[NEWS] Reef Guitarist Jesse Wood about Sheryl's
collaboration on "My Sweet Love"

From: skiddle.com


I’ve heard the lead single of the track with Sheryl Crow, her’s and Gary’s voice compliment each others incredibly well don’t they?

It’s better than we could have ever imagined, it’s made the whole song so good and complete . And lovely that she agreed to do it too. She’s such a lovely lady.

She’s a good old friend of George Drakoulias and we didn’t have the time to go to LA to record it so he did it with her and Gary was talking to her about how it goes and I've met her a long time ago with my Dad, she’s worked with my Dad and she’s supported The Stones a lot so it all went click suddenly – so we were like let’s work with her, and it really worked and it sounds amazing. She’s such a pro singer.

We were playing that song for a whole live, and its always gone down well. We knew it was going to be a good one and Gary has been singing it for ages which was great. We were sat in Ireland and I think George probably suggested it cos hes a producer – we were all kind of thinking it that it needed a male female vocal, cos it’s a summery love song. Then Sheryl popped out, which is great and was perfect.


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