[LIVE PIX] Bourbon and Beyond Festival 2018



Bourbon and Beyond 2018
Oak Stage @ Champions Park
Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
Saturday, 22 September 2018

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  • If It Makes You Happy
  • Every Day Is A Winding Road
  • All I Wanna Do
  • My Favorite Mistake
  • Can't Cry Anymore
  • There Goes the Neighborhood
  • Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
  • The Na-Na Song / I've Got a Feeling
  • Best of Times
  • Soak Up the Sun
  • I Shall Believe

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By Jim Ryan

"I'm 56, I'm a woman and I've got a song on the radio!" declared Sheryl Crow triumphantly near the start of her set Saturday afternoon, referencing her latest single "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You." From a rumored forthcoming duets album, the single takes on a culture where the truth often takes a back seat and features indie-pop songstress Annie Clark in her guise as St. Vincent.

Crow and her six-piece backing band tackled that one sans Clark during a set full of 90s power. It's incredible just how many hits Crow, referencing John Lennon in a t-shirt bearing the words "We all shine on," has amassed since her 1993 debut. She wasted no time getting to them either, opening with "If it Makes You Happy" and moving promptly through "Every Day is a Winding Road," "All I Wanna Do," "My Favorite Mistake" and "Can't Cry Anymore" next.

"I've got two little boys that I'm raising and I keep saying the best of times are ahead of us," said Crow, referencing Lennon on a cover of The Beatles' "I've Got a Feeling" before closing her set in a positive fashion with "I Shall Believe."


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