Time


Back in 1993, a woman who’d been Michael Jackson‘s back-up singer finally released her first album. But Sheryl Crow’s Tuesday Night Music Club, named for the gathering of Los Angeles musicians with whom she wrote seven tracks on the album, wouldn’t see a successful U.S. single until 1994 when “Leaving Las Vegas” started garnering radio and video spins. The song would become her breakout hit, followed by more successful singles “All I Wanna Do” and “Strong Enough.”

When Crow finally heard herself on the radio for the first time, she was in a very successful place. Literally.

“The first time I heard myself on the radio, I was in a rented car because my car had broken down,” Crow told “I had an old Corvair and it wasn’t working. I rented a little convertible Volkswagen for the week while it got worked on. I was driving through Beverly Hills of all places and ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ came on the radio. It was just such a California experience: beautiful weather, top down [and] my song came on the radio.”

Crow had relocated to Los Angeles from Missouri, where she was a teacher, to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and songwriter. And that particular California moment was experienced by Crow like many of the city’s commuters: alone in her own car.

“I’m just looking at the cars around me going, ‘That’s me!’” Crow recounted. “It was such a surreal experience and I remember it so well. Obviously nobody knew who I was but… I am a small town girl from Missouri and to be in the height of glamour and money, right there in Beverly Hills and to have your song come on the radio, I felt like, ‘Yes I’ve made it! I’ve made it! Where is everybody? It’s playing!’ It was a really, really fun moment.”

Crow would go on to have many more successful moments with the album, including a notable David Letterman performance and platinum certification of the album in September of 1994.

She’ll continue her successes with the release of her ninth studio–and first-ever country–album on Sept.10, titled Feels Like Home.

“I think that my early records really probably would have gotten played on country music [radio] had they came out now,” Crow said. “But rock’n'roll and pop radio was a lot different when I started up.”



LIVE PIX - 6th Annual Oceana's Annual SeaChange Summer Party - 18 Aug


Yesterday, Sheryl was in Laguna Beach (California) at the 6th Annual SeaChange Summer Party helping raise awareness and money for ocean conservation. She also did an intimate acoustic concert at Villa dei Sogni.


PIC - Sheryl with Andy Prevezer (PR @ Warner Bros)

Photo: Sheryl Crow

LIVE PIX - Station Inn - Nashville, Tennessee - 15 August

Photo: olebubby

Photo: Kelly McGrath

Surprise acoustic performance with 18 South
Station Inn
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
15 August 2013


NEWS - Win a Sheryl Crow Flyaway Trip for Two!

Sheryl Crow is preparing for the release of her debut country album in September, but the singer is offering a couple of lucky fans the chance to hear the album early — at her house, the Crow’s Nest! Enter above for the chance to win this exclusive flyaway trip.

Crow has dabbled in country before, releasing a single with Kid Rock and experimenting with some country influences in her albums. But she’s jumping in with both feet for ‘Feels Like Home,’ which is due on Sept. 10. Its first single, ‘Easy,’ is already a hit, and she’ll be touring with Gary Allan later this year. Brad Paisley also helped out with the new disc.

One winner and a guest will fly to Nashville on the morning of Sept. 5, where they’ll travel to Crow’s house and get to stay and take part in an exclusive listening party. Crow will not only preview the album, she’ll talk about each song and what inspired it.

The trip includes two nights of hotel accommodations. The winner and their guest will fly home Sept. 7. You must be at least 18 years old to win this contest. Remember to read our official contest rules before entering.

This contest ends on Aug. 26, 2013 at 11:59PM ET.


STUDIO SONG - "Best of Times" - Full Preview!

Pre-order "Feels Like Home" now and get “Best of Times” instantly!


LIVE VID - Sheryl Crow & Little Big Town - "Soak Up The Sun" & "Easy"

CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock
Nashville, TN

LIVE PIX - Macy's Glamorama - Chicago, IL - 9 August


20 Photos
Macy's Glamorama
Chicago, IL
9 August 2013

NEW LIVE VIDEO - "Easy" capture in The Live Room

Oceanway Studios
Nashville, TN

2013 TOUR - 18th Annual Acoustic Jam - Press Release

The 18th Annual All Star Acoustic Jam

It's back! The 18th Annual All Star Acoustic Jam presented by Golden Corral is headed back to the Hard Rock Live stage on September 1, 2013. Tickets ON SALE NOW!


TWITPIC - Pirate Crowhead! Ahhrrr

So this is what happens when you play tennis with your kids... Someone has a good forehand!

Sheryl via Twitter


LIVE PIX - South Terrace @ Biltmore - Asheville, NC - 4 August

Photo: lucasbch900

Photo: j_bcknr

Photo: @gregbjohnson

click to enlarge

Photo: Team Sheryl

PIC - Soak Up Sonoma!

Photo: theluckyy-ones


LIVE REVIEW - Durham, North Carolina - 3 August

Review: Sheryl Crow at DPAC

Another post for me to practice my typing, with no OpenNMS content, although some of you might find it interesting.

This weekend I went to see Sheryl Crow perform at the Durham Performing Arts Center. I remember the exact moment I got old, and that was at a concert as well. It was Sting with Natalie Merchant opening, and Andrea and I decided to leave during the encore to beat the traffic. Contrast that to watching The Boss at the LA Civic Center where we stayed until they kicked us out as we sat watching the roadies tear down the stage.

This concert also made me feel a little old, as we were at the lower end of the age demographic. I was introduced to Sheryl Crow’s music by my friend Bill Hinkle, but that was twenty years ago back in 1993. I didn’t realize that Sheryl was 51, several years older than me, and the average age of the crowd was higher than that.

Not that we old folks don’t know how to rock.

The main reason we went was that I managed to score fifth row seats. They were toward the left of the stage, but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to expect a little comfort when I go out. Sad, I know, and it is rare enough that I don’t go out often, but I think my stage rushing, general admission days are over.

The opening act was a trio headed by Dustin Lynch. He was accompanied by another acoustic guitarist and a pretty blond woman on fiddle. The set was kind of forgettable, but I can remember thinking to myself “Do I like this guy enough to steal his music?”

I didn’t.

I also thought it was funny that the cameraman kept the camera on the blond through most of the set, even when she wasn’t actively doing much.

He tried to pander to the audience, bringing up references to our troops overseas, God, etc. Not that I mind those aspects of country music but it came across as patronizing. At one point he launched into a bit about how all the men in the audience where there because their woman dragged them to the concert, and Andrea and I were both like “wha?”. First, I got the tickets, and second, it’s Sheryl Freakin’ Crow, known to appeal more to men than women on average.

Anyway, the main event started about 9pm. Sheryl came on stage with a custom red, white and blue guitar and a rocking band consisting of two other guitarists, a drummer, a bass guitarist, a woman on keyboards (married to the bass guitarist, we learned later) and another keyboardist/slide guitar/jack of all trades guy to round out the group.

It was a pretty good show.

She is a tiny woman – even in platform shoes with five inch heels she wasn’t very tall, but her voice is still huge.

The theme seemed to be fresh guitars, as there were new ones swapped out almost every song. I’m not sure if Sheryl uses a unique tuning for each song, but it was kind of fun to keep count of the different instruments. At one point she played something that I think was a baritone mandolin, something I’ve never seen before, but it had eight strings and a shape that seems to suggest a mandolin on steroids.

She did the hits and a number of new songs. They also did a couple of covers, including “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO and they ended the show’s encore with Led Zeppelin’s “Rock ‘n Roll“.

My biggest complaint was with the sound. Lately, every show I see, the vocals just aren’t mixed right, and you simply can’t make them out. Luckily I was familiar with enough of her music that it didn’t ruin the show.

While she is going for more of a country flair vs. rock in her later music (not a bad business move in my opinion) one song that I think will be a hit, maybe even a crossover hit, is “Shotgun”.

With the lyric:

Drive it like it’s stolen,
Park it like it’s rented,
What’s the use of money,
If you ain’t gonna spend it?

I was sold. Here’s a clip I found of it, and at least the part of the band on the front row was with her in Durham.

It was a fun evening. The DPAC is a great place for shows, and even though there was a Bull’s game going on at the same time, it was pretty easy to park and leave. Of course, I did have one chore to do before leaving.



LIVE PIX - Durham, North Carolina - 3 August


24 Photos
Durham, North Carolina (USA)
3 August 2013


LIVE PIX - Glamorama - Minneapolis, MN - 2 August


18 Photos
State Theater
Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)
2 August 2013

VIDEO - "Shotgun" & "Real Gone" - Coke Zero 400 - Daytona

Coke Zero 400
Pre-concert race
Daytona International Speedway
6 July 2013

NEWS - "Tuesday Night Music Club" Released 20 Years Ago Today!

Yep, that's right! Twenty years ago this day, on August 3, 1993, Sheryl released her first solo album under the A&M label! In the same month, she and her band were getting ready for their first world tour.

From left: Wally Ingram (drums), Tad Wadhams (bass), Sheryl, R. Scott Bryan (guitar, harmonica, bg vocals etc) and Todd Wolfe (lead guitarist)

Congratulations Sheryl! and Happy Anniversary!

We still love you as much as ever! :-)

INTERVIEW - Todd Wolfe about Sheryl...

Todd Wolfe, Sheryl's lead guitarist from 1993 to 1998, got interviewed by Vents Magazine.

Here's an interesting excerpt from that interview:

How was it to work with Sheryl Crow and see her grow musically?

Great but tough work. She’s a perfectionist and wants to hear things a certain way so that along with her great work ethic, in those early days, we all worked hard… Lots of touring! Some many great experiences such as the people that would join us on stage; Eric Clapton, Emmylou Harris, Levon Helm, James Taylor, Steve Winwood, Elton John, David Hidalgo, Marty Stuart, and so many more. The places we went from Singapore to Israel to the White House to meet President Clinton! The TV shows, morning shows, all of the late night shows including Saturday Night Live, all of that made it a blast. Sheryl kept me on my toes though and that helped in refining what I do. She’s a great writer and I was always very impressed with her skills as a keyboard player, especially on Hammond organ. I think she honed her producing skills starting with her second album “Sheryl Crow” and through touring in the early days to my last days with her on tour which was close to five years, how her confidence in performing grew and just having a great sense of performing. Even when you see her sit in with The Rolling Stones or Eric Clapton, you see that confidence and professionalism.



MAGAZINE - Splash magazine - August 4 issue

Sheryl Crow: ‘Home’ free

BY Rachel Handler
Splash Magazine

I’m playing “Name That Tune” with Sheryl Crow, and she’s getting a little frustrated.

After I feed her a lyric from her 1993 hit “All I Wanna Do” (“But I’m sure he’s Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy”), I ask if she can recite the line that precedes it. She sings a bar of the song, stops for a minute, then bursts into laughter. “You sort of have to go through the whole song to come up with one lyric,” she says. “It’s hard! I’m the queen of having the worst memory.”

One can hardly blame Crow for being a little distracted. The musician is in the midst of a national tour, promoting her upcoming album “Feels Like Home” and prepping for an Aug. 9 pit stop in Chicago, where she’ll perform at Macy’s Glamorama, a fashion show and concert to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

And there’s an added challenge: As a single mom, Crow, 51, is charged with keeping her two sons, 6-year-old Wyatt and 3-year-old Levi, entertained every step of the way. “My days revolve around them now,” she says. “It’s very different from how I used to tour, when I could sleep in, stay up late, be creative whenever I wanted to be creative. But it’s great — it keeps me alive and fresh and interested.”

Her touring schedule isn’t the only thing that’s changed about Crow over the course of her 20-year career. She sums up her personal and professional evolution simply: “I’m braver.” Crow credits that newfound nerve to a series of life-altering events. “I’ve gone through a lot,” she says. “I’ve had breast cancer, I’ve had numerous high-profile and emotional breakups, I’ve adopted my two boys. I’ve had a lot of life experience, and I think my art has grown because of that.”

Recording “Feels Like Home,” out Sept. 10, certainly required a degree of courage for the 32-time Grammy nominee — the alt-country album marks a dramatic departure from the classic-rock and pop sounds that have fueled her success. “It just seemed like a logical transition to make,” she says. “I live in Nashville now, I’ve had friends there for 20 years and it’s my community. Brad Paisley came up to me and said, ‘When are you gonna make the record in the format you should have been at a long time ago?’ ”

While Crow is confident that the album hews to her rock ’n’ roll roots, she says it also speaks to her newer, more grounded lifestyle. “There’s one song, ‘Waterproof Mascara,’ that’s really about being a single mom. ‘Homesick’ is about being gone, trying to keep the home fires burning when you travel,” she says. “For the better part of my career, I traveled a lot, and never felt like I had roots anywhere. Making music in Nashville, raising my boys there … this is the first time I feel like I really have a home, and that’s what’s behind the record.” That down-to-earth aesthetic is even reflected in Crow’s choice of recording studio: her barn.

Crow initially headed to Nashville after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, boldly determined to shed the trappings of fame and seek out a “normal” life. She found it almost immediately. “I run into other people who do what I do, and they’re just going to church, shopping at Whole Foods, taking their kids to the park,” she says. “So my kids don’t really care that I’m famous, because their best buddies’ parents do the same thing. They’ll hear [Brad Paisley’s] song on the radio, and say, ‘Oh, there’s Huck’s dad.’ It’s not impressive to them at all.”

Even as she’s put down roots in Tennessee, Crow retains an affinity for Chicago, which she calls her “favorite city in America.” “I don’t know if I could live there through the winter,” she laughs. “But I feel really inspired in Chicago.”

Her soft spot for the Windy City is part of the reason she signed on to headline Glamorama, held this year at the Harris Theater in Millennium Park. “It’s a celebration, but it’s also helping out this great charity in Chicago, and a lot of families, a lot of kids,” she says. “I’m proud to be bringing people together for something that has such far-reaching effects.”

The cause is a personal one for Crow, who knows firsthand about living through adversity. After overcoming breast cancer, Crow faced yet another health scare in 2012: a benign brain tumor. Juxtaposed with a very public breakup from longtime love Lance Armstrong, the diagnosis caused Crow to restructure her priorities once more. “I can say that my life never looked or felt the same again,” she says. “It’s one of those moments that grabs your attention. So you start qualifying how you want the rest of your life to look, you’re easier on yourself and you seize every day as an opportunity.”

Case in point: In the audience at a Hall & Oates show in May, Crow felt a spontaneous urge to join in on the fun. “I’d had a couple beers, and I hadn’t seen them in forever,” she says, laughing. “All of a sudden, bravery set in, and I ran out onstage and started singing ‘She’s Gone’ with them. I wasn’t invited — I think they were shocked. It was probably sort of obnoxious.”

All of the turmoil also helped Crow develop a sense of perspective, making it easier to laugh off even her most high-profile mistakes as a performer. “I’m sure there are embarrassing moments of mine all over YouTube,” she says. “Times when I’ve missed a lyric, or blown a guitar cord, but I can’t really dwell in that world. That’s just music.”

Having finally found her niche both at home and in the studio, Crow says she devotes little time to looking back. “It’s futile, ” she says. “I always feel like my best work is in front of me. I want to continue to make music that has integrity and to continue to grow, to stay interested and curious. That’s what keeps me going.”

Name that tune: We gave Sheryl a line from one of her hit songs, and asked her to sing the one before it:

Splash: ‘I’ve never been there but the brochure looks nice.’

Sheryl: OK, that’s ‘Every Day is a Winding Road.’ [Sings] ‘Been there once or twice’ … ‘I used to ride with a vending machine repair man … ’ I can’t think.

Splash: ‘He was high on intellectualism.’

Sheryl: Ah, OK.


Splash: ‘I spent the best part of my losing streak in an Army Jeep.’

Sheryl: Yes, that’s ‘Leaving Las Vegas.’ [Long pause, then sings] ‘Life springs eternal on a gaudy neon street … ’

Splash: You got it!


Splash: ‘But you won’t catch this free bird, I’ll already be long gone.’

Sheryl: ‘Steve McQueen!’ Um. The line before it … ‘Call me on my cellphone, you can page me all night long.’

Splash: Yes!


Splash: ‘You listen to Coltrane, derail your own train.’

Sheryl: ‘You’ve been down, real low down.’

Splash: You got it.

Sheryl: [Laughs] OK, cool.



PRESS RELEASE - Sheryl Crow to be Featured on New Album from Willie Nelson


New Willie Nelson Album, To All The Girls... Debuts 18 Musical Duets with Country's Top Female Singers

Artist's Third New Album for Legacy Recordings features Dolly Parton, Mavis Staples, Sheryl Crow, Loretta Lynn, Wynonna Judd, Rosanne Cash, Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, Tina Rose, Carrie Underwood, Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, Secret Sisters, Brandi Carlile, Lily Meola, Shelby Lynne, Melonie Cannon and Paula Nelson

NEW YORK, August 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release the new Willie Nelson album, To All The Girls..., on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

A collection of newly recorded duets between American musical legend Willie Nelson and a dream list of contemporary pop-country women singers, To All The Girls... was recorded mainly in Nashville.

The artist's third full-length album of new music to be released in a mere 16 months, To All The Girls... celebrates Willie's 80th birthday year with a selection of profoundly moving and heartfelt performances of classic songs from America's country, pop and gospel repertoire and more.

To All The Girls...
track listing

1. Dolly Parton - From Here To The Moon And Back
2. Miranda Lambert - She Was No Good For Me
3. Secret Sisters - It Won't Be Very Long
4. Rosanne Cash - Please Don't Tell Me
5. Sheryl Crow – Far Away Places
6. Wynonna Judd - Bloody Mary Morning
7. Carrie Underwood - Always On My Mind
8. Loretta Lynn - Somewhere Between
9. Alison Krauss - No Mas Amor
10. Melonie Cannon - Back On Earth
11. Mavis Staples - Grandma's Hands
12. Norah Jones - Walkin'
13. Shelby Lynne - Til The End Of The World
14. Lily Meola - Will You Remember Mine
15. Emmylou Harris - Dry Lightning
16. Brandi Carlile - Making Believe
17. Paula Nelson - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
18. Tina Rose - After The Fire Is Gone

PRESS RELEASE - Sheryl to Perform at the KMLE Country Man Jam

PRESS RELEASE - The new KMLE @ 107.9 is proud to present the 4th Annual KMLE 8 Man Jam at Talking Stick Resort, brought to you by Bud Light and Larry H. Miller Toyota!

This year’s show includes an incredible line up of the hottest KMLE @ 107.9 artists including Sheryl Crow, Randy Houser, Eli Young Band, Joe Nichols, Love & Theft, Aaron Lewis, Kacey Musgraves, Eric Paslay, and a special new artists spotlight on The Henningsens.

KMLE 8 Man Jam is an intimate acoustic performance where the artists and the audience come together on one special night for an unforgettable 8 Man Jam session of music, stories, and fun.


NEW LIVE VIDEO - "Best of Times" capture in The Live Room

Sheryl performs her new song, "Best of Times," in an an exclusive live recording session at Oceanway Studios in Nashville, TN for The Live Room.

Sheryl Crow lets loose in " Best of Times" clip

By John D. Luerssen
August 1, 2013
The Rolling Stone magazine

Although Sheryl Crow's forthcoming album Feels Like Home – due September 10th – is categorically country in its approach, this performance clip for the bluesy barnburner "Best of Times" is a Southern rock winner. With harmonica in hand, Crow – sporting an old Doobie Brothers T-shirt – belts out her very own state of the union address as her band let it rip in this exclusive live video, shot at Ocean Way Studios' outpost in Nashville for the Live Room.

"No matter what format I'm in, I have to make my political statements, for better or worse," Crow tells Rolling Stone. "And after tragic events like Newtown, I have found myself asking if our best days are behind us now. Because I have a four-year-old and a six-year-old now, I feel like I can't afford to think that way. But that sort of big question is behind this song – which I was proud to write with Al Anderson of NRBQ fame and Leslie Satcher. For me, 'Best of Times' is also inspired by all the talk about the Mayan calendar and our world ending, and our yearning for a simpler and safer world."

As for her upcoming album – which includes her very first solo country hit "Easy" – Crow says it "may be the most focused album I've ever made. All of my albums have had a few different styles going on in them, and this album definitely has a few different takes on what country music means to me, but not calculatedly so. First and foremost, I just wanted to make sure that for this album I wrote about things I really knew about – subjects that hit close to home."

SOURCE: RS Magazine