LIVE REVIEW - Franklin Theater - 19-20 April 2013 - Franklin, TN (by Janet)

REVIEW and PHOTOS by Janet
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I went to the Franklin Theater Fri. and Sat. eve. Both nights Sheryl put on a great show for the New Hope Academy. She was personable and very funny. The sound in the theater was crystal clear. I could hear each string on the guitars and Sheryl’s voice radiated throughout the venue. She would say a few words before each song and throughout the night. They auctioned off 1 guitar each night and picnic - horse lesson and ride at Sheryl’s house. They were raising money for scholarships to the school.

These things I remember:

She has a country album that is coming out in September and she has been on hiatus because of her children. She was very busy wiping snot. Lol She said her father was a lawyer and went on to say her song Shot Gun has a line her father said when she was young. (Drive it like it’s stolen, park it like it’s rented.) ....and she was not giving him the credits for it. She paused and said, he can sue me. She said she wrote a love song. She was proud to say she was engaged three times, paused and said.....they were all interesting. Lol. She asked if her love was in the audience. Then she belted out the new song, “Give it to me”. She played Waterproof Mascara that she wrote with Brad Paisley and got a Whoo hooo from me. She played Strong Enough (Another whoo hoo from me) and I loved how the whole thing sounded. She was finger picking and Peter was leading. It was awesome. Amy Grant came out with Eric Paslay, a songwriter who had written a song. Sheryl said they were going to play it together for the first time as a rehearsal tonight. Lol It was well done and the harmony was beautiful. She played Picture and explained that her parents wanted to meet Kid Rock and wants to know what he does. Sheryl told them, oh no, you don’t want to know what he does. Lol Her encore was “Believe”, and it was a great sound with just the strings. I also have to say that Peter and Robert did great with the vocals on everything!

During the auction’s Sheryl kept coming out being “cutesy” trying to get more bidders. They auctioned a small guitar and she said it was a guitar she took on the road with her and she had written many songs on it....then says, so maybe it will write songs for you! Lol She didn’t know someone had just won the auction and she snuck out and said, I’ll even make-out with the one who wins. The guy put his fists up in the air, screams yes!! As if he won the lottery. Lmao. Later she was auctioning horse riding lessons and picnic at her home. She came out during the auction to add that she would let the person sing backup for her too. She also said that she’d make-out with the winner... Then added..... even if it’s a woman. Lol I think a woman won the auction! They were two great shows. I can’t get over how good the sound was. I would have loved to go to the third show because Sheryl does change each show with her comments and voice. It’s not like a movie :). She also threw in some different songs. I saw Scott Hamilton in the lobby on the way out. He is still adorable. He thanked me for supporting the New Hope Academy.

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