[LIVE PIX] Bluebird Cafe - Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee - Monday, 20th July - Sheryl made a surprise visit at the legendary Bluebird Cafe during one of their famous Open Mic Nights. As far as I know she sang at least three songs (OK, two and half): "Weather Channel" (yay!) and "Picture/If it Makes You Happy".

Here's a little report from Scott Gregory:

So I kid you not. I went to play at the infamous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville which seats only 90 people at their highly competitive open mic, and none other than Sheryl Crow shows up to play under a fake name a 3 song set and she played before me. Each songwriter initially gets 1 song to play and at the end of the night the host chooses a few people to play again and I was 1 of 5 of the 25 songwriters that night that got asked to play a second song. I can unofficially say that Sheryl Crow opened for me lol. Such an awesome experience!

they have an open Mic every Monday but you have to call at 11am-noon and get through and they only let in the first 25 that get through. Occasionally I guess people stop in but I looked and I guess it's rare and this by far was one of the bigger names that have done a pop in. Taylor Swift got discovered as did Garth Brooks here. It's featured every week on the show Nashville.


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