Review - Cat Country 107.1 Performance - Fort Myers, FL - 15 March

Pop star Sheryl Crow performed a VIP concert this morning in Fort Myers

Written by
Charles Runnells

Sheryl Crow grinned as she took the stage this morning for a VIP concert on Clear Channel Media’s brand-new concert stage.

“I love the stage!” the pop star said and glanced sideways at Todd Nixon, program director for radio station Cat Country.

Then Crow and guitarist Peter Stroud played a couple of acoustic tunes from her upcoming, still-unnamed country album, including new single “Easy,” plus her pop hits “If It Makes You Happy,” “Picture” and “Strong Enough.”

“It sounds pretty frickin’ good up here, Todd!” Crow said, perched on a stool in boots, jeans and a khaki-colored jacket.

“We’re gonna do a 75-minute set,” she joked. “Y’all don’t mind not working today, do you?”

About 100 people attended the short 11 a.m. concert – mostly advertisers and radio listeners who won tickets, said Sherri Griswold, local marketing manager for media company Clear Channel.

Crow fan Kim Cornell, 29, of Fort Myers says she enjoyed the singer-songwriter’s new sound.

“I absolutely love it!” she said. “I think people are really going to embrace it.”
Cornell had never seen Crow perform live, even though she’s been a fan since middle school. “It’s definitely her voice,” she said. “It’s soothing, but still kinda upbeat, laid-back and chill.”

The approximately 20-minute show christened the new Zoom Tan Live Lounge in Clear Channel’s Fort Myers headquarters. Griswold expects to see plenty of other musicians performing VIP concerts there in the coming months.

Crow came there as part of a radio tour promoting “Easy” and the upcoming album.


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