[SETLIST+PIX] Live at the Troubador - 2 March 2017

Here's the set list from the Troubadour show held yesterday in West Hollywood. Sheryl and her band played 8 songs off her new record "Be Myself" plus a bunch of old classics.

The concert was taped so it will most probably be broadcasted on TV and released on DVD/Blu-Ray at some point in the future. Cameras weren't allowed, so there are not many pictures around.

Despite this, I managed to find some nice shots like this one from the (official) photographer Debi Del Grande:


She commented on instagram: "I was extremely fortunate to not just attend, but photograph Sheryl Crow at The Troubadour. She is incredibly talented and so beautiful."

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The following two are from the great Todd Wolfe, lead guitarist for Sheryl from 1993 to 1998. Hope you enjoyed the show, Todd! I'm very jealous! :-)



Photo: Laurie David


Photo: jennabowl

Photo: Wild_Cat

Photo: kylemeredith

"...And she plays harmonica like a BOSS!"

The legendary Troubadour!
(Photo: KCSN)


"Tonight I had the privilege of standing about 10 feet from Sheryl Crow and listening to her and her amazing band make rock music at point blank range for 2 hours straight. Talent level off the charts. Songs. Execution. She makes singing look so easy it's silly. Tone. Pitch. Control. Masterclass. Her first 3 records are among my favorite albums of the 90's. The Globe Sessions is one of my favorite albums ever, period. And the guitar players in her band, Peter Stroud and Audley Freed are lights out. How she has 2 guys that good in one band is almost unfair. Amazing night of music and musicianship. Thankful to get to experience things like this in my life. Now for some sleep...zzzzzzzzzzz"



"Sheryl Crow was truly magnificent at The Troubadour tonight...lights out talent and her new songs harken back to the sound we all originally loved her for...she's moved away from the slick country pop...back to the edgier thing that made us first listen and love her. The no cellphone policy in the club tonight made me appreciate what it was like to see a show where everyone was watching the show instead of watching their phones or watching through their camera phone.

Sheryl was a huge inspiration to me when I was a young singer/songwriter who played guitar...she was a great example of a singer/songwriter who was proficient on guitar, bass, keys, harmonica...I loved her courage and she proudly proclaimed tonight that she is 55 when she jumped around the stage and had the crowd jumping with her. She inspired me all over again"



"About tonight...Sheryl Crow played ALL her hits and debuted her new songs which are REALLY good. Best show of 2017 so far! The guitarists onstage were absolutely schooling John Mayer in the audience. (Who I was completely fan girling over from a safe distance.) The evening ended with an intimate rendition of this song that literally made me tear up. I believe her voice has gotten better with age. (Now 55!)"


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