[REVIEW+PIX+VIDS] Live On The Green Festival - 3 September



Live On The Green Festival
Main Stage, Public Square Park
Nashville, Tennessee (USA) - Sunday, 3 September 2017

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By Tayhlor Stephenson

Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow completely met her astronomical crowd’s expectations with a spunky jog onto stage and theatrical rendition of her 1996 hit “Everyday Is a Winding Road” off her self-titled album, “Sheryl Crow.”

She smoothly transitioned into crowd-favorites “All I Wanna Do” and “My Favorite Mistake” before the crowd roared with an immersive chant of “Thank you, Sheryl” in appreciation of Crow’s commitment to rescheduling the highly anticipated headlining show.

She captivated her audience with hits the crowd treated as sing-a-longs. By the time she reached the midway point of her set with a performance of “Can’t Cry Anymore,” Crow yodeled until she couldn’t yodel anymore. She topped the performance off with an impressively long, in-tune note at the end of the song.

The fun wouldn’t soon end, though.

Crow led an impressive, hyped-up instrumental, which included an intense harmonica solo by Crow, with wicked light effects, all of which was complimented by the heavy beat of the drums to keep the audience on their feet.

“What about this band, everybody?” Crow asked before transitioning into Grammy Award-winning “If It Makes You Happy.”

To wrap up her headlining gig, Crow gave her Texas fans some love.

“This is in honor of all those people in Texas and the sun coming out finally” Crow said in an introduction to her 2002 hit “Soak Up the Sun,” originally found on her 2002 album, “C’Mon C’Mon.”

As Crow’s set slowed down, her fans did not. They demanded a two-track encore from her, including a production of “I Shall Believe.”

Crow, along with Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors and Shel, made next year’s show one to look forward to.

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Video excerpts: "First Cut", "Long Way Back", "Soak up the Sun", "My Favorite Mistake", "If It Makes You Happy", "Best of Times" Harp Solo

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