21 DECEMBER 2014

[NEWS] Sheryl Crow is a Ruth Bader Ginsburg fangirl

By Emily Heil
The Washington Post

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to be a trending topic — just ask her superstar fan club.

During a special Sunday night performance of the new musical “Diner” at Signature Theater, musician Sheryl Crow revealed herself to be an admirer of the jurist better known lately as “The Notorious RBG.” Crow, we’re told, spotted Ginsburg entering the theater and asked a theater staffer for an introduction.

The singer/songwriter’s OMG moment led to a backstage confab during intermission, where Ginsburg met Crow, who wrote the music and lyrics to “Diner,” Barry Levinson, who wrote its book (and directed the original 1982 film on which the musical is based), and several cast members. Crow was “definitely starstruck,” reports a backstage witness.

The Washington Post


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