Wisseloord Studio, Hilversum, Netherlands - June 18th, 2002 - 2

Recap by Stefan (Austria3)

first thing:

sorry I made a big mistake – I took a look in my notes and I have to correct my statement about the miles I drove: I only drove about 1200 km or 750 miles in 10 and a half hour, this time includes one stop to get some fuel for the car and a quick bathroom stop for me, one stop to call Jan and tell him that I am on the way, 20 minutes waiting for Jan, a little traffic jam in Utrecht and 30 minutes to find the " 'S Gravelandsweg". But finally I was there and now the long version of my story:

all began on Monday 17th at about 10 pm when I checked my emails. One was from Brigitte in which she asked me if I would go to Milan this Saturday to see Sheryl and I answered that I would not cause it’s about 850 or 530 miles to Milan and that would be too much for me. A few minutes later Brigitte sent me an other email in which she asked me if I would drive to Utrecht cause she still has a ticket for the show. So I went to a online car router and searched for the distance St. Poelten – Utrecht and asked my father if he would need the car the next two days, the results: 1030 km about 8 hours and daddy would need the car on Wednesday (S***) so the next plan was to go by train but the train would live at 01:10 am on Tuesday and I didn’t have the OK from my boss to get 2 days off. Then Jan called me and told me that he would go and asked me if I would come, I told him that I wouldn’t but he told me to talk to my dad again. So I did and finally my dad said OK. I called Brigitte and Jan and told them that I would came. With Jan I talked about where and when and how we would meet and drive to Utrecht together. It was already 0:30 am when I started to pack my rucksack and I couldn’t find my passport so I started a big search in my room but after 30 minutes I still haven’t found it so I decided to go to bed at around 01.00 am. But I couldn’t fall asleep cause it was so hot and also I was a bit exited the last time I took a look at my alarm clock it was 02:30.

I got up at 06:00 am had a quick breakfast and a shower and drove to my fathers company by bike to get the car, drove it to a gas station, get some fuel, checked the water, oil and tire pressure and then I drove to my office. My boss was already there (normally I get there 1 hour later then that day so my co worker where a bit surprised to see me at that time “wrong time at the alarm clock ?” ) So I went to my boss and asked him if I could get 2 days off. He said YES and I called Jan that I would go and told him to call Brigitte too. It was about 07:30 when I left the company and started the car.

890 km or 556 miles and 8 hours later I met Jan and drove with him to Utrecht. Jan called Brigitte and told here that we where on the way. She told us that she was on the way to the studio. 2 hours later we where in Hilversum but couldn’t find the" 'S Gravelandsweg" on Jan’s router. Jan had to call Brigitte and talked to several people on the phone while I was driving around for a unexpected sightseeing tour. After 30 minutes we finally found the studio. I put on the fanforum t-shirt and a lot of perfume (I had planed to have some shower before the concert at a gas station but I run out of time, cause it was the hottest day in Germany with about 36-38° C or 100° F outside and the car has no air condition it was even a bit hotter inside the car) and then we went into the building were we met Brigitte, Andre, had something to drink and talked to other fans. Then the finally let us in. Brigitte already did a great review of the concert so I just want to say, it was so great to see Sheryl playing the songs acoustic which she had played in Munich already. And then after the concert Sheryl singed my Cd, my t-shirt and we took a photo with her.

Then Brigitte and Andre had to go to the radio station so we had to say goodbye. Jan and I drove back to his hometown where we spent the night (and I must say I slept very well). Today we had a big breakfast and then I drove home – it took me a bit longer to come home cause I didn’t drive that fast.

over all I drove 2390 km or 1494 miles in 22 hours, I didn’t add all the gas station checks yet but to get an idea: one gallon cost about 2.87 € (3,8 $) her in Europe.

I want to thank Brigitte for making this possible for me