[LIVE PIX] Thunder Bay Blues Fest - 7 July



Thunder Bay Blues Festival 2018
Marina Park
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, 7 July 2018

"Sheryl Crow was my favorite. She and Melissa Etheridge were the reason I came to the festival. She played so many of my favorites, I was thrilled.Sarah MacLachlan was a first for me too. Pretty mellow but so beautiful. Then she brought Sheryl Crow on stage with her to sing and it was magical." - Chantal Morris

Thunder Bay News Watch

[...] It was Crow who stole the show, however.

Billed second on the day’s lineup, she delivered a 90-minute set that rolled out hit after hit after hit, from Soaking in the Sun to All I Want to Do – after spending part of the day cycling around Marina Park with her two young sons.

She reveled in the beauty of Northwestern Ontario, and urged her fellow countrymen to use it as inspiration to seek political change.

“I want all Americans to go stand in front of it and just take in its monstrosity, its power, its beauty – and then go back and overthrow their government,” she said. [...]

“I’m kidding – not really though.”

By Leith Dunick


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  • Everyday Is a Winding Road

  • A Change Would Do You Good

  • All I Wanna Do

  • My Favorite Mistake

  • Leaving Las Vegas

  • Can't Cry Anymore

  • The First Cut Is the Deepest

  • Wouldn't Want To Be Like You

  • There Goes the Neighborhood

  • Strong Enough

  • Best of Times

  • If It Makes You Happy

  • Soak Up the Sun

  • Midnight Rider

  • I Shall Believe

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