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.Tuesday August 31, 2010


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September 9th, 2010

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.Monday August 30, 2010


Feedback from Facebook

Debbie N. The Backyard was AWESOME, Sheryl! Thanks!

Laura C. Sheryl, I am thrilled to have seen your powerful show in Austin. You have embraced the Goddess within and really put on a show!your band was smoikin'. wow... gratitude and thanks. laura

Jennifer S.B. What an amazing concert last night. Thank you so much for being so generous and making it a very special girls weekend for the five of us:-)

Jacqueline L. The show at The Backyard in Austin was awesome! Thanks :)

Kodiak R. Thank you for the awesome show last night in Austin! It was my first time at the new Back Yard, and I can't imagime a better artist to share it with. :)

Melissa G. C. Amazing show last night! Thank you, Sheryl!

Fatima M. Leaving the backyard and I had the BEST night!!! Sheryl Crow concert is now scratched off my bucketlist! And my boyfriend loves your dance moves. :)

Jacquie W. L. Thanks for the great show. Austin loves Sheryl.

Linda M.U. You and the band rocked it! Thx for an AWESOME night!!!


Sheryl Crow in Houston TONIGHT

If you are at the Sheryl Crow concert in the Woodlands tonight, then we each have an invitation to her next stop in Austin, by Crow herself. During "Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man," she said, well sang, about a vacant bunk on her tour bus that's open to another welcome party & I believe her. She's on the road, performing hits from her current album "100 Miles from Memphis." She's single, & a true talent, so I believe if she wants company, she'll get it. Tonight, she covered Terrence Trent Darby's "Sign Your Name", which was a miss. Her better cover is the Michael Jackson hit "I Want You Back." Her voice actually sounded more like an impersonation of Jackson, but a respectable tribute nonetheless. Crow, not to be mistaken for some cover girl is forging ahead after some difficult intervals in her life. After being struck by a big break up with world's most famous cyclist and health problems, also currently behind her, she is grooving ahead, with no insecurities to speak of. In fact, she thinks "EVERY girl should have her own band." She is expected to release a second volume of her current album next spring, but no word on another tour to promote it. Overall, Crow is great live, highlighting her instrumental talent on guitar then later on piano. She commented on our hot Houston weather, sealed in leggings, 5" heels, & a long free flowing square based halter.

Something I liked a lot was that she danced a lot too. Though obviously not trained in footwork, she was reminiscent of a hippy Janis Joplin/J.J. (my friend) hybrid.




Friday Night: Sheryl Crow At The Woodlands
Review by:Craig Hlavaty
Pictures:Marc Brubaker

Sheryl Crow
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
August 27, 2010

There is a mile-wide disparity between what Sheryl Crow is doing now and what her fanbase wants her to do, which was evident on Friday night at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Touring behind a Memphis-style soul-inflected album, 100 Miles To Memphis, with an 11-piece backing band isn't exactly ear candy for the folks she meets at the crossroads of her career.

Almost two decades past Tuesday Night Music Club with only a few scattered radio singles since, it's hearty die-hards who can be commended for sticking it out for her. She's an amazing musician and singer, and her ear for a hook and adding an emotion to that hook with winning results is why she is still knocking around the business and not, you know, Tracy Chapman.

We hadn't been to a show at Cynthia Woods that wasn't a massively packed affair in years, and the crowd barely filled up the covered seating at the venue. Seeing the lawn totally bare of stoners, blankets and beer tubs was eerie. We can only imagine what that image was like from the stage. One would have thought that everyone assembled would be a rag-tag team of superfans, a distillation of the best of the best, but that wasn't happening, nor was it true.

Something has to be said about this new soul revival going on. In the wake of Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones, the Stax reissues, the left-field success of Texas' own Black Joe Lewis - who was playing at the same time as Crow down south at the Continental Club - many established artists in need of a new racket have begun clinging to soul and R&B. Insert long, rusty shank with Taylor Hicks' name on it here.

It works with a great band behind you tooling around with time-tested sounds, dripping with instrumental virtuosity. The Dap-Kings, the Honeybears, bands like that can breathe new life into the genre for a new crop of listeners. When you don't have quality at your fingertips, the tunes get disjointed, flat.

So it went on Friday night with Crow playing a completely hit-or-miss, quasi-hit show for half the reserved covered section. For her part, Crow looked aggravated, and who wouldn't be with a sea of khaki sitting on one hand and a cradling a plastic cup of Merlot in the other, only standing for "A Change Would Do You Good" from her 1996 self-titled follow-up to Music Club.

She trudged through though which was admirable, but the gritted-teeth look was hard to hide. At times it seems like she and a gaggle of thirty people in the closest sections knew what songs she was doing. The uneasiness seemed to wash away halfway through the gig.

God bless the folks who have dived into the new Memphis album for clapping along. An early highlight was the reggae-rocker "Eye To Eye" from that disc, but trying to get the crowd to shimmy island-style was all for naught. On record it was aided by Keef himself, but the live ringer drained the blood from it. Maybe it was his white-boy dashiki and faux Lou Reed turdiness that sucked out the feeling.

Thankfully one of her most bittersweet tracks, "Strong Enough," didn't get a soul-shellacking and instead got the twanging of its life. The single mother of two took the lyrical content of the song for a spin, turning it into worthy spot. Yes, we suppose we are in fact strong enough to tour with two kids in a bus with you, Miss Crow. We just don't think we would watch the show very often.

We can't completely bag the soul slant though, with some songs benefiting from the injection of horns and female backing vocals. "My Favorite Mistake" and "Soak Up the Sun" were made a sight livelier than before, and "All I Wanna Do" was made almost vaguely Donna Summer-ish. That's not soul, but you get the gist.

She helped close the show with a take on the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," perfectly replicating baby MJ's vocals with her own rocker howl. Maybe an album of covers would have been in order rather than a new set of original tracks? A smaller, more intimate venue would have seen this thing killing outright at the House of Blues or even Verizon Wireless.

There's always the spring.

Personal Bias: We like female rockers, and Crow is one of the best.

The Crowd: The nice couple down the street from your parents with the two grown kids, and about 500 divorcees that looked like variations of Crow. And a lot more dudes than you would expect.

Overheard In the Crowd: "Where's Kid Rock?" (add honking laughter)

Random Notebook Dump: What do you call those strapless and sleeveless tops that every woman in America wears?


.Saturday August 28, 2010


Brady Theater, Tulsa, OK (USA)

Source: via Facebook

Photo: Chris Hudson/Facebook




If It Makes You Happy

Summer Day

Sign Your Name


By Michael D. Clark
August 26th, 2010 at 11:10 PM

Did anyone really think that singer/guitarist Sheryl Crow was gonna mope around like some wallflower after her pending nuptials to Texas icon Lance Armstrong went sideways back in 2006?

Crow became a household name 16 years ago by "Leaving Las Vegas." It appears that leaving Lance Armstrong provided a similar freedom.

In addition to beating breast cancer, Crow — who plays the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Friday night — has taken on another man.

In fact, she's taken on two.

Her oldest adopted son is 3-year-old Wyatt. Earlier this year she adopted another infant boy name Levi.

The happy mom has also stayed busy in the studio. She's followed-up her Grammy nominated 2007 return to roots-rock, Detours, with the month-old 100 Miles From Memphis. The new songs frame Crow as more of a torch-twang vocalist and find here working with superstar peers including Justin Timerblake ("Sign Your Name") and Keith Richards ("Eye to Eye").

A cover of Citizen Cope's "Sideways" and a rendition of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," a parting tribute to Michael Jackson, make 100 Miles From Memphis Crow's most thoughtful album to date. Positive reviews and a No. 3 showing on the Billboard 200 albums chart earlier this summer bode well for her first commercial mega-seller in nearly a decade.

But even though time has passed, past hits like "Strong Enough," "If It Makes You Happy," "Everyday Is A Winding Road," and "Soak Up the Sun," still sound great in concert.

And when she sings the chorus of "Leaving Las Vegas" feel free to belt out "Leaving Lance Armstrong" instead.

Source: Culture Map Houston (


Singer-Songwriter on Touring, Motherhood and Her New Album, "100 Miles From Memphis"

(CBS) Singer-songwriter, Sheryl Crow, a breast cancer survivor and a mother of two, is relentless and dedicated to her craft -- with a tour underway and a new album, "100 Miles From Memphis" -- she doesn't stop rocking at any age.

On "The Early Show" Thursday, Crow performed her new single, "Summer Day" and her classic song, "All I Wanna Do," as part of the "Early Show" Summer Concert Series.

"It's so fun to be in New York City," she told "Early Show co-anchor Erica Hill.

Crow, known for her hip, breezy bohemian-chic look was wearing high heels that light up with a bright green color to match her dress. She showed them off to the audience during a commerical break.

"Little boys have tennis shoes that light up, so I think grown women should have platforms that light up," she joked.

Crow is all about family -- she brings her kids on tour with her. She has two adopted sons, Levi James, born on April 30, and elder sibling, Wyatt Steven, 3, whom she adopted in April 2007.

She said that her kids would love her shoes, but hopes they wouldn't try and steal them.

"That would scare me. That's setting a bad precedent at an early age!" she said.

It's been a totally different experience for Crow touring for her new album and having her young sons with her.

"It's a family affair, it's a family affair..." she sang. "Everything's new. I have a new band, I have a new record. I'm wearing a new dress and I have new kids. I have one very new (child), fresh out of the packaging. So it's great. It's fun. It's exciting. Keeps everything real, you know?"

On her new record "100 Miles From Memphis," Crow exudes a lot more soul. While this trait has always been there, it's kind of new for fans listening to this album.

"Maybe not the Sheryl Crow they're used to, but it's fantastic," Hill said.

Crow loves playing her new album, which is a reflection of her past. She actually grew up in a small town 100 miles from Memphis -- Kennett, Missouri, which influenced her musical taste and her outlook on life.

There have always been touches of soul on her past albums, such as her hit song, "Favorite Mistake," among others, but this time around was different.

"I've had records on every album that were slightly R&B tinge," she said. "This is fully committed, all the way there."

Crow has sold more than 35 million records worldwide.

Source: CBS

.Thursday August 26, 2010


September 28
Where: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia)
Venue: Tower Theater

September 29
Where: Strathmore, Maryland (near Washington D.C.)
Venue: The Music Center at Strathmore

October 27
Where: Moscow, Russia
Venue: Arena Moscow

.Wednesday August 25, 2010


"Hey, the road is treating us quite well. We had a great hit last night in Knoxville @The Tennesssee Theatre. The band in my opinion is very special, alot of fun, hard workers, and Sheryl is a Gem. I hope to find some time and put up some dates, if there are no dates here, then look up Sheryl Crow's "100 Miles To Memphi...s" tour. I'll check back in hopefully soon, I truly hope that all is well with you's. Peace and Love"!/profile.php?id=733931771&v=wall


I Want You Back

All I Wanna Do, with Nayanna and Stevvi


My Favorite Mistake

If It Makes You Happy

Soak Up The Sun


.Tuesday August 24, 2010



BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Breast cancer survivor Sheryl Crow and the Pink Lotus Breast Center today announced the grand opening of the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center, a state of the art breast imaging center featuring the latest advancements in digital screening and diagnostic imaging technologies.

Located in Los Angeles, the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center is part of the Pink Lotus Breast Center, a comprehensive and integrative breast center exclusively dedicated to the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

"Joining forces with the Pink Lotus Breast Center has provided me with a wonderful platform to create awareness and encourage the millions of American women over 40 to get their annual mammogram," says the singer and songwriter. "Detecting breast cancer early is a woman's best chance at survival, and digital full-field mammography is the gold standard of early detection."

Diagnosed with the disease in 2006 after a routine mammogram, the nine-time Grammy winner received her surgical treatment from Dr. Kristi Funk, a renowned breast cancer surgeon and founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center, the first breast center of its kind in the United States.

"Providing women with the most comprehensive and integrative breast care possible has been our organization's mission from the start," says Dr. Funk. "The Sheryl Crow Imaging Center is an essential component of every breast center we build, and we look forward to bringing our unique approach to breast health to more women as the Pink Lotus Breast Center expands to other parts of the country."

Women who receive their mammogram at the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center have immediate access to a health system that was created and optimized specifically for the treatment of breast diseases. Every woman has a variety of additional on-site options to take control of her breast health, including clinical breast exams, diagnostic biopsies, genetic testing, surgery, radiation, nutrition, Chinese medicine, and additional ancillary services designed to guide each woman through the entire spectrum of her cancer treatment in one single location.

About the Pink Lotus Breast Center

The Pink Lotus Breast Center is a comprehensive and integrative breast center exclusively dedicated to the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. At the Pink Lotus Breast Center, women enjoy the unique experience of holistic care linked seamlessly to the latest digital imaging technology and state-of-the-art surgery, all in one single location. The organization's mission conveys one clear purpose: to offer the most comprehensive and integrative breast care available today in a warm environment that provides all women with security and confidence when they need it most. For more information, please visit or Pink Lotus Breast Center is a trademark of Pink Lotus Medical Holdings.

Source: Pink Lotus Breast Center


Courtesy of Kay (RedWineLover). Thank you!


.Monday August 23, 2010


Sunday, August 22, 2010
Daily Dunklin Democrat

The Kennett Educational Foundation is pleased to announce it will be hosting an intimate concert featuring Kennett's very own A & M Recording Artist and nine-time Grammy Award winner Sheryl Crow, featuring music from her newest album, "100 Miles from Memphis," which was released on July 20, 2010.

The proceeds of this concert will benefit the Kennett Educational Foundation's ongoing efforts to fund grants for Kennett School District teachers, as well as provide various scholarships for local individuals. The concert will be held on Friday, Nov. 26, at The Opera House in Kennett. Please note that this is the day after Thanksgiving.

There will be limited tickets for sale, and purchasers are encouraged to make their holiday plans to include family members that may be coming in town, as this will be a fun-filled evening for the entire family.

There will be three types of tickets to choose from:

* VIP: $125 - 75 tickets available. VIP tickets include a pre-concert reception with Crow at 5:45 p.m., and reserved seating in the first few rows of the venue;

* Reserved: $75 - 250 tickets available. Reserved tickets are general admission seating, first come, first served, and;

* Standing Room Only: $50 - 50 tickets available. Standing Room Only are standing room only around edge of venue.

Tickets will go on sale at 9 a.m., Wednesday, Sept. 15, online exclusively through the Foundation's website @ Please bookmark this website and put a reminder on your calendar as tickets will go fast as there are only a total of 350 tickets for this special event.

In addition to tickets, the Kennett Educational Foundation will be selling t-shirts and coordinating caps which that have been designed specifically for this exclusive concert. These will be available for sale the same day as the tickets on the Kennett Educational Foundation website as well.

In addition, a limited number of these items will be autographed by Sheryl Crow which are sure to be a collector's item.

For further questions or updates, please visit the Foundation's website at

Source: Daily Dunklin Democrat


Sheryl Crow's country rock closes State Fair

by Sophia Ahmad

After 11 straight days of “Non Stop Fun,” the 2010 Iowa State Fair closed with a spirited performance by country rocker Sheryl Crow, who soaked up the sunset (and evening) with 5,972 fans.

The Missouri native kicked off her Sunday night show with the opening track from her seventh and most recent studio album, “100 Miles From Memphis.”

With its prominent horn blasts, incessant back beat, and Supremes-like vocals, “Our Love Is Fading” sounded more Motown than country-rock — the bread and butter of Crow’s 17-year solo career. (Fans, though, will remind you that Crow sang backup for Michael Jackson during his Bad World Tour in the ’80s.)

The opening guitar riff from “A Change Would Do You Good” brought cheers from the crowd. Her souled-up version featured an extended ending.

Crow’s new songs received ample attention — the reggae-infused “Eye to Eye” and the title track from her new album were heard within the first 30 minutes of her set. The 48-year-old didn’t pick up a guitar until her eighth song. Instead, she favored the microphone stand, or during her first song, the keyboard.

Opener Colbie Caillat shares obvious visual similarities with Crow — both have long, wavy blond locks, legs as tall as the 801 Grand building and a look that is not over-glammed. There are aural cues that made for a cohesive concert experience, too — both artists possess an acoustic and laid-back country sound.


* Our Love Is Fading
* A Change Would Do You Good
* Eye To Eye
* 100 Miles From Memphis
* Can’t Cry Anymore
* Say What You Want
* Strong Enough
* Long Road Home
* My Favorite Mistake
* Summer Day
* Sign Your Name (Terence Trent D’Arby cover)
* Everyday Is A Winding Road
* Stop
* Roses and Moonlight
* If It Makes You Happy
* Soak Up The Sun
* Peaceful Feeling
* All I Wanna Do
* I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover)


.Sunday August 22, 2010


That's the spirit! Take note pholks :-)



Concert review: Sheryl Crow shows soulful side in powerful Memphis performance

By Mark Jordan
Photos by Kyle Kurlick


Sheryl Crow is known for being a rocker. Her catalog, reaching back to her 1994 debut is dominated by rootsy, three-chord odes to the Rolling Stones and others. But this is also a singer who got her professional start singing backup vocals for Michael Jackson. She has a soulful side, too, and Friday night, before a crowd of 4,300 at the Mud Island Amphitheater, she showed it off to powerful effect.

Crow deliberately set out to feature her love for old school R&B on her new album, 100 Miles From Memphis, the title of which is a reference to the powerful pull of the home of Stax and Hi Records on her musical development growing up in nearby Kennett, Mo.

Crow effortlessly extended the album's concept to the stage Friday. Coming out to the strains of Sly Stone's "Dance To the Music" over the PA, Crow and her 10-piece band picked up the beat and turned it into 100 Miles' Sam & Dave-inspired opening track, "Our Love Is Fading." Later, on her cover of Terence Trent D'Arby's '80s hit "Sign Your Name," she conjured the slinky groove of Hi Records in the '70s. Even the city's blues past was on display on "Long Road Home," which started with an extended riff by the acoustic trio of bassist Tommy Simms, guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, and Crow on harmonica.

The new musical direction also allowed Crow to re-imagine some of her best-known songs in surprisingly satisfying ways. "A Change Would Do You Good" featured a funky little turnaround worthy of James Brown while "Everyday Is A Winding Road" benefited from warm accents from the horn section.

For fans of her grittier material, though, there was still enough to chew on as Crow, running around stage impressively in high heels and a short black skirt, delivered faithful recreations of such favorites as "Strong Enough" (during which the single mother listed her criteria for a mate), "My Favorite Mistake," and "If It Makes You Happy." But, following an homage to her former employer Michael Jackson on her version of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," Crow closed the night's encore with a relatively unknown song, the Tuesday Night Music Club cut "I Shall Believe" delivered in with a lush, dynamic gospel arrangement that made for a crowd pleasing benediction.

Innocuous opening act Colbie Caillat was a good match for Crow stylistically even if the younger artist couldn't keep up in the charisma department. Like Crow, Caillat takes a lot of inspiration from '70s rock, though her preferred strain seems to be of the softer variety as evidenced by such mellow gold "Lucky" and "Bubbly." The California native used part of the night to showcase material from her upcoming third, including "Shadow" and "Before I Let You Go," but their delicate energy dissipated when the singer begged the comparison to much more accomplished tunesmiths by covering note-for-note Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way," the original recording of which was produced by her father.



From her Facebook profile

pretty cool, eh?


By RedWineLover (SC Official Forum)

Wow!!! Words don't discribe the concert Sheryl and The Thieves put on last night. From our hotel room we could see the whole concert venue and about 3:30pm the buses started arriving. Sheryl's bus was pulled right up to the back of the stage. We heard sound check around 6:30pm. At this time the temperature in Memphis was 97 degrees and heat index was around 109. Nice temps to be playing in. When we walked over to Mud Island it was down to 94 with heat index of only 101. I have to say this was the hottest concert I've ever been to. I talked with Gary Willcoxson from the Usual Suspects before the concert. He said most of Sheryl's family would be going to the Missouri State Fair concert because on Saturday it was Kennett Day at the fair with Sheryl singing. There were still a lot of people from Kennett here. Colbie Caillat is well worth the time sitting in the heat to hear. Come early so you don't miss the chance to hear her. The crowd really liked her. She played about 50 min. and then there was a 20 min. break to set up for Sheryl. Sheryl came out about 9:20pm wearing a tight black mini skirt with a beautiful light weight black and red top that blew in the breeze. She had black sandel shoes that had at least 4 inch heals. She looked fabulous!!! The set list was as best I can remember:

Our Love Is Fading


Eye To Eye

100 Miles

Can't Cry

Say What

Strong Enough

Long Road


Sign Your Name

Summer Day

Winding Road






All I Wanna/Marvin

I Want You Back

I Shall Believe

I've never seen Sheryl work a stage like she did last night. She was everywhere!! Even on several songs she walked up a high platform and danced and sang above the other band members. There was no railing when she came down and she walked those steps with 4 inch heals in the stage lighting. I was affraid she would kill herself on those steps! She made it down them several times. I was worried about the rest of you not seeing her in concert if she fell. After singing Peaceful she left the stage and changed her clothes. She ran off the stage to her bus and I'm sure someone had to cut her clothes off her because they were plastered on her body from all the sweat from the humidity. I don't know how she could sing 20 songs in that much heat. All of her older songs sounded great with the new band. I really liked the sound. I have to say this was one of the best Sheryl concerts I've ever been to. I'll post pictures in a few days when I get home. Going to spend time in Memphis with friends. If you get a chance go see Sheryl and The Thieves!!!!!


.Friday August 20, 2010


Photo: Robb D. Cohen (

Sheryl Crow takes Alpharetta on fun ride

1:40 am August 20, 2010, by Tracy Brown

Sheryl Crow has taken “100 miles From Memphis” on the road, and the album, released just last month, got a warm Georgia welcome Thursday night at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta.

Somehow Crow managed to get at least 10 of the 12 tracks off her new album onto the set list with no sign of resistance from a near full house. Perhaps it was the fun, reggae influenced “Eye to Eye” or the soulful remake of Terrance Trent D’Arby’s “Sign Your Name” or the captivating lyrics and vocals on “Stop.” Maybe it was the vintage, comfortable feeling you lean into in “100 Miles” title cut.

Crow titled the album after the distance from hometown Kennett , Mo., to Memphis, Tenn., original home of the soul Stax Record label (which signed Macon’s Otis Redding). Though, she admitted to fans that “the distance is really 106 miles, but 100 miles just sounds better.”

Even when Crow, not surprisingly, brought politics front and center with “Say What You Want,” no one seemed to visibly mind. The 48-year-old singer said she wrote the song after reading in the paper about a certain woman using the term reload.

“When I think of reload, I think of guns…. Would Martin Luther King Jr. say reload, would Bobby Kennedy ever say reload?” she asked the crowd.

And so the lyrics go: I saw you ranting on TV today. I heard you tell me to reload. You got a lot of nerve to talk that way. Someone unplug the microphone. … Say, say what you want to (If this is America you’d never know it.

And from there, she detoured to the soft, country ballad “Are You Strong Enough” from her debut album “Tuesday Night Music Club” before taking a U-turn back to the new album with the gospel-bluesy “Long Road Home.”

Luckily, Thursday night’s ride, with Crow partying hard on stage along the way, included fan favorites “Can’t Cry Anymore,” “If It Makes You Happy,” “Soak Up the Sun,” “My Favorite Mistake,” and “Everyday is a Winding Road.”

And the encore, you guessed it: Crow’s breakout hit “All I Wanna Do,” which featured a surprisingly nice remix to Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up.”

Crow, who once sang back up vocals to Michael Jackson on his Bad tour ended the night with a cover of the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back,” a bonus track on the new album. Not everyone can do the song made popular by a young MJ justice, but Crow’s voice fits like a glove — no pun intended. Not a bad way to end a road trip.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Comments from Twitter and Facebook

Kileyparrish: Alright I had no idea Sheryl Crow had the range of whitney houston......literally I have the most respect for her now... SHE'S AMAZING LIVE

DonnaCabonna: Sheryl Crow puts on an awesome concert!

sweetsnaps: Sheryl Crow is an uh-mazing live performer.

laurenstjane: Watching Sheryl Crow take the stage & dang... She & her band far exceeds my expectations...go she her live!

hollyfrew: At the Sheryl Crow concert..I can't get over how phenomenal she looks.

Judy Rayburn Ligon: Hey saw the show in Atlanta last night and you totally ROCKED it. The band was great, you were beautiful and in top form, and I'm so happy I got to see you in concert again. Best wishes with the little ones!

Rhonda Bedell The show tonight was fantastic! Congrats on ur cure. My mom has 3 years free!

Dee Vidal OMG Sheryl you and your band Where out standing!!!! One of the best concerts I have seen. U'all rocked the house down, last night. I was so thankful to be there.
God Bless you. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. Dee


"Sheryl recorded an upcoming Radio Free Takeover (date on Dave-FM TBA soon) at the concert last night.  I don’t know if there is any rock star who is nicer than Sheryl!!  ...."

More @



By rockandrollMD (SC Official Forum)

Hey guys,

I live in NYC but am from Knoxville, and was home ironically when Sheryl played the Tennessee Theater last night.   Knoxville crowds are NOTORIOUSLY boring, but she had everyone on their feet at least six times!!! Here is the setlist....

Our Love Is Fading

A Change Would Do You Good

Eye To Eye (with crowd sing-a-long.... my least favorite track on the album but REALL  Y  good live!)

100 Miles From Memphis

Can't Cry Anymore (with long rant in the middle... so funny, definitely showed her sense of humor)

Say What You Want To (with long intro causing a chant to bring back the days of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.... very inspirational, causing much applause from a crowd that is in the middle of the religious right   bible belt)

Strong Enough.... best version ever..... extended.... ending in Reggae Style funk, so cool! This song gets boring after you have heard it live 400 times, but this was AMAZING and brough back chills I  hadnt felt since 1994.....

Long Road Home... with Doyle and Tommy doing an "old negro spiritual" intro... Tommy's voice is so deep... was truly a highlight of the show

Summer Day

Si gn Your Name, ending with the Rolling Stones "Miss You"

My Favorite Mistake... with sheryl on keys.... her and the organist/keyboardist Jeff Babko GO  WILD on this one... so great!!!!

Everyday Is A Winding Road.... new version... kicking ending

STOP... sheryl on piano and amazing AMAZING  vocals, much better than the record version

Roses and Moonlight with extended ending..... everyone was up dancing and freaking in the isles!

If It Makes You Happy.... .Sheryl on accoustic guitar, the whole place went nuts!!!!

Soak Up the Sun.... longer version, sing-a-long..... ends and goes straight into Peaceful Feeling, which ROCKS live.....

Sheryl and the band leave the stage, come back two minutes later, and play the best version of All I  Wanna Do that I  have ever heard.  In the middle she breaks into some Marvin Gaye song that I  have heard before but wasn't familiar with and don't know the name.  the two backup singers come down and jam with her on stage.  

I Want You Back

then.... the show stopper... I  SHALL  BELIEVE....

Sheryl starts out on piano, singning the shit out of this song, then the backup singers join in... then the new keyboardist and her GO  TO  TOWN  on piano/organ..... gave me cold chills.... then the whole band kicks in with HUGE  LIGHTS  going off and the place went wild..... then ended with her back on piano solo...... the best performance of this song I  have ever heard....

I have video I  took on my blackberry for 100 Miles, Cant Cry, Sign Your Name-Miss You, The beginning intro of Doyle and Tommy for Long Road going into the first part of Long Road.... then I  got stopped by an usher who watched me for the rest of the night.   Can someone help me post them for everyone?!?   I have no idea how to do it.

Have tickets for the Radio City and Ryman show.... CANT  wait to see it again!!!!!


The Ever Irrelevant Fox Nation Slams Sheryl Crow 

.Tuesday August 17, 2010


"Diamonds Made From Rain" (from BBC Radio 2)

Eric Clapton's new album, "Clapton" is out in September.

.Monday August 16, 2010


Photos: Team Sheryl


Sheryl at the keyboards for the opening song. The new album is one of her best ever. Her fall tour schedule is very intense. She is barely taking a break in between cities. You can read all that stuff I don't need to tell you.

Sheryl sounds great in the August heat and humidity. This is tough on a singer and I know it. As I traveled to the venue the temperature went up 10 degrees from the Piedmont to down east in the capitol city. It was hot! As Sheryl said "It is like 3000 degrees tonight!" Yes it was, in more ways than one.



(thanks as usual, Janet :-)


Her Review

Sheryl and the band rocked the house down at Caesars in Atlantic City. I think there is a set list on the news or tour page. They played 20 songs. Oh my God! I think half old and half new. Every song was great. The old hits still sounded great with this band. They worked them out! The "Band Chemistry" is there. It has all come together nicely. Sheryl gave the spotlight to each of them throughout the show. When I tell you that the music and lighting was awesome, I am not joking. All you skeptics go see for yourself. People were dancing and running up to the stage screaming. Really the crowd was very pumped. I would have ran up to the stage too but after 3 glasses of wine (which probably means 4) I was comfortable in my seat. We had good enough seats and I had no problem letting the ones from the back, run up front. I would do the same if I had bad seats. The security guard bouncer (Gray hair, thin and about 65yrs old kept trying to clear the stage area on my side. So funny. Sheryl and the band flowed into each song. Maybe before I was able to absorb it all. I will tell you what I remember. After the first song, she ran over to someone in the audience and grabbed their cellphone and said she wanted to know who they were talking to. lol One of the songs Sheryl and Doyle did the "Spanish Clap" as I call it. So funny but cute. At one point there were 4 guitarists! Mama mia! Someone gave Sheryl a bouquet of lolly pops. She said she liked them al ot! Later she came out holding them as if she was getting married and said, "I always wanted to get married with a bouquet of suckers" lol

She worked the stage quite a bit. and bent down toward the audience in a front row a few times (I'm guessing because they paid about 400 a ticket lol) The stage was like American bandstand and Sheryl was working it, moving up to some platforms and singing. The lighting was pretty cool to me!! The two awesome backup singers came up at the end during one of the encores. They have some powerful voices and cute dancing too! She closed the show with an awesome version of I Shall believe on the piano, and then mid stream the cool keyboard player doing an awesome jamming solo. Wow, then they broke into a full band and finished the song. What a bunch of great musicians. Oh Tommy on base did a cool thing with Doyle on lead guitar, then they broke into another song. Very cool and sexy TOMMY!

I will post some pictures, there will also be some more on Alek's site. He puts them all together for me. ;) It was a great show. I did see Sheryl using a spray for her voice. After she used it, her voice resonated through the venue. Wow! But seriously guys, 20 songs in a row for 4 nights in a row is a bit much Hmmm? Your lucky she made it through with flying colors but she was F'n tired. After 19songs she had to sing a ballad. She did it but maybe the ballads should be in the beginning of the night. Just a suggestion.  

Awesome show! Don't hesitate to see these shows, she is better than EVER!  


By trek2200

Awesome show! Ceasars Circus Maximus Theater is a beautiful small venue. I thought the acoustics were pretty good. If you ever get a chance to go to a show there, do it.

Great show, greatly improved compared to the Roseland! I even thought her old tunes sounded great with the different arrangements, and I did not like them at the Roseland. The band was tight. A couple of great solos by the drummer, the guitarists, etc. Sheryl was working the audience the whole night

It is definitely a different sound for Sheryl, and I am not a big fan of this new sound, but I have to say it was a fantastic show on every level. Every single song intro was awesome. some of the songs gave me chills, esp, I Shall Believe - a really full gospel sound - like the angels from heaven were all there playing their instruments.

I do miss the old band and the "rockin", but I am really looking forward to Radio City in Sept.

by highwaywoman

I also attended this show with Brooke (olcrowgirl) and we both agreed that it was ten times better than her Soundstage performance last month. I actually commented to Brooke that they should have filmed this concert instead of the one in NYC. She was like a completely different person onstage this time--she interacted with the audience and the band, they all sounded better, had a lot of energy, and performed more songs. I agree with Denise, I do not care for the new sound at all, but the show was still very good. I just hope Sheryl gets this out of her system so that she can go back to the old rock and roll Sheryl that I fell in love with 15 years ago.

Brooke and I had 4th row center seats, which enabled us to see the cute little girl two rows in front of us that gave Sheryl her "bouquet of suckers," and I about died when Sheryl came into the audience at the beginning of the show (great shot JR, I wasn't ready for that with my camera!) and took his cell phone, got back up onstage with it, took his picture and told him “that’s a great shot of you,” and then handed it back to him. Sheryl was very playful--later on, she even posed for the cameras in the front row! It was refreshing to see Sheryl so energetic and attentive toward the audience. I've seen many shows since 1997, and I honestly do not remember her being this lively on stage. Maybe it could be due to the fact that she is only playing an instrument in half of the songs, so I guess that is one aspect I like about the new sound, but then again, I do miss her playing guitar on "Can't Cry Anymore" and many other songs.

On a side note, and this has nothing to do with Sheryl, but I did want to mention that if anyone ever wants to attend a show at Ceasers Circus Maximus in AC, I highly suggest you do not go. Brooke and I were there exactly one week before to see Heart in concert and we thought the sound was amazing and agreed that any seat in the house was a good seat. We both thought it was so much better than the House of Blues, where we had attended a show last summer and had horrible experiences with obnoxious drunks. However, if you have a problem at the Circus Maximus and the employees need to use their customer services skills, this is the time where you should run away from the theater and never look back! At the Sheryl concert Saturday night, what could have been a very easy fix, turned out to be a nightmare. Not only was the lady taking the tickets VERY rude but the manager was even worse. The lady that took our tickets did not know how to rip them properly. Before I could do something about it, she ripped them in half (not on the perforated section) and handed us back the scan-able ticketmaster side that had no info about the concert. By the time I realized what she handed back to me, a few others had already come in behind me. Just as I walked back up to her at the door, another employee was there telling her that she was ripping them wrong. To make a long story short, even though the lady had my correct tickets still in her hand, and I explained what had happened and asked her nicely to trade my tickets for the correct ones, she wouldn't help me, and ended up ignoring me. I mean she turned her back and IGNORED me. I asked for her manager, which I later learned was a few feet away from her, and she wouldn't tell me where she was. Brooke and I were so disgusted and pissed off that we almost left before the show even started. I did find her manager and I did get my correct tickets back, but the manager acted like she was annoyed that she had to search through the tickets and bring them to us. She offered no apology when she ripped them out of Brooke’s hand. I told her earlier that I had been attending concerts for 15 years and never had such a horrible experience. She didn’t care.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my review and bad experience (I’d hate for this to happen again). I do have pictures, but I have no idea how to post them. Brooke might be able to post them later.

Oh, and I did see Sheryl’s shoes, but her bell bottoms were so long that it was hard to tell what they were. They looked like boots, but I’m not positive. I might have a picture! If I do, I’ll try to post it later.

To Denise, Val, and others that were there—sorry we did not find you! Brooke said that she saw you when she went back out to get that employees name, but both of us were too pissed to even watch that video playing before the show. Ugh! I hope you all had a better experience. Hopefully we’ll see you at the next show!

By OICrowgirl

Hey peeps! Yes, the show was pretty good. It was the closest (4TH ROW, which we paid a pretty penny for) I'd been at a Sheryl concert (if I'm not including Soundstage last month), and would’ve been a REAL treat for me 10 years ago to be that close. Back then, I probably would've been an animal the whole night dancing and running up to the front of the stage hoping for Sheryl to grab my hand. But, in my old age, the fanaticism isn't as...well, fanatic. That, and the fact that I was not in a good mood prior to the start of the show.

As Jackie (Highwaywoman) described, we had an awful experience with the ushers/managers, etc. They were very disrespectful and dismissive to us after THEY were the ones who were in the wrong. I am still disgusted at how they treated us. I've never been treated that rudely before. Like as if our calling them out on their mistake (ripping our tickets in half COMPLETELY! DUH! Who doesn’t know how to properly rip a concert ticket?) and asking for them to fix it was a BIG BOTHER. It was definitely enough for me to say DO NOT go back to the Circus Maximus Theater AT ALL. So, despite the fact that yes, it is a nice theater with good sound and seating, I will NEVER see a show there again. I refuse to give them my money.

BUT DESPITE THAT, I tried to keep in good spirits once Sheryl finally came on stage. She was wearing ORANGE (and the past three times I’ve seen her, she’s been in orange), bell bottom jeans, and what looked like platform-type shoes. It was hard to see b/c her pants were long. YES, I always pay attention to the clothes and jewelry! I am a jewelry girl. (For the record, she was wearing a very cool turquoise ring and a whole bunch of bangle-type bracelets.)

Sheryl did seem to be in a good mood. She commented on the fact that there was a Barry Manilow concert in the same casino that night. Some of the audience boo-ed, and she put her hand on her hip and said, “Now, I love me some ‘Mandy!’” Funny. She was pretty funny that night, joking and working the audience, wanting them to sing along to the “Na na na na” in one of the songs off the new album (can’t think of it at the moment…for reasons LIKE I haven’t listened to it enough. Hmm. Wonder why? lol).

From my perspective, it seemed like the audience was too “polite,” which Sheryl even commented on herself. At one point she said we were “polite” and then said, “Ya’ll are just so cute!” But most people up front sat the whole night.

She did “Strong Enough” with the WHOLE band playing, and I have to say that I didn’t like it. I mean, I’ll always love the song, but I miss Sheryl playing acoustic on it. VERY BADLY. When I think of that song in concert, I think of Sheryl on guitar OR accordion singing her heart out with anguish. I didn’t get that this time. It was just kinda like, “here’s this popular song I had at one point…” Same goes for “Can’t Cry Anymore,” which is one of my top 3 favorite SC songs, and she played it that night with NO guitar. She just walked around the stage. I missed her playing it on guitar.

The band is good. They sound good. Doyle didn’t seem as miserable this show. I found myself occasionally distracted by the bassist Tommy Simms’s muscular arms, and deep voice on that song with Doyle they played.( It was an intro to something…) I think the drummer and the keyboardist have the most “life” in them on stage though. They were entertaining to watch and looked like they were having loads of fun.

Even though I miss the old band and the old songs, AND I’m not too fond of this new album and style for Sheryl, it was a decent show. WAY better than Soundstage! I think the band is a little too “big” for me now. Too many players. I miss seeing Sheryl on bass, guitar, etc. I really REALLY miss it. It’s one thing I used to admire so much about her. Seeing her pick up just about any instrument and feeling the song she was playing, grooving, and just rocking out, is surely missed by me.

I love Sheryl and will always love the music. GO SEE HER!


Summer Day

Peaceful Feeling



By Frank De Blase - Rochester City Newspaper

It was back down that same stretch of 5 & 20 Friday night for Sheryl Crow and her guest Colbie Caillat at CMAC. While mosquitoes feasted on my blood, Caillat came out in a sparkly go-go dress that glinted in the setting sun. Her first hit, "Bubbly," sums her sound up nicely. She has a pretty voice and keen pop appeal. It's all Malibu sunshine and chill, but based on this show, that's about it. The music is a perpetual plateau - albeit a pleasant plateau - that begs for a little more action. Caillat's stab at Fleetwood Mac came close, but I'd like to hear it come from within. I know she's got the goods to do it.

Talk about the goods, Sheryl Crow came out like the godmother of soul and proceeded to blow the lid off the joint. What an incredible band; horn section, backup singers, the works. And what a change from when I'd seen her last when she was more of a close-to-the-bone rock 'n' roller. But apparently, as the second song in her set goes, "A Change Would Do You Good," and it did for her.

Showcasing songs from her new "100 Miles From Memphis" album, her set was also peppered with most of her hits - "If It Makes You Happy," "Can't Cry Anymore," "Everyday Is A Winding Road," "My Favorite Mistake," "All I Wanna Do," and so on. The show was a non-stop hit parade. Crow was absolutely relentless, shifting from keyboards to guitar, shaking her moneymaker, and working the entire, multi-layered stage in stiletto heels. When she parked behind the piano for what will be a new hit (trust me), "Stop," my blood went cold, much to the chagrin of the ravenous mosquitoes.

The band was a powerhouse of fortified Memphis soul and r&b. I could have stood to hear the horns a little more in the mix, but overall the onstage wall of sound was massive and beautiful. It was visually pleasant as well. When Crow came to the edge of the stage early in the set, I popped off a couple of pics of her high heels and legs. She looked at me funny before smiling uncomfortably. She probably thinks I'm a creep. But hey, if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.

Source: Rochester City Newspaper


Sheryl and The Thieves will be performing today on the Late Show with David Letterman.

.Sunday August 15, 2010


Chuck Canham - Great Show at CMAC!!! I was blown away!

Lynne Merrell - The concert last night was a blast! I loved the new band! Rocked out with my hubby and kids....can't wait to see our family pic w/Sheryl....

Teri Felt - Saw the show last night - you were amazing!!! Brought someone who never really listened to you before and he's a big fan - had to google you when he got hom!! Once again - phenomenal show last night - and Colbie was great too :)

Cindy Bostley - Great show last night Sheryl, I was in the front row and met you.

Kelly McGrath - Saw you last night....GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!

Cassandra King - I Love Sheryl :-) Some of her songs were my "mantras", helping me through a rough time... I waited 12 years for this concert opportunity...oh well. The opening act- Colbie, I couldnt understand much what she was singing/saying.(bad sound) Sheryl looked great, but I wished she would have mixed in more of my favorites ...more frequently. I know the band enjoyed doing the longer blusey jazzy instrumentals, but they didnt sound that good when you were sitting in the audience. The sound ruined the show in many places - it was often just loud NOISE drowning out the vocals - I plugged my ears on 100 Miles from Memphis. Long instrumental jamming is only great at a concert when everybody knows &loves a song - which was not the case with most of the songs Sheryl had her band jam out on...sorry Sheryl. For the record, we did by the CD to be supportive :-)

Greg Towne - @Cassandra King: I've re-read this post a dozen times now and can't believe that we attended the same show. I think the only thing we'll agree on, and even then only partially, is that Colbie was a little difficult to understand when introducing her songs o...r otherwise talking to the audience. Outside of that glitch, it was a fantastic show! I'm not sure where you were sitting in order to refer to the music as "just loud noise", but you may want to keep that in mind if ever attending another show @ CMAC. I was under the shell, within the first twenty rows and thought the sound quality was excellent. To post any criticism at all in regards to Sheryl not playing YOUR favorites, is simply quite sad. The primary purpose behind almost every tour is to promote the artist and quite likely... a new CD. Pretty sneaky, huh? It's my opinion that Sheryl put on one hell of a show and quite successfully integrated eleven new songs into the twenty song set. If you just want to hear what you like, maybe staying at home with a playlist you've made on an iPod would better suit your needs.


by Jen (evita)

Ok so go figure, the night of the show, my computer crashes.... it's toast. I hate computers!!   Anyway now that I'm back to work, I can give me review of the show!

This was my first concert at a casino, it was a little distracting before the show, but none the less, we made it to the show in one piece and had a great time!   We originally had 3rd row seats on what used to be Peter's side, but shortly after the show, realized people had gone up to the front of the stage already!! By the 4th song I said to my friend, nuts to this, we're going up! Fortunately the ladies beside us had the same idea so it was 4 of us moving across the row and not just 2!

So... I get up to the front but at first we went on 'Tim's Side' b/c I swore that I saw Al!! I go up to him and tap him on the shoulder and the guy who is NOT  Al gives me this look like WTF are you?!!   I was like omg this is sooo not Al, so i grabbed my friend and we ran away like little school girls :)

From there we got to enjoy the rest of the show on the other side of the stage, Sheryl played well, pretty much the same setlist that I've seen posted for every other show!   But it was amazing to see Sheryl play piano on Stop and ISB and the end, and of course, standing less than 8ft from her while she sat at the piano was pretty dang cool too!  

While it was very weird still without the old band, my friend and I couldn't help but notice the mass of men in the band and got distracted during one song checking them all out :O)   hehe   Ok, the playing, yes they were awesome, and I loved the fact they had two drum kits set up! Not used on every song, but when they were, damn!!!!

All in all, it was a great show, loved how Sheryl worked the stage and came up to us a bunch of times during the show.... the one time she was on guitar we all became attention starved 2 year olds b/c Sheryl stayed right at her mic lmao  

I will say though, I do miss the show going out on a loud note, while I loooooove ISB  on piano, I kinda missed a good 'ol Rock n' Roll or Higher Ground song to top off the night.   Still, it was an amazing show and the new band, apparently called the Thieves, did really well.

After the show my friend and I hit the tour buses, after of course I managed to score a setlist. woo hoo!   We waited out there for quite some time, chatted with the first nice security guard we'd ever met!   After every other band member came out, we snagged Doyle for a chat and autographs, but Sheryl managed to sneek out a side door..... one girl begged Doyle to ask her to come back off her bus, and he actually did go check for us but she was snuggling with the wee one..... so I could understand..... sucks, but I understand!

I had a great time at the show, they did really well for their first show on the tour and man do I wish I could see another show this tour!!!!!!!!



Almost forgot....Sheryl was wearing jeans (probably size -2 lmao) and a really cool white layered fringe top, and brown leather shoes...kinda criss crossed on the top with a peep toe, and then 4 thick layers of heel amounting to about 6 inches! oh and she had the most awesome necklace that went past her shirt, it was huge, i want it! lol

didn't get any pics except for one while she was singing ISB but she had her back to where we were standing.... sugar....

The t shirts for this tour were ok, there were some nice ones, but I didn't take close of a look, I did however grab another water canteen and a key chain... key chain was $10 and excellent quality, the water canteen is ok... I like my detours one much better b/c it's stainless steel and doesn't have imperfections like the new one....what can you do though! and they had bandana's but I can't pull off a good look with those so I passed on that haha


Janet Jack - Sheryl outdoes herself in AC! Old songs and new songs sounded excellent with the new kick ass band. A little Motown feel with awesome lighting and soul train platforms. WOW was worth the trip. The last song "I Shall Believe" brilliantly done with the organ players jamming segment and full band at the end. WOW they played real hard. You can't miss this! Love it!

Deidri Schonewolf - I was there .. woo hooo Awesome very retro .. Sheryl looked beautiful as she normally does...

Nan Ivins - You guys rocked last night. Awesome show. Sheryl, you looked great, sounded amazing, and your new band really rocks. So glad I got to see this show. Excellent!

Lori Moore Stern - Saw the show tonight, your new band is phenomenal!

Stefanie Elizabeth Juell - Sheryl, can I BE you???? You are amazing and your A.C. show ROCKED. You looked incredible, and I loved the orange shirt!

Teresa Tripicchio LaMorte - Awesome show & I was thrilled to be there!

David Traczykiewicz - Thanks for the GREAT show Sheryl. Your like a fine wine, you just keep getting better!!

Martha Bent - Show was great last night - so glad I was there!

Marlene Howell - Truly Inspiring.. Really enjoyed the show and Sheryl sound FABU! Thanks for a wonderful evening...


.Saturday August 14, 2010


Pics: Team Sheryl




.Friday August 13, 2010


Pop Matters: 6 out of 10 stars
All About Jazz: favorable
Philadelphia Daily News: B+
Outfront Colorado: B+
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: fairly positive
The Guardian (Canada): 4 out of 5 stars


Source: Team Sheryl


Photos: Chris Hudson


More pics:

.Thursday August 12, 2010




By Jason MacNeil

RAMA, Ont. - While Sheryl Crow made her mark with a healthy batch of Southern-tinged rock songs, her new album at times makes it seem she’s attempting to become a new member of George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic.

Such was the case during her tour launch Wednesday evening before a close to sold-out Casino Rama crowd in support of 100 Miles From Memphis, a far more groovy, soulful sound than any material found on earlier records like The Globe Sessions and her self-titled effort.

The end result was a few numbers striking gold, a few missing the mark entirely and others still a work in progress in a live setting.

Backed by a 10-piece supporting band dubbed The Thieves – which included acclaimed guitarist Doyle Bramhall II (who co-produced 100 Miles From Memphis) – Crow kicked off the 20-song set with the punchy, brassy Our Love Is Fading.

“How is everybody doing in Toronto?” Crow, 48, asked prior to A Change Would Do You Good, the first of a handful of older hits she doled out. Yet like most of the songs, this one underwent some reworking in the vein of classic James Brown funk complete with strobe lighting.

Overall, Crow did 11 of 12 songs off 100 Miles From Memphis during the show, with the reggae-laced Eye To Eye not quite hitting its stride despite the singer trying to get the crowd singing along. “I wanna hear all you gamblers sing tonight!” she said, then adding maybe a few more drinks were required to loosen them up.

It also took a while for some of the tunes to find their stride, only truly coming to life after Bramhall and the quasi-Noah’s Ark crew (two drummers, two horn players, two guitarists and two backing female vocalists) jammed them out. This was especially true of the title track and the politically charged Say What You Want as Crow got her groove on.

But there were others which definitely soared, particularly the gospel-blues-roots blend on the solid Long Road Home and Peaceful Feeling, both songs heads and shoulders above the mellow lead single Summer Day that Crow hoped fans were “hearing in the grocery stores around town.”

Seeming a bit more enthused about the new songs, Crow also ran through signatures like the softer Strong Enough, the bouncy Soak Up The Sun, the finely crafted My Favorite Mistake and If It Makes You Happy that had more people streaming up near the stage for.

Despite having a party atmosphere throughout, Crow brought the tone down during the lovely Norah Jones-ish Stop that had her on piano as she was for the show-closer I Shall Believe. Between those tunes it was a funk-fest of sorts as Crow weaved a bit of Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up into All I Wanna Do before covering The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. The cover was an obvious nod to the late Michael Jackson who Crow was a backup singer for in the late ‘80s.



Photo Credit: Dominic Chan/Wenn



Video by Chris Hudson




Source: The Smoking Gun

.Monday August 9, 2010


If someone have this magazine let me know!


Audio synch issues resolved!

.Friday August 6, 2010


Los Angeles, CA - February 18th, 2009

.Thursday August 5, 2010


10 Minutes - 128 kbits stereo


........................................................................................ click to enlarge





click to enlarge







With Doyle Bramhall II and Jeremy Stacey

Set list: "Summer Day" - "Sign Your Name" - "If It Makes You Happy" - "Everyday is a Winding Road"

18 minutes - 768x432 - High Quality - Stereo 48 kHz - FLV

................................................................................ [ DOWNLOAD ]

.Tuesday August 3, 2010


Season 4 Episode 5 "It's the End of the Jake As We Know It"

................................................................ [ DOWNLOAD FULL EPISODE ]

............. ..................................................... 23 Minutes - 4:3 - Stereo - 227 mb



By Stephen M. Dousner - Paste Magazine

Growing up in the bootheel of Missouri, Sheryl Crow would make the trip down to Memphis about twice a year with her family, usually to see Santa Claus or buy school clothes. When she grew up, she hung out at venues like the now-closed Bombay Bicycle Club and became enthralled with the lore of Bluff City and its vivacious musical history. Her eighth studio album and first soul project, 100 Miles from Memphis, is informed by the music of Stax, Hi and Sun Records, as well as her memories of the place. “Memphis has always been mystical for me,” Crow says, “so this record is about emotion, about love and sensuality. It should be the kind of record that people could lose themselves in.”

Her first instrument: “I grew up playing piano. Everybody in my family took lessons, but I realized at a very early age that I could play by ear. I remember going into our living room, turning off all the lights and pretending I was Stevie Wonder.”

The first time she heard Memphis music: “I grew up with all of that stuff. That’s what we listened to at home. My parents played a lot of rhythm and blues. They were in a swing band and loved all kinds of music. I grew up knowing who Mavis was, who Aretha was, who Al Green was. I don’t remember not knowing that music.”

The first time she played Memphis: “We played Mud Island, and it was a huge deal because that was the first time anybody from my hometown could come and see me. The entire town got in cars and buses and drove down. It was a little nerve-racking. Everyone I’ve ever known in my life was there. But it was a great feeling: There’s a big legacy there for live music, so I felt like I was being welcomed into the fray.”

The first time she went to Graceland: “I went with my band about ten years ago, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried that it was going to be a little cheesy, but I was absolutely emotional about it. It’s a lot smaller than you think it’s going to be. They call it ‘the mansion’ but it’s actually the size of a pretty basic house. They give you headphones and you walk through—you listen to Elvis tell you about his house. There’s something really surreal about that. It was very affecting for all of us. We were cynical when we went in, but we came out of it feeling like we had experienced something cool.”

The first song that really clicked during the 100 Miles sessions: “I wrote a song at the piano called ‘Stop’,” which is a throwback to The Stylistics or The Temptations. When we recorded it, we all sunk into the music. We knew we were on the right track. We started putting strings and horns and back-up singers on it, and it just started coming together in a very committed way.”

.Monday August 2, 2010



By Michael Grotticelli for

An intimate live show by Sheryl Crow was captured in New York City on Wednesday by All Mobile Video’s new 53ft Epic 3-D production truck, in both 2-D and 3-D, for a future edition on the PBS series “Soundstage.” The production is one of the first 2-D/3-D events captured with a single truck and represents a model of how to produce events more economically than using two separate trucks.

The concert, promoting songs from Crow’s new “100 Miles from Memphis” release, will be broadcast on PBS in 2-D in January, with the 3-D footage archived for future use such as Blu-ray distribution or carriage on a 3-D network.

The show was recorded live to tape with 13 Sony HDC-1500R HD cameras and some box-style units, all with Canon HD lenses. Ten were used in five pairs mounted on 3Ality Digital camera rigs. Two beam-splitter rigs were operated on tracking dollies to give a nice effect without having to zoom as often. Another side-by-side rig was mounted at the back of the Roseland Ballroom venue for wide shots of the stage. The 2-D production made use of all 13 HD camera views, including one mounted on a boom and two used handheld. None of the 3-D rigs were operated from the shoulder.

The truck features Sony’s new MVS-8000X production switcher, SRW-5800 HDCAM SR recording decks and several prototype Luma 3-D production monitors (production models will be available this fall). The one switcher was used for both the 2-D and 3-D shows, which were taped as ISO records. There’s also a Pesa 480 x 480 router and Studer Vista 8 digital audio console. The Epic 3-D truck also includes a converge area in the middle of the truck, where one technician per camera rig had to tweak the left and right signal to make sure it looked good in 3-D, before the director included it into the final show. A separate 61ft “B” unit is being built to house convergence operators, in order to handle larger productions.

HD Ready, an Illinois-based post-production company (which has posted several other 3-D events, including a recent Kenny Cheney concert), produced the Crow show under the supervision of Joe Thomas, a director by trade and a founder of HD Ready. He directed the Crow concert from the truck, carefully instructing camera operators on how to best frame their shots, and seemed excited about the concept of practically producing two shows simultaneously.

“We used some of the left-eye camera on the 3-D rigs for our 2-D show, and everything went very smoothly,” Thomas said. “Contrary to what others are saying, I don’t think you need to stay on shots longer with 3-D; you just have to make sure all of your camera views complement each other, which takes more work and a lot of time. Proper framing is very important. Luckily, we were not broadcasting a live show, so we could control things a lot more.”

He said that many of the things directors might want to get rid of in a 2-D shot, such as microphone stands and lighting trusses, they should keep in 3-D to make it interesting to watch because they add depth to the shot.

Prior to the show airing on PBS, the show will be post produced at HD Ready using a Quantel Pablo system to boost the 3-D effects and fix any uncomfortable viewing issues. “In post we’re adding another layer of work that has to be done, because 3-D done wrong looks terrible.”

Set up for the production occurred a day before, with slightly more time required when compared to preparations for a typical 2-D HD show. Eric Duke, president of AMV, said the other advantage of the Roseland Ballroom is that the venue is intimate and rather wide, allowing them to move the cameras closer to the stage and place them in ideal positions, without having to kill existing seating as some 3-D productions have had to do. Duke called the Roseland Ballroom “very 3-D friendly.”

“There’s no question that losing house seats is a major issue we have to resolve when doing 3-D projects, because some venues are not willing to give up revenue-generating, premium seats,” he said. “With this show, we could set up the seating the way we needed to support our 3-D shots. That makes a big difference.”

The stage was outfitted with extra truss pieces and lighting to support the 3-D production, while a circular truss was installed in the ceiling that provided a point of reference for viewers by shooting through the truss in some shots.

Everyone involved with the production agrees that 3-D imagery puts viewers “at the concert” in ways 2-D viewers just can’t experience. “It gives you that added sense of realism and depth that fans who can’t make the shows really appreciate,” said Jason Goodman, stereographer for the production and CEO of 21st Century 3D (in New York).

While it began in the mid-’70s, “Soundstage” was reborn in 2001 thanks to a new partnership between WTTW National Productions and HD Ready. Thomas’ original vision was to combine the one-hour musical performances of the original show with state-of-the-art HD video equipment and innovative Dolby 5.1 audio. The majority of the concerts are recorded before intimate studio audiences at WTTW’s Grainger Studio in Chicago, but “Soundstage” occasionally hits the road.

Thomas said 3-D continues that same concept of keeping the series fresh, and the technology is now becoming more accepted by major artists like Sheryl Crow, so he anticipates more concerts to come in the near future.


.Sunday August 1, 2010



(Taped July 14)


Sheryl Crow has written a song to be used in a striptease scene in a theatre production - and claims to be so impressed by the results, she would even bare all to the sound of the track.

Sheryl Crow's new music is so good she "could strip to it".

The 'Summer Day' singer recently wrote a tune for a striptease scene in a New York stage show and thinks it is so impressive, it could even persuade her to take her clothes off.

Sheryl Crow's strip song

She said: "A friend of mine has asked me to write the music for the Broadway musical version of the film 'Diner'. There's a scene where these three women do a striptease and I came up with the music for it.

"It's so good I could strip to it. And I'm 48."

The Grammy award-winning star - who has adopted children Levi, six weeks, and three-year-old Wyatt - admitted her kids may join forces with the offspring of singer Jack White to form a group in the future.

She told Q magazine: "Jack White has a hang-out place in Nashville and he opened it up to everyone to come and see his band The Dead Weather play. I bumped into his wife Karen and we agreed that we would get the kids together some time.

"Could they form a band? I suppose they could. Jack White seems pretty open to ideas so maybe he might get involved too. That would be, like, what, his 10th band?"

Source: Bang Media


Fans of Sheryl can catch the special episode of “Hannah Montana Forever” coming up on Sunday, August 8 at 8pm on the Disney Channel.

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