Toledo Blade - 31 July 2011

Here’s what they had to say to the following questions: What does Bob Dylan mean to you? And what do you consider to be the essential Dylan song?:

Sheryl Crow
Grammy winning singer/ songwriter who has played several times with Dylan:

“As a songwriter I would say there are only a few people who you must study if you want to have the most important, most potent references and inspiration, and Dylan is definitely one of them, if not the most important. I think he rises above even being a songwriter or a poet in the fact that he in some ways was kind of metaphysically chosen to give voice to a whole movement and you don’t see that kind of synchronicity with him that you do with other artists.”

What it was like to play with him: “For me it would be like just hitting some tennis balls with John McEnroe. I can’t hold a candle to him, but it certainly ups my game. He’s masterful and he’s generous and he’s also challenging and just unique in every way.”

Essential song: “‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.’ I can remember an interview with him where he said he liked to approach songwriting where each line could be the first line of a new song, a different song, and that song [‘Hard Rain’] for me, every line is important and has meaning. It’s such a lean song.”


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