Sheryl Crow with the Flying Elvi

(What is the plural for Elvis anyway?)


Photo & Caption by Chance Tinder: "In 1993 I did a music video with a then unknown artist that was making a name for herself in Los Angeles. That name was named Sheryl Crow. She was extremely nice, sweet and easy to talk to. We spent the next couple of days filming in the high desert region of Los Angeles County. And the party was on! The song was called "Leaving Las Vegas." Apparently my name was giving to the music videos director shortly after I did the movie "Honeymoon In Vegas." Hence I knew several of the other "Elvii" that were going to be apart of the same video. It was simply a blast, and wonderful meeting the production team, dancers, food caterers, etc. Oh, and the "agent" for the video shoot wouldn't stop "hitting" on me! Dang she could have been my mother! WOW what a set of "sideburns" can do to some women! LOL Anyway, in the picture from left to right is: Scott Bruce, Myself, "Terry", Sheryl Crow, James Rompel, and "mystery dude???" (I've forgotten his name!) LOL Anyway, we simply had a wonderful time and ROCKED the desert, "CROW STYLE!" LOL

(Director: David Hogan)