[NEWS] Inspire Nashville Gala 2016 - 10 May

Sheryl Crow honors Scott Hamilton, wife at gala for Onsite

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Grammy-winning singer Sheryl Crow helped bring in a great crowd Tuesday night for a gala supporting the Onsite, which offers therapeutic retreats for people.

The event at Marathon Music Works honored Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton and his wife Tracie for their charitable work.

Crow performed during the gala, but before taking the stage, she talked with News 2 about what it means to honor the Hamiltons.

“It’s wonderful to be here to celebrate Scott and Tracie Hamilton. They do so much in the community,” she said.

“They just are always involved in the community and always lifting people up so it’s great to have so many people in the room to basically say thank you,” Crow continued.

And you may have heard, Sheryl crow will be head-lining the July 4th celebration in Nashville this year, something she told us she’s really looking forward to.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to be playing at the Ascend on the Fourth of July,” Crow exclaimed. “And I hear the fireworks in Nashville are like the best in the nation so I’m very excited.


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Marathon Music Works
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
10 May 2016

Photo: Melanie Phelps

Photo: Kristin King Holley


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