[PIX] Sheryl with Judy Stakee (1990-1995)

Some nice photos of Sheryl with Judy Stakee, the woman who discovered and eventually signed Sheryl to a publishing deal. Ms. Stakee was responsible for developing and managing artists at Warner/Chappell Music, where she joined in 1989 as Director of A&R

Judy Stakee with Sheryl and Barbara Cane, then Assistant Vice President of BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.), one of three United States performing rights organizations, along with ASCAP and SESAC.

Sheryl and Judy Stakee with Rick Shoemaker. Shoemaker joined Warner/Chappell in 1990 as Senior Vice President, Creative. In 1993 Shoemaker became Executive Vice President, Creative at Warner/Chappell. He was elevated to President in 1995, overseeing the company's U.S. creative team.

Judy Stakee, Sheryl and Barbara Cane

1995 Grammy Awards

From left: Ira Pianko, Les Bider, Sheryl, Judy, Rick Shoemaker, Jim Cardillo, Shari Saba

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