[NEWS] Why Sheryl Crow didn't
succeed in the Country Music market?

Patrick Monahan (Train) interviewed by Brian Ives (Radio.com)
A perspective from Patrick Monahan three years after "Feels Like Home".


"I’m a big fan of authenticity. If it was an authentic move for me, and I was writing a record that sounded like a country record, I would maybe approach people in Nashville that I know and ask if they thought that it was a good idea for me, and “Would you help me do it?” But Nashville is a family. And some of the family is very weird. And some of the family is really incredible. But they all smell bulls—. And that’s what you’ve got to be careful with. If you’re going to go to Nashville, you’d better do it because you’re being authentic, not because you’re struggling or dried up."


"Darius Rucker authentically made a country record. He’s a country singer. He always has been. He happened to have an enormous amount of success on pop radio. He made an R&B record years ago [in 2001] that didn’t do well, but he’s not an R&B singer. You listen to those Hootie and the Blowfish songs, they’re country songs, they’re not R&B. I don’t think [doing a country album] worked for Sheryl Crow. But to me, Sheryl Crow writes country songs, too, so that was interesting to me, that that didn’t work for her. I don’t know why it didn’t."

I was surprised about Sheryl Crow, too. It seemed like she had had more forays into Nashville before actually doing a country album than Darius Rucker did.

"Maybe she was not really serious about it. I don't know. You gotta be real careful. Nashville…it’s not just Nashville, it’s people who listen to country radio. Like, if we did a country thing, people would be like, “Wait a minute, aren’t they the ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ band? I’m not buying this!” You have to be careful with that. I do write in a country-esque style, but I don’t know about writing an entire album like that, I don’t know that that’s me. And if it is me, I’d be careful about how I approach it. I’d probably move to Nashville to show them that I mean it."

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