19 JANUARY 2015

[PHOTO/REVIEW] Kennett Crossroads (Day #1) Songwriters Night - 18 Jan


Review and Photos By Steve Hankins (except where specified otherwise)

Four incredibly talented musicians and a few members of their bands created history Sunday night at Kennett.

Noll Billings with his Blackjack Billy bandmates; Trent Tomlinson and a couple members of his outfit; David Nail and mates from his group; and Sheryl Crow with famed guitarist Peter Stroud and former Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist Rob Kearns all assembled for the first time to perform an acoustic set for 250 hometown fans.

The Kennett Opera House was filled to capacity for the event, which honored longtime Kennett School District music educator Viretta Sexton and whose proceeds are slated to be used to furnish new equipment for both the fine arts and athletic departments.

Sexton was introduced informally to thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

Billings and Blackjack Billy were first to set the stage, followed by Tomlinson, Nail and Crow.

The performers joked with the crowd, which was delighted by the stellar performances.

Nail said he was “pretty nervous” because his parents were among the crowd.

“So I’m thinking of what to say and what not to say,” he joked.

He also thanked Crow’s mother, Bernice Crow, for her patience as his childhood piano instructor.

“You don’t see me up here playing piano,” he said with a grin. “That is not her fault.”

Billings thanked Tomlinson for always helping his band, “whether it was writing a song or drinking a beer,” and Nail, “who was in Nashville before me and saved me five years of getting my butt kicked by country music.”

Tomlinson paid his respects to Sheryl Crow and her staff for loaning him the guitar he played for Sunday’s show.

“The electronics in mine went out,” he told the audience. “So I gotta thank Sheryl and her people for loaning me this one.”

“You can keep it,” Crow quipped.

Crow had her own jokes for those in attendance.

“Everybody who knows me, which is everybody in this room, knows I’ve been engaged three times,” she said. “It was fun. Once.”

She launched in to her hit tune “My Favorite Mistake,” to a round of applause.

Monday’s event features all four performers again, each with full bands.

The concert is at 8 p.m. at the Kennett High School auditorium.

SOURCE: semotimes.com


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