[LIVE PIX & REVIEW] Kingston, NY - 29 May

Review and Photos by Janet

Sheryl came out in a nice black tassel leather jacket and cool boots. Her voice was perfectly clear and sounded awesome. There is great sound in the Ulser Performing Arts Center. She sang all her big hits starting with “All I want to do”. Some of the songs I remember were: Home, Redemption Day, Can’t Cry, Happy, winding road, Shotgun, Easy, Nobodies business, Best of Times (wild harmonica performance), Picture/can’t get enough.

She came out at the end and sang Rockin Roll and she put all her heart effort into this performance. Even I was exhausted! Before she sang Redemption day, she said she was a mother and the phone rang at 10pm, which was like the middle of the night for her. Lol It was Johnny Cash’s daughter. Johnny Cash sang Redemption Day and had asked Sheryl questions about it before he passed. Anyway she sang the song with his voice in the background and backdrop visuals (videos) of him. Most of the show had background visuals. It made for a nice effect. At one point she sat on the floor and sang.

She also went up to the front row to shake hands with the fans. She’s a sweet and great performer. Waving to the fans too. If you wave to her, she waves back sometimes. She is very sweet an attentive to her fans. By the end of the show everyone was on their feet screaming for more. They were so loud; it was like the venue was vibrating! I’ll say it again-she is a great performer. She keeps me coming back for more. Her shows are always different with new or different songs.

* * *

Ulster Performing Arts Center
Kingston (New York) - USA
29 May 2014

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