LIVE REVIEW - Roy Street Coffee & Tea (Starbucks) - Seattle, WA (20 September)

By Nicole Brodeur
Seattle Times staff columnist

I don’t know how much Starbucks coffee you have to glug to achieve Gold Card status, but it certainly has its ... aah, I’ll say it ... perks.

The top 10 My Starbucks Rewards people in Seattle were invited to sit still long enough to hear Sheryl Crowperform a 30-minute set at the Roy Street Coffee & Tea store last Friday. Because there was no microphone, Crow walked through the audience so everyone could hear her. The store is run by Starbucks under a new concept built by company “rock star” Major Cohen.

Nice guy, but there were bigger stars in the room. Namely, Brandi Carlile.

“‘The Globe Sessions’ changed my life,” Carlile said of Crow’s third album, released in 1999. “‘Crash and Burn’ was the blueprint for ‘Again Today.’”

She has also performed with Crow several times over the last few years.

Carlile and her wife, Catherine Carlile, told me they had just celebrated their anniversary, and are happy to be off the road, which is where they spent most of last year, supporting Brandi’s “Bear Creek” album.

At home, they just canned 28 cans of tomatoes, and there was some sort of “fishing hook incident” that, hopefully, won’t affect Brandi’s playing.

Crow came in with her six-piece band, her 4-year-old son, Levi, and, once presented with her favorite drink (a triple-Venti nonfat latte), she kissed it. She’s got a Gold Card of her own, I take it.

She started her acoustic set with “All I Wanna Do,” tossing in a little Chuck Berry duck walk. And for “Easy,” from her new album, “Feels Like Home,” she broke out a capo that she said once belonged to Johnny Cash.

“It’s the only thing I have in the safety deposit box,” Crow said. “I gave back all the engagement rings. They karmically stink.” (There were three, from what she told Piers Morgan the other week).

After another new song called “Callin’ Me When I’m Lonely,” she invited “my favorite singer” Carlile up to harmonize on “The First Cut is the Deepest,” and then let her take over a verse of “If It Makes You Happy,” before closing the set with “Every Day is a Winding Road.”

Crow also praised Starbucks head Howard Schultz’s decision last week to request that people not bring their handguns into stores.

“We all have our rights,” Crow said. “But it’s nice to be in a safe place with your kids.”

SOURCE: Seattle Times


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