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Innings Festival 2019
Day #1
Tempe Beach Park - Tempe, Arizona (USA)
Saturday, 2 March 2019

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By Ed Masley
Arizona Republic (azcentral.com)

It felt a bit like culture shock wandering in on Incubus welcoming fans to their set with a blistering version of "Privilege" after seeing Sheryl Crow bring her second-stage set to a spirited finish with "Soak Up the Sun," sending fans on their fans with "Be good, love each other."

Wearing a shirt that said "Let's start a revolution" with a heart where the "o" should be in "revolution," Crow was in radiant spirits from the time she took the stage to lead her six-piece backing band in "If It Makes You Happy" and "Everyday is Winding Road," which found her hopping up and down with a contagious smile.

"OK, we've gotta do this song," she said, explaining that if they had never done "this" song, "we just wouldn't be here," and then going on to note that certain members of the audience wouldn't be anywhere if their parents hadn't heard "this" song.

"This" song, of course, was "All I Wanna Do," her breakthrough hit from 1994, which was given an especially conversational, playful delivery by Crow and turned into a massive singalong.

The career-defining hits kept coming with the Stonesy "My Favorite Mistake," after which she told a story about eating succulent sticks at Zinburger and having to go to the doctor.

Then, she offered some friendly advice. "If you go to Zinburger, don't mess with the succulents," she said. "They're not on the menu."

"A Change Would Do You Good" inspired Crow to wonder, "Do you think we need a change? Just a change from all the ugliness and hatred going on, no matter what side you're on?"

She returned to the state of the world, if playfully, with "Can't Cry Anymore," saying "I do get tired of watching the news on TV. How about you? Wouldn't you rather just come out and hear music, smoke a little weed, drink some beer and just have a great time? That's what I say."

She followed that one with a song she just recorded with Joe Walsh. "I would love to bring Joe out," she said. "But he's not here."

It was a song about how these are the good old days, which gave way to a song that says our best days are in front of us before bringing the set to a close with a chorus of "I'm gonna soak up the sun / I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up."

That's a lot of sun to soak up in one sitting. But I'd hate to be the person who could walk away from Crow's performance without feeling like at least a tiny fraction of the world's weight had just been lifted off my shoulders.

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If It Makes You Happy

Everyday Is a Winding Road

All I Wanna Do

My Favorite Mistake

A Change Would Do You Good

Steve McQueen

Can't Cry Anymore

The Good Old Days

Best of Times

Soak Up the Sun

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