:: LIVE REVIEW - IRVINE, CA - 31 JULY 2011 ::

Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow bring their party to Irvine (excerpt)

Review by Martha Ramirez
The Orange County Register


Rock also slowed things down with “Care” (“a song about giving a damn”) as well as “Only God Knows Why” (another standout moment) and his expected duets with co-headliner Sheryl Crow on the smash single “Picture” and a cover of Stephen Stills‘ “Love the One You’re With.” All of that was an ideal excuse for some fans to sit down in between more party-heavy material.

For the lovesick “Picture,” what could have been cloyingly sentimental instead turned comedic when a nude image of Rock (with his private parts blurred) taken from an eBay screen-shot was blasted on screen. That brought immense laughter but also a sigh of disappointment from the singer, who uttered in disbelief: “Three damn dollars.” (Don’t feel too bad, Kid: the pic actually was going for $3.13.) Crow must have been in on the gag as she put extra emphasis on the word “picture” during the song, although the cool rasp in both singers’ voices made the duet that much better.


Not one to be outdone, Crow pointed out during her opening set that she turns 50 next year – though the enduring singer-songwriter (and cancer survivor) looked more like a 20-something while rocking a disco top and some funky bell-bottom jeans that showed off her amazing figure. Yet her set was initially tentative: she seemed uncertain, slowly getting into the moment but eventually getting deeper into her performance and, as time went one, dancing and playfully interacting with the audience.

“You ready to party? Got your beer? Got your Jim Beam?” she asked a cheering crowd, while also acknowledging that some surely had their weed, too. As with Rock, the crowd clapped, danced, cheered and toasted along to her songs, and she gave them much of what they wanted: “My Favorite Mistake,” “All I Wanna Do,” “Soak Up the Sun,” “Everyday Is a Winding Road,” “If It Makes You Happy,” even “Real Gone” (from the Pixar flick Cars) and the soulful “I Shall Believe.”

“It’s good for y’all to go to church right before Kid Rock comes out,” she told the rowdy crowd, before showing her appreciation in an unusual way: “I feel like an airline saying this, but I know y’all have a lot of summer tours to choose from. We appreciate y’all flying with us.” Seems like these fans will definitely be flying with them, again.

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