NEWS - Sheryl Crow Helps Turn ‘Diner’ Into a Broadway Show

By Alexandra Wolfe
The Wall Street Journal

Sheryl Crow may have just come out with a new album, “Feels Like Home,” but she’s already looking forward to her next release: a Broadway musical.

Ms. Crow recently finished writing the score for “Diner,” a Broadway show based on the 1982 Barry Levinson movie expected to open in 2014. Creating music for theater came naturally, having been a fan of show tunes all her life.

“When I was 8 years old I wrote a letter to Gene Kelly because I was sure we were supposed to be together,” she remembers, laughing. She grew up in a family who “knew every show tune ever written,” so she says she was overjoyed when Mr. Levinson called her to write the score.

“We’re up and going with new producers and getting it ready to going in previews,” she says. She wrote the music with the help of Nashville musicians who demoed the music in her current hometown.

“There’s such an unbelievable legacy that goes along with that movie,” she adds. “People are obsessed in a cult way with that movie.”

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal

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