APRIL 2013


VIDEO - New Country Record Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Great stuff! Check it out!

PIX - 14th annual T.J. Martell Foundation Best Cellars dinner (29 April)

29 April 2013 - 14th annual T.J. Martell Foundation Best Cellars dinner - Bridge Building, Nashville, Tennessee. (Photos: Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

NEWS - Nutrition Mission One A Day & Feeding America 2013 Campaign

MORE INFO @ http://nutritionmission.oneaday.com/

2013 TOUR - New date added

Sunday 21 July 2013
8:00 PM
Stir Concert Cove @ Harrah's
Council Bluffs, Iowa (USA)

Tickets on sale Friday, May 3 at 10am. Tickets available at Ticketmaster.com, HarrahsCouncilBluffs.com, all area Ticketmaster retail locations, by phone at 1.800.745.3000 and at the Harrah's self-serve kiosk 24/7 located by the parking garage elevators.


MP3 - Amy Grant, Sheryl Crow & Eric Pasley - "Deep As It Is Wide"

Preview of "Deep As It Is Wide" featuring Amy Grant, Sheryl and Eric Paslay from Amy Grant's upcoming album, "How Mercy Looks From Here" out May 14th.

VIDEO - 95.5 KWNR Solo Acoustic Performance (Las Vegas, 23 April)

A very low key solo acoustic performance @ 95.5 KWNR Radio HQ in Vegas. Tunes, jokes... and a lot of talking! :-)


"Strong Enough"
"Call Me When I'm Lonely"
"Picture/If It Makes You Happy"

NEWS - Sheryl to appear on the Wendy Williams Show

On Wednesday May 1, Sheryl will appear on the Wendy Williams Show to discuss about her new single, “Easy” and talks motherhood and love. Click here for tv listings and show times near you!

VIDEO - People magazine Photo Shoot backstage (April 2013)


VIDEO - Sheryl on People Magazine's Most Beautiful Issue


PIC - Sheryl featured on People's Most Beautiful Portrait


LIVE PIX - 92.5 The Wolf Radio Performance - Denver, CO - 24 April

20 photos
92.5 The Wolf Radio Performance - Denver, Colorado (USA) - 24 April

LIVE PIX - 98.5 KYGO Radio Performance - Denver, CO - 24 April

photo: seanetella

15 photos

98.5 KYGO Radio Performance - Nissan Highland Ranch - Denver, Colorado - 24 April

LIVE PIX - Digital Globe Radio Performance - Denver, CO - 24 April

Photo: LuValentino

click to enlarge

Digital Globe Radio performance - Denver, Colorado (USA) - 24 April

VIDEO - Sheryl sends a beautiful 80th birthday message to Willie Nelson

Happy B-Day Willie!

2013 Tour - New date added - Dayton, Ohio

Saturday 15 June 2013
Fraze Pavilion
Kettering, Ohio (USA)
Tickets go on sale 4/27 at 9:00 AM

$86 - Plaza
$86 - Center Orchestra (sections B&C)
$81 - Side Orchestra (sections A&D)
$51 - Lawn & Terrace

Limit 4 tickets per person first day of sale

Celebrate the 15th Annual Mix 107.7 SummerFest concert and the 10th anniversary of the making of Sheryl Crow’s DVD, C’mon America 2003, filmed at Fraze Pavilion over two sold-out performances in July of 2003.

PIX/VID - 102.7 The Coyote Radio Performance - Las Vegas, NV - 23 April

:: VIDEO ::


102.7 The Coyote Radio Performance - Las Vegas, Nevada - 23 April

PIX - 95.5 KWNR Radio Performance - Las Vegas, NV - 23 April

Photo: KWNR

Photo: _instaasam

95.5 KWNR HQ - Las Vegas, Nevada - 23 April

REVIEWS - Willie Nelson Rings in 80th Birthday With Neil Young, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow

More famous friends join singer at Jack White’s Third Man Records for CMT taping

By Adam Gold
April 23, 2013 8:00 AM ET

Willie Nelson turns 80 next week, but the festivities got underway last Thursday night in Nashville, where a star-studded cast of duet partners featuring Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Jamey Johnson, Ashley Monroe and Leon Russell paid tribute to the outlaw country icon at an intimate birthday soiree. The celebration – held at Jack White's Third Man Records – doubled as a taping for an upcoming CMT Crossroads episode.

Crossroads has raised eyebrows in the past with odd-couple pairings like Def Leppard and Taylor Swift, or Aerosmith and Carrie Underwood, but when it came to Willie Nelson, Thursday night's cross-generational cast of characters didn't make such strange bedfellows. White perhaps best explained why when he introduced Nelson – "Nothing says America like the man that's gonna play."

Willie Nelson Celebrates 80th Birthday With 'Let's Face the Music and Dance'

And with that, Shotgun Willie – all smiles, boasting braids and clad in black – took the stage, opening up with his 2012 ode to Acapulco Gold, "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die." Whether that – the only sans-guest selection of the 13-song set – was the singer making poignant reference to his own mortality or a timely reference two days before 4/20, the song set the tone for a joyous hour of warts-and-all renditions and ragged collaborations.

Of all the guests, Young was the only one who played his own songs (not that anybody complained), as well as the only guest who joined Nelson to perform as an unaccompanied duo. Although Young's appearance wasn't a surprise to the 100 or so attendees who packed the makeshift TV studio in Third Man's warehouse/office space (and, unfortunately, not the adjoining record store/compound's cozier live music venue, the Blue Room), it was as though the audience couldn't really believe they'd witness the Godfather of Grunge rock out with the Redheaded Stranger in such close confines until they actually saw it. And Young diehards probably couldn't believe what they were hearing when the singer busted out the rarely-performed, resplendent Rust Never Sleeps lullaby "Sail Away," which he performed standing almost nose to nose with Nelson at center stage.

"I wrote it for my car, but it works for you great," Young joked in barroom-chum fashion before serenading Nelson with his next number, a spellbinding rendition of the 1976 Stills-Young Band classic "Long May You Run." Strumming and swaying back and forth, eyes obscured by a baseball cap, his voice sounding pristine as if preserved in time, Young mostly sang it directly to Nelson, not to the crowd or the cameras. With White, Johnson and Monroe watching enchanted from the wings, it was a moment not lost on anyone but maybe the man of the hour, who was keeping a close eye on his friend and fellow Farm Aid organizer's left hand for the chord changes, making the rawness all the more real.

Uncharacteristic of most musical TV tapings, this one went off with only one do-over: Nelson and Crow had trouble finding the key on a countrified duet of the pop-vocal standard "Faraway Places" (which also featured Jones on piano) the first time around. But Crow put forth her finest Patsy Cline without a hitch when she tackled Nelson's most famous composition, "Crazy."

"I'm just doing this as an homage to the man I love, or else I wouldn't touch it," Crow said of the song.

But a little sonic dissonance is par for the course when it comes to Nelson, whose inability to turn in a polished performance is a signature strength that's endeared him all the more with age (not to mention that it imposed a healthy dose of spontaneity to this taping). Nelson kept duet partners on their toes with his unmistakably weathered talk-singing, slip-sliding in and out of time over their verses, like when singing Fred Rose's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" with Monroe. And he threw his nine-piece pickup band of session vets curveballs with each trademark wobbly, walking guitar solo, played on the most iconically beat-to-shit acoustic ax in country music. His solo on "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" was one for the ages when it comes to lyrical pickin', not to be outdone by a glass-shattering vocal delivery from Monroe.

"That one kills me," Monroe remarked after singing the Honeysuckle Rose showstopper. "I can't even talk."

The juxtaposition of roughness and refinement reached its peak with Norah Jones' jazzy interpretation of "Funny How Time Slips Away." On that one, Willie's single-string staccato riffage cut through Jones' smoky, sensual croon like interference from an old A.M. radio, wafting straight out of an early Texas morning and right into a midnight Manhattan speakeasy.

Jamey Johnson, perhaps the most musically devoted Willie Nelson footstep-follower of the bunch (and easily the most morbidly depressive country singer since Townes Van Zandt), let the low notes ring out as he bellowed a sparse, tragically hopeless version of the love requiem "Permanently Lonely." Luckily, Willie and Jamey picked up the pace, and the tone, with a foot-stomping, shambolic "Shotgun Willie."

Each of the guests – save for Leon Russell, who had a Music City gig of his own to get to and had pre-taped his performance in rehearsal – returned to the stage for a rollicking all-star finale of "Whiskey River," followed by Crow leading the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday."

"Who wants a piece of cake?" Nelson asked, bidding the crowd farewell. "I hope I can come to your 80th birthday party!"

The CMT Crossroads episode is expected to air in late June. Proceeds from Nelson's annual birthday bash in Austin, on April 28th, will benefit the volunteer fire department of West, Texas, where last week a fertilizer plant explosion left 14 dead and scores more injured.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone Magazine

Here's an excerpt from Nashvillescene.com

"Willie's final duet partner was a denim-and-turquoise-clad Sheryl Crow, who shared a story of an airport security official once suggesting to her that she collaborates with Nelson just a bit too much. Of course, Nelson got the biggest laugh when he asked if she just told the fella in question to go on and give her back her shoes, thank you very much. We'll say, we were surprised at just how painless the evening turned out to be — television tapings don't always go quite so smoothly, but Crow and Nelson's take on "Far Away Places" was the only song that had to be run two times that evening. They wrapped up with "Crazy," on which Norah Jones played piano and Crow delivered the lead vocal ... well, she ain't Patsy Cline, but she certainly didn't disappoint."


VIDEO - Sheryl on The Voice - S04 Ep09 - 22 April


LIVE REVIEW - Franklin Theater - 19-20 April 2013 - Franklin, TN (by Janet)

REVIEW and PHOTOS by Janet
(thanks you!)

I went to the Franklin Theater Fri. and Sat. eve. Both nights Sheryl put on a great show for the New Hope Academy. She was personable and very funny. The sound in the theater was crystal clear. I could hear each string on the guitars and Sheryl’s voice radiated throughout the venue. She would say a few words before each song and throughout the night. They auctioned off 1 guitar each night and picnic - horse lesson and ride at Sheryl’s house. They were raising money for scholarships to the school.

These things I remember:

She has a country album that is coming out in September and she has been on hiatus because of her children. She was very busy wiping snot. Lol She said her father was a lawyer and went on to say her song Shot Gun has a line her father said when she was young. (Drive it like it’s stolen, park it like it’s rented.) ....and she was not giving him the credits for it. She paused and said, he can sue me. She said she wrote a love song. She was proud to say she was engaged three times, paused and said.....they were all interesting. Lol. She asked if her love was in the audience. Then she belted out the new song, “Give it to me”. She played Waterproof Mascara that she wrote with Brad Paisley and got a Whoo hooo from me. She played Strong Enough (Another whoo hoo from me) and I loved how the whole thing sounded. She was finger picking and Peter was leading. It was awesome. Amy Grant came out with Eric Paslay, a songwriter who had written a song. Sheryl said they were going to play it together for the first time as a rehearsal tonight. Lol It was well done and the harmony was beautiful. She played Picture and explained that her parents wanted to meet Kid Rock and wants to know what he does. Sheryl told them, oh no, you don’t want to know what he does. Lol Her encore was “Believe”, and it was a great sound with just the strings. I also have to say that Peter and Robert did great with the vocals on everything!

During the auction’s Sheryl kept coming out being “cutesy” trying to get more bidders. They auctioned a small guitar and she said it was a guitar she took on the road with her and she had written many songs on it....then says, so maybe it will write songs for you! Lol She didn’t know someone had just won the auction and she snuck out and said, I’ll even make-out with the one who wins. The guy put his fists up in the air, screams yes!! As if he won the lottery. Lmao. Later she was auctioning horse riding lessons and picnic at her home. She came out during the auction to add that she would let the person sing backup for her too. She also said that she’d make-out with the winner... Then added..... even if it’s a woman. Lol I think a woman won the auction! They were two great shows. I can’t get over how good the sound was. I would have loved to go to the third show because Sheryl does change each show with her comments and voice. It’s not like a movie :). She also threw in some different songs. I saw Scott Hamilton in the lobby on the way out. He is still adorable. He thanked me for supporting the New Hope Academy.

with her comments and voice. It’s not like a movie. She also threw in some different songs. I saw Scott Hamilton in the lobby on the way out. He is still adorable. He thanked me for supporting the New Hope Academy.

click to enlarge


LIVE PIX - Franklin Theater - Show #3 - 21 April

Photo: Chris Hudson

Photo: Chris Hudson

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for New Hope Academy

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for New Hope Academy

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for New Hope Academy

FRANKLIN, TN - APRIL 21: (L-R) Kimberly Paisley (TV's Nashville), Sheryl Crow, Connie Britton (TV's Nashville), Singer/Songwriter Eric Paslay, Kimberly Schlapman (Little Big Town) and BeBo Norman - Recording Artist backstage at 'An Evening with Sheryl Crow' to benefit New Hope Academy at The Franklin Theater on April 21, 2013 in Franklin, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for New Hope Academy)


LIVE PIX - Franklin Theater - Show #2 - 20 April

Photos: Chris Hudson

VIDEO - "Homecoming Queen" - Rehearsal @ Franklin Theatre - 20 April

New song. Filmed by Chris Hudson

LIVE PIX - Franklin Theater - Show #1 - 19 April

Photo: HylandJon


On stage with Eric Paslay and Amy Grant - Photo: Chris Hudson

Photo: realemilyclark


Rehearsal with Amy Grant and Eric Paslay - Photo by Chris Hudson


VIDEO INTERVIEW - The Fast Five by GoCountry 105 Radio


Sheryl stops by the Go Country 105 studios to promote her new single, 'Easy'. She answers questions like 'What Country Music Artist Would You Kiss?' se Said - A Young Merle Haggard and Eric Church! Find out what other silly questions Sheryl Crow answers on this segment of the Fast Five.

NEWS - Google for Creators - Nashville, TN - 18 April

Photo courtesy of Allisonbcollier

Yesterday, Sheryl performed at Google for Creators event in Nashville, Tennessee.

As reported by Nashville Biz Blog:

"Google for Creators was organized by FLO{thinkery} to offer insights to the city's creative industries on how they can better utilize Google and YouTube to build their brand and monetize content, bringing together two industries that have not always worked together. The event drew about 400 attendees — artists, producers, tech and music entrepreneurs."

The Event was held at The Anthem, in North Gulch area.

Here's the setlist

:: MORE PIX ::

Photo: sarahmarge

Photo: s_emahiser

Photo: Kevaf

Photo: coralman808

Photo courtesy of ashleyabright


:: VIDS ::


CANDIDS - This AM: perfect TN morning to take a ride...

Photo: Sheryl via Twitter

VIDEO - Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock - "Picture" @ "We're All for the Hall" - 16 April

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee. 16 April 2013.

VIDEO - Sheryl on The Voice - Battle Rounds 2 - S04 EP08 - 16 April


LIVE PIX - We're All For The Hall benefit concert - Nashville, TN - 16 April

Amazing Night in Nashville yesterday at "We're all for the Hall" benefit concert with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, Roseanne Cash, Kid Rock, Hank Williams Jr., Trace Adkins, Jessi Colter and many other country stars! Loretta Lynn couldn't make it, so Sheryl sat in for her!


Set List:


"Tumbling Dice"

"Without You"


"I Ain't Living Long Like This"

"Midnight Rider/Can't You See"


"One in Every Crowd"



"Country Must Be Country Wide"

"Long Haired Redneck"


"Just Fishin'"

"Ladies Love Country Boys"


"Long Black Veil"

"Seven Year Ache"


"I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be a Diamond Someday)"

"Live Forever"



"Big Mouth USA"


"I'm Not Lisa"

Unreleased song (see article)

"Why You Been Gone So Long"


"Born Free"

"All Summer Long"


"Take a Little Ride"

"My Kinda Party"


"How Bad Do You Want It?"

"Real Good Man"

HANK WILLIAMS JR. (Solo Acoustic)

"Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound"

"All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down" / "Theme from Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)" / "I Walk the Line"


"Picture" (with Kid Rock)

"If It Makes You Happy"


"Sunday Morning Coming Down"

"Me and Bobby McGee"


"On the Road Again"

"Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die"


"Family Tradition"

NEWS - Sheryl Crow, Gary Allan & More to Take Part in Nashville Best Cellars Dinner

by Sarah Wyland

Gary Allan, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant, Dustin Lynch and Jonathan Cain from the band Journey are set to attend the 14th Annual Nashville Best Cellars Dinner on Monday, April 29 at the Bridge Building in Nashville. This exclusive wine and food event benefits the T.J. Martell Foundation and its funding of life-saving cancer research at the Frances Williams Preston Labs at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.

The evening will pair “Best Sellers,” popular chart-topping artists with “Best Cellars,” some of the top wine collectors in the United States who will share rare wines from their collections with guests at their tables. Since the inaugural event created by Billy Ray Hearn in 1999, the dinner has raised more than $1.65 million.

This year’s wine hosts include Sam and Celeste Beall, co-chair Tom Black, Keith and Pam Browning, co-chair John Esposito and Chantel Esposito, co-chair Bill Hearn and Elise Loehr, Billy Ray and Nancy Hearn, Clint Higham and Joe Galante, Chris Johnson and Jeff Roberts, Eliza Kraft Olander, Keith and Deby Pitts, Bill Shea and Kip and Valerie Summers.

The gourmet four-course dinner will be created by Bob Waggoner, executive chef of Watermark and Sean Brock, executive chef of McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston and Husk in Nashville. Attendees may also choose to purchase separate admission to the previously invite-only Tom Black After Party held at the Bridge Building Rooftop Patio with entertainment by Brett Eldredge and Charlie Worsham.

To purchase tickets and sponsorships for this event, call Cindy Lovelace at the T.J. Martell Foundation at 615-256-2002 or log onto www.tjmartell.org.


VIDEO - Sheryl on The Voice - S04 EP07 - 15 April


LIVE VID/PIX - 11th Annual “K-FROG Cares Golf Classic" (12 April)

11th Annual “K-FROG Cares Golf Classic” benefitting Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. Pechanga Hotel&Casino. Temecula, California (USA) - 24 Minutes

1. All I Wanna Do
- Chat
2. Easy
- Chat
3. Strong Enough
- Chat
4. Mascara Waterproof
- Chat
5. Picture/If It Makes You Happy


LIVE REVIEW - KRTY Benefit show @ Original Joe's in San Jose, CA - 10 Apr

Sheryl Crow pops into Original Joe's to support breast cancer effort

By Sal Pizarro

So there was Sheryl Crow, the Grammy Award winning singer who recently recorded her first country music album, sitting with her guitar propped on her lap in the upstairs bar of San Jose's most famous restaurant.

"This is the coolest place. Original Joe's," Crow said. "We had to take a picture and tweet about it."

Crow's visit to OJ's wasn't for the ravioli, though. She played a five-song set in the Hideout for about 50 people, who paid $100 each to see Crow and support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. That's 20 bucks a song, which is quite a bit more than the going rate on iTunes but probably still cheaper than seeing the Rolling Stones -- and a lot more up-close.

The impromptu benefit show was set up by KRTY-FM, San Jose's country station, and it tells you a lot about the stature that General Manager Nate Deaton and General Sales Manager Tina Ferguson have on the national country music scene. Original Joe's owner Brad Rocca, often a good friend to good causes

, donated the space and dinner for the attendees. The impromptu benefit show was set up by KRTY-FM, San Jose's country station, and it tells you a lot about the stature that General Manager Nate Deaton and General Sales Manager Tina Ferguson have on the national country music scene. Original Joe's owner Brad Rocca, often a good friend to good causes, donated the space and dinner for the attendees.

Crow, herself a breast cancer survivor, said she accepts just about any invitation to a breast cancer benefit. And while she was the recipient of much applause Wednesday evening, she also applauded the audience for their support. "Breast cancer survivors want to share their stories," she said. "Karmically, this will all come back to you."

SOURCE: mercurynews.com


2013 Tour - New Date Added: Asheville, NC

Sunday 4 August 2013
2013 Biltmore Concert Series
South Terrace at Biltmore
Asheville, North Carolina (USA)
Tickets: on sale June 5

VIDEO - Sheryl Crow's School of Rock - The Voice


PIX - Go Country 105 Radio Performance - Los Angeles, CA - 12 April

Go Country 105 Studios - San Jose, California (USA) - 12 April

PIX - 95.3 KRTY Benefit Show + Meet & Greet - San Jose, CA - 10 April

Original Joe's Restaurant. San Jose, California (USA) - 11 April

PIC - A Day off for Sheryl :-)


Finally have a day off... Taking it #easy #sitinthesun & #drinkbeerallday #staycation

(Photo and caption by Sheryl via Twitter)

2013 Tour - New date added - Grand Rapids, Michigan - 13 June

Sunday 16 June 2013
Outdoor Summer Concert Series
Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
Tickets: $75/$78/$80

Tickets available to Meijer Gardens members only from 9 a.m. April 27 to 5 p.m. May 10. On sale to the general public at 9 a.m. May 11 at Meijer Gardens or through Star Tickets outlets, 800-585-3737 or startickets.com. All tickets are general admission lawn seats.

PIC - 105.1 KNCI Radio Performance - Sacramento, California - 10 April

105.1 KNCI Radio Performance. Sacramento, California (USA) - 10April

PIC - 101.9 The Wolf Radio Performance - Sacramento, CA - 9 April

101.9 The Wolf Radio Performance. Sacramento, California (USA) - 9 April (Photo: nickikeda & meganbk13)

PIX - 94.1 KMPS Radio Performance - Seattle, WA - 8 April

94.1 KMPS Radio Performance + M&G - Seattle, Washington (USA) - 8 April

:: Easy ::


PIX - 98.7 The Bull Radio Performance @ Bing Lounge - Portland, OR - 9 Apr

Bing Lounge, Portland, Oregon (USA) - 8 April

PIX - 95.5 The Wolf Radio Performance - Portland, Oregon - 9 April

Photo credit: Danny Mercury

Photo credit: LadusPhotos

PIX - 100.7 The Wolf Radio Performance - Seattle, WA - 8 April

Acoustic Dog House. 100.7 The Wolf, Seattle, Washington (USA) - 8 April 2013

VIDEOS - Interviews on the Red Carpet (ACMA 2013)

- -

2013 TOUR - Fredericksburg, Virginia

FRI JUL 12, 2013 - 7:00 PM

Celebrate Virginia Live at the Job.com Pavillion
Fredericksburg, Virginia (USA)

Password is Crow2013

2013 TOUR - Glen Allen, Virginia

THU JUNE 13, 2013 - 7:00 PM

Innsbrook Pavillion
4901 Lake Brook Dr
Glen Allen, Virginia (USA)

Username for Presale: Richmond
Password: Crow2013

PIX - Warner Music Nashville ACM After Party - Las Vegas, 7 April


VIDEO - Sheryl Crow & Kacey Musgraves - "Song of the Year" @ the ACM Awards 2013


PIC - Las Vegas Review-Journal front page - 8 April 2013

Courtesy of Sheryl

PIX - ACM Fan Jam After Party - Las Vegas, NV - 7 April


VIDEO - Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Sheryl Crow, Pistol Annies & Brad Paisley - "Boys 'Round Here" - LIVE @ The ACM Awards in Vegas - 7 April


PIX - ACM Awards 2013 - Live performance & backstage


PIX - ACM Awards 2013 - Red Carpet


CANDID - ACM Awards Backstage


"Getting glam for #ACMs and watching #NASCAR - @DanicaPatrick looking strong in #martinsville!" (Photo and comment: Sheryl via Twitter)

Speaking of NASCAR...


LIVE REVIEW - Bits and pieces from "Party from a Cause" concert

Dierks Bentley Hangs With Sheryl Crow and Tim McGraw at ACM Party for a Cause

Written by Alison Bonaguro

LAS VEGAS -- For the first hour of Dierks Bentley's Saturday night (April 6) performance in Las Vegas concert, he encouraged the crowd to sing along. But then Sheryl Crow came out on stage. And everything changed.

After singing his first 10 songs, Bentley said he'd had a song in his head all day. He started singing a solo version of "Picture," Sheryl Crow's hit duet with Kid Rock from 2002. Then Crow walked out onto the outdoor stage, surprising the thousands of fans packed into the parking lot of the Orleans Arena.

Bentley kept going, singing Kid Rock's parts, and Crow sang hers. And when she did, Bentley shushed the crowd as if to say, "Be quiet, I want to hear her sing." The two obviously have a solid friendship and a great performance rapport because she stayed onstage to do one of her own hits -- "If It Makes You Happy" -- and Bentley joined her on that one, too.



Dierks Bentley welcomes Sheryl Crow and Tim McGraw on stage for a night of hit songs, good will and surprises

Written by Cindy Watts

LAS VEGAS- Dierks Bentley says he just called Sheryl Crow up and asked her to join him on stage Saturday night at the Party for a Cause during the ACM Experience at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.

She said yes. It was as easy as that.

Crow, who joined Bentley on stage to duet on “Picture,” a song she popularized with Kid Rock, also sang her hit “If It Makes You Happy,” and she wasn’t the evening’s only surprise guest.



CANDIDS - Sheryl with the Pistol Annies

Photo: Sheryl via Twitter

LIVE PIX - ACM "Party For a Cause" (Dierks Bentley set) - 6 April

Sheryl joined Dierks Bentley to perform "Picture" and "If It Makes You Happy". They even clashed guitars together! LOL.

ACM "Party for a Cause"
ACM Expo, The Orleans, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) - 6 April 2013.


VIDEO INTERVIEW - 92.5 XTU and Thunder 100 Radios @ #ACMRADIO - 6 April



Interview - 94.1 KMPS Radio Interview @ #ACMRADIO - ACM Event in Vegas (6 April)


VIDEO - Video Chat @ #CMChat LIVE #NashVegas - Las Vegas, 6 April


PIX - #ACMRADIO @ACM Expo - Las Vegas, NV - 6 April 2013


PIX - 48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Rehearsals - 5 April

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) - 5 April 2013

PIX/VID - 92.3 WIL-FM Radio Performance - St. Louis, MO - 5 April


:: VIDEOS ::

Sheryl talks about "going Country" on The Cornbread Morning Show!  

Interview + "Call Me When i'm Lonely" 


NEWS - There's a new girl in the band! Meet Mrs. Gunderman

Jennifer, I need you for my touring band

By Priyanka Aribindi

When nine-time Grammy award winner Sheryl Crow personally called Professor Jennifer Gunderman asking her to join her touring band, she didn’t pick up the phone. “I didn’t recognize the number — it was blocked — so I let it go to voicemail,” Gunderman said.

“She left a message, and the first thing she said was, ‘It’s Sheryl, and I know teaching’s important to you and you work at Vanderbilt, but I need a keyboard player for my touring band, and I was wondering if this would be something you’d be interested in,’” Gunderman said. “I guess she had heard from my husband that I like my job here.”

For the past 10 years Gunderman has worked as a part-time lecturer at the Blair School of Music, teaching courses in the history of rock and American popular music and using the rest of her time to pursue her professional career. “I teach Tuesdays and Thursdays and gig a lot at night and do a lot of recording sessions, sometimes I go out of town on the weekends,” she said. “It’s a bit of a juggling act.”


While Gunderman is no stranger to working with industry heavyweights, having performed and recorded previously with artists such as Kris Kristofferson and Lyle Lovett, among others, it was actually her husband, guitarist Audley Freed, who brought her into contact with Crow.

“For the last year it was my husband who’s been in the band, so in the year that he’s been playing with her I saw her and met her a few times, and she’s great to be around,” Gunderman said.

Though Gunderman is a classically trained pianist, she’s set to assume many more roles on Crow’s upcoming tour, playing the organ, piano, electric piano, strings, accordion and percussion as well as singing.

“She is a wonderful multi-instrumentalist,” Gunderman said of Crow. “She, in my opinion, is one of the greatest singers around. That’s actually the most terrifying part of the gig right now for me, trying to think about singing harmony with her because I’ve never thought of myself as a very good singer, but I have to jump in and do it, which is a good challenge.”

Singing with Crow isn’t the only thing Gunderman has to prepare herself for. “There’s a lot of work to do to try and learn all these songs,” she said. “The rest of the band is already on the road together — I’m being added sort of as additional personnel. I’m flying to Vegas in a couple of weeks and am just going to soundcheck and jump into the gig. It’s pretty rock ’n’ roll of her.”

Through all of the stress of learning and rehearsing, Gunderman strives to maintain the same standards in her classes. “My goal is that my students will not notice that I‘m frantically trying to prepare for this tour,” she said. “The only thing I’ve had to do is move a couple office hours — I hope that’s the only thing that has affected my students.”

Though Crow’s tour dates currently extend into August of 2013, Gunderman has been granted the entire 2013-14 academic year off of her teaching duties to accommodate the schedule. “It really depends on how album sales go,” she said. “She’s an artist now that can tour all the time, she doesn’t necessarily need to have an album out, but the short answer is that I don’t really know how long the tour is going to last.”

Gunderman has said that it would take something really special to entice her away from her position at Vanderbilt, but that’s exactly how she describes this opportunity.

“I feel like this has taught me that wonderful things can drop out of the sky at any point in your life,” she said. “You have to be ready to say yes when the opportunity comes up.”

SOURCE: insidevandy.com


PIX - 93.7 The Bull Radio Performance - St. Louis, MO - 4 April


93.7 The Bull Radio Performance. Live @ the Three Six in St. Louis, Missouri. 4 April 2013.

PIX - 106.5 The Wolf Radio Performance - Kansas City, MO - 4 April

Another radio show in KC...

PIX/VID - Q104FM, Country 94.1 KFKF & Alice 102 Radio Performances - Kansas City, MO - 4 April

Yesterday, Sheryl did a show for three Kansas City radio stations:

- Q104FM
- Country 94.1 KFKF
- Alice 102 FM

NEWS - Sheryl Crow Concert for Drew Lewis Raises $200,000

By: Aaron Nolan

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- After Wednesday night's show, Sheryl Crow has left town, but what she left behind in Springfield will help change lives.

The story of Drew Lewis is one that we've followed closely on KOLR/KOZL. The Springfield businessman was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and a family friend -- Sheryl Crow -- brought music to help his family's financial situation.

The nine-time Grammy winner played for about two hours as more than 2,400 packed the O'Reilly Family Event Center on the Drury University campus.

After it was all said and done, thanks to ticket sales and donations and live auction items, $200,000 was raised for Drew and his fight.

"Just the turn of the year I've got deductibles in two different places that $22,000 I've got to pay -- regardless," said Lewis. "It's amazing just how quickly things add up, but this will make a significant difference."

"We all know what the insurance situation is in this country right now and so I'm here doing what I can," said Crow.

The night also focused on prevention. Both Lewis and Crow are passionate about getting checked for cancer early in life.

Talking about those live auction items, Sheryl gave away one of her guitars. She added in dinner and backstage passes to an upcoming show. That prize pack went for $34,000.

The Lewis family is set to fly to Nashville and stay with Sheryl next week for further medical treatments.

SOURCE: OzarksFirst.com


PIX/VID - An Evening With Sheryl Crow - benefitting Drew Lewis - 3 April


Sheryl Crow Performs Benefit Concert in Springfield Tonight (Interview)

Sheryl Crow concert in Springfield (KY3 News)  

NEWS - Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban and More Join ACM Awards Presenters

By Emily Maas
Billboard Magazine

Miranda Lambert, John Fogerty, Kacey Musgraves and other stars will present at the April 7 ceremony.

Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban and other stars will take the stage as 48th Annual ACM Awards presenters, the Academy of Country Music and dick clark productions announced on Wednesday.

John Fogerty, Miranda Lambert, Scotty McCreery, Kacey Musgraves, Jake Owen and Reba McEntire -- the event's longtime host -- will join the presenter lineup, alongside San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and TV stars Beth Behr of “2 Broke Girls,” Michael Chiklis of “Vegas,” Kaley Cuoco of “The Big Bang Theory,” Willie and Korie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty,” “omg! INSIDER” co-anchor Kevin Frazier, and “Entertainment Tonight” co-anchor Nancy O’Dell.

These presenters are in addition to previously announced presenters Tori Kelly and LL Cool J.

The awards ceremony will be co-hosted by Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, who will also be performing at the ceremony. Other featured performaners include Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Jewel, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town and the Band Perry.

The ACM Awards will air live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 7, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. The tape-delayed West Coast broadcast will air at 8 p.m. PST.

SOURCE: Billboard

PIX/VID - 101.9 The Twister Radio Performance - Oklahoma City, OK - 3 Apr

101.9 The Twister Radio Performance + Meet&Greet. 101.9 Studios, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA). 3 April 2013.

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NEWS - More new country songs to come!

Musician and producer Richard Bennett inform us he recorded a couple of new songs with Sheryl a few weeks ago. (Source: richard-bennett.com)

VIDEO - Sheryl do a little impromptu cab session with Kristofer Buckle

Who knew studded jeans could be so versatile?! (Sheryl via Telly)

PIC - Sheryl with the make up artist Kristofer Buckle

Apparently she did a commercial yesterday... (Pic: Kristofer Buckle)

NEWS - Sheryl will perform with Blake Shelton and friends at the ACM

By Brandi

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies, Sheryl Crow, Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley to kick off ACM Awards with Shelton’s new single “Boys ‘Round Here”

This morning, producers of the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards participated in a conference call with several reporters – including yours truly – to announce several exciting performances on this year’s show, to be broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 p.m. Sunday on the CBS Television Network. Oklahoma native Blake Shelton and fellow country superstar Luke Bryan will co-host the show.

Participating in the call were R.A. Clark, Executive Producer and son of the late Dick Clark, Bob Romeo, CEO of the Academy of Country Music and Jack Sussman, Executive Vice President, CBS Specials and Live Programming.

The producers revealed that the show will open with Shelton and Bryan teaming with Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert, Lambert’s Pistol Annies bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, superstar singer/guitarist Brad Paisley and rocker Sheryl Crow. They will perform Shelton’s next single, “Boys ‘Round Here,” from his new album “Based on a True Story …”

In addition, Romeo announced this year’s ACM Lifting Lives Moment which will feature Jewel. She will perform a live mash-up of her chart-topping hit “Hands” combined with “Fill a Heart,” an original song written by singer/songwriter Tori Kelly.

Other call highlights include:

- Tim McGraw will perform “Highway Don’t Care” with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban

- Hunter Hayes will world premiere his new single “I Want Crazy,” and then be joined later by legendary music icon Stevie Wonder on an undisclosed classic from Wonder’s deep catalog.

- Kelly Clarkson will perform “Don’t Rush”

- Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley and Hunter Hayes will perform together live from ACM Fan Jam

- Country superstar and Oklahoma native Reba will introduce the duet of Texas troubadour (and her former tour mate) George Strait and fellow Oklahoman Garth Brooks. As previously reported, Strait and Brooks will perform together for the first time ever to pay tribute to Dick Clark. Each will perform a version of one of their classic hits and then join together for a very special joint performance.

Other previously reported performers include Checotah native Carrie Underwood and fellow superstars Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town and The Band Perry.

Look for more news from the teleconference in my ACM Awards preview running Friday.


SOURCE: blog.newsok.com