13 DECEMBER 2014

[NEWS] Sheryl Crow and David Nail to meet at Kennett Crossroads

By Tammy Hilderbrand

KENNETT, Mo. – Exactly what is in the water in Kennett, MO?

I’m not sure, but I’ll bet there are some music industry people who would love to be able to bottle it.

For such a tiny town, it has had some huge names emerge from it. Sheryl Crow. David Nail. And then add emerging artists like Blackjack Billy, Nall Billings, and Trent Tomlinson. The evidence is pretty amazing.

All of those artists are coming home for a concert to benefit their high school, Kennett High School, and the Kennett #39 Educational Foundation, which is working to elevate Kennett Public Schools through grants for innovative teachers, scholarships for students, and plans to help out the school’s Performing Arts and Athletic Departments.

The concert is being called “Kennett Crossroads,” and is scheduled for Monday, January 19 at the Kennett High School Gym. Only about 1500 tickets are available for this rare opportunity to get up close to the stars. Tickets range in price from $50 to $200 each. They are currently on sale at www.kefconcert.com.

Sponsorships are also available for the concert. A sponsorship is $2,500, but includes four VIP tickets, a meet and greet with the stars, and other opportunities.

If you prefer a truly intimate experience, you may want to attend the acoustic “Songwriter’s Night,” held the previous evening – Sunday, January 18. The acoustic set will be held at the Kennett Opera House at 8 p.m. Tickets for that event are $300, and are still on sale.

Both Sheryl Crow and David Nail have made no secret of the fact that their hometown helped make them who they are, as people and as artists.

Crow’s latest album, “Feels Like Home,” is considered one of her most personal works. Recorded under the Warner Nashville label, it takes a country turn. She wanted to write about what she really knows…and that is home – Kennett.

The album incorporates the feel of Kennett, a community made up of small town values, farmland, churches, and schools.

“Back when I was growing up, the outside world wasn’t much of our experience,” Crow said. “I grew up with two radio stations that played country.”

Since his debut in 2009, David Nail has also been making a career singing songs that grew through his Kennett roots.

Kristin McPherson, who has been helping to organize this concert, said it has been a long time coming about.

“It’s not easy to coordinate schedules for something like this,” she admitted.

McPherson is originally from Memphis, and moved to Kennett 23 years ago.

“I think what I’ve loved most about Kennett is that it is such a close community. And I’ve found Sheryl, and David, and this whole group of artists, are just very down-to-earth people, and they truly love their hometown,” said McPherson.

She says Crow’s family has been fun to get to know.

“I remember when Sheryl first moved to LA. I remember her dad was very concerned about her, and then soon as that first single was out, she became known everywhere,” said McPherson. “And Sheryl has been extremely giving to Kennett. She helped fund the city pool, helped build tennis courts for the high school tennis team, and has done several concerts here in Kennett.”

The other artists involved with this Crossroads concert are also Kennett boosters.

“All of these performers come from families who are very involved with the Kennett school system. It’s nice that none of them have forgotten their roots,” concluded McPherson.

Photo: @BruceBgoodrich

SOURCE: Semotimes.com


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