Messaggio di Sheryl ai fans x il Birthday Drive 2004

Dear Gregg and the Fan Forum,

I cannot begin to tell you how it touches me that you guys collect for the Delta Children's home each year for my birthday. I means the world to me and I know it matters to the kids there. We are really trying to get enough money to buy the companion house that was once part of the pre-existing children's home there. The money you've raised will be put to excellent use.

You guys are the best, most generous fans anyone could ever hope for. I consider you my dear friends.

I am currently in Spain and it's wonderful. I really love it here and am starting to do some writing for the next record. It may be a dream, but I'm hoping to record some in April and get the new stuff out by Oct or Nov. We'll see....

Hope everyone is well and enjoying life.
Thanks again...your generosity slays me!




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