[LIVE PIX & REVIEW] St. Louis, Missouri - 16 May

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Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
with Rascal Flatts and Gloriana
16 May 2014

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By Amanda St. Amand
Excerpt from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

[...] But wait, there's more. Opening act Sheryl Crow (how is THAT possible?) came out to duet with them on her hit, "Picture." And she stayed around to join them on their mega hit, "My Wish."

When Crow vowed this was the most fun she's ever had on tour, she sounded like she meant it. Their songs together sounded fresh, unrehearsed and like they were just having fun -- if they practiced that, they certainly succeeded.

But then it was back to just Rascal Flatts, who delighted dozens and dozens of fans by walking into different parts of the bowl to keep on singing "Summer Nights" while posing for an endless stream of selfies with cell-phone toting fans.

Crow and the pre-opening opener Gloriana came back on stage to join Rascal Flatts on "Life is a Highway" for another jam session that looked like they could have all been hanging out in someone's garage.

After a 19-song set (including encore) that closed with "'Me and My Gang," fans were wishing this was a gang that would stay together.

Because Crow was masterful in her 10-song set, mostly a catalog of hits like "My Favorite Mistake," "A Change Would Do You Good," and "If It Makes You Happy."

She's taken a country turn of late with last year's album, "Feels Like Home" and delivered her new single, "Shotgun." But it was on "Best of Times" that she shined her brightest, delivering some wicked harmonica licks with her band that had much of the audience on its feet.

If you've forgotten what a good musician the Missouri native is (and she gave a shoutout to her hometown of Kennett and her teaching days in Fenton) Crow reminded you by playing guitar and keyboard in addition to the harmonica. Coupled with her pure, clean voice, Crow could not have sounded better.

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