City of Dublin Independence Day Celebration
Dublin Coffman High School Stadium
Dublin, Ohio (USA)
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

TAPER: Charles Dewey Cole, IV
LOCATION: 50 yds back from right corner stack; mics mounted on baseball hat brim.
SOURCE: CA-14 Omni > CA-9200 > Sony PCM-10 (24 bit @48kHz) >
Adobe Audition 3.0 (dithered to 16 bit @44.1kHz) > Cd Wave > FLAC
CONVERSION: Charles Dewey Cole, IV <live2cd@hotmail.com>
EQUIPMENT: SanDisk 32GB MicroSD Card > (USB) @ 48kHz > 44.1kHz > Cd Wave


Sheryl was invited to perform at the Dublin Ohio annual July 4th celebration at Dublin Coffman Football Stadium. I had absolutely no luck in securing a table or stadium wristband prior to the show (I am no longer a Dublin resident) and none were available on craigslist or in any public forum. I got to the venue at 615 sharp and went to information.

They informed me the day of public stadium tickets were released at 10am and were gone by 1pm. They then told me to listen from behind the tennis courts -- what? I then waited near the front gates to see if anyone would have an extra wristband (field preferably). None. Finally a nice lady had a sheet of red wristbands (stadium) and I walked up to her and asked if she would be using all of them. She wouldn't be! Score! So, I got into the stadium, I just couldnt get near the actual field. Boo. Should I still record or just enjoy the show?

I decided to walk around the perimeter of the field to find the best possible sound from that distance. I found a nice spot near the fence (located in the endzone of the field). In front of me was a bunch of caution tape sectioning off an area for the Dublin Ohio Class of '68 50th anniversary. I decided to stay put right there. Im glad I did, I was able to sneak into this section and no one seemed to care. I was able to find an area inside this huge event where no one was near me! Whoa! The sound wasn't the greatest when Sheryl came out. The volume seemed extremely low for a stadium and I remained as quiet as possible hoping something would turn out. Finally, around "Strong Enough" the class of '68 shows up. Where were they?

Anyway, they brought lawn seats and only took up maybe 20% of the sectioned off real estate in that area I was in. They didn't talk much, either. They whispered between each other. I stayed put and kept rolling. I did walk left to right when I felt conversations were getting louder than usual, but you cant really even tell on the recording.

Regarding the performance, Sheryl was on fire and I cannot believe she played for 2 hours. I went into this show only expecting a 70-85 minutes max set. Surprise! Plus, it was completely free! I am shocked at how great this recording turned out given the circumstances. Keep in mind I was roughly 50 yards away standing in an endzone (see pics included). This is so much more than I could have hoped for from my bum luck in acquiring a field ticket. "Real Gone" was real fun to hear. "Can't Cry Anymore" & the new cut, "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You" were great, as well.

Put this on your favorite stereo system and turn it up!!



01. All I Wanna Do 5:29
02. A Change Would Do You Good 6:03
03. My Favorite Mistake 5:15
04. Leaving Las Vegas 7:17
05. The First Cut Is The Deepest 4:02
06. Can't Cry Anymore 7:16
07. Be Myself 5:03
08. Wouldn't Want To Be Like You 4:10
09. Halfway There 6:19
10. There Goes The Neighborhood 5:38
11. Home 6:06
12. Strong Enough 3:51
13. Steve McQueen 4:36
14. Everyday Is A Winding Road 6:55
15. Best Of Times 5:55
16. (Picture) > If It Makes You Happy 6:55
17. Soak Up The Sun 6:09
18. ~ Encore ~ 4:03
19. Midnight Rider 6:03
20. Real Gone 4:26
21. I Shall Believe 7:56
22. Outro 0:39



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