[PIX] Sheryl visits Levine Children's Hospital


We “soaked up the sun” with Sheryl Crow in #SeacrestStudios! Not only did she sing three of her hit songs (a mini-concert!), but she also shared great, inspirational advice to all of our patients, based on her firsthand experience fighting cancer. Sheryl took the time to meet all of her adoring fans, and even recorded some videos for some very special kids who couldn’t come downstairs to meet her in person. Thank you, Sheryl, for sharing some of your heart with Levine Children’s Hospital.

Photo and Caption: Levine Children's Hospital

Patients thought it was especially exciting to hear about Sheryl’s impressive career – and how much she loved working with Michael Jackson! In a very poignant moment, Sheryl spoke to our patients very candidly about her own battle with cancer. She told patients to keep looking forward, even on the bad days. It inspired everyone who was there to see her.

The “First Cut Is the Deepest” singer took a lot of time getting to know patients, and what they were going through. She even stopped with each parent and shared an encouraging word with them. One of the sweetest parts of Sheryl’s visit was the recording of short videos for patients who were not able to leave their rooms! Each message was personalized to the patient Sheryl was talking to!

We all soaked up the sun with this talented singer. Patients are going to follow her advice and keep looking forward. Thanks, Sheryl!

Photos and Caption: Ryan Seacrest Foundation

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