[NEWS] Redemption Night - A quick story from the Ryman

By Todd (exploring.america)

Marty Stuart's 18th Annual Late Night Jam
Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TN
Wednesday, 5 June 2019


I thought I'd share this quick story with you all.

There were lots of guests on the show yesterday! Some legendary people and some that will be. I was standing behind the piano on the stage for almost the whole night.

It was a surreal moment. Steve Miller was sitting on a stool to my left. Sheryl Crow finishes a song with the band then sits down at the piano and begins to tell the story of her song Redemption Day.

Johnny Cash loved the song and recorded it right after June passed away in 2003 only 4 months before his passing. This year, Sheryl released it as a duet with Johnny's vocal.

As she began to play, not more than 2 feet in front of me, the room that was once deafening loud from singing "Wagon Wheel" with the Old Crow Medicine Show became completely quiet. Just Sheryl and Jen Gunderman adding chords and colors on her keyboard.

It was amazing to hear it that close on the stage at the Ryman. After she got up, the band played another song with her and she left the stage.

I remembered what Marty had said when he was a kid and began collecting country music history. He'd pick up and old setlist, a discarded necktie, simple things that seemed unimportant at the time or to the musician.

When the show was over, left on the piano as the stage hands struck the stage was her lyric sheet to Redemption Day. Those two pieces of paper now rest in the guitar case of my black Cash D45. It just makes sense.

Photo 1: Terry Wyatt/Getty
Photo 2 & 3: Todd

SOURCE: exploring.america

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