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Hey gang, there's a new book on the market focusing on Sheryl Crow music and songrwriting: The Words and Music of Sheryl Crow (Praeger, 2016), out on September 30.

This book has just been written by Christopher Gable, Ph.D. Mr. Gable, a musician and composer, teaches music theory, composition, introduction to music technology and rock history at the University of South Dakota (USA). He also written a similar book about Sting few years ago. Not a bad resume at all.

Speaking of his book, the author points out that: "in my study, I do not focus on Sheryl Crow's biography but on her songwriting. I include biographical information only when it is relevant to the songs. Still, I hope that through the fleshing out of pertinent biographical details, the artist will come to life on the page through recordings."

And again:

"The best way to think of this book is as an enhanced listening guide to the studio albums of Sheryl Crow" [...] "I discuss each album's tracks in order; the flow of the album-listening experience is an important aspect that will not overlooked. In addition, I talk about about important contributors to each of the songs"

Also for this reason, i'm quite intrigued by the latest work of Mr Gable. Definitely i can't wait to read it!

The Words and Music of Sheryl Crow will be available starting September 30 on Amazon (hardcover & Kindle) and Google Play (only digital format).

Here's a little preview courtesy of Google Book.

P.S. : It's also nice to see my website cited as a source :-)

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